The girls with the blue eyes [pt 3]

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Now be warned, if you are not legally of age to read literature that involves sex, then you must not read this. If you are offended by sex between adults and underage children or by incest, then I would suggest that you read something else. Such conduct is not legal, [well in most places] and I certainly do not condone it or recommend it, in fact this is a complete work of fiction. I do not know anyone who has had an experience like this one, it is nothing but the writings of an author who's mind just comes up with this stuff. If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. The author of this little story, [AJBaker] is not dead even though rumors have been spread that he is.

Having read the first two parts you may have a good idea what the protagonists are going through in this story. We left them with some rising doubts, at least on Albert's part as to whether he was getting myself into a situation he would have been better off without. A long chat combined with making love with Wendy seemed to make him feel better though. One can only hope that he is on the right track, but all of that can wait because we are going to join the small group on Wendy's birthday to see what kind of fun they are going to have together.
Our horny group is in the middle of a hectic day, wrapping presents, preparing food and dealing with a whole lot of doubts and fears. There is a lot do deal with as they set out to celebrate two birthdays and Thanksgiving at the same time. What could possibly go wrong?

The Girls With The Blue Eyes
Erotica written by A.J.Baker
Part Three
Chapter One
Albert went home before Diane woke up, leaving his little angel sleeping soundly beside her unconscious mother. He had wrestled Diane to a better place on the bed for her to rest and managed to stop her snoring at the same time. Wendy seemed content to crawl back into bed with her mom and quickly fell asleep looking like some kid dreaming about kittens and Christmas.
He was exhausted when he got home but he found the energy to stuff the turkey with the dressing he had prepared the afternoon before. With that in the oven he set the timer so it would start cooking at nine a.m. and then he set his bedroom alarm for noon, the latest he could risk sleeping til. He was afraid that he was going to burn out later on that day as he was going to get five hours of sleep at best.
His bed seemed to be so big and empty. Damned if he was not wishing the girls were here with him. He did not even have the energy to get undressed so he fell onto the comforter and just went to sleep.
At the Barker residence the girls were just getting their day started. Diane was feeling well rested, almost euphoric as she hummed aloud in the shower. When she awoke, she was a bit concerned that Albert was not there, but then she knew he had a lot to do and there was no conversation about him staying over anyway. She left Wendy in bed to get a few more moments of sleep while she showered and dressed.
When she was sitting in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish dripping, she had a sudden feeling of foreboding. What if Albert thought she was some kind of freak because of the way she acted last night when he was fucking her ass? Surely he was okay with that, after all he initiated it, but then she went wild, that would scare a lot of men off. What would she do if she lost him? Wendy would probably never forgive her.
Hell, she would never forgive herself. She had reservations about letting this happen, Wendy was only a child after all. At the same time she knew it was the best choice. They had been lucky that Albert was not some kind of freak or pervert. She was the real pervert by societies mores. She slept with her own daughter, that was incest. Something everyone thought was dirty and wrong, even most of the people that had incestuous relationships.
She had felt compelled to do it knowing from personal experience that if Wendy did not have her to quell the urges then far worse things could happen. She loved her daughter far too much to allow anything bad to happen to her. Why would anyone find fault in her for that? Was it not a mother's job?
She had nightmares all of the time where she was locked up for making sure her daughter was safe and then Wendy was put out there in the big bad world with no one to keep her needs and desires in check. A sweet, smart little girl left to fend for herself in a world where no one gave a damn about her problem unless it was something that they could take advantage of. How many little girls were turned into prostitutes or became some pervert's sex toy because no one understood but the wrong people.
She was shivering when the coffee finally was ready to drink. She said a silent prayer that Albert really understood. That he was okay with her wanton abandon as soon as he started to fuck her ass. She probably scared the poor man half to death.
"Morning mom!"
"Good morning darling, my aren't you chipper. You must have slept well."
"About half as well as you thanks to your snoring."
"I do not snore!"
"Yes you do, you started last night. I woke up because of it. I thought it was Albert but he was in the living room sleeping on the couch. He helped me move you and then you were fine after that."
"Why was he sleeping on the couch?"
"He said he was thinking, but he drank almost a whole bottle of wine while doing it. I was afraid he was having second thoughts about us, but we had a long talk and then made love. He seemed pretty cool when he put me to bed. He said he had to get home to get the turkey in the oven so that we could eat at around two."
"He must be cooking a huge bird."
"Yeah, that is what I thought, he says he loves leftovers and can live on them all week long."
"Honestly, you don't think he was too freaked out by my performance last night do you?"
"Gee mom, I don't know, you were pretty wild. What was that about anyway?"
"A bunch of things, mostly he was magnificent. I never had a lover that made me feel like that. That whole sexual energy thing was incredible. Then when I realized he was going to fuck my ass, well what can I say? It is my favorite way to fuck."
"I am going to have to try that if it is so good."
"In time sweetie, don't rush it, like I said it can really hurt and you might be a bit young to start that."
"Okay, but I think that I have dropped turds as big around as his cock."
"Such language, I should get the bar of soap!"
"Oh mom, when was the last time you actually washed my mouth with soap."
mean I won't do it. You are right though, maybe I am a little over zealous in my need to protect you."
"No mom, you are perfect. There is no one like you and I am so happy that you are my mom."
Diane felt like crying. "Okay, so what do we do now birthday girl?"
"We have to make the tiramisu, then we have to decide what outfits we are going to wear over to Albert's in case we want to drive him wild with lust. Or do you think we should tone it down a notch today?"
"Here is what I think. We tone it down, but be ourselves. He is a man that knows how to take charge. In fact he knows far more than your tainted mother does about sex and I imagine about relationships. So from now on we make ourselves available to him and let him take the lead."
"That reminds me, I could not help myself. I was feeling vulnerable. I asked him if I could call him daddy."
/> "Well, it felt right, and besides he decided it was alright with him."
"I see. Well it might be a bit awkward, but I will try and deal with it."
"Does that bother you mom? I mean I never had a dad, not that I really needed one thanks to you. Last night, it was already my birthday and we were cuddling. I just hated calling him Albert or Mr. Jones."
"I know honey, and I am not angry. I always knew that you yearned for a dad, let's just be careful that you do not get to attached so fast. If it does not work out, then you and I could be in for a lot of hurt."
"I know mom, I know. A little part of me inside is scared, but something just feels so right and so good about him."
"It is not him I worry about so much as us. We have not really talked a lot about how the world perceives people like us. To most people we are little more than trash."
"But why? People always like us when they meet us."
"They don't know about our sex lives. If they did, well most would want us thrown in jail, well me anyway, you would end up in foster care. I have nightmares about it all the time."
"Well then we will just have to help him to love us."
"I sure hope we can do that. I mean I hope he can love us."
"Mom, we love each other and that will never change."
"I know baby, now come here, mommy needs a hug."
They hugged for a long time, two lost girls hoping desperately that Albert was what he seemed to be.
Albert woke up to the heavenly smell of roasting turkey. He checked his watch and decided not to stay in bed, the bird needed basting and he needed to take a leak. Seeing as the two things were not connected he went to the bathroom first. He felt surprisingly refreshed considering the night he had.
He basted the bird with bacon fat, poured a cup of coffee and went to the door to get the Sunday paper. It was mostly full of ads for long weekend sales with a bit of news mixed in. He turned to the back to find the sports section to find that he had missed a Canucks game that they had won.
The smell of the turkey was making him hungry so he fried some eggs, bacon and tomatoes with parmesan cheese. When he finished eating he was set to start his chores, making the house ready for his guests. The excitement of celebrating Wendy's birthday started to get to him. He retrieved the gifts from the bedroom closet and wondered why he had even bothered hiding them.
He set the table and then started putting candles all over the living and dining rooms. There was going to be lots of leftovers so he set out his Tupperware and plastic Ziploc bags. He wanted everything to be handy so that when Diane and Wendy were there they would have plenty of time to spend with each other.
After his talk with Wendy, he realized that he would probably want them to be a part of his life anyway, no matter what. He would be the first to admit that the sex was the best he had ever had. Then he would have to admit to feelings for both of them. In their own unique ways they were special, and together they were super. He hated himself for the thoughts he had the night before and he was grateful that Wendy had shared with him.
His stomach was full and the coffee was gone, he did not want to drink before they arrived so he walked over to Tim's for latte and a doughnut. He liked Tim's, there was always a lot of interesting people to watch, especially on Sundays as the working people were at home so the place was full of locals. The downtown area had it's very own bunch of quirky people from all age groups, races, and walks of life.
It was no different when he got there and joined the long line up of caffeine addicts. Thankfully it was unusually warm for the time of year so he took a seat at an outdoor table. He just wanted to relax and enjoy watching people for awhile before going home to finish preparing dinner. He was amazed at the number of couples and small families that were out and about.
It was the families that he was most interested in. He felt compelled to watch and see if they showed signs of being happy. Albert had been single for over a decade, that ten years sprinkled with brief dalliances that lasted from a few days up to three weeks, his latest record. In that time he had developed a practiced eye for the less obvious beauties of the world, the woman that with a little make-up, the proper outfit and perhaps a new haircut, would turn every head in the area, jealous females included.
Today he found a woman with her teenage daughter. They were sitting outdoors as well just a couple of tables over but right in his line of sight. The mother was blonde, her hair lacked attention as did her clothes which appeared to be slept in. Her daughter was dressed like a lot of mid-teen girls those days, like a slut. A father's worst nightmare. Albert figured them to be a broken family just because mom looked harassed while the daughter was cool and speculative.
He felt sorry for the mother and that led him to think about Diane. Diane was a marvel really, with everything going against her in life she still managed to look good, even before when she was hobbling around on crutches. She still managed to educate her daughter and not only in the required school curriculum but about love and survival.
The slutty girl was looking at him and smiling knowingly. One of her legs was swinging back and forth allowing him quick glimpses of white flesh above her thigh high stockings as well as a flash of bright red that he assumed was her panties. When she realized he was looking at her, her leg stopped at it's furthest point from her stationary leg, her hand grasped her skirt and moved it slowly up toward her waist.
The little vixen was teasing him. Albert chuckled and winked at her before turning his head to watch two young girls around Wendy's age walking towards him. Now this he found interesting, he knew now that after Wendy his life would never be the same. He found he was clearly aroused by watching the nubile young girls that were oblivious to his attention than he had been by the obvious tease seated a few feet away.
He had a sudden physical reaction, it was like the whole world moved around him, a sensation he had experienced during an earthquake. He almost panicked before he realized that no one else seemed to be worried about the ground shaking. His eyes met those of the sexy little slut and she looked at him quizzically. She probably did not understand why he was not looking at her panties.
Albert stood up, finished his latte and made for the gate to go home. He now had purpose, he was no longer in limbo wondering what was going on. A few days ago he had added a special number to his call list on his cell phone. He brought the number up, pressed call and waited impatiently for an answer.
/> "Hi, I got your number from Craigslist, I am wondering if I can hook up with you soon."
"What are you looking for? V or C?"
He thought for a moment, then figured it out. "V"
"Good, where are you right now?"
"The Tim Horton's on /> "I know it, meet me a block south. I am on a bicycle, blue Lycra suit and blue and white helmet, you have cash I hope?"
"Hundred bucks."
"That will get you a dozen, work for you?"
"Sounds good. Three minutes."
"Hurry, I am almost there."
Albert sped up his pace, he only had half a block to go. While he was walking he took five twenties from his wallet. He hated the new plastic bills, he wondered why the ground was not covered with money that slipped from peoples hands.
There was his guy waiting just ahead of him. He caught his eye and nodded. The bike rider looked around, made up his mind and then wheeled toward him. The exchange went quickly and flawlessly and he was on his way home with a dozen blue Viagra in his pocket. Briefly he hoped he had not been ripped off but shrugged that off. It was only money, and if he had the real thing, then today would be memorable.

Chapter Two
It was a short cab ride but they did not want to bring the car and leave it all night on the street, besides they had packages to carry and dessert. Diane felt good when she paid the cabbie and gave him a generous tip, it was not often she felt solvent enough to be so extravagant. Wendy was carefully carrying the dessert to the front door, not daring to trip or lose her grip on the container. It had been carefully prepare and she was the guardian to make sure it did not lose it's visual appeal.
Diane gathered up the packages, she had presents and wine and toys. Everything she had to contribute to the festivities. As she walked toward the front door she was balancing bags and emotions, [emotional baggage?] as she was still worried that Albert was going to dump them because of her.
Wendy was waiting for her to ring the doorbell, still paranoid and daring not to even let go with one hand to press the buzzer. By the time Diane had her hand free, the door was opening. Albert's low mellow voice greeted them warmly as he stood aside to allow them entrance. "Greetings young ladies! A beautiful warm day only made better by two gorgeous smiles. A sunny blue sky that cannot compete with the beauty of your eyes. A special day that is more special now that you are here. Come in and welcome."
"Hi daddy, you talk funny."
"Damn I rehearsed that for ten minutes. Hi sweetling. It looks like you have a good grip on that so I'll just let you take into the kitchen. Diane, may I take your bags?"
"Thank you Al. That was a wonderful greeting, thank you."
"Thank me with a hug and a kiss if you would." Diane slipped her arms through his and melded her body into him as she began kissing him warmly. She found that she did not want to stop, but the need for air finally brought them apart.
"Mmm, you are quite the man Albert Jones. Oh, it smells wonderful here. Wendy and I have never had home cooked turkey before."
"Then this is a week of firsts, all sorts of them. Now let me put these somewhere and then we can sit in the kitchen and drink my special hot /> "That is good cocoa."
"It is even better today, I added a couple more /> "So Mr. Jones, I hear that you have been adopted. How are you feeling about that today?"
"Good, actually I hoped to discuss some things with both of you while we enjoy some chocolate. And you? How do you feel about things today."
"Incredible. Confused. Elated. Wary. I guess I am just a bundle of nerves."
Everyone settled in the kitchen nook on high bar chairs. Hot chocolate sweetened with Grande Marnier and Kahlua steamed in over-sized mugs were sitting before them."
"Now you might be wondering why I called this meeting. I have decided that it is important for us to clear the air about what we all are to each other and where that is going to take us."
Pits developed in the guts of both of the girls, Wendy distracted herself by sipping the rich brown drink.
"By clearing the air, I mean I want to tell you how I feel and what direction I would like this thing we have develop."
That sounded promising to Diane so she relaxed a bit and lifted the huge mug to her lips.
"I have decided after long hours of arguing with myself, plus a few epiphanies, that I have already developed some serious feelings for both of you. In a sense it is all tied together by our needs as well as our emotions. I am giving you notice that I need you in my life, my intentions are to pursue an intense relationship with you. I cannot differentiate how I feel about one or the other, it is like somehow I can't feel for the daughter without the mother and vice versa."
"Are you saying that you love us?"
"Well Wendy, in a sense I do, but what I am saying is that I tried to visualize my future without the pair of you and I can't. I am no expert on feelings like love, but I am helpless to resist you and can only hope that you feel the same way about me. Hell, I sound pathetic. I did not mean to sound so needy."
