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This story is a true story, based on myself and a family friend’s daughter, who let me say, was so god damn sexy you would want to do anything to be with her.
She was 15, had straight black hair, about shoulder length, with a few blonde streaks, and 1 or 2 blue streaks in it. She had perfect sized breasts, the ones you can’t fit your hands around, but you can start at for ages. She wore the tightest clothing, and the shortest mini-skirts I will leave the rest for in my story.

#Start – how it happened, and how it’s /> It had been at-least four or more years, since me and my god-parents had seen each other, we considered them as my aunty and uncle and their son and daughter as my cousins, although they weren’t really. One day in 2008, we moved slightly closer to them, and they saw the post on face book, and came to visit one day.
I was so excited because I knew that my hot as cousin would be there, I used to like her a lot, but I couldn’t really remember her to well, except that she was pretty good looking when we were younger. So I am waiting in the lounge room, watching the TV pretending that I wasn’t that interested in them coming over.
Finally, they arrived; they walked through the door, first, my uncle, then my aunty, then my boy cousin, then her, slugging her way, with a huge bag listening to her iPod. “I thought I said to leave the bags Taylor”. Said her mum, but she didn’t hear her through her blasting iPod.
My aunty got me all curious about why they had bags, so I asked my mum what’s going on, and she replied, “We might be going to stay at a resort with them for the Easter weekend, I don’t know if we can afford it though, so we will see.” Immediately I was so happy but at the same time upset.
Eventually I got my parents to accept the fact that people run out of money once in a while, but is nothing bad, we will be able to get our self back on top, once the trips over. They said yes, and told me, to go tell my other two brothers and my step sister, and also to get them packing.
They were excited, but not as excited as me, I ran into my room and went for my draws before I noticed my cousin already going through them, I said, “Justin! Shit, it is not what you look like, I left something here when I last came over..” she replied, “This is our new house though, you haven’t ever been “I figured since they’re the same draws that maybe it was still in them is all, I’m sorry, I’ll leave now.” And with that said, she left the room, she looked very embarrassed.
I was upset, I didn’t want her to leave, I still really liked her, and to realize how hot she was, was such a turn on. I cracked a hard one, just seeing her kneeing on the ground, not to mention she was going through my underwear draw. Anyway, what was done was done, and I needed to start packing my bags, I was so bummed out, but I knew it would have been kind of weird if we did manage to do anything, although we were not really cousins, or blood related.

#Bags Packed – Arrived at the Resort…
We arrived at the resort, and he resort wasn’t that far away, it was about a 40 second walk, but her parents were staying there also. I decided, I would face her and tell her how I felt, but I had to do it tonight. It was driving me crazy knowing that I probably drove her off, as I scared her out of my bedroom back in Perth.
About 5 minutes after we arrived at the resorts just after we finished checking out the place we booked, Taylor appears over and says, “Hey guys, our place is full, can I stay at your one?”, “Yeah Taylor that’s fine, but how is your one full, isn’t it a 3 bedroom?” said my mother, “yeah but Brad invited his friend, so I don’t want to be sleeping in a room with two other guys”, Taylor said again, “yeah that’s understandable, but we have 3 rooms to, you will have to share with Justin.. Is that okay with you?” said my mother, she said back encouragingly.
As Taylor walked passed me, she winked, I was a little confused at why she did that, because I was certain I scared her off, out of my bedroom. I followed her in, only to see her getting dressed, “Oh shit, I’m so sorry” I said whilst quickly turning around. be she said, close the door for me so nobody else walks in” she said. I did as she said, still not facing towards her.
“Turn around, or am I not good enough for you” she said.
I turn around and she is standing before me, in a tight denim skirt, about a hand span away from her hips, black hair straightened down to her shoulders, with little curly blonde and blue streaks in her hair, she had a black tank-top on, and was wearing her thongs, her blue eyes she shining so brightly, I was ready to Jizz right there and then.
I told her she looked beautiful, and she replied with “Why Thank-you ;)”.
She started walking closer to me licking her lips really slow, and I backed up slowly, eventually I hit the wall, and she was getting closer, I was freaking out, breaking so much sweat, she is all I wanted since I ever met her, before she was even attractive. She grabbed my cheeks with the palm of her hands, and kissed me passionately, I was motionless, returning her kisses, but nothing more.
She threw me onto the bed, and sat on top of me, she started grinding her-self on-top of me, I was ready to cum right then and there, but I didn’t thank god. I could see up her skirt, she was wearing black underwear, it was like a mini-shorts type of underwear, but was amazingly sexy and suck a turn on.
As I started getting into it, she got off, and walked out of the room, I was spun out, I didn’t know if what just happened was real or not, I wanted her to come back, and to fuck me. I ran out into the main room of the resort room we booked, and she wasn’t there, I was bummed.
I felt like expelling my liquids, so grabbed my phone with a huge amount of pornography and went into the toilet…

