Second meeting- week later after an affair

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Lynne lay on the bed staring up at me seductively. She propped herself up on her elbows, and opened her legs widely, revealing her gorgeous pussy to me. She was naked except for her silky black stockings and garter belt, and I could see glistening wetness shining between her legs. It was time for me to pleasure her, to pay her the same level of attention I did the first time.

I unfastened the top button of my shirt. It was all I still had on; I'd removed my pants long ago when Lynne had sucked my cock. " Do it, slowly," she prodded, " make it exquisite." It was the same demand she had made of me last week, and she was trying to get a rise out of me. I gave her no such pleasure. " Only the lover can make demands of the mistress," I retorted, though I curled the corners of my lips up in a devious smile. " Now tell me you're sorry, and you want it rough and in the ass this time." The same wicked grin crossed her lips when I said this, she didn't resist me. " I'm sorry." she said submissively. As she said it she raised her right hand to her lips and licked three of her fingers, getting them dripping wet with her spit. She then lowered her hand between her legs and begin rubbing the top of her pussy in a circular motion. Her breathing sped up slightly as she did so, she kept her eyes fixed on mine.

I unfastened each button on my shirt slowly watching her. I could feel my cock throbbing as it hardened watching Lynne masturbate. She noticed as well as her gaze dropped from my eyes to my crotch. Once completely unbuttoned, I threw my shirt on the floor then stripped my undershirt off quickly and tossed it aside. I stood naked before her, my cock hard, throbbing and boobing up and down. Lynne squeezed her clit between her index and middle fingers as she made long sweeping strokes up and down her cunt, her eyes once again staring into mine.

I knelt down beside the bed. " You are so fucking sexy," I said in a deep and throaty voice, desperate with desire. " Get over here." As I said this I grabbed her behind her knees and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. She moaned " " at my aggression and fixed her gaze deep into my eyes as I gently rested her thighs on each of my shoulders and lowered my face agonizingly slowly into her pussy. I maintained eye contact with her as I kissed her pussy lips softly, and pressed my tongue between them. Her stare was intense, as though she were urging me to eat her with her eyes. When my tongue grazed over her swollen clit she finally broke eye contact, dropping her head onto the mattress and arching her back to meet my soft, slow licks.

" Time to cum for me." I whispered hungrily between laps of my tongue. " Anything you say. " she whispered back. As soon as she said this, I sucked down hard on her clit, engulfing it within my lips and mouth. I sucked it greedily and made soft, flicking licks over it repeatedly, maximizing the sensations for her. Lynne arched her back further, and reached her hand down onto the back of my head, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling my face deeper into her. I put my hand just under my chin and pushed two fingers into her pussy. Her lips gripped my fingers tightly, and I hooked both fingers upward inside her searching for her G-Spot. When I found the tiny, soft, granulated area on the roof of her vagina, she wildly bucked her hips in reaction.

I knew she was entering the throes of ecstasy now. I begin a steady, unrelenting pace of long, hard licks from the entrance to her vagina up over her clit. As I licked, I massaged her G-Spot with soft, swirling strokes, working my fingers slowly in and out of her. Her clit was engorged and swollen, almost pulsating as I licked and sucked it fiercely. Lynne was moaning my name and swearing in a steady string of sexy profanity. " Oh John, oh fuck, John, fuck… me… fuck me you bastard."

I kept my pace steady and rhythmic, coaxing her toward her peak. As she neared climax, she bucked her hips into my face repeatedly, keeping her hand behind my head to hold my mouth firmly down on her pussy. Her juices became thicker, and my mouth begins to fill with her heavy juices. Her breathing became frantic and quick; I knew she was about to cum in my mouth. Just as the moment seemed ready to engulf her, she put both hands on my cheeks and pushed my mouth off of her, sliding her hips back away from me suddenly, my fingers slipping out of her pussy. " No!" she gasped breathlessly. " No, John, I can't do this again." She lay on the bed panting, gazing up at me with pleading eyes. I knew how badly she wanted to cum, she was having second thoughts about having sex with me again."
"Ok, come here and kiss me then," I told her, knowing full well that her pussy juice was heavy and thick on my face. She scooched herself forward on the bed and did as I asked, leaning forward and kissing me passionately, her tongue lapping her nectar off my lips and chin. After a minute of long, wet kisses, I affirmed my authority once again. " Now… beg me to eat your sweet pussy until you cum."

