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Was it illegal to do what they did on that Saturday morning in December? Was it immoral? Was it just plain wrong to have allowed this to have happened? These were some of questions that both Chuck and Joanie had wrestled with during the next couple of months. Had they let things go too far?

It was now Christmas break for the two of them and although they had many times alone to repeat their adventure, they managed to stay pretty much at arms length throughout the two weeks. The family went up to the mountains like they had for the four years since they had gotten together and Chuck and Joanie seemed to get along just like always, but they each could tell that there was something in the air that kept their conversations to a jesting sort of tone.

Joanie had, in addition to contemplating the answers to these questions, felt a pang of guilt every time she though on that wonderful time down in the basement family room with her step-brother Chuck. The guilty feeling was not for allowing him to seduce her, or vice versa depending on how you look at it, but for not being truthful and telling him how she felt. He had told her that he loved her and all she could do was to walk out of the room. She couldn’t get the words to come out of her mouth and now she wished that she had.

Chuck, on the other hand, felt guilty for expressing his love for the girl and now felt like he had jumped the gun with his declaration. She must not have had the same feeling for him or she would have told him so. He was afraid to bring it up with her now for fear of further rejection so he just kept their conversations light and cheerful, never daring the broach the subject of their time together.

So as time marched on into early spring, just before track workouts and golf practices began, on another Saturday morning, they found themselves home alone once again in a very similar position except it was Joanie coming down the stairs, but this time, she was wearing her night gown and Chuck was watching the TV in his pajamas.

She walked into the room but when she heard the TV on in a low volume, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and froze for fear of being heard. Chuck looked up from the cartoons that he always tried to watch on Saturdays and realized what he had on for clothing. He straightened up and glanced over his shoulder just in time to see his sister turn white and head back towards the stairs.

he said to her, trying to stop her retreat. “Come on down so we can talk. Don’t you think we let this whole thing go on long enough?”

She stopped and turned slowly back to the sofa where her brother sat. She sheepishly looked down at her hands and what she was wearing then slowly walked over to him and sat down on the other end of the sofa without saying a word.

Chuck looked over at his sister with a longing look in his eyes and finally said, “Joanie, about last December, you know when />
“I know, I know what we did,’ she interrupted him bring up the subject. “Did he think that he had to remind me,” she thought to herself.

“Joanie, I’m trying to apologize for forcing you to do it with me,” he blurted out.

A looked of total disbelief came over her face hearing this come out of his mouth. “He wanted to apologize, he didn’t really want to do it at all?” she thought. “Then he really didn’t mean it when he said that he loved me.”

The hurt in her eyes caught him totally off guard as he stammered to regain his posture. She had turned her face down and was looking into her lap and he detected a small tear start to form on her eye lid.

“Oh Joanie, I didn’t mean it really, I…I, ah, only apologized because I thought that you…I mean, I really wanted to…OH SHIT!” he screamed out in frustration.
The tears were rolling down her cheeks now and as he looked over at her, he took her by both hands and as sincerely as he could possible tell her, said, “Joanie, I love you. I’ve loved you from the moment that I met you as a skinny little twelve year-old. I love the way you look. I love the way you laugh and I even love the way you cry.” He let a slight smile from his lips and tilted his head to look her straight in her tear choked eyes.

“I thought by declaring my love for you on that Saturday morning, that you would instantly declare your love for me and we would be so happy together. But when you didn’t, well I though that maybe your feelings were not the same as mine and />
“I love you, too,” she said in an almost inaudible voice.

A look of total shock came over his face. His eyes flew open and a huge smile lightened up his face as he asked, “What did you say?”

She smiled as she said, “You heard me. I love you, too. I’ve loved you for a long time but I couldn’t get it out on that morning. I wish that I had, I really do,” she said and leaned close for a tender kiss on the lips.

