What mary gets up to…… part 6

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It had been several days since I had encountered the Major, on every occasion I had been sent to their room, they were either not there or Lady Morris was there too. I still continued to work without panties but lately I had been completely naked under my dress, I found it so liberating the air caressing my pussy and the linen fabric of my dress grazing my nipples all the time. I was constantly feeling horny and at any private opportunity I would take my self off to the store room or client’s bathroom if the suite was empty, lock myself in and either play with my toothbrush head or just bring my clitty to a quick orgasm just to get me through the day.

I was given some suits which had been dry-cleaned for the Major to take to their rooms, so I knocked quietly and entered, the Major came out of the study and said quietly.

‘Good afternoon Mary, long time no see. Lady Morris is in the bedroom taking a nap, she has taken a sleeping pill, so we will not be disturbed, kindly put my cleaning in the closet and come through to the study.’

He turned on his heel and returned to the study, I placed his suits in their proper place and leaned against the door, my heart was fluttering nervously and my pussy was already tingling and becoming wet. I must be some sex addict – I smile to myself!

I go into his study and close the door quietly.

‘Lock the door.’

Obediently I comply, Major Morris is sitting on his swivel office chair and slowly turns round to face me.

‘Have you stuck to my orders regarding no panties when you are in my />
‘Of course Sir.’ I am confident this time as I know I am telling the truth.

‘Remove your dress.’

I am so brazen, I feel I am in control for a change, I unzip the front of my dress allowing it to slide from my shoulders to the floor. I tilt my chin at him in defiance of my nakedness, my nipples hardening at his gaze as he looks me appreciatively up and down.

‘Oh god girl, you have no idea what you do to me!’ he groaned.

He stood up and moved around behind me, stooping over me, he licked my neck and shoulders, his hands grasp my tits squeezing them roughly, pinching and rolling my nipples between his fingers, I gasp, the sensation is a mixture of pain and pleasure. He pulls himself into me, I can feel his hard cock pushing into my back from beneath his trousers, rubbing himself against me.

He moves back to his chair and pulls me onto his lap he has his legs open but he moves each of my legs behind each of his own so I am stretched wide open. He swivels his chair around until we are facing a full length mirror on the back of the door, I am aroused further by the sight. My tiny form sat in front of the Major’s huge body, my pussy gaping open shiny and wet, my small breasts perky with hard nipples.

One of his huge hands covers one of my breasts plumping and kneeding my flesh, tweeking the nipple turning it a very angry red. His other hand dips down to my pussy rubbing my fluids up, down and all over my folds.

‘Watch me Mary, watch my big hand stroking your little pussy baby.’

One of his fingers disappeared into my cunt and lazily pumps in and out of me, teasing me sooo much. I can feel his hard cock pulsating against my buttocks, I cannot help myself as I clench and unclench them, stroking his cock as best I can.

‘Does that feel good Mary, my finger fucking your little love hole? Tell me how you like it baby.’

his voice is soothing as I focus on his finger pushing in me. I lean back against his body, opening my legs wider and pushing against his finger. He inserts a second finger into my tight opening, stretching me open further, I continue to grind my pelvis against them urging his digits deeper into me.

‘Come sit on the desk for me.’

He pushes me off his lap, gesturing where he wants me to sit perched on the edge balancing myself on my arms braced on the desk. He rolls his chair over bringing his face close to my slick folds inhaling my muskiness for a brief moment, then he plunges his face into my pussy, He gorges on me, slurping and slavering like some sex starved thing, grunting into my cunt, sucking out my juices in between stabbing my cunt with his tongue. He re inserts his two fingers into me and latches his mouth onto my clit, drawing the bud into his mouth, clamping his teeth on the surrounding flesh, rubbing his tongue as fast as he can onto my rock hard button.

His onslaught is crazed, the combination of his frenzied finger fucking, jamming into me knuckle deep coupled with his relentless chewing of my clitty brings me to a speedy but mind blowing orgasm which ripples through my body, causing my legs to jerk uncontrollably. I gasp for air, fighting to push him away as I am so sensitive and still he continues at his deranged pace. In the end he eases off, his face and hand is covered in my juices, he looks like a small child who has just discovered chocolate, I so want to laugh but dare not!

He stands undoing his trousers, sliding them down his legs, he pushes his shorts off too, pulling the waist band over his hard cock, causing it to bounce out of it’s restriction and stick straight out. He sits back down,

‘Come suck my cock.’

I scrabble off of his desk and placing my hands on his thighs, I kneel between his legs, sliding my fingers over his hairy thighs to hold the base of his cock, it looks enormous against my tiny hands. I kiss the tip of his cock, rubbing his precum all over my lips, I rub my tongue all over the purple head covering it in my saliva, licking down to the base and back up following the vein.