"Oh my god! That does not sound needy, it sounds sincere and is just what we needed to hear you say. If I can speak for both of us, well we have been scared that you would turn us away because of the way I was last night."
"The way you were? I don't /> "In the bedroom, I know that I was crazy, but I would not have been like that except for you and your Tantra stuff."
"Oh, I get it. Why would you ever think that? That was the most amazingly uninhibited reaction a man could hope for. It is part of the reason I want you."
"Really? I thought because you are so calm and you have such a steady lifestyle, that it would freak you out. It has happened before, although never on that level. No man, or woman has ever been able to bring that out in me. Hell it scared me."
"Oh my sweet, you have no idea how long I have hoped to find a woman that was capable of letting herself go like that. Everyone seems to have something that holds them back from letting their sexual side come out."
"With you? Wow, I can't imagine a woman wanting to hold back if she was having sex with a man like you. Most men don't even give a damn if you have an orgasm, they just care about their performance and getting their own rocks off."
"Then we are on the same page. And Wendy?"
"Me? I am happy. You make me feel loved, and I have never seen mom like she is. How could it be more perfect?"
"Ah, this is unreal. Now let's get ready and have our first Thanksgiving Birthdays dinner."
"I am up for that! Is there anything we can do to help?"
"Mostly just help put stuff in serving dishes and put it on the table."
Everyone took a job, Wendy scooped the hot cranberry sauce into a bowl, Diane poured the gravy into the gravy boat after sticking her finger into it and tasting it. The turkey was already on a platter in the oven keeping warm with the extra dressing and Albert's last job was mashing the large pot of boiled potatoes adding butter and a container of French Onion chip dip. He steamed the asparagus spears in the microwave and then poured butter that he sauteed with bacon bits and chopped garlic.
There was enough good on the table to feed a church group, but for Albert it was all about having a weeks supply of leftovers. It was an old habit from when he was a kid.
"I can't believe you have this much food for three people."
"Me neither. I think it is leftover from being brought up on the prairies. It seems that everyone cooked these huge dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some for Easter as well, although that was usually ham or lamb."
"Sounds fantastic. I was brought up by parents that barely even acknowledged holidays or special occasions. We went out for dinner, mostly at buffets. A couple of times we had Christmas dinner at a Chinese buffet."
"Just like mom and I, only we never went to buffets."
"So really is the first home cooked dinner we have ever had together and it is the most beautiful meal I have ever seen."
"Well, let's see how it tastes then. Eat all you want. No rules here, no one is going to make you try something you don't want to, if you want to fill your plate with just turkey it is up to you. I'll start carving."
By the time they were all so full it was impossible to move they hardly even made a dent in the food on the table. Of course there was even more in the kitchen that there had been no room for on the serving dishes.
"Now I am sufficiently suffonsified. Anyone want anything else?"
"How are we going to eat dessert?"
"That will have to wait. Traditionally we used to play a board game, like monopoly. But let's just relax in the living room with a nice warm Grande Marnier and maybe talk. By the way, I forgot to compliment you girls on your dresses. I love one piece dresses that button down the front."
"Thank you, it was the only thing we could find that matched and was appropriate for a dinner like this."
"Good choice nonetheless. I appreciate that you wanted to dress appropriate, it is a classy thing to do."
"You like classy things, don't you?"
"I suppose, I don't see where it hurts for people to have a little bit of formality in their lives. I know that people like the relaxed look these days, anything that is not formal or restrictive. I just believe there is room for all degrees of living. People develop a look that they think defines them, then they flaunt it wherever they go. Kind of silly if you think about it."
"How so?"
"Let's say that you had decided to dress in black leather instead of a nice dress like you did. Would that make you a kinkster instead of a smart caring woman?"
"Well, no, I mean I am kinky but I hope I am that other as well."
"And Wendy, if you had dressed like a schoolgirl slut the first day I met you, would you have been sending me the message that you wanted?"
"No silly, you probably would have ran away instead of helping me."
"So, in one way the way we dress sends a message but it does not define who and what we are. If it did then we would be one dimensional instead of mulch-faceted and /> "What message do you send with the way you dress?"
"That I am prepared for what faces me. If I have important business meeting, I were the proper suit. If I attend the opera or ballet, it could be a tuxedo or silk. Just a regular business day probably a sport jacket. Relaxing at home I am in sportswear. None of them define who I am, only I can do that, but being dressed appropriately says that I am studied and /> I really never thought of clothes that way. I suppose a woman is /> "Perhaps, but because I am curious, what do ladies wear under a garment such as that dress you have on?"
"I don't know that I can speak for others because I wear nothing at all."
"Maybe you define yourself by that, it says that you are ready and willing if not a bit precocious and free /> "We are ready and willing, never more so than we are now, now that you are our man."
"Now if you would like, why not give the birthday girl her gifts? We would not want her to think we have forgotten her."
"You bought me a present? I knew you would! Mom and I got you something too."
"You see that shopping bag over there? Go see what is in there for you."
Wendy virtually pounced across the room to pick up the bag and then ran back to sit with them. "Which should I open first?"
"Just a moment darling, go get the bags I brought in as well please. Then all the gifts will be /> "Right! Be right back."
Albert had put them on the floor by the stool he had used in the kitchen niche. Wendy was back in seconds, barely giving the adults a moment to sip their liqueurs. "Okay, this is everything. I am so excited to see what you got for me."
"What is your favorite color?"
/> "Then open the blue one first."
He did not expect her to be so careful unwrapping the present, but she was meticulous and deliberate as she made sure she did not rip the paper in the least. "Oh look mom it is beautiful, oh and these gloves! Mom feel them! Oh and look at these, I have never seen stockings like these before."
She jumped from her seat and onto Albert's lap. "Thank you daddy, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. You are going to have the prettiest sexy little daughter ever!" Her lips were on his and she was kissing him in the most undaughterlike manner possible.
"Okay, okay, you are welcome but you have to let me breathe. Let's see what your mom got you." Diane, not wanting to make her daughter leave Albert's lap handed her a small box wrapped in silver paper with a blue and silver bow.
"Happy birthday darling. I hope you like it."
Wendy opened the box to find a necklace made of silver with a simple pendant holding a blue sapphire. "Wow mom it is incredible. I have never had anything so beautiful in my life!"
"I know darling, when I saw it I just knew it was for you."
"Oh I love it, here help me put it on please."
Diane moved so she was close to them and opened the tiny clasp so that she could put the necklace on Wendy's neck. When she closed it and let it go, the pendant moved down so that it rested just between her breasts. Right away, Wendy undid about five buttons so that her necklace would not be hidden.
"That is a very classy necklace. Simple and elegant. Nice choice Diane."
"Thank you that means a lot. I am not one for jewelry so it was more of an impulse than trying to buy the right gift."
"That usually is the right gift, the one that calls to you."
"Did the lingerie call to you?"
"Very loudly."
Wendy was already back into the bags and was bringing out the other gift that Albert bought for her. "This is king of heavy, what could it be?" As excited as she was, she still took her time until finally there was another neatly folded piece of wrapping paper on top of the other.
"Are you kidding me? This is the exact tablet I wanted! How could you have known?"
"I didn't. I picked it because it is electric blue. I was thinking of your eyes when I saw it."
"I get it now, you are a raving romantic aren't you Al?"
"Guilty as charged Di."
"I am freaking out! This is really the best ever! Not that my other birthdays were bad, but wow!"
"There is more honey, look in the big black bag." Wendy went to the bag, reached in and brought out a small gift wrapped in black paper with a dark red ribbon.
/> "Well only way to know is open it."
She stuck out her tongue and then began her ritualistic unwrapping of her gift. She was delighted to find out it was Corel Art software.
"Oh mom I love you, I wanted this for so long."
"If you are going to be a productive part of our company, then you might need that. For label designing etc."
"Yes, and I am going to boot up my new tablet and load it right away."
"You can plug in over there on that wall. If you need help setting it up just let me know."
"It says that it has Windows 8 on it."
"Have you worked with that operating system before?"
"No, my PC has XP. Mom would not let me bootleg a copy of 7."
"Take it from me, bootlegged operating systems can really cause you grief. I have a couple of good ones, but I have had way more problems than good /> "You use pirated /> "Sure, I get real mad when I pay huge money for something that is constantly having to update because of the problems they have, and then to top it off, some of the updates cause problems. I think Gates is rich enough, or whoever it is making the billions these days."
"We will stick to what we buy Wendy, what he says makes sense, but we have to stay legal."
"No problem mom. Damn this is neat. I can use it to take pictures and video! This is better than your phone mom."
"Sure, crow all you want. I like my phone just fine."
"So Diane, while she is playing with her new toy, do you want to help me clean up?"
"Okay, I was so content sitting here watching her light up when she opened her presents that I forgot about cleaning up."
They left her to her tablet and started moving dirty dishes and partially full serving dishes to the kitchen. "Okay, if you want to start putting food into those containers, I will put the dirties in the washer."
"What about the turkey?"
"Well seeing as there are no bones to keep for soup or braising, I think I will just slice it into three or four pieces and freeze them. Well except for one to use for sandwiches and /> "Should we set some aside for dinner? I am sure we will get hungry later tonight."
"Smart and beautiful. You plan that while I fill the washer. You know this is kind of nice. It really feels like a family dinner, don't you think?"
"You are so right. Where have you been all of my life? I could have used you years ago."
"Well I was looking for you of course. Funny that it took a Frisbee in a tree to bring us /> "And a horny little sweetie."
"Speaking of horny, tell me about last night. You went so wild. Does that happen often?"
"Honestly? I have always had a hornier ass than my pussy. And let me tell you my pussy is very horny. Last night, the way you and Wendy were doing that energy thing, and the way you started bringing me to the very edge and then stopped me from cumming, I was more charged up than ever in my life. I thought I was going to pass out a few times."
"I wanted to charge you up, but the results were /> "Then finally I did cum, the most explosive whole body orgasm a woman could have. I can't describe the sensations, but they did not stop like they usually do, they just kept going up and down my whole body like someone was using a paint roller that gave out vibrations of ecstasy rather than latex."
"Whoa, that must have really been /> "The way the pain in my breasts worked with the pleasure in my pussy might have had a lot to do with it. Anyway, I was still doing that when you turned me over. I did not even understand what you were doing until I felt you fucking around with my anus. That was all it took and the rest is a blur."
"You were moving like a blur."
"You can't even imagine what it is like to be experiencing this monstrous orgasm and then have another one start in the middle of it, and then another. If Wendy had not been there to make sure I did not fall over, I am sure I would have ended up on the floor."
"So we now know that you are incredibly horny like your daughter, what about the toys? I noticed a few things last night used for BDSM /> "Mostly I bought those after reading 50 Shades of Grey. The book was very erotic, the whole idea of giving myself completely to a man and trusting that he would handle the responsibility of my needs. Having this condition has been like having an anchor around my neck, I have learned to control my urges and even push them down to a point where life is bearable, but it is a lot of work."
"So you think that having someone else take on that burden would be nice."
"I know it is nothing more than a fantasy, I mean something like that can't really happen, can it?"
"Well it can, but it takes a lot of discipline and dedication. By discipline I mean training and exercise. And you have to both be committed to doing all of the things it takes. It would not cure you of your problem, but it could relieve you of some of the stress that goes with it."
"You seem to know a lot about it."
"Not really, I am well read, and I kind of dabbled in that lifestyle for awhile."
"Why are you not still /> "Well I just found the people were, how do I put it, weird. They all thought that what they were doing was the end all. The women seemed to be either fat needy girls that I could not find myself being with, and others were down right crazy bitches. You would cringe if you knew what kind of things they want a Dom to do to them."
"So is there a lot of people involved in the scene?"
"Lots, there is no way of knowing how many, but they come from all walks of life. The weird thing is that most of them go to seedy dark places and then strut around acting out their strange ideas. Lots of crazies."
"I was worried that you thought I might be crazy."
"I considered it. Mostly I was worried that you planned on using me. Honestly I am too sensitive. I don't need my heart broken again. I would rather stay single and aloof than get involved with someone who only had her own interests in mind."
"And you don't think I am like that?"
"No. I watch you with your daughter. I listen to you when you talk to her, and I listen to what she has to say as well. If you are like them, then I am the very worst judge of character imaginable. The other thing is that I found it hard to convince myself that a person willingly gives themselves over to someone to be treated like that. All of that pain, it is kind of sick. I prefer the opposite, a more sensual kind of torture."
"Good then there is one thing that I would like to talk to you about, it is important for me."
"Anything, this is the time for us to be open if there is a chance that we can go forward."
"It is really important to me that I am financially independent. What I mean is that I realize you are fairly well off unless you are living beyond your means. I do not see you as that kind of person so I don't think that you are. I have always struggled with money, more since having to make the choice to keep Wendy home and be her teacher on top of everything else."
"Yes, I can see that. What would you like from me?"
"Your help, but not by giving me money or free rent. You have your own business to worry about but I was hoping that we could work out some kind of arrangement that would free me up to take a more active role in finding new customers. You have shown me there is a market for the wine so I am thinking I need to explore that more."
"I can certainly help by promoting the wines, they are good enough that doing so will not come back on me."
"Thank you, I know that I am just lucky so far but I need more than that to get ahead. I was hoping that you might have a few hours a week that you can spend with Wendy that will free me up to get out in the world and make sales calls. Aside from that I appreciate you making space available to me for storage but I want to be able to pay you for that."
Albert studied her for a few moments while he thought about what she was asking. "Good girl, I like it that you are striving to make your way in the business world. I'll tell you what. My schedule is rarely a fixed thing, but I do work from home a lot. I use the office as a way to legitimize my business as there are some people that do not want to be involved with someone working from home. I can set it up so that I work from home two days a week, I mean like always Monday and Tuesday, or whatever days you need."
"You would do that? That would be such a big help. I think Wendy would really love that."
"Would she stick to her school work if we do this?"
"As long as you don't distract her by walking around stiff all the time, but be warned, her hyper-sexuality might be a distraction at times."
"I can live with that. We would have to explain to her though that school comes first as does my work."
"She knows. Her and I have been living with that arrangement for a couple of years as well."
"The matter of storage space. It is there and not being used. For me to rent that space out I would have to make some expensive improvements. I understand your need to be independent so maybe there is a way to make it work. Have you considered having a partner? You know like an investor?
"Not really, I never really thought anyone would be interested in that, after all I am barely making a living. There is not enough money to go around. I could use one though, there are times that I lose the chance to get some pretty good deals because I have not established a line of credit big enough to just get the money I need quickly."
"So you have to borrow from a bank, but the wheels turn slowly because of your situation. Then if you do get the loan it is too late because people on the other end tend to take money in hand rather than a promise."
"In a /> "What I do is set people help people that need to borrow money with people that have money to lend. Luckily I am one of the people that has money to lend so whenever a gold opportunity comes along I use my own money, set up through another company I own of course. It is like taking the cream for myself and leaving the rest for my clients."
"Wow, you really are well off then."
