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Max walks into Celine's room closes and bolts the door locked. She was bent over the bed packing up her things when she felt a hand firmly grab her ass. "Put it down Celine." She heard in her ear.
"We're leaving Max." She said to him.
"No you’re not because I did not give you permission to do so. No get on your knees and undo my pants with your teeth."
Angel exits the bathroom. "Sorry Max dear. You heard the lady, she's leaving." "Your still here I thought you left? I said on your knees." Celine obeyed him this time and fell to her knees at his feet.
Angel walked over and picked her up. He was wearing just a pair of pants. "Celine, you have your own mind. Don't listen to him." He growled at Max.
"Celine I gave you a command. Undo my pants." She again fell to he knees at his feet and began leaning towards his throbbing penis which could now be seen through his pants.
Angel grinned and threw her across the room. "And I told you that you don't have to listen to this fucken prick anymore." He growled and looked Max in the eyes.
"Well then I guess you can both leave then and find somewhere else to hide. Oh by the way Celine Juno's in town and I thought I might him over for dinner tonight."
"No anything but that please Max don't tell him we're here.” She cowered in the corner.
"Then obey me."
Angel let out another low growl. He didn't want to turn his back onto Max. "Go ahead tell him that we stopped in for a short visit."
"Where will you go there is no where to hide from him now where ever you go I will find you and then he will as well, Unless you allow her to obey me. Then I shall send him the opposite direction from you. Well to we have a deal or shall I just call him in now. Because if I am right and I always am he just pulled up the drive."
"Angel I can't go back to him."
"I'll do it Max."
Angel growled lower once again. "You won't go back to him. I was able to take you away once and I will do it again. I fight for what I want." He growled and turned to Celine. "What do you want, love?”
"I don't want there to be anymore fighting over me so until we leave this city I belong to Max."
"He won't allow you to leave this city, not while I am still here."
"Non sense I only wish for her to be my slave for six months then you may go. She will no longer be mine and no longer owe me a thing when she enters my city is it a deal?"
"You have my word. We shall sign a contract in blood the three of us."
Angel turns to face Max. "It's a deal but after those six months I will be the one who owes you /> "To make things more legal and /> "Good now come to me on all fours like a kitten. And make sure you wag your ass as if it were a tale."
"I'll have the contract ready by tomorrow night."
"She shall sleep with me until her time is up unless told other wise."
"When the contract is made you know where to find me." He said and left the room.
Celine obeyed him and crawled to him on all fours wagging her ass as if it were a tale, hoping that Angel would change his mind and come rushing back in to save her.
Angel slammed the door on his way out and walked down the hall and into the main hall. He sat down leaning against one of the walls.
"That's a good girl now you wait here I will be back. And when I get back I want you to be naked." He leaned down and kissed her gently then exited the room. He walked past Angel then stopped. "It sucks losing doesn't it but you'll thank me for it later. When I am done with her she will be the most obedient slave you have ever met. Doesn't that make you happy?"
“I liked her the way she was. I guess I will just have to change her back. But a deal is a deal." "Maybe you will or maybe you could learn to enjoy a woman who only thinks of pleasing you and never /> "But what if I think differently than you do? We'll just have to see what becomes of it, now won't we?"
"Of course." He bowed his head to him and continued down the hall way.
Celine did as she was told and removed her clothing bra and panties and then repositioned her self back the way she was.
Angel grinned when he saw that Max had left her in the room by herself. He walked back to the room and stood in the doorway.
She did not look up she kept her head down and stared at the floor. Her naked body positioned perfectly so he could see all of her parts bare, and helpless.
Angel walked in quietly and ran his hand down her back as she stood as such. He dug his nails slightly into her back. Her back arched a little as she moaned softly. He grinned. He picked her up a little to make her kneel as he stood behind her. He kneeled down behind her on one knee and ran his hand up her stomach.
"Isn't she beautiful vulnerable like this? Not able do anything unless told to do. Not able to speak, or move, or say no. Angel looked up at Max. He had a blank stare. "You see I knew you would not be able to resist coming in here for her. You want her like this don't you? Don't be afraid to answer and be honest."
He grinned a little. "Want her like this? What about in general? Every time I try to get close to her someone always tries to interrupt us, either with guns or /> "Well then you may have her but you are not allowed to please her she is only allowed to please you. And I must be in the room when this happens." Angel grinned. "Well I am not ashamed to have an audience. She may just have to enjoy it…” He quickly glanced over Max.
