Springbreak part 1

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Her name was Stephanie and she had been dating her boyfriend for a little over 6 months now. She was a freshman at the local university and he was a senior. Her boyfriend (Josh) was captain of the rugby team and a really good looking guy. All the girls wanted to date him, and somehow she had landed him. She thought that it helped that she did have huge tits and a great pair of legs. Plus she was skinny to boot. Most girls she went to college with that were skinny had tiny tits or fake tits. She had both – skinny and huge breasts. 38 D's to be exact.

Josh and her had been sexually active together since the 2nd week she started dating him. However, she knew he had a kinky side to him. He told her before that he thought she would look hot kissing another girl, but she had quickly told him she wasn't into girls or being a lesbian. So he dropped the subject. Although, if push came to shove, she would do anything to keep him. He was popular, good looking, and came from money. Any girl at her university would die to go out with him. She considered herself lucky that he was dating her. However, she secretly hoped that he would never bring up the lesbian thing again, because she really didn't want to do anything like that. She came from a good family, and had morals and values.
So springbreak was right around the corner, and her and Josh and a bunch of college friends were going to Lake Havasu. They were all pretty excited. She had never been on a college springbreak before because she was afterall, only a freshman.
Springbreak was fun for Stephanie. Drinking, partying, hot tubs, the lake. Her and Josh were having a blast, and all of their other friends. Mostly the friends they were hanging out with were his guy friends from the rugby team. However, she didn't mind. They were fun guys.

One day they were at the lake laying out on one of the yachts. His rugby friend Tom knew some people that owned the yacht, and they were all invited aboard. Stephanie was having a blast and was really enjoying herself with Josh. She also was a really drunk, but it didn't matter, it was springbreak.

As the day progressed on Lake Havasu, and the more people got drunk, the crazier things became. Girls starting taking off their tops, kissing each other all around the lake, on practically every boat in the lake. Josh of course was staring at all these girls kissing each other, and even some would take off their tops and suck on each other's tits. Josh starting looking at Stephanie in a weird way that made her uncomfortable. "What" she asked him. "I wish you would kiss a girl. You know how much that would turn me on? Look my dick is getting hard just thinking about it". She stared at him in disbelief "are you serious" she asked? "Yes" he said, very quietly but yet very seriously. "I need to know if I am going to be with you, that you have a sense of adventure." Stephanie gulped and turned away to try and to hide her tears that she felt stinging her eyes. She had a feeling this was coming but had been in denial. All of the rugby players had girlfriends that would be with other girls to turn their boyfriends on. It was the norm rather than the exception. Stephanie had hoped that Josh would not have the same expectations of her, but she was wrong.

Stephanie knew that she didn't want to lose Josh. Plus everyone at school would tease her about being if she lost Josh over this. She turned to Josh, and said "okay". Josh's eyes lit up and a look of lust came across his face. "Let's go" he said, as he pulled her up from the towel she was laying on. "Let's go to the front of the yacht and see what is going on".

They got to the front of the boat and everyone was screaming and hollering from the lake down below. Two girls were on the deck taking off their tops and wiggling their tits at the crowd below. Stephanie recognized one of the girls as someone whom always hung out at the rugby house. A "rugby groupie" they called them. A girl willing to do anything for the rugby players.

Josh grabbed Stephanie's hand "come here". He pulled her onto the deck in front of the crowd below. "What are you doing" she stammered. "Just relax" he said. He had a commanding voice, and she didn't want to argue with him. She figured she had already risked losing him once with the girl/girl thing, she didn't want to push him any further. She stood in front of him like he told her too.

The two girls were still dancing and shaking their tits for the crowd. Josh got behind Stephanie and started massaging her tits through the fabric of her little bikini. Stephanie tensed up, but didn't protest, although she could feel tears coming up to her eyes again. The crowd saw him feeling her tits and started to watch Josh and Stephanie. The two girls shaking their tits, starting watching them too. He kept massaging her tits while the crowd went wild. He whispered in her ear "I am going to take your top off now". She nodded her head, but couldn't speak, lest she start to cry. He slowly un-did the strings on her bikini, letting them fall to the side while slowly exposing her enourmous tits. The crowd went wild. Even his rugby team mates whistled. Stephanie just closed her eyes.

Josh kept massaging her tits, tweaking her nipples until they were hard. Stephanie hung her head so that her hair covered her face and how embarrassed she was. He whispered in her ear again "now is your chance to prove to me your adventurous side". She nodded as a tear fell slowly down her face.

