The island- chapter 2

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I walked into house, i didn't realise how long i had been gone. It was about just after lunch when i walked in the door.I took off my hat and hung on the rack and went to the kitchen i was starving. i opened the fridge and eyed the food, i grabbed a leftover bread stick from the night before and took a seat in at the table. i was lost in thought when i heard the rapid thumping of megan coming down the stairs. she burst into the kitchen with a big pounce, she was still in her pajama bottoms and tank top that she barely fit into,
"So what happened!" She Grinned “WHAT DID SHE SAY?!?!”
“MEGAN! you dont need to fucking shout!”
“Sorry, so what /> “Well I went in asked for time off i fixed a couple things in her office and she said i could go, she giving me a gun some ammo and a satellite radio to take with us just in case we need help”
“Wow, you must have really fixed her stuff right huh?” she didn't know that half of it. Megan was so innocent it wasn't even funny anymore. she had never had a boyfriend so as far as i knew she was a virgin…but she did know how to masturbate from what i saw this morning, i tried not to think about that. “Dont forget to call Al and get your shift off next week” she reminded
“oh right thanks” that could have been bad if i had forgot to do that. I took my cell out of my pocket dialed my bosses number. as the phone rang megan was searching through the cupboard for a glass “Hey Al yeah its Jack, Im gonna need the next two weeks off” i began to explain my situation to my boss, as Al and I went back and forth about the expedition Megan walked over to the sink to fill up her glass, she turned on the sink and some how the dish hose was stuck on and sprayed her all over her top soaking her wet.
“Son of a bitch, Jack the dish hose is doing that thing again” she wiped the water off her face and neck and then without missing a beat she just took off her tank top revealing tiny pink sports bra, all i could do was just sit there and stare at her while she fiddled with the hoes i hear Al Yell at me over the phone to get my attention
“oh yeah sorry All im here,yep ill see you in two weeks bye” i pressed the end button and went back to the staring at my sister, i admired her looks from a far while she stood leaned back against the sink finally drinking her water from her glass.
“what are you staring at?” she asked
“oh nothing” i snapped out of my trance “are you packed yet?”
“Yep, did it all last night so I can spend my time going over coordinates today”
“ok i want you up and ready to go to the docks at 4am” i ordered
“the boat doesn't even leave till 7 why do I have to be up so early”
“Because i said so, Listen megan if i'm gonna go on this trip you can't question everything i want you to do, there is gonna be a time where i say, Megan i need you do this right now, and i don't want you to question it just do it”
“Ok, sorry i just want this trip to be fun and not all business” she said sounding slightly hurt , i stood up from my chair and walked over to her and embraced her in a hug, as she buried her face in my chest i spoke
“ i promise i wont be barking orders 24/7 this gonna be a fun trip, it really will be I just want you to be safe so that means you are gonna have to listen to me”
“I can do that,” she said with a smile breaking our embrace “i'm gonna go up stairs and read over the maps again i'm gonna have my headphones on so knock if you need me” she said as she walked out of the kitchen. i sat back down at the table and finished my bread stick and sat thinking about what the next few days were gonna bring. the rest of the day went by in a phase i cleaned my gun made sure my clips were all in order. Went through my survival gear, folded the tents,and put all the luggage in the the truck. I took account for everything and all i had to was put all of Megan's stuff in the truck with the rest. I came back in the house and walked up the stairs to her bedroom her door was slightly cracked and i could hear her talking to someone.
“Yeah, I don't think he suspects a thing” she snickered i paused and slid on to the wall and peered into the room she was laying down on her bed with her hand down her pants rubbing her self with the phone to her ear “Hahaha, I cant wait these two weeks with no one but us, well yeah i know he is coming but thats why we are sleeping separate tents” I scowled trying to piece together who she was talking to. I assumed she was talking to her professor but why would she rubbing her self while talking to her.”Mmmm that sounds amazing, oh yeah? what are you gonna do to me?” she went on talking dirty to the person the other side of the line “mmm yeah i cant wait to taste for you to taste my pussy again Carol” so she was talking to her professor..and taste her pussy again? what the fuck was going on was my sister fucking her professor? i looked back into the room and megan had one of her breasts out of her sports bra and now had the phone tucked into between her ear and should so both her hands were free now she began to use her newly freed hand to pinch and rub her nipple while she began to rub her self even more. i could hear her cue and moan while talking to Carol “Mmmm yeah Mrs. Hynes how does that cock feel? does it feel good? its too bad your husband can't go with us it would be much more fun with him again” my world shattered around me my sister the innocent girl that i grew up with was not innocent at all, she had been having sex with her professor and her husband. the mere thought of a man fucking my sister infuriated me, and yet i was aroused my own cock was tingling watching my sister. i pulled myself away from the door and stormed to my room and shut the door. i paced back and forth but i couldn't think about anything else except my sister eating out her professor while getting fucked by her husband i couldn't help myself i undid my belt and pants and wiped out my cock and being to masturbate i leaned up against the wall jerking my hard dick thinking of the very image what they might have done. i jerked it till i came all over the wall. i picked up a dirty shirt and wiped the wall clean and then laid down in bed. this whole trip was going to more complicated than i thought.

