Sexual encounters ch. 02

sex stories

Graduation was scheduled for the coming week. I knew I would be very busy with studying for the remaining final tests. Janice wanted some time with me in the evenings, but I told her I had to study.

Wednesday when I came home from school before mom arrived, the phone rang.

“Hi, this is Joyce. I wanted to see you and you hadn’t called as yet. I hope you don’t mind that I called first. Can you come over for dinner this />
“I think so, Mom isn’t home as yet, but I could leave a note telling her I won’t eat at home. What time?”

“I’m at work right now, but I’ll be home by five thirty. Come on over to open the bottle of wine.”

“I’ll be there.” I thought about how pretty she was, and she probable wanted sex too. Hotdog!

When I knocked on her door, she greeted me with a light kiss. I could see she was dressed in shorts and a brief top with a tie in back. It would be easy to untie it and see her shapely breasts. Guess I should wait until after dinner to do that.

We had wine before and after the dinner she quickly put together for us. I was sitting in the love seat when she brought another glass of wine to me. She sat beside me. Now it was time to start what we both wanted. I put my arm around her for a kiss. The second kiss was open mouth and we held it longer. Since I had one hand around her shoulders for the kiss, I moved it down to untie the bow holding up her top. It dropped down exposing her breasts. She then dimmed the table lamp. I leaned around to kiss her nipples as she held her head back and lightly moaned.

I stood up, took her hand and led her down the hall to where I could find a bedroom. I started to open a door but she laughed, “Wait, that is the closet, let’s go in my />
We both stripped off and laid on the bed. We kissed and cuddled some before we switched around for a six nine position with her on top. This was my first close up look at her cute pussy and ass. I could feel her mouth going up and down on my cock. I thought about how good this would be if we did this on a regular basis. I didn’t know about marriage because of the age difference, but I sure could get used to living with her.

I was now licking her slit going all the way over her ass and back. I started sucking her clit and could feel her body began to stiffen. Was she approaching an orgasm? I wasn’t sure, but I kept licking and sucking her clit. I knew I was about to cum and didn’t think I could hold back. I was vigorously pushing up to her mouth when my cock started shooting cum. Her body shuddered as her orgasm came on strong.

We relaxed and laid still to enjoy the afterglow. A couple of minutes later she got up and went in the bathroom to shut the door. I wondered why the secrecy.

She came back to get in bed with me to hug and kiss. Her mouth tasted like mint. Then I knew she had used a mouth wash in the bathroom to get rid of the cum taste.

She said, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“I’m so much younger than you, but I will be graduating tomorrow night.”

“Are you going on to />
“I had not planned it that way. I’ve been going steady with Janice for the last two years and we hoped to get married after I get a job and save some money. That is what we planned, but after I’ve met you and started a swinger’s life, I’m about to change my mind about marrying Janice. I don’t know if I want to get married this young.”

She responded, “Then there is some hope for me. Joan called and wanted to know if you and I as a couple would like to attend the swinger’s club with them this Saturday night. I’m willing if you are.”

“I would like that. I was going to ask Janice to a movie on Saturday, but I’ll ask her for Friday night.” I then spoke apologetically, “I would like to stay longer, but mom is expecting me home early />
too bad, we were enjoying ourselves so much.”

I said, “I really need to go, but I want to go with you Saturday night.”

As I was driving home I thought about the recent turn in my life. I had just left a very sexy pretty twenty five year old blond who wanted me to stay to fuck her again, but I knew I should go home to mom. I didn’t have sex with mom last night and I assumed she will want it tonight. I think I’m trying to keep too many women sexually satisfied. The only one who doesn’t want sex with me is Janice, my steady girl friend.

Mon greeted me when I came home. She didn’t ask where I had been, but hugged my neck and said, “Glad you are home. I was getting />
Then I remembered talking to Mr. Gregory today. He had agreed to take mom out on a date.

“Mom, remember the teacher I told you about, the one who recently was divorced? Well, I asked him if he would like a date with you. I showed him your picture and he wants to take you to dinner on Friday night. He is your lucky date, Mom.”

“Oh…, Andy, now I’ll be all nervous until Friday night wondering if he is going to like me.”

“He will pick you up at six Mom hugged me and kissed me on the forehead.

She asked, “Are you hungry or want />
She had changed from her work clothes into something that made her look a little more sexy. I assume she wanted sex.

“Yes, mom, I was thinking about coming home to you and have some fun.”

“Oh…., you naughty boy to want to please your mom. I’ve already taken a shower. Why don’t you take one so we both will be clean.”

Mom was already in bed waiting for me when I had dried off. Even though Joyce had given me a very good blow job an hour ago, my cock was hard and ready.

Mom wanted to taste it first and took it in her mouth, then said, “It’s very hard, go ahead now and put it in.”

She spread her legs as if she couldn’t wait for me to bury it in her. I fucked her until she had an orgasm, then rested a couple of minutes and continued until we both had orgasms. I flooded her womb with cum.

I kissed her and said, “Mom good night, sleep tight, think of Mr. Hugh Gregory taking you to dinner on Friday night. Are you going to get in bed with him too?”

“I couldn’t do that on a first date.”

“How many dates do you need before you have sex with him.”

“I don’t know, maybe two or three if I like him.”

I blew a kiss to her, “Mom, goodnight.” and went to my bedroom.

Thursday evening, Joan called me to say, “Your dad and I want to invite you and Janice to dinner Friday evening. Can you make it?”

