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For those who haven’t been following my “coming out” thread, I’ve spent the last few months learning to accept and enjoy my love of crossdressing. During that time, I discovered that I absolutely love going out in public in scandalously short skirts and sky-high spike heels. Even better (and amazing to me), I’ve discovered that when I do, other people apparently don’t see through my disguise! After a number of trips to stores and malls, I’ve learned that I really can pass as a woman! I won’t repeat that discussion here, because you can click the link in my signature if you want to read it. However, lately I haven’t had much of an opportunity to enjoy being Suzy because of work and family obligations. Just before those obligations struck, though, I was looking for a way to take my fun to the next level and my friend NEW suggested that I try visiting an “adult store”. The idea was so intoxicating that I actually decided to do it, but on the day I worked up enough courage to do so, I arrived to find that the store was unexpectedly closed for the day. With the pressures of life, I still haven’t made it back to the store, but that hasn’t stopped me from fantasizing about it over and over. Some of the guys I’ve met in that thread have asked that I let them in on the fantasy, so here goes:
After months of involuntary abstinence from the joy of being Suzy, I finally managed to get a Friday afternoon off, giving me enough time to transform. With lots of time to prepare, I forced myself to go slowly, carefully shaving as closely as I could, trimming my eyebrows as much as I dared (knowing that I still needed to be able to resume my masculine identity once the adventure was over), and meticulously applying my makeup. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at the makeup, and was pretty pleased with the result when I finished. With my libido raging after all of my time there was no question about how I would dress: I already had on my black corset (appropriately stuffed, of course), matching bikini panties and stockings, and my excitement rose dramatically as I pulled on my tight black top and my tight, pink micro-miniskirt. By the time I added my long bright red fingernails, wig and hoop earrings and stepped into my 5 ½” stiletto heels, I was feeling deliciously sexy. When I checked out my appearance in front of my full-length mirror, I was thrilled at the result. “I hope everyone else thinks I look as hot I as I do,” I murmured to myself. I fingered the hem of my skirt, happily seeing that it just barely covered the tops of my stockings. I had purchased stockings, knowing that I’d be wearing them with this skirt, and, even though the hem was only inches from the bottom of my ass, the plan worked to perfection. Of course, it worked only as long as I was standing straight. If I sat down or bent over even slightly, the skirt quickly rode up enough to display the tops of the stockings, and if I bent over enough to touch my knees, anyone behind me would also get a nice view of my panties.
“God, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I whispered to myself. “Can I really walk into a place like that dressed like this?” I stared into the mirror and ran my hands down my blouse and skirt and the answer was obvious. “How can I not do it?” I asked myself. Slowly, I saw the image in the mirror begin to smile. “I can do this,” I mouthed. “I will do it!” Grabbing my purse, I hurried to the car, forcing myself into action before I could change my mind. The drive to the porn shop took almost a half hour, and by the time I got there, my emotions were a jumble of fear and excitement. I was happy to see that there were four cars in the parking lot; I certainly didn’t want too large of a crowd, and I also didn’t want to be the only customer in the store, so it was comforting to see a few cars there. Gathering my courage, I checked my makeup one last time in the vanity mirror, took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. I smoothed my skirt, then forced myself to march to the door of the store. It was pretty dark inside, so it took my eyes a few seconds to adjust as I looked around the room. There were two clerks behind the counter, who were already smiling at me. At the far end of the store, two young guys who looked like college students were looking at a wall full of DVD’s. A tall, well-built black man was standing near a rack of magazines, and another, older guy was near him, also looking at the magazines. The door had a chime that sounded when it was opened, so my entry had been enough that everyone in the place had turned to look at the door. I could feel all of their eyes roaming over my body, and I had a sudden urge to turn and run back to my car. Slowly, though, I realized that all of those eyes were growing wide and that smiles were forming on all of their faces. That was enough to encourage me to stay, and I walked over to the one part of the store where there were no customers: a display of adult toys. I looked over the supply until the two college kids moved away from the DVD’s. I moved over to that display and started looking over the selection. As I did, one of the clerks approached me and asked, “Looking for anything /> Luckily, I had prepared for this situation, and I gave him the response I had practiced: “Well, my boyfriend asked me to pick out a good movie.”
“What do you mean by he asked with a grin.
I gulped, “knowing him, he wants one where the women have big /> “But, what do you want?” he asked, grinning even more.
I could feel my cheeks turning red. “I’d rather watch guys with big cocks,” I managed to answer.
