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Author’s Note: First of all, I want to thank all my readers of the previous Naughty Fairy Tales story and apologize for the criminally long delay. It’s just that I had hit a writer’s block and got caught up with real life stuff and other stuff as well. I don’t know if I’ll continue this series but I figured one more story couldn’t hurt and might lead to another and another. So enjoy this twisted tale and stay tuned for more to come! (no pun intended, lol)


Sexy Snow White and the Hot Hunter

Once upon a time there was an evil queen who ruled the Kingdom of Vaenia. This queen was called Goldoria. But despite her evil nature and her age (she was three hundred years old), the queen was the most stunningly beautiful woman in all the land. She had pale white skin, fiery auburn hair and striking emerald eyes.

She was strong and powerful, capable of fighting or even talking her way out of a fight. Hells, she didn’t even have to fight since she could simply use her good looks to seduce her enemy into giving up and going home which she often did on more than one occasion.

The reason for her otherworldly and legendary beauty was because Queen Goldoria was, in fact, a vampire. That’s right! She was a smoking hot, old vampire: The MILF of a medieval teenager’s wet dream. Unfortunately, no male teens (who were more susceptible to her charms) got to dream of fucking her and lived to tell the tale of it.

In fact, hardly anyone (be it male or female) had a wet dream about the queen out for fear of their life. The reason being was that the queen maintained her beauty by sucking the blood of young boys and girls, sometimes older ones if they were good-looking enough. By this constant flow of life-blood, she retained her glorious looks.

So whenever she got wind of someone who had the hots for her, she would seduce him or her and then bite them whilst in the throes of passion. She would then order the guards to throw away the empty, blood-less body.

But despite her callous cruelty and the horrible deaths she inflicted without a thought for mercy and empathy, Queen Goldoria was notoriously vain. Yep. She was so good-looking that she actually loved herself hence why there was no king of Vaenia. Historians also debate over whether this is the reason behind the terminology of the kingdom’s name.

Whatever the case, Queen Goldoria was incredibly vain and loved herself to an extreme. It was for this reason that she tricked a witch friend of hers into giving her an enchanted mirror that would constantly flatter her of her good looks and continually marvel about how gorgeous she was. The mirror would also keep her up with the latest trends and styles in fashion and would tell her who was getting hotter than her so that she could notch that threat down to size.

So it was that the queen found her pacing back and forth in her private chambers before the mirror who was droning on and on about her good looks. Meanwhile, the queen (who was dressed in the most lavish enticing apparel possible) was mulling over a list of names of people (mostly women) who might become better looking than her in time and how best to get rid of them without making it a pain in the ass.

“Shut up for a second would you?” The queen snapped angrily at the mirror.

The mirror gulped and nodded.

The queen sighed. “Remind me again, who was that bitch you mentioned that might be hotter than me when she hits a growth spurt?”

The mirror wracked its brain (or whatever it had) and grimaced as it recalled the name. It had a sinking feeling of dread attached to the name but the queen was its mistress and it would not let anyone best the goddess before it.

Heaving a sigh, the mirror revealed the name.

“Snow White, my goddess,” He said meekly.

The queen muttered furiously, her eyebrows scrunched together in frustration. “Snow, snow, snow. It’s an odd name. Obviously, snow is white. What else would you call it? Snow Blue? Or Snow Red? Her parents must have been idiots to think up such a painfully ridiculous name!”

“Definitely idiots,” The mirror agreed. “What do you wish to do to her? Will you bite her? Keep her as cattle? Or simply kill her?”

“What indeed,” The queen sighed. “I shan’t want to bite her for I could not stand the sight of someone more beautiful than me. That person does not deserve to live, bitch!”

“No, definitely not!” The mirror agreed fanatically.

“Quite right,” Said the queen. “That leaves only one option: Death!”

The mirror cackled in glee. “Death! Death! />

Snow White gasped for breath as she collapsed onto her bum in a small clearing among some trees. She had just escaped from the fat butcher’s son in her village who had the hots for her.

However, the butcher’s son was an ignorant little bastard who had no manners, charm or good looks. In fact, he was so fat that his skin rippled in waves whenever he walked (more like bounced). Why, he had bigger breasts than her!

Snow heaved a sigh as she leaned against a tree and took in several deep breaths. Speaking of breasts, she had just hit a growth spurt being sixteen and all. Unfortunately for her, the boys of the village were realizing this and they constantly harassed her daily as they tried to grab her bum or grope her tits.

It was infuriating but no one else did anything to stop it, not even her parents! She was from a poor family so her parents were forced by the village mayor to turn a blind eye even if it was her mother the village boys were fondling.