He motioned for the one girl to come over to him. The one that he knew from the rugby house. He whispered something in her ear, and she nodded and smiled.
She came up to Stephanie and started to kiss her. Stephanie faltered for a moment and the kissed her back, after giving a glance over to Josh, whom nodded to go ahead. The girl then started sucking on Stephanie's tits. Stephanie was beyond humiliated. Her face was bright red. The crowd was chanting "eat her out, eat her out". She heard the click of a camera.

Josh, whom was still behind Stephanie, whispered in her ear again "I am going to take off your bikini bottom now". She nodded, as he slowly un-tied the strings at of her little bikini on each side of her hip. The material slowly fell away onto the ground, to reveal Stephanie's shaved pussy. The girl whom was sucking her tits started to lick downwards towards Stephanie's pussy.

Stephanie stopped her and whispered into Josh's ear "can I turn around and face you while she licks me, I just need sometime to adjust to this, plus I have never done with before". He nodded, and turned Stephanie around so that she was facing him, with her head on his shoulder and ass sticking out.

The girl, whom had been waiting, then proceeded to sit down on the ground, directly under Stephanie's naked pussy, and then started to eat her out. The crowd was going nuts. Yelling, hollering and cat calls. Stephanie had her face buried in Josh's shoulder while he massaged her tits and whispered in her ear "you are my good little girl". She nodded. "Now I want you to grind your hips into her face." Stephanie rocked her hips back and forth into the girls face. The crowd was screaming, and she could hear pictures being taken, which only furthered her humiliation.

Josh whispered in her ear " you are going to need to turn around now". Stephanie said but he gave her a look that she knew he wasn't taking no for an answer. "You are my good little girl, let's keep that way". She nodded and turn around.
One of his rugby brother's came up to him and slapped him high five and gave him a can of whipped cream. Josh handed the whipped cream to the girl kneeling on the floor in front of Stephanie. The girl then shook the can, and proceeded to spray the whipped cream on Stephanie's tits and pussy. She then stood up, and started licking the whipped cream off Stephanie's tits, while Josh hovered over Stephanie's shoulder watching.

The girl then slowly worked her way down Stephanie's stomach, licking the whipped cream, until she came to her pussy. She then started lapping Stephanie's pussy furiously. Stephanie, whom had been hanging her head with hair covering her face, looked up into the sea of people watching, and felt deep humiliation and embarrasment that she didn't know what to do.

Josh spoke to her in a sharp tone "spread your legs more, and grind your hips into her face, and quit looking down". Stephanie did as she was told, she planted her feet firmly on the ground, spreading her legs while Josh balanced her, and grinded her pussy into the girls face, while looking at the crowd. The crowd went wild and starting chanting her name. Josh was playing with her tits, while she saw someone's video camera from a far, taping her. She kept rocking her hips in the girls face. The girl then started to finger fuck her while she lapped at her pussy.

One of Josh's rugby friends, Tom, came over to help Josh hold Stephanie up, as she was starting to sway. Stephanie had always hated Tom. He was really obnoxious and ugly. She looked over at Josh and whispered in his ear "get him away from me, you know I don't like him". Josh grinned at her, and did nothing. Stephanie knew it was a futile request, so she just stood there. Tom started playing with her giant tits. "You are a little slut aren't you" he said. Stephanie just hung her head. He then moved his hand down towards her pussy and spread her wet pussy lips while the girl licking her, licked her even deeper. The crowd was screaming now, and she even heard a couple of guys groan like they were going to bust a nut over what was being done to her.

To Stephanie it seemed that this went on forever. The crowd kept on chanting for her to "come" but she just couldn't. She was too embarrassed, and humilited and felt like she was having an out of body experience. Josh was holding her left side, while Tom was on her right side. The girl was still licking and sucking her pussy and finger fucking her, while Tom had her pussy lips spread and was sucking on her tits.

She just wanted it to be over. So Stephanie let out a yell that sounded like she came, but was really a desperate animal cry that this was all happening to her. After this happened, the crowd went nuts, and Josh told the girl to stop licking her. Camera's were flashing, the roar of the crowd was defeaning, but finally it was over. Josh handed her back her bikini and he covered her up with an oversized towel and led her down the back side of the yacht. While they were walking down, his rugby brother's were high fiving him, and winking at Stephanie.

They got down to the cabin of the yacht and Stephanie walked into the bathroom to get cleaned up. She felt embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief. She didn't know how she was going to viewed once she returned to school. She was sure everyone would find out. She was sure she would probably even wind up on the Internet somewhere. She never had felt so ashamed, or slutty in her life. She compromised herself for this guy. She didn't know how she things were going to work out between her and Josh now. She walked out of the bathroom to talk to /> Part II will be continued

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Author: hle1023

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