Surprise ups package and tryst

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Bridget sent me an interesting video; John, This is all for you.
In front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom, she slowly unbuttons her silk blouse, revealing a white lace bra edged with pink lace. It has a little pink bow in the center, nestled between her breasts. She softly caresses the tops of her tits, then unzips her skirt, kicking it to one side. Her panties match the bra, with the ribbon in front. She is wearing thigh-high stockings, again with pink ribbons. She reaches behind her and unfastens the bra. Her breasts are free, and she admires them in the mirror, with their perky, dark nipples.

She slips out of the panties just as the rotating fan swings past her. The breeze feels good on her bare pussy. She places her right foot up onto the velvet ottoman at the foot of her bed rolling the stocking down and off. Then the same with the other leg.
She stands in front of the mirror, naked, preparing for you. She turns looking over her shoulder at the reflection of her firm, smooth ass. My luscious dark hair hangs halfway down to her slender waist. She walks into the bathroom and starts the shower. While the water begins to heat up, she twists her hair up fixing it on top of her head, then she steps into the shower. She backs into the hot water, letting it wet her back and ass, then it flows over her shoulders and down over her breasts, down her belly and between her legs. She turns letting it spray directly on her tits, making her nipples tingle.

She turns again grabbing the bottle of shower gel. She squirts some directly onto her breasts, imagining it's my cum as she massages it in. She squeezes, rubbing and stroking it down to the nipples, working up a lather. She holds her breasts up pushing them together, imagining it's me holding her from behind. She can almost feel my hard cock against her lower back. She pumps more gel into her hand, pressing it between her legs. For an instant it feels deliciously cold, before her hot cunt warms it up. She rubs it in, caressing her lips, stroking up and around her clit, then down, pushing two fingers inside herself. She reaches around washing her ass, slipping a soapy finger deep inside. Oh, God, she wishes that was me.

She takes the can of shaving foam squirting some into her hand. She put her right leg up onto the marble stool in the corner, and rubs the cream luxuriously into her pussy. She shaved two days ago, but this is what I want, so this is what she does. She takes a new razor and begins to pull the steel across her silky-soft pussy, carefully pinching and pulling aside her clit and lips. It feels so good, and she takes care to do a good job for me. Once done, she runs her fingers up and down every little fold and crease to be sure. She rather I check her with my tongue, but I'm not there. She begins to rhythmically rub her clit with one hand, while fucking herself with the fingers of the other hand, the hot water running down her naked body. She already feels an orgasm approaching, so she stops. When she cums, it must be for me, not for her.

She turns off the shower and slides the water off her tits, ass and legs with her hands. She steps out wrapping a huge cotton towel around herself. She imagines me drying her, and once again her hand drifts between her legs, and she feels the slick wetness no towel has hope against. Once dry, she walks naked out into the living room and over to her desk. She let's her hair down again, because she knows that's how I like it. She picks up the package from me and opens it. As she tips it up, a USB stick falls out, and she plugs it into her laptop. She fires up the webcam software, and starts it recording straight to the stick. It's on the front edge of her desk, pointing directly at her pussy as she stands there. She adjusts the two table lamps to make sure I get the best image possible. She steps back holding up the padded envelope, then pulls out the panties I sent. It's a silk, deep red, g-string. She kneels in front of the camera so that I get a perfect view of her tits. In my email, I told her I kissed the crotch of the panties, so she rubs that part against her nipples for me, making them nice and hard. She stands turning around. She steps into the panties, but before she pulls them all the way up, she bends parting her cheeks, so I can see her tight virgin little asshole. She knows I will like that. She turns again. The silk panties look so pretty on her, and she moves closer to the camera so I can see. Her lips are clearly defined against the soft fabric.

