Rebecca and robyn

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Rebecca and Robyn

The sky was clear not a visible cloud for miles in any direction, there was a large palm tree casting shade on the spot where Rebecca had clambered out of the warm Indian ocean and passed out after the three mile swim she and the other two had no choice but do. Her flight had ran into difficulty and the pilot had radioed the position he felt the plane would be in after he ditched it best to his calculations. All it was suppose to have been was a medium haul flight from the mainland to an popular tourist resort but no one on board nor the pilot, co pilot or navigator had known or heard reports of the volcano that had spewed ash into their flight path. Ground control had tried to reach them but a solar flare had caused chaos with communications all morning. Mega fine particles of volcanic ash and dust had disintegrated the blades in the engines sending the mid size aircraft to a certain watery grave.
Only 10 of the 80 passengers and 8 air crew had survived. Rebecca was one of the fortunate survivors, she and the two others had used floatation vest tied together to help them swim for the island that had been seen from the air just before the incident got out of hand and the plane went down.
She rolled over to see the other two survivors just beginning to awaken as she had done a few moments earlier. All three just sat up or hunched up on their elbows and looked at each other without saying a word but they knew that it was a look of gratitude for the team work that had enabled them to get this far.
They turned their heads in different directions to view and access their surroundings with each summarising the situation that faced them all.
was all the co pilot said. “ Water and food” expressed the other stewardess and finally Rebecca said “ Where are we?” which flagged perplexed frowns from all of the three. Slowly they all got to their feet and continued to scan their surroundings looking for other survivors or signs of civilization anything that would signal comfort and not certain hardship for an unknown period in time.
“ I am sure by now the airport will have organised a search and rescue mission so hopefully it we won’t be on this piece of rock for any length of time.” Larry stated as he kicked up some sand trying to kick at a small shiny stone which he noticed at that moment there where loads of these shiny stones laying all over the beach and they all were different colours “Are you shitting me!!!! “ he exclaimed “ Tell me I am not seeing what I think I am seeing laying under our feet girls!!” “Emeralds !!!! Loads of “ Oh my God!!!” Robyn cried “ Are you serious…? We’ve just swam millions of miles through probably shark infested waters after getting out of a sinking aircraft that should have never went down and all you can think of is precious little /> Whilst they were off in their worlds Rebecca had walked just to the edge of the jungle and looked through the trees to see if she could see any possible sign of civilised life “ Hey you two stop bickering and come over here!!!” “ What is that in there” pointing to a canvass cover camouflaging something. “ Someone had to have put it there “But who?” asked Robyn as she reached Rebecca and saw what she was pointing at. Larry was knelt down filling his pockets with the precious stones showing little to no interest in what the women had just discovered. “Larry, we’re going to Shouted Rebecca but Larry paid no attention as he examined one of the larger pieces he had picked up. His thoughts were of how his life was going to change when they were finally rescued. Already he, in his mind had swapped his small 2 bed flat for a mansion with every toy he ever wanted in a home and not to mention the sport cars he would buy out right in cold cash. He was miles away in thought and never heard or saw the gang of pirates approaching from behind him down the beach but they had saw him and now they sneaked up silently their footsteps muffled by the sand.
“Robyn look at this “ Rebecca motioned pointing to the cave behind the camouflaged cover. “ it must go on for miles deep into the side of the mountain and look, there are lights!!” “Shall we she asked. Robyn had always been one for adventure and didn’t hesitate to agree. Both women entered behind the cover and slowly started following the path lit up by the lights. “Should we tell Larry where we are going?” asked Robyn as she passed Rebecca taking the lead. “ Nah, he is happy filling his pockets, I am sure once he realise we have gone he will follow our footsteps” said Rebecca.
Just as Larry stood up the first pirate to reach him drew his gun and pointed at Larry as he stepped in front of him “ Why ya steal me jewels, mon?” Larry’s face went ashen as he stuttered trying to find some salutation and fitting answer to this dreadlocked bandit pointing a sub machine gun in his gut. “ I, I, I ,I didn’t kkknow they were yours sir” “Yea, mon, me fortune and you rob I like a dog” “How you pay I for me bounty dog??” he asked. Recomposing himself and thinking quickly Larry said “ I will trade you for all I have gathered with jewels more precious to you and your men.” “What you have mon, I want?” Larry raised his hand and pointed toward the camouflaged cover and said “ Two voluptuous vixens with big tits for you and your men pleasure or to sell.” “ See I nothing, dog, me shoot you!!” “NO, Wait, stop… I promise you there are women behind that cover or you shoot me.” “Have your men take a look and I will kneel here with my head bowed whilst they look so that you know I am telling you the truth…I promise” “All I ask is that when you find them you will take me and what I have in my pockets back to a mainland where I can return to my own people and you can do as you want with the women… Can we have a deal” The pirate looked at his men 8 in total, they all seem to agree with Larry’s terms, so the leader turned back to Larry and said” If you trick I, you die dog and dem better be women not whales” he stuck out his hand and spate in it then offered it to Larry who immediately grasped it and shook. Then the pirate said to him “Right we be ave’n a deal dog, righ mon, or da devil waits, mon.” “ Go fetch me women!!!” he ordered his men.