“Well, you just described most of our stock,” he laughed. “Big tits and big cocks are pretty much standard. Can you narrow it down a little?”
I hadn’t anticipated this response, so I was forced to improvise. “I, I guess mostly I’d like it if the women spent a lot of time sucking those big cocks.”
He grinned, nodded and pulled several packages from the rack. “You might want to try one of these,” he said handing them to me.
I stammered. “I’ll think about it.”
he nodded. “Let me know if you have any /> Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the college kids coming back in my direction. Still shaking from my interaction with the clerk, I decided I wasn’t ready to be trapped by them, so I hurriedly put all but one of the DVDs back on the rack and moved back to the adult toy section. Still trying to calm my nerves, I started examining some of the dildos. As I did, I bent over several times to look at ones on low shelves, knowing that I was giving a show to all of the men behind me. Even without looking, I knew that every guy in the room was watching me, and the thought that they were all seeing my tight panties was the most thrilling thing I had ever experienced. I was holding a large black one when someone bumped into me. I hadn’t seen anyone approaching, so the surprising contact made me lose my balance, which was already precarious on the high heels. As I started to stumble, a pair of strong hands grabbed my arm, steadying me. I turned to see the black man who had been at the magazine rack. he smiled, “I didn’t mean to bump into you like that.”
“It, it’s OK,” I stammered. “Thanks for catching me.”
“It’s the least I could do.” He smiled again and nodded towards the items in my hands. “I like your taste,” he added.
“My taste?” I asked. I glanced down and immediately saw what he meant: I was still holding the large, black dildo and the DVD, which I realized for the first time was titled “Big Black Cocks Meet Little Blonde Sluts”. I started blushing once again, stammering, “the, the clerk recommended this.”
he smiled.
“I, I think you can let go of my arm now,” I suggested, trying to change the subject.
He glanced down to where his had was still gripping my bicep, just above my purse. he said again. He let go of me and smiled. “Enjoy your purchases,” he grinned as he moved away.
I stayed by the toys, letting my raging emotions calm down, noticing that while the college kids continued to stare at me, the black stud apparently had lost interest. As he walked out of the store, several more guys entered and started talking to the clerks at the counter. I decided I had been there long enough, and, not wanting to venture into the crowd of men to checkout, I replaced the DVD and dildo. I started to leave the store, only to have one of the clerks grab my arm just as I stepped outside. “Where are you going?” he asked.
“To, to my car, of course,” I stammered. /> “I’m afraid I need you to come back inside,” he said forcefully.
I repeated.
“You know why,” he said sternly, literally dragging me back into the store. When we got to the counter, he said to the other clerk, “Here she is.”
The other guy nodded and said, “You know, we take shoplifting very seriously here.” For emphasis, he pointed at a sign on the wall threatening prosecution for all shoplifters.
I gasped. “I didn’t shoplift /> “How stupid do you think we are?” he shot back. a tip: the next time you’re going to try to rip a store off, you might not want to wear an outfit that guarantees every guy in the place will be watching you.”
“But, I didn’t take anything!” I insisted.
“No, you just had your boyfriend drop it in your purse when he bumped into you.”
“My boyfriend? I never saw that guy before I came in here!”
“Yeah, right. It’s pure coincidence that he got here one minute before you and left two minutes before you.”
“It is!” I said. “I didn’t take anything and there’s nothing in my purse!”
“Care to prove it?” he asked.
I nodded. I opened my purse to show him it didn’t have any merchandise. To my shock, there were two small cellophane bags on top of my keys. The clerk reached in and pulled out two pairs of “edible panties”. “Nothing in your purse, huh?” he sneered. “Tom, let’s call the police.”
“No, wait!” I pleaded. “I swear I didn’t know those were in there!”
“Yeah, right, tell it to the cops.”
Now I was really starting to panic. If the police were called, they would demand to see my ID, and that would really destroy my disguise. Even worse, I could see the way the press would react to the crime report. I could see the headlines in all of the papers and on all of the television news broadcasts: “Man in miniskirt tries to steal panties!” My name and picture would be everywhere! Even if I could somehow prove my innocence, that wouldn’t erase the damage of being exposed. I sobbed. “This is all a mistake! Please don’t call the police! Look, I’ll pay for the panties, OK?”
“Not good enough,” the clerk shook his head. “Try to steal something and then if you’re caught just offer to pay for them and get off? I don’t think so.”
I begged again. “There must be some way I can convince you I didn’t mean to do this!”