She pulls her large leather chair in front of the camera, and reclines back into it. She lifts her feet up onto the desk, her legs spread wide on either side of the camera. She taped the remote onto the arm of the chair, and she uses it to tilt the camera down and zoom in on her pussy. She begins to rub herself through the silk, pressing it between her lips and against her opening. Soon a damp patch is visible, and she zooms in more for me. She slips her hand inside so she can directly stroke her pussy, getting even wetter, then again soak it up with the silk. She pulls her pussy lips out on either side and touches them together around the fabric. She lifts her ass slipping the panties off. She drapes them across her flat stomach while she shows me her bare pussy, holding back each fold for my pleasure. She pushes the first finger of each hand inside, spreading herself wide. It's not easy, because she is tight, but she wants me to see deep inside her, imagining slipping my big cock in her. She stretches the panties tight between her hands, pulling the silk back and forth, up and down her pussy, soaking up more of her delicious juices. It feels incredible, but she would rather have my tongue there.

She begins to push the panties into her pussy. Slowly, one little bit at a time, while at the same with rubbing her clit with the other hand. She moans softly in pleasure, and she hopes I can hear it on the video. After about a minute, only a tiny loop of red silk is hanging out of her pussy. The panties are in heaven. She squeezes her lips together and tugs lightly on the loop, not enough to pull the panties out, but enough so it makes her tingle up and down her cunt. She rubs her clit and pulls about an inch out, and the silk feels divine against the delicate skin. Would I lean in and pull the panties out with my teeth? Please? She zooms the camera out so that I can see all of her again. She pushes her tits together and up, then leans her head down to take a nipple between her teeth. She bites gently. She loves to have her nipples bitten – will I do that for her?

She runs her hands up her thighs and back to her pussy. She pinches and rubs the lips, tugging and rolling them, stroking them with the red silk panties. She begins to work her clit in earnest. She settles into her favorite rhythm, her middle finger on the hood, just above the nub, in a smooth, circular motion. Normally, her other hand would have fingers inside, but her cunt is filled with red silk, so she tugs on the panties. She zooms in again so I can see how the tugging motion moves her lips in and out. Even with the silk soaking up her juices, there is a glisten to the skin, because she is so turned on by the thought of what I'll do with these panties when I get them back. She rubs faster and harder, and she can feel it start to build. She quickly zooms out the camera – she wants me to see her face and whole body as the orgasm slams through her.

She closes her eyes tightly, her breath comes shallow and fast. Her breasts jiggle as she rubs harder and faster until her hand is just a blur on the laptop screen. She pulls hard on the panties, and the sensation of the silk sliding out of her pussy, past her lips, pushes her off the orgasmic cliff. She feels the falling sensation, stars in front of her eyes, and she cries out in ecstasy. Her chin presses down on her chest as her body convulses, tightens, her knees come up and together, her hand clutches her cunt, the other digs its fingers into her left breast, the wet panties dangling. She slowly recovers, opens her eyes, the breathing relaxes, she releases her grip on her tit. She presses the panties back between her legs, determined to soak up every drop for me. She puts them up against her face inhaling the intoxicating scent of her arousal. Soon, I'll do the same.

She opens a zip lock bag dropping the red silk panties into it, much darker now with her moisture. She presses the air out and seals the bag, then pushes it into a padded envelope. She blows one more kiss to the camera, and then leans in. The last thing I'll see before she hits "stop" is a close-up of her hard right nipple. When the little light stops flashing, she pulls out the USB stick, drops it into the envelope and seals it. UPS will be by in an hour, and I'll have the red silk panties, soaked in her pussy juice, pressed against my face and wrapped tightly around my hard cock by ten tomorrow morning. I called Bridget as soon as I received and opened the package. I invited her to come to my hotel room in Beverly Hills, explaining I would be in LA for a couple of days and would like to see her again and get to know her. Since our first meeting was very brief.

Bridget pauses outside the room and almost turns around to leave, but instead took a deep breath and knocked lightly. She hears movement inside the room and her heart beats faster. Bridget eyes the emergency staircase at the end of the hallway and stood ready to kick off her heels and run. She can't tell if the dampness she feels in her panties is from nervous sweat or sexual anticipation. The door opens, the room is candle-lit. The gray-haired man stood there in a light blue shirt, dark blue jeans and bare feet. I had shaved and when I smiled, Bridget feels her legs weaken beneath her. She smiles back. " Hi," she said, unable to take her dark eyes off my green ones. " Hi. I'm glad you came," I said, and my voice is smooth and sounds like the color of a good red wine. I took a step forward, lowering my head pressing my lips lightly against hers. I pause a moment feeling her breath on my skin, then kiss her tenderly but deeply, closing my eyes and placing my left hand on her upper right arm. I feel her raise her head back and when she begins to return my kiss, I feel a pulse in my groin.

