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The story below is told by a close female friend:

I am currently traveling throughout Europe by myself. Traveling alone has given me lots of time to think, to remember things, to develop courage and to overcome fear. Fear comes in waves. When I am all dressed up and ready to walk out into that big world, I stop and wish I were staying home. It always happens. I force myself to reach deep down and pull out some courage. The courage isn’t really there. It’s just a good front that I present. People think I’m so strong. but that's a mistake. Here is an example:

My lover was a businessman who did business all over the world, but especially Asia, and specifically China. He was on the road for weeks at a time, and during his many absences I missed him badly. During one of his many times away from home, my mind started contriving a plan to juice up our love life.

Could I fit in a box? It was his birthday soon but a business trip was planned and he was going to be in Las Vegas. Do I dare surprise him in such a decadent place? Just for self-assurance (insurance?) I reserved an open return ticket. The abundance of call girls in Las Vegas allows men to diverge from their home lives. Was I sure about my lover’s habits? My return ticket gave me some courage to continue with my plan.

With a twinkle in his eye, the young man at Mail Boxes Etc. watched as I stepped into one box after another, crouching down and determining my fit. His mouth opened a bit, showing his wet tongue between his teeth, as I explained that I intended to be a surprise, naked. His face flushed and he giggled nervously, but he didn’t charge me for the box.

As usual in the summer, Las Vegas was hot and dry, but the hotel on the strip he had booked was exquisitely cool, let alone beautiful, elegant and expensive. I wondered why was he staying here? To put my plan into effect, I had to get into his room, but access was curiously easy; a little lie, “he was expecting me”, gave me entr? When I entered, I knew it was his room all right. His clothes were scattered throughout and I recognized them as his. The bathroom counter presented another story though. I found some little blue pills I'd never seen before. What were these for?

Well, I was here now and I was determined to give him one hell of a luscious surprise. I stripped naked except for a pair of candy striped panties and settled down in my sexual cardboard nest with a nice bottle of Champagne to keep me company until my lover arrived. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had cut a hole in the box, below waist level, just big enough for a penis to enter. There was a sign above the hole on the outside urging him to do so.

About an hour passed. I began to fantasize about this venture, and became quite excited. I start to finger myself, slowly and deeply. But, that didn't satisfy me. I grab the Champagne bottle that is by now nearly empty, and I fuck myself with the neck of the bottle. Remember my fear? Well, the bubbly I brought helped me overcome that fear. It felt so good. My pussy was dripping with my own juices and those left in the bottle.

Shortly after I notice sounds by the door, then someone entered the room. I hear him hesitate just inside the door, chuckle, then walk to the bathroom and jiggle a bottle. He next approached my box and obediently puts his penis into the hole. I had painted some ruby red lips around the hole for encouragement. I began to lick, and suck, and fondle, then lick some more, pulling hard with my gums. His penis penetrated so far, it touched the back of my throat. I hear him groan with pleasure.

Through another hole I had made lower on the box, I reach for his balls. They’re hard and warm. His moans continue until…Off goes the box, flung across the room in a fevered swing. His face is ashen. At this point I am totally drunk; the Champagne, remember? He grasps me below my arms, lifts me up, throws me on the bed and starts to fuck me, hard. My panties tear as his penis rams me, and I lay limp and vulnerable. He removes his raging cock from my dripping vagina, crawls above me and once again enters my mouth. I take him hungrily, sucking until I taste drops of cum. But, sstill he is not satisfied. Reaching for a bottle of Vaseline left on the nightstand, he flips me over so I'm on my hands and knees, and with a finger full of the gooey stuff, slathers my ass hole. His penis presses in slowly and deeply. He continues to fuck me everywhere. I am glistening with semen from cheeks to knees. I lapse into sexual ecstasy.

When I awoke a few hours later, I was alone in the room. He wore glasses, but I found them sitting on the bathroom shelf. Did he know it was me or was he really expecting someone else? Slipping back into my clothes I found an envelope on the bed stand. On the cover was the symbol ¥ (the official sign for the Renminbi, the official currency of the People's Republic of China), and inside I found 6,783 yuan.

Needless to say, he is no longer my lover.

story by: SutPut

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Author: SutPut

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