4am came fast i didn't want to go back to Megans room to get her stuff the night before so decided to pack first thing in the morning i got and got dressed and moved down the hall to her room. the door was completely shut now so i opened all the way she was still asleep half covered up and her one breast still hanging out of her shirt. i turned on her room light to wake her up
“Time to get up” I growled she shot awake made sure to cover her self “ you better have all your shit ready to go” i growled once more angry i wasn't able to pack it all last night. i walked out of the room and down to the kitchen i threw two pieces of bread in the toaster. i stood there waiting from them to pop when i heard a thumps coming down the stairs i turned around and i could seem megan setting down a backpack full of maps and a one suit case. the toast popped and i took them both out, buttered them and took them to the main room, megan dressed in yoga pants and a sweatshirt sat on the stairs looking half asleep. I took a bite out of my toast and handed her the other .
she smile and began to nibble on her toast
“Got I asked
“Yes, Mrs Hynes is providing all the food and survival equipment for the trip”
“so i packed my for /> “No! yours survival things aren't like ours”
the /> "Don't worry about it you will see when we get on the boat"
"Ok then lets mount up"
"the boat doesn't leave for another 3 hours can't we just wait a little longer so i can wake up?"
"No, we will stop for coffee on the way get you stuff lets go, we're Oscar Mike.
"Jack don't use military terms at me just say we are out of here" she rolled her eyes got up from the stairway walked out the truck leaving her luggage and backpack. i let out a long sigh grabbed her stuff and walked out to the drive where she was already in the truck and fast asleep. i threw luggage in the bed of the truck open my door and threw the backpack into the cab hitting her broadside waking her back up. "Ouch Jerk!" she whined
"up late last night?" i asked knowing well she was
"a little"
"you can sleep on the boat" I hissed as i started the truck, pulled out of the drive and started down the road. i turned on the radio and changed it to my morning country music station that played the old favorites dad and i used to listen to. Waylon Jennings was playing. dads favorite. Megan sat with a disgusted look on her face like this song was going to be the end of her, i just smirked and continued driving. driving down the road i kept making sure i revved my engine to make sure she stayed awake.
" i thought we were gonna stop for coffee?" she asked,
" we are there is a coffee shop at the docks you can get your coffee their"
"ugh, are you going to be this difficult the entire trip"
" I wont be difficult as long as you aren't hiding anything from me"
"what are you talking about?"
" Be honest is there a double meaning behind this trip megan"
"what? no where would you get that idea?"
" I overheard a few of the things you and Carol were going over last night" her eyes got wide and immediately went down to her legs
" So…what did you hear"
"i hear enough megan, if this is just some get away so you two can fuck each other without getting caught im gonna turn this truck around right now"
“NO! its not that at all”
“are you sure because it sounded like it to me, when did this all start, how, why?”
“ Ok, Ok, ill tell you everything, a at the start of last semester i applied for the Mrs. Hynes internship for Geological studies, its the last credit i needed to complete my Cultural studies degree. when she told me i had got the internship she insisted that we go out to dinner with her and her husband. they took me out to the most amazing and expensive restaurant in town, we ate expensive lobster and went threw two bottles of wine. My head was swimming there was no way i was able to drive home so they brought me back to their place…and it started in the living room she complimented me on my dress. i complemented hers then it was just a harmless little peck on the lips from her. i didn't know what to think so i kissed her back, then she took my top off and started sucking on my tits, then her husband came into the room i won't go into what happened next, you can probably guess”
I sat in silence not knowing what to think, I could see the sun getting ready to come up over the the ocean. i shifted my truck into a higher gear and sped towards that docs in total silence except for the radio and the roaring sound of the engine. i finally got the guts to ask a question
“So is their even and /> “Yes, i haven't told you anything that isn't the truth we are going to the island to investigate why tribes that fish the waters around the island seem to keep their distance from the it”
“Ok you can fill me in on that later, Megan i'm not gonna tell you that i'm disappointed in you or im mad because honestly i'm not, but i'm not proud of you either with you being so young and inexperienced and having this kind of relationship someone AND their husband none the less can really mess you up for future /> “No Jack you don't understand they love me its not just sex!”
