The internet date

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The Internet Date

It was just another night when Kira was driving home from her boring job at the hardware store. It was eight o' clock on a Saturday night, and as tired as she was there was no way she was missing her date at the hooka lounge. She had worked a ten hour shift and was ready to have some fun. Recently, her nymphomaniac impairment had only barely been contained by excessive masturbation; but it would never be enough. Kira longed to have a long, hard cock ramming into her tight pussy. She craved it… badly enough so, that she agreed to meet up with a stranger she had been chatting with on FACEBOOK' s "Are You Interested?" app. They both were ready for some action, and had agreed that they would meet at the hooka bar. If things went well, he would be in her bed before midnight.

Kira pulled her busted Ford pick up truck into her apartment complex and shut the engine off. It would have been nice to have a car that didn't hog as much gas, but the prospect of being able to just throw an air mattress into the back of her pick up, and have a good sex romp was just too appealing to pass up. Kira went into the building to her apartment, where she grabbed a quick shower, threw on a sexy dark green number, and applied minimal makeup… she didn't really want to have puddles of mascara running down her face, especially not after the last bukkake session she was in. Stopping in front of her bathroom mirror, Kira took a minute to assess the attractiveness of the ensemble she had chosen. The dress was dark green velvet, sleeveless, and barely covered her ass, allowing as much exposure of her long creamy legs as possible. The color commented her shoulder length, black hair and bright green eyes; and ultimately completed her sexy, sleek look. Grabbing her purse, and throwing on a pair of goddess sandals, Kira headed out the door to meet her sexual fate.

When Kira arrived at the hooka lounge, the loud base sound of Dubstep vibrated through the air surrounding the parking lot. Groups of people were gathered outside smoking cigarettes, and chatting
randomly about various topics. Kira parked her car a little farther out in the parking lot; knowing that she wouldn't be at this place very long, sex partner riding next to her in her truck or not. As she took the keys out of the ignition, she noticed a familiar man standing in front of her truck… it was the man she was here to meet. He looked every bit as tasty as he did in his photograph. He was tall and muscular, with an irish look to him. His red hair matched his red beard, making him handsome in a ruddy, drunkard sort of way. His profile had said that he was twenty-nine. That wasn't too bad, considering Kira was nine-teen. But as she emerged from the seat of her beat up truck, she noticed there was something off about this guy. His palour was a sickly pale color, and beads of sweat glistened on his face under the light of the parking lot street lamp.

"Hey, its me, Kira… are you doing okay?" She asked nervously. Her would-be date flashed her a malignant, toothy grin. This cannot be good, Kira thought to herself. Still, she put on a confident smile and managed to take long strides towards the eerie man. When she was within touching distance, Kira spoke again.

"If you aren't feeling well, you don't have to have this date with me tonight. We can always reschedule." The man flashed another chilling grin, giving Kira the impression that he had no intentions of having this />

"I'm feeling just fine…" The man said in an overly malicious voice. "… But you won't be."

Before Kira had the time to respond, a sharp syringe was plummeting towards her at an alarming speed. There was no time for reaction, only time for fear to become all consuming. Kira lay on the ground, concealed by her truck from anyone that could possibly help her. Just moments before she was ripped from consciousness, Kira found herself gazing into a pair of bright blue eyes that were colder than any serial killer's, or rapist's could ever be.

When Kira woke up her head pounded unrelentingly; her eyes blurred everything around her. Clear sight was absolutely out of the question. Kira could barely make out the sound of footsteps approaching her through the high pitched ringing that was assaulting her eardrums. Kira's heart beat fast and loud as her earlier terror returned. Through her dazed state, Kira still was able to attempt to move and run, but found out then and there how stupid it was of her to do so. Her entire body was naked and bound by red cord to what felt like the bench of an excersize machine. A loud grunt escaped Kira's lips as she collided with a hard slab of concrete, the bench tipping on top of her. The sound of laughter ran tremors up her spine. It was a crazed, maniacle laugh that only made sense coming from the most sadisticly inclined.

"They never learn." A baritone voice cooed. "No point in running sweetness. That rope is specially designed to bind naked women." Kira attempted to scream, but her mouth was constricted by the rope as well. She didn't think anyone could hear her either. This man had her trapped in what looked like an abandoned warehouse.