" Please eat my sweet pussy until I cum. " she implored. I pushed her shoulders gently back down onto the bed, and stood above her. " First… turn over." I commanded. Her eyes widened for a split second, she obeyed instantly. She flipped over onto her stomach and raised her hips up off the bed ever so slightly. I hooked my fingers into the straps connecting her garter belt to her stockings and pulled gently upward. Lynne got the hint and pushed her ass up toward me. I knelt behind her and squeezed her ass cheeks, kneading my fingers into the soft flesh. Then I lowered my head slowly and ran a long, wet lick up the length of her ass crack.

" Oh… my… god," Lynne cooed in disbelief as I ran my tongue over her. It was the same utterance of disbelief she'd made the first time we fucked and I turned my attention to her ass. I guessed she wasn't used to being pleasured in such a way. I squeezed her ass with both hands again, this time spreading her cheeks gently apart. The taut, dark brown, little rosebud of her asshole puckered suddenly when my warm breath hit it. I flicked it lightly with the tip of my tongue several times, drawing little squeaks of pleasure from Carrie with each flick. Then I descended on it hungrily, lapping at it with hard, long strokes, getting it soaking wet and soft. She buried her face into a pillow to stifle her loud and guttural groans as I placed my palms flat on both of her cheeks and spread her as wide as I could, giving my tongue unhindered access to her tight hole.

She reached her hand up under herself and began to stroke her clit furiously. I hardened my tongue and pushed it as far as I could into her asshole, tongue-fucking her as deeply as I could go. Her groans began to border on screams as her fingers increased their intensity on her clit and I pushed my tongue furiously into her ass. " />
After several minutes, I finally pulled my tongue out of her ass and flipped myself over underneath her so I could lick her clit again. Lynne pushed herself up slightly so that she was sitting on my face. I pushed her hand out of the way and sucked hard on her engorged nub. She pulled her face out of the pillow and groaned as I licked her clit. " Oh fuck, I am so close, John," she cried. Hearing her say this I knew it was time to give her the pleasure she'd delayed so long. I reached my hand up and pushed my middle finger into her pussy and rested my index finger at the entrance to her asshole. I swirled my index finger around her hole several times, pushing very gently against the tight muscle holding it shut.

" Do it," she whimpered, letting me know she was ready to be entered. I pushed my finger in just past the muscular resistance, and left it inside her only as deep as the first knuckle. I swirled it gently around inside her ass as I stroked deeper into her cunt with my middle finger. I didn't want to hurt her by going too deeply too quickly. She, however, wanted no such courtesy. " Fucking do it," she demanded imploringly. At her request I pushed my index finger deeper into her asshole, all the way to the second knuckle. She groaned approvingly.

" />
I then began stroking both fingers into and out of her, my middle finger in her cunt and my index finger in her ass. My fingers were separated by just a thin sliver of flesh, but it amazed me the difference in feel. Her pussy was tight and soft, but the velvety flesh yielded welcomingly and opened to my touch. Her asshole on the other hand was very tight and muscular, and it gripped my finger firmly, almost resisting my entry. I could only imagine how heavenly it would feel to have her little hole wrapped around my thick shaft, to feel the strong ring of muscle squeezing my cock, while her soft, silken interior enveloped it with a warm, smooth sheath.

