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Last week, my friend Will ended up giving me two birthday presents. And being the douche bag that I am… I re-gifted one of them pretty quickly.

It was the day of my birthday and I really didn't have much partying planned until later in the night, so until then I planned on going for a bike ride with my good friend Will. We were doing an early morning, up with the worm, ride of about 100 kilometers and I was dying to get out there and ride. At the time neither him or I were officially "gay" though I had had some prior experiences… It would be a few hours before I found out that his tree twisted left.

It was around 7 in the morning. The sun was just starting to break through the trees and I awoke to the dancing rays of sunlight hitting my eyelids. I got up, threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen for a biscuit and jam. After eating, I got ready for my ride.

I stretched out on the living-room floor and flexed my leg muscles. I loved running my hands over my soft legs (Yes, cyclists tend to shave their legs). My legs were long and narrow, completely rippled and ready for the journey. I finished off with a few yoga stretches, loosening up my thin yet nicely toned body. I took a lot of pride in knowing I had virtually no excess fat in my system. It was all beautiful lean muscle.

Then I got dressed. I took off all my clothes and slipped into my tight lycra single-piece. It fit my body so well… well you would just have to see how well because I looked hot and Will would back that claim up in a few hours from now. I struggled briefly to even things out and adjust certain anatomical appendages within my skin-suit but quickly made a job of it and was nearly ready to go. My bike was laying in wait and I had my water-bottle and nutritional supplements packed into my aero-pockets.

I was waiting for Will to show up at my dads house in Manhattan. He was spending the night because of the plans we had lined up for my birthday celebration so he was going to drop off some luggage. It was the first time he had ever actually stayed at my house for longer than a couple hours. We would then leave for our ride and be going through a series of desolate roads and farm-land before finally ending up back at my house in the city.

It was about 5 minutes past 8 when he finally showed up looking sweet in his Vodafane cycling gear. Will was taller and more broad-shouldered than me but equally as fast on the fly. I had always liked him even without the chisseled and lean form and alluding attire; I'm always the one falling for personality over appearance. Luckily though, he complimented both of these traits very, very well..

I brought him into my house and we walked up the stairs to my room. He went up ahead of me so I got to see his tight and nicely shaped butt and legs walk up the stairs. The slight inward crease of the lycra down the center of his ass always made me horny.

But anyways… we figured everything out and got on our way. I kept on lead and Will drafted behind me as we blew through the narrow streets to get out of the city. It took us all of fourty-five minutes until we finally made it out onto the suburbs and really started going.

Will would jump me and I would draft behind him to save up energy. But the reality was I just wanted to stare at him, preferably without him knowing. The way his lean hips moved was so hypnotizing that I often found myself forgetting to pedal and having to play catch-up. That happened a lot on all of our rides. Then I would take the lead and I would occasionally glance back to see if maybe by some chance he was just like me. But each time his gaze was away, behind, or off to the side and never ahead.

At around 2 hours time, we began heading back, doing the same maneuvers with a higher pedaling cadence. It really helped t work up a sweat even in the skin-suits so both of us began airing out. I unzipped my collar and Will opened up his entire jersey. I could now see his entire flat stomach and chest, tanned by weeks of sun exposure and glazed by pure sweat. I had to work hard to keep focused though because I nearly hit a parked car due to all my glances back at him.

By the time we got back, we were somewhat famished yet not entirely dead. We were sweating a good amount and Will's slated cheeks were blushed from the heat. He had a near-perfect body, face, feet, everything.

We drank some water, wolfed down half a protein bar each and then stretched for a few minutes. This is where it gets good, or bad. Well… bad then good. Or perhaps even better, this is where a temporary impasse is presented and then resolved. Nearing the end of our stretching I was really getting a bulge. Usually this happens even without a beautiful best friend contorting their body in front of you just because your blood flows differently while riding a bike or exercising frequently. Either way, it was extremely noticeable.