"Do you have something to say? Here, let me help you." The voice rang in a silky smooth tone. Kira flinched when course hands began to run along her body, stopping right at her face. Kira was returned to her face up position on the excersize bench. The rope was removed from her mouth, and were replaced by warm, rough fingers. Kira's vision began to clear as she came face to face with the man who had attacked her in the parking lot of the hooka lounge. The image of those cold blue eyes returned full force, and Kira's stomach churned.

"You better let me go!" Kira shouted, attempting to sound as threatening as possible. The red haired man smiled and raised his eyebrows.

"Or what? You'll hit me? Kill me? You aren't going anywhere love." He replied in between fits of barmy laughter.

"What do you want with me?" Kira asked. Her instincts for survival were kicking in; she knew she needed to buy as much time as possible to plot her escape. Instead of responding, the man stroked the side of her neck, eventually pulling his hand towards the front to choke her. Kira struggled to move, a useless effort. It was clear that she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. She futilely tried to remember his name, she had to recall some details so she could at least go to the police when he released her… if he released her.

The Irish fiend released Kira from his grip, and resorted to tasting her flesh. He started with the center of her chest, licking it gently and trailing to the tip of her left nipple. He suckled her breast, teasing Kira's senses with his hot warm tongue. Kira involuntarily moaned at the sensation. The man lifted his head from her body.

"You are enjoying this entirely too much." He said in a greedy, desperate voice. As he moved back towards Kira's nipple, she raised her body in anticipation right before searing pain flared through her as the man bit down hard and tore a piece of her flesh away. Kira let out a cry of pain as blood oozed out of the freshly made wound.
"That's much better." He muttered. Shawn… that was his name, Kira realized.

"Please Shawn, stop." Kira whimpered. Shawn tossed his head back, laughing />
"Only because you asked so nicely." Shawn replied, after he'd stopped laughing and gained some composure. Kira took a deep breath, and was cut off when Shawn vigorously tugged at the rope that was wound between Kira's legs. White hot pain flared on her delicate pussy lips, forcing high pitched moans to escape her lips. Kira could feel the blood from her chest, dripping down her stomach and trailing down her raw pussy. Shawn moved his head down, and licked the blood away from the lower half of her body.

"Your pain tastes fucking insane!" Shawn shouted as he licked the rest of the blood from his lips. Salty tears poured down Kira's cheeks, past her lips, and pooled under her chin. Kira was raw and rithing in pain.

"Stop." Kira managed through a choked sob.

"Okay then, you asked for it." Shawn said as he flashed her a cocky grin. He removed the rope to the side of her clit, and slipped his fingers inside her. Kira moaned in both pleasure, and emotional pain. This was not how she had wanted her night to end. Shawn laughed, before burying his face between her legs. Kira moaned and cried as the ropes seem to tighten with each thrust of her abdomen.

"Mmm, your pussy is so wet. But, I think it could use some more Shawn growled. Kira attempted to close her thighs, and was met with the tightly wound ropes again. Shawn lifted his shirt, and unbuttoned his jeans, removing both articles of clothing. Completely naked, Shawn pressed his body against Kira on the bench.

The wound on Kira's breast was still bleeding, and with one swift motion Shawn wiped it away with his hand and rubbed the scarlet liquid on his inconceivably large erection. Kira closed her eyes, wishing she was anywhere else but here as Shawn gripped her hips on either side.

"Do you want it?" Shawn whispered in a feral growl. Kira didn't respond.

"I said, do you want it?!" Shawn asked as he brought his open palm to Kira's face, allowing a large clap to echo through the warehouse. Kira gasped in pain and horror as the blow connected with her jaw.

"Please let me go… please, please… I beg of you!" Kira screamed.

"That's not what I asked." Shawn said with warning, as he brought his hand up for a second blow.

"Yes, please, just don't hit me again." Kira replied in a meek voice. Shawn glared at her for a moment, and glanced to the side as if calculating something.

"Too bad," was all Shawn muttered before he struck Kira again, simultaneously entering her with his cock. Kira's mouth gaped open as she was violated in a way she never thought possible. Hard, deep, and slow, Shawn rammed his dick into Kira's cunt. More tears made their way down her face as the hairy Irish man plunged in deeper and deeper. Kira moaned in ecstasy and fear. Closer and closer she came to the edge, when Shawn would stop, wait for her to relax; and begin the process again.