"I have had some luck. You need some yourself right now."
"But borrowing from you or having you as an investor would not really make me /> "I look at it more as you being the cream. After all you will always be paying me back, I would only ask that you keep me in the loop as to what you are spending the money on. Sometimes I might be able to tell you if it is a bad deal because I am not emotionally invested in it."
"Okay, I think I understand that, and the storage space?"
"Well I have a lot of stuff in storage places where I am paying huge money to keep, I am planning on moving into my building now that I have the space. It will take up just a little over half of the square footage, even less if I put in some /> "This makes me feel better. What kind of stuff?"
"Antiques mostly, I went through a period where I thought it was a good investment so I attended auctions and began filling up storage lockers. Right now I am paying close to fifteen hundred a month in storage fees, and I have a room full downstairs as well."
"I would never have thought that, usually people that are into antiques have them all over the house."
"My house was pretty much the way it is now except for the electronics. I never felt compelled to change anything although in time I intend to. I do spend a fair amount of time visualizing what a piece would look like in a room, the problem is visualizing what a bunch of pieces together would do to my /> "I can help with that. Sorry, I was not eavesdropping. I just came in to get some juice and overheard the last part."
"How can you help with that?"
"Pictures and software like /> "Of course! Real estate agents use that to help clients visualize what their furniture would look like in a new home. Most people don't buy new because they are attached to what they have already."
"So what we do is take a whole lot of pictures, then Photoshop pictures of the furniture you like into the rooms."
"Are you really only twelve?"
"As of today, yes!"
"It is just that you think like someone so much older."
"That is the way she is on computers. She does everything on her PC, schoolwork, art, surfing and she even does a lot of writing. She amazes me constantly and I could never do any of my business without her help."
"Then I will pay you by the hour to do that for me."
"You mean you are giving me a job? Cool. How much?"
"Your mother and I will negotiate that."
"I want fifteen dollars an hour."
"Wendy! Don't you think that this should be left to us to decide?"
"Why, I am the one with the idea and I am going to do the work. If you don't like what I do, then don't pay me."
"Darling, you are being rude."
"Sorry, I just think that if I do a good job then I should be paid what I want. What is wrong with that?"
"Nothing Wendy, the truth is that I might have been willing to pay more. So as a lesson for you to learn, I will agree to your request even though it sounded like a demand."
"That is all I need. I am not greedy, but I do have needs. I just want some money of my own that I earned, after all I am old enough now to shop for my own clothes and /> "I agree, not that it is my place to do so. Diane? Is it all right with you that I pay this little entrepreneur fifteen an hour?"
"Only if you set a maximum number of hours for the project."
"How does twenty hours sound. To start I mean. If it goes well and I want more after that, then we can discuss it then."
"I am good with that daddy, thank you."
"Don't get it in your pretty head that I am going to spoil you."
"Daddy, this is not spoiling me, it is just a fair exchange of money for services. An allowance would be spoiling me."
"I have to admit that she has us there Diane."
"No kidding, I have created a business woman."
"We are working out an arrangement for you to do some of your schooling here with me. Your mom needs some of her own time for her business, I mean your business. After all you are partners, yes?"
"Are we mom?"
"In a sense, well yes I suppose. You certainly help out a lot and you reap the benefits even if it does not seem like it."
"Oh mom, I know you don't have enough money to pay me or yourself. So what is this /> "I have the honor of having you here two days a week. I get to overlook your school work and help if I can, and your mother is free to make sales calls and work without distractions while you are here."
"Can I work on my project for you then?"
"A couple of hours a day if you are all done with homework and such."
"Okay, I like that idea. Thanks. I am going to start taking pictures of your house now. See you later." She left them to finish their work, leaving the room looking quite pleased with herself.
"You know, she is different somehow. She did not flirt or try to entice either of us into having sex. It is like she has purpose now."
"Diane, it is a bit early to tell. It is probably that she is just more interested in her tablet."
"No, nothing ever was more interesting to her than sex before."
"Okay, maybe you are right, after all you know her best."
"Since she started to develop her sexuality, she has acted older than she was. It is a sad thing to watch, when your child is being robbed of her childhood. It makes me feel so guilty for passing that gene onto her."
"I understand it is difficult, but you have naught to feel guilty about, and you have been a better mother then many would have been considering your choices."
"I hope so. Now, convince me again that I made the right choice as far as letting you make love to my /> "Whoa, what can I do to convince you?"
"I am just teasing. I don't have any doubt now. She clearly feels safe and loved when she is with you. I am feeling that as well. One other thing, if yesterday is an example of what you were talking about, the more sensual approach to BDSM, then I would be willing to give myself over to you completely. At least I am pretty sure I am."
"You know, I have a hankering to try some of that dessert you made."
"She is right you know, you do talk funny. You use words and phrases that I have never heard."
"I made up my own /> "Right. Okay, dessert will be served in the dining room in five minutes. In the bag I brought, you will find a large tube. Inside is bottle of ice wine from Peachland that is being kept at the correct temperature by magic. If you would be so kind as to open it and pour, then I will carve out three large chunks of tiramisu for our dining /> "Mmm, a girl that is prepared, I like that."

Chapter Three
Albert was tempted to pick up his plate and lick it. In fact, if he had not enjoyed sex with both of his present company, he might have thought that the dessert was better than sex. "My god, I trust you can recreate that decadence anytime you want to."
"Do you mean anytime you want me to?"
"Yeah, that. Where did you learn how to make that?"
/> "You are kidding me."
"Well, an old friend emailed me the recipe. He got it from a chef he worked with about 30 years ago."
"And no one is getting rich making this and selling it? That is just wrong in so many ways."
"I thought the same thing myself."
"I wonder if we can patent this recipe, or buy the rights to it somehow."
"Always thinking about how to make money, aren't you?"
"Does it seem like that? Only because you are not used to me yet. In truth, I don't think and scheme all of the time, but when something presents itself my brain just goes into overdrive. Sometimes I come up with a viable idea."
"Maybe we are all like that, but have different things that switch us on and off."
/> "Sorry, what?"
"I just want to get into the conversation, but you two are hogging all of the /> "Okay, what is it?"
"I have something to show you. I can't believe it actually worked!"
"What is it Wendy?"
"Not sure what to call it, but look." She put the tablet on the table and pressed a button. Albert watched as the room moved around the screen. It was like someone put a tripod in the center and then just video taped a complete circle, but while he watched, Wendy would hit a spot on the screen with her finger and it would enlarge with incredible detail.
"How did you do this?"
"I took a lot of pictures from the same spot and then sewed them all /> "Well I'll be. You did it so fast."
"The software for it was included on the computer, part of the snapshot program."
"It is so cool. I think I am going to have to buy one of these for myself now."
"If you had one, I could transfer these pictures in an instant. I love this! It is the most amazing computer I can imagine! I am going to have to come up with a way to really thank you. Oh, by the way I have already put in my first hour." She took her tablet back and smiled at Albert and Diane. They smiled back. She took their picture.
A second later she turned it around in her hands and they were staring at themselves smiling. Wendy was beside herself with happiness. Being young and naive still, all she could see was that her mother and Albert had made a connection. He let her call him daddy, and he made her feel so fucking good with his hands, his lips, his hard beautiful cock, but mostly it was the way he treated her like she really mattered.
That was the way her mother treated her so it was only logical that if treated her the same way then he must love her. She basked in that assumed love, she felt like she was finally part of a real family and nothing was more important than pleasing this man so he would never ever leave her. Her plan was to be one step ahead at all times, to anticipate his needs before he voiced them.
She knew that there would be times when she would have to leave him alone with her mother, but that was alright because moms and dads did that sort of thing. She also knew that she would have plenty of opportunities to have him to herself, and she planned on making the most of it when she did. Now she had a job, a purpose and a way to contribute, but she also had two whole days a week where he would be hers.
Of course she had no inkling what would transpire during those times, and it really did not matter. She could live without sex as long as he loved her, but wouldn't sex make it even better? She would have to ask her mom what she thought.
Now she had this fantastic tablet that allowed her to really explore her talents. She knew she had lots of talent because stuff just kept popping into her head and when she applied herself she could make the idea work even with minimal learning or training. She never really gave a thought that she might fail. The job she had using her tablet to show dad what his house would look like with different furnishings was easy, she just had to do it so perfectly that he would be pleased with her.
Now she had his picture stored in the present he gave her, her heart was bursting with love for him. It was so nice having two people to love. Damn she wanted to fuck the both of them right now. Why were they waiting anyway? Everyone knew that it was going to happen today, it was inevitable, so why waste time? Why not just throw their clothes on the floor and start fucking like bunnies.
Her cunt was aching as if there was something missing, it needed to be filled with a hard hot piece of cock-meat. It was her birthday and she needed to be fucked! Her hand found her pussy and cupped it forcefully. One finger slipped between the buttons on her dress to rub against her already aroused clit. Albert noticed from the corner of his eye, he looked up to her face to find she was noticeably irritated.
"Something wrong kitten?" She moved her hand only to undo a button and slip her whole hand beneath the folds of her striped dress.
"I think I need my birthday fuck now daddy."
"I thought you might. Daddy has a plan for that, does kitten want to try something that daddy likes to do?"
"Oh yes daddy!"
"Good girl, I am hoping that mommy will want to do this as well, it makes more fun, at least I think this would be more fun with all of us."
"I am willing to try anything that you think of. Besides we have had a family dinner, now family fun seems /> "Are we really a family now?"
"Well little one, in a way, at least we are doing things together like some families do. A few at least."
"This is the best birthday ever!"
"For me as well. Every guy fantasizes about having sex with two women, but I never did. Now here I am, two beautiful willing pussies at my command just when I am about to turn forty. So, are you girls ready to follow my /> "Yes daddy, yes."
"I am wet already just hearing you say that."
"Okay, watch this." Albert picked up a remote pressed a button and part of the wall started to slide to one side revealing a 55 inch Elo 5500L screen. It was his newest electronic toy and part of him was excited to be able to show it off to someone. He had had it for less than two weeks so he was still figuring it out, but the young man that installed it had hooked it up to his television tuner, his PC, his sound system and laptop.
Then after mumbling something about what the system needed now was a Playstation 4, he offered to give Albert a runthrough to show him what his whole setup was capable of doing. A few beers later, the lad left happily pocketing a hefty tip while Albert watched a movie that he had just downloaded on his computer.
"Now that is quite the television. I am /> "It is that and more, now just give me a moment." He fiddled around with some buttons on his remote, first music burst from his speakers and then suddenly the girls were looking at themselves and Albert on the big screen.
"Way cool. Where is the camera?"
"I have three. Originally I set them up for security purposes, and there are others all through the house."
"Boys do like their toys."
"Well apparently so do girls, judging from what I've seen so far. That reminds me, how did your willy-maker work out?"
"I haven't checked it yet, but I brought it with me. Do you want to see?"
"Later, for now I want my girls to dance for me. I find that to be a serious turn on."
"Then your wish is our command Sir."
Diane went to Wendy who was standing and gaping at herself on TV. She was doing little motions with her hands as she watched her mirror image move in sync with her. Albert pressed a button and she was looking at her backside. She grinned and wriggled her ass for the camera.
"This is fun. Can you record us as well?"
"I could, but if I do, we must erase it after we watch it. Things like that tend to take on a life of their own if you leave them lying around."
"And we would not want evidence of our activities left where someone could find them."
"Too bad, it would be kind of neat to have, like having a moving photo album."
"I agree, but it is too dangerous. Maybe in the future we can figure something out. For now, give me a hand moving some furniture so that you have room to dance. We need to put this right about here, and now all the rest can be pushed back toward the walls. That looks good." Looking at the screen all three of them were standing in an area of about 80 square feet with Albert's extra large ottoman in the middle.
"Perfect, now before we start, do all of your buttons up, good girls. Is this music okay? I kind of like the near primal drum beat."
Instead of replying, the girls started to move their bodies, slowly picking up the rhythm until they were both sinuously moving around each other barely touching. Albert sighed with satisfaction and the took his place in his armchair to watch his lovelies entertain him.
The moved so that they could watch themselves while at the same time being able to watch his reaction. There had been enough nights where they had danced much like this as a way to enjoy themselves as well as get each other excited. Diane usually took the dominant role but sometimes it just came down to the pair of them doing their own thing like any other couple at a dance club.
They reminded Albert of girls in the Caribbean or Brazil, hot, sensual, extremely uninhibited in their movements and efforts to drive anyone watching them wild with lust. He kept adjusting the volume of the music every few moments as it seemed to make them even more wanton and expressive in their movements.
"You may start unbuttoning each other, but slowly take your time."
Diane was the first to comply, she deftly released the highest button on Wendy's dress from its' buttonhole and then quickly licked the bared skin. Wendy shivered and then moved back a bit and shook her upper torso, closing her eyes as she did so. Then she moved back in and quickly dropped, her knees spread wide as she balanced on the balls of her feet. She smothered her face in Diane's groin and then moved up her body until she could nestle her mouth just below her mom's ear.
When she came away again, Diane's top button was undone. Inspired by this Diane moved behind her daughter, rubbing herself all over the girl's back until finally she was able to undo the bottom button on the full length dress. Albert clapped his hands. The girls were making this so entertaining. He considered taking his cock out to play with it, but decided it was too early. As he watched this amazing display of eroticism he considered the traits that he liked most about the girls. First it was their blue eyes, the seemed to constantly change in hue from a bright innocent blue to smokey inviting come fuck me blue. Even stranger, they almost always matched.
Then there was their breasts, probably the one feature that set them apart, but not by much. Diane's were the size of oranges, the large kind from Florida while Wendy had Mandarins. Their nipples were almost identical, pale pink aureoles outlining darker nipples that seemed to be always hard and showing through their garments.
He loved legs if they were slender and toned, and a favorite of his to look at was a shapely ass. Both of them were nearly identical in that way. Funny how Wendy at her underdeveloped age was so closely a body match for her mom. It made him think that she did not have long before she would reach her full maturity.
He could easily have watched them dance for an hour, but twenty minutes was enough. His little one had begged for her birthday fuck so this was more about making her ready than himself. He did plan on dragging it out for as long as possible though. He had not yet taken one of his blue pills, he figured that it would be more than an hour before he was ready to fuck her.
He was planning on fucking her rather than the gentle lovemaking they had shared so far. He thought it would be interesting to see if she had any of her mother's wildness in her so he planned on teasing them simultaneously. He extracted most of his sexual enjoyment in the teasing as he watched how his efforts drove his partners towards the end goal. Many hours had gone into his exploration of the female body, learning where they tended to be the most sensitive. Where a lick was better than a caress, where a nibble was better than a tickle, or what combination of actions might drive girl wild.
They each had three buttons left at the waist. He had not even thought of instructing them to unbutton each other that way, but it turned out to be the sexiest way of doing it. They took turns giving him peeks at a nice curve on the side of a breast, or showing him thighs in shadows that promised so much more.
"Girls you did that beautifully, I must say that I am very pleased. Now, leave your dresses on just the way they are, I have a surprise for you. Follow me to the kitchen."
