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I'm 27 years old and had lead a straight life up until now. I'm considered good looking and have had great looking girlfriends throughout my life. My career, health and social life has all been very good. You could say I'm living the perfect life. I'm lean, 30" waist, 44" chest – work out a lot, have a 7" cut cock. I have a very fulfilling life in all respects except one. Since a very early age I've had a very active imagination and urge to be seduced by a guy, but never had an experience. Over the years this urge never seemed to go away.. infact it seem to grow. In order to satisfy the urge, I would need to relieve myself twice a day thinking about these fantasies.

Of course with the advancement of the internet, this has created a world where I could explore these fantasies further… looking at porn… reading stories (like this one!)… joining sites, being anonymous and chatting online. This can start to blur the line between fantasy and reality. When you chat anonymously with another guy, its sort of real and sort of fantasy. But at first seeing the first porn many years ago was so erotic, but now it takes a lot more to get the same hit. Now I need to chat to someone who knows my urges more intimately and then of course there the cam. This took it a stage further and sometimes I'd get so carried away I'd even show my face. So where does all this lead… is it the same as just a fantasy in my head, or because I'm interacting with another real person, is it real? The problem is that it makes it easier to push the boundaries further. It also causes an addiction, where each time I need more and more.

One guy I met online really knew how to seduce me so well… he was gay and older. Really knew how to get me so turned on that I'd show him my face on cam, he kept pushing me further and further… and wanted to get me to meet him. The possibility of making the fantasy a reality made me so horny – at times I really wanted to give in to him and let it happen. He was so good at seducing me… telling me that I couldn't deny the urge to finally experience a hot gay session.. the thought of another hard cock, feeling it… seeing it… tasting it… this all made me so turned on and I'd really let myself go online and imagine how it would be. I really thought that at times I would get so horny that if the opportunity was there, I wouldn't be able to resist.

Then it happened.

I lived a distance away from him, which is probably why it was easy to let go and do so much online.. knowing nothing could happen at the time. But I was moving to his area and knowing this I'd play with the temptation… planning how we'd go through with it. It was strange… there was part of me that thought I'd never go through with it, but then when I'd get horny I'd think it really would happen.

So I moved. The first night I arrived I was in the hotel room on my own… feeling very horny. Normally I lived with friends and didn't get too much of an opportunity to indulge even in online fantasy as I had to be discreet. I always loved being in a hotel room on my own because I knew I was alone and could have a good online session. I closed all the curtains, put the room temperature up, got naked and went online. When I saw he was online I felt a shiver go through my body… I was instantly so hard, excited and nervous. I left him a message to go onto yahoo messenger and we started chatting there. At first I told him to give me a few days to settle in, that I needed to adjust to the idea. At first he was agreeable so I could relax a little… yet I was also getting so horny. This was the best opportunity I ever had of actually going through with it… and it haunted my mind… getting me more and more turned on.

He was getting hornier and hornier too… I was a perfect candidate for him, he really liked the idea of turning a str8 boy for his first time, totally seducing and dominating a helpless guy. We clicked so well online, seemed to be perfect for each others fantasies… the words would turn each other on so perfectly. As we were chatting we kept throwing up the temptation of meeting up that very evening… this made it the most erotic and horny experience ever for both of us even though it was just online chat. The idea of really trying it out and what it would be like for real was so strong in my mind… we kept trying to rationalize it in our minds… 'what's the difference between the online and reality?' – 'no one will ever know' – no difference, we might as well fulfill and satisfy our urges'.

The arguments became more and more compelling as we got more and more turned on. He kept telling me to give in and let it happen for real… that it was going to happen sooner or later so I may as well go through with it now. This went on and on… till eventually… I had to say yes. As I did a whole wave of shock went through my body… the realization that this really was going to happen and would change me forever. That this was going to pass over into reality. It reminded me of the first time I had sex… the feeling that you can't take it back… it really happened – so surreal at the time.

My heart was pumping… I was in a daze… it was a weird sensation driving over to his place… like being in a movie, it felt like being in a dream. I was an autopilot, not quite in control and just going through the motions. I kept thinking about his hard cock which kept me going. I arrived at his house and sat in the car for a few minutes… trying to get some composure. I was so nervous… so overwhelmed. I knew I just had to keep going and not think about it… I went to the door and without thinking about it rang the bell. He opened the door and told me to come in – he knew how frightened I'd be and made it easier. He looked a lot different in real life, even though I'd seen pictures and talked to him on the phone – not better or worse, just different. He walked into the living room and we sat on the couch looking at the T.V. I said nothing… it was just all so surreal. I stared at the T.V. afraid to look at him – he understood and just watched the T.V. with me… giving me time to relax a little. He poured 2 glasses of red wine and handed me one… I managed to murmer a thanks. I drank it very quickly and it had an immediate effect on me… must have been because my heart was racing so much the alcohol went to my head straight away, causing me to be a little dizzy but a bit more relaxed.