Robyn was the first to see the wooden boxes piled up against the cave walls “ What are these she asked?” “I don’t know, lets have a look” replied Rebecca. Both women took hold of one of the box lids and started to lift “Gosh it is heavy” Robyn moaned “For good reason Robyn…Oh My God.!!! Look at the gold Rebecca said excitedly as the lid fell to the cave floor. “ Wait!!” Robyn said “ I have read about such is a pirates stash, we may be in deeper water than the one we went down in if the owners are still “ Your right honey girl, we need to get out of here and off this island somehow” Rebecca expressed. “ Did you hear that ..?” Robyn asked “ What” Rebecca said “ That..!!! said Robyn panicking “ Quick hide there is nowhere to run too !!” Robyn cried.
Just as the women knelt down behind boxes further back the group a group of 6 pirates entered the chamber where they were. Quietly they searched as one pointed to the foot prints left by the women. One of the pirates held up 2 fingers and then pointed to the boxes the women were hiding behind but put one finger to his lips signalling the others to keep quiet. His voice was heavily base and gritty “I see nut thing mon… da dog lie, there no women here c’mon we They feinted leaving only sending one man out but making as much noise as he could with his feet to simulate the others leaving with him. The other 5 men ducked down behind the other boxes in the cave chamber and hide.
Both women listened out for some time before breathing a breath of relief…. “ We must get out of here and warn Larry somehow” Rebecca said as they both stood up and came out thinking the coast was clear “ Yes but how” asked Robyn. “Let me help you missy “ came that gritty booming base voice they had heard earlier. Both women froze in fear as the men jumped out of their hiding spots and surrounded them.
As the lone pirate exited the cave he nodded to his leader that the women had been found. “ You please I dog, me let you go and honour da agreement but be warned Mon, say any tang and me find the pirate stated. “Crystal you won’t have any problems from me ever or see me again never” Larry said smiling at what he had just accomplished. Just at that moment both women were frog marched out of the cave and stood in front of the pirate leader. “ Yea Mon, dem good lookin pieces of ass” and with that he reached up and ripped Robyn’s blouse nearly off her body leaving her laced bra exposed which he duly disrobed her of with one swift flick of his cutlass.
Robyn’s 38D breast bounced out of the bra cups and as soon as her nipples felt the cool sea breeze they stiffened. All except the leader hooted and hollered wantonly at the sight of this blonde haired vixens big tits standing pert with hardened nipples before them. “ Ah be Capt’n Titus Cleery, and you’s be ma property” Capt Cleery told Robyn and Rebecca. “ I belong to No man and nor does my colleague Capt’n Cleery” exclaimed Rebecca with venom. “ Ah but ya find ya be mine in exchange for da emeralds ya master swapped ya fer!!” Shouted Robyn as she tried to cover her tits by folding her arms in front of herself “He can not sell us…!! We don’t belong to him..!!” girls I think you will find you do, as we all here can see , we three are wearing the same colours and I am your Captain, most senior officer in charge as the rule book states in time of crisis or emergency and this is just one of those moments” Larry hissed. “You have been swapped and will fulfil your duties to these men and I will return to lead another crew” he said this looking straight at Rebecca and winked at her without the others seeing. She started to say something to him but was bitch slapped across the face by Capt’n Cleery “Hush womaan!! Enough ya belly “Take the bitch’s in da cave” he ordered “Strip and secure dem.” Unceremoniously both women were lead back to the cave and all there clothes were ripped from there bodies. Robyn was punched in the stomach and thrown to the ground. Rebecca wrist and ankles were tied together with some cord that was produced from the waist of one of their attackers and she was thrown to the ground. Meanwhile the pirate had forced his way between Robyn’s long, tanned, shapely legs. He bitch slapped her twice across her face before grabbing a handful of her bleached blonde hair ruining her pageboy look and slamming her head to the hard cave floor nearly knocking her out but most certainly taking the fight out.
The other pirate now joined him and pulled her long slender arms above her head and pinned them to the floor. They took it in turns to squeeze and suck on her 34C tits as the one between her legs who had been disrobing himself from the waist down now lined up his erect penis to penetrate her. His cock was throbbing hard and expanding the entire time as he thought about how good it was going to feel inside this bitch. He reached down and felt her Labia which he used two fingers to open exposing the entrance to her vagina. Robyn screamed for this brute to stop what he was doing and for the pair to release her but to no avail. He raised his hips and rammed his cock forward with all his might. It entered and forced itself all the way to her cervix. All poor Robyn could do was scream in agony, it felt as though he had ripped her in two. His cock was massive, wide and thick, not to mention long. He pumped her pussy like a jack hammer, hard and fast with no mercy. She was screaming and trying to fight him off her body with her own but it only made matters worse. Suddenly her body arched and like a tsunami against her will, electrifying wave after wave of orgasms took over. They ravished her like nothing she had ever known. The light in the cave started to go dim and quickly fade to black as she passed out from the onslaught but her body was relentless in it’s response to the savage fucking she was receiving as it did not need her to be conscience to be impregnated. Her pussy squirted cum all over his hairy ball sack as it slapped against her virgin arse hole, the creamy white liquid lubricated her pussy making it even more accessible to his hungry cock. It grasped his dick and sucked hard as the virginal muscles squeezed and held onto his cock for dear life vibrating with waves of orgasms.