It had gotten so bad that poor Snow had to run away from the village and spend most of her time in the nearby Enchanted Forest. Well, she called it Enchanted but the villagers called it Cursed. She didn’t care if the devil himself had cursed it though since it was a god-send and a means of escape for her.

She could relieve herself at the same time without the prying eyes of the village bully boys or the disapproving looks of her parents. In fact, that’s what she was doing now after she recovered her breath from her long run. Thankfully, none of the fat retards had followed her into the woods since they got scared stiff a mile away from it and peed their pants.

They were now probably sobbing to their mommies like the pansies they were. Snow muttered a curse under her breath and struggled to remain calm and ignore those crimes against nature who called themselves boys. It’s not that she hated boys but there were no real ones in her town.

Heaving a sigh, Snow relaxed and let her mind wander drifting from the pains of her existence as she stroked her pussy. She was wearing a dark blue dress with short, puffy, frilly sleeves, and a modest “V” neck. Her dress was pulled up though revealing that she had no panties on. She hardly wore any since it was so hot and she was so horny all the time.

If only she could find a real man even if he was a short one! She didn’t care who he was, so long as he had a real cock that could be shoved up her pussy. Unlike the tiny little things the village boys had that were hardly the size of her smallest finger!

Snow moaned as her pussy leaked pre-cum and she sped up the pace eagerly, plunging a finger in her hot tight hole. She thrust it in and out, gently but swiftly closing her eyes as she did so.

She muttered as her hips started bucking into her hand and she had to force herself to remain calm.

Suddenly, a twig snapped and Snow froze in terror.

Had one of the village boys come back for her? Had they braved the woods in order to have their way with her in the woods where no one would stop them before it was too late?

Terror interrupted the pleasure that rolled through her and she jerked her hand out of her pussy, hastily shoving her dress down and peeking out cautiously from the bushes in front of her.

As her eyes got used to the darkness of the woods, her vision cleared and her heart skipped a beat as she saw who it was. It wasn’t one of the fat sissies back home. It was a stranger. It was a man. He stood six feet tall easy and his arms rippled with muscles.

He had shoulder length brown hair that was tied into a pony-tail in a dashing rugged manner. He wore the traditional brown and green leather hunter’s garb that hugged his body revealing how fit he was making Snow’s mouth water.

A massive longbow was slung on his back and a quiver of arrows was strapped over his back also. A short sword was tied to his waist and the stranger was currently bent on one knee. He studied the forest floor as if searching for something, a pair of piercing blue eyes scanning the leaves and twigs on the ground.

Just then, the stranger picked up something from the forest floor and Snow gasped, her hand clamping down on her mouth. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the stranger’s brow crinkle in confusion as he observed the item he discovered: It was a pair of cotton white panties.

Her panties!

Snow’s heart sank as she recalled her habit of taking a pair of panties with her wherever she went so she could slip them on be presentable in case she was discovered. She didn’t want to be known as a whore as she surely would be since the old grannies who lived in the village had the eyes of a hawk. While she didn’t wear them in private she did back home or else she would be known as a ‘loose woman’ and scorned to the point of insanity.

Snow watched in helpless fear as the stranger slipped the pair of panties in his pocket with a cocky smirk that made her swoon, momentarily forgetting her distress. But it soon crashed back around her when he pulled out a nasty-looking arrow from his quiver and notched it in his bow. Obviously experienced in archery, the stranger pulled back his bow expertly and held it at the ready as he searched here and there for his target.

“Come out come out wherever you are!” He called in a deep voice that set Snow’s knees knocking. “I know you’re here. You come here sometimes to avoid the stress of your village. I can understand that. I can help you.”

“Then why are you holding your bow like that?” Snow demanded, staying hidden.

“Three reasons,” The stranger smirked. “One: I was sent to kill you but I might not. And two: It’s supposed to intimidate you into submission. Lastly: It’s a smart way to flex my muscles without being blatantly obvious. I get to follow my orders and seem scary while seducing you in the />
Snow’s eyes widened at the man’s unashamed nonchalance.

He was right though. She was caving and might snap at anytime. She had never even kissed a boy let alone been seduced by one. She really wanted to fuck too, despite hearing horror stories about how it hurt like hell for the first time

But Snow had to get the legalities out of the way first.

“Who wants me dead?” She asked curiously.

“Queen Goldoria,” The stranger drawled, sounding very bored. “Now can we get on with it? My cock’s hard and straining against my pants. You caused that and I know you want it.”

