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what would you do if eveyrthing you thought you knew about your life turned out to be a lie if the people you love the world you love shatterd like a mirror in front of you what would you do watch it burn fight it or let it consume you just be carefull who you become on the way even if it takes getting your ass kicked or worse loosing some one you love or doing anything for them and loosing your self on the way but either way thoughs are the moments that define us that shape us it doesnt matter if it takes 6 minutes or 6 seconds because in the end we have to live with the decisions we make but im gettting ahead of myself my name is jake hale im 19 and i live in new york with my 12 year old kid sister amy its just us now ever since our parents died in a car crash 2 years ago soon after i realised i had to get a job so i did at a resturant waiting tables serving at the bar anything to get money i guess but today was just another boring ass day in college trying not to fall asleep.
"hey jake wake up man" i herd kyle almost shout at me and if your wondering kyle is a friend of mine ive known him ever since my parents died "halo jake wake up man its time to go" i slowly opend my eyes realising the class room was empty apart from me and kyle i looked to my left seeing kyle sitting on the desk next to me "waky waky bro you must of slept through the hole class whats a matter havent you had much sleep lately you look exausted" kyle said putting his hand on my shoulder "well atleast i dont look as bad as you" i replied with a smirk " haha yeah you wish bro anyway are you comming to my party tonight you have to man theres gonna be hot girls there and i mean hot like youve never seen and you look like you need to loosen up seems like you havent slept in a year" kyle said standing up
" it feels like it and i cant i have to work tonight so im kind of tighed up at the moment " i replied realising how late it must of been so i quickly reached in my pocket and pulled out my phone seeing thats i had only 15 minutes to get to work before i was late twice in a row "dam look i have to go" i said standing up and grabing my backpack before swinging it over my left shoulder and darting for the door but just as i reached it mrs clements walked in "mr hale i need a word with you right now" she said sitting at her desk "mrs clements cant this wait im running late for work" i said turning around "this will only take a moment take a seat mr hale mr black could you please leave while i have a chat with jake please" she asked kyle nodded and then headed for the door "hey ill give you a call later ok" kyle wisperd as he walked out i walked over to the front of her desk and took a seat hoping this would be over soon "mr hale its been brought to my attension that your studdys have been taking a turn for the worst your hardly ever here and when you do show up you sit at the back of the class either talking with your friends or falling asleep on your desk so what do you have to say for your self" she said with a pissed off tone "look i have to go to work every night just to make ends meet and on top of that i have to take care of my kid sister because she has no one els just me and even after working all night i still manage to drag myself out of bed and come here for 8am just like anyone els so i think i deserve a little slack dont you" just as i said that she stood up and her face turned red with anger "ITS NOT GOOD enough mr hale you better straighten up or your going to fail this class and this hole term and thats a place where you dont want to be leaving here with nothing to show for it" i looked up and just gave her a smug smile
"is that all" i replied but before she could answer i grabed my backpack off the floor and sprinted out of the door into the hall way i ran as fast as i could but i was so exausted from working all night and lets just say college wasnt exactly a place that could get my mind off of everything it just seemed to get worse every week but all i could think of was that i couldent be late again i had to be on time because marcus would kill me i must of been lost in thought because before i new it i was falling flat on my back in a daze wondering what the hell just happend "hey watch where your going what are you blind or something" i herd a voice scream at me i tried to look up but i couldednt see at first i was so tierd my eyes were blurry " what are you deff as well" i herd the girlish voice say again i mannaged to finally get my eye sight back i looked up and noticed a womanly figure standing above me with blond haire but my eyes were so blured i couldent see her that well "umm halo what am i talking to myself or something" she screached at me "sorry i didnt realise where i was going" i said standing up "what are you some kind of perv or something just stay away from me ok" she continued to screach at me "anyone ever tell you how charming you" i replied sarcasticly but she must of be off balance from the fall because she fell against one of the lockers but i jumped forward and grabed her before she could do any serious damage but she pushed me away "did i say i needed your help perv no just stay away from me is that clear enough for you" she stated turning around and walking away "nice to meet you to" i mutterd under my breath but i was quickly snaped off my train off thought when my phone started to ring i quckly answered it not looking at the number "jake its marcus where are you we expected you here 5 minutes ago hurry up or your working the late shift on the bar" i quickly put my phone down and ran down the corridor to the main entrence i ran as fast as i could across the main road almost getting knocked down by a car and if that wasnt bad enough it started raining getting me drenched i ran down every short cut i could i finally arrived at the resturant so i decided to go through the back hoping no one would notice me sneaking in so late i opend the door to the employe locker room soaking wet trying to catch my breath i looked around not noticing anyone i slid my backpack off getting my work clothes out but just as i did i looked up seeing marcus leaning against the entrance to the kitchen "umm is it raining by any chance buddy" he said with a slight chuckle "just a few showers around nothing to bad" i jokingly replied trying desperatly to catch my breath "are you feeling ok jake you dont look so good buddy"