I continued to suck savagely on her clit as I sank my fingers even deeper into her. Soon both fingers were buried to the hilt and I was swirling them inside her to raise the intensity of her sensations. She bucked her hips wildly and moaned incoherently; I could tell her climax was nearly imminent. Just when I thought she couldn't possibly stand any more, she suddenly reached both of her hands down under my head and pressed her pelvis into my face so hard she cut off my breathing. Her orgasm washed over her like a wave and she punctuated it with a long, loud, until even that was cut off by her pulsations and became just several rhythmic huffs of air involuntarily escaping her lungs. My fingers were buried as deeply into her as they could go, as the spasms of her climax caused the muscles of both her vagina and her asshole to pulsate rhythmically, squeezing hard on my fingers. It was as though her entire sex now had a pulse, and each beat sent wracking waves throughout her body.

I gradually slowed the intensity of my licks on her clit, and the swirling of my fingers inside h er, as her orgasm began to subside. She released her grip on my head and freed my airway to breathe normally again. After several moments I slipped my fingers slowly out of her, and slid out from underneath her. I again stood by the side of the bed and looked down at her. She was on her hands and knees and looked back at me seductively.

" Baby, you came so hard," I said. It was true. Lynne's orgasms were very intense. Lynne's orgasms gripped her entire body, showing she had pent-up energy, aggression and desire stored inside and they all came erupting out of her simultaneously. " I know, baby," she replied, " you drive me so fucking crazy it just makes me explode." " I love the way you explode," I told her, then I reached my right hand down and began stroking my cock. It was rock hard and I was dying to put it inside her, to feel her warm, moist softness. She watched me stroke myself with wide eyes for several moments, her jaw hanging agape.

Finally she said, " If you don't fuck me now, I'm going to go absolutely insane." I wanted to dive right into her immediately, but I couldn't resist continuing our little game. " How many fucking times do I have to tell you to ask me nicely when you want things?" I asked tauntingly. Her eyes flared momentarily, her brows furrowing impudently. Again she relented and appeased me.

" Please fuck me. You made me cum so hard, I just want to please you now." Upon saying this she reached both hands underneath herself and ran her fingers along either side of her pussy. She used her index fingers to spread her petals apart and open her cunt widely. It was such an incredibly beautiful sight; the entrance to her vagina was dark pink, almost red, engorged as it was from her orgasm. Her lips were puffy and swollen, and her wetness glistened invitingly. After drinking in this beautiful sight for a moment, I kneeled on the bed behind her and positioned myself just above her. I pressed the head of my cock against the entrance to her vagina, and teased her once again. " Beg for it."

" Please fuck me," she cooed. " I'm not convinced you really want it. Convince me."
" Please fuck my pussy, I want it so bad." " I'm almost fucking convinced, baby; tell me your pussy is wet for me." " My pussy is soaking wet for you." " Now tell me you've wanted this all day." " I've wanted this all day every day for the last week." " Oh god baby, me too. Now tell me you wore that suit to make me want to fuck you."

" No," she replied matter-of-factly and turned back to look me in the eyes. " I wore the suit because ever since that day you told me how sexy I look in it, every second I'm wearing it I'm reminded of you I get soaking wet between my legs." She jutted her lower jaw out and flared her nostrils in defiance. The realization that came with hearing her say it, to now know that she desired me as badly as I did her, made a wave of affection wash over me. I forgot our game and instead reached my left hand out to grip her hip and pull her gently into me. With my right hand I guided my cock past the tight resistances at her entrance, and sank it deep into her cunt, gently and smoothly.

Lynne gasped for a moment when my cock pushed into her, popping past her threshold and spreading her open. Her eyes rolled up for an instant as I entered her, then she looked deep into my eyes again, urging me to take her completely. As I sank deeper we both moaned contentedly, our bodies reunited again. I thrust as deeply into her as I could, then held my cock still inside her. I wrapped my arms around underneath her, and pulled her body into mine. I buried my face into her neck and whispered in her ear. " God, I've missed you."