"Ah you see but that is just it I know her she won't enjoy it and that my dear boy is the point."
"So take her and please your self but that is all." Angel stood up and looked down at Celine. He didn't feel right ordering her around. He gently took her neck and made her stand up. "Well, I just hope that this time we don't get He said and leaned closer to her. "I love you and always will." He whispered.
She didn't say anything back to him she didn't dare. She just smiled at him and placed her hands together and locked them behind her neck and waited for his command. "Wonderful you remembered good girl."
"Well get on with it then command her."
"But remember she is not to be satisfied only teased." He looked back at Max and then back to Celine. He sighed and shook his head. "This doesn't feel right." He said and backed away a little.
"I knew you didn't have it in you. Celine come to me." She obeyed him quickly and went to his side. He looked at her admiring her beautiful body running his hands up and down her stomach. "And to think you could of had her and He chuckled softly. "No go and wait for me in my chambers I shall be in to deal with you in a moment."
Angel looked at Celine once more before leaving. He held back the growls and just balled his hand in a fist. He walked over to Max's chambers and made himself comfortable.
"Wait here I shall return to have you please me in a moment." He then walks into his chambers and sits down across from Angel. "Why did you refuse to take her?"
"It didn't feel right. I couldn't just do it.' He said honestly.
"Well then Celine Come to me." He yelled and she did as he said walked into his chambers still naked with her hands still locked behind her head. "On you knees."
He didn't look back at Celine. He just stared at the desk.
"Undo my pants the way I told you to earlier,"
He sat still. He was not dismissed so he sat still.
She undid his pants with her teeth struggling a bit at first then finally getting them undone. "Good girl now take it out and put it in your mouth."
He glanced at Max's crotch and grinned. He shook his head a little. "You are doing this to torment me aren't you?" He asked.
"I'm doing this because I like to. And to show you what you can have." She did as she was told and put it in her mouth moving head up and down on it.
Angel bent the arms of the chair in anger. "Am I dismissed?" He asked with a little anger in his voice.
"Not yet." He moaned as he thrusts her head hard onto his penis letting his juices spill into her mouth making her swallow it/
Angel let out a slight growl. He licked his lips and grinned again. 'Only if he knew' he thought to himself.
"Now you may go. Clean me off take it all into you don't miss a drop."
He stood up and once again looked Max over with a grin. He nodded. "You know how to contact me if you need me. I will be in touch." He said and turned to leave.
She called out to him.
He turned back to look at her.
"That's a bad girl I did not give you permission to speak." He turned back just in time to see Max slap her across the face hard enough to knock her off balance.
Angel turned completely around and took a few steps in. "You raised a hand to a woman. That was a bad choice to do in front of me." He hissed.
"What you do to her is what you should do to me."
"Not a women a slave. Is that an even exchange then you for her?"
"It will be as even as I can make it. I can't give you everything she can but I can give you things she /> "Such as?" He pulls Celine up off the floor and onto his lap playing with her bare breasts.
"Well you know that we both have different body parts, but other than that I can give you what you want." He said taking a few more steps towards Max.
"And what do I want?" He leans in and bites into Celine’s breast feeding form her.
"And wouldn't it be fun to teach someone new the ropes?" He asked with a grin.
Max stopped feeding from her and looked over at Angel. "And you would do this for go through everything I have taught her over the years be my slave over her?"
"Angel no!"
/> "I would give my life for her." He said honestly. "She knows what I would go through just to see her happy."
"Then it shall be for the next six months you shall be my slave." He pushes Celine away from him buttons his pants and walks over to Angel. "Lesson number one you are to always be naked around me so that I may have when ever I desire. Now take them off."
He chuckled. "Now I hope you don't get jealous easily." He said with a grin and began to unbutton his pants.
"Angel you don't have to do this."
He looked over at Celine. "I know I don't have to but wouldn't you like to see his face?"
"All I want is you my love and for us to be safe."
"In order for us to be safe one of us has to keep Max happy. I would rather it be me than watch you suffer."
"Well now which one should I take or should I just have you both?"
"Well now Max, that is up to you. What do you think?"
He then snaps his fingers. "Celine come, and you get down on your knees."
Angel looked a little surprised. /> "You heard now do as your master says and get on your knees."