Bridget feels my hand grab her shoulder and suddenly spinning her around. She tries to scream but my hand covers both her mouth and her nose. " I am going to take my hand away if you scream. I am going to rip your panties off and fuck you up the ass, dry, right here and now," I said as I moved my hand to the waistband of her panties just above the crack of her ass pulling them up to invade her crack to prove my point. " Do you understand?" She shook her head yes. " Not so rough please," she begs. " Don't talk!" I growl in her ear as I put my hand over her mouth. " You're mine now, to do with exactly how I please. I'm going to fuck you; I'm going to fill you with my cum. Leave you sprawled naked for my pleasure." Whimpering through the nervous tears formed in the corners of her eyes. With her waning strength she struggles against me again, I grab her hips forcing her to feel my hard cock through the fabric of my pants. It is hot against her clothed body, and she knew what is to come. He heaved her over his shoulder and carried her to the end of the alley where no one would see or hear what was about to happen.

I push her up against the wall holding her hands above her head forcing myself on her. I hold her hands against the wall, her body starts going limp and she is shaking against me. I stare at her quivering body, eating her with my eyes. She feels my stare sending shivers down her spine. She looks into my eyes; a window into my soul which is full of desire including the ways to use her body for my pleasure. She is fearful, and excited with anticipation. I grab her neck pressing her against the wall, lifting her skirt rubbing my hard cock in between her legs. The layers of clothing separating us didn't make her feel any less naked and vulnerable under my firm grip. I start laughing and she realizes I'm playing with her; she is now my toy. My dark eyes are so close to hers she feels my warmth. I spoke assertively and aggressively: " You're mine Bridget. I enjoyed your video." Bridget knew at that moment that my primal animalistic lust is raging and she ignited the smoldering embers with her video her heart fluttered.

I rub my hand over her cheek. She tries to bite me, I didn't stop, rather I move my hand to her head running my fingers through her long hair. She trembles as I continue to hold her against the wall. Terrified by the thought of what is about happen she tries one last time to regain control. She struggles, squirming, twisting against my onslaught of groping. The squirming of her body excites me and has an almost hypnotic effect on me making me want her more. Her movements increasing my primal animal needs and desire to impregnate her and to plant my seed deep inside her. I want to cum inside her, to plant my seed inside her womb. I slowly move my hands down to her breasts, my fingers encircling her nipples until they are hard. She grits her teeth vowing not to feel anything. My hand slides inside her silk blouse and went under her bra, roughly pinching her nipple. My hand then moves to the neckline of her blouse. I look her in the eye; she can see the lust and superiority in my gaze. I'm in control.

My hands rip her blouse open, the buttons begin flying off in every direction scattering all over the floor. As I rip Bridget's blouse her tits bounce out covered only by her skimpy black bra. I pull the stretchy material, parting the bra as it moves upward, the bra is split open, and it pops free, revealing her firm, ripe mounds. Her tattered blouse and bra far from concealing but enhancing her naked form, the remainder of her blouse and bra are quickly pulled off and discarded on the floor. She feels a heat building in her loins that she has never felt before. Being helpless, having her blouse and bra stripped and cut away, my demanding hands on her breasts, my hard cock pressing against her … her rational mind told her she is in danger but another part of her brain, the part she can't control, is reacting to the stimulation, as is her body. I begin to lift her skirt, stroking the inside of her thighs as I went. " Mmmm, pantyhose. How I love nylons, Bridget, and how nice of you to wear it for me." My hand reaches her ass and begins to fondle it.

I spin her around grabbing her by the hair bending her over the end of the bed yanking her skirt up. She begins to struggle as I tore her pantyhose apart, my hand rubbing over her firm ass. She stiffens in fear, excitement and anticipation as her panties are pulled down, making it impossible to run with them around her knees. Bridget closes her eyes as my fingers find her pussy. I started rubbing her clit, making her cries out " Oh /> as my fingers toy around her pussy lips. Her pussy is absolutely dripping with her juices. She gasps as my fingers probe inside of her, her body shaking. Despite her arousal, Bridget's rational thought returns. " OMG. Your making me so horny. Heather bragged about your sexual needs and your prowess." she whispers. I'm behind her, I grab her hands wrapping her torn pantyhose around her wrists, effectively binding the writhing wrists together behind her back.