" Oh, John," she moaned. I ran kisses along her earlobe and down the nape of her neck, flicking my tongue in her sensitive areas to turn her on. I backed my cock out slowly, all the way to the tip, then sunk it in again just as slowly. After I'd repeated this slow, smooth thrusting several times, I begin to quicken the pace. I leaned back behind her and grabbed her hips with both hands, guiding her motions as I begin thrusting in and out of her quicker and quicker. Lynne swirled her hips in a circular motion with my thrusts, meeting my rhythm stroke for stroke. The sensation felt amazing, our bodies in sync and working perfectly together. I pulled her close to me and ground my hips against her thighs, her ass pressing into me.

" Fuck, Lynne, you feel so fucking good. Your husband should be fucking you every day " I moaned. " Mmmm, do you like the way I feel inside?" She asked. I buried my cock to the hilt and pulled back on her hips, pinning her ass to me with my cock plunging deep into her pussy. " God yes," I said, " you're so warm and tight." I begin swirling my hips and Lynne followed suit. She twisted around and put her hand on the back of my neck, pulling me down to kiss her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and swirled it around, mimicking the motion of our sex. I sucked her tongue and massaged it with my own, never breaking rhythm with my thrusts. After kissing passionately and aggressively for several moments, Lynne finally broke the kiss.

" You like me nice and warm and tight?" she asked breathily. I kissed her again several times. Between kisses I said, " God… yes… I just wonder…" Lynne broke off our kiss again. " Wonder what?" I leaned back and slid my hands from her hips onto her ass. I squeezed her ass cheeks in both hands and pushed them wide apart. Lynne's jaw swung open as I spread her, and she jutted her lower jaw out and fixed her gaze upon me as though she could read my thoughts. I ran my finger in a little circle around her asshole, pressing gently against her soft, sensitive flesh, still moist from my earlier ministrations. " I wonder… how warm and tight your little asshole must be," I said lustily, letting my finger slip slightly inside her, her muscle gripping it tightly. I slowed my thrusts into her pussy down to an excruciatingly slow and deliberate pace, teasing her. She continued to thrust her hips back and forth into me, sliding my cock in and out of her. All the while she maintained eye contact with me, willing me to fuck her harder.

Finally, after several moments, she said, " I have never been fucked in the ass. Then why don't you find out? Please be gentle." When she said this, I pushed my finger deeper into her ass, and leaned down and kissed her mouth again. This time I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she massaged it with hers. I pulled back gently and my cock slipped slowly out of her pussy. I broke off our kiss then made a trail of kisses and licks down her back until I came to her ass crack. I pulled my finger out of her asshole and replaced it with my tongue, swirling it in circles and pushing it gently inside her. Lynne dropped her face onto the bed and groaned throatily. "
I ate her ass lustily for several minutes, moaning along with Lynne as I lapped at her hole.

" />
Once I had her ass dripping wet again, I raised myself up behind her and pressed the tip of my cock into her crack. " You want me to find out how tight your little ass is?" I asked her.
" Oh god, yes, do it," she moaned. " Do what? Tell me." " Fuck my ass and see how tight it is for you." " It's for me?" " Oh fuck yes, it's all yours." " Have you ever been fucked in the ass?" " No, never." She replied. Hearing her tell me her asshole was all mine drove me over the edge. I spit onto my palm and rubbed my saliva over the tip of my cock, which was still wet from Lynne's pussy. Once I rubbed it with my spit it became slick and lubricated, ready to enter her. I then pressed my cock forward against her hole, guiding it with my thumb on the tip. She gasped " OH God " as her hole opened and enveloped the tip of my cock.

I paused before letting it sink deeper, knowing she would need a moment to get used to its size. I kissed the back of her neck softly, reassuring her that I wouldn't move too aggressively and hurt her. She moaned in response to my kisses, then urged me to give her more. " Do it," she prodded, just as she had earlier. I thrust my hips forward gently at her request and groaned as my cock sank slowly and deeply into her. Her sphincter muscle clenched tightly around my shaft, gripping it firmly. Once inside her, I let her ass cheeks go so that they would tighten around my cock and provide a cushion for my thrusting. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her back into me, providing leverage so that I could bury my cock into her ass as deeply as it could go.