"PLEASE… let me go!" Kira screamed, right when an intense orgasm electrified her entire body. Shawn chuckled in a dark manner, eyes twinkling with utter amusement.

"I have a better idea," Shawn said with a grin. Kira's eyes widened in suspense as Shawn pulled out of her and reached underneath the bench, returning with a shiny object.

"Let's play a little game shall we?" Shawn asked, as he revealed the object was a freshly sharpened blade. Kira pleaded for Shawn to cease as he trailed the knife from her clit to her chest. Kira knew without a doubt, this man was going to kill her. Shawn began to cut the ropes that were binding Kira, one by one, then rebound her hands and feet.

"Get off of the bench, and get on your knees." Shawn ordered, holding the knife against Kira's throat. As quickly as she could manage, Kira moved off of the bench and found herself on her knees, face to face with Shawn's enormous dick.

"Open your mouth you lazy skank." Shawn barked. Kira closed her eyes and reluctantly obeyed.

"No," snapped Shawn, "I want you to look at me when I violate your mouth." Kira could feel more hot tears escaping her burning eyes as she slowly opened them. The moment she caught the slightest glimpse of what she was about to swallow a horrified thrill ignited in her that was deeper than any she had experienced in this kind of situation. Shawn seemed to realize this and laughed with the menace that seemed to drench every sound that escaped his firm, thin lips. Kira knew in that moment that she was in for something dark, and hideously twisted.

Shawn grabbed a handful of her lengthy black hair and forced her head back. Kira shivered in fear and let Shawn force his fingers down her throat. Kira gagged, feeling her stomach leap into her esophagus.

"Mmm, so sexy." Shawn moaned as his fingers slowly slid out. Kira gasped for air, allowing her body to relax before she was confronted with more of Shawn's sick game.

"Let's try something else shall we?" Shawn asked. The anticipation of what was to come next made Kira's stomach twist and curl within her. Shawn gripped the majority of her face in his large hand, and ran his tongue along the open side of her face. Kira could feel his vile breath hot against her.

“You want my cock don't you, you filthy slut!” Shawn whispered into Kira's ear. Kira knew she would be struck if she didn't comply. So, she nodded her head, and leaned back. Shawn grinned and ripped Kira's head back by her hair.

“Open your fucking mouth.” Shawn ordered. Kira obeyed, allowing her jaw to lower and her head to tilt even farther back. Shawn groped his erection, sliding his hand back and forth. Kira watched as it grew larger before her eyes. Kira couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement as Shawn's manhood was thrust into her open mouth. She could feel the tip of his penis teasing her throat, threatening to go deeper and cut off her air supply. Shawn's thrusting was slow at first, but soon became fast and forceful. Shawn grabbed the back of Kira's head with both hands, using it as a handle for his vigorous insertions. The intensity of Shawn's pelvic motions made Kira's senses come alive. She moaned as the heat building between her legs almost sent her hurdling over the edge again. Shawn began to notice how Kira's attitude had changed and the next thing he knew, she was taking her cock hard and rough, using her hands, her lips, her tongue and all other assets to the best of her ability. He knew that she had been aroused to a point where she would soon cum.

Shawn grabbed the knife he had carelessly placed on the bench and firmly held it above Kira's head. The gyrations of Kira's hips began to synchronize with the thrusting of his, and Shawn knew Kira was close to spilling her juices all over the dusty floor of the warehouse. Shawn could feel his own orgasm approaching, so he eased Kira off of his dick.
wrong?” Kira asked, a pout forming on her lips.

Shawn replied as he lifted the knife to Kira's throat. Kira's eyes widened in fear as the blade quickly sliced through her delicate skin. Blood seeped from the wound in pints, leaving Kira pale and dying on the ground. Kira's vision became cloudy again letting darkness crowd in around her.

As Kira took her last breaths, Shawn's orgasm was showered over her naked body in short, hot bursts. Shawn stood over Kira's body grinning, and she noticed how cold his icy, blue eyes appeared to be. Then, everything went black.

story by: AirMagick

Tags: fiction young female / girl hardcore rape torture violence humiliation bondage and restriction death male / females murder bdsm non-consensual sex cruelty sex story written by women sado-masochism

Author: AirMagick

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