Chuck’s heart was racing in his chest as he leaned over to take her into his arms and hold her and kiss her and love her once again. “Oh Joanie, you’ve made me so happy. I can’t believe that you love me too,” he said.

He put his arm over her shoulder and drew her close to him. Then as gently and as smoothly as he could, he leaned over to give her the warmest kiss that he could give the girl of his dreams. He kissed her tenderly on her lips and opened his mouth just a little to feel her return show of her love for him. He moved his other hand up to her cheek and caressed it softly as he continued to kiss her glorious mouth. As her lips parted more and she was giving back to him what he wanted to feel, he dropped his hand down to her breast and felt the softness of her bare mound under her night gown.

She tilted her head backward as he continued to apply pressure on her lips, occasionally slipping his tongue into her open mouth. She was starting to breathe more rapidly as she scooted down on the couch next to him. He felt his love for Joanie grow and his manhood enlarged its stature at the same time as he turned onto her splayed out body and rested his crotch right into her hip.

She moaned and then in frustration, sat up straight, forcing him off of her trembling little body. “I’m sorry Chuck, I’m so sorry. We can’t do this again,” she cried trying to regain her composure.

“Joanie, what’s wrong? What did I do? Why can’t we make love again?” he asked in bewilderment.

“Oh Chuck, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she cried. “I’m not saying that we can’t ever do it again, I’m just saying that we can’t right now. You know how I could tell back in December that it was safe for me to have sex, well, unless you want to become a Daddy, I think we had better cool it when it comes to, you know, doing it right now.”

“Oh,” he said relieved but disappointed at the same time. always other ways to have sex you know. Do you want to try one of those other ways?”

She thought for a second then inquired, “Like what?”

“Well, there’s oral sex,” he started to list them, “and then />
“I’ve heard an awful lot about oral sex before. Some of the girls at school say that it’s the best, but I’ve she let her voice trail off and she looked down into her hands.

He leaned over to give her a kiss on the lips as he pushed her back onto her back again. He smiled and whispered to her, “Well I have and I’m going to teach you all about the wonders of oral sex.”
She smiled back with this fearful yet determined smile on her face as she slowly closed her eyes. He scooted back up so that he was draping his leg over her crotch area as he leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on the lips. She responded in kind and soon they were back to where they were before she interrupted their mutual display for each other. As the kissed became more passionate, Chuck’s hand began its exploratory expedition.

It found once again her bare little breast waiting there under her night gown, all soft and tender, sitting there in anticipation of his manual assault and when it felt his strong grip on its surface, it sent the signal to its sentinel to stand up and be counted. Her tiny little nipple was thrilled to be rubbed and caressed under the night gown as she waited and hoped for his hand to find its way up under her sleeping garment. But when it didn’t, she reached her hand down to the bottom hem and started to pull it up herself.

Not only did she expose her taunt little nipple to his eyes, she also exposed her panty laden junction to not only his sight but to his exploring hand in the process. He was torn at that moment whether to caress her waiting breast or to probe his hand into her crotch to stimulate her further. He choose another alternative as he scooted his face down to suck on her breasts and manipulate his hand down among the panty covered treasure zone that he so much wanted to touch.

She moaned out loud as his mouth reached it goal and she arched her back in approval but when he touched her private parts, the moan became a very loud groan and she spread her tender legs out wide and invited him in. She withdrew her hips and then pushed them up into his roaming hand just as fast as her desires took over her reactions. She was almost glorifying his exploration through her motions and soon her hips were climbing the air trying to feel his touch even more than he was pressing.

He had her night gown gathered at her neck by this time and he was ravishing her breasts with his mouth. He was nibbling on one of her nipples as he was gripping the other forcefully with his other hand. She was tossing her head from side to side and experiencing the thrill of having her tender body abused both orally and manually. She loved what her lover was doing to her but she knew nothing of what was to come.