#Night Time – watching a movie with my favorite cousin…
My cousin had came back over, towards 5 o’clock, and I was pretty upset that she left, not because we didn’t finish, but nobody else was home, and it was a little depressing being left alone. Anyway, everybody else was down fishing, as the beach was about 3 minutes away, down a huge flight of stairs which seemed impossible to walk down. Taylor and I had the whole resort house to ourselves.
I put on a movie I knew would scare her… Chucky, the movie about the little murderous doll, I know the movie isn’t really horrifying, but all I could remember about her was she has always been petrified of dolls. I sat on the couch, and put the movie on, all of a sudden, she come and sits next to me, and lifts her legs of and rests them on me, mind she is still in the outfit, I described earlier.
“What are you doing?” I said, “I am scared of dolls hehe” she replied.
I knew it, I was certain she was scared of them, so my plan had worked.
About 45 minutes later, she was asleep, and I was super horny.
Slowly, I worked my way down to her crotch area, and start rubbing her clit through her black panties. This was really easy because of the skirt. It was all wet, but yet warm, I was rubbing really slowly, until her leg moved. It freaked me out, but I kept going shortly after, she moaned a little bit, but I wasn’t sure if that was because she was asleep, or if she could still feel my finger rubbing on her soft wet clit. It was how you say a camel-toe. I could see through her panties, it was all nice, and clean, shaved, and perfect.
I pulled my finger away, and sucked the juices off it, it was the taste of perfection, and I had never done anything like this before. So it was all new to me. By now I was bored of just rubbing her clit, I wanted something more, so I pretended I was un-comfortable, and slip underneath her legs. Now I was standing up, next to the TV staring at her, wondering what I should do.
I decided to slide back under her legs, and put my face up her skirt. I slowly started licking her pussy through the panties she was wearing. She started moaning and twitching, so I stopped eating her pussy.
stop, please don’t stop” she moaned. Holy shit I thought to myself, she was awake! So I kept going, eating out her hole. I could feel her thrusting into my mouth, because she was moving towards me in a repetitive motion. Eventually, she started pulling my face into her hole, and I was ravaging her pussy with my tongue. She sprayed, to be honest, I thought this was cum, and I was a bit worried, but when I found out, that sprayers were hard to come across, and really need that pleasure, I was pretty psyched.

#moving to the bedroom
After that workout I gave her, she told me she wanted to go to the bedroom, in a really soft voice. So I picked her up, juices dripping down her and myself, and walked her into the bedroom, I put her down on the bed, and figured I was pretty tired also, so I laid down, on the bed with her.
I started falling asleep, when I felt and heard my zipper go down. I pretended to still be asleep, and all of a sudden, my cock, started getting jerked, It felt so good, I was in heaven, she had one hand jerking up and down, and the other rubbing the tip of my head. She would pull her hands up and down, my shaft, while twisting in different directions, damn it felt so fucking good, I had had enough excitement for today, to make me want to come, I didn’t tell her, but instead, I exploded, all over her, it went all over my stomach, her face, and her hands, with still the part seeping out of my head. She stopped stroking my dick, and I was bummed out. I thought I had annoyed her or upset her.
Then a few seconds later, I feel her warm tongue lick my head, and her hand stroke all the come off my stomach, then slurping, I was pretty sure she was swallowing my cum.
She was still gouging her mouth with my shaft, and I could feel the back of her throat on my dick, I could feel her gagging, swallowing, and sucking In and out. until she stopped again.
I let a few seconds pass until I opened my eyes, and said why did you stop? Then I realized she was undressing, she didn’t look surprised that I was awake, she must’ve known.
worry, you’ll see” she replied.
I watched her slowly; slide of her skirt, she sexy tanned body was glowing form the moonlight seeping through the window. She pulled of her top, this whole time, she was wearing no bra, I couldn’t believe it, she sat on top of me, and started grinding on me, she leant forward, purposely pushing her tits to my stomach and kissed my neck, then telling me to take of her underwear.
I did as she asked, and she was still pretty wet. She slowly, sat up, sliding her hands against my chest, and pulled my pants, and boxers off. She sat down, on my shaft, pinning it to my chest, thrusting just to tease me, until I couldn’t take it anymore.
I sat up and through her down on the bed, and said, “are you ready”, “about fucking time” she replied, I went in, slowly, but still a tad too fast, she gasped, and screamed “OH FUCK!”, “Your, so big!”.
I kept going and then lifter up her lower back, so her head was resting on the pillow, and nothing else, and thrusted upwards inside her. She was screaming, fairly loud, with nobody around us or remotely near us that we knew so we didn’t care.
I kept thrusting upwards, then down-wards, until she pushed me away and said my ass, give some to my ass. Are you sure? I said, “YES! JUST FUCKING TO IT!” she replied.
I turned her on her stomach, and sucked my finger, slowly, sliding it onto her tight asshole, then in a repetitive motion, pulling it out and putting it back in, Taylor was moaning like crazy, and wouldn’t stop.
Eventually, I put a second finger in for a little while, before she said okay, okay, go in, and go in. I did as she asked, and slowly put my dick in her ass, it was heaven, the feeling was sending tingles down my spine, and I needed to come instantly, I told her I had to come, “Not yet!” she replied, so I kept going, as long as I could, before coming. I kept thrusting hard and powerful, the feeling so great. Her tight asshole gaping around my cock was unbearable, I had to come.
I moaned “I’m gonna come” and started to pull out, “No! No! In my ass, cum in my ass!” she said. I stayed in, and started thrusting again, until my dick thrusted itself, I was coming, I was filler her up with my cock juices, until so much had filled her up, it started spraying out her asshole when I pulled out.
She dropped onto her stomach exhausted, and I did the same. I turn over to see her rubbing her wet Jizz covered ass, fingering her asshole, and then swallowing the come, that gets stuck to her finger.
I got up and licked her pussy, for a few minutes, I wanted to give her that extra pleasure; I knew she’d comed, so, I knew this would be such a good feeling for her. Eventually I was too exhausted, and I stopped.
We both lay, completely nude, together, all night, and woke up together in the morning, she still had come on her ass, and over her pussy, and all down the sides of her thighs, it was all dried, she even had some on her face, and neck.
I kissed her and got up to have a shower as she lay in bed, still asleep.
What will happen tonight I wonder?

To be

story by: itzjuztin

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