Grabbing her skirt where it had been parted, I pull the waist band into the material of her skirt. It slips down her hips; I grunt slightly ripping her skirt apart, through the hem. I then drop the ruined skirt to the floor. She begins to breathe heavy when she hears my zipper come down. She can't move, trapped bent over the bed totally helpless. She feels my heat behind her, and she feels the head of my huge cock rubbing her wet slit. She lays still as her legs are spread as far as they can go as my cock head slips inside her pussy, making her jerk and cry out. " I push her down again, not saying a word as I shove my cock deeper inside her pussy, sending pain and pleasure surging through her, almost making her black out as my cock spreads her tight walls, probing deeper.

She struggles to breathe as I push inside her completely, my huge cock making her think she is being ripped in half. I pull her back onto my cock as I begin to thrust. I didn't speak but grunted as I fucked her tight cunt. She quietly gasps as she is fucked hard, deep and rough, her body responding in ways she has never experienced or understood. My other hand is roughly pinching her nipples as I bent over her, fucking her hard and deep like a dog fucks a bitch in heat. I yank on her hair as I slam into her harder and faster. My thrusts become almost frantic as I lean back, using all my force to fuck her as harder and deeper, the bed starts shaking and rattling beneath us, her body oscillating back and forth with the force of my thrusts. I'm enjoying the thrill of fucking her, a casual acquaintance. Something that I do occasional when I see and meet a beautiful woman and now I'm doing just that and enjoying every minute of it. She is gasping and squirming, the things I'm doing is creating sensations, she has never experienced with any man. All that matters is my pleasure, and part of her, the darker part, likes this.

" There you go," I said in a soothing voice, " that's it". I then punish her with another volley of thrusts, this time rougher, overpowering her. She screams. " OH My cock seems to swell and harden even more inside her, punishing her with its roughness and thickness. When she flexes around me, the pleasure surges back in, and when she relaxes, it is replaced with pain; the exchange is horrifyingly delicious. She is horrified at herself, that at some level, she is enjoying this. " Good Bridget," I grunted, leaning further into her, burying my cock all the way inside her. My thrusts become more intense, both my hands roughly tilt her hips up towards me, opening her legs wider. She whimpers, trying so hard to be quiet and enjoy the animal eroticism . She knows, she will do anything for me now, just to keep experiencing these erotic sensations. She has to admit to herself that at one level, this barbaric sexual encounter did feel incredibly good; her fantasy-come-true is even better, and darker, than she ever has imagined.

Then my thrusting stops; now I'm panting and leaning heavily against her, pinning her, buried all the way inside her, her legs spread wide straddling the bed. My cock is now nudging and resting against her cervix, driving her insane with fear and pleasure as my fingers and cock swirl inside her, probing and retreating. She is getting weak and sore as I ruthlessly plunder her, forcing her open every time she tries to contract around me. After what seems like an endless session, I stop short, laughing breathlessly. " You're liking it aren't you? You know you want that big fat cock buried deep inside you, pounding you until it hurts. You're going to want it even more soon. You'll see." She barely moves, she struggles to resist me once more as my massive cock slips unbearably deeper into her ravaged cunt; the pain is blinding, almost like it was in her bowels. Bridget is sobbing, pleasure and pain becoming a blur as she starts to cum over and over again, her tight pussy pulsating around my cock, squeezing and milking me deeper inside of her.

Her hips bucking, my weight pressing down on her now, overwhelming her mostly naked body with my mostly clothed one. I shove all the way in before, I tense one last time and I finally, explode inside her, my hot liquid flowing deliciously deep inside her. My cock spewing hot, insane amounts of cum deep inside her stretched cunt. The bed rattling with the force of my spasms. I pull out pushing her on the bed. " You liked that, didn't you?" She looks up at me and nodding. She gasps trying to pull away but I force her to her knees and my cock rubbing against her face. I ram my cock into her sobbing mouth and her eyes open wide in surprise. She tries to pull away but I grab her hair face-fucking her hard. I slam my cock into the corner of her mouth. As my meat slides in and out of her mouth, her lips start to wrap acceptably around my shaft and she starts to lick the head. I suddenly blast a shot of hot cum into the middle of her face, followed by streams of semen, and this time her mouth opens wide to catch the last blasts which splattered on her red lips, open mouth, and her chin.

