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Business is slow these day's. Greed in high places has caused a world wide recession. Were i live it is a mild recession, still, people have stopped projects as they are uncertain about their futures. Leaning back, looking back, reflecting. I watch a women walk by my office window. A truck passes, the glass moves, reflections, refractions.
Huh! ….. the lady walking past the office reminds of a lady i new years ago. Edna, an older women, 65 too 70-ish if memory serves.
I met Edna in a hospital room she shared with my mother in law.
I remember Edna because of her back.
My wife and i were visiting my mother in law and Edna was her roomy. The ladies were talking, i got bored and walked over to the window to look outside. When i turned i saw Edna's bare back, too the small of her back. Edna had a beautiful back. This surprised me as i never thought a women in her late sixties would possess anything appealing to me.
" i guess i had better revise my attitude toward older women."
We visited my mother in law a couple more times and i conciously looked forward to seeing Edna' back. She was covered the first return visit and had moved on the next visit. OH WELL !
About four months later my sister in law called me about doing some work for a Church friend of hers. I said yes. I met my sister in law the next day at a coffee shop, we chatted. I got the address from her and was to meet her at her friends house the following Monday.
Monday, Monday ! Off …. to meet my sister in law at this ladies home.
Met my sister in law at her fellow parishioners home. We talk, she introduces me to the nurse and leaves. I have cabinets to install, and some book cases to erect. A nice little reno job. I still have not met the home owner. She is under a nurses care and is not available, so i start the job.
I brought a negative air purifier to keep the air dust free. I worked from Ten in the morn until near Four in the afternoon, this was in compliance with the nurses instructions.
On my second Monday the nurse tells me that the owner would like to meet me. I was looking forward to this meeting. I walk into her room and to my surprise, there lies Edna.
" Hello Edna" ..i say . Happy to see her.
" Hi " ..she say's back.
" I did not know you were my boss "
" Boss ? " ..she laughs.
" How are you dong Edna "? … i ask.
"So so" she replies.
I move beside the bed and squat, we chat.
As i leave, her in her bed, i give her a little hug. We talked of the work i am doing for her and we have agreed on a price. Her Church is paying for one third. I go to work as the nurse returns.
Near the end of my stay at Edna's, i come into her room for the second time, we converse some more. I like Edna and ask if i could visit her from time to time. She said Yes.
A week after i finished the work for Edna i return to get paid. The nurse leaves us alone to chat. Edna comments on how she has not able to hold anyone anymore because of her health. She said her husband passed away over ten years ago and even when she was able to get about she was a stay at home girl. Now she wishes she had gone out more.
She seemed down. She said she would at least like to have the opportunity to hug someone once in a while. The conversation ended on this subject as the nurse reappeared. I said my goodbyes and off i went.
A couple of months went by when i made a surprise visit to Edna. she was very happy to see me. The nurse left us alone, she went to get some supplies for Edna.
" Edna, theres a bit of fluff near you eye."
Edna brushed her face trying to remove the fluff.
" It is still there Edna, here, close your eyes for a second and i will remove it, OK "
Edna closed her eyes, i move to her to remove the fluff, which did not exist. I stuped and kissed Edna gently on her mouth. She startled and opened her eyes …. not objecting to my sneaky kiss, i kissed her gently again on her lips. She smiled, " Why did you kiss me she asks"
" On my last visit you told me that you would like to be hugged or kissed but that your health was a detriment. Also Edna, you have nice lips, and a beautiful back." i smiled as i knew that would beg a question.
" Beautiful back she askes".
" Yes " .. i reply, and explain.
Edna laughs. I was pleased that i could make her laugh.
I moved away from her and looked at the book cases i installed. She had had the glazier install glass They looked great i thought. I looked at some of the titles on her book collection.
" You have an interesting book collection Edna", i said.
" Thank you"
I go back to Edna, we talk for a good hour. Our discussion covers Church, health, mobility, and a wide range of other topics. I had moved a chair near Edna's bed so i could sit as we talked. I had gotten her a couple of drinks during our visit. She had a catheter. The nurse reappeared, it was time to go. I could see the disappointment in Edna's face. I told her i would visit again. With that i kissed her, in front of the nurse. Edna did not attempt to avoid such a kiss. The nurse just smiled. I left.
