So's "mesmer" – chapter one – intrusion

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~~~My mother is not the type of person I would consider normal. She was soft to the touch with hair as fiery as ember, her eyes a forgotten ocean of emerald crystals. Her lips a delicate pink drawn fresh from the pale contours of the skin of her chin and cheeks that cascaded over her jaw. They pressed firmly, caressing in a delicate manner along the firm length steadily. The way it slid in and out in repetition, down to the base and as extreme as the tip of the head on the outdraw, was such a beautiful combination of seduction and vigor that I could not help but feel the sweet embrace for myself as I watched.

~~~My fingers delicately slipped through the tangles of her hair, grasping at the peaks of intensity as my length slid its way in and out of her soft lips. Her tongue was soft but rough, an amazing carressing sensation burning through me as my dick throbbed. My eyes rolled back in the grasp of pleasure, and as my palm ran down her cheek and pressed against her jaw the thrill was overwhelming. My fingers pulled on her hair as my muscles tensed and writhed, and I could feel my shaft pump fiercely as the first burning ropes of semen burst from the head and down into her throat.

~~~My fingers gently grasped her chilled skin as I pulled her beautiful face to me. My fingers wondered through her forest of thick hair as my lips moved with her own in a passion of primal lust. The tip of my tongue eased its course along the contours of her lips, clensing them of the shining pearl extract that had spilled over. I smirked, allowing her to rest her head against the pillow next to me on the bed, and with an exhausted sigh I rose from the sheets and wondered into the darkness of the evicted hall ahead.

~~~What a waste it all seemed. You spend an hour with your mother and she has not a word to say to you afterwords. It's not as though things were awkward between us, such activities had been going on long beyond that point. It was something about her apathy about the whole thing, I would almost prefer the depressing stir of tension we once had to this. What good is it to have a partner with no response to your sessions in the bedroom? I cannot honestly say I desire the constant nagging and bitching that she once had and so sternly has strained herself to resist, but I would like at least a smile and a wink.

~~~I mean, honestly, I do nothing but give and she hasn't even the decent nature to give me a simple thank you? Actions surely do not speak louder than words, and affection is sweetest in the rapture of a voice. Could she simply do me the favor of love? Sadly, I knew it hardly mattered. She was the selfish sort of person that takes and never cares what her partner feels about the matter. How much worse could a person be? If none of us were giving, then we would all have nothing. But at the same time, maybe a few of us have to be ungrateful slugs of mankind's excrement.

~~~This was all silly of me of course, stubborn perhaps. She was a good person at one time. Loving, nurturing. In those days I really believed she loved me. She treated me like a mother should. It was not until the night I approached her for sexual interaction that things became stale. It just started to hurt that she wanted nothing to do with her. I was born from her body, the first nine months of my existence were inside of her, and the moment I was born I proceeded to feed from her engorged breasts. If these actions, from the moment I left the womb, did not scream an indication for sexual desire, I have not a clue what does. And yet, it was her who shot me down. But things eventually moved my way, and in time we were making love each night.

~~~But as I said, it's silly of me to feel hurt. It's not your average severed head that offers a word of affection, after all.


~~~"You are such a jerk sometimes, you know that?" The tears in her eyes were more than I could bare, and the acidic sting to her cries deteriorated the last of my strengths. She was right, anyone could see that. I had never been right to her, had never treated her the way she deserved. It was I that was in the wrong, and I whom should drop to my knees and praise every little thing she did. Why was I the way I was? Was I simply using her? Certainly she thought so, and it made my heart burn in the worst way to even think it may be true. But I knew it could not. Surely, how could I be using her? I loved her from the moment I set eyes on her. And then again, It's hard to say that it was love that I felt when I first looked upon that body.