" Mmmmff," Lynne spluttered as the girth of my cock sank deeper into her. Her breathing became shallow and I knew she was adjusting to having something as big as my cock inside her. I willed myself to hold still so that I didn't hurt her; it wasn't easy with how warm and satiny her tight little asshole felt on my cock. After several moments her breathing steadied and she reached her hand back onto my hip, willing me to give her more. I relaxed at her urging and plunged my cock into her deep as possible. This time she moaned " AAAAH…AAAAH " contentedly as I filled her, adjusting completely to how stretched her hole was to accommodate me. She arched her back and growled, " Fuck me."

I grabbed a handful of her hair to keep her back arched, and slid my cock slowly out of her to the tip. Then I sank back into her, slowly but determinedly. She groaned " aaah…aaaah "
with my thrusting but it wasn't from pain. She was adjusted to my size and I could tell it was starting to feel pleasurable for her. I slowly increased the rhythm and depth of each thrust until we were fucking loudly and aggressively. Lynne was grunting on every thrust into her, almost shouting with intensity. " Uh… uh… uh… fuck yes!" she yelled.

I, in turn, groaned " " into her ear on every thrust, a sound primal and animalistic from deep in my throat. It felt so unbelievably to be fucking this woman in her tight ass. She was very hesitant when we met. Based solely on how she acted in the office, one couldn't possibly imagine she would be willing to take it in the ass. She seemed in control; she always knew the answer to everything and she insisted on being one step ahead in every matter. She was calculating and exacting, not cold exactly, but she always wanted to be in control and she always commanded unequivocal respect. It was impossible to imagine, knowing her solely professionally, that she would sacrifice her control this much. That she would open her most secret place and share it willingly and lovingly.

Yet here I was, balls-deep in her asshole, thrusting into her with wanton abandonment.

Finally, after several minutes of unbridled, animalistic fucking, I slowed our pace down. I let her hair go and she relaxed her back. I kissed the back of her neck and settled into a slow grind, swirling our hips in unison. I reached my right hand underneath her, and ran my palm from her belly down onto her pussy. I ground the heel of my hand against her mons, feeling the short bristles of her pussy hairs tickling it, before curling my fingers over her vulva. " Mmmmmmm," she moaned, as my fingers massaged her labia and the soft hood of flesh just over her clitoris. She reached her arm back and wrapped her hand around my head, pulling my face down into her neck. I nuzzled her and kissed her neck as my fingers spread her pussy lips apart and exposed her clit to my ministrations.

I swirled my index and middle fingers in tight, little circles over her clit as we continued our slow, rhythmic pace. I grabbed her hip with my left hand and pulled her closer to me, allowing my cock to slide as deeply into her as possible. Her ass felt indescribably good. Her hole was tight and unplundered, the muscle rigid and taut gripping my shaft. Her insides were warm and satiny, massaging the length of my cock as I thrust slowly in and out of her. The toned muscles of her ass cheeks clenched with every thrust, tightening her grip on my manhood and driving me to the point of ecstasy. I wouldn't be able to hold out long before I exploded and I needed her to know it.

" Fuck, Lynne, you feel so fucking good," I groaned into her ear, practically slurring every word in my lust for her. " I won't be able to hold out long." Even as I said it I felt the cum boiling up inside my balls, nearly ready to spring forth out of me. " Stay with me, baby," she moaned back, " don't cum yet. Just keep fucking me." I willed myself to calm the eruption building in my loins. It wasn't easy; her ass was soft and tight, and the slopping noise of my cock thrusting in and out of her hole was nasty and alluring. Keeping my head clear and holding out for her was becoming a struggle. " You have to cum with me, baby," I pleaded.

" Just keep fingering me, oh god yes, just like that," she moaned. I increased the quickness of my fingers swirling over her clit just slightly in my eagerness. I longed to cum in her so badly, to let my load shoot out of me deep into her. I was beginning to lose the battle of willpower; I could feel my orgasm building. It was a fight now to hold it off. " so close, baby, I'm so fucking close," I moaned desperately. It felt as if my cum had risen to the tip of my cock and was ready to boil over. She buried her face into the pillows and groaned loudly.

