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A couple of months have passed and Carolyn was back visiting her former neighbor, Sharon. They were like sisters in many ways. Besides both loving sensual and sexual massages, they were both voyeuristic and would secretly watch each other get their erotic massage. Sharon lived with her mother, Rhoda, who also loved special massages. Their house was structured in such a way that when giving massages in the sun filled dining room, it was extremely difficult to see into the darkened living room diagonally opposite across the hallway from the dining room.

Last time I gave all three a massage, Sharon was hidden in the darkness with a birds eye view to see her mother and then her former neighbor cumming on my massage table. Just watching two people get a totally nude sexual massage to a climax had to have been more than enough for any voyeur to at least get their pants wet; if they were wearing any. Sharon didn't have any panties. After doing Rhoda and then almost done with Carolyn, (Actually I was done, she wanted to play with one of my toys for a while) I left Carolyn with one of my new toys I had brought over.

As I turned to leave the room I nonchalantly peered into the now semi darkness of the living room and noticed a now familiar sight; Sharon with her bathrobe wide open polishing a slick dildo between her legs. She was so intensely watching Carolyn she had not noticed me taking a peek at her. I quickly turned toward the dining room for another second before going for a break in the kitchen, and there was Carolyn with both hands wrapped around the base of her toy. Already impaling herself with the 7" pulsating penis shaped dildo, Carolyn pressed the vibrating clitoral attachment firmly against her clit. Both clitoral stimulator and shaft were humming away at their quick little paces. I couldn’t bear to watch another second; I left.

Sharon watched all of this; not missing a single orgasmic drilling stroke. Sliding her own little man in unison with Carolyn, I heard her wince and moan. She tried to muffle her orgasm, but I could hear her from the kitchen. Carolyn was oblivious to anything outside the dining room. Sharon was thrashing all over the couch cumming; Carolyn was still working on hers. At last, I heard Carolyn screaming in ecstasy. Exhausted, she came into the kitchen with her robe loosely held in place and her pjs tucked under her arm. She was spent and told me so, “I can't take any more massage today, Pete. Between your massage and then Mr. Bunny, I have had all I can take for now. This has been the most pleasurable day of my life.” She turned on her still weak and wobbly limbs and shuffled her way toward the stairs to get Sharon. My dick was finally starting to subside.

I was thinking that Sharon would also be done, but she was always hungry for more. Carolyn did not muffle her pleasure. I could barely hear when Sharon ran back upstairs to pretend she was still asleep. Carolyn and Sharon switched places. Without Sharon knowing, Carolyn decided to watch TV in the living room. As she was sitting down on the sofa, she was just about to turn on the TV when she noticed Sharon spread on my table. Needless to say, the TV never got turned, but Carolyn managed to get turned on again. As Sharon was getting her finale with extra benefits today, I could hear Carolyn. She had another loud, but muffled in the cushions, orgasm. Sharon
was satisfied and still riding a few waves of pleasure when I heard Carolyn sneak back up stairs.

Well here it is a month later and Carolyn is back for her second erotic experience. For today's
massages, I’ve added several new toys, just in case there may be a need. Rhoda had left for some early morning errands and grocery shopping and wouldn't be back until the afternoon. She was wondering if I was still here when she got back, if I could give her her usual massage. I told her that it would be my pleasure.

I was getting a later than usual start and felt that I would still be here. An extra massage would complete my day. After last month here, I found out that three erotic massages were all my love log could withstand. A sensual massage is at least twice as long as a conventional massage. Just the extra time alone softly touching a person will help to get them aroused; never mind what it does to me.

Today Sharon went first; unusual, but she had places to go this morning also. She just wanted her sexual massage, a little relief and she was off shopping. If she needed more she said she would be back late. I was left standing half swollen and dripping as I said, “Have a nice day!” as she went to wake Carolyn, get dressed and head out to the mall.