Just as she thought her ordeal is over and I'm through with her, I toss her down onto the bed lying on her back and begin to part her legs spread eagle style. I'm kneeling over her admiring the view. She sees in my eyes that I'm savoring the moment. For the first time Bridget is able to see me. She sees how muscular I am. My arms are big and my chest is wide and thick. Her eyes soon fixates on my monster penis hanging from my groin like a large piece of forbidden fruit ready to be picked and enjoyed. She sees that it is full of blood; she sees the blue veins snaking around my hard thick shaft. My huge long thick cock is something she has never had before but had always secretly thought about the few times she allowed her mind to wander. It was so taboo and so forbidden yet something she had always secretly craved and fantasied about. She mentioned her fantasy to Heather, who urged her to send me the video and spend time with me.

I took my cock in hand slowly lowering it towards her still wet pussy. She is both sacred and trilled at the same time with the anticipation of not knowing what is going to happen next. Meekly, she tries one last attempt at resistance by squirming. She feels the broad head of my cock nudge at her cunt, prodding, digging its way into her waiting slit. She feels her labia being spread by my flesh, she watches as I begin to push my huge, cock inside her again, this time with more ease, but still with discomfort. It pushes inside her, lubricated by the cum that is dripping out of her. The hot, slithery sensation is delicious, dark, and dirty. As the bulging cock head passes the entrance to her still tight sore cunt, she feels both terror and overwhelming joy, it brought her waves of panic and then pleasure. She feels my hot hands as they manipulate her hips, toying with her nipples. Before she can muster a faint protest, my thick cock sinks inside her wet lips, and I drive myself deep inside her.

She can't believe it when the entire long thick tool enters her moist throbbing pussy. She feels the immense pressure of me invading her, forcing her open, taking total and merciless control of her cunt again. And it is so good, so incredibly good. Part of her wants me to ram it inside her all the way, drive deep inside her, and drilling her senseless. " Aaaah! aah! ahhh!," she screams like I'm hurting her but not quite. She knows I like it, I smile as my cock thickens, hardens more, throbbing inside of her.
" Son of a bitch, Bridget, you have one tight pussy." I bellow. I begin to slide my cock in and out of her pussy. Slowly, at first, I continue to thrust in and out of her. Then, I begin to thrust harder and faster. She sees the cords of my neck muscles tense as I fuck her, my ass tightening with each plunge. She feels my chest hair ticking her breasts. Her face is buried in my shoulder; she smells the light fragrance of my expensive cologne.

I begin pumping my massive meat inside her. Stroke after stroke, I bury my cock deeper. It is all she can do to resist screaming at the top of her lungs. My thrusts decrease in intensity. Rather than long, hard strokes, I only slightly move my cock in her pussy. Unconsciously, she raises her legs high in the air to allow my cock full access to her cunt. " Damn, Bridget, I'm going to cum in you so deep. Don't fight it. You know you want it. Just let it go, baby," I whisper. I increase my thrusts again. Faster and faster, I drive my manhood deep inside her. The fire between her legs has come again, but this time she didn't fight it. She surrenders completely to me as I continue to plunder her. Finally, when she thought she can't take any more, she feels my pelvis rubbing against her. Each time I enter her, I make sure to grind up against her ass so she feels every inch of me. The sound of her moaning mingling with mine as my balls slap her ass with each thrust.

She can't stop the animalistic grunts and groans that fight their way out of her mouth each time I sink inside her. She tries desperately to resist the passion that is building up inside her but it is clear that her body is enjoying every second of the rough animal sex. It is then that I suddenly pull out of her and to her surprise she feels a slight twinge of regret at the absence of my cock. She looks up at me, seeing my hands stroking the length of my monster as it glistens with her juices. She is confused as to why I stopped fucking her. Sensing my victory over her spirit, I grab her left hand placing it around my hard pole. She barely fits her hand around it. I move directly in front of her again and it is clear that I want her to guide my cock back into her pussy.

