Sara – cristina's first time

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Sara – Cristina's first Time

In another place a girl was brushing a stallion.
She rode him in the morning and now, as reward for the ride, she was brushing and washing him in his stall. Her mom was been clear for that point: if she wanted ride the horse with her friends, after that she must wash and brush him. She found an agreement with the farm owner and instead the money she was going to pay him with her work. Was not a bad work.. she always liked horses and brush his favorite was good. Seemed the horse recognized her and was naturally she started to talk to him. As her riding's teacher explained to her, Horse are beautiful creatures but always nervous so they were calm when they were patted and when they were hearing calm and well knowledge voices.

“Wow.. it's very hot here. Fortunately I toke off the blouse and the trousers else I could ruin them.” she thought while her hand with horsehair glove was wandering on the animal. She was totally sweat and tired but at same time satisfied because the horse never become nervous and he eat carrots and sugar pills directly from her hand. Also she was a little horny because the brush the saddle provoked on her pussy while riding. Was something she discovered recently and it increased her needs in rising. It was something she never tell even to her friends and she was wondering if they were having the same feelings.

Suddenly the horse whinnied and escaped from her a little and she scared a little thinking she was hurting him in some way. She stepped away a little and watched the animal for be sure was all ok before back to brush him.

“Oh my god.. What is this? ” thought the girl astonished at the view of the horse's half erected member. Obviously she knew what it was. All mammals’ males have one but she never saw some for real. It was so big. “How something so big could go inside the poor mares she rode sometimes. “ She thoughts by herself. “well it's not my business if some of the bitch mares wants something so big. Better if I back to work . I smell so bad and I need a shower.”

Cristina tried to back near the horse and start to brush him again but the horse was nervous and he was moving side by side scaring the girl about be trampled.

“Cristina. Are you here?? Why Baron is so nervous?? “ Patrizia walked in the stall after she heard the horse whining.

What she saw made her almost burst in laugh but the red face of the girl made her understand how she could take advantage from the situation. .

“Oh my god Cristina. What did you do?? Why Baron is in this .. this way??”

Cristina didn't know what to do or say. She was so ashamed of the situation. She was there in her under wears, totally sweat and with the horse excited..

“Now I understand” Patrizia said raging on the poor girl. “ you are one of the perv girls who likes such games…Do you like big cocks? Eh bitch??” Patrizia re enforced the weight of her words.

“ Miss Patrizia.. I..I..” Cristina didn't know what to say and burst in cry.

“Good.. so it's true. Well your mom will be pleased to know that. I bet you ask her to make the agreement with us just for have fun.. Isn't it?? Said the amazon while grabbing the girl's arm and shaking her a little.“ I bet also you like to ride for feel your pussy brush on the saddle Isn't it??”

Patrizia was satisfied of her self. The girl was there in cry and completely defeated. Maybe Viktoria was wrong on her daughter: maybe she just need other kind of suggestions . Now was time for other kind of persuasions. Some carrots after the wood.

“It's ok Cristina, come here! “Patrizia said pulling the crying girl and pushing her face on her chest. “Cry little girl. Cry and get yourself free.” Then, after some minutes, she pushed out the girl and smiled at her. “ Oh baby girl don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. Do you like ride and feel your pussy brushed isn't it?? “ Waiting for the view of the terrified face of the girl. “ Ushh.. nothing wrong girl. Many girls love horses because of this. Me too. “

Cristina was a mix of emotion. Terror, curiosity, shame and desperation. Her instructor was there with all this mess and she knew her secret. She was going to tell her mom .

“Listen my dear, We can talk about it and we can find a solution but, first, we have to take care of Baron before some one else can come inside. You did it and you have to finish what you begin. So, go there and make him discharge”

Cristina watched at her in disbelief . “B…But I didn't do nothing ..”

“Cristina. Stop to lie. Do it or I'll do it but after that I'll call immediately the Baron's owner and your mom. I am your friend and I'll help you but I hate when someone lie. Is it clear??” said the lady in command 's tone.