I answered, “I was going to take Janice to a movie on Friday night, but we’ll cancel the movie and be there for dinner. Thank you.”

Friday night Janice and I arrived at dad’s for dinner. Joan was very jubilant and friendly throughout the evening. Janice wasn’t feeling very well and wanted to go home early, so we made our excuses. Joan had a chance to whisper to me, “When you take her home, come back over here.” I nodded my head that I would return.

On the way driving Janice home, she said, “ I have something to say that is />
“What is it?”

“We haven’t been seeing each other very much lately. I want to go to college instead of getting married. Also, I’ve met a college boy that I want to date. There, I said it all. I don’t want to hurt you, but I want to be just friends with you.”

I acted a little as if I was hurt, then said, “Well, I guess that is the way it will be.”

I walked her to the door, gave her one last light kiss, and left to drive back to dad’s home.

Joan and dad greeted me and said, “Glad you came back. We want to party.”

I expected that was the deal and they blurted it right out. We all went in the master bedroom and stripped off. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do in front of dad. Then I remembered Joan once told me dad liked to watch her get fucked. Did he want his own son to fuck his new wife in front of him?

Joan took the initiative to embrace me while we were still standing. She planted her wide open mouth on my mouth and hung on for a long juicy kiss. She said, “Get on the bed on your back.”

She sat up on me and settled down on my now very hard cock. Dad walked around behind to look at her ass and my cock going back and forth in her pussy.

She glanced back at dad to say, “How does that look. Get the />
I hadn’t notice the camcorder earlier, but he now had it in his hand grinding away. Being filmed was something new to me. After a couple of minutes of filming her ass and my cock going in and out her pussy, dad brought the camera around to get a side view, then around to face Joan riding my cock.

Dad said, “Joan, I want a good picture of you when you have your orgasm.”

Joan started vigorously grinding on my cock to bring on an orgasm. Dad was filming as she grimaced in pleasure and became more vocal than she ever did before. She was putting on a good show. I watched him film us and avoided cumming because I wanted to stay hard for more action.

Dad said, “I’ve got some good pictures here. Now try some other />
Joan suggested I fuck her doggie style and get a picture to show the cum running out of her.

I thought it was fun to participate so I cooperated the best I could. Joan first put a large towel down under us. I got up on my knees behind her and dad started filming my hard erection spreading her pussy. I started fucking her by pulling nearly all the way out and then plunging all the way in. One time I pulled all the way out, held my cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit and over her ass before I moved to put it back in her pussy.

Dad said, “Alright, now I want you to give her your sperm.”

I started fast long back and forth strokes and soon banged her butt hard as I shot cum in her.

Dad yelled, “Pull back out and let some squirt on her.”

I didn’t really want to pull out this soon, but did as he instructed. I jacked my cock causing more spurts to splatter her butt.

Dad loudly exclaimed, “That is good, very good. Both of you can clean up in the bathroom and we’ll watch the movie.”

We three sat naked on the bed with Joan between us as we watched the movie. I couldn’t keep from getting an erection while we watched and I noticed dad was hard too.

When the film ended, Joan said, “I see two hard cocks that I’ll have to take care of.”

Dad started the movie over again. Joan suggested I should lie on my back. She got up on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Dad got up behind her and plunged his cock in her pussy. Dad was fucking her while Joan was giving me a blow job. The situation was so sexy for me that I soon started cumming in Joan’s mouth. Then I heard dad vocalize as he erupted in her pussy.

It took a few minutes to recover and clean up in the bathroom. We all got back in bed to relax.

Dad said, “Did Joyce tell you about going with us to the swingers club tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I think it will be fun to take Joyce with you two. Did she tell you that she invited me to her house last Wednesday for dinner and sex.?”

“No, she didn’t. Do you like to be with her?”

“I sure do, and I broke up with Janice tonight, or I should say she broke up with me. It doesn’t bother me because I may be seeing Joyce on a regular basis.”

Joan responded, “Joyce is a really nice girl with a very good personality. I’m glad you two are getting together. Just don’t get jealous when she pairs off with other men at the swingers club.”

“I think I can handle that. I’ll be looking for other girls, too.”

When I was ready to leave, I said, “I’ll pick up Joyce and be here at eight o’clock to go with you tomorrow night.”

When I drove into my own driveway, I noticed a strange car in the driveway. Then I remembered Mr. Gregory had a date with mom. When I went in the house, I didn’t see anyone. Then I notice mom’s bedroom door was shut. Evidently Mr. Gregory was a quick worker to get mom in bed on the first date. She hadn’t planned it that way. I went on to bed.

The next morning when I got up late for coffee, mom was in the kitchen in her robe. She looked very happy.

I commented, “I think Mr. Gregory was in your bed when I came home. Are you two rushing things?”

“Oh, he is so nice. I really like him. We kissed several times in the car, then I invited him in. We sat on the couch like teenagers, but got more serious by feeling around. I wore a dress which made it easy for him feel me. We just got carried away and I invited him into my bed. I have a date with him tonight and I can hardly wait.

“Oh, mother, I’m so glad for you. I hope this works out and you won’t be />
Saturday evening I picked up Joyce and we drove to dad’s house. Dad suggested we have one drink before we leave. He didn’t want to arrive at the swingers club until about nine o’clock. While dad and I talked in the living room, Joan invited Joyce into the bedroom to fix their lipstick. When they came back in the room, they had applied extra makeup to make them look more sexy.