Angel grinned and lowered himself to his knees. 'I'm sorry Celine, but as long as I am going to be doing this I might as well have some fun with it.' He thought to her.
what you think.' She thought back.
'Well for as long as I can at least'
She rushed to Max's side hands still behind her head. "Take it out again." He said to her. She did so she undid his pants and pulled out his penis in Angels face. "Now lick it."
Angel grinned. "Are you sure that this is a good idea?"
Max picks angel up off the floor by the neck and slams him against the wall. "I gave you a command and I expect you to obey it like this. Celine come! Get on your knees and lick my penis." She did as she was told. "You see it's not that hard."
"It's hard when you don't know any better. Now it's a good thing I don't need to breathe."
"Do as you are told." He throws him on the floor. "Get on your knees and come to me hands behind your head like hers.”
"Now where is the fun in the hands behind the head?" He asked and got to his knees. He slowly raised his hands to the back of his head.
"No talking unless told to do so." He then places his hand gently under Angels chin and kisses him softly.
Angel returns the kiss. 'This is quite amusing and I am quite enjoying myself.' He then lifts Angel up off the floor and leads him over to the closet. Max opens the closet and pulls out a large wooden paddle. "Do you know what this is for?" Celine cowers a little at the sight of it. "I know you remember this pet."
He shook his head. "No, it’s made of wood. What the hell are you going to do with that? Shove it up your ass?"
He leads Angel over to his desk turns him around and bends him over it.
"Well this is a new position for me to be in, eh Celine?"
'Angel stop a yes or no will do.'
'Why he's going to punish me for it all'
Max draws his hand back and with great force slaps Angel’s ass with it.
"Ooh baby."
He draws back and hits him again only this time a little harder.
He let out a little growl that time.
He draws back and hits him again this time drawing blood.
He growled a little louder this time
Max grabs Angel by the hair and yanks his head back. "When I command you obey am I clear." He hits him again forcing Angel’s penis to bang off the desk.
He groans out in slight pain and pleasure. /> "What was that I couldn't hear you?" Hitting him again.
"Yes sir." He growled again
"Yes master." Hits him again.
"Y…Yes master." He hissed.
"Good boy." He then called for a maid to bring in a bowl of water and a soft cloth. She did this and set it down on the desk. "Now come and stand before me." He went and sat down at his desk.
He walked up to Max's desk and stood before him, his hands behind his head and his pants still only unbuttoned.
"Take off your pants so I may gaze upon your luscious body."
"Celine come stand behind me and gaze with me" She did as she was told to do.
He slowly lowers his hands and unzipped his pants. He let them just drop off of his hips.
"Those to, off with them." Pointing to his boxers.
He nodded and pulled off his boxers. "Like what you see?"
"Did he just speak out of place my pet?" "Yes my Lord." "I thought so." He then opened up the drawer to his desk and pulled out a smaller paddle. "Turn around."
He sighed and growled. He slowly turned around stepping out of his boxers and pants.
"Beautiful do you agree pet?" He reaches out and grabs his bleeding sore ass and squeezes it tightly.
"Yes my lord he is but not as beautiful as you."
'You lie.' He thought to her. He growled as Max squeezed.
"That's a good girl. You could learn a few things from her."
He just stood there waiting for the perfect moment.
"Now sit on my lap." He pulls Angels cheeks and waits for him to sit down.
He keeps his balance but sits down with a grin on his face. 'Now, won't he be a surprised. My darling Celine, I love you and will do anything to help you.'
His thrusts his hard penis into Angel’s ass and places his hands onto his hips.
Angel holds back a groan and he grabs onto the desk giving it a few dents.
"What ever it is you are thinking about doing put it out of your head now." He thrusts into him again.
"Whatever it is I was thinking just got shot out of my head?" He said with a groan.
"Good boy hands back behind your head! And maybe I will think about letting you be pleased as well."
He hesitated on putting his hands behind his head but he did so and sat straight up.
"That's it you learn quickly. Celine come and please him while he pleases me." She did as she was told. "And how would my master like me to do this?" "Good girl I want you or rub it then suck on it then I want you to ride on it as he grinds against me and I cum deep inside of him and him into you."
Angel looks down at Celine and grins slightly. He was biting his lip so he wouldn't say or make any noise to stop anything that was going on.