Promptly he stood, turned and left the room fully expecting the girls to obey and follow him. He smiled as he heard their bare feet padding softly behind him. "Now, I want to make a toast, in order to do that, we need champagne. Diane you will find a bottle in the back of the fridge on the right side. Wendy you will find champagne flutes in the cupboard right behind you."
He did not expect that he would have to tell them to get the items and of course they complied immediately. He understood that they were naturally eager to please, and it excited him that they were this way. It always amazed him that the journey in life seemed to be circular, how you constantly got the chances to improve where you had failed before.
Diane presented him with the magnum giving him the task of taking off the foil, undoing the wire holding the cork in, and then wrestling the odd shaped cork out with a pop. He poured the wine into the flutes and then held one out for Wendy, then another for Diane and lastly picked up one for himself.
"Girls I wasn't planning this, but I realized that our new friendship deserved a marker, a moment where I can applaud your beauty and thank you for finding me. I think that we are going to be incredible together, in many ways so I want to toast you for being the sweetest, sexiest, smart wonderful girls that you are. To a long lasting mutually satisfying time together. May we all find our needs /> He raised his glass and sipped the bubbly beverage. The girls followed suit. "Oh and happy birthday darling. I hope it is everything you wished for and more."
"Thank you daddy, this tickles. But I like it."
"Albert thank you, you know that you are the best gift that Wendy got this year. I love you for being just what she needed."
"Okay, we have some unfinished business, well not business, unfinished pleasure. Let's go back to the living room." He brought the bottle and this time allowed them to go first, no sense in depriving himself of watching their asses sway as they walked ahead, the dresses seemed to really accentuate their movements perfectly. Of course that made him wonder if Wendy was going to take to anal sex the same as the mother.
It really did not matter to him, he enjoyed everything so if she was more of a pussy girl then it just balanced things out. He did intend to do some hands on research into the matter though, if not tonight then soon. It was up to him to find out everything he could so that he could play these sexual instruments better.
"Now girls, I want you to sit on the ottoman, finish your wine first and then I want you to kiss and fondle each other for awhile, I will be back in a moment."
As they lifted their glasses he left the room, it was time for his pill. He judged that it would take about half an hour to get to the point that he wanted them before he was going to need his cock ready to go. That should give him about ten minutes leeway. In his bedroom he changed into a pair of microfiber boxers and put on the matching robe.
He had bought the set on a whim because the boxers were actually sleepwear. He had grown very fond of anything made from microfiber because of how it felt against his skin. He downed one of his pills and then opened a box in his en-suite walk-in closet. Checking to make sure it had everything he expected, he closed the box and carried it to the living room to find the girls making out quite nicely.
It was obvious that they were french kissing, Diane was fondling Wendy's pussy, while Wendy was tweaking one of her mother's nipples. Setting the box down Albert approached the couple. Standing beside them, their heads were pretty much level with is engorged penis, he felt like allowing them to give him a blow job but he had a different plan.
"Girls you have been very good so now it is time for me to do something nice for you. Diane lay on your back so that the calves of your legs are pressing against the ottoman. Good girl, now Wendy lie on top of her so that your thighs are exactly on top of hers." Wendy tried to do as she was told, but seemed to struggle with her balance.
"Here, I will help you, just relax and let me position you. Good girl, now just hold steady and I will fix it so you can stay like this easier." He took a pair of Velcro straps from the box and placed them around their thighs in a way that bound them together, the he gently spread their legs giving him a view of their pussies lined up perfectly.
Next he pulled them forward so that Diane's ass was right at the edge of the thickly cushioned footrest. Albert licked his lips. He was ready to begin his second feast of the day and he was quite sure he would enjoy it even more that the first. He took a couple of other things out of the box on the floor beside him and then knelt down to begin teasing the nymphs spread so invitingly before him.
In one hand he had a gadget that was basically a handle with a toothed wheel, when applied with the right pressure it would stimulate the nerves beneath the skin. In the other he held a large feather duster. For the next few minutes he alternated using the toys making sure that each girl got her fair share of teasing. It was easy to tell that his ministrations were working as both of them were squirming their bodies and moaning as he played with them.
Judging that they were ready for the next step, he discarded the wheel and moved his face close so that he could blow on there pussies. He held the duster so that it did not touch flesh and then began taking deep breaths and blowing hard when he exhaled causing the duster to lightly tickle the now swollen lips of both cunts at the same time. When he moved it down so that Diane's asshole was being treated she would groan even louder and buck her ass to the point it was hard for Wendy to stay on top of her.
Moving up he gave Wendy's little pink anus the same treatment, she was not as wild, but she managed to moan with pleasure. Albert had to taste the delightful treats placed before him. He silently thanked the girl in his past that had left the box of equipment in his house one day when she was in a rush to go somewhere. She never came back to retrieve it so he just packed it away.
He studied the sight before him, it was almost as if there was just one girl lying on a mirror until he got close enough to see the minor differences in the flaps that protected the vulva as well as the fact that one clitoris was a bit longer while the other a touch thicker.
He licked, making his tongue as long as possible, starting at the very bottom and slowly working his way up to the other very bottom that happened to be the top. On the way back down he used his fingers to part Wendy's lips and rapidly jab his stiffened tongue inside of her, then after a quick sucking kiss on her clit he repeated it, doing the same to Diane.
He worked each pussy, back and forth, building up the desire to be fucked in each, sometimes he used his hand on the pussy he was not licking, other times his fingers were deep inside the girl who's clitoris he was sucking on. The girls where passionately kissing each other while using their own hands to massage breasts and tease nipples. The moans filled the room until they were louder than the music, even Albert was adding to the noise as eating pussy was a sure turn on for him.
His hands were slick with the juices and both cunts were slippery as he continued to slide his fingers into them, once in a while managing to get as many as four of his slick digits deep inside. He knew that he was hard and horny enough to fuck them, so he stood up and stripped off his robe and then his pj shorts. The girls still wore their dresses, although the were all twisted up, but it looked sexy so he left them on.
His cock was lined up with Diane's trembling hole, when he thought of something. He picked up his remote, made some adjustments and suddenly three cameras were aimed at the group and the screen was split into three showing them from different angles. This will make for a nice movie for us to watch later he thought to himself.
Once again he aimed for entrance but at the last second he moved up and rammed himself into Wendy's barely used cunt. She grunted with joy, and tried to move her ass back but she was joined to her mother so it couldn't happen. Twelve times he slammed into her hard thinking back to when he was a child and would receive the bumps each year on his birthday.
He slipped out of her and into Diane with such ease one would think it was an everyday thing fucking stacked twats. Diane, having the leverage was able to push her hips up to meet his thrusts as she enjoyed the hard fucking she was getting from her new lover. Already she was thrilled with his imagination in connecting her with Wendy like this, it seemed fitting for the occasion.
Wendy whispered in her mom's ear asking her to try and continue her thrust when Al moved back to her pussy. Seconds later she had him bouncing his balls off of her clit while her mom pushed up to meet his downstroke so the three lovers once againg found themselves in harmony. Wendy was the first to cum, her orgasm was sweet and intensely pleasurable as her sex energy seemed to travel to her face causing it to tingle and glow as she blushed. Then the blush went the other way as she turned pinkish right back down her body until even her toes were pinker.
Hard hot flesh entered Diane once again, her cunt jerked, vaginal muscles clenched tight as if to keep it inside of her this time. Her sweet daughter was humming and vibrating above her, pink flesh was warmer than ever as it slid against her sweat covered body. Once again Albert was proving himself to be a better lover than she had ever experienced and she realized what a sad life her sex life had been.
Not only was Albert teaching her new ways of lovemaking, he was making sure that she and Wendy had orgasms before he did. She knew that the reason he spent so much time and effort building them up was because he was not going to outlast them if he went straight to fucking them. Once he slipped his cock into her, she was ready to blast off and she had to hold back just for the pleasure of having him inside her as long as possible.
Little did she know that he had taken a Viagra and was going to stay hard long after her first cum, so she was holding back the best she could on the slim chance they might cum together. She really didn't know why people do that, her thought was that it just seemed sexier if lovers came at the same time, kind of like it made it special. Whatever it was, she enjoyed the challenge of cumming in sync with her lover.
Albert was in full blown fuck mode. Viagra worked its magic and he felt strong and hard, like he could do this all night long. Even though his kitten had cum already, that was no reason to deprive himself the pleasure of feeling her tight velvet sleeve on his boner. He kept switching between the girls, after several thrusts of his hips. It might have been his eighth time inside Diane when she could no longer restrain herself, the floodgates opened and she gushed what seemed to be at least a coke can of vaginal juices soaking him and his furniture.
Albert barely noticed, nor would he have cared if he had, things are just things and easily cleaned or replaced. He was on a mission to fuck the girls until none of them could move. He couldn't do it, after all he was just a middle-aged man using some chemical help, but Wendy came three times, the second one was a real mind blower for her as it made her think she was seeing fireworks. Her last one was more mellow and comforting, making her think of cuddling kittens.
Diane soon realized that Albert had taken something to make him last longer, so she just let herself go, allowing herself to cum again anytime she could. She seemed to enter a trance-like state where everything was more intense, she somehow managed to get her hands down between herself and Wendy so that she could hold open the cover of her clitoris. It seemed to her that she was cumming every second time Albert's cock was in her pussy.
"Oh daddy, no more please, I can't take more."
"Okay sweetling, I will give you a rest." This left him to work Diane's cunt relentlessly until all of a sudden his balls swelled up, his cock thickened and pulsed, and his long coming sperm finally rushed out to fill up Diane's exploding cunt.
She did not gush except for the first time, so his jism stayed inside of her. To him it felt like he had jettisoned a pint of sperm into her. For her it was a welcome deposit that seemed to be the best outcome of their fucking.
Albert was back on his knees surveying the well fucked pussies before him. He was breathing hard, like he did on the rare occasion that he went jogging. It was a good feeling, and there was only one thing left to do before releasing the girls. He moved back in, his nose against Wendy's anus, and then started to eat both of them out.
You would think that Wendy would be the one to start crying, but it was Diane. She was not crying because she couldn't take it anymore, she was crying because she was so happy. Albert was relentless in his endeavors to make her cum, and for the first time in her thirty years, she felt really special.
By the time he was finished and did not have the energy to continue, the three of them felt like jello, none of them seemed to be able to make their muscles work and it was even a chore to undo the velcro straps so that the girls could move. Wendy just slid off of her mother and fell on top of Albert.
"Daddy, you sure know how to make a girl happy on her /> "Thank you kitten, I tried my best."
Diane could only lie on her back and simper, she was just done in, mind and body.
"I could use a scotch. You girls can finish the champagne if you like, I need something stronger. Here, I'll help you up so you can lie on the couch." It was a real struggle but he finally had the limp woman lying prone on his sofa with her daughter snugged beside her. "Well, it looks like I am on my own here."
Albert sipped his whiskey as he watched the girls sleeping. He wondered why he did not feel like sleeping, turkey dinner and all, then he remembered the Viagra. He wondered if he should get a preion from his doctor, that would be smarter than buying it on the street. His stomach growled making him realize he was hungry.

Chapter Four
It was late, almost midnight and the girls were still sleeping. Earlier he had thrown a blanket over them, regretting that he had to cover them but he did not want them to get cold. They looked so peaceful, so content and even happy. He considered the idea that maybe this was what he had been missing for so long, that they were the answer to that nagging emptiness that he filled with work and making money.
Albert already knew that it would be difficult to give them up. Wendy was so easy to get attached to, so full of life, and smart. He felt a kind of pride welling up inside as if she really was his daughter. It was going to be hard to take this relationship slowly, already he found that he wanted them to live with him.
His life, like most people was a continued learning curve. Once he had been brash and rushed head first into everything he did without planning, without thinking about consequences. He hurt people because of promises he made that he could not keep, and of course he himself was hurt emotionally.
For a long while after that, he made himself emotionally unavailable to any girl he met. He fancied himself a player so he spent night after night looking for a new conquest that he could bed and then never see each other again. He did not like the easy ones, the one night stands. He preferred to have to wine and dine a woman, make her fall for him but when they finally did it was only a matter of time before he was bored.
He never realized it was because he was purposely courting women that he could not love. He was proud of the fact that he never said anything that could be considered him having feelings. He implied it often enough, mostly though he learned that treating a woman a certain way got him what he was looking for.
Even the ones he married were women that he really could not love at all. Then the one that he was in love with just walked out on him one day and moved into a house with an older man who was willing to give what she needed. Days went by, then weeks and months as he tried to understand what was wrong with him.
He could be anywhere and then he would see Susan. His heart would leap in his chest and he would rush to her, but it was always just someone that resembled her. Life was hell, and then one day she showed up where he worked. She asked him to meet her at their favorite restaurant when he finished, but he could not wait.
"I'll get my things and we can go right now. I am so glad to see you."
"I need to talk, to explain things. I have to tell you why I left."
They spent hours talking, getting drunk, kissing and touching each other. Albert thought that they were back together and was already planning future dates, thinking about making love to her. Then suddenly she looked at her watch. "I have to go now, it was good to talk to you again Al."
"What? Where are you going? I thought…I thought we, you, I mean what just /> "Master is waiting outside in his car for me. He gave me permission to see you because I begged and begged him. I never said goodbye or told you why I left. I am going to get a serious beating for this, but I had to do it so I could give myself to him completely. You could have had that from me, I wanted it to be you. Bye Albert."
Once again she was gone and he was more confused than ever. He rushed from his seat to stop her but when he got outside the car was already in traffic and an irate waiter was demanding he come back in and pay the bill.
It took months for him to finally dissemble all that she had said, her body language, her strange requests when they were together until he finally realized that he could never have stayed with a woman that wanted and needed pain. He could not consider even hitting a woman not much less beat her.
Albert put that all aside and carried on with his life. A mostly lonely existence filled with the occasional meaningless dalliance and a few peripheral people that were little more than close acquaintances. A business associate he could have the odd drink with but never have a real conversation with. Women that hit on him thinking he might be a good catch or at least provide them with some entertainment for a month or two.
Now there he sat, eating a turkey sandwich and sipping scotch as he considered his future for the first time in a long long time. He was tired of filling his life with gadgets to entertain himself so that he would not have to think about how sad his life really was.
If these girls were the answer, he wanted to be sure but he worried that what he would put them through so he could be sure would make them leave. Conversely, he was just as afraid that accepting them to quickly would scare them off. He after all was a Libran, and he had to find the balance that would make this work. There were so many things he wanted to do with them, not just sexual things. Most of all he wanted to really get to know them.
He took his dirty dishes to the kitchen and busied himself cleaning up. Once he was satisfied and his home was neat again he considered waking the girls and taking them to bed but opted for having another glass of whiskey and just sitting and watching them snuggle in their sleep. He wondered if he could really fit into their obviously close relationship as he drifted off to sleep himself.