This left Carolyn to get her complete sexual massage in peace and quiet. It was indeed a rare moment at Rhoda’s; to be alone and to be able to execute a massage without an audience. Last time Carolyn got hung up on a toy and that was all she sang. My massage was never really finished, but Carolyn had enough for the day. She new what to expect from watching Sharon last time and decided then that she had to return for the balance of her massage. She watched and knew she had to experience the same pleasures. Today she couldn’t wait to hop up on my table

. She had noticed the new toys along with a familiar one and mentioned that there was a couple that caught her eye, but today she would abstain from indulging with the silicone toys.
Without going through all the wet and slippery details, Carolyn had received the full and successful treatment; along with a full tummy thundering release. I was able to slowly bring her to several peaks and valleys before the massage was completed. This was definitely Carolyn’s day.

This story, however, does not start with Carolyn's first complete and fantastic sexual massage. It begins when Rhoda returns from her shopping spree. Neither of us heard her come in through the back door. However that was not the case with her. I was deeply involved and totally concentrating on Carolyn. I was initiating the finale; the mind blowing G- spot massage. Carolyn was fast approaching the biggest and most prolonged orgasm of her 30 year life. She was constantly moaning and mouthing all the adjectives she could think of as to how she felt at the moment.

After all the stages of arousal and excitement of peaks and valleys she’d been through today, Carolyn was ready to explode. She was normally loud from a mild climax, but today was no normal climax. Today was the ultimate and with my back was to the doorway and Carolyn's eyes closed and her body bearing down, moaning and mewing so loudly everyone could have come home just then and neither of us would have heard them. Carolyn’s toes were curled tightly as she screamed out for me to fuck her now. Rhoda was standing in the doorway watching her daughter's old neighbor being brought to an amazingly powerful climactic orgasm by her own special masseur and personal friend. Rhoda began wondering if I had done this type of massage to everyone. She never realized there were others who needed the same. Never gave it much thought, thinking she was the only one.

She found this exciting to watch and was playing with the idea of some opportunity to watch me secretly give someone else an erotic massage like I was doing now and like I had done to her. She could feel herself getting wet. She obviously noticed my solid erection. The thought of watching someone else get a massage from start to convulsing climax was getting herself very wet. She put her own hand into the front of her slacks and slowly slid her fingers between her lips as she watched my shiny wet hand busily crushing Carolyn’s G-spot and rapidly manipulating her swollen clit. Rhoda wanted to stay and watch longer but eased herself back out so as not to be noticed just as Carolyn let out more screams of pure cumming pleasure. With her hand still in her panties, she gave herself a few more tingling strokes before opening the back door to bring in the groceries.

Upon returning she made enough noise so we knew we were no longer the only ones in the house. I quickly covered Carolyn with a sheet as Rhoda announced she was back. I said, "Just in time. I was just finishing with Carolyn. You will be next." "Take your time. I have to put this stuff away and I'm all hot and sticky from running all over town. I'm going to take a shower before my massage." I told her that would be fine. I didn't realize it at the time, but she had become not hot and sticky from her watching me work my magic on Sharon's friend. Rhoda went for her shower and also to finish what she had started when she was standing in the dining room doorway. She had gone too far and needed immediate relief before her massage.

I needed a short rest and could also use a cup of coffee from Rhoda's perpetually filled urn. Carolyn gathered her robe and said she needed to go upstairs and lie down to savor the pleasant feelings still churning through her body. I told her it was a good idea. It would make her sweet dreams that much better. Her legs still a bit weak and wobbly as she shuffled down the hall to the stairs. After the massage she just received, I felt she would lie down and drift off to dreamland. I never expected she would return to watch Rhoda get her treatment this afternoon. I felt it would be safe to service Rhoda uninhibited from watching eyes.