all i could do was laugh as i collapsed on the work bench behind me "yeah never better just have to catch my breath" marcus walked over to me and sat down on the bench near the employes lockers "jake honestly are you ok if you need some time off all you have to do is ask you look like you could use a break" marcus had a concerned look on his face what ide never seen before "you know your not the first person to ask me that" i said smirking at him "but i cant i need the money have to keep up payments on the house or they will throw me and amy out on the street i wish i could take a break but i cant" i sat up on the work bench putting my work clothes on "if your sure buddy just dont work your self to death" marcus said laughing before getting up and walking to the door "oh and jake i was wondering we have a new girl starting claire do you think you could show her the ropes its her first day and i thought who better than you" i paused confused for a second marcus always tells me about new employes oh well it wasnt like i could say no "uh yeah sure thing" replied still unsure "great you have 2 minutes to get ready and then ill see you in the kicthen" marcus said before turning around and walking into the resturant i quickly got changed puting my bag and my jacket into my locker and closing it i laughed to myself i mean could this day get any worse but i guess i had to deal with it but as i started to leave the locker room my phone started to ring again i quickly pulled my phone from my pocket seeing it was amy i answered it as fast as i could "hey jake are you going to be home tonight you promised me you would be where are you" i felt worse than id ever felt before i totaly forgot that i promised amy i would be home today "dam sorry sis i have work i spaced it completely i" but before i could say another word the line started to break up and eventally died out so i put my phone in my pockect already as pissed off as i could be with how the day is turning out.
i walked into the kitchen slowy opening the door looking around to see if anyone was in there but to my surpise it was almost as if it was abandand i walked over to the sink turning the tap on looking at how many dishes i would have to do by myself "yo jake my boy have you seen the new chick were working with" i turned around seeing joe lean on the near side counter joe was a cool guy he was the first person i worked with when i started at the resturant he seemed a bit full of himself but he was a nice enough guy "what the new girl claire yeah marcus said something about that but i havent seen her yet" joe just gave me an unsettling smile "trust dude your in for a treat a big treat" i just turned around and started loading the sink with plates
"jake i want you to meet claire this is who i was talking about" i almost droped a plate when i saw her she had the look that could blow away a hole army with one look she had dark black shoulder length haire dark brown hazzel eyes and a figure of an hour glass sexy wasnt the word "um jake" marcus said snapping me out of my trans "oh uh hey" i said stuttering tryint to put my words together witch only made her giggle at me "well claire this is jake hes going to show you around and show you where everything you need is joe come with me buddy i need your help at the tables and jake you and claire are on dishes till half 8" marcus and joe walked out leaving the room totaly silent i turned around and kept loading the sink not sure what to say then claire walked passed and threw a dish cloth at me "so do you want to wash or dry" she said with a giggle "ill wash you dry" replied laughing still a little unsure what to say "so are you new around here then" i asked rubbing my burning eyes
"moved a week ago with my dad from ohio and well here i am" she said giggling
"but is it always this quiet around here" i turned around and walked over to the sterio on the shelf turning it on and walking back towards the sink just as an old ac/dc song started to play on the sterio better i replied grabbing a plate and cleaning it off
"i love ac/dc so guess im going to have to say yes" claire said playfully nudging my arm
"well some times you just have to love the classics" i said nudging her back witch only mad her giggle more at me but there was something about her not just how amazing she looks it was like i couldent stop looking at her eyes but i had to keep snapping myself back to reality before she noticed anything was up "uh so what college have you applied to around here" i said handing a plate to her "ive got into one west brooke do you know it"
"haha know it thats the exact college i go to"
"to be honest im a bit nervouse about going i dont really know anyone around here" she said in a worried voice "you know me so dont be so worried" i replied and she gave me a the cutest smile i think ive ever seen we carried on talking and time flew by untill it was almost 8.30 just as we were almost done she walked over stacking the plates and bowls away while the sterio blaired out loude i must not of been paying as much attension as i thought because the next moment i had a sharp cutting pain across the parm of my hand i forced my hand out of the water like a reflex "arghh dam" claire ran over to see what was wrong and all i could see was my parm split open must of been from one of the knives still in the sink "oh my god come here" i herd claire say i turned around and she wraped my hand in a wet dish cloth to stop the bleeding she looked like she was in such a panic "stay here im going to go get marcus she stated running out the door but why did she care so much i mean its not like she knew me that well but before i could think more into it marcus came running in with a first aid kit in his hand and claire following behind "let me see your hand buddy he said opening the first aid box on the side he took off the dish cloth off and chucked it in the trash "ouch buddy i think you might need some stitches"
"ill be fine dont worry it will heal up soon enough"