They flipped their dresses up in front and gaily chimed, “Look, no />
All I could say was, />
Dad said, “Both of you are ready for a hot time. Let’s go.”

The swingers club was held in a large private home. We walked in to be greeted by Grace, the hostess. Dad introduced me and Joyce. Grace said to come on in and get a drink at the bar. Dad and Joan saw a couple they had met before and started talking to them. Joyce and I went on to the bar to get a drink.

Joyce said, “Stick by me, don’t leave me alone for now. You are my bodyguard. If I see a man I want to go with, I’ll let you know.”

We made small talk with a man who just walked to the bar for another drink. I saw him look Joyce up and down, but he walked away with two drinks.

I said to Joyce, “I think he is taking a drink to a girl.”

She responded, “I don’t think I want him anyway. Let’s look in the other room.”

We carried our drinks with us as we saw two other couples talking to each other. It looked to me as if they were paired up. I said, as we walked near them.

The one man shook hands with me and said, “I’m John and this is Jose.”

“I’m Andy and this is Joyce.”

The other couple walked away while we were introducing ourselves. I thought John and Jose looked nice and estimated they were in their late twenties.

John asked, new here aren’t you?”

“Yes, this is our first time.”

John responded, “Let us show you around. We walked into another room to see two men talking to another couple. Introductions were made.

One of the two men spoke, “Our wives have mated with someone and are in one of the bedrooms. They will be out in a little bit. We’re just waiting for them. Joyce, have you been in one of the rooms as yet? If you are interested, you could go with me?”

Joyce made excuses by saying, “We just arrive and want to look around for awhile.”

John then said, “Let me buy you two a drink.”

As we were slowly walking back to the bar with John and Jose, I had a chance to whisper to Joyce, “What do you think of John?”

She whispered an answer, />
We four refreshed our drinks and found comfortable seats to sit down. We talked for awhile about the swingers club and how nice people were. I thought Jose was sexy looking and often looked at her. She was wearing a very short mini dress and when she moved her legs, I could see she was not wearing panties. From the way her large breasts were pushing out her blouse and her nipples were protruding, I knew she was not wearing a bra. Her wedding rings were very large and probably expensive. I thought I would like to get in bed with her, but wasn’t going to leave Joyce until she found someone.

While sitting there talking, we saw one guy and two girls come out of a bedroom. They left the door open to let others know the room was available.

John looked at Joyce, “There is a room, would you be />
I knew she was on the spot and had to make a decision. She asked, “Are there two beds in there?” John got up to look and answered back, “Yes, there are two beds.”

Joyce then nervously said, “Then why don’t we four go in.”

Everyone agreed. John put his arm around Joyce’s waist and led her into the bedroom while I did the same with Jose. The table lamp was dimly lit, but I could easily see everyone. I saw John kiss Joyce and start removing her clothes. I did the same with Jose. Now I was concentrating on Jose’s body and stopped looking to see what John and Joyce were doing. Jose removed her blouse to free her large breasts. They felt so big and soft as I touched them. I bent down to suck on one nipple. She had unzipped her short skirt and was now naked. My shorts was the last item for me to shed.

We rolled on the bed in a position for her to take my cock in her mouth. She said, “Oh…… I like this one. I’ve already had another one tonight and it wasn’t near this hard.”

I thought it was rather strange for her to talk about another cock she just had.

Then she said, “Get in a position so I can take this big stiff one. I want it in me.”

I rolled up on top of her and plunged all the way in. I made a couple more strokes and was surprised she had an orgasm that quick. While she was recovering, I saw John on top of Joyce fucking her like a jackhammer. He was beginning to yell as he cum in her pussy. I wondered if he had given her a chance for an orgasm. She may be disappointed.

I started fucking Jose some more. I was just about to cum when she stopped me to say, “Fuck my tits and cum all over me.”

I pulled out, moved up to her large tits. My cock fit right in the valley and she pushed her large breasts around my cock. I had never had sex like this, but was beginning to enjoy it. I was fucking her tits fast when I started shooting cum all over her neck, chin, and nose.

She was panting and said, what I like, fuck my tits, fuck my tits.”

Before I could completely relax, she said, “Now get down there and suck me until I tell you to stop.”

As I was moving down her body, I looked over at John and Joyce. John was now licking her pussy. I thought, what is he doing? He had just cum in her.

I started licking Jose’s pussy and sucking her clit. She held my head tight against her crotch. I was wondering if someone had already cum in her pussy tonight, but didn’t think so because her pussy tasted normal. She was bucking against my tongue and practically screamed as she went though an orgasm. I had never had sex with anyone that wild.

Now I heard Joyce beginning to vocalize and assumed she was going to have an orgasm and not be disappointed. John was still slurping her pussy.

We four dressed and left the bedroom. John and I shook hands and said, “It was a pleasure to be with you.”

Joyce and I walked off to be by ourselves. She said, “John was a wild one. Do you know what he did? After he cum in me, he got down there and licked and slurped until I had an orgasm. It surprised me. I never heard of anything like that.”

“Yes, and Jose was really wild too. Quite an experience for us. What do you want to do now? Would you like to talk to others? I don’t see dad and Joan anywhere. We came in the car with them so we have to wait anyway. Let’s get another drink.”

We walked to the bar where two guys were standing. They were the same two we met earlier while they were waiting for their wives to emerge from a bedroom somewhere. They bought drinks for us and we started conversing. One guy, Charles, was turning on his charms to Joyce. I noticed she was smiling at him and joking back with him.