She did as she was told and began licking Angel’s penis. "That's good now suck on it. You have such a large penis Angel." He thrusts himself into Angel once more.
Angel squeezes his hands together behind his head and raises his head to the ceiling. He continued to bite his lips making them bleed just a little.
Celine did as he told her to do and for the first time she enjoyed it. 'He's right you know you do have a big penis and it tastes so good. You know this is isn't how I pictured our first but it works Now get on top of him Celine whilst I’m still in him and ride him." She did as he told her to do gently sliding his hard penis deep into her,
He dug his nails into the backs of his hands in fear that this would stop if he moved them. He let out a few growls of pleasure. His back arched as he growled. "M…may I l…l…lower my hands, M…master?" He asked gasping.
"No of course not now get off of me and clean me off with that cloth in the bowl. Celine come and stand back behind me."
He had angels blood form his bleeding buttocks all over his lap.
He slowly got up and grabbed the cloth out of the bowl. He places the cloth on Max's lap and wipe off the blood, slowly and gently.
"That's a good boy now hand me the cloth and bend over ass to me."
He did as he was told. He rinsed the cloth and handed Max the cloth. He turned around and bent over.
Max gently cleaned the blood off from Angel’s torn bottom. "You see that I did not enjoy doing to you slapping you that hard with the paddle but you gave me no choice. I had to teach you some how."
Angel nodded. 'Yet I am still not that easily trained.' He thought
He finishes cleaning off his sore welted bottom and places his hands onto Angels hips and gently pulls him into his lap. "You truly are a beautiful creature." He said to him with a smile and gently kissed his soft tender lips.
Max could taste some of the blood that was on his lips. He returned the kiss and sighed. "That is what everyone else says." He muttered.
"And they are right to say this." He kisses him again only this time biting into his lip feeding from it.
Angel grabs the back of Max's chair and breaks off a piece. He looked over at Celine with a sly look.
Max pulls back. "Now look at what you have done." He lifts Angle up and carries him out of his chambers and into his bed chambers and lays him down on the bed.
He looked at Max with a confused look. "What the hell is going on?"
"No speaking." He then locks the door and walks over to the bed he removes the remainder of his clothing and crawls into bed with Angel placing his hand on Angel’s penis. "You want it don't you? To be satisfied after all this torment."
He again looks confused. "You play yourself pretty good. All of this time I thought you were straight." He said and pulled himself up to a sitting position.
"Yes well guess what? And I said no talking." "A simple yes or no will do. Now do you want it or shall I call her in here and let her do it. But this time only pleasing herself I think she’s earned it. Or maybe I'll just please her for you."
He let out a low growl. "Either way it is all up to you. I have no say in this matter."
"Close but good enough." He rolled Angel onto his stomach and again thrusts his throbbing penis into his anus.
Angel groaned and dug into the bed. He bit the pillow.
the hardest one I have ever had the pleasure of training you know. I like it it's a challenge." He thrust himself a little harder this time. "Do you want to be pleasured my pet? A simple yes or no will do."
He growled again. This time he grabbed the head board and sent a few scratches down it. "Yes." He muttered quietly.
"I thought you might." He pulled himself out of Angel then began playing with his balls rolling them about in his hands.
Angel rolls over and faces Max. "Now how do we play this? You are the bitch?"
"May be!" Places Angels Penis into his mouth and begins sucking on it.
Angel grabs Max's head and pulls on his hair just a little. "Play gently or it's chains for you."
Max stops and looks up at him and grins. Then pins angel to the bed and straddles him putting Angel penis into his anus.
Angel growls louder. It could be heard from out in the hall. "You like that don't you?"
"Not as much as you do." He begins grinding on his penis taking it all in moaning louder than he had done before with any of his other slave boys before.
Angel rolls Max over and pins him to the bed continuing to grind against him. He begins to rub his penis with his hand.
"Wait this is new I'm the open being dominated how did that one work?" He continued to moan louder and louder both in pleasure and pain. He had never had something this big before. Nor had he ever let anyone dominate him.
'Celine, I could really use some shackles.' He thought. He licked Max's neck and nibbled on his ear.
Max continues to moan and grind faster against Angels hard cock. "Max then sat up quick and pushed Angel off of him. He then stood up grabbed Angel forced him to his feet and to the wall spread his legs and slammed his cock deep and as hard as he could Angels anus.