I open my mouth and take the head in, he groans as I suck the tip teasingly, his hands come to the back of my head, pressurising me to take him deeper into me. I open my jaw further and envelop as much of his member as I can, as it nudges the back of my throat I gag and withdraw a little so I can breath. In the mirror I see such an erotic sight, I want to cream myself there and then, my tiny naked body kneeling between the Major’s legs taking his huge cock in my tiny mouth.

‘Come on take it deeper, take it all in!’ he pushes me, his hands on my head increasing their pressure.

He forces his cock into my mouth, I am gagging every time it hits the back of my throat, I have no idea how to deep throat him, Claire has tried to explain but I was not able to grasp what she was saying. He becomes impatient, holding my head hard onto his cock, he starts to buck his pelvis ramming himself deeper and deeper into my throat. He grunts repeatedly from the sensation, whereas I am making wet choking noises which seems to excite him all the more.

My face is scarlet, I cannot breath but still he continues to force me to take his cock, I start to stroke his balls in the hope it will make him cum quicker for fear of passing out. It does seem to help as his balls tighten, I try to relax as much as possible, caressing my tongue around the base of his cock. He at last cums, I feel the hot, salty cream coat the back of my throat, I cannot swallow as his cock is buried deep in me, there is so much of it, it starts to come out of my mouth, dribbling down my chin and dripping onto my tits. Still he continues to plunge his cock into my face, tears are streaming down my face, I look up at him pleading with my eyes to ease off before I choke.

He stops and withdraws a little, I swallow his cum, emptying my mouth of his fluids, licking my lips and licking his cock clean of his juices. My cunt is dripping again, I am so aroused by his desperation to use me for his sexual gratification, he is obviously desperate to fuck, I am desperate to be fucked, it’s a no brainer!

He sits in his chair, breathing hard, his cock limp in his lap, I want his cock filling my little cunt so badly but he is useless to me in this state. I sit back up on his desk, swivelling his chair round to face me, opening my legs as wide as I can showing him my swollen red clit and my folds dripping with my juices. Giving him my best ‘little girl’ expression with huge innocent eyes I start to stroke my pussy, sliding my fingers up and down, licking and biting my lip moaning softly. His eyes flit between my baby face and my wet snatch, I pull apart my outer lips even wider, stretching myself open exposing my hood and my cunt opening which is pushing out my creamy juice.

He groans, his prick starts to harden, he grasps his member at the base tugging it gently. I bring my fingers to my mouth, showing him the thick fluid coating them pushing my tongue out to lick them clean, he groans again.

‘Oh Major, look what you’ve done to your little girl, she is so wet and horny, she wants your thick cock in her baby pussy, stretching it wide open, filling her up!’

By now his cock is standing salute, the tip engorged and red, precum leaking from it.

‘Get over here girl, sit astride me, take it all in!’

He swivels his chair around so he is facing the mirror again, I move to stand between his legs facing the reflection leaning over and sliding myself against his erection, coating his rod with my juices. His huge hands grab by under thighs, lifting me up, pulling my legs wide open to straddle his own, impaling me hard and deep onto his cock. I gasp and take a sharp intake of breath as my tiny cunt is forced to accommodate his huge shaft deep into me hitting my cervix. Taking up a forceful rhythm, he bucks his pelvis into me at the same time holding onto my waist ramming my body onto him.

I cannot deny it is uncomfortable, I thank heavens my love hole is well lubed with my juices, yet still he is very tight inside me but looking at the reflection of his huge thick cock pounding into my tiny pussy is turning me on more and more.

‘Ungh!…. Ungh! ….. Your cunt is so tight…. ‘ he gasps as he rams himself into me.

I am transfixed by my image, I can see my pussy lips pulling on his cock on his outward movement, I put my fingers on my hot little nub and start to massage it hard in circular movements. I know it will not take long for either of us to cum, increasing the pressure on my clit I feel my stomach muscles tighten as my orgasm reaches it’s peak. My cunt muscles grasp his cock walls, massaging his cock as he pistons his cum deep into me, spraying my insides with ropes and ropes of hot molten cream. The combination of our juices pushes out of me and down on to his balls as he slows himself down, his cock is softening inside me, he continues to hold my body onto him as he gasps to recover his breathing.

Eventually his cock slipped out of me, I moved back down to between his legs and indulged myself to lick him clean, I loved that taste of my juices and his spunk mingled together, I am sure if I could lick myself out I would! Having no idea how long I had been in the Major’s study, I suddenly remembered Lady Morris asleep in the next room and hastily dressed and quietly left the apartment. I had to hurry to the staff toilet as our juices were running down my leg so I could clean myself up.

story by: mobile lust

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Author: mobile lust

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