He said, “My wife went back into a room with another man, but she should be out soon. Andy, maybe you would like to meet her? She is insatiable when it comes to sex. Joyce, I think you are very sexy. Your lipstick is smeared a little but that is normal around here. Don’t worry about fixing it. That just shows you had a good time.”

We talked for awhile longer and I whispered to Joyce, “Do you want to go with him?”

He said, “My wife went back into a room with another man, but she should be out soon. Andy, maybe you would like to meet her? She is insatiable when it comes to sex. Joyce, I think you are very sexy. Your lipstick is smeared a little but that is normal around here. Don’t worry about fixing it. That just shows you had a good time.”

We talked for awhile longer and I whispered to Joyce, “Do you want to go with him?”

She whispered back, “He does seem nice. I think I will. You can go with his wife or someone else if it’s alright with you.”

Charles saw us whispering to each other and assumed we were making plans. I was in a position where Joyce could not see me nod to Charles and then nodded my head toward her.

He took the hint and very graciously ask, “Joyce, I am very enamored with you and your beauty. Would you go with me?” He held out his arm for her to take or refuse. She smiled at him and took it.

“Andy, I’ll be back in a little bit.” They disappeared into one of the bedrooms.

I sipped on my drink waiting for a girl or a couple to emerge from a bedroom. I walked around looking for a girl. I saw a young couple about my age sitting on a couch. I introduced myself.

The young man stood up and shook hands with me. “I’m Curtis and this is Cindy. We haven’t seen hardly anyone our age here. It’s nice to meet you. Is your lady with you?”

“Yes, she is busy in a room and I’m looking for a girl.”

We chatted a few minutes to get acquainted, then he said, “We are leaving with another couple we came with, but maybe we could get together some other time. Give me your phone number.”

We exchanged phone numbers. When they departed, I continued looking around for a girl.

I saw one standing in the corner with a drink in her hand. She was dressed in a blouse and a very short skirt. I walked over to introduce myself. She said her name was Wendy. She was neat looking but she looked much older than mom, probably in her late fifties, or maybe sixties. I had never consider sex with a grandmother before, but I was desperate. I started a conversation with her.

“Is your husband or boyfriend with you?”

“Yes, my boyfriend is in one of the rooms right now.”

“Why are you standing out here looking so lonely?”

“Oh, I haven’t been too lonely. I just came out of a room. Now I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish. What are you doing wondering around out here? You’re so young, do you have a wife here?”

“No, my girlfriend is now in a room. I’m looking for a girl to go with me.”

She sarcastically said, “Sonny, I’m old enough to be your grandmother. Can’t you find a girl your age?”

“I haven’t seen any my age. But in a place like this age doesn’t matter, does it.?”

right about that. Would you consider a girl my age?”

“I think you are very attractive and sexy looking. I like the way you dress. I think most of the girls here don’t have panties on. Do you?”

She looked flustered with that question, “No, I don’t wear panties when we come here and I don’t wear a bra.”

I responded, “From what I see, I’ll bet you are a beauty with your clothes off. It would be an honor for me to take you in a room.”

She looked at me as if trying to decide what to do.

She responded, “I’m bored standing out here waiting for my sorry boyfriend to get his rocks off so we can go home. My feet hurt. Guess it would be a good chance to get off my feet. Your offer sounds good to me. I see a door open. Let’s go.”

“My name is Andy. What is your name?”

“Just call me Wanda.”

We walked in the bedroom where the table lamp was on dim, but it was easy to see in the room. Wanda lifted her dress up over her head leaving her completely naked.

“Wanda, you have a beautiful body.”

She quickly responded, fibbing, but I like the compliments anyway. Let’s see what you have in your shorts.”

She looked down and took hold of my cock as my shorts slid to the floor.

I could see her eyes opened wider as she said, “Look at this, you do have a very hard one and very big, too. I like it that way. When a person my age dates a man my age, I don’t ever get one this hard. I think I am going to enjoy being in here with you. There is an advantage to be with a kid my grandson’s age. I’m glad I wanted to get off my aching feet. I want this hard thing in my mouth first, then you can fuck me with it.”

I thought she was very outspoken about what she wanted. Maybe older people know what they want and make it known. Anyway, I was excited to be in here with her.

Her mouth enveloped my cock, licking all around the head and up and down.

She raised up to comment, “That is the hardest and best one I’ve had in my mouth in a long time. Now give it to me down here.”

She rolled over on her back and said, “Come on up here and make me happy. I want you to fuck me slow at first, then very fast, then slow again. Keep doing it. Do you think you can keep from cumming for awhile to make it last?”

“I think I can, I just finished with another girl about half hour ago.”

I rolled up on top of her and she aimed my cock, she said, “Push forward a little, not too far.”

I could feel my cock head starting to enter her. She said, “Now pull back, I want to rub the end up and down and over my ass hole. I should be very juicy because the guy I was with a few minutes ago cum in me. I tried to wipe out as much as I could so I wouldn’t go around dripping. Did you every cum in a girl’s ass?”

“No, I />
“With your big cock, you may not get a chance and especially not with me. You would hurt me too much. Now that I’ve rubbed it around, push it in.”

I pushed in and she released her hand on my cock to let it go all the way in.

She commented, “That is really hard and I can feel it all the way. Now start by fucking me slow.”

I began to make long slow strokes until she said, “Speed it up.”

I was now fucking her fast and I was wonder if I could keep from cumming.