He looked around the room, then smirked. “You know,” he said, “we don’t get a lot of women in here. And, we sure don’t get many women in here dressed like that.”
I felt myself blushing, but his tone suggested he might actually be feeling some pity for me. “I swear I wasn’t trying to steal anything,” I pleaded my case.
“So, why are you here dressed the way you are?” he asked. I shrugged and he grinned wickedly. “It seems to me that there’s only one reason a woman would show up here dressed like that,” he said. He paused before continuing, “You must be looking to get laid.”
“Me? No!” I gasped.
“Oh, come on,” he laughed. not here to steal anything and you’re not dressed like a whore because you want to get laid. If that’s the way you want to play it, I might as well call the cops.”
“No, please,” I begged again.
He laughed. “OK, bitch,” he said, “enough games. Here’s the deal: I’ve been watching you prance around out there long enough to know I want to fuck you. If you go along with that, I promise I won’t call the police.”
“You want to fuck me?” I gasped. He nodded and a bolt of terror ran down my spine.
“Take it or leave it,” he smirked.
My mind was racing. Clearly, there was no way I could let him see inside my panties, let alone fuck me. But, I also couldn’t let him call the police. Desperately, I begged, there anything else I could do?”
“What did you have in mind?” he shrugged.
Only one possibility occurred to me. Reluctantly, I asked softly, “What if I gave you a /> “A blowjob?” he grinned. “Are you serious?” I nodded fearfully. He smiled even more and said, “All right, that sounds like a deal. You blow me and I won’t call the cops. Sound fair?” It didn’t, but I nodded anyway, since I saw no other options. “Come with me,” he ordered. He led me to one of the private viewing rooms in the back of the store and closed the door behind us. I watched as he dropped his pants and sat down on the only chair in the room. he asked, “What are you waiting for?”
Knees shaking, I walked over and knelt between his legs. “You promise, right?” I asked. “No police.”
“I promise I won’t call them,” he grinned. “Now, get busy.”
I nodded and forced my fingers to move to his boxer shorts. It was clear that he was already hard, and I stroked the bulge in his shorts a few times before pulling it out. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and stroked it a few more times as I tried to come to grips with the thoughts racing through my head: “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I gasped. “I, I have a cock in my hand and I’m going to suck it! Oh, God!” My head dipped toward the erection in my hand and I heard myself moan softly.
“I see I was right,” the clerk laughed. “You obviously do want some cock, don’t you?”
I felt my head nodding as it got even closer to his dick. Then, as if I was dreaming, I felt his cock brush against my lips. “Oh, God,” I moaned again. I pressed the erection against my cheek and tried to catch my breath. Impatiently, the clerk reached down and moved his cock to my lips. I tentatively kissed it, feeling its warmth run through me. Knowing I had to move on, I parted my lips and stuck out my tongue, running it over the soft head, then down the rigid shaft. I licked my way back up the shaft to the head. A drop of fluid was already oozing from the opening and I flicked at it with my tongue. My insides were churning, but I pressed on. Taking a deep breath to try and calm my nerves, I slipped him between my lips. As the head of his cock slid onto my tongue, I felt my own dick jerking and straining against my panties. For the first time since I had been dragged back into the store, my fear took a backseat to another emotion, my excitement pushing it aside. “I’m sucking a cock!” my brain screamed. “Oh, God, I’m actually doing it! I’m sucking a cock!” I sucked harder, pulling him deeper into my mouth. I bobbed up and down, feeling him slide along the roof of my mouth to the edge of my throat and then back to my lips. He responded by thrusting his hips upward, eagerly fucking my mouth. The room spun around me, my brain reeling. The fear that had dominated my thoughts and emotions had now vanished completely; the combination of excitement and lust I was experiencing left no room for anything as silly as being frightened. I’m not sure how long it took, but it seemed like I had been sucking only a few minutes when I sensed a change in the clerk’s breathing. A minute later, he started to squirm on his chair, gasped for air and then grabbed my head. I instantly knew what was happening, and a second later, he proved me right, blowing his load onto my tongue. I gulped it down, just as he shot a second blast. His dick jerked between my lips over and over, spewing into my mouth. I didn’t swallow again and, when his orgasm ended, my mouth was full of his cum. The taste and smell filled my senses, overwhelming me. His limp dick slid from my lips and I finally swallowed again. As the thick fluid slid down my throat, my brain started functioning again. “I did it,” I marveled. “I really did it! I blew him!”