“Will you kill me?” Snow asked warily.

“Fuck, no!” The stranger exclaimed. “I was debriefed about you and I don’t see why the queen wants you dead. I’ll help you escape and let you hide out with some friends of mine if you do something for me first.”

“You mean you want me to fuck you right?” Snow asked, half-bitterly and half-eagerly.

The stranger was the most beautiful man she had ever seen despite being a good few years older than her (in his early twenties it looked) and she so wanted to screw him. At the same time, she hated the thought of never seeing him again and having to live in seclusion, or dying.

“Who are your friends?” Snow interrogated.

The stranger smirked. “You know what that means.”

“Not really,” Snow admitted blushingly.

“What they lack in height they make up for in length and width,” The stranger sighed wistfully. “Down there of course.”

Snow’s mind reeled as she was flooded with naughty images of all the things they could do.

“You swear you won’t kill me?” She asked timidly.

“I solemnly swear,” The stranger said resolutely, lowering his bow.

“Okay then,” Snow said.

“Okay what?” The stranger asked in confusion.

“We fuck,” Snow said simply.

And before the stranger could react, Snow threw all caution from the wind and bounded from the woods. She leapt into the arms of the surprised hunter, embracing him tightly and hooking her legs around his waist.

The hunter staggered before he returned the hug and their lips crashed down on each other’s. Their eyes closed, they kissed each other passionately and heatedly. Finally, the hunter’s lips sought entrance into Snow’s tiny mouth and her full red lips parted eagerly.

Their tongues battled each other heatedly but Snow finally gave in, being rather submissive in nature. They pulled back for air and Snow moaned. She beamed at the hunter who was gazing at her with pure awe and wonder.

“Want to get on with our deal?” She asked slyly, licking her lips seductively as she did so.

“I’ll hold you to that,” The stranger smirked.

Snow yelped as the stranger knelt down onto the ground and laid her gently on the bed of leaves. She giggled as he stared at her, entranced by her beauty, before stooping down and ravaging her lips with hers.

Snow moaned and entangled her hands in his hair as he hastily unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him casting it aside. His eyes glazed with lust, the hunter pulled his lips from Snow’s and kissed her nibbled on her collar bone, trailing kisses up and down his neck.

Snow moaned feverishly and helped the hunter unbuckle his belt. Once it was open, he yanked down his pants and pulled them off throwing them aside. Now fully naked, the hunter rolled over onto his side and helped Snow remove her dress.

Snow closed her eyes and shuddered as chills raced down her spine while the hunter slid her dress up her lithe nimble body and over her shoulders. Snow nibbled on her lower lip nervously as she stretched her arms out while the dress left her stark naked and feeling very venerable.

The cold forest breeze washed over her, caressing her creamy white skin like another person. But soon a real person, the hunter, was caressing her. Snow moaned as the hunter stroked arm lovingly and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

She opened her eyes nervously gazing demurely at the hunter who was smiling tenderly at her. Intertwining her hands with his, he rolled over so that he was partially on top of her and joined her lips with his. Their lips locked as they gave into their desire for her and Snow’s heart fluttered as she felt something hard and long pressing against her leg.

Pulling back from the kiss, she lightly scraped her fingernails down the hunter’s chest and cupped his cock and balls, smirking as he gasped in pleasure.

“Did I do that?” She cooed into his ear, brushing her pert firm breasts against him. “Should I help you feel better?”

The hunter groaned and nodded making Snow grin. She threw hear head back and gasped as the hunter’s large hand latched onto her breast. He massaged it tenderly, pinching her nipples and making her writhe beneath him.

Unable to stand the pleasurable torture any longer, Snow pushed the hunter back lightly so that he rolled over onto his back. Smirking as he sulked, she climbed into a sitting position straddling his legs just bellow his groin.

Snow hesitated before she reached down and curled her fingers around the hunter’s cock. She shivered and moaned as she felt its hardness in her grasp, her soft hands practically moulding around the stiff penis.

The hunter groaned and his muscles tensed as Snow moved her hand up and down his semi-hard cock making the hunter’s breath come out raggedly.

“Suck it,” He whispered hoarsely. “But no teeth.”

Snow took a deep breath before lowering her head and engulfing the hunter’s purple cock in her wet lips. The hunter breathed a deep sigh as her head bobbed up and down while she sucked on his dick.

The hunter’s eyes glazed over and he reached up to fondle her breasts while she pleasured him. Snow had to come up for air several times and the hunter took a couple of those opportunity to kiss her slick lips before she returned to his cock.