She can't believe she is giving into me but the heat from my throbbing steel cock is so intoxicating. Her pussy is sizzling with desire and it is like a gravitational pull drawing the mushroom tip of my huge rod closer to her pussy. Her hand is trembling as she tugs my cock bringing the head to the entrance of her dripping cunt. " You know you want this big dick inside you again. Stop wasting time, Bridget." I whisper in her ear. She is my slut now and they both knew it. She brought the tip of my cock to her warm slit moaning as it begins to sink inside her. I didn't move forward as she hoped I would. I'm going to make her ok for it. She had to surrender all of herself to me completely.

Once a quarter of my cock is inside her she removes her hand and takes my entire length deep inside her pussy. It feels like I had grown even bigger this time as her walls are stretched to capacity by my juicy snake. I take my time building up speed, slowly sliding back and forth, until she can't take it anymore and I start slamming the length of my hardness down into her pussy, her body smacking against my body as she throws her head from side to side with lust. " I knew you'd be a good fuck. I'm going to show you how to respect the power of a big cock." With that I grab her thighs jack hammering my magnificent steel hard shaft deep inside her, causing her body to jerk forward in a matching rhythm to each of my thrusts relinquishing all free will to me. She wants me to fuck all resistance out of her.

I begin to pick up the pace even faster she finds herself moaning as I slam into her. There is nothing loving or gentle about what I'm doing to her, I'm giving her the hard brutal fucking that she has yearned for all of her life. I claimed her pussy as my own. I'm fucking her like she is a bitch and she is completely powerless to stop me. I display that power, as I continu primal beast fucking her. She is in bliss she is too far gone now to ever turn back. I grind my taut hips against her and begin moving my cock in a circle, hitting her clit at just the right angle and causing her to gasp with delight. " Oh yessss." she purrs. " Just like she moans. She wants more and more of me inside her she is consumed by the thought of what I'm doing to her, she is more turned on than she has ever been in her entire life. " Ooooo!" she moans again before she bits her lip. She looks between her wide spread legs at me fucking her. The thought is completely impossible but it is happening!

I work her pussy long and hard with my massive cock and it is having an effect. She is beginning to lose control. She knows that she has fallen prey to my beautiful massive cock. Her eyes roll back in her head as she is fucked like never before! Her ravaged pussy milking my cock and with each thrust. Suddenly, without warning, she feels her thighs and legs tighten and then, her vagina is tightening on my enlarged cock and she is heading over the edge into a shattering orgasm. Her fists clenched, her teeth locked and her pussy clenching as she thrashes around feeling the warm waves of ecstasy overtake her. A thundering orgasm causes her body to shake! She screams as I continue to hold her tight against me. " she screams, and arches her back. Bridget's eyes begin to see lights and strange colors — red flashing in her brain and then blues and red again- mingling with the electric shocks that her body is experiencing!

Her mental lapse is broken and she is returned to reality by the sound of my gruff voice. " I'm going to cum inside you, Bridget. I'm going to fuck your ass also." I said between clenched teeth. I grab onto her hips, moving her against my cock. I keep slamming hard into her, looking into her eyes as I'm getting ready to cum. She continues writhing with a rhythm that matches mine, accepting my cock inside her and the inevitable fact that I'm going to cum inside her. I look into her eyes glaringly as I shot my cum inside her. My cock throbbing and jerking inside her pussy! The first couple of pulses of my sperm shoot deep inside her. String after string of hot sperm bathing her vagina! Bridget feels me pumping my milky seed deep inside her womb. I keep working my cock within her until every bit of the thick white goo is blasted inside of her pussy. As my orgasm subsides, I keep my cock inside her for several minutes, making sure very little cum drips out and down her thigh. Finally, I pull out. Her legs are trembling in the aftermath of my assault on her pussy. Lightheaded she takes a deep breath. I then stood up some cum is still dripping from the head of my cock. I'm standing directly over her surveying my captured pray enjoying the power that I had over her. She is covered in cum from her head down to pussy. She has just been used for rough degrading sex.

