The judgment of sgt. j chapter 5 my knight in shiny armor

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The Judgment of Sgt. J Chapter 5 My Knight in Shiny Armor

John’s eyes seemed to roll up into his head then return. However when they did they were no longer the eyes of the man I knew. John stared at me as if he did not know who I was or where he was. At first I did not know what was going on or happening to him. However, I had talked to Cathy the night before so I knew a little of what a flashback was.

Cathy had explained that her brother suffered from flashbacks when he returned from Vietnam. Flashbacks are the personal experiences that pop into your awareness, without any conscious, premeditated attempt to search and retrieve this memory. These experiences occasionally have little to no relation to the situation at hand. Flashbacks to those suffering posttraumatic stress disorder can be so disruptive as to seriously affect day-to-day living.

“Go to your happy place John,” I said calmly as I touched the side of his face.

John closed his eyes and a few seconds later he opened them as he replied, “Sorry Kay, it has been a while since I saw so much blood,” “Please forgive me if I said or did anything,” he added.

I asked him if he had something, I could clean us both up with he pointed to a bathroom in his office. I got a towel as well as a washrag that I wetted in the sink in his bathroom. As I did, I heard that voice again.

“Some day he will make you bleed for real,” the voice said to me.

I shook the voice from my head as I cleaned the blood from myself. I returned to John and cleaned him up as well. Then he took me home.

John and I started to see each other every day. I was falling deeply in love with him not because of the man he was but because of the sex, he gave me. We both were in our thirties but we fucked like teenagers. One Friday night John and I were suppose to go out for dinner however John got a phone call from Rod telling us he had been in a fight.

I was somewhat surprise when John hurried me to his truck and we drove to where Rod was. We walked into the bar to find Rod sitting at the bar. John walked over with me in tow. He looked at Rod then around the bar.

“You must have cleared the bar,” John said to Rod.

“My fight was with Cathy,” Rod replied.

“You did not harm that girl,” John replied.

Rod turned to John as he said, “You know I would never do that my brother in arms.”

John took Rod and I over to a table and the three of us talked about what happened between him and Cathy. She had told him she did not want to see him any longer. Rod could not even remember what they had the fight over only that she had dumped him. While we were talking, the boys had a steady flow of pitchers of beer and shots coming to our table. Rod soon forgot about his troubles with Cathy. I was also feeling the effects of the alcohol as well.

The bar soon filled with people and most of them all knew John. I was getting tired of all the women who came in walking over to him giving him a hug or even kissing him. I would look to John after they did and he would tell me just old friends.

A stunning woman around our age came walking into the bar as John was up getting drinks. She was dressed for sex. The woman was about 5’ 5” with black hair with blonde streaks and sexy legs in nylons. Her legs were toned and her thighs muscular. She wore nylons with the top of her garter belt showing just below the black mini skirt she had worn. Her skirt showed a good amount of cleavage as well.

I sat there at the table with Rod as this woman walked up to John tapped him on his shoulder. When he turned to her, she threw her arms around him kissing him fully on his lips. Rod had seen it as well and he looked to me.

“Care to dance?” Rod asked me.

I told him Ok and he led me to the dance floor. It was a slow dance and I really did not notice how close we were dancing. My mind and my eyes were elsewhere like on John and the woman who had walked into the bar. All types of thoughts were running through my mind as we danced. When Rod placed his hand on my ass, it brought me back to reality.

I pulled his hand from my butt as I said, “I don’t think John would approve of your hand there.”

Rod smiled as he replied, “Just as long as you know John would not approve of you being jealous />
“I am not jealous of that woman,” I replied looking at John and that woman who still had her arms around him.

Rod pulled me back against himself as he whispered into my ear, “Jealousy is the result of one's lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. The Lesson: If you can't accept yourself, then certainly no one else will.”

I looked at him and smiled as I returned his hand to my ass. I really do not why I did maybe it was because he had seen I lacked self-confidence, self worth and did not accept myself for who I was. It might have been maybe I was giving John his first test to see if he would be jealous. It could have just been the booze as I was horny and I even felt my pussy getting wet as Rod’s hand roamed over my ass.

I looked back to the bar to see that John was no longer there. I could not see the table from the dance floor. By the time the song had ended, I was feeling Rod’s hard cock pressing against the mound of my pussy. I was glad when the song ended before I lost my self-control.

Rod walked me back to our table and as we got nearer, I saw that woman sitting with John. She was leaning over the table talking to John. He was not looking at her face his eyeballs gazing at her tits that were showing as she leaned over to him. When we arrived at our table, I threw my arms around Rod and I kissed him fully on his lips.

I broke our kiss as I said, “Thanks for the lovely dance,” turning to face John.

John was standing up and he smiled at me as he replied, “Rod this is Flo,” “Flo this Rod and this lovely girl is Kay.” “Kay is the one I have been telling you about,” he added.

Flo stood up and she hugged Rod and kissed him lightly on his cheek as she told him it was nice to meet him. She turned to me and she hugged me tightly. Our boobs pressed tightly together as she hugged me.

As Flo hugged me, she whispered into my ear, “You are one lucky girl,” as she broke our hug smiling at me.

The four of us sat back down, another song came on, and John asked me to dance. It was another slow one and he took me into his arm. I lay my head to his chest as we danced. I finally looked up at him as we danced.

“John, just who is this Flo?” I asked.

“It’s a long story but I assure you Flo is here for Rod’s pleasure not mine as I am with the one I want to be with forever,” John replied pushing my head against his chest.

It was strange but those words of his seemed to remove the jealousy I had felt. They may have been just words but his eyes told me he had spoken the truth. The song ended and we went back to Rod and Flo.

“I have to use the ladies room,” I said as we got to our table.

“I need to go as well,” Flo replied standing up and coming to me.

