The endless alley

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As subway after subway sped by Ilana sat waiting, getting more and more impacient by the second. It was well past two, and they had agreed on two. Her fingers ached to dial his digits, but something held her back. Maybe it was the sound of another oncoming train, maybe it was the fact that she was shaking. But whatever it was, she didnt have the time, as he stepped from the train onto the platform and they locked gazes. He was even more stunning in person. His hair seemed to flow from the hat he had on, one eye covered in golden blissful locks, the other a deep, mysterious brown. Ilana's heart nearly lept from her chest. The way he walked, the small smile that was forming on his perfectly shaped lips… her hands shaking increased drasticly, and her cell phone clattered to the ground. As she bent down to pick it up, her hair fell in her eyes. All she saw for a few seconds was black. It was freshly dyed, and she felt it to be quite glamerous, although her mother and father thought otherwise. Last night had been a rough one for Ilana, and her beautiful big blue eyes had been stained with tears. Now however, there was no trace of any sadness on her face, and as she straightened up, she realized just how close Jack was to her. Their noses inches away from one anothers. Ilana bit her lip subconciously and stepped back. It wasnt right. The feeling wasnt right. Back at his train stop, Jack left behind his house, his family and most importently, his girlfriend of four months. Ilana had to fight the countless urges her body was having for this other body, though, it was easyer thought of than followed through.


The streets of downtown were noisy and crowded, as the holiday season was nearing. Snow had not yet fallen, but the days were becoming bitter cold. To Ilana however, it was boiling hot. The light jacket she had brought with her had been long since thrown over her arm and forgotten, thanks to Jack. Each time his arm grazed hers, a wave of heat spread from the tip of her nose to the soles of her red Converse shoes. Her lips were becoming chapped from her subcontious biting. The conversation was of general things; The last hockey game, their breaks so far… nothing remotely similar to what was going on in Ilanas head. Ohhh, the urge to pull this gorgeous boy into a nearby ally was growing stronger by the second. She had been forced to stuff her cell in her pocket, as she had already dropped it three times. Each instence though, she stood to find him close enough to kiss – it was driving her mad. Every once in a while she glanced in his direction, but no sooner doing so did she regret it. More shivers, more heat waves, more lust. Ohh how her fingers trembled and longed to find their way under his jacket… his shirt… his pants… his boxers… to his breathtaking body that she had only pictured in her mind on countless occations. She quickly became lost in her fantasies, not realizing that Jack had stopped walking altogether. It took a tap on the shoulder for her to snap out of it, and when she did, it was to stare deep into Jack's warm chestnut eyes. A new feeling crept into her fingers, and it travled all through her when she realized what it was. He was touching her. His fingers were stroking hers so gently, it made a shiver fly up her spine and exit through her mouth in a soft, "oh". Her breath froze as it hit the cold winter air, as did her body. She was afraid to move – but Jack wasnt.


Downtown is known for its alleys. A labryinth of endless brick and stone, going on and on and on, ending only when one so chooses it to do so. In the case of Ilana and Jack, it engulfed them. By then it was dark, and the alleys were lit only by a couple dim lights. Jack pulled Ilana with him, holding tightly to her hand and never looking back at her, as if he knew exactly where he was going. He was really looking, for the perfect spot. And when he found it, he wasted no time. She was pinned against the wall in seconds, his large hands gripping her wrists above her head. Ilana had been waiting so long to taste his mouth, and now his tounge was exploring inside hers. She tugged on her arms. She wanted to feel him, to undress him, to take him right then and there, but he held her tighty. His lips moved downward to her neck and he started to run his tounge up and down, hungrily, quickly. All Ilana could do was moan softly, over and over as he moved his body up against hers and finally realeased her wrists, his hands moving up her shirt, cupping her breasts. He leaned fowrard and bit down on the soft skin of her neck, as his hands gently squeezed her. Ilana couldnt take it anymore. She reached down to his pants and felt for the button and zipper, undoing both and sliding her ice cold hand into his boxers. Jack started to cry out, but was cut off by Ilanas lips. She owned him now. Her fingers were wrapped around his member, gently pulling and stroking, feeling him get harder by the second. Her other hand was fumbling with her own button on her jeans, finally unhooking it and yanking down the zipper. Her pussy was wetter than it had ever been in her life, so it was easy to guide him in. Jacks hands slid to her ass and he pressed, following the rhythem of her hips as she thrusted him deeper, and deeper and deeperrrr. Ilanas heartbeat quickened, and her hands moved to Jacks hair, his hat on the ground, her fingers exploring. She began to moan again, against his lips, over and over, as if nothing else in the world mattered but this being who was inside of her, moving inside of her, pleasuring her to speechless. He moaned as well, but softer, and longer. He quickned the pace, in nd out, in and out, faster and faster. When the wave hit, it hit hard, catching both of them off gaurd. Her sweet cum coated his cock, and he felt ready to do the same – but she suprised him. As he prepared to let go, she dropped to her knees and shoved him deep into her mouth. Her hands grabbed the back of his legs and pulled him towards her, as her tounge wrapped and flicked at him, her lips gripping him. Jack closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide, letting out a moan loud enough to wake the entire city around them. She sucked for her life, swallowing mouthfull after mouthfull of his sticky creamy bliss, feeling the warm goo slip down her chin as well.


She stood slowly on shaking legs and fell against him. His heart was racing. Ilana didn't want to move, as she knew as well as he did, that it would mean the end. Once they parted, it would be as if nothing had happened. He would go back home, she would be left to live her life. Sure, they would meet again, but never as they had met on this day. Never again could they do what they had just done. It was Jack in the end, that finished it once and for all. He unwrapped his arms and pulled away. Ilana bit her lip as emberrasment flooded through her and reached for her eyes, making tears spring up and fall silenty down her cheeks. Jack's face was expressionless, but his head was swimming with emotions he was afraid to convey. She was amazing, but she was the forbidden fruit. He had tasted her, and now he would be banished from the wonderful garden. Ilana couldnt handle this silence. She slumped against the wall and started to slide down, but to her suprise, was stopped and brought back up by Jack's arms. They hugged not as lovers, but as friends. Friends who had made a mistake, but were willing to suffer the consequences together. They grasped eachothers hand tightly, and took their deep breaths, turning towards the exit from the alley, and the judgmental world that lay beyond.

story by: Crystal Snowfall

Tags: fiction young consensual sex teen male/teen female cheating sex story

Author: Crystal Snowfall

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