It was a relief for me when she said, “Now slow down.”

The next time she told me to speed up, I didn’t fuck her quite as fast. I alternated my speed each time she told me. She was pushing up to me as if she was really enjoying herself. I was wondering when she was going to have an orgasm.

I think I fucked her for fifteen or twenty minutes before I could feel her movements becoming a little more frantic.

She then said in a breathless voice, “Make it fast, go fast.”

I speeded up and began pounding her. She was bumping up to meet my thrusts. Her body stiffened and shuddered. She groaned very loud. I kept pounding her until I started shooting cum.

She was groaning, “Ooooooooo. Oooooooo.”, over and over.

She became limp and voiceless. I did hear a whimper now and then.

She woke up from her quietness to say, “I laid some tissues around here somewhere, let me find them before you pull out.”

She again said, “Now pull out.”

We got up to dress . She pulled the dress over her head which was her only article of clothing. She had left her shoes somewhere else.

She said, “My boyfriend may be waiting for me. I did have a good time with you. I usually come here for the monthly party and if you are here again and want to be with me, I will gladly go in a room with you again. I like you.”

I walked out of the room with her and began to look around for Joyce. I saw her sitting in the other room with dad and Joan.

As I approached them, dad said, “Hope you didn’t rush anything. We haven’t been waiting long. People are leaving so it’s time for us to go.”

While driving on the way home, nothing was said about who had sex with who. But every one mentioned they had a good time. When we arrived at dad’s house, I took Joyce home in my car.

She said, “It is getting late, why don’t you come in and stay the night. I’ll give you breakfast in the />
“I would like that. I left a note for mom that I might not be home tonight. She had a date again with Mr. Gregory and she won’t miss me if he is staying all night with her.”

When we went in Joyce’s home, I suggested we take a shower to clean ourselves of the swingers club. We stripped off and got in the shower.

While soaping and washing each other, I asked, “How did you make out with the last guy you went with in a bedroom. I think his name was John?”

“He was nice and gentle. His kisses were good. John wanted to get in a six nine position, but I told him the other guy had cum in my pussy, but I thought he had eaten and sucked out most of it. John said he didn’t mind a little of that. His favorite position of sex was to lick and kiss a girl’s pussy. We got in a six nine position and I gave him a blow job while he sucked on my clit to give me an orgasm. We weren’t in the room very long together. I looked for you when I came out. What did you do?”

“I wandered around for awhile looking for a girl. I finally found a grandmother waiting for her boyfriend ‘to get his rocks off with another girl’. That’s the words she used. She was bored standing around and her feet hurt. She decided she might as well go in a room with me to get off her feet. She gave me all kinds of instructions on how to fuck her. I thought it was humourous. She said she would like to meet me again if we go back next month.”

By now Joyce and had I washed each other and got out to dry off. She looked so pretty when she put on a short see through nighty. I decided to sleep in the nude. I was wondering if we wanted more sex now or wait until morning.

We got in bed and cuddled. My cock was hard but I felt I could wait. It was very late, actually in the wee hours of the morning.

I asked, “Do you feel up to more sex now or should we wait until />
“Why don’t we sleep cuddled together. I will feel safe and loved that way. I haven’t had anyone to sleep all night with in many months.”

Soon we were sound asleep in each others’ arms.

We both woke up together about eleven o’clock. I was about to float out of bed and got up to urinate. She waited in bed until I finished, then said, “I have to go, too.”

We both crawled back in bed. I kissed her neck, then her breasts. My cock became very hard, especially after my hand reached down to rub her pussy. I rolled her up on top to sit on me. She leaned forward to kiss, then I kissed her nipples again. Without prompting her, she raised her butt to aim my cock. She knew what we both wanted. She lowered herself down my very stiff one.

I commented, “We were together all last night, but we never had sex together. We had sex, but it was with other people, complete strangers. How do you feel today about that?”

She thought for a few seconds, then said, “That was something I thought I would never do. Then I decided to sow my wild oats and Joan talked me into going with them. I had a good time, but I have mixed feelings about it. It was a lesson in what other people like about sex and was rather interesting. I think I have enough curiosity to go again.. I ‘ll go again next month if you will take me.”

“I’ll take you. Maybe we can meet with dad and Joan and some of their friends like we did the other night.”

“I would like that too.”

We stopped talking while Joyce started riding me. Joyce had her orgasm first, but kept riding me until I cum.

We got up to have coffee. While we sat in the living room sipping a second cup, Joyce said, “Andy, I like being with you. I feel safe and secure with you around. I have a proposition for you now that you have broken up with Janice. You could move in with me. Now that you are in no rush to get married, would you like to go to college? As you know the state university is here in our city.”

“That is a good idea, but I don’t have the money.”

worry about that. You can live here and I’ll pay for all the food. My grand parents left me a considerable amount of money. I also have a small business. I own and manage a computer store that does accounts for other businesses. You could major in computer science and accounting in college and work in my store part time.”

“That sounds wonderful. I thank you so much. I not only like you, but I could fall in love with you too. You are such a nice person, and I might add, very sexy. Sex with you is the best.”

She quickly responded, “And I think I am in love with you. Sex with you is much better than when I lived with my />
I went home to see mom. Mr. Gregory was still visiting her and I assumed he had spent the night.

I told mom about moving in with Joyce. She cautioned me about the age difference, but she agreed it was alright if that is what I wanted. She would like to meet Joyce sometime. Mr. Gregory thought he remembered her from her highschool days.