She grabbed my hand as if we were best friends then wrapped her arm around my waist whisking me into the women room. Flo pulled me into a stall with her closing the door. She pulled up her skirt to reveal that she wore no panties under her skirt. Flo had a hairy pussy just like mine.

Flo looked at me as she squatted above the toilet as she said, “I had to go since John called me at home.”

“John called you,” I replied with worry written over my face.

Flo smiled at me as she said, “Kay that man is so deeply in love with you no other woman will ever change his mind.” “You have nothing to fear from me for John and I are but friends,” she added as she began to pee.

My pussy throbbed as I heard her piss splashing into the bowl. I tried to turn away from watching her hanging pussy lips open as her golden stream splashed out however I could not as I love pee games especially with another woman.

“So just how do you know John?” I asked her.

“I met John and his lovely wife Carrie at a party many years ago,” Flo replied. “Did you ever meet Carrie?” she asked.

“No, but I understand she was quite a woman,” I replied.

Flo took my hand into hers as she said, “She was more than just a woman, and I adored her and loved her as well.” Flo stopped peeing as she added, “Your turn.”

We swapped places and Flo helped me pull down my jeans as well as the panties I wore. Her arms wrapped around me as her lips pressed against mine. Flo kissed me deeply then suddenly broke our kiss as I stood there with my jeans and panties down around my ankles.

“Sorry about that Kay, I am BI and I find you very attractive and sexy as I did Carrie,” Flo said. “You also remind me of Carrie for some reason,” she added.

I saw the sparkle in her eyes as she told me that and I asked, “Were you and Carrie lovers as well as />
“Yes we enjoyed our fun together,” Flo replied wrapping me back into her arms.

We kissed deeply and with passion as I felt her hand slipped between my legs. I moaned softly into her mouth as she slipped two fingers up into my pussy. Flo’s fingers went right to my special spot. Her fingers gently massaged at it as we kissed. My orgasm came over me quickly as she did.

I moaned loudly as my pussy squirted onto her fingers.

My juices splashed from my pussy some landing onto the floor as well as into the toilet. Her fingers massaged even deeper as I broke our kiss sitting down onto the toilet. My pee flowed from my pussy as her fingers slipped from it. I brought my hand up between her legs.

Flo parted her legs as I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. Her pussy sucked at my fingers as I ran them in and out of her wet box. Her thighs shook as her pussy squirted onto my fingers. I pulled them from her pussy bringing them to my mouth where I licked her juices from them.

Flo smiled as her hand rubbed at the side of my face and she said, “Kay that brought back many fond memories of Carrie and John.”

I wanted to ask her if that meant she had sex with John as well as Carrie. However, she told me we have better be getting back to the boys. We walked from the stall to find two younger girls at the mirror. They laughed at us as we walked by with smiles on our faces.

We returned to the table and John jumped up as he asked, “Every thing OK between you two?”

I smiled at him as I ran my fingers under his nose and replied, “Just getting to know each other John.”
John licked at my fingers as he replied, “I see,” smiling at me.

Flo and Rod went out onto the dance floor, which gave me some time to talk with John. I told him Flo had explained she was an old friend of his and of Carrie. John got a serious look in his eyes.

“Did she tell you how we met?” John asked.

“Yes at a party,” I replied.

John seemed to be waiting for me to say something else however; he finally smiled as he said, “So you enjoy women as well.”

I sat there holding his hand telling him that Cathy and I were once lovers. I explained about moving in with her after divorcing my first husband. I even explained to him how I used to work at a nightclub and how I made better tips if I dressed sexy for my customers. I leaned over to him placing my hand onto his cock that was rock hard in his pants.

I rubbed at his cock under the table as I leaned down let him see the girls hanging from the top I had worn as I said, “Showing a little skin always got me bigger tips.”

I felt his cock throbbing in my hand as looked at him. John reached to the table pulling a twenty into his hand. John slipped the twenty between the girls smiling at me.

“I have more where that came from,” John replied with a little laugh.

Rod and Flo returned to the table. Flo sat down as Rod stared at the twenty-dollar bill between my tits. He smiled at John giving him a wink then reached between my tits pulling the twenty from between the girls.

“I see the girls are buying the next round,” Rod said with a laugh as we all joined him laughing.

The night went on and the four of us were having fun. We danced, laughed and talked a little about Carrie. However, I could see it was upsetting John to talk about her. When last call came around Flo suggested we take our little party to a near by hotel. I was not for sure what she had in mind however I was drunk enough to go along with it.

“I think Kay and I will call it a night,” John said.

“Not on your life John, I am having fun let’s go with them,” I replied smiling at him.

John or Rod brought a twelve pack of beer and we went to a near by hotel. We got a room and the four of us went inside. We turned on some music and we danced around the room. We changed partners with Flo dancing with John while I danced with Rod. I was drunk and I kissed Rod more than a few times when I danced with him. I even slipped my tongue into his mouth a couple of times.

John would dance with Flo however; he did not press his body into her, as Rod was mine. John did not kiss her and she did not kiss him. I saw her whisper into his ear from time to time; however, John would only shake his head no when she did. Flo grabbed my by my hand and she looked to John and Rod.

“You fellows make yourself comfortable while Kay and I hop into the shower,” Flo said leading me into the shower.

Flo turned the water on then we undressed each other before we got into the shower. Flo washed my body as I washed her. We embraced into a deep passionate kiss under the shower. Flo’s fingers went between my legs as mine did hers. We toyed and played with each other’s pussies as the water cascaded over us. We both got each other off in the shower. We stepped from the shower drying each other off with towels.

Flo took me into her arms as she said, “I had to have you alone as John would not allow me to join you both.” Flo kissed me then she added, “I hope someday that changes for I know now why John adores you like he does.”

I was going to ask her just what that reason was. However, Flo grabbed my hand and walked us both out of the bathroom. Rod lie under the sheets in one bed and John lie in the other bed under the sheets, their clothes thrown about the hotel room. Flo climbed into bed with Rod as I climbed into bed with John.