As I sat back on my heels, the clerk groaned. “Jesus, that was great,” he smiled. “Thanks, slut.”
Coming back to reality, I Ignored his name-calling and looked up. “Am I done?” I asked. “Can I go now?”
he laughed. “Wait here a second.” He stood, pulled his pants back up and went out the door. I stayed on my knees, trying again to get my emotions under control and analyzing the sensations I had experienced. “It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever felt,” I admitted silently. “In fact, it wasn’t bad at all, I guess.”
My self-examination was interrupted by the sound of the door opening again. I looked over and was surprised to see the other clerk, Tom, enter the room. “Marvin says you’re really good at sucking cock,” he grinned. see if he was telling the truth.” He moved over in front of me and started dropping his pants.
“No!” I gasped. “He said if I blew him it was over!”
“No,” he laughed. “He said if you blew him HE wouldn’t call the police. He never said anything about me and I sure didn’t make any promises. Now, are you going to blow me or am I going to make the call?”
“You bastard!” I gasped.
right,” he laughed. “I’m a bastard and you’re a cocksucking slut. Now, the only question is are you going to be a cocksucking slut going to jail or not?”
By now, he had dropped not only his pants, but also his underwear. As he sat down, his hard cock pointed directly at me. Again understanding that I had no choice, I moved forward and took it in my hand. Tom spread his legs wide and I crawled forward. A few seconds later, his cock was in my mouth and I was repeating the performance I had just finished. Thankfully, Tom was even faster to cum than Marvin had been; I had barely settled into a rhythm, bobbing up and down when he groaned and muttered, “Oh, shit!” His cock erupted a second later and I swallowed my second load.
Just as I finished swallowing I heard a knocking sound coming from the wall opposite the door. I ignored it, looking up the spent guy in front of me. I asked sarcastically. “Can I go now?”
He chuckled and shook his head. “I’m not sure you want to,” he said. “Look over there.” He jerked his head toward the wall where the knocking sound had been. “I think someone else figured out what was going on in here.”
I turned and looked at the wall, and, for the first time, realized there was a “glory hole” in it and sticking through the hole was an enormous black cock! “Oh, Jesus!” I gasped.
“I think you need to take care of him,” he ordered.
“No!” I protested again. “You /> “What did I say?” he interrupted. “Tell me exactly what I said.”
“You said if I blew you I was done!”
“No, I he said calmly. “I said if you didn’t blow me I’d call the cops. I never said anything about what would happen if you did blow me.”
I thought back and realized he was right. “You really are a bastard,” I hissed.
He laughed. “We already covered that, didn’t we? Yeah, I am. And you’re a cocksucking slut, right? Now, get over there and service that cock.”
“And then what?” I asked, as tears started to form in my eyes. “Is there going to be another one?”
“Only if you ask real nice,” he laughed. “Seriously, no. If you blow him, that’s the last thing you need to do. We’ll let you go.”
“If I /> He shrugged. “Then you’ve wasted your time blowing Tom and me, because we’re still going to call the cops.” The guy in the glory hole pounded on the wall again, and Tom said, “Sounds like he’s getting impatient. Are you doing this or not?”
“It’s not like I have much choice, do I?” I asked. He shook his head and grinned. I sighed with resignation and crawled over to the wall. Up close, I realized for the first time exactly how big this cock was. I gasped as I wrapped my fingers around it. “It’s huge!”
that what you like?” Tom asked. you tell me you like the sight of a woman sucking a great big cock?”
I didn’t bother answering, partly because I knew it was useless and partly because my body was reacting to the sight and feel of the monster in my hands. “Oh, God, it’s so big!” I whimpered. “I’ve never seen anything like it!” I leaned closer and tentatively reached out with my tongue, touching the enormous purplish-black head. The man on the other side of the wall groaned and I reacted by kissing the head softly. He groaned again and it was like something inside me snapped. “I want it,” I whispered. “I really do. Oh, God, it’s so big, so beautiful!”