“Megan i know it may seem like that but some couples go out of their way to spice up the bedroom and you are that extra spice in a probably dying bedroom of the Hynes
“SHUT UP!” she shouted obviously emotional about the whole thing i could hear her sobbing, i looked over and realised that my sister really still was innocent. she thought this couple loved her and she couldn't see past the lust. i had been a real jerk the whole morning. i slammed on my brakes and pulled over to the side of the road and leaned over to her took her under my arm
“Megan I am so sorry, i shouldn't have said any of that, you're still young i should let you experience all that life has to offer and if this is an experience you wanna have i won't say anything about it, I may not approve but you will have my support” she sniffed
“thank you Jack im sorry i didnt tell you any of this sooner” i broke our hug and began to drive again. see what did i tell you complicated.

when we arrived the doc was a buzz people running on and off the boat carrying boxes and crates
i heard a shout from afar through the the mess of people i could see Professor Hynes in the mix of the crowds walking closer to us. Megan dropped her luggage and ran through the crowd and gave Mrs. Hynes a huge hug i could see Megan whisper something into her ear and Mrs hynes a huge grin on her face. i walked up to them an extended my hand for a greeting
“Ma am, Jack Harvey its a pleasure to meet you” i introduced my self i looked over Mrs Hynes i could understand why megan was so interested in her, she had long Sandy blond hair and was perfectly shapen she was wearing khaki pants and hiking boots with a Sweater that said “Jones /> “Carol Hynes, it a pleasure to meet you Jack, Megan has told me so much about you”
“Like wise ma am,” i replied
“thank you for agreeing to come with us on such short notice i know this was difficult for you to araing but we are going to have a lot of fun and i expect we will all learn something as well” she said with another huge grin.
“ I look forward to it, ma'am if you will excuse me i'm going to go ahead a start loading my stuff on the boat”
“Excellent, Lunch is at noon on the front part of the deck, Megan and I are going to my bunk to lay out our maps and She then put her arm around Megan and walked up the plank and on to the boat. The Boat was Fairly large two tier lower deck for storage middle deck for bedrooms and of course the top deck it was kind of a rusty old bucket with a large cabin on the top the protected the helmsman from the elements. I walked back to the truck grabbed as much as i could carry and started up the plank on to the boat. There was a tall girl standing around the deck looking official so assumed she knew where i could put my stuff
“Excuse me ma am?” i called over she turned to look at me, good god was she tall 6’ if that she walked over to me the trench coat she was wearing blew in the wind and her long flowing red hair went with it. she was wearing a grey sweater under her trench coat and had baggy cargo pants on. “Can you tell me where i can put my own luggage” i asked
“are you with the island expedition” she asked, she had a thick irish accent that caught me off guard
“Yes Ma am”
“ Yes your rooms on the Aft part of the ship in the middle deck room 20 i can help you there if you like”
“that would be nice thank you”
“Bonnie Peters, at your service” she stuck her hand out for a greeting and we exchanged a strong hand shake daughter and First Mate”
“Jack Harvey nice to meet you ma'am” she picked up two my packs and slung one over her shoulder
“don't call me ma’am i'm Jack im not even 26 yet”
“Sorry thanks for your help Bonnie” she opened the door that led down to the bedrooms and began to lead me to my room the hallways were tight and people were trying to walk past from the opposite direction
“See where i'm come your not a ma am untill you are at least 30” she laughed
“ Well I've been with the marines since i was 21 so i just got used to calling my superiors Sir or Ma am” we got to my room and she bumped open the door with her hip
“Well Jack you're in luck i'm not your superior i’m the first mate im here to serve you and make sure your trip is a comfortable one, you need anything at all you come find me and ill do my best to make it happen” she laid my stuff on my cot, the room was only about 9 by 8 feet so it wasn't very large. “i spend most of my time on the top deck but if i'm not there i'm at the helm and if i'm not there in my quarters and the other side of the ship, now if you excuse me jack i've got some other things to take care of”
“so do i have a new things left in the truck”
“Don't worry about its been taken care of”
“wow, really? thanks” she left the room and closed the door behind her the boat let out a long belowing blast from its horn. then an announcement came on from over the PA system
“attention crew, we are undocking from port make sure you are at your stations” a loud gruff Irish voice announce. “ To the three members of the expedition lunch today is halibut. that is all” great fish for lunch, I set my stuff on the floor and laid down on my cot fell right to sleep. i dreamed of my sister and Mrs.Hynes having sex just a few doors down their bodies entangled on the small cot in their room letting out moans of ecstasy but trying not to be heard by me the other crew members and It dream became more intense as they both started moaning my name
“Oh jack, Jack Jack Jack” the dream went on as they both began to reach climax
“ JACK!” I shot up out of my dream with my pocket knife i always keep in my bed with me there at the door stood Bonnie with slightly worried look on her face
“Sorry, I don't sleep well anymore”
“I can't imagine” we both looked at each other and then she got a smirk on her face “you must have been sleeping somewhat well otherwise you must be happy to see me” I sat confused her eyes made a motion to my crotch and looked down and my rock hard erection was very noticeable through my pants. I sat up trying to hide it “ HA Oh Jack” she laughed “ i work on ship with only men and let me tell you something, you've seen one cock you seen them all. Come on, lunch is ready” she turned around leaving the door open. I stood up adjusted my crotch and walked out of my room. when i came out on deck the the sun hit me in the eyes it was still dawn when i went back to sleep and now the sun was fully up in the sky, as my eyes adjusted i looked out on the ocean and all i could see was water, we couldnt have been that far from land but there was no land in site.
