Step-fatherly love part 3

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As I kneel on the floor in front of my SF, between his legs, I am totally fascinated by how enormous his cock is even when it isn’t fully erect. It is black, long, thick, and juicy! I wait patiently for his instructions and after what seems like ten minutes (my mouth is watering!) he grabs a handful of my hair, pulls back firmly, and looks me directly in my eyes. He says “hold my cock and use your tongue to swirl around the head and get familiar with it because you will be spending a lot of face time with it.” So I grab his cock, it is starting to stand to attention, and I begin licking the head just like I saw my Mom do in the movie. As it grows, my hand barely can wrap around it. He notices and tells me if necessary use two hands, but it isn’t necessary anymore as it standing tall.
I sit up a little higher on my knees and work my tongue over every part of the head, exploring every crevice, especially his piss slit. It opens extremely wide and I work my tongue into it as deep as I can. The taste is sort of salty but delicious at the same time. He seems to like this, and I do to, so I spend quite a bit of time working my tongue in and out his piss slit. Finally he says, “I see you like the taste, you will get a chance to drink from the tap soon enough.” At that point in time I was unaware what that meant but like he said I sure found out soon enough. After about ten minutes of working on his dickhead he told me to run my tongue up and down his shaft, while stopping at the top to suck and nibble on the head. I did exactly as I was told. He tells me that I am going to be a good boy and that I am doing a very good job so far.
Then he raises his leg and rests one foot on the bed and I take my cue to suck on his nutsacks. I lick, suck, and nibble on them both one after another. I try to take them both into my mouth at the same time like my Mom did but I couldn’t get them both all the way in. He tells me not to worry, I will learn to open my jaws further once I relax. He repositions himself on the bed so that his ass is closer to the edge and pushes my head down so I use my tongue to find his asshole. It has a musky taste and I absolutely love it. He really likes the way I use my tongue to probe his asshole as I hear some slight moans from him. I keep on working his asshole until he pulls me head up with a handful of hair and tells me to suck his cock. This is the moment that I have been waiting for. I immediately go to work, up and down on his cock, faster and faster until he does something I don’t expect. He slaps me across my face and roughly pulls my head back by the handful of hair he has and says,
“Boy I want you to suck my cock like it is a lollipop that will last forever. You are trying to suck my cock to make me cum and that isn’t what it’s about. Don’t get me wrong, I love to shoot my cum down your throat but that is your reward for doing exactly what I want. Understand that you are working to please me and me only. Only when I am ready will I reward you with a load boy. I want you to worship my cock just like your Mother does boy.”
With that he pulls me up by my hair and sits me on the bed again. He tells me that he wants me to watch the movie of my Mom sucking his cock in its entirety. So I watch the movie. It lasts for almost 3 hours! She sucks his cock for the entire time, only stopping when he tells her to so he can switch positions to feed her the cock. At one point he stands up with her kneeled between his legs and pulls her head back so that her mouth is facing directly upwards and he squats up and down feeding her his cock, and she takes every inch without choking at all. He pulls all the way up until the head is right on her lips and slowly squats pushing his cock all the way down her throat until her face is pressed right up against his pubic hairs and holds it in her throat for about 30 seconds before he pulls back so she can take a breath and then he does it again, and again, and again. He explains to me that my Mom’s throat is in a straight line when her head is tilted back like that and her throat muscles are fully relaxed. Once she accomplished that part he said she just had to master her breathing technique. He told me that my Mom was an amazing woman but that I would be better. I didn’t know if that would be possible.
Once I finished watching the entire video he told me that I can continue where I left off. I did exactly that and for the next two hours I worshipped his cock with my mouth. I could not get more than halfway down his cock and when he finally gave me my reward I felt like I would never be able to take his entire length. He told me it was just a matter of relaxing my throat muscles and allowing his cock to slide further and further down my throat. He told me that tomorrow he would have something for me to practice with when I was alone in my room. He said, “Practice makes perfect.”
The next day when I got home from school he gave me my surprise. Two dildos, different lengths and widths to practice with. He told me to tilt my head back like I had saw my Mom do and so I did, then he forced the smaller of the dildos down my throat, past my tonsils, and then pulled it back out really quick. I didn’t actually choke until he had already pulled it out. He said that he just wanted to show me that I could take a cock down my throat but now I had to train my gag reflex. He explained to me that gag reflex can be taught and taught well. To be

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Author: lookn4daddy

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