"This is how it should be."
"Yes, of course." He muttered with a grin. "Didn't like being the bitch?"
"Actually I did." He slowed his pace and for a moment it almost felt like he was making love with Angel and having sex
"Well then be a good little bitch and get back to your spot." He said and switched spots with Max.
He then gently kissed Angels neck and began caressing slowly. Running his fingers slowly up and down Angels side and as gently as he could over his welted butt.
"Now, let’s talk about Celine."
"And what of her?" He said breathing deeply. Still kissing Angles neck.
"You wish for me to release her?"
"Yes, yes I do." He said and pulled him closer
"In her place I want you for the next six months you must be mine and I yours. Do we have a deal? Then I shall never touch her again." Moaning to Angel pulling him closer.
"Can she be mine when I am not…" He took a breath. /> "Of course but only if I am kin the room."
/> He nodded. He said and bit his ear. "You still have a lot of training to do though." "I know I look forward to it." He smiled and pulled Angle over to the bed.
He pulled Max down with him. "Just remember I am a little more stubborn and stronger than her."
"Good cause we are not done here." He kissed Angel deeply and wrapped his arms around Angel’s waist pulling him into him.
Angel began to pull the bed apart with his bare hands.
"Easy I have to replace it you know." He slowed his pace again savoring Angels every movement and moan.
Angel sent out groans of his own. He pulled Max out of him and kneeled down. "This I haven’t done in a while." He said with a grin. He put Max in his mouth and began to suck on his penis.
Max let out a series of pleasurable moans moving his hips and his penis in and out of Angel’s mouth. Digging his nails into Angel’s bare back.
"Don't hold back just for me." He said and then continued.
And as he did with Celine with one great thrust he let himself go into Angel’s mouth.
Angel swallowed it and licked the rest off of Max.
Max then repaid the favor and did the same to Angel.
Angel didn't dig into Max's back but tore up some more of the furniture.
"You know you want to feel it let it all go."
Angel grabbed the back of Max’s head and pushed in deeper as he let everything go.
Max swallowed it all as well then pushes Angel onto the bed and laid on his chest.
Angel just laid there and looked up at the ceiling. "So is Juno really here?"
"It’s dealt with don't worry. So are you going to be able to handle being mine for the next several months?"
He sits up and gets dressed.
"Well if not then I guess I have to learn. A deal is a deal." He said and sat up. "I can't help but worry about Celine and Juno."
"I said it is fine don't worry nothing will harm either of you as long as you are in my house and my city." He leans in and kisses Angel again. "Now get up and put your hands behind your head and walk before me to my chambers so I may admire you beauty."
Angel stood up. "I'll walk but not with my hands behind my head."
"You will do as you are told or the deal is off."
He growled. "You are going to hang that over my head every chance you can get, right?" He asked and slowly placed his hands behind his head. "The girls are going to be jealous." He chuckled
"Good let them be. No walk before me."
"Yes, of course." He said and started walking.
"At least around the rest of the house when we are alone you will not have to do this. I just can't let anyone see a tender side of me."
He turns back and kisses him again.
He nods. "Yes, we can't let them see that."
They walked back to his chambers where Celine stood her hands still over her head her body still naked.
Angel smiled when he saw her. He felt a little relieved to see her all by herself.
"Well now how is this far that you get two?"
"Hello my dear."
Angel smiled at her too. He smiled a sly smile. "Well I guess you just waited a little too long." "Uh no speaking we talked about this."
"Max are you going soft? If that had been any of the others you would of removed there tongues."
He grabbed the paddle and spanked Angel with it.
Angel grinned. "Ooh baby." He said and chuckled a little.
"Celine you may get dressed I chosen to take him over you now leave my sight before I change my mind."
He looked at Max with some plead in his eyes. "Can't she stay?"
"Angel my pet."
"You have gotten soft Max."
Angel grinned. "Can't I just have Celine for one night? Alone?"
"NO! Now let that be the end of it Celine out you as well women leave us alone."
Angel lowered his hands and grabbed Celine. He gave her a deep passionate kiss.
"As you wish."
She did not return his kiss she pushed him off from her and left the room closing the door behind her.
He sighed and watched her leave.
"Angel if you are not going follow my command then I shall have taken someone who can. And you know who that someone is."
He backed away with his head lowered. "Yes, of course. As you wish, sir."