I lie next to John kissing up his chest to his lips. My hand wraps around his cock as our lips meet. I slipped my tongue into his mouth as I pulled at his hard cock. I heard the bed next to us start to squeak as I broke my kiss to his lips.

I looked over to find Rod between Flo’s legs the sheet pulled up around them both with only his sock covered feet showing. Flo smiles at me as I looked to see her looking at John and I. I smiled back as I tossed our sheet from us exposing us both to her. I kiss my way down John’s body dragging my tongue along his skin as I did.

I kiss and lick at his cock looking to see if Flo was still watching. She is as I take his cock into my mouth. I look at her as I work my mouth on his cock. I forget about Flo as I went to work on John’s cock. The pre-cum from his cock leaked as I licked at the head of his cock, John grabs me and he pulls me on top of himself.

I straddle him as I reach between my legs for his cock. I rub it a couple times at my wet pussy before I sit down upon his cock. I rock gently back and forth on it as I kiss him deeply and with passion. John’s hands go to my ass as he starts to fuck me back as I ride his cock. I sit upright bouncing wildly on his cock. My tits are bouncing wildly until John moves his hands to them cupping them before he leans up to suckle gently at them.

I look over to see Flo sitting at the edge of the bed fingering her pussy as she watches John and me. I see Rod is lying passed out next to her. I watch her bring herself to a very wet squirting orgasm as my own builds up riding John’s cock.

I scream out loudly as I grind my pussy down onto his cock.

My pussy sucks at his cock as my orgasm races through my body. I feel his cock swell then jerk in my pussy as cum splash against the walls of my pussy. John pulls me back down on him removing his mouth from my tits and placing it against mine. We kiss deeply and passionately as he holds me in his arms. John rolls with me in his arms until I am on my side facing Flo.

I am looking at her as she lies on her side looking at us. John kisses and licks at my neck as he holds me. Flo and I just stare at each other as I feel his soft cock slip from my pussy. John’s kisses stop and I hear relaxed breathing coming from behind me. I slip from John in our bed and into bed with Flo smiling at her.

Flo spins me into a 69 with her as I did. I sit my cum filled pussy onto her face as my tongue licked at hers. My tongue licks the cum from her pussy as hers licks John’s from mine. I suck and lick at her clit when I have cleaned her pussy free of the cum in it. We bring each other off at the same time as our pussies drip our love juices. I kiss her then without saying a word I climb back into bed with John.

The next morning I awoke with John holding me in his arms kissing at my neck lightly. I look to the bed next to us to find it empty. I sat up as I asked him what happen to Rod and Flo.

“They left early, Flo had to be at work and Rod was feeling guilt over what he had done,” John said to me.

I looked to John as bits and pieces of last night came into my head. I tried to think if I had done anything, I should feel guilty for doing. I remembered my fun with Flo and also my kissing and tongue swapping with Rod.

“John, I am sorry for trying to make you jealous with Rod.” “I was worried Flo meant something to you,” I said as I hung my head.

John lifted it as he replied, “You did nothing wrong Kay you were just helping a friend in need that was all,” as he took me into his arms.

I pushed him from my arms running for the bathroom. I barely make it in time as my stomach was taking revenge for all the drinking last night. I am hugging the toilet losing last nights enjoyment as John rubs at my back telling me everything will be all right.

John and I shower with him cleaning me as I clean him. I am hung over like never before in my life. I swear off drinking, as we get dressed. John walks me to his truck and he lets me in my side then he gets in his side.

“How about we get some breakfast Kay?” John asked as he starts his truck.

I grab my pounding head with one hand as my other rubs at my belly as I replied, “Just coffee for me.”

We went for breakfast and we talk. John ate while I just drank coffee. I tell him I really had enjoyed myself last night. However, I also wondered about something.

“John, will we ever see Flo again?” I asked him.

John smiled as he replied, “She told me she enjoyed herself especially with you.” “Rod she was not impressed with,” John took my hand as he added, “If you would like to see Flo again we will as I am here to give you everything you have ever wanted or needed.”

“I would like that John and thank you for being that special person,” I replied.

That inner voice of mine said, “Dump him and be with Flo before this man hurts you or your />
I shook my head trying to get that thought from my mind. John asked me if I was OK. I smiled as I told him I was. It was just last nights drinks’ talking to me that was all. I wanted to tell him the truth and tell him of my life with Joe. I wanted to tell him of my life working in that nightclub however; I could not out of fear of losing this man for I was falling deeper in love with him.

“When you are ready to talk Kay I will be here for you,” John said patting my hand with his.

A couple weeks later, my mom was out somewhere and Sherri was skating with some friends after school. I was sitting at home all alone about midweek when the phone rang. I raced to the phone thinking it was John calling me. I answered it thinking it was he.

“Miss me pretty lady,” the voice said into the phone.

“NO JOE and don’t call me again,” I replied hanging the phone up on him.

The phone rang again and like a fool I answered it to hear Joe as he said, “Please Kay don’t hang up on me.”

“What do you want Joe?” I asked.

Joe told me he thought it was time he called me. He was back in town living at his deceased dad’s house. Joe explained to me that he was sorry for mistreating Sheryl and me.

“Joe her name is Sherri,” I replied.

“Kay I am in trouble and I need some money,” Joe said.

“Joe, I don’t have any money and if I did I would not give it to you,” I replied.

“I was thinking you could earn some for me, you know do what you‘re good at,” Joe said with an evil laugh.

“Joe you do not own me anymore,” “I have a new man in my life and I suggest you leave me alone,” I replied to him.

“What man in his right mind would want a whore like you?” Joe asked.

“Leave me alone Joe,” I replied hang up on him again.

The phone rang however; I did not pick it up this time I left it sitting in its cradle. The phone continued to ring about every five minutes for a while then it just stopped. About an hour later, it rang and I answered but I did not say anything into the phone.