He was sitting very close to me. He put his hand on his knee, and moved his leg so it was tipping off mine. I knew what was going to happen and I knew I wasn't going to prevent it. He slowly moved his hand onto my knee and very very slowly started rubbing it… very gradually moving up my lap. I stayed glued to the T.V. half pretending nothing was happening. I realized I did want it at this point and could feel my cock hardening. I could sense how one directional he was… slowly but very surely he was seducing me… he moved his hand up and there it was… he was rubbing my crotch… feeling my hard cock under my jeans. It was really happening… a mans hand was rubbing me…. I was hard… even this was an experience I knew I'd have to live with as something that had happened in my life. I liked it.

He took my hand with his other hand and placed it on his lap. Keeping his hand over mine guiding it up his leg… this is what I had fantasized about for so long. I felt every inch of his jeans as my hand was moved up inch by inch… the warmth and strength of his hand over mine… allowing him to be in charge. Then I felt the heat through his jeans… as my hand was over his shaft… I allowed my muscles in my arm to move… to show him I was going along with this… cupping my hand slightly to feel the contours of his hard protruding bulge. He knew I was going along with him and this allowed him to be more definite… rubbing firmer and faster with more decisive movements. Then he unbuttoned his jeans quite quickly and took my hand before I had a chance to think about it and placed it on his underwear. I could really feel his cock now… so much heat emanating from it… could feel the ridge from his shaft to his bulbous cock head… it was amazing and I was totally paralyzed.. overwhelmed by it. I knew he sensed he had control… he increased the pace and put my hand under his underwear so I could feel his cock skin to skin… this was amazing… I started to let go even more and let myself enjoy it… it was really happening… I was feeling another man's cock in my hand, so hard, so hot. He put his arm around my shoulders and slowly pulled me down towards him… I allowed my eyes to move away from the screen to see what was taking place… to see my hand down his pants rubbing his cock. My eyes took it all in… like it was slow motion… registering the picture deep in my mind. He then took down his jeans and underwear completely… spreading his legs more… really getting into it. Now I could see it clearly, his fully erect penis in my hand… I rubbed up and down exposing the head so I could see it perfectly. He moved my body down towards it more and more, till I was close up on it. He let out a sigh, and whispered to me… 'that's it'. The words went through me… activating another sense – the sound, making it so real.

I knew what he wanted me to do… I just allowed myself to go with it… like I was remotely controlled by him, sensing every action. I moved in and opened my mouth slightly and allowed his shaft touch my lips. The warmth of his cock felt so nice. The slight stickyness from the sweat tasted salty… I allowed my tongue to peer out to taste it. He held the back of my head controlling the movement and pace. Then I moved up the shaft to cock head… firstly allowing my tongue to run along the ridge, then parting my mouth further to allow it enter my mouth. This was it… it was really happening… I was sucking a cock, I was fulfilling my fantasy… I was having a gay experience. Nothing could ever take this away, I knew it would be burned into my memory and now a chapter in my life. I savored every second of it. He held my head so firmly, massaging my scalp as he moved my head up and down on his shaft… moaning and whispering to me… 'oh yes'… 'that's it boy, this is what we wanted'. This caused me to really give in to him further and further, feeling his power over me grow.

Sensing his control over me, he then then told me to follow him and he got up. He brought me to his room, it was very dimly lit with just a side light and very warm. He sat me down on his bed and sat beside me. He then undressed me, quite quickly and then undressed himself. There we were both completely naked, both completely hard. It was so erotic. He moved me back on the bed and positioned me on my back, again taking control and causing me to submit to him. He knew he had me completely now and we had passed the point of no return. This was it and we could both sense it… I knew I couldn't stop him – he had me. He knew it and made him even hornier and more determined… he was going to satisfy all his urges and there was nothing I could do about it. He was taking my innocence and was going to completely turn me… make me his gay boy. He climbed up on me and straddled me… sitting on my chest. He looked down at me with a piercing dominant stare… he wanted to make sure I knew he was the boss. I felt totally powerless… totally overwhelmed and in his control. I could sense everything he wanted – like a psychic mind control energy going into me. He was really feeling how powerful he was and could really indulge himself. He took his cock in his hand and started to rub it over my face… on my cheeks, forehead, nose, chin… pressing it to stimulate himself on me. He knew I'd be powerless and whatever he'd say or do I'd be in complete compliance. 'That's it Greg… this is what you've always wanted… you love my cock boy… you're being turned now and there's nothing you can do to stop it'. A agreed with every word as it sank deep into my mind… agreeing with every letter that he commanded.