~~~Faye was an eternal beauty, the kind you dream about living next door to you and pleasure yourself to the thought of every night, hoping your fantasies come true. Her skin was tan and smooth to the touch, a silky delight to the touch. Her lips were a pale, yet bright pink and well developed. Plump, juicy, the lips that porn stars pay thousands to have. Her eyes were gorgeous, a glimmering, pale blue, the fairest I had ever seen. Her hair was what had first caught my attention. It was frosted to a near snowy white blond tone, and ran its length down to her shoulder blades. Her breasts were perky and wonderfully shaped, a perfect handful with masterful symmetry and the prettiest little pale, pink nipples I had ever seen.

~~~She was on the slim side, well toned from extensive athletic activity without overdoing it. Her hips making for a perfect hourglass figure that made her tight, firm ass stand out in a seductive posture. Let me be honest with you, this goddess was born with no further design than to fuck raw. And I think it's this mindset that drove me to the brink each time I gazed upon her and made me wonder whether or not I actually did use her. From the moment I saw her I wanted her, craved to touch and feel her. It took only a short time to move in on her and make her love me. It was less than a week before we had sex for the first time, and when we did it was the most amazing thing I had ever known.

~~~Maybe it was this that drove me crazy rather than an actual feeling of love for her, and perhaps it was the fear that I'd lose that incredible body, and the amazing sex, that made my heart ache each time she cried over my actions. But could she really blame me?

~~~She didn't speak to me for the rest of the day, and it was not until that night that I got to see her again. She arrived on my doorstep late, long after my roommate and his girlfriend had fallen asleep. She was drenched from head to toe, it had been a heavy rain that night, and it made me wonder how long she had stood outside under the miserable protection of the tree in my front yard before deciding to confront me. I immediately welcomed her in, my eyes not once leaving her.

~~~Just the sight of those clothes stuck tightly to the magnificent body made my knees weak. The hard, sudden rain had caused her t-shirt to securely wrap around the shape of her beautiful tits. Her nipples stood out through her bra, stiffened by the cold outside. I simply had to have her, but first she needed to get out of those soaked clothes.

~~~It was a short five minutes before we were in the warm confines of my bedroom, our lips locked together in a passionate embrace as I peeled her icy black thong down off her hips and along her thighs, allowing her to kick them away. I shed my shirt, pulling her naked, damp body against me tightly, her tits pressing warmly against my chest, my hand slipping down to her ass to sweep down the crack and curl under, the fingertips lightly pressing just an inch away from her slit. Her hands were all too eager to work at my zipper and pull away my jeans, my throbbing cock bursting from my boxers with little effort and slipping up between her thighs. Her fingers delicately wrapped around my thick shaft, gripping firmly and beginning to stroke its length. Our tongues entwined, tackling one another in a desperate confrontation of agonized desire.

~~~No longer able to stand it, my hands slid to the backs of her thighs and I proceeded to lift her up against me. Her firm, silky thighs constricted their way around my waist, my hand running up her spine and, as I pulled her close, I felt the hot sensation of her tight pussy slip around the head of my throbbing cock. A bucked up into her, her eyelids opening a sliver from the immense pleasure bursting up into her form, her lips parting to allow a passionate gasp of delight escape her. Her arms were tightly bound around my shoulders, my own strongly grasping her feather-weight body and sliding it up and down to push my thick shaft in and out of her, our lips still grinding deeply against each other. Her hips pounded tightly against my own, forcing me in deeper and harder, her eyes open a sliver to gaze lovingly at me, my own doing the same as my fingers curled and pressed tightly against her flesh. The moonlight shone majestically through the window onto my goddess, the sweat causing her body to glimmer. She was an angel at this moment, a true sign of Heaven's existence.

~~~I tossed her down against the bed and began to ram my hips viciously against her, the full length of my cock pounding over and over into the tightness of her fair, pink pussy, its moisture encouraging me only to move faster. My lips wondered from her lips and across her cheek, down her neck and to her collar bone. I heard her moan out in bliss, a cute little shiver overpowering her as I nipped and teased her every great once in a while. Her hands slid across my tight back, her razor nails digging in as her muscles tensed. They dragged up my spine, thick red marks the only remnants. That's when it happened. A sharp bang sounded across the room in a violent echo. My eyes immediately darted up to gaze in the direction of the disturbance, Faye's own a whimsical stir of confusion. I lifted gently up from her soft body, ensuring to drag the sheet of the bed over her and lightly tuck it in around her. "Wait here, baby." I whispered, my voice soft and assuring, hoping she did not see through me. Truth be told, I had no clue what it was that was just outside my bedroom door, but I was certain that it was nothing normal.