“Hello Kay, are you there?” John asked over the phone.

“Yes I am here,” I replied in a shaken tone of voice.

“Is everything alright?” John asked.

I told him it was when the truth was that I was a little worried and scared to have heard Joe’s voice. John explained he was still at work and probably would not be over to see me tonight. He also told me that Rod had stopped by to see if he wanted to go fishing Saturday morning. He wanted to know if it was OK if he went.

“John, you do not have to ask me to go places without me,” I said to him.

“I just wanted to make sure you had not planned on us doing anything that was all,” John replied. “Kay you sure everything is alright you sound worried,” he added.

“I am just tired that’s all,” I replied.

John and I talked for about a half hour on the phone. It was just small talk and he asked me what I thought about him taking Sherri and I to dinner then a movie Saturday night. I told him he did not have too but that would be fine if he wanted too.

“I love you Kay,” John said into the phone, as we were getting ready to tell each other good-bye.

“I know you do,” I replied as I hung up the phone.

I was going to call him back and tell him I loved him too however my mind would not allow me too. My mind was on the fact that Joe had called my mom’s house. She has an unlisted number and I wondered how he had gotten it. The phone rang and I grabbed it thinking it was John calling back.

“Can I come over and talk Kay?” Joe asked into the phone.

“NO.” I replied.

“Hey, I am only right down the road,” Joe said.

“JOE, please leave us alone,” I begged into the phone.

“Do me this one favor and you will never see me again,” Joe replied.

“I am not your whore any longer Joe,” I said loudly to him.

“Just remember BITCH I know where you live now,” Joe replied hanging the phone up on me this time.

My mother returned home as I was cowering on the sofa. She asked me what was wrong. I explained that Joe had called me. I explained I had told him to leave us alone and that I was seeing someone.

“Did you call and tell John?” Mom asked me.

“No I can handle it myself,” I replied.

“Yeah sure like you did the last time,” mom said walking away shaking her head.

I sat there thinking about what I should do. Sherri came home and I put on a happy face for her. I also told her about John going to take us out for dinner and a movie on Saturday after he went fishing with Rod. I did not let Sherri look into my eyes for fear she would she the fear I had in mine. I lay in bed that night thinking about what I should do. I did not want John to get involved. I was afraid; it would only drive him away. I also knew Joe would not leave us alone until he got what he wanted.

After thinking the problem out I came up with the next time Joe called I would see just what he wanted me to do for him. I thought that maybe it might have been to have sex with Bobby again which I might have done for him. Joe did not call any more that night or the next two days. It was Saturday and John was fishing with Rod. Mother was out shopping and Sherri was in drawing in her room. I was out working in the yard as it was a lovely spring day.

I was on my hands and knees digging out the old winter flowers in front on our house. I saw a car drive slowly by and when I turned my head, it continued down the road. I did no think much about it as I figured someone was just lost or something. I went back to work and I heard a car pull up into our driveway. I looked and I saw Joe getting out of that car. I stood up and I ran to our front door however, Joe grabbed me by my arm before I got to the door.

run I only want to talk,” Joe said to me.

“Then let go of my arm Joe,” I replied loudly.

Joe left go of my arm as he asked, “Have you thought about doing that favor for me?”

“Yes and the answer is NO,” I replied.

Joe grabbed my arm again as he said, “Listen BITCH you will do as I say or else.” “That new boyfriend of yours might find out just what a whore you are,” Joe added.

Joe started to twist my arm as I screamed, “Let go of my arm Joe that hurts.”

“MOMMY, MOMMY,” Sherri screamed as she ran to my side for in the house.

“LET GO OF ME JOE,” I screamed at him as I tried to pull my arm from his hand.

“You let my mommy go or else,” I heard Sherri yell.

A big blur came out of nowhere tackling Joe knocking him to the ground. The blur straddled Joe’s chest and I saw a hand going to Joe’s neck. It was a big strong hand that was grabbing at his throat.

Joe managed to yell out, ““Has your fucking whore told you of her past.”

Joe was punching at the arm attached to the hand around his throat. It had happened all so quickly my mind had not registered who was on top of Joe. That was until I heard Sherri.

“My new daddy has you now,” Sherri screamed out loudly.

“Sherri, get into the house,” I said pushing her toward the front door.

It was then that I realized the man on top of Joe was John. I stood there watching as Joe’s arms stopped swinging at John’s arm. His arms fell helplessly to his side as he lies on the ground. John moved his hand a little, as he pressed his thumb hard against where a man’s Adam’s apple lie. The man who had hurt me so many times was about to get his. I should have left John finish my problem now. However, whether I still had feelings for a man who had given me nothing but pain or I was afraid of what they would do to John if he killed Joe.

“Let him go John,” I said.However, John did not even look at me as he pressed harder with his thumb.

“Nguoi xau phai chet,” I heard come from John’s lips in an Asian like accent.

“JOHN I SAID LET HIM GO,” I yelled looking at John.

“WHY THE HELL SHOULD I?” John replied.

John slowly turned his head toward me and I saw his eyes. His eyes were once again not the eyes of the man I knew. His eyes were almost animal like. His eyes were telling me I must kill before I am killed as a tiger would when cornered. I remembered Cathy telling me to talk calmly to John if he was having an episode of Vietnam so he did not mistake me as a threat.

“Because I said so John,” I replied in a calm tone of voice. I added, “Joe was just />
John released his hold on Joe’s throat as he got off him. Joe coughed a few times as his eyes rolled back down. John came toward me his eyes still full of rage but with a smile forming on his lips. He was just about to take me into his arms when Joe stood up and I saw him reach behind his back.

“LOOKOUT JOHN,” I scream loudly as I saw the afternoon sun reflecting off themetal blade of a big hunting knife Joe had pulled from behind his back.