I continued on into the kitchen after cleaning up the dining room and putting clean sheets on the table. I left my toys out just for effect. Rhoda came down with just her robe and slippers. Her hair still wet she asked if there was any coffee left. I said. She smelled like lilacs and lavender. Lilacs are my favorite. The fragrance is strong, but not overwhelming, but alluring. I said, "Rhoda, you smell good enough to eat." She said, "Be careful of what you wish for." We sat and chatted while drinking our coffee. Throwing sexual innuendos back and forth, she liked it and found it a bit arousing. I have to admit I also felt a continuous throbbing in my pants. I suggested we get started before Sharon comes back and Carolyn wakes up.

She agreed and opened her robe as we stood up. She crushed her bare voluptuous 38D boobs against me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I asked why all the emotion. She said, “I might be too exhausted to do it afterward and that cold wet spot on the front of your pants pressing against my bare tummy didn’t come from spilled coffee. Did Carolyn’s body get you a slight bit aroused, Pete? Maybe if you do as great as usual, perhaps I can take care of that for you.”

Rhoda and I got along really well with each other. We were long time friends through the years she had become quite the tease. I never knew when she was just kidding or when she was serious; my thick cock grew as she pressed herself to me. I was excited and she was exceptionally horny this afternoon; for what reason, I was totally at a loss. After her last statement, I was about to give her the best massage of her life also. The idea of a reward after was quite the incentive do give 110%.

She took off her robe and my eyes followed her beautiful body into the dining room. She was indeed very exciting to look at and the lilacs just added a little extra to my arousal. After two sexual massages already today, I was fantasizing about Rhoda and the way she has treated me during previous massages, and just now before leaving the kitchen, I needed a little cooling off period before I started this third massage. My shorts all of a sudden felt tighter than before. I had to reach in and rearrange things for comfort. It was tempting to continue rearranging, but Rhoda was waiting. That power piston would have to hold off a little bit longer.

I hadn’t noticed that Carolyn, true to her character, had crept downstairs while we were in the kitchen. She apparently intended to watch TV however she forgot to turn it on as she settled on the sofa for best viewing both TV and dining room activities. The sunlight had moved off from the dining room and living room. Carolyn was pretty much invisible on the sofa. She had a sexual appetite equal to Sharon’s and was curious to see if Sharon's mother also liked the same kind of a massage. I began wondering if all women were like these three. I always thought of peeping Toms as men; I guess it applies to both sexes.

Carolyn was already positioned to touch herself if she felt the urge from watching. As I approached the dining room I didn’t think Carolyn was in the opposite room. She appeared honestly tired and contented as she went upstairs so I felt safe she would stay there. Rhoda was holding some of the toys; thought. Before Rhoda got on the table I had angled the toys for better viewing, just in case. After all, I have to keep all my clients happy. It's good for future business, especially here at Rhoda’s.

Back to Rhoda, as she turned toward me to get on the table, she was holding up the 7" incher with the clitoral vibe and asked if she could play with it. She never saw anything like it and it intrigued her. I said, "If you're a good girl and Pete can't satisfy you today, I will let you play with whatever toy you like. Satisfied with that she put my toy down but within reach just in case. That particular probe seemed to be a hit. It must be that phrase on the box about after becoming aroused that even the toughest pussy will succumb to its power in five minutes or less.
Rhoda had a great massage and after a deep and tummy fluttering G-spot manipulation, a powerful release. I thought I heard Carolyn trying to muffle her familiar sounding orgasmic screaming from the living room sofa cushions, but I wasn’t sure. It was still very dark in there, and if it was her I didn’t want her to know that I was familiar with her desires to watch.

