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My name's Tyler, i am 14 years old. Short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am around 5'4 with a 5 inch cock.

I had 7th hour Gym and it was the last day. We had done a 40 minute run test. Mr. Warko our gym teacher was quite a stud. He was 31 years old with short dark hair and dark eyes and he was about 5'6. After Gym i had forgotten my shorts in the locker room. So i run into the gym and check the office. Mr Warko was in there grading and what not and i told him i had left my shorts in the locker room. He said " Go ahead and grab them… and take a shower while your at it, your all sweaty." So i run in there and grab my shorts. I thought about what Warko said about the shower, and i smelt myself. Pretty bad if you ask me.

So i strip down revealing my 3 inch limp cock. I hop in the shower and turn the water on. I lather up spreading the soap on my semi-built body, with signs of a six pack. I start lathering my dick and i get an erection. I figured what the hell why not so i started to stroke my cock. I hear the bathroom door open and close so i stop. I peek out and Warko is there undressing.

He see's me and say's " So i guess you took my advice?". "Yeah", i reply nervous that he might see my rock hard cock. He gets in the shower across from me and starts to lather up. I sneak a peek at his awesome body and his dick was perfect. Cut, with a big bush about 4.5 inches limp. He glances at me and i look away shyly. " Admiring my package i see…" he says slyly. " No, i just wanted to see if you had any soap… I am all out:" That was i lie i thought to my self. "Here take some". He began to walk over to my stall with the bar. "Why don't we shower together?, you know to save water?".

This was it, i was fantasizing about it for so long. "Sure, hop in!" i said casually. As soon as i felt his hot wet body against mine i got hard instantly. He looks at my rock hard cock, and i notice him getting hard. I couldn't believe it. My sexy gym teacher in the same shower as me and erect!? "Nice dick you got there, mine wasn't that big at your age." I replied "Well it sure is big now, what is it around 7, 8 inches?" He laughs, "How'd you guess?" He was still lathering his body and his hands working down slowly toward his big cock.

"Mind if i jack off?" he asks. "Not at all as long as i can too" i replied. "Sure, do you think i could lend you a hand?" He reached his hand out not even waiting for an answer and started to stroke my rock hard cock. "You like that?" he asks in the sexiest voice imaginable. "Oh fuck yes, do you think i could…blow you?" i asked nervously. "Sure, but you have to swallow." I get on my knees and take his big cock in my mouth. I work my tongue up and down the shaft, swiveling my tongue on the tip. I got as much as i could in which was about 6 inches. He tossed his head back, moaning. "Oh fuck yes, you must be a pro?" I shook my head no. I continued my work, I massaged it with my throat muscles. " Oh god i am going to CUM." I feel his dick tense up in my mouth and i get as much as it in as i can. He blasts his hot steamy load down my throat. His salty cum tasted so good.

"Lets relocate" he says pulling me out of the shower. We head into the locker room and sit on a bench. We start to kiss and his hand grabbing my ass. " I want you inside me" i say to him. I flip over and i hear him spitting into his hand. He spreads my ass cheeks apart and spits in the hole. he asks. "Yeah, go for it" I say in return. I feel his head pushing on my hole, it pops in and he begins to push. "Go slow, its my first time." i gasp. I can feel his big cock in me. "Okay, its in." He says. He starts thrusting in and out the waves of pain turning into pleasure. " Oh god, fuck my asshole." He's going faster and faster. His balls slapping against my ass. " I am going to cum again!" he shouts. " Do it inside me!" His cock expands and i feel the warm cum burst out. "Roll over" he says. So i do and he starts to eat my ass out, sucking out his own cum and he draws me in for a kiss. We swap cum and he starts to suck my cock. Licking off all the pre-cum from earlier. His tongue working my dick felt amazing. I felt a hard yet warm lump on his tongue. " Is your tongue pierced?" i ask. He nods his head. " No wonder it feels so god damn good." I feel my balls start to tense up, i shoot my load into his mouth and he drinks it all. " Time for you to fuck me " he says. He bends over doggy style and i spit in my hand and work it all over my cock. I lean forward and start to eat out his ass. Once it was nice and wet i began to shove my dick in. " Oh god slow down, its my first time too ya know!" so i ease up, i get my whole cock in. His tight ass felt orgasmic on my cock. " Okay start to fuck me" he says. I start rocking my hips going in and out, i feel my dick rubbing up against his prostate. " Oh god, i am going to cum without even touching my dick!" He bursts a hot load on his own chest. " I am cumming too!!!" i shout. My hot load filled his hole. I pull out and lay on my back exhausted. " That was amazing." he says. " I agree we should do it again sometime." i hinted. " Definately, see you next year have a nice summer."

The End.

Might make more depending on feed back.

story by: ThaiHoak

Tags: fiction blowjob first time cum swallowing gay sex story

Author: ThaiHoak

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