I was helping him with a resistance stretch that involved me sliding m hands down his back and applying pressure evenly down the spine. It required me to basically stand right in front of him, bulge and all and pursue to edge closer and closer into his face. Well I went too far forward and noticeably slow while crawling his back that Will decided to look up and see what was the matter and he quickly caught on.

"Scott are you gay?"
"umm.. mehbe"

And in an instant he was gone up the stairs into my room, presumably to grab his stuff and ditch this joint. I just stood there in slight bewilderment before finally going up to explain. I lunged up the stairs and pushed open the doors.

"Will please don't be freaked out. Its not like I want you or anything"

But I was shocked to find that Will wasnt leaving. Rather he was nearly naked, pulling off his skin-suit while I was speaking. I could see his whole cock, slightly limp and a creamy tan colored. He shaved all the way up too. He didn't make a move and i figured out what was up.

"So… what are you doign Will?"
"Oh umm I was going to take a shower"
"So you don't care?"
"Not really." He then continued to undress and after a few seconds of struggling with the skin-suit around his right ankle, proceeded to walk by me completely naked and so nonchalant that it was like nothing had happened. My jaw dropped, heart beat faster and faster, and then Will stopped short of the door.

"Do you want to just share the water?
"Yeah sure"

I peeled off my clothes as he waited by the door. Then once I was completely nude, he smiled and we bounded for the bathroom, bouncing our free balls all the way. I turned on the water and we climbed into the shower-stall to get soaped up. He began washing my back and hair, getting closer and closer to my body.

Will pressed my body into his and his bulging penis began to fill my ass. He hadn't yet began fucking me but soon enough I could feel the easy, rhythmic motions of his tight hips working on my body. He began to get faster and faster and his semi-hard cock got rock solid. Nothing was going to stop him and he kept pushing harder aand harder. The pain was terribly awesome. I had already had two other sexual encounters with a couple boys I knew but none as violent and quick as this.

Will's muscular mid-rift kept thrusting in and eventualy his penis broke through and I let out a gasp of pain and pleasure. He was inside of me, if only a little and it felt wonderful. I leaned back into his cock and after a short moment of rest, Will picked up the pace again. He drummed away at my ass, getting deeper and deeper. His cock wasn't massive by any means but he used it well.

After a few minutes of fucking, my new sex buddy came. He shot nearly three loads into my ass. Each time he gave a nice pelvic thrust that nearly made me faint from euphoria. Then he held it in for a moment. Both of us let out calming sighs and he hugged me from behind, coming intimately closer and resting his head on my shoulder.

"That was awesome" Will said with delight as he leaned on me with his penis still stuck inside of me.
"Yeah it was. Best shower of my life. This beats jacking off!" I said with a chuckle. Will responded with a brief laugh and then began kissing my neck. He made every nerve in my body tingle with the way he touched me.

He pulled his cock out of my butt and I turned off the water and stepped out to dry off. I grabbed a towel and devoured Will into it, spinning him around until he was pressed against the vanity. I slid the silky towel over his toned legs and rubbed it on his chest. His already exhausted pelvis perked up a pike that I could feel sliding along my inner-thigh. I moved the towel down to his crotch and gently grabbed the whole hard 5 inches, drying them off. Then I knelled down slightly to make my face level with his penis.

Will glanced down and taking notice of what I was about to do, quickly closed his eyes. I opened up my mouth and took it up to the head. Then I began massaging the soft leathery head untill the veins bulged across his dick. Then I moved farther down untill I couldn't take anymore. From that point on, I moved my head back and forth and by cadence, Will would moved his hips a little.

His dick tasted fantastic. The fresh scent of cleaning and the clean-cut figure slid through my mouth with ease.

Will was definitely enjoying it. Every second I heard a small gasp, an overload on sexual pleasure that caused him to breathe so heavily. He was panting from sheer excitement as I continually drove my mouth over his sensitive cock. Then he came again and shot cum into my mouth. I choked.

"Oh man sorry. Are you all right?"
Cough* "Yeah" cough*
"Well maybe we should take a break. Its almost time to go hang out with everyone else anyways. Does this mean I dont have to get you a second brithday gift?"

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story by: skillz02

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