I was beginning to leave, but Rhoda stopped me and told me I was a good boy today as she stared at bulge and the larger than before wet spot on the front of me. She got of the table and bent over the end of it and asked me to come back over to her so she could take care of me. After what I’d been through today, I had lost control and Rhoda new I would do her just the way she liked; slow and deep. As I approached from behind, I could feel the heat billowing from her boiling pussy. I slid my dribbling tip between her hot slippery lips; our juices mixed together. I held her wide hips and watched my engorged shaft disappear into Rhoda’s hot gripping pussy. My stamina was shot as she suspected; I didn’t last a minute watching every slow deep thrust into Sharon’s Mom. Thoughts of Sharon flared in my mind as I continued to plow into Rhoda. It was like I was doing both of them at the same time. I erupted deep into both of them. I came hard and quick. As I pulled out, my cum was draining from her spread legs. Moving to the side, Carolyn was able to get another bird’s eye view. I turned slightly facing the doorway. Thinking I was done, I had another contraction and a short spurt of cum shot towards Carolyn’s face across the hallway. Of course it only went onto the floor, but it gave Carolyn a close-up visual proof that the extra benefits could also happen to her. On the down side, I wasn’t able to please her again. I lasted only long enough to build Rhoda back up to another peak and she needed just a bit more to relieve her tensions.

I didn’t have it, but she knew what she wanted. Although she said she didn't need it, I could sense she was dying to try it to see what it felt like. I picked up the toy for her as she scooted back on the table. I showed her how the buttons worked. Gave her the bottle of still warm Astroglide and told her to use plenty for best effect. She said she was quite slippery already from her juices and my release. I told her the more the better when using toys. I told her I would leave her alone and she could play with her heart's content if she felt the urge. Before I left she was squirting Astroglide into her hand and thoroughly coating the silicone shaft; she placed it between her labia and slid it up and down several times before angling it toward her opening.

Rhoda was not shy around me and didn’t mind if I stood there and watched. I stood there only for a few seconds. With a few circular movements of the tip, Rhoda eased the high speed vibrating shaft completely into herself until the bunny ears tantalized her clit. She let out a little ‘wow’ and then twitched before slowly sliding it out. She played with the controls for maximum vibrating pleasure. I couldn’t watch any more. As I turned, I felt my semi hard dick throb against my leg and force the last of my cum to drool down my leg. Rhoda loved slow and deep impalements.

Before I finally was able to leave the dining room and go for coffee, I did take one more look. Rhoda’s eyes were closed with the shaft buried and the clit vibrator buzzing happily against her clit. It was such an erotic vision. I couldn’t help to think that Carolyn would be soaking the sofa if she were in there. Rhoda had turned all the buttons to high speed and that was all I could take as I left to refresh myself and fetch another cup of java. Weak and dizzy, I shuffled to the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes and I didn't hear anything. I got up and went to the dining room to check on Rhoda to make sure she was all right. Some things will never cease to amaze me. Rhoda was fine. Her legs spread wide, the silicone shaft still buried, being held loosely in her left hand. The little clitoral vibe was buzzing between her lips, resting on her little nub. I could see the end of the probe twitching with each of Rhoda's contractions. Her eyes closed, she had taken a deep breath, and was at the peak of her eruption. I couldn't believe it. After just finishing a sexual massage with a climactic ending, Rhoda was working on her third or maybe fourth orgasm from a simple little piece of rubbery silicone.

Now I knew where Sharon gets all her sexual energy. It's inherited from her mother. Just then I heard raspy rapid breathing from the living room. I didn’t dare look; but curiosity was getting the better of me; I had to know for certain, with a quick glance I glimpsed Carolyn soaking the couch cushions. She had her hips arched up high off the sofa and her hand moving rapidly between her legs. The best part, her eyes were clenched tightly; I was unseen. Damn, what kind of situations do I get myself into? A house full of sex fiends. I went back into the kitchen and just waited. What do they need me for! Another satisfying day. And a request to keep a Saturday open for three massages next month.

Because the toys seemed to be a great hit with some of the women, I managed to acquire a variety just for those special occasions. They do add a little extra excitement to an otherwise ho-hum erotic pleasure trip. For those who want and need the extra, extra release that an erotic massage still doesn't give you, the silicone boys can make it happen.

story by: Pete R Bishop

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Author: Pete R Bishop

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