“I.. No, no Miss Patrizia. I'll do but.. I mean I don't know what do. It's so.. Big and disgusting “

“Ok Cristina. It's normal for a girl of you age put herself in problems much bigger than she can manage. I'll help you and I'll try my best for get it pleasurable if you trust in me. Ok?”

After the girl nodded she toke her hand and came next the horse and told to Cristina to knee in front of the member.

“Shh.. be quiet Cristina. Baron is very nervous . You made him excited and now he would put it in a mare. So we have to calm him down and take care of his problem. “

Cristina was there at some inch from the monster. And she was watching the instructor caressing the horse's body calming him down . She was so confused and scared. Wasn't her fault if this stud was excited and she never thought about something like touch an horse’s member. But now she was there and wanted finish all this hoping her mom or her friends could never know about it.

“Now Cristina be careful and, while I caress Baron and I keep him calm, take his member between your hands and start to move a lot slowly and delicately your hand up and down. Is it clear.?”

Cristina watched again in disbelief. “I am going to wank an horse like some girls were used to do to their boyfriends. “ But her doubts were cleaned when she met the Amazon's iced sight. As promised she was in knee next to her , helping her to do this task. She turned her sight on the member, toke it in her hands and started to move them as instructed.

Patrizia was amazed from the sight. A naughty preteen girl was there and focused in wanking an horse. She stopped to caress the horse and put her body against the back of the girl. As the girl felt Patrizia's boobs touching her back she started to turn but a thud from Patrizia made her back to her task.

“It's ok Cristina.. be focused on what you are doing. Don't leave your sight from it and keep rubbing. See?? It's not Said the woman, while her boobs pressed on upper back of the girl and her hands reached the Cristina's chest, starting to rub her little cones. “Keep your eyes focused dear. You are doing a nice job and I am helping you to make it more pleasurable. Do you feel how warm Baron is there?? “ She said while she was feeling the nipples hardening at the touch “Do you understand how much pleasure you are giving to him?? Now I am giving a part of this pleasure back to you. Just relax and do your task. We are alone and safe here.”

Cristina was overwhelmed by her sensations. Her disgust for the horse member was mixed with the feelings Miss Patrizia's hands were giving to her. Anyway she was feeling also the hot horse's member vibrating at her touch and the animal discomfort when she was stopping the ministration. She wondered how she could have so power on a such big animal.

“Good girl. Now increase slowly your movement. Baron can't wait a lot. He's stressed and he needs to release.” And, while the girl was increasing the movement, one of the woman's hands descended slowly on the girl's womb and started to rub it. When she felt the girls body relaxing again, she pushed her fingers in the waistband and reached the bald pubes and started to massage it until she felt a new warm coming out. She knew the girl was just exciting.

“Oh Cristina, you should be proud of yourself. See what good job you are doing…” Patrizia added. She knew was the right time for another push. “Lick it now Cristina! Lick the head but don't stop to move your hand up n down. We are close to finish.” Obediently the girl started to lick the giant member as hypnotized.

Both of the females were increasing their movements and the Baron's whinnies were showing to Patrizia what good job the girl was doing. Also she knew the horse was near to come.. . Suddenly Cristina felt some strange sensation growing inside her; her body started to shake and closed her eyes just in time before the horse cock started to spurt all his sperm over the girls body and face while Patrizia was still touching the girl making endure the orgasm.

After the orgasm spent Cristina started to cry and scream hysterically while Patrizia was scooping the horse cum from Cristina's body and providing to feed the poor girl whispering in her ears to suck it all.
Cristina did what she was telling her but she didn't realized her body was lifted up and brought in a room with a shower, both females went in and Patrizia started to undress and clean the girl.

Please send me comments and tell me how/if I should write the sequel: Also please forgive me for my poor grammar properties but, unfortunately, English isn't my mother language.
Thanks in advance.

story by: HillaryT

Tags: fiction female / girl first time bestiality sex story

Author: HillaryT

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