The convent iv

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The Convent IV

Life was back to normal at the convent or at least normal as I knew it. It had been a crazy couple of years and it often had looked as though ‘the immaculate deception’ would blow up in the faces of my precious friends and family as I considered them here at the convent. I enjoyed the simple yet structured day to day life I was living. I loved waking up to the sounds of animals stirring with the sun beaming through my window, my education and chores around the farm were back in full swing, and my mission in keeping the Nuns happy and focussed was running like clockwork. There were no more chance get togethers or secret romps in the barnyard. Everyone knew when and where they should be and what they should be doing, or in my case who they should be doing. What’s more everyone was satisfied.

Admittedly I still had favourites, nuns I looked forward to servicing more than others and perhaps more than I should but I was working on it. I had just fed the animals and watered the horses before heading inside to wash up and help Mother Helena finish preparing the evening meal. I peeled potatoes silently as Helena worked on her pies thinking about Sister Annabelle who had recently given birth to a baby boy, my baby boy.

Annabelle’s pregnancy was not in the plan at all but from my point of view was a gift to us all as when he was old enough he could follow in my footsteps and there was nothing I looked forward to more than working side by side with boy, my pride and joy. I had shared my vision with Helena and Annabelle and they cried tears of joy as they too realised the gift that had been bestowed upon us all.

your head dear boy?”

Helena asked.

“Oh I was just thinking about all that has happened and how perfectly it has all worked out”

“Oh yes my boy, God works in mysterious ways and he has seen us through some difficult times and definitely blessed us mightily has he not”

She said with a wink as she looked at the roster and more specifically her name pencilled in for later that evening. I couldn’t help but return a mischievous grin as I knew that Mother Helena looked forward to her session a little more than she should.

After dinner I was washing up with Helena in kitchen when Annabelle came in

“All right you two, I can finish off in here why don’t you get an early start as we have to go into town tomorrow Stephan and you will need an early night to be up at the crack of dawn”

Mother Helena blushed as she scurried off out of the kitchen to her room. I took a quick shower and headed to Mother Helena’s room with a spring in my step in spite of a hard day’s work. This was definitely my favourite part of the day and while some of the Nuns were more appealing than others I loved them all dearly and always, always looked forward to servicing each and every one of them.

When I arrived I knocked on the door and waited for a couple of minutes before Helena came to open the door.

“Oh Stephan”

She said trying hard to look like she had forgotten I was coming but the scented oil burning in the background and the sweat beading on her forehead from her excited state betrayed her attempts to play it cool.

“You look lovely Mother Helena and wow doesn’t the room look and smell cosy”

“Oh come in boy and stop making such a fuss, I have told you to call me Helena. Especially when you are here to…..well you know”

“I have been looking forward to this evening Helena, I hope you have to”

“Oh you know, it’s my turn I guess so here we are!”

“I guess we could just sit and chat if you like”

I said picking up a bottle of massage oil from her mantle above the cosy fire she had prepared and giving her a cheeky grin.

“Oh Stephan don’t you tease me or I’ll find some more pots for you to scrub”

She said going bright red with embarrassment as I crossed the room and took her hands in mine.

“I love you Helena, you have always been so good to me and tonight is one chance I get to thank you and show you how much I appreciate you”

She melted in my arms and hugged me tight, pushing her blushing face into my chest. I tucked a finger under her chin and lifted her face and kissed her once on each cheek and then on the lips tenderly. I felt her nipples harden against my chest through the thin night shirt she had on so I began kissing her more deeply and wrestling with her tongue tasting her sweetness until we both need to pause for air. I kissed her again and then kissed and bit her neck as she gasped and panted with excitement. I reached down grabbing the bottom of her night shirt and pulled it up over her head leaving her totally naked and covering her breasts with one arm and her vagina with the other hand.

“Helena, you know I think you are beautiful. Please let me see all of your beauty, it is not like I have not seen it before”

She reluctantly placed her hands at her sides as I removed my own shirt, kicked off my shoes and removed my pants so that we stood naked in front of each other.

“I see you have decided to try something new”

I said to Helena noticing the tiny strip of hair above her pussy. She just blushed and nodded her head. I moved in and took two handfuls of her soft white ass and lowered my mouth to her erect nipple and sucked it hard and then licked and flicked it with my tongue making her moan. I moved to the side and behind her and leaned past her shoulder grabbing the other breast I squeezed it and raised it up to my greedy lips so that I could suck and tease her nipple between my teeth and lips. Standing with my stiffening cock bobbing in and out of her ass crack I reached in front of her with the oil bottle in my hands and poured a small amount in the palm of one hand. I returned the bottle to the table next to us and then rubbed the oil over my palms and then began to knead her milky white breasts firmly in my strong hands.