~~~I reached to the floor to pull on my jeans, pausing only to zip them. A short trip to my dresser aided me my handgun, and I slowed my way to the door. My eyes were steady, cold against that which was not yet seen. Cautiously I placed my hand upon the knob of the door, twisted, and then came the creaking of the hinges. The door fell open slowly, exposing the endless darkness ahead. My steps were soft as I wondered down the carpet-paved hallway floor. I took no longer than a moment to study anything ahead of me, certain that the slightest mistake could be disastrous. Certainly it could mean nothing at all was to occur, but this was a risk I simply could never warrant myself to take.

~~~I found myself in the living room, the front door torn brutally away from its frame just outside my home, the violent rain rushing its way in to dampen my carpet. It was disturbing to see such a sight for reasons more than some may suspect. It was less the fact that the door had been forced away and more the fact that I was certain it was not an approaching tornado that had caused it. The wind was not strong enough, the door, while removed, was still in my sight, and the house did not shake or quiver. Instead, from what I could tell the entire door was not in a single piece, black carbon was burned into the wounds, and the frame seemed to share the same misery. The hinges were hardly any different. Still red from an intense heat, melted to a hideous deformity. Could it have been lightning? What a strange way for it to strike.

~~~Then came the gurgling. It was coming from my roommate's room. I ventured my way down the hall with danger and fear in my heart. There were no abnormalities to the trail from the front door onward, no sign of what had caused this, no tracks or burns to the walls. It was his bedroom door that shared such a fate.

~~~I dreaded to look within, the gurgling a disgusting mess of chaos, accompanied by desperate coughs. The closer I came, however, the more I began to notice. There were strange scrapes to be heard from within, and a weak, repetitive gasping that sounded less pleasant than disturbing. Slowly, I leaned around the corner to gaze in. What I saw was, to say the very least, unpleasant.

~~~The walls were slathered in thick coats of smeared blood, paired only with a few small specks of burned, red holes as though cinders had spattered across them and refused to extinguish. My roommate was dead, at least close enough for me to force my priorities above his own fate. My heart sank into my stomach, and soon my eyes were taken in by the culprit. My roommate's girl lie helpless and bloody against the torn bedsheets, her legs hoisted up in the air, her body limp and the nearest to death I had hoped any human could be. Above her was something perplexing. It was, in its own way, human. Two large arms grasping at her hips, a pair of legs standing straight and pressing against her brutally. What was inhuman was essentially anything else. While it had a humanoid form, its flesh was the darkest blackness my mind could comprehend. It lacked any true definition, the dim light from the windows seemingly ineffective against the shadowy texture of its body. Its eyes were all that stood out, a bright, sinister amber coat glimmering in the moonlight. Strange veins of darkness whipped about effortlessly from its body, almost like its very body was trying to crawl into the night air like vapor or perhaps smoke.

~~~I could not help but stare at this bizarre sight at first, but soon I found myself firing into the dark mass wildly. Black blood spattered down onto the naked body of the writhing victim below, staining her cold flesh. The being seemed to have minimal reaction to my assault, only a brief gaze in my direction. Another pull of the trigger proved to me that my gun had been emptied, and as I reached to replace the clip my stomach dropped. There was a strange, ominous feeling burning through me, that sort of paranoid feeling that tells you that you're being watched. Without a second thought I spun to look behind me, and with little surprise, yet ghastly horror, I gazed upon yet another figure only a short distance away from me, his eyes cold against my own.

~~~He was pale, a milky pale that offered nearly perfect contrast to the rapist I had already encountered. His hair was silky and jet black, straight down to the sides of his head, shading his face. But his eyes were clear to me. They were a burning shade of orange mixed with bloody red and bordered in a bright yellow, they truly looked like the embodiment of flame swelling in the body of madness. His body was draped in heavy, black garbs, only his hands exposed. His lips were curved into a sadistic grin across his cruel face, and slowly I began to feel weakened. He reached out, placing a single hand against my bare shoulder. A horrible scorching tore into me, and my vision blurred into darkness. I felt myself collapse to the floor and go numb. My world was utter blackness, and soon I fell into complete unconsciousness.

story by: SinfulOblivionII

Tags: rape incest fantasm murder sex story SinfulOblivionII horror

Author: necrophilia

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