He roughly pulled her night gown over her head as he threw his open mouth down on her breasts once again. His hand was rubbing her two labia lips together, squishing and manipulating the folds around on her clitoris to great effect as she bit down on her lower lip for fear of busting out with a downright scream that she was sure would alert the neighbors. She had to remain as calm as possible but her mind was at its end from the desire that he was building in her and she didn’t know how much more she could take.

All of a sudden he sat up and looked down at her. She opened her eyes to see the most wonderful loving smile she had ever seen. She tried to smile back but because of her state of desire and excitement, it came across more of a sneer than a smile and he had to laugh out loud.

He then hooked her cotton panties with his two middle fingers and started them down over her abdomen, showing the beginning of her brown curly bush, to the junction of the legs and finally down her thighs to their eventual place on the floor beside the sofa. Looking down upon her fully naked body, his manhood sprang to life under his pajama bottoms and his lustful eyes seemed to glass over with desire as he slowly separated her legs out wide, exposing her full junction. He followed her musty odor down to the wetness that was oozing out between her two lips and then placing his nose right into the smell, he began to lick her lips into separation and he tasted what he had been dreaming of for a long, long time.

She erupted into a state of lustful desire as she thrashed around on the sofa trying to get him to stop but her desires wanted him to take it even further. His tongue had made it all the way up to her love button as he slipped a digit into her moist opening. Again she reacted wildly from the wonderful stimulation that he was generating throughout her body as he pushed every button that he had learned during his limited sexual experiences. But he was applying every one of his methods and he was doing a good job of blowing her mind.

He clamped down on her clit with his lips and started to suck it up into his mouth. The little female penis was as hard as a rock and standing tall in its stimulated fashion. As he sucked and sucked on it, she was losing all control over her mind, her soul and her physical well being. She was gyrating her poor little body all over the sofa trying to dislodge his hungry mouth from her nubbin yet feeling the unbelievable thrill of having her guts sucked out of her crotch. She had held her breath for the longest time as she was starting to lose her sense of consciousness and then she let out a loud scream as she could take it no more and let it all release out of her churning body as it spewed fluids all over Chuck’s hand, his face and neck plus all over the leather sofa cushions that she had been lying on.

She continued to quiver uncontrollably for what seemed like an eternity, lightly whimpering as the tears formed in her eyes. Chuck had stopped his oral stimulation on her nubbin and was resting his head on her leg that was tightly pressed into the other. As she came down from her experience she marveled at the strength of her unbelievable orgasm and wondered what was next.

Chuck was still feeling the affects of his oral adventure into her crotch area and was wiping her juices from his mouth. He remained unsatisfied and his raging member was about to explode and was almost breaking through the fly of his pajamas. He went up her still quivering little body until he was resting his face upon hers and gave her a sensuous kiss right on her lips. It was a warm “Thank You” type kiss meant to tell her that he loved bringing her to this point of enjoyment.

She opened her eyes from her sexually induced slumber and saw the loving eyes that had brought her to this state. They were smiling at her so she smiled back and stretched out her legs. Little did she know that Chuck was so turned on and unsatisfied that he actually was contemplating raping her at that very moment.

Then a devilish mood suddenly came over her and she sprang off of the sofa where he had just made love with her, landed with her arms around his neck and forced him to the carpet where she proceeded to give him a biggest kiss that she knew how to give. She buried her tongue into his mouth as she took advantage of her position on top. She was pressing her young body on his raging cock that she could feel sticking through his pajamas and he was going mad with his pent up desired. He had to have her.

She was rolling around on him with her nude body and soon had her legs on either side of him and she sat up and looked deeply into his eyes. Then she bend over him and was kissing his lips with a new found fever that was coming from her growing need to devour him into her mouth. She had heard the girls at school explain how to give a guy oral sex but didn’t have the foggiest idea how to go about it but she was willing to try. But just as she was starting to go down on him, he pressed his arms through her wide spread legs and drew her up so that she was straddling his face. She screamed out her horror of having his mouth on her crotch once again but when he stuck his tongue up into her confines, she only felt the sense of joy course through her body.