Then he reached over to the side table and grabbed a cam that was plugged into his laptop, he brought the laptop near so the cable would be long enough. Then he got back into position and pointed the cam at my face. "Thats it Greg… we're now marking the occasion… capturing your crossover experience to have forever…". This was so exhilarating… knowing that there would be proof of what was taking place I could never deny it, to myself or him. Knowing he had this also gave him even more power over me… I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the video was coming up on the laptop screen. "That's it Greg… this is what you've always wanted… sucking daddy's cock… being totally dominated and turned gay… isn't it?" I nodded affirmatively. "Now tell daddy what you are on camera… tell me how gay you are… how much you love sucking cock… that you'd do anything for me". I felt totally overpowered by him and there was nothing I could do but comply. "I am your gay boy, I love sucking your cock – I swear I'll do anything for you". Saying the words made it solidify in my mind… my heart was pounding and I just wanted more and more… the more I gave into it the more pleasure I felt and the momentum was colossal. Knowing he had all this on video meant I'd have to accept it into my life.. and would lead to more experiences… all this just made me hornier and harder… my body and mind was in pure ecstasy.

I could see he was having just as much pleasure… getting carried away by the powerful feeling he had of turning me into a complete gay obedient sub servant boy that he could use to satisfy all his urges. It was like he was a powerful wild animal, getting off on the complete dominance he had over me. Almost like science fiction where the power was building up through his body and becoming superhuman. He climbed down me slowly… rubbing his cock over my chest… my nipples… enjoying ever sensation as he left a trail of precum and my saliva all over my body… like marking his territory… again to show who was in charge. He then rubbed it against my abs and belly button… then slowly down against my cock. It was amazing… feeling our two hot cocks pressed against each other… hornier and experiencing more pleasure than they've ever done before. This was the most pleasurable experience of our lives. I parted my legs wide showing my submission to him, bringing my knees back and having my thighs wrapped around his torso. He started a slow humping motion pushing his cock against mine. Then he told me to hold our 2 cocks together. Then he stared at me very closely… looking at my face, taking it all in. My face was pulsating with the blood pumping through it… my brow sweating… my cheeks bright red. I looked up at him and could see his piercing eyes go right through me… he knew me intimately like no other and was in total control of me. I could see how powerful he was… I could feel it too. He could see how helpless I was, vulnerable and exposed completely to him… and deep down where only he could see, I wanted him to have me.

Both our bodies were practically boiling hot… blood pumping through our veins like never before… like the most intoxicating pleasure drug infecting every part of our bodies. Our cocks were steel… looking like they were going to burst open with the pressure… wet from precum, sweat and saliva… glistening and purple from the pressure. He put the cam down after taking a few more angles of what had took place. Then he slowly, almost in slow motion, leaned right down to me… his face getting closer and closer to mine… right into my space… so close I could feel the heat from him… still glaring into my eyes… until our noses touched. To show my passiveness, I allowed my mouth to relax and open… he placed his bottom lip between mine.. gently sucking my upper lip. I felt his tongue touch it too… then he moved his head slightly angled to one side and I the reciprocated by going the other way to give him closer access to my mouth. He then placed his parted lips against mine and started to push his tongue inside my mouth… again I mirrored every move unconsciously… like he was programming my every move. I felt his warm wet tongue against mine… I felt a large amount of saliva drool over my tongue and into my my mouth. We both had so much saliva from the build up that it was like a warm frothy drink was poured into our mouths. I tasted him… again the realization of what was taking place shot through my body… I was having a passionate erotic gay kiss… tasting another mans lust after me… him tasting his innocent boy being turned… knowing he has made it real, feeling so good and powerful from the fact that he was irresistible and too desirable for me.