I packed my clothes and left home to live with Joyce. She watched me hang my clothes in the same large closet with hers. She put my tooth brush next to hers in the bathroom.

We hugged and kissed, then she said, “Now we are a couple.”

I added, “A couple in the swinging life style.” We both laughed.

I checked with the university about enrolling in the summer session, then went to Joyce’s office to learn how I could help.

That week, Joyce and I had sex every night, then went to sleep cuddled together. Life with her was wonderful.

Thursday evening, Joan called to invite us to their house on Friday for “drinks and fun” was the words she used. We knew what that meant.

We arrived at dad’s house on Friday evening about eight. Dad congratulated us on living together. He thought I was doing the right thing by going to college and working in Joyce’s business

We were now on our second drink when dad put a tape in the VCR. It was the tape he made when I fucked Joan the other evening. We four watched the movie of me fucking her in different positions. The last position was when I fucked her dogie style and pulled out to shoot cum on her butt. I was wondering what Joyce was thinking. Surely she wouldn’t be jealous, and she knew we came over here to let dad fuck her tonight while I would be with Joan again. Watching the movie got us all in the mood.

Dad said, “What are we waiting for. There’s plenty of room on the king size bed for all of us.”

We all walked in the bedroom together and undressed. Dad took Joyce by the hand and led her to the other side of the bed while Joan and I settled in on the side nearest to the bathroom. Last Saturday night, I did get to see Joyce fucked by one guy, but then the second guy had her in privacy. Now I was going to see dad fuck her.

Joan and I kissed with open mouths several times while I massaged her breasts and rubbed her crotch. I looked over to see dad kissing and sucking Joyce’s nipples and she seemed to be liking it. I moved down Joan’s body to lick her pussy. I could see dad out of the corner of my eye that he was now about ready to lick Joyce’s pussy. She spread her legs to give him plenty of room. I didn’t think I was jealous and I realized it turned me on to watch.

I moved back up to get on top of Joan and let her aim my cock. Her pussy enveloped my cock and felt so good when she pulsated her pussy.

I whispered, “Joan, I like that.”

Nothing more was said for a little while and all I could hear was moans and groans in the room.

Dad broke the silence, “Andy, I took pictures the other night, now it’s your turn to take our />
I let my cock slip out of Joan’s pussy to get up. She seemed a little disappointed to lose it. I got the camcorder and ask, “What do you want me to take?”

Dad quickly said, “I want a movie of me and Joyce in a six nine />
Joyce cooperated and moved up on top of dad with her mouth near his cock. I took a movie as she held his cock to jack it a couple of times, looked up at me, then took it in her mouth. It was very erotic to see her going up and down on dad. I then walked around to a position to take pictures of dad licking Joyce’s pussy. She was beginning to squirm on his mouth and I thought it would be a good picture if she had an orgasm right now. I kept grinding away taking another three or four minutes of film. Joyce’s butt was pushing into dad’s mouth as I filmed him sucking her clit rather fast. I filmed her whole body as she stiffened and jerked through an orgasm.

I assumed dad would be cumming, so I quickly moved with the camcorder to get a good picture of dad cumming in her mouth. He was pushing up to her with small jerks as he exploded. She held on to his cock to keep it in her mouth. The camera was grinding as I watched Joyce pull up to lick the remaining cum from the head and a little that started running down the side.

I jubilantly said, “Dad, you are really going to like this movie when we play it back.”

Joyce rolled off of dad and he sat up to say, “Joyce, that was really great. Thank you.”

She laughingly answered, “Glad you liked it. It will be interesting to see the movie. Can we play it back now?”

Dad put the movie in the bedroom VCR and turned it on. Everyone watched. I think Joyce looked a little embarrassed when dad was shooting cum in her mouth.

My cock became rock hard while we watched the movie. I said, “Dad, you can take a picture of me and Joan. That movie really turned me on.”

I crawled between Joan’s legs and it didn’t take very long for both of us to have orgasms. Dad played the movie back for us to watch.

It was getting late when Joyce and I returned home.

She commented, “I was a little embarrassed when your dad showed the movie and the part where I sucked him off. I didn’t know I was so messy when I give a guy a blow job. I have to pull back up to keep from choking when a guy cums, then with his butt and cock bouncing around, I hold on with my hand to keep his cock from coming out of my mouth. Usually, some of the cum gets out of my mouth onto him or on my face. I can’t help it.”

We decided to go to sleep and wait until morning to have more sex.

Saturday afternoon I answered the phone, />
“Hello, this is Curtis. Remember meeting me and Cindy at the swingers party?”

“Oh, yes, I remember, we were the only people there about my age.”

We talked for awhile to become more acquainted. He told me they were in their second year at the University, then I mentioned I was enrolling in the summer term.

He finally asked, “We would like to invite you and your lady to our house tonight for a party. Another couple lives with us in our modest three bedroom rental house and they will be here too. I think you will like them.”

“Hold the phone to let me to talk to Joyce.”

Joyce was willing and I gave Curtis the OK that we would be there at eight.

Joyce dressed in a mini skirt and blouse and avoided both the panties and bra. She assumed the other girls would dress in similar way. I thought she was so sexy when we were ready to leave.

We shared a couple of erotic kisses, but she said, “We don’t have time for a quickie right now, let’s go meet our new swinging />
We arrived to be greeted by Curtis and Cindy. They introduced us to their house mates, Marian and Marty. I thought they were very nice looking and Marian looked especially pretty to me. All four were enrolled at the university.