" Fuck me," Bridget moans as she got to her feet spinning around, assuming the position with her legs spread and her hands on the end of the bed. " In time," I growled while I went down on my knees placing my hands on her hips while looking at her ass.
Her butt is full, the cheeks are very firm, and while I told Bridget to spread them I help as I pried them apart. My nose pops into her ass crack, letting my tongue dip in. I let my tongue toy with it for a moment, enjoying the squirming woman as I did. " Yes!" I hear her moan as my tongue dips into her asshole, and I can tell where Bridget's right hand had gone after she took it off the bed I feel her fingering her pussy. " NO!" Bridget gasps when she sees my hand go under the bed and grope around. " Don't get it. No lube." " Don't want to hurt you," I said, but I was rising as I said it, and then I'm rubbing the head of my cock against her anus that is only dripping with my saliva.

" Give it to me," Bridget whimpers as she thrusts her ass toward me. " Take me." In fact, the long thick tool that felt like it was ripping her in two in the beginning is something Bridget is able to handle now without much discomfort, and she loved the long thick shaft. " You asked for it you, Bridget," I snapped to the attractive woman who stood spread wide and open, and the words did not anger but inflamed her as my manhood popped into her anus slidng deep into her. " How's that feel?" " Oh God, you're so big," SHE whimpers, knowing what I wanted to hear, and it did feel so much bigger as I burrowed into her without lubrication.
" Take it," I hissed as my thrusts got harder, faster and deeper. " Take it all." " Ooh..Aaahhh" Bridget whines as she feels me bend over her, pressing my hairy sweaty chest against her back while my hands reach around grabbing her breasts.
The sounds in the room; my grunts each time I slam my cock into her ass to the hilt and Bridget's accompanying whimper, and the slapping of flesh on flesh, all were as erotic to us as the act itself.

Soon my thrusts are enough to lift her feet off of the rug and made the bed squeak, " Cumming!" I grunted a second before my cock erupted inside Bridget's savaged ass, my manhood twitching as I emptied my load into her ass until there is no more to give.
I stayed slumped over her until my cock slithered out, and only then did I straighten up. Bridget straightened up as well, leaning against the bed while clenching her butt cheeks together. " Did I hurt you Bridget?" I ask when I see the look on her face.
" I'm okay." " Didn't want to hurt you Bridget," I repeated. " I was going to use the lube…" " I know. It's okay. It was really good. Didn't you like it?" " Yes I did. But you…" " It made your big cock feel bigger," Bridget added. I told her " The first Tuesday of next week you be here at the same time and same place She laid there with her cum filled ass facing the door, her naked body and the forbidden act which had just transpired here. She watches silently as I walked out of the room into the hall and then I disappeared. It was silent. Bridget left lying on the bed, not knowing whether it is possible for her to get up. She feels cum leaking out of her from ass. Sprawled out naked and left alone, she suddenly feels like she has been hit by a lightning bolt, with the realization of what really just happened. Bridget's head begins to spin. Her body is now starting to feel numb.

story by: horny fox

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: horny fox

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    Glen was still asleep when I grabbed the Velcro cuffs, put them around the back of the bed and attached them to his wrists that were above his head. I then slid down sucking his already hard cock making it wet for my already wet pussy. It was my fault Glen lost his job.If it wasn’t for me he would have made it to work on time… but I needed some cock and took advantage of his morning hard-on (more…)

  • What goes around comes around

    While walking on the far end of our 20 acres, I saw my daughter and her boyfriend come to the house. I was to far away to greet them so I just started to head back to the house. I stopped on the way by the creek to pick some wild berries to make a cobbler and then continued on. I entered the back door but saw no one. Guess they thought no one was home. The house is a...

  • New found customers

    Andrea cried the first time I came in her mouth. She blubbered something about betraying her husband, even as her hand milked my cock dry. ?But I thought this is what you wanted?? I said, tracing the sticky cream across her wide lips. ?And you want more.? She sniffled, sobbed and stroked my cock to fullness. She can?t help herself, even though decency tells her she?s wrong. I was only a teenager but I knew that. I guess Andrea?s husband...


The backseat adventure

Sis smile

Justine’s introduction to Sir Cy

Story of our first time

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