“Jack over here!” i turned to look at large table about 9 feet long with people sitting all around it near the open part of the ship just before the bouw. waving was Megan she had changed into her blue jeans and a Jones University T shirt and had her sneakers on. to her left was an open chair and to her right was Mrs. Hynes she still had the same clothes on except she had shed her sweater to reveal a pink Jones University t-shirt that looked about a size too small for her as she was almost busting out of it. I walked over and sat down and there was a plate of food, Fish with peas and corn. i didn't realise how hungry i was until food was in front of me i picked up my fork and began to eat.
“So professor Hynes” the gruff voice from the PA announcement said i looked down at the other at of the table there at the head sat a fat man with a read beard in in your typical dirty sea captain drags. “ why don't you inform us all why we are heading to the Archipelago of Tribes, them are dangerous waters and i would like to know what i'm risking my boat and my crew and going almost 100 miles out of my way to drop three people off there” he said Sternly crossing his fingers.
"I would be glad to Captain Peters," Mrs Hynes announced as she leans back in her chair "as most of you know the biggest Geological discovery of the century happened two years ago very large Archipelago of Islands were found a couple hundred miles of the coast of Barbados there are 7 large island 6 of them are almost identical in size and they are exactly 7 miles in distance from each other these 6 island surround the 7th which is significantly larger than the rest. when the Archipelago was discover 6 teams were sent to the surrounding islands to research the lands and see if they have life, they would decide that the 7th island was to be saved for last as it would take a joint effort of them all to research it" as she went on the captain never broke his stern look of concern as he took in as much information as he could " Well as it turns out that all 6 of the surrounding island all did have indigenous life on them, all were very peaceful tribes and were very accepting of the scientists that came to them. very careful to not bring any outside influences the scientists were able to bring back to the main lands fruits, vegetables, insects and other animals that had never been need before they even brought back two types of crane that had thought to be extinct." The professor stood up and rambled about all the difference discoveries for the next 5 minutes all the while Megan swooned over her and the captain listened
"Mrs. Hynes," the captain interrupted "if you could be so kind as to get to the point."
"right very sorry" she continued "so the months passed and as scientists were able to add all their data together, they found that all the tribes considered the center island forbidden, all the tribes had come together hundreds of years before and agreed that the no one was aloud to that island. finally scientist decided to send a party to the island to check it out just, survey the land, and i know this is going to sound very cliche but they were never heard from again. two search parties went after them they never came back either. so it was decided by the foundation that the 7th island be named uninhabitable seeing at almost 12 men had gone missing in the span of two weeks."
"Mrs Hynes you still have not answered my question" the captain barked
"I was just getting to that, we got a grant from a mystery third party interested in the island our job is to just observe the island. The only note that we got from the other researches is that this island has stranger weather patterns"
"Thats a very interesting mrs hynes but have ever take into consideration why this island might be forbidden" that captain asked. he did have a very good point, going to a forbidden island didn't sound like the most scholarly of ideas
"Captain Peters, we of Jones University are people of science, we are not interested in native /> "besides none of those scientist had near the training and survival instincts that Jack has" megan spoke "we will be just fine." the captain turned to me
"Mr Harvey what do you think of this whole thing" the Captain asked
"to be honest, i think this whole thing is a waste of time, but i just couldn't let megan come alone, i'm here for her sake and thats it.
"Jack, you seem to have the most sense out of the three of you, i feel more comfortable that you will be with them to keep them safe" he complimented. the rest of lunch was pretty silent. the captain told stories of past voyages and some of the crew members sang a lunch song for us. I went back to bunk up for the rest of the day. i layed down and sleep took me fast

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