Soon they were both sweating and the hunter was extremely tense.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum, Snow!” He cried.

Snow didn’t think she was ready to take it in her throat so she pulled back in the nick of time and let it pour out onto her face and breasts. It shot out of the hunter’s cock in thick globs of white cum.

“Damn, that was good,” The hunter sighed.

“But you’re soft again,” Snow pouted. “Then we can’t fuck.”

“Let me take care of that, baby,” The hunter replied with a smirk. “Roll over.”

Snow yelped as he got up and laid her on her back. She gasped as the hunter bent over her and leaned down, kissing and licking her breasts and nipples. He buried his face in her breasts and cleaned all of his cum off her making her moan and toss and turn.

Squeezing and fondling her heavenly mounds, the hunter kissed up and down her flat, toned stomach. When he reached her lower regions, Snow gasped and shuddered as he kissed her thighs and groin-area.

He made her feel hot and flustered as his lips worked magic down bellow. Snow writhed beneath him as he stroked her pussy gently and lifted her bum up slightly giving him a better vantage point.

He kissed her one last time before darting his tongue inside her pussy making her cry out in pleasure. Snow’s hands clenched the dirt and her eyes screwed shut as the hunter’s tongue buried inside her pussy, probing and caressing places she never thought possible.

Time passed in a blur as he ate her out and soon he was hard again and she was ready for him. The hunter gasped for breath as he pulled his head back and planted a wet kiss on Snow’s lips.

not a virgin?” He asked in surprise but not disproval.

“No,” Snow replied bashfully. “I broke my hymen with a carrot on purpose so that the village boys wouldn’t hurt me too bad if they finally caught me.”

“Oh, you poor dear,” The hunter replied sadly, stroking Snow’s hair already.

Snow smiled warmly at him and the hunter planted another kiss softly on the forehead.

“It still might hurt slightly,” He sighed. “But not as much as before. Are you sure you want this?”

“I’d like to continue living,” Snow retorted. “So hurry up and fuck me, please.”

She grinned up at him so he’d know she wasn’t angry and the Hunter smirked back down at her, pinching her nipple hard so she knew he got the point. Snow gasped and froze as the hunter’s cock hovered above her virgin pussy.

She closed her eyes and squeezed the dirt with her hands, bracing herself for the entry. The hunter waited only a moment before he slid his hard penis inside of her, making sure to go slowly and gently since it was still her first time.

Luckily, it didn’t hurt half so bad as she heard it would but still pained her slightly. The hunter had laid down on top of her and Snow wrapped her arms and legs around him as the two lovers rocked back and forth gently and tenderly, forgetting all their cares and worries.

After a short while, the small amount of pain faded and pleasure spread through Snow’s body. She gasped in surprise at the myriad of sensations that shot through her. The hunter whispered sweet nothings to her, exchanging gentle tender kisses with her.

“Does it hurt?” The hunter asked thickly, his voice cracking.

“No,” Snow gasped. “Go faster, please.”

“Are you sure?” The hunter asked cautiously.

“Yes, damn it, fuck me!” Snow hissed. “I want your hard fat slab of meat to ravage my pussy />
The hunter smirked and needed no further urging as he picked up the pace, bucking his hips swiftly as he increased the speed. Snow cried out in pleasure as he thrust rapidly into her and gave the hunter a searing kiss that made his toes curl.

She dug her hands into his shoulder blades and scraped them down his back, until they came to rest on his bum. The hunter trailed kisses along her neck and breasts and Snow arched her back as they neared the end of their love-making.

Soon she completely forgot who she was and who was atop her as the hunter brought her to the seventh heaven. She was lost in a sea of pleasure as the hunter brought her to her first real orgasm. She had orgasms before but not like this.

Snow screamed like a demon as she came, her cum squirting out of her clenched pussy providing her sweet release. The hunter came soon afterwards flooding her insides with cum and filling her with his seed. He moaned in exhaustion and collapsed on top of her as his cock went limp from their passion.

Exhausted but happy, the two lovers exchanged a sloppy wet kiss and fell asleep, grinning like idiots and intertwined with another. They both knew their future was uncertain and dangerous as hell but for now, they were at peace.

A/N: So how was it? Good? Bad? Terrible? At first I was gonna make this scene short and focus on Snow White screwing the seven dwarves, but the chapter wrote itself so we’ll see what happens next. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and tell me if you want me to continue this story or write another twisted fairy tale.

See ya!

story by: Super_Knight

Tags: blowjob mature first time fantasy virginity romance teen oral sex older male / female male / female teens sex story

Author: Super_Knight

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