John was already turning back toward Joe before my words left my mouth. I did not know that John had heard the knife as Joe pulled it from its sheath. John reacted in pure seconds as Joe swung the knife at John. I screamed when I saw blood fly through the air. John’s arm extended as the palm of his other hand landed squarely into Joe’s nose.

Joe's nose exploded as he left go of the knife as blood sprayed from his nose. Joe’s hand went to his nose and I felt great joy in watching the blood pour from between his fingers. It was finally his blood flowing and not mine.

Joe staggered a few times as he ran to his car. He got into his car and pulled from the driveway. I wanted to yell, go yet Joe we are not done talking.” However, my attention turned to John.

John was standing there just looking at the knife sticking through his arm. He was looking at it from all angles calmly as if it was just a minor cut. John reached under his arm touching the handle, which caused blood to squirt from his arm as he looked at me.

JOHN, you’re bleeding,” I yelled. “Dear god John the knife went all the way through your arm,” I added screaming in panic.

John looked at me as he asked calmly, “Do you have any honey?”

“Yes but I replied before he cut me off before I could finish.

“Just please get me the honey,” John said to me calmly.

I ran into the house past Sherri crying in the doorway. I found a jar of honey and returned outside to John. He told me to pour the honey over the wounds of his arm. I looked at him funny as he explained that the honey was sticky and would act as glue to seal around the entry and exit wound. I saw John staring at his fingers as if he was trying to move them. I only saw a slight twitch of his little finger when he tried.

“Kay you will have to drive me to the hospital,” John said to me. “Go get some wet towels and I will meet you in my truck,” he added.

I ran back into the house grabbing some towels and wetting them as he had told me to do. I had the towels in one hand and I grabbed Sherri’s hand with my other as I raced back out the door closing it behind us. I ran to John’s truck parked half in the yard and half on the road. I wrapped the wet towels around his arm gently not touching the knife sticking through it. I left him into the passenger side of his truck then ran to the driver’s side.

“My mom is not home John so Sherri will have to come with us,” I said as I opened the driver’s door. “Get in Sherri,” I yelled at her as she just stood there crying not moving to get into the truck.

“Calm down, Kay,” John replied as Sherri climbed up next to him.

I was crying as I jumped into his truck starting it. I threw it down into gear causing the truck to jerk. I looked to John’s arm that he was holding and saw the towel around it fill with blood. I must have caused the knife to move when I had jammed his truck into gear. I floored his truck once I had it out on the open road.

“KAY, relax and drive responsibly please.” “Please Kay I do not want to lose the two of you,” John said calmly.

John looked down at Sherri next to him as she looked up to him with tears running down her face, John smiled as he said, “You called me your new daddy back there,” as he looked to me with an sparkle and shine in his normal hazel eyes.

“I am sorry John I forgot he sometimes carries a knife,” I replied with tears as my voice crakled.

“Never mind about that now just drive we will talk later,” John said as he leaned his head against the window.

I would glance over at him as I drove to make sure he was still awake. I was not for sure if the knife had cut a major artery or not. I saw John shaking his head from side to side. I thought he was asking himself why had he ever became involved with this crazy woman and her family. John started to laugh suddenly.

“JOHN, what is so funny?” I asked him not knowing why one would laugh at a time like this.

“I think I need to lay off your taco pie.” “Your good cooking is slowing me up a little bit,” John replied before leaning his head against the window again.

“Mommy is John going to be OK,” Sherri asked.

I looked over to John as he replied; “Yes your new daddy is fine simply fine,” smiling at us both.

I wanted to drive as fast as I could to get to the hospital however, John kept telling me to slow down. The hospital was about an hour away from our home. It took us just about that long to get there as well. I pulled the truck into the emergency entrance threw it up into park and ran to open John’s door.

I opened his door and I saw the wet towels dripping blood as he stepped from the truck. John seemed like he was ready to fall over as he did step from his truck. I noticed his eyes were staring at the blood as it dripped from the towels wrapped around his arm. I remembered what happened in his office as they did.

“JOHN, don’t look at the blood,” I said as I helped him walk into the hospital.

An intern came running up to us with a wheel chair as he said, “I will take him from here Miss.”

He wheeled John away with John turning back toward me as he said, “Please don’t leave me,” with panic in his tone of voice.

I ran back to the truck parking it then Sherri and I walked back into the emergency room. Sherri and I went into the waiting room and we sat down. It seemed as if we sat there for hours and I finally walked up to the desk and I asked them about John.

“Are you his wife or family?” the nurse asked me.

“No,” I replied shaking my head.

“I am sorry I can tell you nothing then,” the nurse replied.

I stood there with tears running down my face. My hands shook as I wiped at them. When she had told me that I had thought the worst that maybe he had lost to much blood or something. I filled with panic thinking I might have lost the man who had just saved me. The nurse stood up and she reached for my hand.

She took it into her hand as she said, “You must be that man’s “He has been asking for you since they took him back.”

I shook my head yes as she said, “You go have a sit and I will go check up on him,” as she patted my hand.

I returned to find Sherri busy drawing in her drawing book. I sat there thinking how the nurse seemed so cold to me but then warmed when she found out I was his girlfriend. I was thinking that when the nurse came walking over to me.

“I will take you back to see him,” the nurse said.

I looked to Sherri then to the nurse as Sherri said, “Go ahead mommy I am safe here.”

The nurse walked me back toward an exam room. As I got nearer, I could hear whistling coming from the room, she was leading me too. In a strange way, it was an annoying type of whistling as well. The nurse showed me in and I saw it was the doctor whistling while he worked on John’s arm. The knife was still sticking through his arm as I walked up to where he lay. I could tell John was uncomfortable with the whistling as I was.

I touched the side of his face as I got him as I said, “I am here John.”

John smiled at me as the doctor said, “This may hurt a little.”

I looked to the doctor as he pulled the knife from John’s arm. Blood squirted everywhere when he did. John looked to his arm. I turned his face back to mine.