I pulled him into my mouth and started sucking as my own dick again jerked to attention in my panties. The feel of the huge cock exploring my mouth was totally amazing. The head alone nearly filled my mouth, and I had both hands wrapped around the shaft, jerking him off while I sucked on as much of him as I could squeeze in. I vaguely heard the door open and close behind me, but I continued sucking. A few seconds later, I heard the sound of the door again, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching me. A second later, there was a flash of light. I looked in that direction and saw Marvin, standing there, grinning and holding a camera. mind me,” he laughed. “Keep sucking.” He raised the camera and took another picture. Helpless, I closed my eyes and continued working on the huge cock in my mouth, trying to finish him before Marvin could take too many more pictures. This guy, though, had staying power, lasting longer than Marvin and Tom combined. Meanwhile, flash after flash told me that my encounter with the huge cock was being well-documented. Finally, as my mouth and jaw started aching, I heard a voice on the other side of the wall groan, Marvin reached down and pressed on my forehead, forcing me back until the cock was out of my mouth. Before I could ask what he was doing, the cock in my hands erupted, spurting a huge load all over my nose and cheeks. I gasped in shock as a second spurt splashed onto my forehead. As the cum dripped into my eyes, I desperately dove forward, managing to get the cock into my mouth before the third burst. I held him there until his orgasm ended, with Marvin snapping picture after picture of me. When the guy finally pulled out of my lips and back through the hole, I turned and stared at Marvin. He snapped one more picture and laughed, “Beautiful! Damn, you look great with your face covered with cum!” He walked away, pausing at the door to look back at me. “OK, cunt, you’re done,” he laughed. “You can leave now—unless you’d like me to send in a few more guys for you to blow.” His facial expression revealed a sudden inspiration and he added, “If you do want more cock, clean up your face before you come back out to the desk. If you don’t still have cum all over you, I’ll know you want more. If you want to leave, then I expect to see you out there still wearing your reward.”
As much as I wanted to get out of there, it took me several minutes to gather my senses and my strength. I knelt there, the cum dripping down my face as the enormity of what had happened sank in. My adventure had turned into something I had never imagined possible. I had not only sucked my first cock, but my second and third ones as well. I had swallowed two loads of cum and had a third splashed all over my face! Now he expected me to walk out into the store so everyone could see me! Everyone would see the cum all over my face and know exactly what I had been doing! I shuddered as another realization struck: he was probably already out there showing off the pictures he had taken. Fear and revulsion gripped me. “I need to get out of here, now,” I gasped. Struggling to my feet, I made my way through the door and out into the hallway. Just as I got there, the door of the adjoining room opened and the anonymous man I had just blown stepped out. The air gushed out of me as I realized it was the man who had bumped into me earlier—the man who had dropped the panties into my purse! I gasped. “You, you set me up!”
“Yeah, I guess I did,” he laughed. “But look on the bright side—now you don’t need to buy that movie to see a big black cock getting sucked. You can just come back anytime and look at the pictures Marvin is going to be hanging on the wall!”
He winked and walked past me, returning to the store. I stumbled after him, knowing that there was probably a crowd waiting for me. I wasn’t disappointed; every guy in the store was gathered around the counter watching as Marvin displayed picture after picture of me sucking that huge cock. As I walked into the room they all started cheering, whistling and clapping. I wanted to run from the store, but I after what the black guy had just said. I stared at Marvin and asked, “What, what are you going to do with those /> He grinned wickedly. “Oh, I don’t know. Probably print them out and hang them on the walls. We need some decorations around here.”
“Please I begged. “What, what if someone I know comes in here and sees them?”
He shrugged and chuckled. “Then I guess they’ll know what a cocksucking slut you are.”
I pleaded, “you set me up. I know that now. You guys planted those panties in my purse and used them to take advantage of me. I get it. I was stupid enough to let you get away with it. I sucked your cocks. Isn’t that enough?”
“No, I don’t think it is,” he said calmly. “I think that with these pictures I pretty much own you.”
“What do you want from me?” I sobbed.
“I don’t know,” he shrugged again. “Why don’t you tell me what you’re willing to do to have me erase these /> “What I’m willing to do? I, I don’t know.”
He nodded. “I can understand that. You need some time to think about it.” He took a business card from the counter and handed it to me. “I’ll be here tomorrow from 4:00 to midnight. Why don’t you think about it between now and then and call me to discuss it. I promise I won’t do anything with the pictures until then. But, if you don’t call, then I’ll assume you don’t care and I’ll start redecorating the next day. Got it?” I nodded numbly. he grinned. “You can go now—unless you’d rather stick around and tell everyone what a good time you had back there. Hell, maybe you even want to take a few more guys back for a turn?” The room again filled with cheers as guys volunteered, and all I could do was run from the store, jump in my car and drive away. Somehow, I knew it was going to be a long night.

story by: Suzygurl

Tags: exhibitionism fantasy transvestite domination/submission transsexual sex story

Author: Suzygurl

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