" Don't stop, oh fuck me hard, don't fucking stop," she cried. I was now swirling my fingers over her clit frantically. Her bud was swollen and engorged and I practically pinched it between my fingers in my exuberance. She thrust her hips back and forth desperately as her climax built like a volcano ready to erupt. Finally after several excruciatingly long moments it was as though something exploded inside her and her entire body twitched and convulsed. She pulled her head out of the pillows and let out a primal wail. " now baby, cum with me!"

I took three quick thrusts in and out of her then sank my cock as deeply into her asshole as it would go. I released the cum boiling inside me, and my orgasm enveloped me. I felt spurt after spurt of my cum shoot deep inside her, filling her with my seed. "Ngaahh, ngaahh, ngaahh," I groaned on every spurt, as a deep and satisfied calm began to rush over me.

Her body convulsed below me as her second orgasm overwhelmed her. She twitched and shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, bathing her in satisfaction and release. After several moments I slowed my stroking of her clit to let her begin to calm, not wanting to overstimulate her sensitive bud. Her breathing began to slow and her moans became soft, contented sighs. She eased herself down onto the bed and I collapsed on top of her in exhaustion, my cock still buried deep inside her warm, soft ass. I swirled my hips gently and lovingly, feeling the last few drops of my cum spilling into her.

I kissed the back of her neck tenderly as we both gasped for air. Our simultaneous orgasm had drained us both of energy, and I lay on top of her trying to catch my breath. My cock began to soften inside her. After several moments, our breathing finally slowed to normal. With one final kiss on her neck, I propped myself up and rolled slowly off her. The length of my now softened cock slipped slowly out of her ass as I laid down beside her, and her moan almost sounded disappointed that I was no longer inside her.

She rested her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her to hold her. I kissed her forehead and said, " That was fucking unbelievable, Lynne." " Yes," she replied, "that was intense." She smiled and chuckled. She seemed very at peace and content. Still though, I wanted to know things were ok between us. We'd just played a very erotic game, one in which I had to be very aggressive, and I wanted to be sure I hadn't offended her.

" Listen, Lynne," I begin, not knowing how to say what I felt. My conscience was going to weigh on me if I didn't clear the air. " I want you to know I respect you. I want you to have faith in that. And I want you to trust me. What we just did, I only wanted to please you. That's all I want. I just want you to be happy. I want to satisfy you."

" John," she interrupted, raising her head to look deep into my eyes to make sure she made her point, " shut the fuck up." She said it authoritatively, and then kissed my mouth deeply. We kissed passionately for several moments before she broke the kiss off. " You made me feel so good today, so alive. So don't let mess this up. This afternoon was incredible; being with you is incredible. I really needed this. And wanted it. So relax, ok?" I smiled at her. "Ok," I replied. It was good to know she thought highly of me and the passionate time we spent together.

" Good," she replied, "and that's the first time I've given up my ass. And it's the first time I've ever gotten off from it. So be happy." I smiled silently. It did feel good to know I was special enough to be offered her trust. That she'd opened herself to me and was able to receive pleasure from it. " Now, if you'll excuse me," she continued a moment later, " I have a lot of you inside me right now, and I have to take care of it."

She snickered and pushed herself up and walked to the bathroom. I watched her naked body as she walked, her petite supple form moving gracefully across the room. " How the hell did I get this lucky?" I asked myself silently, wondering what stroke of luck had blessed me and allowed me to have met this woman. I still wasn't entirely sure why, with Lynne, I shared an intense sexual attraction, and every moment alone with her was erotic and arousing. She returned from the bathroom several moments later and lay next to me, her head resting against my shoulder, her arm across my chest. There was nothing more to say; the afternoon was perfect. I kissed her forehead and eventually we both got up and dressed.

story by: graylover

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Author: graylover

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