“John I am so sorry, I never should have got involved with you,” I said looking into his eyes.

John did not get a chance to say anything as the nurse walked in coming over to me as she said, “Miss the sheriff would like to have a few words with you.”

I started to walk away and John grabbed my hand. The doctor told him to lie still. I turned looking into his eyes as I rubbed lightly to the side of his face.

“John, go to your happy place.” My tears flowed freely as I added, “Go where you hear the gentle sounds of the waves crashing against the shoreline.” “Look to where the moon dances upon the water while stars shine bright in the night sky; too many to count,” “Go to Where someone special is waiting for you."

John closed his eyes and I knew his mind had taken him from me. I thought how lucky he was in the fact he could do that. For when I closed my eyes, I saw no happy place only places of hurt. I wished I could join them as the nurse walked me over to the Sheriff. Sheriff Steve asked me just how all of this came about. I told him about Joe my ex coming over and asking me for money. I explained Joe had me by my arm when John showed up at my house.

Sheriff Steve looked at me as he asked, “Now just how did that knife get stuck in Sgt. J I mean John?”

“Joe my ex had a hold of my arm and he would not let me go,” I replied. “John dropped him to the ground and when Joe got up he pulled a knife and the knife ended up through John’s arm,” I added.

“Miss, I find that hard to believe that is how it happened,” Sheriff Steve said giving me a look.

“Why is that Sheriff?” I asked.

“I know that man in there and one would not be getting up after he has put them down,” Sheriff Steve replied pointing over to John.

“I made him remove his hand from Joe’s throat,” I replied.

“That was your first mistake,” Sheriff Steve said. “So do you want to press charges against your ex?” he asked.

“No I don’t want too,” I replied.

Sheriff Steve shook his head as he said, “I know your history with this man Joe as I did some digging when I saw you with Sgt. J.” “You know there are laws out there to protect you from men like him.”

“I know sheriff but it will only cause more problems,” I replied.

“Oh yeah I understand and that knife sticking through Sgt. J’s arm is not a problem,” Sheriff Steve said. “After all I forgot all laws are useless; for good men do not need laws at all, and bad men are made no better by them,” he added staring at me.

“I can’t Sheriff I just I replied hanging my head down to my chest.

“That your second mistake,” Sheriff Steve said. “You know that man in there is going to seek revenge,” he added.

“How do you know that?” I asked lifting my head.

“He lives by the code and I pity any person that gets in his way,” Sheriff Steve replied. “If you change your mind you know where to find me, he added as he walked away.

I walked back to the waiting room to find Deputy Gail sitting with Sherri. I saw that they were looking through Sherri’s drawing book as they talked. I walked over to them and Deputy Gail stood up and took me by the arm away from Sherri.

“Your daughter is very talented with drawing.” “Her drawings tell a story as well,” Deputy Gail said. “Kay is there anything you would like to tell me that you could not tell the Sheriff?” She asked me staring into my eyes.

“I can’t think of anything,” I replied looking from her eyes and sitting down next to Sherri.

Deputy Gail said, “You ever feel like talking you give me a call for a friend can tell you things you don't want to tell yourself,” as she gave me her card.

“One more piece of advice,” hurt my friend John,” she added with a serious tone in her voice as she stared at me.

I was not for sure she was telling me she was his friend or if John meant more to her than that. I looked around her to see John walking toward me. However, Sheriff Steve came up to him.

“It would be easier for me to lock him up for assault than what is on your mind Sgt. J,” the sheriff said to John staring into his eyes.

“Hang around here sheriff I am sure he will show up as his nose is going to need some fixing,” John replied to him. John came toward us then turned back looking at the sheriff as he added, “I will get back to you about filing charges.”

Sherri saw John and she ran to him hugging at his legs as she asked, “John, are you OK?”

“I am just fine,” John assured her as he rubbed his hand over her head.

“I drew this for you,” Sherri said handing John a piece of paper from her drawing pad.

John looked at the drawing then he squatted down as he asked, “Why did you draw this?”

I walked over to them as they talked. When I got to John, he showed me the drawing she had made. The drawing was of three people with mommy, John and Sherri written above them. I noticed Sherri had drawn him as a very tall man, which to her he was. I also saw that they had smiles on their faces while mine was without a smile. I also noticed a porch swing hanging from a tree or something in the far corner of the page.

“Sherri can draw remarkably well for her age,” John said to me standing up as we stared at her drawing.

“I was surprised she gave you the drawing most of the time she won’t let anyone look at her drawing pad,” I replied looking up at him.
“John, are you OK you look a little pale?” I asked him as he looked as if he had seen a ghost or something.

“I am fine let’s get out of here I hate hospitals,” John replied grabbing my hand then Sherri’s hand.

John wanted to drive home however; I told him I would, as he should be resting his arm. Sherri cuddled up to John as I drove us home. She looked at ease cuddling up against him. John reached for her drawing book. However, Sherri stopped him.

“That belongs to me and you’re not allowed to look John,” Sherri said softly looking up into his face.

Sherri then motioned John down to her level with her finger. John bent down and she whispered into his ear something I could not hear. John whispered something back into hers that I could not hear as well.

“Are you two keeping secrets from me?” I asked them as I drove.

“Not us mommy,” Sherri and John replied in unison as we all laughed.

“You two,” I replied smiling at John as Sherri once again cuddled up against him.

I took John inside once we got home. I placed him on the sofa and told him to close his eyes and get some rest I would wake him in a little while. My mom came out wanting to know what was going on as well as why the bandage on his arm. I walked my mom back to her bedroom telling her he needs to rest. I explained to her what had happened.

I talked with my mom for about an hour. I went into the living room to check up John. I saw that the sofa was empty when I did. I heard some sounds coming from the kitchen.

I walked to the kitchen opening to see Sherri and John at the table with ice cream in front of them. However, they were not eating the ice cream. Sherri was standing in her chair leaning across the table staring into John’s eyes.