“Is this what you had in mind Mother Helena?”

“Oh yes, oh yes it is dear boy, yes indeed”

I emptied some more oil into my hands and rubbed oil on her shoulders and neck and then coated her soft tummy in oil as she writhed in my hands and gasped in pleasure. I nibbled her ear as I reached over her shoulder and gently worked oil into her already sopping pussy lips and coated her swollen clit. Her head flung back into my chest and her hips thrust forward and I was forced to support her weight as she trembled and came sending a gush of fluid streaming down her thighs.

“Oh my did you do to me?

She panted as I picked up her trembling body and took her over to the bed. I lay there admiring her beauty. At 46 she was no swimsuit model but she was still gorgeous in any man’s eyes. The tiny paunch above her trimmed pussy was her only flaw if you thought of it as a flaw but I adored it as I did every inch of her body. Her beautiful large milky white breasts had large long nipples and her face was kind and pretty with soft full lips and big brown eyes. Her hair had grown of late and swayed between her shoulder blades as she walked.

I snapped out of my trance when I felt her hand wrap around my already stiff cock as she dragged me up next to the bed and took my bulbous cock head into her mouth. She began pumping my cock with one hand while her head bounced back and forth on my cock. I stuck two fingers in my mouth and coated them with saliva and then reached down and plunged them into her pussy. I curled them around inside of her in search of her magic little release button. Her head flung back into the pillow releasing my cock to boob around in the air as I found what I was looking for and rubbed it furiously making her cum once again.

“Oh holy mother how did you ever did you />
I interrupted her with a kiss and smiled at her.

“I get plenty of practice Mother and like you always say, practice makes perfect”

“Oh you cheeky sod”

She giggled as she turned her head to take my cock into her mouth once more. I worked the rose scented oil more gently now into her beautiful big tits as she massaged my balls and sucked greedily on my cock. I felt my balls contract and so did Helena as she now pumped furiously on my shaft and pulled my cock out of her mouth aiming it at her tits. I painted her tits and stomach with my warm creamy custard as she squeezed and milked the remaining juice from my cock.

I moved around the bottom of the bed and slid her legs across so that she lay diagonally across the bed and then climbed in between her thighs taking a deep breath in to enjoy the sweet aroma her pussy gave off. I lay an open mouthed kiss on her soft silky lips as though kissing her on the mouth and then enveloped her turgid clit in my eager lips and sucked her into my mouth. She groaned and pushed her pussy up into my mouth even further and placing her hands on the back of my head.

“Oh forgive me Lord for such wicked desires”

She gasped as she flung her arms back above her head grabbing the bed head and pumping her hips back and forward into my face as I continued my frenzied oral attack on her delicious pussy. She shuddered in waves of orgasm and when her climax subsided I kissed her tenderly on her pussy lips and then slid up alongside her as she lay gasping for breath.

“I need you inside me now boy”

I didn’t hesitate; placing a hand on her hip I rotated her hips away from me and slipped up close to her from behind so that my cock was once more trapped between her cheeks. With my body supporting her I now reached down and grabbed my cock and guided it into her soaking slit and began to glide in and out of her slowly. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she reached up and behind her placing a hand gently on my face.

“Oh if only I could die let me die”

She moaned looking up into the ceiling. We rocked back and forth for a long time as I held her close and frequently squeezed her tits and kissed her neck.

“Please Helena; I must see your face”

I climbed around and in between her legs on top of her and sunk my cock straight back inside her and plunged in as far as I could, causing her to groan. She continued to groan deep guttural groans of bliss as I began pumping faster, harder and deeper inside her pussy. Our eyes locked on each other as my balls began to churn and her pussy quivered. I blasted shot after shot of sperm deep into her stomach with our eyes still locked as her pussy clamped down around my cock and she convulsed in throw after throw of blissful orgasm. I kissed her gently and she thanked me as I dressed. I swept her hair off her pretty face and kissed her on the side of the temple and whispered

“See you in the morning Mother Helena”

As she curled up naked on her bed and nodded off to sleep. I left and turned in for the night ready for an early start the next day.

