Speed dating with guaranteed sex – part 01 = steve and donna

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I almost never write a story longer than one part. I have had many requests over the years to do so. This may be my only time and as far as I’m concerned each part will be a standalone story. That way I can end it anytime that I want too without annoying you readers too much. As it turned out I was able to write five parts before I wrote myself out of the story.

Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex – Part 01 = Steve and Donna

Well, I had heard about a group being formed where they go on just one date a week. The date starts on Friday whenever the two people can get together. It lasts util late on Sunday and sex is guaranteed. In between sex the couple tries to get to know one another and see if they might be compatible.

Part 01 is about Steve and Donna.

Steve had been nervous all day at work. It was his first and he had never met Donna before.

He was a forty-year-old man, divorced, two teenage daughters, and he sold auto insurance for a living. He had not had sex in a few months and only joined the group because sex was guaranteed.

Steve pulled up in front of an old run down building. The white picket fence was not very white and several slats were missing. The lawn had not been mowed for a month or more.

He walked up to the door and pushed the doorbell. Upon not hearing a ding-dong he knocked.

Donna opened the door and asked him to come in. She had been a little late getting home from work and was not prepared to spend two nights with him.

Steve followed her into her bedroom and sat on the bed while she opened drawers, looked in the closet, and filled a suitcase.

While he watched her he noticed that she was a little older than he was, that she was starting to get some gray hairs, and that she was a little overweight too. Normally, she would not have been someone that he would have asked out. However, any sex was going to be good sex. Like they say, all pussies are the same in the dark.

Donna said, “I’m sorry. You would think that after four other that I would be used to this by now.”

She zipped up her suitcase and Steve took it from her. He followed her down to the front door and then to his car. He sat her suitcase down and opened her door. She seemed amazed that he opened the door for her. No man had done that for her in years. As a way of rewarding him, she made sure to part her legs wide enough to let him see her bright red panties with white lace trim. She was wearing the matching bra.

Steve enjoyed the view up Donna’s skirt and closed the door, put her suitcase in the trunk, and then drove her to his house.

Donna noticed immediately that Steve was a very clean housekeeper. That or he had a housekeeper that did it for him.

Steve placed her suitcase in his bedroom and asked, “Do you need to freshen up before we go to dinner?”

Donna smiled and reached up under her skirt and pushed her panties down her legs. At her knees they fell to her ankles on their own. She lifted one foot at a time and then placed her soiled panties on his bed, making sure to arrange them nicely. She said, “I’m ready. Do you need sex before we go? After all that is why I’m here.”

Steve replied, “I would like to get to know you first. Did the other guys start right out with sex?”

Embarrassed Donna said, did…all four of them. I felt like a prostitute. With two of them I never got dressed again until they took me home.”

Steve took Donna’s arm and treated her like a lady. Dinner was nice but the walk along the lake was when they really got to talk. Donna had had a rough life starting with her father raping her, her three brothers fucking her as often as they wanted too, and her husband sharing her with all of his friends. When her own son started fucking her she left town for a fresh start. Joining that speed-dating group was not the smartest thing that she had ever done.

Steve took her into his arms and kissed her. She placed her arms up high on his neck allowing him full access to her body, if he wanted it. It thrilled her when he roughly groped her breasts, squeezing them, and pinching her nipples. She had an orgasm when he put his hand up under her skirt and finger fucked her right there in public. She didn’t even mind when people came near them but Steve was ever the gentleman and would hold her hip until they got past them.

They found a bench and Steve had Donna sit down, pull her skirt up a little, and then open her legs. He wanted to watch her masturbate right there in the open.

Donna never took her eyes off from Steve. She did the best job of masturbating that she could. Somehow Steve had figured out her secret desire. She was an exhibitionist and had never really had the chance to explore it much.

Steve took Donna into a men’s restroom in a park. He lifted her up on the gross sink and thrust his cock into her just as hard as he could. The excitement was too much for him and he came way too early. When Donna asked if she should clean up Steve said no. He wanted his cum to drip down her legs.

A teenager came in before they could leave. He asked what Donna was doing in the men’s room and Steve told him that she was an exhibitionist. Then he told Donna to lift her skirt and show the boy her used pussy. He really liked it and asked if he could fuck her. Steve told him that being an exhibitionist did not make her a whore. Then he took Donna out and back to his car.

Donna thanked Steve for a wonderful and asked him to make her do more stuff like he had been.

Steve let her suck his cock as he drove home, he made sweet passionate love to her when they went to bed, and he butt fucked her over the kitchen table in the morning.

Her blowjob was not very good, she had been forced to suck cock for so long that she didn’t enjoy it. Her pussy was pretty sloppy from having five children and being fucked constantly most of her life. Her asshole had been used a lot too but that turned out to be her tightest hole, especially when she slipped a big dildo into her pussy. She had packed it, just in case.

They had a wonderful weekend and Donna was sad to see it end. Steve was the nicest man that she had yet. He let her get some of her exhibitionist fantasies off from her to do list.

His final goodbye was to fuck her in the cemetery two blocks from her house. He put her ass down on a brass military plaque from World War I. Then he fucked her like there was no tomorrow, which there wasn’t going to be. He enjoyed fucking her because after he had cum inside her he was going to pick up her clothes and make her walk the two blocks back to her house naked. Of course he kept an eye on her and made sure that she got home safely. She found her suitcase and her clothes on her doorstep.

It was the best date that she had had in her life. However, she knew that he would not call on her again.

Steve was very pleased with his first and was looking forward to finding out what his next would look like on Friday.

Part 02 will be about Donna and Troy.

The End
Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex – Part 01 = Steve and Donna

story by: fbailey

Tags: fiction blowjob consensual sex exhibitionism male/female anal sex story

Author: fbailey

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