Her nipples, now hardened and extended from all the pulling, sucking and tweaking the other pirate had gave them were rosy red and puffing up, her tits were swollen and full of love bites and hand prints. They wobbled as the first pirate continued to ram his cock into the defenceless woman as hard as he could. Robyn began to come round and just as she began to be fully aware of the situation, feeling his bludgeoning cock ravish her, he began to shoot copious amounts of cum deep into her stretched love tunnel. She didn’t want too but she felt every drop that left the tip of his cock and landed in her like molten lava. As he raised up off her and got to his knees between her spayed legs he winked at his colleague and nodded toward Rebecca.
She had watched her friend and colleague raped and abused for over an hour. The tears had flooded and blurred her vision for some time. No one had answered her screams for them to stop or answered when she screamed for help. How could have Larry been such a greedy coward and more than that what gave him the right to resign the pair of them to this fate. The hate swelled in her soul and she vowed if they survived this ordeal that she would have a lasting and exact revenge on that coward.
The pirate that was pinning Robyn’s arms down now stood and approached Rebecca. As he walked over toward her he was unbuckling his belt and dropping his trousers. Out popped his cock in its full glory and anticipation . It was thick, wide and long as well but seemingly bent in the middle which made it curve unnaturally to one side. Rebecca shuddered and the tears began to flow heavily from her eyes, for she knew they were going to rape her and it was going to hurt. The pirate pulled her to her knees causing her face to lay on the cave floor with her hips and arse in the air as she balanced on her knees. Her wrist strained to break free but to no avail. She wanted to throw herself on her side and escape the fate that loomed over her but she was securely tied and he was now standing behind her. She felt his large rough hands grasp her buttocks and spread then. She tried to wriggle away but the other pirate was now kneeling in front of her and holding her shoulders firmly in place. The tears streamed down onto the ground and her cries of help went unattended. The one behind her lined his cock up to her exposed labia and he too rammed his weapons deep into her love tunnel. Her scream could be heard all the way to the dingy Larry was now boarding for a short trip to their main vessel. He looked up at the birds spooked from their roost now flying away and just grinned to himself. The pirates huge cock rammed against Rebecca’s cervix and her ass lifted up from the force of his attack. He continued to plummet his cock as deep as he could until he felt her first orgasm take hold of his cock and ravish it back. She too squirted all over his cock as the pleasure and pain was too intense to comprehend but he withdrew his cock and started rubbing it against the pert little pucker of lips that was the entrance that was her arse hole. ”No, No please anything but that.!! I have but before she could finish her sentence he speared her and drove his cock as far as he could. Her scream could now be heard out to sea nearly and it bought her friend around from unconscious.
Robyn opened her eyes to the horror that was unfolding only 10 feet away from where she lay. Her long time friend and work colleague was hog tied face down, arse in the air on her knees and there was a semi naked black pirate squatting behind her with the largest dick she had ever had the pleasure of viewing sliding it in and out of what looked like a bloody mess. Her friend was in tears and screaming but being held down by her shoulders by the animal that had just raped her. Her rapist worked on her with such force and anger that Rebecca knees where leaving a trail as with each thrust she slide an inch or little forward. The pirates were laughing and comparing the women’s tightness. Rebecca 36C 24 36 inch figure was being abused roughly like never before. Her auburn curly hair bounced with each thrust just as her tits wobbled and strained to maintain the pace of thrust her arsehole was receiving.
Larry reflected back to when he had dated both of the girls at some point or another and how they both had dumped him for richer aircrew members. How fitting he wanted men with money and wealth and they got not only that but men that could show them adventure.
He was pleased at the opportunity showing itself….an exacting revenge on two old flames. Maybe they now, would understand how hurt his heart was.
Rebecca cried along with Robyn , how could have Larry done this evil thing. He was a coward, too soft but both hoped that he would return with help before worse happened or they would be sold into slavery. Four days later at a news conference Larry told the nation he was lucky to have been the only survivor of the crash and how he had tried to save two of his female colleagues but the sea had taken them. When the interview was finished he left the television studio and headed to his bank. The teller confirmed a governmental deposit of 4 million plus into his account after tax.
Rebecca sat on the desert island watching the horizon wandering and waiting for any signs of rescue. Robyn lay underneath a fat belly pirate who was pleasuring himself with her charms in the next dune hill. Rebecca heard the pirate come up behind her then watched as he stepped in front of her and dropped his trousers. Obediently and without a word being said she took his cock in her mouth and began to Cleery looked out over the beach as this slut serviced his meat.

story by: Stelladreams

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: Stelladreams

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