Angelina dropped me off at the hospital to fill my preion the next day as she went off to complete her errands. As she left she looked a little confused

“Surely you are all healed from your surgery now Stephan, why do you need to see the doctor?”

“Because I …….well I kind of embarrassing Sister”

“Oh I see, very curious young man”

She grinned as she left for the missions centre. Phew, I had not expected the questions but I guess I should have seen it coming. It had been six months since my and I was having trouble thinking of an excuse to come in every month to get a new supply of the pills that rendered my little swimmers ineffective. Perhaps I could ask the nurse for a believable cover up or perhaps I could come clean about not having the surgery. I mean so long as there was not another unwanted pregnancy I figured they should be ok. For now I would go along with the current plan as it was working. Just then the nurse came out and asked me who my appointment was with.

“Umm is Jesse here”

I asked awkwardly. I was really confused, Jesse knew the arrangement. She would make a bogus appointment for me and see me into the doctor’s room where I would her as payment for my little tablets. My chain of thought was broken as the nurse burst into tears.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude”

I said assuming she was either an oversensitive nut job or having a really bad day.

“No, no it’s not you. Jesse was killed last night in car crash”

She wailed as a senior nurse came and comforted her and took her away sobbing. My world was turned upside down. I got up and left in a daze. How terrible for such a young life to be ended in such a way. How horrible for her family and friends. How……..How the hell was I going to get my medication? I wondered around for half an hour panicking and then ran smack into Angelina outside the mission as she was headed off to pick me up.

“Stephan! Are you ok?”

“Um sure, I mean yes, actually no”

She giggled at my indecisiveness and then apologised for being insensitive. I decided it was ‘come clean’ time and asked her if we could go somewhere for a coffee and a chat. I explained the whole mess to her and she was very understanding.

“I guess you’re even with us Nuns now eh”

She tried to lighten the moment.

“I didn’t, I wouldn’t do anything like that to get back at you. I love all of you very much. It’s just that I thought that one day, maybe….you know

“What, you might want to have children, have a family?”

“Well yeah, I mean I love my work at the convent. I really love my work at the convent for now but…….forever is a long time and….

“I understand Stephan. I probably would have done the same thing”

She said squeezing my arm.

“You would?”

“Sure, we are not perfect Stephan we are just forgiven. We do the best we can to try to be perfect but all the time knowing we never can be. Someday, heaven forbid, you may understand more than you do now and I pray if that day comes that you will remember what I have said here today and remember what i have taught you about />
“Listen, we have to get to the market now before all the good vegies are gone or Helena will skin us alive, but just know that we love you very much and that is all that matters”

I didn’t say much for the rest of the morning but Angelina and I shared plenty of hugs as I helped her load the vegies in the truck and helped out with the other chores before heading home. I felt a weight removed from my shoulders just knowing I had no secrets between myself and those I loved dearly back at the convent.

A meeting was called later that evening after the evening meal and all Nuns were asked to attend. The only difference this time is that I was also invited to attend. I was so excited as this was the only type of meeting that required all of the people I held dear to be assembled in the one room at the same time and usually I was not permitted to be there. I was on cloud nine until Sister Annabelle snuck up behind and grabbed my hand and squeezed it. In her other arm she cradled her precious son, our precious son and suddenly I remembered the reason for this gathering was me. I was not sure exactly what would take place but I was nervous despite Angelina’s reassurances early that day that everything would work out.

I sat and listened eagerly as the Nuns discussed not only the most recent revelation but the whole state of affairs surrounding my birth and the web of lies and secrets that was born out of it. What potentially could have been quite an ugly event ended with all nuns unanimously agreeing on the way things would run. From that day forward there would be no secrets kept between any two permanent residents at the convent. If news was good enough to be shared with one member it was to be shared by all. The second point was for the protection of our home and family what happened in the convent would stay in the convent and absolutely no exceptions were to be made. Finally they decided that as all of my life choices to now have been made for me and that in spite of this I had served faithfully in the convent that I may make the most important choice I would ever make. I could choose to stay and continue serving at the convent or I could turn and walk away and discover a whole new world, a world I was oblivious to and never return.