"well if your insisting atleast let me dress it and clean it up just to be on the safe side" marcus started dressing my hand i had to grit my teeth trying not to grunt with the pain of it "jake listen i want you to take the day off tomorrow and rest up you cant carry on like this take friday off and come back better saterday i dont care what you do just take it easy buddy spend some time with amy" he said with that same concerned look on his face i knew i couldent argue with him after all hes done for me "well amy has been on my back about working late i suppose i could take one day off"
"that a boy now both of you can get off early ok and claire good first day honey" marcus said looking over at claire who was sitting on the counter with the same worried look "boss i could use a hand in here" joe said poking his head back around the door "ill see you both saterday ok and jake rest ok buddy" i nodded my head then he walked out "are you feeling any better" claire said walking over to me slowly "ill servive" i said smilling at her
"good i wouldent want to have to hurt you" claire said as we both walked out the door and turned left to the locker room together i opened my locker grabbing my backpack and putting my jacket on then feeling a punch in my arm i turned my head seeing claire with the same grin on her face "do you hit everyone you just met" i said trying not to smirk "only the ones i really like" she replied shooting me a wink and walking out the exit door holding the door open for me "so you comming or staying the night" she said with a cheecky chuckle i walked out closing the door behind me we walked down from the back of the car park to the side of the street "hey jake do you mind waiting with me until my dad picks me up" even though i felt like i couldent stand anymore it wasnt like i could say no and leave her waiting on the street alone "uh yeah sure" i replied looking up and for some reason the sky was lit up with stars brighter than usual claire must of noticed me looking up because she seemed to get her own eyes lost in the stars "there beautiful arnt they i never dreamed that in the city they could be so bright"
"there not normaly this bright" i noticed that claire was shivering so i took my jacket off and handed it to her "here take this your freezing"
"no i couldent take that off you will get sick you keep it you need it more than me"
i wasnt asking take" i took a step towards her and wrapped it over her shoulders "thanks jake" she said teeth almost chattering trying to smile "so what family do you have in here in the city"
"uhh no one its just me and my sister no parents anymore just us thats why im working here to make sure she has some one she can rely on its not perfect but id do anything to try and give her a normal life" for some reason claire paused like she was stuck in stone "oh im sorry i shouldent of asked" but before we could carry on a car pulled up on the other side of the street " thats my ride thanks for waiting with me here take your jacket"
"no keep it you can give it back to me at college tomorrow" she didnt say anything just smiled kissed me on the cheeck and ran over to her dads car and in a instant drove off so here i was freezing and walking home with no ride and no jacket and to make things worse with every step i took i felt like i couldent take another i looked up at the stars as i walked down the street but the night wasnt like any other there were hardly any cars on the road no people from what i could see no sign of life at all but the thing that was really out of place was the stars untill something caught my eye it was like a red blaze "what the hell" was all i could mutter under my breath as i crossed the road but my eyes were fixed on the red blaze it seemed to get clearer and closer but as i looked down the street lights started to flicker on and off untill it was almost pitch black i tried to use the light on my phone but when i looked it was completly dead whats going it just kept going over and over in my mind maybe it was a power cut but if it was how would that explain my phone it was fully charged half an hour ago i looked back up at the red blaze maybe it was connected some how but i just shrugged it off trying to convince my self it was my tierd mind trying to trick me my hand felt like it was burning up but i just couldent stop following the red blaze with my eyes even though every part of my body screamed for sleep i could see it getting closer untill i lost it in the park i just had to see what it was i crossed the street to the park i put my backpack on and jumped over the gate bairly landing on my feet i walked on the foot path untill i saw something ahead of me i walked faster and when i stoped i saw a metore rock in the center of the foot bath the ground was destroyed beneath the rock and around it the rock seemed to almost glow red hot i knew i had to go but i just couldent i walked closer to it leaning down trying to wrap my head around what exactly the this thing is but i didnt have time to think in a blink i was being shot threw the hair flying backwards with rock and concrete in my face the rock exploded all i could feel was my hole body burning up i landing 10 feet away my mind was in over drive what the fuck was going on i looked down and i almost freaked i saw black tar over me as hot as oil burning into me i shouted the hole park down trying to get it off me when i looked down again it was gone but the burning still filled my body with pain i managed to crawl to my feet and run as fast as i could back to the gate i held the top of it trying to pull myself up i managed to make it over but bairly i started to walk home and the streets were still dead silent but the pain in my stomach was almost to much i lent back against a lit street light resting my head and body against it but when i did it started to flicker from bright to dark then nothing i was to freaked out to stay around i ran sprinting down every path way i could till i finally got to my front door i searched my jeans trying to find my keys after a minute of looking i was able to open the door but my head the pain took over i could feel myself blacking out and the last thing i could remember was my body hitting the floor and passing out.

story by: bizzare66

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Author: bizzare66

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