I wanted this to last as long as possible… wanted this moment to extend… I knew this was the best sensation I ever had… beyond anything I could even imagine. I knew he was feeling the same. Nothing could stop us now, nothing could take this away from us. After a lot of tongue play, he moved his head so his cheek was against mine and his mouth was beside my ear, and mine to his. I could hear his breathing and he could hear mine. Then to secure, solidify and insure the future of this experience, he began to whisper to me… getting me to admit how much I wanted this… how much I needed this… how deep down I was completely and totally gay… that only he could release this urge for me and I'd do anything for him now… I could no longer resist or deny him total control and access… that I would be his toy boy and want this even more… come back over and over…. that this was a drug, an addiction stronger than any and I would need cock on a regular basis. I really did let go. I agreed every single word and repeated it back to him with passion… "oh yes.. oh fuck yeah… oh god… I'm totally gay…. I love cock…. I need it now and will need it again and again… I swear I'll come back over and over…. I'm your toy boy…. I need you to use me for your pleasure and dominate me…" The words flowed out over and over with a life of their own, like water breaking through a dam… as I said each thing it would cause my mind to accept it completely. It was like being swept away in a massive current, completely surrendered to it with no way to fight it.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you?" When I thought nothing could possibly heighten the experience, I felt yet another wave rush through me… without hesitation I replied by begging him to. I really would have done anything for him… I didn't think he was going to do this as it wasn't something that he showed much interest in. He got so turned on, so horny he just wanted to do anything and everything – I could see that he was just so pumped and was going to experience it all. "I'm going to video you getting fucked for your first time you queer slut". He was so sleazy… and it felt so good. He took out the cam again… then told me to rub the lube all over my ass as he videod me. He got me to put loads on… then rub it on my balls and his cock. Then he got me to finger myself as he made sure my face was in view on the cam too. Then as directed, I held and guided his cock to my opening, holding it in place as he allowed his body weight to push it forward. It felt amazing as it slid inside me…. He made sure to have a good close up on cam of the experience, then put the cam right up close to my face to capture my expression. My face melted with a deep warm pleasure and pure satisfaction. He pushed in deeper and deeper to what it felt like filling my whole body with his cock. I moved my hand away when he almost fully in to allow him to the complete access and depth to my hole. He liked it. He liked the warm insides stimulating his cock. He liked the look of utter bliss and defenselessness on my face.

He put the cam down again, leaned forward and kissed me again. Then he moved back up a to get a good view of my face, looking directly into my eyes – I looked right back into his eyes so he wouldn't have to ask. "I'm going to fill you up with my cum… plant my seed inside you… that seed will take root and make you even more gay and cause you to come back for more". It was perfect. He was thrusting deep and hard at this stage, shaking my whole body with each move. "And as I do, I'm going to watch you as you cum when I tell you to". 2 hours had passed since we began, our balls were swollen with the production of cum… we needed to release our loads soon. He began increasing his thrust… I held my knees back further to allow him an extra inch further inside me. Each thrust I moaned louder and he grunted stronger. My eyes were locked to his, like my focus was caught in a tractor beam – caught in a forcefield. "Oh yeah… oh FUCK… FUCK ME…. MMMMM…. YES…. YES… I WANT YOU…. I NEED YOU… I'M SO GAY… YES DADDY… YES… I'M YOUR BOY…" I held nothing back, loud and clear… each phrase making him moan harder, louder and more powerful. "CUM FOR ME NOW YOU GAY SLUT" he demanded… I grabbed my cock and stroked furiously… He stopped thrusting and just pushed hard… I could feel it coming… this made me wank faster… my mouth open… moaning… tongue out… just as I felt him shoot inside me my ass clenched around his cock to allow my cum to shoot out my shaft. The first load squirted so hard it hit me under the chin, as it released he could see my complete passive expression on my face. Then my body went into spasm… shooting again… and again… and again. It was more cum than I had ever seen come out, all over my chest and tummy, slowly dripping down the side of my body. He thrusted numerous times filling my body with his cum – I could feel the first few pumps hit my insides, then the liquid running back down towards my opening. Both our bodies shuddered, over and over… must have been dozens of times… even after there was no more cum being expelled.

I was always apprehensive about how I'd feel after I'd cum, wondering how ashamed or guilty I might feel… I immediately checked in my mind to see how I'd react, panicked at first. At first I realized it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was finished and did want to leave as soon as possible. He was very understanding, he withdrew his cock and just said that it was amazing. I agreed with him but still wanted to find my exit strategy as soon as possible. He handed me a towel and left the room saying that we can catch up online. He was very understanding and I really appreciated it, it made me feel much more relaxed about it and more at ease. I was surprised how at ease I felt and just went through the motions of getting dressed and going. I did feel a bit ashamed, but funnily enough no more than having a cyber session. When I got back to the hotel I sent him a quick email to thank him for being understanding and that I'd be in touch soon. Then next morning again I felt ashamed, a bit of 'what have i done!' but it wasn't too overwhelming… again it wasn't too much more than cyber. Over then next couple of days I went about my daily tasks and came to terms of what had happened. About 5 days later, I allowed myself to think about it again and got horny… I emailed him again and we got chatting – he was so understanding and supportive… I was so appreciative as I was very nervous and sensitive to the whole experience. Putting me so at ease, it made it easy for me to get horny again… he emailed me some of the video clips and I got so horny…

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