I wanted to jump up there and then and tell them I would stay but it was agreed that I would be given 24 hours to think it over. They advised I use this time to pray and way up the two options against each other. I didn’t know about the outside world. I mean I saw what I saw when I travelled into town with Angelina and many things had surprised and occasionally shocked me but I sensed there was much more to it all than I had witnessed. Annabelle had described her life before coming to the convent, a life of forced teenage prostitution, a mother hooked on substance abuse and prostitution. She had seen life at its worst but I knew that not all outside the convent was bad.

I hardly slept that night. What I thought was going to be the easiest decision I had ever had to make was suddenly giving me no end of grief. I prayed while I worked and then worked while I prayed. I took a long walk before heading into the kitchen to help out Mother Helena. We didn’t speak at all but just smiled at one another any time our eyes met as we prepared dinner. Angelina came in the kitchen when we were just clearing up the dishes from preparing dinner looking noticeably stressed about something.

“Why can’t people just leave things alone?”

She snarled

“What is it you are looking for dear?”

Helena asked

“Oh it doesn’t matter I’ll find it myself”

She snapped cutting off the end of Mother Helena’s question and storming out of the room.

with her?”

I asked a little bewildered by the uncharacteristic display Angelina had put on.

“Oh that girl has been in a huff all day. She needs a jolly good……….

Although Helena had stopped herself from finishing that sentence her tell tale stare at my crotch filled in the blanks for me. I looked up on the wall at the roster and realised Angelina had been rostered on for service last night. We finished the dishes and I asked to be excused to eat my dinner in the barn. After much protest from Helena as it may be my last meal there she agreed that too much had been taken away from me so far and that I could do as I wished. I took my meal out to the barn and climbed up into the loft and set the meal aside as I didn’t feel much like eating. I began to think about my time at the convent and before long I dozed off sitting in a pile of hay.

I awoke to someone shaking me and noticed night had already fallen. My eyes were a blur so I rubbed them and looked up and Angelina was standing there with a lantern.

“Stephan, Stephan I need to talk to you. I need you to know that I am sorry I was angry earlier and that it was not your fault. You see I thought…..If you……I will……….

“You thought you would miss me when I’m gone? You wanted to tell me but you didn’t want to influence my />
She burst into tears. I held her tight and again a weight lifted off my shoulders but this time also off of my chest. I had my answer, this was not only my home or merely my life it was my calling. I knew it in my heart and I doubted it no more. I kissed her forehead softly and whispered in her ear.

“Oh Angelina, I understand now. I understand that……….you missed a service last night”

I beamed cheekily at her as she lightly punched me in the chest. We tore off each other’s clothes and I pulled her to me and cupping her firm ass in my hands lifted her and sucked her perfect round small nippled breast as she guided my cock head to her entrance. She sat perched on the end of my cock looking deep into my eyes then blinked and nodded giving me the all clear. I pulled her down hard impaling her on my huge cock. She let out a blood curdling scream and her head dropped on my shoulder as she let out a little whimper. I lifted her slowly up and down gradually building the pace and lifting her higher. Her blissful moans let me know she was past the initial shock of my cock in her tight pussy and was ready to ride. I tried to remember that you could count on one hand the number of times this woman had been with a man or a boy to be accurate but this spectacular brunette was beautiful in any creature’s book and was definitely one of the more pleasant services I had to perform as part of my duties at the convent.

She lay back letting me support her tiny frame as I started lifting and slamming into her. Her gorgeous round tits bounced up and down as I hammered away at her pussy. Her face contorted in blissful agony as she thrust her hips against me in and screamed with each wave of orgasm. I fired blast after blast of warm sticky cum up into her belly and at the conclusion of our orgasm I kissed her softly on the lips.

I lay next to her on a blanket in the hay running my fingers over her naked body.

“Are you sure this is what you want />
She said.

“Angelina, not only is this what I want more than anything in the world, it is what I am called to do. I know that now”

We got dressed and headed inside through the kitchen. I looked at the roster and beamed as I saw Annabelle’s name there.

“Come on you”

Angelina said with a wry grin.

“I couldn’t have ed a happier ending could I? Now let’s go tell everyone your />
I sat next to my Son and his mother at the meeting. Annabelle squeezed my hand and leant in and whispered

“I’m so glad you’re staying”

How did she now? How could she? I looked into her eyes then down at my son and then back up at Annabelle and felt a strange burning deep inside my body as we gazed at one another. It was a greater feeling than I had ever experienced but this time it was not coming from between my legs. It came from deep inside my chest……….It came from my

story by: farmer Joe

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Author: farmer Joe

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