Drinks were being consumed as Joyce and I became more acquainted with them. Every one seemed to be up and around and not stuck in a chair. They used two of the bedrooms and used the large third bedroom as a study room. Marian took me into the study room to look at the computer. She pulled up a web page showing pictures of naked guys and gals. Curtis came in the room to show me pictures they had taken of each other. I saw naked pictures of both Marian and Cindy. Some of them where taken while one of the two guys had their cock buried.

Curtis stood up to say, “Before things go any farther, I think we should arrange to pair off. Since Andy and Joyce are our special guests, we should decided how we want to arrange our first encounter. I want to be with Joyce and I know Marty can hardly wait to undress her, so we will have a drawing to determine who goes first. I have two tooth picks, one is shorter than the other. Joyce, why don’t you hold them and let us two guys draw to see who goes with you first.”

Every one laughed at the suggestion of drawing straws for Joyce’s charms. Joyce held them for the guys to pick. She said, “The one with the longest straw wins.”

Marty stepped up, he grinned and pulled a straw. It was obvious he drew the shorter straw. Curtis quickly snatched the long straw and boasted, “I Win!”

Curtis then said, “Andy, that pairs you with Marian. Marty you get Cindy. That mixes us all up. Everyone get up and sit by your new mate.”

Marty got up from a chair to join Cindy on the floor. I then sat in a chair by Marian’s chair. Curtis sat on the couch with Joyce. I saw the other two guys hug and kiss their girls.

It was unhandy for me to hug Marian because we were sitting in separate seats although they were close together. I said, “Marian, come and sit on my lap in this comfy stuffed chair.”

She sat on me and hugged my neck as we kissed, a very sexy kiss. My left hand was around her back to hold her on my lap while my right hand was on her bare legs. Her short skirt was pushed up to her crotch. I let that hand slide between her legs and moved it on up toward her crotch. She slightly parted her legs for me to touch her crotch. She was not wearing panties. My cock was very hard but was binding in my pants and shorts.

I noticed Curtis was on his knees on the floor and was kissing up Joyce’s legs toward her crotch. I suggested to Marian, “Lift up so I can get my belt unbuckled and my pants down.” She stood up for a couple of seconds while I pushed my pants down my legs and hurriedly kicked them off.

My cock was sticking up through my shorts as she sat back down on my lap. We kissed some more while she squirmed her butt. I removed her blouse to free her ample breasts. With her sitting on my lap with my hard cock up between her legs, her breasts were pointed right at my mouth which made it easy for me to suck on them. That caused her to moan and push her breasts more into my mouth.

My cock was punch up between her legs. Marian wiggled around to move her pussy closer to my cock. I knew it wouldn’t find her hole without some help, so I moved my hand down between her legs to push my cock somewhere near her hole.

After I tried unsuccessfully to find her hole, she said, “Let me do this.”

I could feel her move the head of my cock in a better position and then I could feel the head slide in.

Our lips combined as she settled down on me. I looked around to see what the others were doing. Marty and Cindy were still on the floor, but now he was on top fucking her. I looked at the couch to see Curtis was still on his knees, but he had pulled Janice’s forward to the edge of the couch and had his cock in her. She had lifted up her legs to wrap around his back. He was slowly fucking her.

Marian was now lifting up and down on my cock, but I think it was a little uncomfortable for her. I suggested, “We could go in the bedroom, or get down on the floor where we might enjoy it better.”

She responded, get on the floor with Marty and Cindy.”

She got up so that I could lie on my back. She got on top to ride my cock. I listened to all the moaning and light grunting coming from everyone in the room. It was soon replaced with more vocal noises as individuals had orgasms. It probably took about five minutes from the time the first orgasm occurred until the last one happened. Once a couple finished, they laid quietly but stayed connected and watched the others. The last ones to have orgasms were Joyce and Curtis. I silently watched as he fulled my pussy with cum.

We guys relaxed while the girls went to the one bathroom to clean up.

I said to the guys, “This is great. I’m so glad you invited us.”

Curtis responded, “Yes, we wanted to invite new people into our small circle of friends. I think Joyce is very sexy. Do you two live />
“Yes, I just moved in with her about a week ago. I’ve enrolled in the university this summer and will work in her office part time.”

Marty then wishfully commented as he looked at me, “I want my chance to be with your girl.”

I wanted to put his mind at ease, then said, “That is what we came here for. Go ahead and fuck her next. I assume I can have Cindy.”

Since Cindy was Curtis’ true mate, he said, “Sure, go right ahead, have a good time with her. I know she will try to give you one of the best fucks or blow jobs you ever had. She might even let you fuck her in the ass if she thinks you are not too big.”

The girls came back in the room and suggested we freshen our drinks. No one made any attempts to dress. Drinks were mixed and everyone settled down with their new mates for the second session. I was on one end of the couch with Cindy, Curtis and Marian sat on the other end of the couch which made the couch a little crowded, and Joyce sat on Marty’s lap in the chair where I was earlier with Marian.

We continued to sip drinks taking time to kiss and fondle our temporary mates’ naked bodies. I noticed Joyce and Marty had put their glasses down and were trying to get his cock started in her pussy. I remembered Marian and I had a little problem finding her hole when we sat in the chair. The couch was too crowded for the four of us to lie down, so Curtis and Marian moved to the floor giving Cindy and me the entire couch.

