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One night I received a call from my friend Antonio asking if I could come over and spend the night with him. His sister had her birthday party and his dad still had a couple beers left in the cooler, so naturally I was going. I arrived at Toney’s house late, around 12 o’clock at night. He was playing video games, like usual. I walked into his room and he immediately stopped playing reached to his left and threw me a beer. His parents didn’t care if we drank because we were both eighteen and considered to be as adult as anyone, so I felt comfortable and made myself at home. After my second beer I was lying next to him just talking, when all of a sudden the fucker cup checked me. It wasn’t hard but still enough to cup my junk with his hand. I did it back, and before we both knew it we where playing grab ass all over the place. Cupping came to pinching, pinching to slapping, to tapping. Eventually I started to feel his bulge getting stiff, but that didn’t stop him from touching my shit so it kept on until it became unbelievably noticeable. I stopped after a good feel of his hard dick. I gave up and said you win, and just when I thought it was over he reached over grabbed my hand and placed It on his stiffy. I had never before experienced this feeling of another man’s junk, beside my own. I didn’t know what to do but thinking quickly I decided to not waste this opportunity so I began to rub everything. At this point I seemed to be on the same page as tony and so with that he laid back and shut his eyes. I never saw this coming and had never intended it but I experienced that powerful sexual feeling that you have when you’re with another person, too bad the first time was with a man but I decided to act upon it. Rubbing intently Tony began to thrust his hips into the air, matching the same motion of which I was massaging his package. Being bold, I decided to take full advantage of the situation so I grabbed both sides of his waist band and pulled his running shorts down gently to his knees. I then could see his bulge more clearly through his grey briefs, exposing more of his above average dick. Seeing this made me want to see more, so I, like before grabbed both sides of his briefs and gently pulled down to expose his bare 8 inch cock. I was a little jealous of how I compared up to tony’s shit but non the less I continued on. I first looked up at tony and saw that he still had his head back with his eyes closed, which made me feel more comfortable and then went on to grasp his dick and gently glided my hand up and down his shaft; from tip to base, slowly and firmly I was jacking off my friend tony. For the fact that I was jacking his bare dick made him respond more intensely than before. He began to thrust his hips again but in a more uncontrolled manner, from side to side up and down, but still at the pace of which I was going. I had received a lot of pleasure from jacking tony off but I had other plans in mind as well. I squeezed tightly on the tip of his cock, which brought out a huge thrust from tony, I then licked the tip of his dick which was excreting a little pre cum. The taste was salty to say the least and not what I expected but it passed quickly. I started off just licking the tip to then sucking the tip, from this tony’s hips responded to a swifter thrust which made his dick penetrate my mouth deeper. I could take his dick only so far into my mouth that I was three quarters of the way down before his tip jammed into the back of my throat. I put my hands on both sides of his hips to restrain his bucking, and thrusting. After he was restrained I was more effectively sucking his dick. He was still able to thrust a little but I was able to control the depth of which his dick slid in and out of my mouth. He began to moan and breathe heavily as each time I sucked more and more. I guided my tongue down the bottom of his dick which was now covered heavily in my saliva, so much so that it dribbled down to his balls. I removed his dick from my mouth and when I did, it made the sound like when you stick your finger in your mouth and pop your cheek. Tony obviously waxed, because there was absolutely not a single pubic hair in sight. This made it very easy when I went down to suck on his balls. I spit a glob of spit onto his dick and continued rubbing up and down simultaneously sucking on the base of his shaft. From the shaft I moved down to his balls which were fully soft and started sucking on one ball, pulling the skin instead of the testical. Still rubbing up and down on his shaft I licked the under side of his scrotum, which smelled and tasted like sweat, but oddly enough it drove wild. At this point I totally engulfed in what I was doing and had no other outside thought. I had one goal and that was to make tony climax. I moved my mouth back over to his throbbing cock and began to suck wildly on it. His hips where moving out of control, his moans became louder and deeper, so much that he put a pillow over his head to muffle the sound. My mouth slid back and forth faster and faster, gagging me due to his cock making it to the very back of my throat. Faster, Faster, Faster his thrusts became making his dick penetrate my throat. His stomach indicated how fast he was breathing and he might as well have been running a marathon. His moans were now deep grunts. His hips bucked and thrashed wildly and then I felt his hot fluid shooting into my mouth. I was so caught in the moment that I didn’t care how gross it might have been, I swallowed all of it. I licked all around, and each time I licked his head he thrust forward a little. He removed the pillow from his head and let out a huge breath, sat up looked at me and pushed my face back into his dick which by now was already soft. I popped my head up and flicked him in the balls. He heaved over in pain but I knew it wasn’t that hard so I pushed him back and kissed him. I told him that we should probably take a shower and he agreed. I got the water to a perfect warmth and started to take off my clothes. Tony was already naked so he decided to help me. He slid my briefs down and off my legs exposing my two inch soft dick. I was a little embarrassed but tony didn’t even seem to care. We both got in the shower and immediately began to make out. We started rubbing and humping each other. I decided to get more leverage, so I grabbed around to his ass cheeks and started to press hard up against his body. I squatted down to again take his dick in my mouth it was thicker when it was soft and easier to fit into my mouth. I just sucked on his soft dick for a while until I realized that I still had a hold of his ass cheeks. I, already taking more than one bold step decided to take another. I began to ease my middle finger closer to his ass hole, and without long I had reached the opening. He didn’t object so I proceeded to penetrate my finger inside his butt. He gently pushed my head back and turned around to expose his ass to me. I was amazed. I stood up straddled his ass and poked my 5 inch dick between his ass cheeks. At first it was really tight and hard for me to even get my head into. Just then we hear a knock on the bathroom door. it was tony’s mother. “Is that you in there?” “Yeah mom” tony yelled. I swiftly pulled my dick out and stood listening. “I need to use the bathroom!” She said. At this moment I had to think quick, So I quickly hopped out of the shower, put on my briefs and slid out the bathroom window. I quickly went around to tony’s room and went through his window and straight onto the bed. This night will never be forgotten. I didn’t know if I was gay or bisexual, but one thing for sure was right I loved tony more than a friend.

story by: cvboy78

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Author: cvboy78

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