"What did you call me?"
"I mean Master." He said and then let out a low growl
"Good now come and sit on my lap while I make a few calls." He nodded and listened. He walked over to Max and sat down on his lap.
"You see now was that so hard to do?"
He gently kissed his chest. He shook his head.
He picked up the paddle and placed it under his desk.
A knock came at the front door of the building.
'You idiot why did you do this?'
"Yes." As she opened the door.
A tall human male stood at the door. He grabbed her and pulled a silver dagger to her neck. "Show me to your prince." He demanded Angel sighed. 'I did this for you, love. I know that you couldn't stand to do any of it so now I have taken that for you.'
"Yes of course." 'Master there is someone here for you.'
"Get up find Celine and hide in my chambers with her at once."
Angel nodded and stood up. He saw who was behind Max’s girl and let out a low deep growl. "Max, this is not good."
"Who is this?"
"James" Angel growled. 'Celine love. You should be careful'
"Angel your alive? Why are you naked?"
"What the hell are you doing in my home?"
Angel backed away growling. "Let her go James."
"Who her okay." Slits her throat and tosses her onto the floor and stabs into his chest with a stake.
/> He growled once again and hesitated to grab her. He managed to grab her and hand her over to Max. "Miss what you see?" He asked. /> "Who the hell is he? Angel what’s going on my love?"
"Remember when we first met Celine? How I told you about James? The Marine?"
"Well here you go. This is James."
/> "What do you want?"
"All I want is him."
"That's a little late now James"
"Oh no it's never too late."
"I still love you and I know you love me. And your wife."
"Oh yes it is." He said and walked up to him. "My wife is dead to me and so are you."
"Wife? Angel?"
"I thought I already told you about it."
Celine backed away from him.
"All this time I've been with a married man."
He grabbed James by the neck. "I thought I told you to never show your face again." He growled and lifted him with one hand.
"Celine, I died remember? Until death do us /> She rushed to Max’s side.
He slammed James against the wall. "Now see what you have done?"
Max laid her lifeless body onto the floor picked up Celine and walked away with her.
Angel showed his fangs to James. "I should kill you for what just /> "Does this mean you are mine again?"
"This means nothing. I am not yours anymore. I belong to that woman that just left the room." Max carried her to his room and laid down in the bed with her. He cuddled up to her and began crying tears of blood.
"You belong to your wife."
"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't rip you to pieces. I died about three weeks ago. I am no longer married."
"Three weeks what has being like this done to you it's been three months."
He shook his head. "It's been that long already? Shit. How time flies when you stay up all night and can't see the sun rise anymore.” We never found you we assumed the worst."
"Well the worst is what growled and lowered James so that he was close to Angel's fangs. "You shouldn't have shown your face here."
'I only came because I love you doesn’t that mean anything to you anymore?"
"Why do you hate me so much?"
He threw James across the room and grabbed his pants but left the boxers. "I told you we were done. What can't you get that through your head?"
"But you never told me y?"
"I just couldn't keep lying to Marie about us. So I cut it off. Now that I am the way I am I have found someone else."
"Oh you find one and the other is never too far behind. Where is she Angel?"
"Oh I brought a friend I hope you don't mind."
"Hello Angel."
Angel turned around. "Who the hell are you?"
He removes his cloak. "You didn't recognize my voice?
"Angel Juno
He shakes his head. /> Angel growled. "Awe fuck me."
"Where is she Angel I know she is here because you are here?"
"Yes well you are wrong she is not and he belongs to me now."

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    We're sam & sally in our 70s sally has said repetedlyshe is a one man woman so the following blew my mind. We go to these dances because she loves to dance. me? I shuffel to slow #s.but since we have great sex after I'm all for it. this time there was a stranger who danced with her & they were good. I said so to her & she replied that he kept trying to feel her up. you can...

  • Spanking sex story

    ‘My God Rose, you have a terrific body. But we are not here to make love. You are here for your punishment,’ he said, caressing my thighs. He slowly bent me over the desk and spread my legs wide apart. He took out the paddle and spanked my white ass. The pain was so excruciating that I screamed, but in a weird way it felt nice.‘Punish me … please spank me some more. I am a bad girl... I wanted...

Wal mart wife

The day her dream came true

Ski lodge fun

As it should be part 2

New found customers

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