I laid Cindy down on her back. She put one leg up on the top of the back rest and the other leg dangling off on the floor. That gave me plenty of room to get between her legs. She was very juicy with a little of Marty’s cum remaining in her and I easily plunged all the way in. I heard her lightly moan with pleasure.

Again I heard the grunts and groans of six people enjoying the erotic feeling. I heard Joyce vocalize through an orgasm. A couple of minutes later I glanced to see Marty pull out of Joyce and move his cock up near her face. Evidently, he wanted a blow job. I thought that was a good idea.

I decided to hold back while I gave Cindy an orgasm, then I did what Marty did. I pulled out after Cindy’s body relaxed, moved my cock close to her mouth and said, “Cindy, please do me.”

She took my cock which was covered with the previous cum she had received from Marty, and put the head in her mouth. She licked around it, then deep throated me. It excited me so much that I started exploding in her mouth. She continued going up and down as I kept spurting. I moaned and hollered so loud that everyone looked at me.

Cindy kept my now shrinking cock in her mouth. I could hear Curtis loudly groaning. I looked over to see him cumming in Joyce’s mouth.

Cindy served us coffee as we sat around to talk about the fun we just had. I thanked them again for inviting us. Joyce suggested the next party could be at our house.

We arrived home happy from our evening’s experience with our new friends.

Joyce said, “I’m getting used to exchanging partners. It is so exciting to have different cocks. Some are smaller, some longer, some fatter, and every man uses it different. But I know I like yours best because I am in love with you. It does make a />
We went to bed and snuggled. When I kissed her, I could smell mint, then I knew she had sanitized her mouth after giving Curtis a blow job. We laid side by side in each others arms. Our legs were entangled which gave me the opportunity to enter my cock head in her pussy. It felt so warm and secure and gave me the feeling that Joyce was now mine to have in private and to exchange with other couples. We went to sleep.

During the following week, I enrolled in college and started classes. During any spare time I had, I worked in Joyce’s office. Saturday finally rolled around and I had time to go visit mom who I had not seen in several days.

I walked in mom’s house to be greeted by her with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

She cheerfully said, “It’s good to see you for a change. I’ve missed you.”

“And I’ve missed you, too, mom, but I’ve been very busy getting started in college and helping Joyce.”

“How are you and Joyce getting along?”

“Wonderful, mom. Have you been seeing Mr. />
“Oh, yes, nearly every night. I’ve invited him to move in with me.”

We chatted for awhile. I first avoided asking her, but then decided to ask, “How do you like being in bed with Mr. />
She sternly responded, “Why don’t you say what you mean. Yes, I like sex with him.”

I grinned, “I guess you don’t need me anymore for that.” I ended the words with a frown.

She apologically said, “Just because I like sex with him, that doesn’t mean I’ll reject you. You helped me over a big moral hurdle not long ago and I won’t forget it. I was very desponded since your dad left, then you lifted my spirits and gave me a new outlook on life. You are my own loving son.”

“Does that mean we could go in the bedroom right now?”

“If that is what you want, I would like it, too. But I don’t want Hugh Gregory to ever find out we had sex.”

I got up and walked over to sit on the couch with her. I unbuttoned her blouse and tugged it up and out of her jeans, then off her arms. She reached around her body to unsnap her bra, then cupped her breasts up with her hands. I leaned around to kiss her nipples.

“Mom, you are sweet. Now let me pull your jeans off.”

Mom unzipped and raised her butt to let me tug them off her legs. I pulled her panties down at the same time.

I lovingly gazed at her to say, “Mom, you have a very nice body. Very sexy, too.”

“Stop kidding me, but I do like your />
I got down on my knees. She knew what I was going to do and cooperated by spreading her legs. She moved her butt up to the edge of the couch so that I could lick her pussy. She was moving her butt in rhythm with my tongue.

She suddenly said, “I don’t expect Hugh Gregory to come here unexpectedly, but we had better go in the spare bedroom just in case. I don’t want him to catch us like this.”

She picked up her clothes to carry them in the bedroom. I quickly shed my pants and shorts.

She laid on her back, pulled her legs up and spread them wide. I could see her ass and gapping pussy inviting me to climb on.

She said, “I think I am a little dry, so take it slow.”

She aimed my cock, I pushed as the head spread her lips, pulled back so that she could move the head up and down her slit to mix our juices, then she said, “Push a little”

I could feel my cock head enter but realized she was a little dry. She said, “Pull back and push in some more.”

I did as instructed and continued to pull back and go in deeper each time until I was completely buried. We fucked for quite a while before she had an orgasm and I filled her with cum.

As we laid side by side to relax, I said, “Mom, it wasn’t very long ago that I had my first sexual experience and it was with you. I’m glad you were the one to teach me about sex.”

“Are you and Joyce enjoying sex?”

“Yes, mom, it is so good with her, but not any better than with you.”

“There you go again, complementing me on something like that. I know you probably like sex with a younger, prettier and more shapely girl than I am.”

degrade yourself, mom, you are />
We got up to dress. Mom said, “I better clean up good before Hugh comes to visit me and wants sex. I don’t want him to discover your cum in me. I’d better douche myself.”

Mom went in the bathroom to clean up. About that time the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door.

I opened the door to see Mr. Hugh Gregory. It was a good thing I was dressed and mom and I had finished in the bedroom. I said, “Come in, I think mom is busy in the other room, but she will be out in a little bit.”

We sat and talked until mom entered the room fully dressed. I made my excuses to leave, then left to return to my new home with Joyce.

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Author: vic6

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