Next day i bumped into my favourite sister in law. We sat for awhile and talked. She asked me how Edna was. I told her of our conversations, and the kisses. She was surprised and amused.
I tried to kiss her as we parted but she pushed me away.
" You'd better get me pretty drunk if you hope to kiss me" …….she said as she laughed.
" Your ON " ..i replied
She smiled and stuck her tongue out at me. Still laughing.
I gave her the once over. She responded my wiggling her bottom, as she walked away.

My next visit with Edna was a week later.
I met the nurse at the door, she said that Edna was resting.
" Maybe i should go ". i said.
" No, she would be very disappointed if she missed you, i'll go and see how she is, please wait."
I waited for about 10 minutes, wondering what was taking so long. The nurse came out and motioned for me to go in. I walk into Edna's room. There lies Edna with an ' I V ' , and more tubes than before. She looked paler.
I said nothing, i walked over and gave her a little hug. I kissed her forehead, then her nose and eyes, finally a kiss on her lips. She took my hand and hugged my arm, pressing my arm to her chest.
" My Cancer came back."
I pulled her hand to my mouth and kissed her hand, holding her hand as we looked into one anothers eyes. One of those looks that people give when facing dire circumstance. I had grown very found of Edna. Edna pulled me to her again, holding me tightly. The rail to her bed was poking me in the ribs so i moved away, put down the rail, retrieved a chair and sat beside Edna again. As i moved to hug Edna she moved her arms up quickly to embrace me thus trapping my arm and hand on her left breast. I tried to pull my hand and arm away from her but she just held me to tight. I left my hand on her breast.
After a minute or so Edna relaxed her hug. I pulled back and looked at her, leaving my hand on her breast. Edna looked at me with a love and warmth in her eyes. I looked into her eyes and at the same time, without looking away from her eyes, i moved my hand to her shoulder and moved her gown off her shoulder exposing her breast. Edna tilted her head a little, a warm smile came to her lips and she put her hand behind my head and hugged me to her breast. I gently kissed her breast, sucked her nipple, used my tongue and fingers on her nipple.
I took some time but Edna' nipple hardened, then soffened. I pulled back and removed Edna' gown from her shoulders, exposing both breasts. Her breasts were beautiful. Her nipples were almost the same color as her skin. She had tiny nipples.
I took to her breast and tried to get her hot. Edna would get warm then cool off. After some time she said, " Damn Catheter."
I pulled away, and look at her breast again then covered her.
" Come again in a few days and i will have the nurse remove the catheter. Maybe this old girl can have one more treat before she goes, " Edna said.
" OK " i said.
I stood to leave and pulled the covers over Edna. She put her arms across her chest, she mouthed the words, Thank You.
I smiled back, tears in my eye's, then left the room.
As i walked through Edna' home the nurse came toward me. She walked right up to me and gave me a hug, standing on her tip toes to do so.. The nurse was Asian, Chinese i think. She never said a word, just turned and walked away. I left.
On my next visit to see Edna i came with a small vibrater, as recommended to me by Sally. I was determined to give Edna the best time i could, considering her health. Sally explained to me that a small vibrator was more intimate, less foreboding. What the hell did i know, the only vibrator i was familar with was used to prevent Honey-Combing in concrete. That i knew would be foreboding. lol. So in i went with a little plastic thingy that most men scoff at and many women yearn for. I admit to being very anal about my course of action.
I kept the ' thingy ' in my coat pocket, it was cool outside today, i placed the light coat on Edna's bed near her feet. I smiled at Edna, held her hand and started some small talk. I placed her hand near my mouth and kissed her hand. I stopped that, the nurse had washed her hands, lotion was on Edna's hands. YUK!
Touching Edna's breast, i liked doing that, she had nice boobs. I pulled her gown down and started playing with Edna's tits. I kissed her nipples, bit them a little, squeezed and rubbed her breasts. Edna responded a little, but not as much as the other day. I slipped one hand down her gown to her pussy. Edna had very little hair there. I was gentle as Edna had had a hip replacement and cancer, i did not know were the Cancer was located in her body. I slid my hand between her legs, Edna jumped little, she giggled at her own nervousness. I felt up her femininity. Slowly pushing my finger into her.. …. she was a nice fit to my finger. The nurse had arranged pillows so Edna could keep her legs open and elevated for sex. I would not be fucking Edna as she was to ill for that.