Wendy was the first to awaken, it was almost 6 in the morning and she needed to pee. She untangled herself gently from under the blanket, trying not to wake up her mom. She was still wearing her dress even though she usually slept naked, then she remembered the wild fuckfest from the night before. Albert was sleeping in the armchair with his legs spread out, his robe open and his morning wood peeking out from the fly in his shorts.
She made a note to come back and give it a loving kiss, but first her bladder was pressing her with a more urgent need. She used the bathroom in the hallway as it was the closest one, lifting her dress she squatted on the toilet bowl and relaxed letting her pungent urine flow freely into the water. She folded some tissue, wiped herself dry and then washed her hands before flushing the toilet.
She then splashed cold water on her face before leaving the room feeling refreshed and hungry. Her mind was a little foggy due to the wine and champagne, but otherwise she was ready to face the day. Since everyone else was sleeping, Wendy decided to explore the rest of the house. It did not seem all that large, but she had been in only a few of the rooms and never upstairs or in the basement.
She knew from seeing the house from outside that the upstairs was only one room, maybe two. She found the stairs going up from the back door so up she went as she wondered why a single guy needed all of this room. She wondered if his kids ever came to visit him, maybe that was why he had a whole house to himself. At the top of the stairs was an open door with bright natural light shining through it.
It was a beautiful room, one side was all pane glass windows with sheer curtains that allowed the morning sun to shine in. The floor was a blonde hardwood, the walls were wood panels matching the floor. The ceiling on one side of the room sloped down creating a nice loft or studio. An antique dresser made of dark burled walnut stood in stark contrast to the light wood that made up the floor and walls. The rest of the room was empty.
She wondered if she should snoop inside the dresser, but decided it would most likely be empty. She did not realize it but at one time the room had been a dark musty attic filled with junk and cobwebs. She went over to the window just to see the view which turned out to be nothing special, just the street below and the surrounding highrises and houses. People were already out walking dogs, or loading their cars for the trip to wherever the family met for Thanksgiving dinner.
Wendy wondered if anyone would notice if she took off her dress and stood in the window naked, but not wanting to get her new daddy into trouble she resisted the urge and went back down the stairs to the kitchen. The door to the basement was under the stairs, but she was now hungry and so she began making herself breakfast. Cereal with milk and two slices of toast lightly buttered but smothered in honey. She was eating her food when she realized there was something different about the way she was feeling. Something was missing.
"Oh my God! I'm not horny!" She rushed out of the kitchen and ran to where her mom was sleeping. "Mom, Mom! Wake up mom!"
"Oh my, what time is it? What's wrong honey?"
"I'm not horny! That ache and yearning that is always inside of me is not there!"
"Sweetheart, that is because you were fucked silly last night, now you will feel this way, satisfied I mean for hours, sometimes for a couple of days. It is a nice way to feel isn't it?"
"It is strange, but yeah, it is nice, /> "I feel the same way today. Just think, we are just normal girls for awhile. No unwanted feelings driving us crazy."
"So what do we do then?"
"Whatever we want."
"If we still want to fuck Albert we can, right? I mean it is his birthday and all."
"Of course we can sweetie, but now we get to do it because we want to, not because our bodies are making us want to."
"Good, okay then I am going to go finish my breakfast. I love you mom."
"Love you too sweetie, could you put some coffee on?"
"Sure thing, look, daddy is sleeping with a hard cock."
"The man is insatiable. We can work on that, but coffee, breakfast, shower, all come first. Besides he looks so /> "He smells like whiskey. I kinda like that smell."
"I know what you mean, he smells like a man, none of those body sprays like Axe, just a natural masculine smell with a touch of scotch."
"I'll make the coffee, go take your shower while it is getting ready."
"Thanks hon. That was some night last night. I wonder what he will come up with next."
"We should come up with something for his /> "Good idea, so far it has pretty much been all about us, you think about it and so will I then we can talk over coffee."
Wendy went to the kitchen, Diane gathered herself up off of the sofa and folded up the blanket. She sniffed herself. "Yep, I really need a shower." Soon she was standing in the shower stall with the water washing away all of the sticky fluids from the previous night of crazy fucking.
There would probably be more of that today, and she would never object if there was, but at the same time it was a pleasant sensation whenever she was free of that continuous need in her pussy. No one except Wendy really understood what a toll that took on a persons nerves, it was like craving a drug day and night. At least when you got a fix the craving for the drug went away while you were high. Her needy ache sometimes intensified when she was fucking, especially if the man just jumped on, did his thing and then it was over.
A woman could never tell what was on the mind of a man, but she suspected that most men had the same problem she did, but with a twist. They were driven to get laid every waking moment, but when they did, they were easily satisfied and that was that. Shoot some semen and then it was over. Sort of like any male animal, smell a pussy in heat, rut with it and immediately lose interest.
She knew that Albert was driven by something else, and she wanted to find out what it was. She didn't want to change him, just understand him and what he derived his pleasure from. She was positive that it was not just about getting his rocks off, but from what she understood about d/s relationships, the submissives supposed to be the ones pleasing the dominant one. So far he had been doing most of the pleasing.
She decided to talk to him about it so that she would not be confused and make a huge blunder and thus fuck up her hopes of a long lasting relationship with him. It had been a very long time since she had awoken feeling so relaxed and satisfied. She turned off the water and stepped out to find a big fluffy towel hanging on the rack. She dried herself off and then wrapped the other towel around her warm body and headed to the kitchen for a caffeine fix.
"So mom, can I ask you something about last night?"
"Of course darling."
"Why did he bind us together like that? At first I thought it was weird."
"It is not easy to explain, it has something to do with a lifestyle people practice. It is bondage and discipline. There is so much about it that I do not understand, but what he did was a way to force us to stay in that position so that he could have his way with us. Sometimes people use ropes, or anything that you can tie a person up with, but people also use more extreme things, like chains and bars, or contraptions built to restrain you so that you cannot move at all."
"Why do all of that? I would keep still if he asked me too."
"That is why it is hard to explain. Some of it is psychological, because the person binding you gains power over you. Some of it is physical, keeping you safe from harm or forcing you into a particular position. Then sometimes it is pain, being in the same position for too long can be painful, and these people use pain to enhance sex as well as other things."
"Pain makes sex better?"
"If applied right, yes. Remember how he had you pinch and twist my nipples hard when he was fucking me? He had you do that so that the pain would stop me from cumming, which in turn made my orgasm so much better when I finally had it. That was also psychological because he was establishing that he was the one in control of my orgasm, not me."
"Wow, that sounds awesome. So is that why he was saying that my pussy was his? Like he owned it and controlled it?"
"Yes, exactly."
"Hmm, I kinda like that, but how can he own my pussy?"
"Well it is what they call a power exchange. You give him complete power over you, mind and body, and that puts him in charge of everything, including your pleasure, when you get to have pleasure, how much, and how you get it are all his /> "So if he owned me, then I could not masturbate or make out with you without his /> "Yes, in a nutshell. Of course there is a lot more to it than that, but you have the basic idea."
"Would I be able to give him /> "In most instances you would have to ask or beg for permission. Some couples are more relaxed on those things, and some girls are required to do certain things like maybe wake him up with your mouth on his cock, or maybe sucking him while he is having dinner or watching the hockey game."
"Some of that sounds like fun. I am going to have to think about it."
"I am afraid that both of us are going to have to learn more about it. I think that I gave him the impression that you and I are willing to be his."
Albert entered the kitchen rubbing his face in the hope that he would not look like the wreck he felt like. "Willing to be his what?"
"Good morning daddy! Mom and I were just talking about us belonging to you."
"Really? As some kind of birthday present?" He headed straight for the coffee machine. "I hope you made this coffee really strong, I think I need a serious /> Wendy leaped off of her stool and beat him to the machine. "Happy birthday daddy, may I serve you your coffee?
"Thank you kitten, that is very kind. I prefer it black this morning." He made a turn and sat on the unoccupied stool. "I might have overdone the scotch this morning after you fell asleep. Now, what was this about belonging to me? Where did you get an idea like that?"
"From me I suppose, well, yes it was me. She started asking questions and that is where we ended up."
"Must have been some pretty interesting questions. Tell me girls, did you enjoy my little exploits last night?"
"Very much so and you know it."
"Yes daddy, and do you know what?"
"Hmm, that is the /> /> "I could say yes, and then where would you be?"
/> "Nevermind, what is it you want me to know?"
"I am not horny this morning! Neither is mom."
"Are you saying that you are cured? How /> "No silly, it is just that you were so amazing, that we are completely satisfied for now. The unscratchable itch will return soon enough. Today, I mean now, this moment is nothing but a reprieve.
"Really? You never mentioned that such a thing could happen."
"Wasn't worth mentioning, it happens so rarely. Besides there is still so much for us to discuss, it would have come up /> "So this reprieve, how does that work?"
"To be blunt, a really good fuck like last night really is the only way to make it happen. I think it was the last orgasm that did it for me, when you licked my already well fucked cunt and made me cum again even though I had nothing left."
"I like to finish with a nice taste of my /> "We are both enjoying some time where we are not suffering from being to horny to think. Like I said it is so rare, and now both of us at the same time."
"We have a lot to learn about each other. I truly hope that we will continue to talk to each other so openly, on my part I find it so refreshing to be with a woman that is unafraid to open up, it makes everything so much easier."
"You have to know that it is not easy. If there was nothing at stake then it would be, but even though this is so new, I feel like our whole future is on the line here. Both of us want this, maybe too much for our own good."
"Funny that I have been feeling the same way. Maybe that is a good sign."
"Daddy, can we give you your gifts now? Or, would you rather wait until later on?"
"Hmm, do any of the gifts require me to do anything /> "I don't think so. Mom?"
"He wants to know if sex is /> "Oh, well unless you want it to be. I just have this for you to open. And mom has a present for you as well, should I go get it?"
"Yes, darling, I think the poor man can suffer through some gift wrap even in his condition. Do you have any gin Albert?"
"Gin? Hell no. Yuck."
"Then scotch will have to do." Before he could stop her she was pouring whisky into his coffee. "Now, just drink that fast while the coffee is still hot."
"Were you going to put gin in my coffee?"
"It is the best recipe for a hangover ever. But, when you don't have it, then you make do."
Albert grimaced at the thought. Whisky was not so bad with coffee, but gin? He took a long drink of his coffee, grimaced again because the coffee was hot. Then without putting the mug down he drank the rest. Maybe he could get his buzz back. He held out his mug.
"More please."
"Sorry, it does not work that way, unless you mean to get drunk in which case Wendy and I will go home."
"Fair enough, so now I just wait for the cure?"
"You can have more coffee, but just let the whisky do it's job and you will be fine in no time at all."
Wendy returned with a package that could have been a shoe box wrapped nicely in what looked to be ultra-suede. Having never seen anything like it, Albert ran his hand over the soft material. "It feels like suede! I love it!"
"My own idea, it took a little work but the result was worth it."
He opened it to find a bottle of scotch, the label identifying it as an 18 year old Grant's Ancient. "My oath woman, where ever did you find this gem?"
"My usual connections, I asked for their best and this is what they sent me, is it good?"
"Good? I could not ask for better. I will nurture and love every drop of this. I am amazed that you knew me well enough to buy my favorite liquor for me."
"I took a wild guess, it was a last minute thing and I was lucky my friend could get it delivered to me so fast."
"Do you think that they might have more? I would buy a case of this at the drop of a tam."
/> "It is a Scottish bonnet, you know the caps the bagpipe players wear."
"Oh, drop of a hat, very clever. And yes, I asked just in case you liked it."
"You might just make me fall in love with you. Maybe you already have. Can we save this for a drink this evening?"
"Don't you want to put it in your coffee?"
"Hell no! Oh, yeah, my hangover is done and gone. That salts it woman, just try and sneak out of my life now."
"Nope, not going to try that." Albert leaned over and took her face in his hands so that he could kiss her. The kiss was long and lingering leaving both of them /> "Hey! What about my present?"
"Don't worry kitten, I can't wait to see what you got for me."
Wendy was almost jumping up and down while managing to wiggle her whole body making her look like a puppet being controlled by someone having a fit.
"Well now, look at all of this music, and some of it are by artists I had already planned to buy. Philip Glass with Ravi Shankar, very nice. Did not even know they did anything together. Kitaro with Jon Anderson, are you kidding me? How do you find these things? Jean Michel Jarre, I was going to buy this very one next time I went shopping! Who is Maroon 5? Steve Martin and Edie Brickell? Please open this one for me and put it on right away, I have to hear it!"
Each time he complimented her on her choices she hugged herself and did a little dance on the balls of her feet. She could not have been happier. She grabbed the jewel box and ripped off the plastic on her way to the disk player. When she returned Albert had his arms open for a hug. She almost knocked him over as she leaped onto his lap instead and showered him with kisses.
"Such unbridled enthusiasm daughter, where does that come from?"
"Oh mom, this is just the most perfect weekend, how could it be any better?"
"You are right sweetie, it is perfect."

Chapter Four
"Okay, what are we going to do today? Birthday boy gets to choose."
"I do have an idea. When I was young, a boy growing up on the prairies, I wanted nothing more than to go on a picnic for my birthday. Everyone in my family scoffed at the idea, after all this time of the year the weather can be brutal or it could be Indian summer, but you could never plan ahead. So my birthday picnic was never anything the rest of my family could agree on. I forgot about it as I got older until now."
"So you want us to all go have a picnic with you today?"
"Would you? I know the perfect place about an hour's drive away. We could pack a lunch and leave by eleven easy."
"Well then, let's get packing. Can we stop at our place to get some different /> "Never thought of that, good idea. I have some gear in the garage, coolers, blankets, whatever we need. If you put together some food, I will pack the car. Wendy would you come with me to the garage and bring the cooler in here so we can put the food and drinks in it?"
"We are not going to drink alcohol are we?"
"No, we are driving, but I have sodas, juice boxes, bottled water, whatever you like."
"Can I bring my tablet?"
"If you promise to be very careful with it sweetie, Al might not be too happy if you break it the day after you got it."
"Oh mom, you know I will be extra careful. I just want to take pictures so daddy has them to remember his first birthday picnic ever!"
An hour later the girl's were changing into jeans and warm shirts. The weather was beautiful, but they chose to put on checkered flannel shirts because Albert told them they were going into the forest by a lake. They were feeling very lumberjack-ish as they strode down the hall to the elevator.
The drive was closer to an hour and a half, the first hour taking them through one city after another until they finally found themselves surrounded by tall cedars that blocked out the sunlight leaving them in a cool shadow. The highway was only two lanes, cut through the forest with wide ditches on each side.
Wendy was like a tour guide, pointing out every animal, every unusual clump of bushes, each and every stream and river. She was in awe of the beauty of nature and how big it was. Her only real ventures in nature had been Stanley Park and some of the beaches that surrounded it. To her this was majestic. Eagles soared over the car, hawks and owls perched on high branches watching for a morsel for lunch.
Diane was quiet for most of the journey, for her the whole weekend was becoming somewhat surrealistic, almost as if she was dreaming it all. She kept her hand on Albert's thigh the whole time, squeezing it every once in awhile as if she was making sure it was all real.