She threw back her head and squealed her unexpected approval of this second time of sucking on her clit. She didn’t realize until that moment that he could bring her to that place again and now that he had started, she was more than ready to see it through to the end. Chuck’s mouth was on fire sucking, licking and biting her tender little pussy and his own desires were forcing him higher and higher until he was about to burst. He had to have her! He had to!

Throwing her off of his face onto the carpet beside him, he followed her flying legs as they came apart in an attempt to catch her balance and landed directly in between them with his eager body. In one second he found himself on his knees with his raging member in his hand, aimed right at her opening. Her words of warning came back into his brain that now was not the right time but he had to get some relief. He had to have her!

“Oh Chuck no!” she cried. “Oh Chuck I want you so much but we can’t, not now!”

He just grunted and shoved it into her opening; starting to plunge it through her objecting vaginal muscles to bottom out right next to her cervix. She moaned her recognition of defeat as she began to pump her hips into his crotch and continued to hump him like a mad person until she had risen to the point that it didn’t make any difference, they were both lost in a world of lust.

He shuttered his last moment of madness as he held his breath trying to contain his release as long as possible but when it happened, all he could feel was the jerking and spitting of his cock as he shot his load as deep within her hole as he could make it reach. She felt it too, splashing against the bottom of her uterus and she knew that she should have stopped him. But she couldn’t blame him, she was mad for it also and now they had to wait and see.

As they lay there panting and catching their breaths, Chuck started bemoaning his inability to control himself and took the entire blame for putting it in her in the first place and not pulling out in the second place. His guilt was joined by her refusing to accept his sole blame for their situation because she could have stopped him if she had not been caught up in the lustfulness of desire. She should have known better but she didn’t.

She got up and gathered her night clothes and walked to her room to take a shower and try to clean as much of his sperm out of her as she could. She returned in about an hour to find him sitting on the sofa with a very worried look on his face. She sat down beside of him and put her arms around his neck.

“I’ll marry you and we can raise the kid the best that we can,” he blurted out the statement.

She smiled and said calmly, just wait and see. I have a week before I’m to start my period so we’ll just have to see. Do you know any good />
“I hope I do,” he said with a shutter.

That week went by at a snails pace. When Thursday rolled around, Joanie went to bed prepared just in case she was visited by Mother Nature, but when she awoke to nothing, her brave demeanor started to get a crack in its foundation. As she looked into Chuck’s eyes that morning at breakfast and she didn’t have to say a word. The color ran from his face as she forced a grin to hers.

The next day was the same and she started to become resigned to the fact that they were pregnant. Chuck wasn’t even there for breakfast that morning he felt so sick. What was he going to do? How was he going to tell his Mom? What was he going to tell his step father, Joanie’s Dad?

They were both zombies that day in school. They didn’t smile; they didn’t want to talk with their friends or to each other. They were both in shock. They were resolved in their fate. They had screwed up and they knew it. Now, what do they do?

Chuck walked home all alone, deep in thought, wondering whether to tell his parents tonight or to wait until they knew for sure. Joanie followed him home by a half hour or so and went directly to her room. She came out in about an hour and went looking for her step brother. Finding him on the sofa down in the family room, she went right up to him and stood in front of him, looking as serious as she had ever looked in her life. He looked up into hers and then she suddenly burst out in the biggest grin imaginable.

They hugged each other so hard she could hardly breathe. They kissed, they laughed, they rejoiced in the fact that they weren’t pregnant and when they both took a deep breath, they vowed to never get in that position again. Joanie would go to the school nurse and get on some form of contraception and Chuck promised to never over ride her warnings again. They were lucky and they knew it, but they were in love and they were both teenagers and you know how irresponsible teenagers can be?

story by: 2stfauther

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Author: 2stfauther

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