He had a blank look on his face as if he did not even know she was there. Sherri smiled then she sat back down in her chair. I walked into the kitchen joining them.

“I did not know you were up John,” I said to John as I went to him.

“Just having ice cream with my girl here,” John replied smiling at me.

Sherri laughed as she said, “John I am not your girl mommy is.”

“No you both are,” John replied looking to me.

John looked to the clock then yawned a few times before he said, “It has been a long day I think I will head back to my place and call it a day.”

John told Sherri good night and that he would see her tomorrow. Sherri made him promise her that he would as she gave him a strange look. John promised her as he picked her up giving her a big hug as she kissed him on his cheek. I walked John to the front door and I could tell he was elsewhere as we did. He would not look me in my eyes. I did not know what was running through his mind as we got to the front door.

“John, are you OK?” I asked him trying to look into his eyes.

“I am fine, just a little tired that’s all,” John replied not looking at me.

“John, I am sorry …,” I said as my tears started to flow from my eyes.

John stopped me pressing his finger against my lips as he said, “You did nothing to be sorry about,” as he took me into his arms.

We kissed deeply and with passion as I tried desperately to look into his eyes. John told me he would see me tomorrow then walked to his truck. I stood in the doorway watching him back from the driveway. I thought I might never see him again as he drove away. I walked back to Sherri’s room, as it was her bedtime. I found her sitting on her bed. I sat down besides her wrapping my arm around her. I started to cry as I held her.

Sherri looked up to me as she said, “Mommy don’t be sad that bad man Joe will never hurt us again.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her wondering.

my new daddy is going to see that he Sherri replied.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“His eyes told me so mommy,” Sherri replied as she laid her head on her pillow.

I kissed her good night and returned to the living room sitting down on the sofa. I thought Sherri was just making up stories. I should have told John the full story about Joe and me. If I had, he might not have been hurt today. The words of Sheriff Steve came into my head as I sat there thinking.

He had told me you know that man in there is going to seek revenge. He lives by the code and I pity any person who gets in his way. I was not for sure whether John’s revenge would be toward Joe or me.

I sat there running the events of today through my mind. John would have killed Joe today if I had not stopped him. Why did I stop him I wondered sitting there? At about 9:30 there was a knock on my door. I looked to see it was Cathy. I opened the door leaving her into the house.

“Kay what happened between Joe and John today?” Cathy asked me as she entered. “He came to the bar looking for Rod and I,” Cathy added.

I sat with her explaining the events of today. I explained how Joe had a hold of my arm, John had tackled Joe, and I thought he was going to kill him until I stopped him. I told her how John ended up with Joe’s knife sticking through his arm.

“Do you know what "Nguoi xau phai chet" means as John said that with his hand at Joe‘s throat?” I asked Cathy.

“That is Vietnamese for bad men must die,” Cathy replied. “Kay, I told John where Joe lived at tonight when he asked,” she added.

“John went home calling it a day," I said. "Why would he go see you two?” I asked. I answered my own question as it popped into my head, “Dear god Sherri and the sheriff were right,” I added.

I explained to her about what Sherri had told me and of what the sheriff told me about John seeking revenge. I also told her he had said it was because John lived by the code. I asked Cathy just what this code was.

“Certain men live by a code and they must always follow that code,” Cathy replied.

She explained many men especially military ones formed bonds with their fellow soldiers. They swore to up hold the code they lived by during and after the war. She explained John might have formed some type of a code with Jack and Jason during his time in Vietnam.

“Hence the three J’s tattoo on his shoulder,” Cathy said. “A true man has a set code of honor and lives by its laws religiously. His laws become nearly as rigid as the laws of nature. If you wrong a man of honor, you can be sure he will punish you, just as gravity always pulls the apple to the ground when it falls from the tree,” Cathy added.

I reached for the phone and called John at home. He did not answer his phone. I did not know what I would have said to him if he had. Joe was a bad man and he deserved to be punished but not at the expense of us losing John. The sheriff’s words came to me, “There are laws out there to protect you from men like him.”

I remembered the card Deputy Gail had given me and I called her. I explained to her what I thought John might be up too. She told me to come down and swear out a complaint against Joe and the sheriff would pick him up before John got to him.

“Kay, you know John will kill that man and he will have to be punished himself,” Deputy Gail said to me on the phone.

“I will be right there,” I replied to her.

I explained to Cathy what Deputy Gail had said to me. I asked her if she would stay here and keep an eye on my mom and Sherri. I grabbed my keys and drove to the sheriff’s station. Sheriff Steve was waiting for me and he had me swear out a complaint against Joe. He told me that was it and he would go pick Joe up right away.

“Sheriff, be careful John may be out there stalking Joe,” I said to him.

The sheriff stopped and he looked at me as he replied, “You know it might be better if you ride along just in case.”

“Just in case of what, sheriff?” I asked him.

“In case I am too late in stopping your boyfriend Sgt. J,” The sheriff replied. “I sure hate to have to tangle with him or worst I do not want to have to shoot him,” he added.

The sheriff and I got into his car and we drove out to Joe’s house. It lies on the outskirts of town with woods surrounding it. As we drove up the road, the lights of the sheriff’s car came upon John’s truck parked off the side of the road about a half-mile or a mile from Joe’s house. We saw that John was not inside of it.

“You stay with his truck,” the sheriff said.

“Please don’t shoot John,” I said to him as I got out of his car.

The sheriff replied, “Hell I hope Sgt. J does not kill me,” as he drove off.

I sat in John’s truck hoping tonight would turn out all right. I did love him I was just having trouble accepting that fact. I feared losing him as I sat there with the darkness of the night around me. The night fog started to roll in which only added to the spookiness as I sat in his truck. The night was full of eerie sounds coming from within the woods. I listened to them as John’s words filled my head, “Hush, Hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you.”