Albert, well he was like a kid, when Wendy was not talking, he was telling stories of his long lost childhood, his friends long gone, the adventures they had, his triumphs in the things he did such as theater and sports. He was just happy, happy and content. It was like he suddenly had a new home, and by telling these stories he was cleansing himself of his past so that he could begin his life over.
They finally approached the exit that would take them up a short road to Mike's Lake. Minutes later they pulled into a deserted parking lot, hardly large enough for ten cars. "This is it, isn't this the cutest lake?"
"Is it really a lake? It is so small!"
"I know, but the real surprise is a short hike from here. Everyone grab something to carry, we have to walk up this trail and then cut through the forest to my secret spot."
"Are there bears here?"
"Maybe, but normally this time of the year they are looking for orchards and other food sources. There is not much here for them except for grubs, maybe some fish. There is a much much bigger lake a mile from here where the fishing is much better."
"Okay, but what do we do if we see a bear?"
"We will make a lot of noise as we walk to make sure they stay away. The thing to watch for are the flying /> "Yeah right, squirrels can't fly."
"They do here, this forest is an actual preserve for them. See that sign? Go read it for us."
Wendy trotted closer to the sign, read it and then returned to the car to report. "It says this is a protected area for flying squirrels and it is also a study area for SFU."
"There you go, now everyone ready?"
"Do you have your car keys?"
"Right here in my breast pocket."
Fifteen minutes later they turned off of the trail and started making a short climb up through the trees. The trail they followed was barely discernible in the dark forest, but Albert seemed to know his way around. At the end of the trek, they went down a short slope through some heavy shrubbery and came out on a large patch of grass that overlooked the lake in the distance. The view was breathtaking.
"I didn't see any flying /> "Just wait, we have to be quiet so they can get used to us being here, then they will start their amazing flying show."
"Albert this view is amazing, I have never seen anything so beautiful. We are city girls. This is the first time that Wendy has ever been this far from home in this direction. We went to Seattle a couple of times, but this, this is just awesome. Thank you for inviting us to share it with you."
"My pleasure. Now let's spread out the blankets, make a big square right about here."
"This is like being in a private park. Do you ever see other people here?"
"Never, but in the summer I have found evidence that they have been. Of course it is not conclusive, animals could have carried garbage here and birds could drop stuff to see if it will break open."
"Do you come here often?"
"I try to make it here a few times a year. It has always proved to be a nice place to get in touch with myself."
"Bring a lot of girls up here?"
"Years ago I did, for the last decade, never."
"Hey did you notice that there is no way anyone can see us unless they are down there?" Wendy had just returned from exploring the area.
"I know."
"We could sunbathe in the nude here if it was summer."
/> "If we have to pee, where do we go?"
"Where ever you want. I brought a role of TP just in case."
"So we just squat where ever we want?"
"As long as it is not on the blanket. I would prefer you did it around the edge so we don't make the mistake of stepping in it."
"Kay, I'm hungry, can we eat soon?"
"Anytime you like, just help youself. It is a good idea to put the lids back on the tupperware right away just to keep the bugs out."
"What about you guys?"
/> "I could eat, I just had toast for /> "Okay, let's all dig in, do you want coffee?"
"Always. Here, you just sit and we will serve. It is only proper for girls to serve their owner."
"Hmm, now that does sound nice."
"Hey mom, I will hold the plates and you dish the food, okay?"
"It is nice and warm here."
"We would call this an Indian summer where I was raised, it is much drier than normal for this area. If the days were longer it would be hot I think."
"Well it is to hot for this heavy shirt." With that Wendy began unbuttoning her flannel shirt allowing her milky white skin the freedom to experience the mountain air. "Ah, this is better. Daddy, what do you want on your plate?"
"The fresh air has really given me an appetite, make it easy and put some of everything, there is gravy in the blue thermos."
Wendy made sure Diane gave Albert a proper man-sized serving of the turkey with lots of dressing and gravy. Then her mom made plates for them and they joined Al on the blankets, he was as cheerful as they had ever seen him and it was not long before the three of them were laughing wildly as they enjoyed their picnic.
"You know, sometimes I think the leftovers are better than the original dinner, but it might just be the way we are enjoying them, out here in my favorite spot. Do you girls really like it here? You are not just humoring an old man are you?"
"Is there an old man here? Is he hiding in the trees?"
"Cute, no really. I mean it is okay if you are, I wouldn't mind."
"We never do things like this and we should. I know I am a city girl, but even we should get out and enjoy these places while they are still here to enjoy."
"Yeah, I agree with mom. Stanley Park is nice, but you can't really find a place where you are sure you are alone."
"Maybe sometime we could go on a road trip, see the sights in BC. In the spring or summer of course. Winter driving in the interior can be wicked."
"We have never even been to the island, or up the coast, even Whistler. You can take us anywhere you want to. I can't think of anything nicer."
"Maybe we can plan a short excursion sometime in the near future. Harrison Hot Springs? I have not been there yet, we could make it an overnight trip and stay in one of the hotels there."
"Hot springs? What are they like?"
"I have been to the ones in Fairmont in the winter, it was neat because it was freezing just feet away from where we were in the water, and yet we were warm and cozy."
"Are the ones in Harrison outdoors as well?"
"No idea, we can look it up online, or just go find out."
"That sounds more fun."
"So next weekend then? Barring anything coming up before then."
"Everyone finished eating? I'll clean up."
"Thank you Wendy, it is nice of you to /> "No problem mom. Can I take my clothes off? It is so nice out, and I have never been naked outside before."
"I have not done that since I was a kid and some boys conned me into swimming naked in a backyard pool. It really wasn't fun for me, they turned out to be real fucking /> "Sounds rough. Dare I ask what they did?"
"Gang bang. There were five of them, I must have been fucked ten times, I lost count."
"How old were you?"
"Fourteen. I was pretty loose and wild back then. It was well known that I put out, but that was the only time I let something like that happen. I might have enjoyed that many guys, but like I said, they were assholes. I did not really have a choice after the first one, he was the guy I went with. It turned out he was the one that set it up."
"Wow mom, you never told me about that before. It must have been awful."
"For me at the time, the sex part was okay, it was being treated that way that was really bad. It made me feel dirty. It was a turning point for me though. After that I never let a boy near me, girls and men only for years."
By this time Wendy had removed her clothes and was putting her shoes back on so she could walk around without getting her feet dirty or hurt.
"If you are going to explore, just do not get too close to the edge, some of the soil and rock is loose."
"Anybody else getting naked? It really feels good!"
"Maybe I will join you, how about you Albert? You up for frolicking naked with a couple of cute girls?"
"I might be."
"No promises that we won't take advantage of you though, it has been said that we are pretty wild /> "Well, maybe I better think about it then."
"Too late birthday boy, time for you to get your birthday bumps, or is it humps?"
"Definitely humps."
Wendy joined them on the blanket after whisking away the empty dishes and cleaning up any mess they had made. "We will remove your clothes for you daddy, it is your day to relax and let us do everything we can for you." She started unbuttoning his shirt.
Diane looked after his lower half, first taking his shoes off so that his jeans would come off easier. It was not long before the trio were all in their natural state, all of them unusually pale in the autumn sun. Even so, a spectator to this scene would have agreed that a painter or photographer would appreciate, a pair of beautiful wood nymphs that found a willing male to play with. Everyone knows that wood nymphs are notoriously wanton creatures that take delight in teasing every poor man that they come upon in their domain.
Wendy and Diane were no different. They had decided earlier to make Albert's birthday memorable, what better way than to take advantage of him in his favorite spot. Diane was the one that discovered he was ticklish while she was removing his socks. He had not laughed, but when her nails scraped the bottom of his foot, he had reacted by pulling his foot back quickly. She had hid her wicked grin.
First chance she had, she whispered into Wendy's ear. "He is ticklish, I think we should use that." From their own experience, they knew that ticklish meant erogenous, and if you did the right things when a person was very ticklish it would arouse him and heighten his pleasure.
Diane began at his feet, using her nails and tongue on the soles while she held him by his ankles. Wendy went directly for his armpits, first smelling to make sure he was not wearing deodorant then she held his arm straight and started tickling him with her tongue. He was giggling, then begging them to stop but when he tried to get away they sat on his arms and legs and began torturing him again.
He tried to squirm away from his fleshy bonds, but both of them were limber and quick so they always managed to stay on top of him. Finally, his giggles turned to moans of pleasure and he quit trying to get away. They found new places where he was ticklish but he was in a state where whatever they tried, it only made him moan more.
Wendy had an idea so she changed position, she managed to get her knees on his arms while placing her pussy inches above his face. "Daddy, look. See? Your pussy needs to feel your tongue."
Albert stuck out his tongue to touch the fleshy pink pussy but she raised herself an inch to stay just out of reach. "Daddy? Is something wrong? Don't you like your pussy anymore? Oh how it aches for you to touch it."
He tried to raise his head, but she moved enough to keep close but just out of reach. "Daddy, your pussy is so sweet, so ready, can't you just taste it? Can't you just lick it a bit? That is all it needs, just to know you still love it."
Diane took a page from Albert's book of torturous ways to make a person hornier and began using her nails on his inner thighs. She bent over and blew on his hardness just so he would know how close her hot mouth was. "Mmm, Sirs cock looks so inviting, I wonder if it would be okay if I put it in my mouth." Fingers tickled his nut sack.
"Such beautiful balls, so sensitive and so manly. Maybe if I made them all wet with my mouth then Sir would be pleased."
Albert strained to get closer to the sweetness of the pussy he loved to eat, he pushed his hips to come in contact with the hot mouth he wanted to feel on his cock and balls. If anyone could appreciate what the women were doing to him, it was Albert, but that did not stop him from doing his best to make reality from their teasing promises.
Actually their aggressiveness had caught him completely off guard, but more than that, the way they worked in tandem kept him helpless to do anything about it. The girls worked him like experts, giving him hope on second and taking it away the next. If one was not doing something to tease him the other one was, if it seemed like he might gain the upper hand in one place, the other did something to distract him.
There he was naked and helpless on his back with two lovely nymphs using all of their female wiles to drive him crazy with lust. He was now the submissive one, close to the point where he knew he would start begging for a touch, for release. Part of him was proud and excited. Part of them would have happily strangled the both of them for their torturous ways.
He had become hypersensitive, they were able to touch him anywhere and get a response, a moan, or a groan, an involuntary twitch of a muscle, and then he could not take it any longer.
"Please! Let me taste your pussy! I need to feel your mouth on my cock! Do something please I can't take this any longer."
"Daddy are you begging?"
"Yes! I am begging you to fuck my face with your sweet gorgeous cunt!"
"Really now that is unbecoming of a Sir! Daughter, we should just get dressed and leave him here for the bears."
"No, you would not do that to me. I know you are messing with me, now please Diane, suck my cock, I need to cum."
"Mommy, what should we do?"
"Hmm, let me think." Both of them were grinning as they continued to tease him. "Well, it is not like he deserves to be punished, he has been very good to us."
"And it is his /> "Why are we torturing him?"
"Because it is so much fun."
"That is true, and I seem to remember him doing something like this to us."
"Yes he did mom, and it was on my birthday. Maybe this is what birthdays are supposed to be like, being teased."
"That might be it, you are so smart sweetie."
"No, no, that is not it, I was just teasing you to make you more excited?"
"Wendy, would you do something, that noise is distracting me and I can't think."
"Okay mom." She relaxed her hips and suddenly Albert's face was smothered with pussy. He was not expecting it and had taken a deep breath to prepare. His struggles were for air now instead of pussy.
/> "Now what? Oh yes, this beautiful cock standing up looking all so cold and lonely. I remember what I was about to do." She leaned down and his whole stiff prick just disappeared.
Albert's relief would have been much greater if he had not been fighting for air. Wendy could feel his struggle so she pushed her weight up enough for him to gasp in a deep breath. "Now daddy? Would you rather I took your pussy away?"
His answer almost came too late, she was just beginning to push herself off of him when she felt his tongue take a stab at her clit. That was enough for her to look down between her legs so she could watch her new daddy lick the precious spot that was now his to enjoy. He loved his pussy, the smell, the taste, the way it was so pink and swollen when it was horny, and the way it glistened when it was wet with it's natural lubrication.
Albert also loved the way Diane sucked cock. She had plenty of practice in her younger less controlled days, and now that she had a penis she could love, she put all of that experience into play coupling it with her new found passion for her man. Her tongue swirled around him, finding all the most sensitive spots, the edge around the cock-head, the base where his cock seemed to grow out of his ball sack. The tip of her tongue would press against the bottom region of his cock when the head was buried in her throat, and then tease the piss slit when only the helmet was in her mouth.
Wendy had to put her hands on the blanket so that her weight would not smother Albert again. She was able to move her hips so that his licking action could find more of his pussy without him having to move.
While Diane was swallowing his cock, she was also moving herself until she found his toes with her aching cunt, when she found them, she used his toes to pleasure herself, even finding purchase so that she was actually fucking herself with his feet.
Wendy put her weight on one hand so that she could massage and pull on her nipples, she was getting close to cumming that it was difficult to keep her balance but the little pink buds were tingling so much she could not resist playing with them.
Albert began wriggling his toes hoping to find the sweet spot at the top of Diane's squishy cunt, it was kind of neat, the feeling of having his foot fucked. The real sensations were coming from his cock and the amazing mouth that was fucking and sucking it. He pursed his lips and captured Wendy's clit and then started to vibrate his lips making a humming noise.
Wendy's whole body went still as the human vibrator brought her right to the edge. Before she knew it, cuntal fluids burst from inside of her and soaked Albert's chin. She let the whole valley know how great her orgasm felt. Birds that had been resting in nearby trees suddenly took flight. Squirrels stopped foraging for winter supplies and froze perfectly still as the unusual sound freaked them out.
For the humans on the ground, it only made them push forward to their own orgasms, Diane bobbed her head faster in an effort to make Albert fill her throat with his seed. Her pussy frantically rubbed itself on his foot as she reached that point of being unable to stop her own cum.
Within seconds, a deeper voice joined the fray making the squirrels panic and then head for cover as they glided away from the noise in complete silence. If the surrounding trees could have talked, they would have been speechless as a third voice joined in.
Long seconds later, the noise abated and for a good mile surrounding the three lovers it became dead quiet. Two bicyclists that were speeding along the nearby path stopped and listened, but when the noise did not repeat, they shook their heads and started pedaling towards Mike's Lake.
Three sweaty bodies moved until they were entwined in a lover's embrace and then just lay there panting, enjoying the aftermath of Albert's first birthday sex of the day.
"Well, I never expected that to happen when I invited you to come on a picnic. I am beginning to think that there is nothing the three of us cannot try."
"I know daddy, we have so much fun /> "Remember a week ago you did not really want anything to do with us?"
"Yes, and now I can't think of anything I would not want to do with you."
Before long the forest around them returned to its normal day as the animals and birds decided that there was no danger. The threesome packed up their blankets, repacked the cooler and bags and started their way back to the car. It would be dark by the time they got back to Albert's house.

