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Sam and Lisa

As the weeks gone by, Lisa and Sam’s friends started to notice they were getting closer. Lisa and Sam started to walk around the university holding hands, they would always go out together and would rarely be seen apart.

One day out shopping Sam thought it would be a fun idea, to do some photographs with Lisa, taking it in turn to pose for the camera, whilst the other one would be snapping away. Sam’s first problem would be to get Lisa to agree to this. Sam started to think how it would be best to approach it first and decided it would be best if it was done in a lingerie shop, whilst being surrounded by inspiration.

As they walked into the lingerie shop Lisa’s attention was drawn to a particular, raunchy set on a mannequin. The set was a red satin corset, with matching red thong, Suspender belt and stockings. Lisa’s eyes lit up as she approached the mannequin.

“What do you think?” Asked Lisa whilst her eyes were transfixed. Sam started to think of Lisa’s body modeling the underwear and posing for the camera. Sam walked up just behind Lisa. “I tell you what I think, I think you should wear that tonight and let me take some photos of you.” Sam whispered.

Lisa’s attention was drawn away with Sam’s suggestion. Lisa turned her head slightly, just enough to whisper back. “Well we don’t have a camera, how would we take pictures?” “We can buy a digital camera and put them on our computer” Sam whispered. “Ok but can I wear this?” Lisa motioned to the Lingerie set. “Of course” Sam replied. “I’m just getting wet thinking about you wearing it” Sam then kissed Lisa, and Lisa picked her sizes “36D Bra and 24inch” off the shelves, and proceeded to the check outs’.

As soon as they left the store holding hands they went to the nearest electrical store they could find. After checking out the range of camera’s , Sam and Lisa decided to go for a particular one. The camera offered features of 10Mega Pixel’s Zoom, Timer, Flash, and a Video feature.

Later on that evening whilst watching TV, Lisa got up of the sofa and said “I’ll be back in a moment.” Sam just looked up and nodded. After 20 Minutes or so, Lisa still hadn’t come back in to the living room of the flat. Sam got up and went up to the bedroom door where Lisa had disappeared into, and knocked whilst asking “Are you ok in there?” “Yes I’m fine, just come in.” Answered Lisa.

Sam opened the door and stepped in to the room. Sam was greeted with the camera on the bedside table, and Lisa lying under her duvet. Sam took a couple more steps into the room and closed the door behind her. Sam picked up the camera and switched it on. Lisa cheeks started to blush with embarrassment, as she hid behind the duvet.

be shy, you’re beautiful. Are you wearing the lingerie under that duvet?” Lisa nodded, still hiding under the covers. Sam held up the camera and took a picture. “Now are you going to get on top of the covers, or do I need to take the duvet off you?”

Lisa found the courage to reveal herself to the camera, she got from underneath the covers and knelt on the bed, placing her hands on her hips with her legs spread. The corset complimented her hips and breasts, the thong was comfortably taught revealing her hairless bikini line, and the stockings brought strong color and depth to her legs. She looked perfect, the camera flashed making a clicking sound. Sam took a quick peek at the color display.

“Like another one?” Lisa asked with a raunchy seductive smile. “I want a lot more of you.” Replied Sam. “Get on your hands and knees facing up the bed and turn your neck to see the camera” Sam instructed. “You know what you doing don’t you? Have you done this before?” asked Lisa while moving into position. “Nope never, however I’ve thought about you in front of a camera for a while.” Answered Sam. Sam positioned the camera again, Lisa pouted her lips and pushed her firm ass into the air. Once again a flash of the camera and the clicking sound followed and there was another picture.

“Now I want you to lie on your left hand side, with your corset pulled down just enough so your breasts are exposed. I also want your left leg slightly bent at the knee, and your right leg, to be at a 90degree angle to your body with you right knee bent, so your right foot is in line with your left knee like this.” Sam moved Lisa’s right foot into position. “Your loving this aren’t you?” Lisa said with a large smile on her face. “Of course.” Sam replied with a smile matching Lisa’s. “Now back to the pose I want you to stroke your pussy through your thong with your right hand, and look down at your right breast.” Lisa did as she was asked and stroked her now moist pussy through her thong. Sam moved herself the bottom of the bed and taken her best photo up to now.

“Ok two more, if that is ok with you?” Sam asked. “Yeah that’s fine, I’m quite enjoying this, and it’s also a really big turn on.” “Well for this one, I want you to lie on your front facing up the bed again, with your legs split, just enough so I can see your thong cover that tight ass of yours and wet pussy. I also want you to arch up your back by resting on your elbows, with your head turned to the right.” The camera flashed then clicked.

“Ok last one, I want you to sit up, and rest on your left hand side facing me. I want you to spread your legs and rub your pussy through your thong for the camera whilst watching your hand rubbing against your clit.” Lisa moved into position, and started to rub her clit. After the picture was taken, Lisa still carried on to stroke her pussy, she slipped her hand inside the thong and immediately realized how wet she was. Lisa threw her head back. “Strip and get your tongue down here now!” Said Lisa and Sam couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough and joined Lisa on the bed, pulling Lisa’s thong to one side and burying her tongue into Lisa’s juicy pussy.

Lisa laid on her back pinching her erect nipples, increasing the pleasure. Sam started to probe two fingers deep into Lisa pussy while teasing her clit, with her tongue licking frantically. Lisa’s hips started to rock as she felt her orgasm coming, Sam noticed Lisa hips moving and carried on Licking, and fingering.

Sam kept on lapping up Lisa’s juices and within a few beautiful, intense, lustful moments Lisa came, tightening her muscles around Lisa’s fingers.

Sam crawled up the bed and laid beside Lisa. “tomorrow I think we should go out and get some new toys tomorrow, I’m thinking about a strap-on and a few toy’s for anal, what do you think?” Lisa asked. “I think it will be a great idea, I love it when you play with my ass.” Sam said with a closing kiss.

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story by: chip84

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Author: chip84

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