Over the next ten minutes i finger fucked Edna, kissed her breast and clit, licked her, nibbled on her body at various locations. Edna was gettng warm but i was concerned that she would not get off.
When i was down on her one time i reached for the magic ' thingy ". She did not know of my intent. I turned it on and proceeded to touch her vaginal openig with the vibrator, as i looked toward Ednas face. I wanted to see her facial expression. Edna's eye's popped open wide at the contact.
I smiled. " Surprise " i said.
She moved a bit, and giggled again. " Can i see it ", she asked.
I showed Edna the magic little pink sex machine.
" Do you think that will help, " She asked.
" I hope so "……. i replied. We both laughed a bit. I continued my vibrator assault on her nearly virginal vagina. At first she jumped about quite abit. In a few minutes i could sense a change as she began to enjoy this niffty gadget. Edna took my free hand and held it with both of her hands, pressing my hand on her breast. I looked toward her face and could see she was getting red in the face, eye's closed, and breathing heavier. I was proud of my success with this little toy. My first attempt with one of these vibrators.
As for me, i was getting horny. But, this was not for me …… this was all for Edna.
I moved the vibrator in and out of her vagina, licking and sucking her clit at the same time. It took quite a few minutes and then Edna came. She moaned, moved her hips up and down, wiggled a little, nearly crushed her tit under my hand. I kept moving the vibrator after she came, i looked up at her face. She had her eye's still closed so i kept up the motion inside her to see if i could get her off again. She had a small second orgasm.
I kept moving the vibator about Edna's pussy, massaging her soft femininity. I pulled her gown up over her shoulders while keeping up the massage. Then i pulled the bed cover up over her. I did not want her getting a chill. All the while massaging her pussy with the vibrator. I really got off on doing this to her, and was quite proud of myself. I felt Edna' hands go limp, i slowly pulled my hand out from under her hands touching her nipple as i left. Edna had fallin' asleep. I removed the virbrator and stood up. Looking down upon her. She looked so beautiful in her sleep.
Sometimes i do good. ……….
I quietly left Edna' room.
I partly closed Edna's door and started to leave, looking for the nurse as i was leaving. I saw her standing looking out the living room window. As I approached she turned. She was flushed. I looked at her chest and could see her nipples were erect. She caught me and turned beat red. I continued to walk towards her, she took a couple of steps backward as i appraoched. I new she had watched Edna and myself. I took the vibrator out of my pocket and put it in my mouth, sucking Edna's juices off it and getting it wet of the next girl.
Her eye's got big and had a hint of lust.
One good turn deserves another.
I stepped up to her and placed my hands on her waist, lifting her up and placing her on the sofa, standing.
I could not remember her name, Lilli i think, but i did remember how shy she seemed when her boyfriend would drop her off at work. They would hold hands and laugh, they seemed like a very nice couple, he was Chinese looking also. Edna had told me that she was a very good and very caring nurse. She was also kind of horny right now and i was going to exercise my command over womens orgasms, which was in my mouth. Actually both weapons of lust were in my mouth, if you count the tongue.
The nurse as a very slim Asian lady, small breasts, beautiful legs and waist, small hands and feet, a small bum. Her hair was black of course, cut short in the back and longer on the sides. She was a very attractive young woman.
When i placed her upon the sofa she said "NO!", the quietist ' No' i have ever heard. More of a whisper. Actually she might have said ' NO ' while i was approaching her but who was listening.
I took the vibrator out of my mouth, placed it my pocket, and pulled her close to me, placing my face near her neck and inhaling her smell. God she smelt nice. What a sweat woman. She pushed on my chest gently, meekly defending herself. She really was a timid little thing. I paid no heed. I liked her gentle ways. I was going to enjoy this. I moved my face to her breasts, gnawing on her through her clothing. Finding her nipples, erect, and mouthing them, sucking on her through her uniform. Unbuttoning her dress uniform, she pushed at my hands, i continued until I bared her breast, so nice and pinkish, small, firm, and with little nipples.