Chapter Five
Wendy climbed into the back seat making herself comfortable for a long nap back to the city, leaving Diane and Albert to chat amiably on the way home. They talked for a while about Wendy's schooling and the subjects Diane hoped he could help her with, but it turned out that his expertise was no better than hers.
"Probably worse seeing that I have been out of school longer. The higher maths, especially trigonometry eluded me successfully, and computer science has pretty much changed completely. She will probably learn more from her books and online studying than I can teach her. What I can do is help her figure things out, or do research. It will be interesting for me, maybe I will learn something myself."
"I know that I do. What I worry about most though is whether to send her back to school next year. I did not want to, but maybe if you stick around that long I might just do it. With your help she might be able to control her urges enough so that she would not become the school go to girl like I did."
"I would hate to see anything like that happen. Now you have me wondering about some of the girls I went to school with over the years, maybe they were victims of this same /> "Most likely a few of them were. It is rare enough in the population percentage wise, but when you look at the size of high schools, it is pretty much certain that each school gets a couple of girls each year."
"Are school counselors trained to deal with the problem?"
"Their training is far better then it was fifteen years ago, so it would depend on how good the person is. I know I would feel better if the school has a female counselor, but that is not always a sure thing either. They can give courses to train those people, but how do you weed out the predators and or the weak willed ones?"
"Weak-willed like me you mean, after all I did not hold out long."
"I am sure that people in those positions do not have a mother coming to them and inviting them into their life like I did you. I think that I will have to rely on her judgement in the long run, that and her continuing communication with me. That is why I raise her the way I do, it will always come down to her."
"So is it usual that mothers and daughters have the same illness? I could not find anything regarding genetics when I researched it."
"Did I tell you about the support group that we have? We do not meet very often, but we have each other to call if we are having a hard time. The group is not very big, and just about everyone that is willing to be honest has it running in the family. Thankfully for those that have more than one girl it does not hit them all, but most daughters have a mom that went through it."
"So why do you not meet as a group? Like AA or /> "If we can meet with a doctor present, it is good. But there is too much of a chance it would just turn into an orgy. Most of us that do attend a group it is usually with people with a variety of illnesses, and while that to can be a problem, the worse thing is that it is hard for say an agoraphobic to understand, and groups are all about the members getting each others problems at least to the point they can give moral support."
"Man, we have a lot of problems as a society."
"That we do, and that makes it all the easier for predators to find our vulnerable /> "You could not have known that I was not a predator. How is it you decided to take a chance on me?"
"Mostly because it was obvious that you were uncomfortable with what she was doing to you that day although that in itself only gave me hope. When you outright refused and I had to get you to think about it, that made me hope even more because while you did turn us down at first, I could see that you were /> "I think empathy is an important trait for a dominant person in a relationship. Without it you really cannot understand the psyche of a person who is willing to give his or her power to someone else."
"Ah, and finally we touch on that subject. I find myself thinking a lot about it in the last two days."
"So you have some thoughts and some /> "Zillions. Mostly I want to talk to you about her involvement. How deep does that have to go?"
"Two things have to happen before it even begins. We all three have to discuss it as thoroughly as possible. That will be frustrating because one or all of us will want to at least try somethings out. Then after we have talked it out and come to the conclusion that it is really a place we all want to go together, then there is a written agreement we have to make up."
"What is that for?"
"A constant account of what we agree are the limits and boundaries of that side of our relationship. Not everyone has to be or should be living like that 24/7. Most do not, but when they go from the vanilla side to the d/s side there have to be steadfast rules because it is those rules that keep you safe and give you /> "I have always been a rule breaker though, how can I possibly do something like that."
"You might not be able to, but tell me this, those rules that you chose to break, were they ones that you discussed with someone and agreed to or were they ones that someone else told you were necessary and you had no say in them or even an understanding of why they had to be in place?"
"Well I guess they were always someone else's rules, sometimes they did not seem to make sense or they were very restrictive. I suppose that you can compare it to smoking. A parent tells you it is bad for you and that you are not allowed to do it while society tells you it is bad for you and you are not allowed to do it until you are a certain age. To me that is an invitation for a child that is learning by pushing boundaries to pick up a pack and try it out."
"Very good, now if everyone involved just sat down and discussed it, if the child had a part in the decision making process about the rule that he could not even try until he was a certain age, do you think he would break the rule?"
"I see your point, it puts more pressure on him if he helped make the rule."
"Not really, in fact it takes the pressure off of him. It is no longer a problem with his peer group for instance because they can't make it an us against them situation. Or what do they know, they aren't like us? It has become a thing where you have decided for yourself already so there is not any real pressure left."
"Wow, that is genius!"
"Seriously? Diane, it has been a tried and true method of raising children since the dawn of man. Problem is that only a few passed it down from one generation to the next. Broken families, death, and even mental illness contribute to not teaching children what they need to know to truly survive."
"I can really see where you are going with this. Okay, I am sold. Now, how do we go about doing this with Wendy?"
"We used to have family meetings when I was young. The idea was right, but the follow through in our case was way off base. The reasons for that are for another time, but the result was bickering and scheming and the final breakdown of our family. My parents did not understand that the purpose was to teach us in a manner where they were actually helping us learn rather than cramming something down our throats."
"Albert, you really are a thoughtful person. I mean you dig into a subject until you really understand it, am I right?"
"I suppose, I never have been able to accept something as true without posing questions to test it."
"I bet a lot of teachers hated that."
"The good ones loved it, the lazy ones hated it."
"So a good teacher expects you to challenge authority while a lazy one, or corrupt one expects you to just accept it and go with the flow."
"Pretty much what I believe, yes."
"Funny that when I did my research into that lifestyle, I got a completely different message out of it. I kind of stayed away from really getting involved because it seemed to be made up of a bunch of sheep willing to be controlled and control freaks who just fucked people up because they had no idea what the fuck they were doing."
"I know what you mean. Personally I am glad you did not get involved. Your life and Wendy's would have turned out much different if you had and then hooked up with the wrong people. I saw a lot of the pack mentality in the people I met. Kind of like a cult."
"So does that make you kind of the lone wolf?"
"Maybe, but then you do know that a wolf mates for life."
"So you are not a wolf then. You have been married more than once."
"Marriage is not really mating though is it?"
"How do you mean? I thought it was, or at least supposed to be."
"That is a topic we will have to really take apart someday. There is a Husky station and I need gas, do you want to go inside and pick up coffee or something else to drink?"
"Where are we anyway?"
"Maple Ridge. We cross the river her to the freeway and that will almost take us home."
"Do you want coffee? I am getting sodas for Wendy and I. I am going to use the facilities while we are here. I better wake her up so she can go pee as well."
"Good idea, once we hit the freeway it is only forty minutes at the most to get home."
"This really was nice today Albert, thank you again for taking us."
"No, thank you for making my birthday an interesting one, and for indulging a boy his longtime birthday wish."
"I think the pleasure was all ours."
Traffic on the freeway was moderate, even the construction was down to a few skeleton crews so they made good time getting home. Albert parked in his garage and then followed the girls to his back door.
"I am thinking that having turkey again today would be a bit much, so we should think about alternatives for dinner tonight."
"I am thinking something that has beef in it."
"Like a steak maybe?"
"Do you have any in your freezer?"
"Yes, but what about dining out? There is a nice little Greek restaurant close by that serves a good steak, and usually they have prime rib until it runs out. So if we get there when the open at five, we could have a real nice cut of roast prime rib."
"Mmm, my mouth waters when you talk like that you sexy man."
"Really? Prime rib, medium rare, baked potato, sour cream, Greek salad."
"Now look what you have done, I am all wet."
"Then I suggest we just throw this stuff inside, change really fast and walk over there so we get first choice on what cuts we want."
"Okay, I am coming."
"What are you guys talking about? Food or sex?"
you noticed how the two of them seem to go /> "I never thought about it, but since the two of you met, it seems like one leads to the other all the time."
"It is all about the senses sweetie, smell, taste, texture, sight, even sound."
"What has sound have to do with food?"
"A sizzling steak, crunchy salad, wine being poured into a glass, just for /> "You guys are weird."
"In time you will learn to appreciate all of these things. In fact, I have some exercises we can try out tonight to help you along."
"What kind?"
"That we will discuss later. Then if you are interested after we talk about it, we will give it a try."
"Okay, all this talk of food has made me hungry. Can we go?"
"After you change. I myself am not going to dinner in this outfit."
Everyone was changed and ready to go in ten minutes, so the threesome left by the front door and walked a couple of blocks to the Greco Taverna. The doors were already open but they ended up being the first table sat.
Their waiter was an older gentleman with a handlebar mustache, wearing black pants, white shirt and a white apron. He brought a basket of hot crusty buns and a bowl of butter with him when he came to get their drink order.
"Any chance we can get a pitcher of /> 'Of course, we have prime rib tonight and our calamari is very fresh if you would like it as an appetizer or for dinner."
"Well, I am sold, calamari, then Greek salad, and a large end cut of prime rib. Girls?"
"What is /> "Little squids, deep fried and served with tzatziki sauce."
"Is it good?"
"Tell you what, sir bring us a large plate of calamari to start, if the girls don't like it, then they can get something else, we are in no rush as long as we have our prime rib cuts /> "Do the ladies also want prime rib then?"
"I would, regular cut medium rare. And the salad. Thank you."
"Me too. Same as mom I mean, thank you."
The waiter gave a half bow, took the menus and left the table.
"Why did you order /> "It is refreshing, I have had a lot to drink this weekend, and it helps cleanse the pallet."
"Good choice then. Besides, we have wine at your place if we want some later."
"Sorry, no alcohol, unless you decide you do not want to try what we /> "Now I am really curious. Why no alcohol?"
"It tends to dull some of your senses while making others more sensitive. What I want to do requires everything to be at ground zero."
"I am not sure what you mean, but I will trust you, after all you are not going to hurt us."
"Only if intensifying your pleasure hurts. I warn you what I propose will take some serious patience on your part and for it to work you both must be very /> "So what are you going to do daddy?"
"Kitten, we can't talk about it here, but when we get home we will discuss it, the three of us together. You might just find that it is fun."
For the rest of the time they spent having dinner, Albert purposely steered the conversation away from what they might do later. The restaurant was busy enough that conversations could be overheard and with a young girl at the table it was better to be discrete.
Everyone found their roast beef to be mouthwatering good as was the whole meal, but it seemed like an air of expectancy hung over them that had nothing to do with dessert. One could say their thoughts were occupied with ideas and maybe even some fears about what Albert had in mind for their evening's activities. Of course Albert only had one thing on his mind, whether or not the girls would accept or deny.
As they were walking back to his place, the sky was darkening with clouds and Albert noted that it smelled like rain was coming. It was the only dark spot on an otherwise perfect day. They walked a little quicker just to be safe, the three of them huddled together for warmth against the dropping temperature and rising wind.
They barely made it in the door before large raindrops started to splatter on the moisture starved ground and hammered the cedar shakes on the roof. Wind and rain started to shake the colored leaves from the trees as the fall storm wreaked havoc on the coastal neighborhood.
"Well, I guess we are in for it now. At least it held off until we got our day done, at least the outdoors part."
"Wow, look how hard it is coming down already, do you think it will be a /> "It might be, we should check the weather channel. If it is, then we should prepare for it, my house is old and it is better to turn off most of the things that require power. I have even had to turn off breakers just to be on the safe side."
"Where do you store your candles? I can start putting them around while you check the weather."
"I can do that on my tablet. No electrical issue with that, I'll get it."
"Well, that leaves me to start a fire. Good thing my woodbox is well stocked."
Albert did not miss the way everyone swung into action like a well rehearsed team. It had occurred to him more than once how well they were together, he had never been with anyone who could just take on a role, and seemingly the best one, and go with it like they did. It was becoming clearer to him that having Diane and Wendy in his life was what he not only wanted, but it was what he was going to make sure of it.
Long before the power went off in the neighborhood, Albert's house was ready. After getting the fire going, he had checked all the windows while Wendy put out some snacks for later so they would not have to open the refrigerator. Diane had the living area lit up cozily and had placed candles in the bathrooms and bedroom extra light if needed.
Albert still wanted to use the evening to see how they stood with a little power exchange play so he brought out the tools and toys he might find useful and placed them close to the fireplace. "Does someone want to help me move some furniture? It is all on Teflon gliders, I just want to make room for some fun later."
"Okay daddy, I am always willing to help have fun."
Soon they had an area in front of the fireplace cleared, the area rug covered with quilts, blankets and pillows all centered around two back to back bar stools. "What are we going to do with all of this?"
"Well kitten if you learn to be patient, then you will find out in just a matter of moments." The windows lit up brighter than daytime followed seconds later by a loud ominous boom. Panes of glass rattled as did just about everything else in the house.
"Now that is close." Before he had the words out, Wendy was hugging him with all of her strength and Diane was not far behind.
"Wow, that made my cunt vibrate. Can you feel the electrical charge in the air?"
"I know mom, all my little hairs on my arm are standing up straight. It is like that science experiment we did that time."
"Are my girls alright?" He held them close, one arm around each of them. They seemed to be trying to snuggle even closer to him as they stood there in the candlelight. Another bright flash. Another deafening boom. Glass rattled.
"This is scary daddy, but somehow it is sexy." Her hand found the front of his trousers and found his cock was soft. "Oh, is daddy scared?"
"No kitten, I love thunderstorms. It is nature showing off its power. Raw beauty."
"Why is it making me horny?"
"Don't know, maybe because it scares you. Fear has that effect on some people. But then it might be because the vibrations are affecting my pussy."
pussy needs daddy's cock."
"Mine too. I don't remember ever being this excited because of a storm."
"Well, girls, any other time having two horny pussies needing to be fucked would lead to that, but we have an agreement. Now shall we sit down and discuss some things?"
"Really? Right now? Damn that is just cruel."
Even though they objected the girls followed him to the couch and sat down on either side of him, still clinging to him as tightly as they could."
"Now, what I am proposing to do is kind of like a dry run, to see if bondage and discipline is for us. I have some experience, as I think you do Diane, but there are things we can do tonight just to see if you really take to it."
"So you want to go ahead with this even though there is a huge storm outside scaring the fuck out of us? Well what do you propose we do?"
"I want to try a little sensory deprivation, some bondage and teasing. First what I want is for both of you to strip naked and sit on those chairs. I will bind you together with some soft rope, just tight enough so that you cannot easily move, then blindfold both of you."
"May we ask why?"
"Of course, this is the time to discuss why. Remember that we all have to agree, if you want something changed you can bring it up now. If you do not want to do anything, you have the right to say so now and it will not happen. Also, we will need a safe word, so if you cannot take it, or it is too much for you, just use the word and it will stop."
"Daddy? Are you going to be naked as well?"
"I might be, but that is part of the game, you will have to figure somethings out as we are playing it. You will be in the dark, so your sense of sight is restricted. You will be bound, so your movement will be restricted. I could gag you, but because this is new for you, you must promise to speak only if I ask you to."
"This sounds weird."
"You will not be able to smell much because of the candles and the fire. You might find that sound is intensified because it is one sense you can use and it might work harder to make up for the other ones that are restricted. Plus your sense of feeling might also be more intense."
They talked for almost an hour before they were ready to proceed with their playtime. Albert had some silk rope he had bought online, three hundred feet of it, and he used it to bind the girls to the chairs, legs to chair legs, waist to waist, and arms to arms. When he was done neither of them could move a limb, only toes, fingers and heads, but then he bound their heads together with a long blindfold.
"Now you may speak only if I ask you a question. Even involuntary noises will be regarded as bad behavior as we discussed. It is your job to stay still and quiet, it is my pleasure to see if I can get responses from you. Make yourselves comfortable my little ones."
Silently he left the room.
It was not that Albert had been dreaming of something like this happening to him, but he had spent an inordinate amount of time preparing for it. Often while thinking about what he would do, he had added ideas, discarded ideas or just fine tuned them. Now he had not one, but two girls to play with and while he knew Diane to be ready, he wondered how Wendy would take to this sort of sexual play.
His goal would not be realized during this first session as it was just for laying the ground work for the future if there was to be one. If a future in this was not to be, he still intended on being the man in their lives. Albert already felt that strongly about them. There were always other ways of enjoying a sex life with these two incredible nymphs.
The first part of this scenario was to leave them sitting and wondering for a good space of time. Give their senses time to heighten as they strained to hear him in the room. They would soon be straining to hear the slightest noise, a footstep on the carpet, his breathing, or maybe his accidentally brushing against a piece of furniture. When he did return even their sense of smell would be searching for a hint of his cologne.
If his plan worked, their flesh would be more sensitive to his touch. Even the lightest touch of a feather in the right place would have the potential to start the process of sending them into bliss. He intended to spend an hour, maybe longer teasing them with every device and wile at his disposal before untying them enough to fuck them. Such a birthday!
He considered a nice belt of scotch but knowing he should keep his complete wits about him he settled for a tall glass of juice.
Albert was standing three feet away from the girls. Both of them seemed to be leaning into their bindings as if they were searching for something, but not trying to escape. Slowly, so as not to even make an air current they could sense, he reached over and barely touched Diane's lower lip. She trembled in relief, but it was almost indiscernible, just a slight shiver in her facial muscles.
Yes, Diane knew her role. As quickly as it happened, she was perfectly calm again if not noticeably more relaxed. Albert silently thanked his luck. His hand moved to touch Wendy's hard nipple. His touch was barely more noticeable than a breeze, but the result was incredible. She moaned, pushed her small breast against his finger as her whole body shuddered. Her voice was barely a whisper but he could hear her. /> It was disappointing, but she was young, completely untrained and probably as horny as she ever had been before so it was not displeasing. It did please him that she tried, and that the only word she uttered was daddy. He turned on the LED lantern he had on the table behind him and proceeded to examine their extremities to make sure the bindings had not cut off their circulation. He could see no signs of blue flesh in the bright white light.
"Are my girls still They were allowed to answer his questions one way only."
"Yes Sir, thank you."
"Yes Daddy, thank you."
"Good girls." He caressed each one behind the closest ear and then padded softly out of the room. Ten minutes later he was back and the exquisite torture of his girls began with a large feather duster. Each girl received an equal amount of attention as he tickled the soles of their feet first.
Diane reacted only by exhaling softly, as if she had been holding her breath as she waited for something. Wendy's reaction was a little more noticeable as once again she moaned softly. He moved the feather up their calves, ever so softly, ever so careful in the way he brushed the fine barbs against the sensitive flesh. He could see them tense up as the feather reached their thighs, even more the closer he got to their pelvises.
Of course he did not quite reach the hairless labia, he let the feather caress the Mons and then up their bellies to their belly buttons but then he tossed it away as its' job was done. He picked up a small vibrator that he had kept in the freezer since he first started preparing for the evening.
When Diane felt the freezing cold plastic touch her rubbery nipple, she almost screamed. The sensation was painful yet oddly arousing, more so because it was a huge surprise. Albert had told them that there would be sensations of intense cold but knowing it was going to happen sooner or later did not really prepare her for it. When he pressed the button to make it vibrate it was almost unbearable, but she wanted to please him so she set her jaw and breathed deeply through her nose as the new ecstatic sensations built up inside her. Her pussy started to ache deep inside.
When he applied the equally cold nipple clamp to her other nipple she did scream.
"Easy now little one, just breathe deep, you will be okay in a moment."
It was true, a few deep breaths and she was able to bear the exquisite pain. The storm outside had long ago abated but the throbbing pain inside of her that seemed to pulse from her nipples to the inside walls of her cunt were bringing her swiftly to the brink of cumming. Suddenly the clamp was gone as was the freezing vibrator. She almost screamed again but this time in disappointment and frustration.
For a brief moment she would have gladly throttled him for what he was doing, just as she would have happily done anything to get him to continue and let her cum.
Wendy had no idea what was happening behind her. She could feel her mother's back muscles tensing and relaxing, when her mother screamed it scared the hell out of her. Briefly she wondered if daddy was some cruel man that had tricked them into letting him tie them up and really torture them. Then she heard his voice reassuring he mother and she relaxed. Everything was going as they agreed.
Still she was afraid. What could he possibly have done to make mom scream like that? Was he going to do the same to her?"
Her mother had begun to breathe normally again, it was so quiet that her breathing seemed to drum loudly in her ears. Wendy listened for a moment and then purposely made herself follow her mother's rhythm and it helped her because it seemed to erase the sounds her mother was making.
She could not hear him so much as she could sense him. Curiously she followed his movements as she was almost positive he was going to do something to her next. She girded herself, determined not to fail him and react by making noise when he began to torture her. She thought that she was ready, but for what she had no idea.
The words pleasure or pain repeated in her mind like a cadence. Her question beat in sync with her heartbeat. She managed to calm herself as her anticipation seemed to take control of her. Warm breath touched her earlobe causing her to almost melt from the heat of it.
"Kitten, concentrate. All of your energy belongs in my pussy."
She tried, but it was impossible for her to move all of her pent up feelings into one spot as she suspected that something was coming that would prove unbearable. The sound of daddy's voice was more of a centering point for her.
"Kitten, concentrate, your energy is misplaced, my pussy is your center, nothing else."
She tried again, this time consciously pushing her thoughts down, down passed her breasts to her midriff, down passed her belly button to her pelvis. Daddy's pussy began to throb, she could feel his labias swelling, the emptiness of his cunt was becoming so intense.
"Good girl." How could he possibly know? Did he somehow have a connection to his pussy like she did?"
Albert quietly left the room.
Once he was in the kitchen, he sat down and exhaled loudly. He had had no inkling as to how intense this scenario was going to be for him. His cock was hard and pulsing in its readiness to feel itself buried in a hot cunt. He knew that the more anticipation he built up in the girls, the more explosive their orgasms would be when he allowed them to have them. He also knew the anticipation building up inside himself would lend to a great deal of pleasure for himself.
He had heard and read arguments as to the best way to train girls. He was really just following his own instincts and what the found to be pleasing for himself. He extracted pleasure from his own successful handiwork in anything that he did, why would this be any different. If his pleasure was derived from giving his girl, or in this case girls, a great deal of pleasure, why should that be wrong?
He knew that some thought it to be soft. Some thought that the pain should be the greater. He thought of it as only a fine edge to an instrument that in his mind made it an intricate weaving, like a petit-pointe his mother used to make. It was time to continue.
"Okay kitten. The next place that I am going to touch you is what we are going to call Spot'. Now from now on, you are not allowed to cum unless that spot is being touched. Do you /> "Yes, daddy. Thank you."
"Good girl."
"Now, this touch is only to let you know where the spot is, and of course you will not be required to cum. After this, no matter what I do, or anyone else for that matter, you will hold back your orgasm until that spot is touched. That touch, when you are holding yourself ready to cum, is your permission. Do you /> "Yes, daddy. Thank you."
"Sometime in the future, if we continue this path, you will learn to cum on command, even if you are not ready. Do you believe that I can make that happen ?"
"Oh yes, daddy. Thank you."
"Hmm, you have a lot of faith in your daddy, good girl."
He reached between her legs and with his middle finger he put pressure on her perineum. Wendy concentrated on the feel of his finger, memorizing where it was and how it felt. Silently she made a promise to do as her daddy bid her. She was determined to be the best good girl he could ask for.
"Thank you daddy."
"Now we have established your daddy spot, let's see if we can test your mettle. Are you ready to be teased?"
"Yes daddy."
"And you Diane?"
"Yes Sir. Thank you."
/> The next hour was a cornucopia of sexual devices being applied to the girls in every imaginable way allowed by the position he kept them in. He used several different dildos and vibrators, a vibrating glove, ice cubes, candle wax, creams that released heat, creams that made them slippery. At one point he had both of them hooked up to dildos that were attached to nipple clamps so that when he pushed the dildo into their pussies it would tug on the clamps.
Another time he was rubbing their breasts with ice cubes and then dripping hot wax on their cold tits making what he fancied to be pretty designs. When he was finally finished neither of the girls really knew if they were ready to cum or ready to scream. The waiting was unbearable, the wanting was driving them crazy, the need to cum was never far from their minds and yet the both did not want the torture to stop.
Albert was the first one to give in. The truth was he had run out of ways to tease and torture them. He could have come up with more, but his mind was tired and he did not want to jeopardize everyone's enjoyment.
"Well girls, I need release. So I am going to untie both of you. Let me know if your arms or legs are not strong enough to bear your weight."
First he removed their blindfolds, cautioning them to squint at first as even the candlelight added to the light from the dimming logs in the fireplace would seem bright to them.
Next he untied the knots holding their arms together. They tried to lift their arms but neither could do it. He untied Diane for her stool first and then helped her to her feet, holding her until she could stand on her own. When he untied Wendy, Diane was standing in front of her to catch her.
When they were able to use their legs, Albert helped them to the sofa and sat them down. He needed a moment to consider how to arrange them for what was coming next, but did not want to leave them hanging for long.
"Diane I want you on your hands and knees, kitten I want you on her back straddling her hips, can you do that for me?"
"Yes Sir."
"I will try daddy."
While they arranged themselves Albert quickly put on the strap-on that Diane had brought with them. He had secretly attached the dildo they had made of his cock a couple of nights before. Now he was going to fuck both of them with his cock at the same time. Diane in her ass and Wendy in his pussy.
The girls were expecting one of them at a time and Diane was expecting to feel his cock in her dripping wet pussy which was fine with her. When she felt his cock pushing against her anus she was overjoyed. Wendy was to horny to notice the difference when she felt the warmed up dildo pushing its way into her daddy's pussy.
Albert carefully lined up his equipment, his cock-head pushed into Diane's hot asshole as he used his hand to guide the dildo into his slick tight cunt. He wished that he could feel the sensation of slipping into both holes, but this fuck was as more for them than for himself. He was counting on the idea of what he was doing being so sexy that it would quickly bring them back up to the level of arousal that they were moments before.
It did. When the girls realized what he was doing, both of them were ecstatic knowing that both of them were getting their imaginative lover's cock at the same time. What could be better, it was after all one of the reasons they had made the copy. He poised as with the heads of his cocks just inside his girls.
"Now remember kitten, you must hold back cumming until I touch the daddy spot with my finger. Diane cum as you will, it will make it harder for Wendy to hold back."
"Yes daddy. I will try hard."
"Please just fuck my ass Sir, it is so horny!"
"I wonder if I should pull out and have a nice drink of scotch."
"Oh fuck you are so devious." With that Diane took charge and shoved herself onto his dick, her motion taking Wendy with her. Albert chuckled and began fucking his horny little sluts. Her arms wrapped around her mother tightly Wendy was barely hanging on as her mother was a wild ride, she hooked her feet behind Diane's hips and instantly became as one with her mom's motion.
The feel of her daddy's rubber cock as he fucked her doggystyle was exciting her even more than she thought it would as she seemed to pick up energy from her mom's crazy grinding humping, she clenched the muscles of her daddy's pussy making herself even more tight as he shoved into her.
Albert was shocked at Diane's wanton fucking even though he had experienced it the other time he had fucked her ass. What a woman! Oh that he had had a woman like her when he was younger. He was already worried that his stamina would never measure up to her as she gripped his cock, showing no mercy as she slammed her and the girl riding her backwards while at the same time rotating her hips.
It was madness. A spectator would have been dumbfounded by the action in Albert's softly lit living room. Diane was grunting, her vocalizations coming out of her like a chant as she set the speed and rhythm of their animalistic fucking. Two minutes had Albert ready to spill his seed and he had no way to stop it as he had let himself become wrapped up in her fantastic pace.
"Fuck me girls, I am going to cum!"
"Yes! Cum in my ass Sir, fill me with your hot cum!"
Albert looked down to watch his cock piston in and out. He could see foam around both of his cocks as he tightened his thighs in one last effort to stem the inevitable flow of sperm from his full nut sack. Knowing he could not last he pressed a thumb to Wendy's daddy's spot and told her to let it go.
Even though she did not think she was ready, Wendy suddenly felt the first throbbing sensations that were the herald of her orgasm. Her daddy was the best and kindest lover and her body was ready and willing to please him.
Diane was chanting now, "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass!" on and on, her voice was deeper and lustier than normal as his rigid tool slid easily in and out of her greasy hole. No longer able to hold back, Albert roared as he began to spasm, rushes of sensations coursing through him from his feet to his head.
Somewhere in the back of her mind Diane knew her daughter was cumming, her asshole felt Albert's cock tighten and jerk, a flash of light behind her tightly closed eyes seemed to burn into her brain, she reached between her legs and touched her clit, then she exploded.
There was no way to tell who was cumming the hardest, it really did not matter. They really did not even cum at the same time, but there was no distinction between where one started or ended. Wendy's orgasm lasted the longest though, her young body had no barriers set up to stop the sensations that overtook it. Her sensory system had no protection as her whole body seemed to be being stimulated at the same time.
She could smell Albert's sweat and his pussy's juices as they flowed. She could feel the silky smooth skin of her mother's back rubbing against her nipples. The sound's of their lovemaking were many, each one distinct while being part of a cacophony of noise. Flashes of light mixed with the orange glow of the room while the tastes of the afternoons picnic seemed to meld with candle-wax.
Diane's orgasm was a fever pitch of reckless abandon. Her zeal for being analized was never more excessive than that moment. It was like worlds were colliding and she was being smashed to bits and then put back together. Her insides felt like she was inflamed, as if they had somehow caught fire from the friction of Albert's cock.
Albert's orgasm was pinned between the other two, it was the shortest, barely lasting longer than his spurts of semen, and while his might not have been the biggest or longest, somehow it was the most satisfying. He had turned forty that day and in doing so began the best part of his life.

Part Four soon to be uploaded

story by: AJBaker

Tags: fiction incest domination/submission male / female teens sex story

Author: AJBaker

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