Her dress was off her shoulder on one side, her bra pushed down, her tit in my mouth. She was pushing against me with her hands, " NO, NO ……… Please !" I sucked hard on that little titty. I could almost put her entire tit in my mouth.
I had one free hand, her right arm and hand were over my back and pushing on my shoulder and then the back of my head. Her other hand and arm were pushing at my chest, face and hands. I used my free hand to capture her left arm, moving it behind her so my left hand could hold her left arm, and also use my left arm to keep her pinned close to me so i could suck her breast. She let out a little cry as she realized that i was pining her arm behind her.
Now she was nearly defenseless. I took my hand and went up her dress straight to her crotch. She startled, and began to struggle more. I rubbed her crotch roughly. She fought harder. I continued to enjoy touching her pussy through her underwear. Searching for the opening to her vagina and pressing against her through her panties. She struggle and struggled, but to no avail. I am twice her size. My hand covered her crotch. I now searched for her anus by rubbing her panties back and forth on the crack of her ass until i could feel her anus, which i proceeded to feel. Being as slender as she was her anus was not covered tightly by her cheeks. I had good access and enjoyed touching her anus.
Oddly enough that seemed to lessen her resistance. I pulled away from her and looked at her. She was a mess. Her hair was messed up, dress half off, she stood there looking at me. No fear, one breast exposed, and panting ………whether from fighting or sex, i was not sure. I picked her up and laid her on the couch. She did not resist.
I took the vibrator from my pocket and put it in my mouth. Putting my coat on the floor, i moved toward her again, kneeling beside her. I took the vibrator from my mouth and turned it on. She looked at me but showed no signs of resistance. I moved to her and kissed her mouth for the first time. She looked like she was going to stop me for a second but halted her movement.
I moved to inhale her tiny breast, she stopped me as she opened her top and exposed the other little tit.
My over powering sex drive had tempered. My time with Edna had ignited my first stage but the rocket was in second stage burn now.
I shucked in her newly exposed, and not so red tit. The lady takes control.
Moving the vibrator between her legs, i moved it about her crotch. I really did not know what i was doing with this little pink warhead. I moved it looking for a response from her.
She had her panties on so i pushed the vibrator into her vaginal opening. Of course the panties were a constraint, but, she liked it. My first indication that we were past the rough play.
Continuing to pressure her opening, she started to move in jerks …………. she came. Her hands hugged my head, even orgasming, she was gentle. How sweet she was, her legs squeezing down on my hand with the vibrator. I continued to move the vibrator around her. She was very sensitive. Everytime i touched her clit with the vibrator she reacted …….. soon i was back at the opening to her vagina …. i pressed the vibrator into her opening, pushing her panties in with the vibrator … i gained about an inch then the panties stopped progress. She came again. Quiet orgasms.
I had moved my head from her breast and was concentrating on her crotch. The perversity of driving her panties into her got me going again. Keeping the pressure against her opening, moving about with this pink buzzer, i was trying for another "O". Her breathing was heavy, a rhythmic pant. I moved my head down to her crotch, with the vibrator at her opening, i moved my lips to her clit .. ….. i put my mouth into an "O", and cupped her little clit, massaging it with my lips. Her hips leaped off the sofa, nearly breaking my nose. The vibrator and my mouth lost position, but quickly regained.
She threw her head back, arched her back, stiffened her legs, and came hard … still no noise ..but she lost her control. Quick little jerking movements followed by a complete stiffening of her entire body, arched back and raised bottom. She did this several times before she was finished.
I looked at her face …………. she was waisted. She looked so beautiful lying there, hair messed, uniform down to her waist, skirt part of the uniform up around her waist, breasts exposed, and shoes still on. ….. panties moist looking from the sex we had just been through.
Her eyes looked at mine, she gave me a week little smile and moved her hand to touch my face.

I move away from her just enough to allow me to get my arm under her knees, i gently lifted her hips and took her panties off ……….. spreading her legs, i looked at her small little pussy, she was so sweet looking …….. i just stared at her for a minute, then kissed her between her legs, smelling her ……….. she was so clean… so delicious … so …

the phone ….. I turn in my chair to answer the phone, coming out of my dream state.
" Hello ! " …. "Sally honey, Whats up ?

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Author: itiswhatitis

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