I peered intensely out the window hoping the sheriff and John would soon return. I became frighten when they did not return. I turned the headlights of the truck on to see better into the night however, it barely helped to see through the low hanging fog.

I felt cold as I wrapped myself in my arms sitting in the truck. The sounds of the night suddenly stopped as if something was coming through the woods. I closed my eyes tightly hoping to go to that happy place I had shared with John in his office. The image of John wrapping his arms around me started to fill my head when I heard a noise.

I opened my eyes and I screamed as I saw a shadowy figure coming toward the truck through the fog. The lights only made the figure scarier as it drew closer. It was solid black and big as it came closer to the truck. I cowered in fear of what was coming for me. I screamed as loud as my lungs would let me as I peered at the black object coming through the night to get me.

“It’s me Kay don’t be scared,” John yelled removing the black hood covering his face.

I jumped from the truck running to John. He opened his arms for me as I got to him. His arms wrapped around me as I lay my head to his chest. John kissed at my forehead as his hand rubs at my back.

“Close your eyes Kay, go to your happy place; feel the warmth that surrounds you, nothing can ever harm you when you are in my arms,” John whispered into my ear.

“I was just at my happy place as I waited for you in the truck,” “John thank you, I know now I might be able to face my own demons with your help,” I said to him looking up at him.

John’s big strong arms tightened around me as he replied, “I have you Kay and no one will ever harm you or Sherri ever again not as long as I am here.” “We will face our demons together as well as the monster that dwells within me and takes control of my actions from time to time.”

I pulled myself away from him as I said, “John, you are not a monster,” rubbing my hand to the side of his face.

John looked high into the night sky, which seemed to clear as the stars filled the heaven above us. I looked to where he was looking to see a shooting star streak across the night sky. I looked to him as a smile came across his face.

“Lets go home Kay,” John said as he walked me to his truck.

John told me of the voice within that guided him during his first tour in Vietnam. He explained that sometimes it takes over as it had tonight. John asked me how I knew where he was at tonight. I told him first what Sherri had told me as I was tucking her into bed.

“That and Cathy came over,” I said. “I called Deputy Gail for advice and she told me to go see the Sheriff.” “I told him I was afraid of what Joe may do to you,” I added.

“To me,” John replied.

“The sheriff told me that it was Joe who should be very afraid of what Sgt. J was going to do to him,” I said to him as I cuddled up next to John as he drove us home.

John drove me to get my car then he followed me home. He walked me to the front door and he took me into his arms. He kissed me deeply as I kissed him back. I broke our kiss as I looked into his eyes. The outside light shined showing me those lovely hazel eyes of his.

“Would you like to come in?” I asked.

“I better not I might scare the normal folks,” John replied with a smile. He touched his finger to my nose as he added, “You might want to wash my war paint from your face as well.”

“Will I see you tomorrow?” I asked John.

“A course I promised Sherri,” “And I never break a promise,” John replied.

“If it is OK with you I would like to take you and her to that happy place I have told you about,” John added.

“That sounds wonderful John,” I replied.

John kissed me once more and then he said, “I love you Kay,” as he walked away.

I waited until he was to his truck before I called him back. John walked back to me and I replied, “I forgot to tell you />
“What was that Kay?” John asked me.

“I love you too John,” I replied wrapping my arms around his waist.

I could tell from the twinkle in his eyes that I had told him words he has been waiting to hear. John kissed my forehead before he walked back to his truck. I turned to see Cathy standing in the doorway.

“I see Halloween came early this early,” Cathy said.

I walked through the door and I sat with her on the sofa. I told her of the night’s events, I also explained how I did not think Joe would trouble Sherri or me ever again. I sat with her for a while talking about John. Cathy told me of the horrors men like John had faced during Vietnam. She told how John had it a little rougher during his first tour as he spent so much time alone in the jungle. I told her John has a voice that he calls the monster within that guided him during Vietnam.

“Your mind will start talking back to you if you are alone for to long,” Cathy said to me.

“He saved you this time but he may hurt you or Sherri the next time,” the voice within me said to me.

“Kay, are you here girl?” I heard Cathy ask me.

I smiled at her as I replied, “Just thinking that was all.”

“I bet it was of John,” Cathy said smiling at me.

Cathy soon left after that and I washed John’s war paint from my face before I climbed into bed. I awoke in the morning and was pleasantly surprise as I sat up in bed. I had no nightmares last night for the first time in many years. Was John the reason I had not woke from a nightmare in the morning? I thought to myself.

John took Sherri and me to that special place he shared with Carrie in the morning. It was a lovely place on the waters of our big lake. It was peaceful and so lovely there. We had a picnic and John showed Sherri how to fish. Later in the afternoon, John well Sherri asked me if it would be OK for us to move in with John, as he was lonely.

I shook my head yes as I looked to John as I replied, ““I think we both would like that very much,” I wrapped my arms around his neck as I whispered, “Thank you John,” into his ear.

Sherri hugged his neck as well as I heard her whisper into his other ear, “Thank you daddy.”

We packed up and we headed to show Sherri her new home. John showed us around to the back of the house. I had only see the inside not the outside. It was beautiful and there was a huge back yard. To the back of the back yard was a brand new swing set one of those fancy ones made from wood.

“Look mommy a swing set for me to play on,” Sherri yelled then ran down to it.

I stood there with John holding me as I noticed a pile of wood beside the swing set and I asked him, “What is that pile of wood and that porch swing?”

“That my lady is our little project,” “A place to sit and talk about our fears and the demons; that we no longer have to face alone,” John replied to me.

I smiled looking into his eyes as I said, “We will start it next weekend just you and I.” I wrapped my arms around him laying my head to his chest as I added, “Hold me John and pinch me to make sure this is not a dream.”

John whispered into her ear, “My dreams have been fulfilled once more thanks to you,” as his hand fell my ass where he pinched it.

I yelled smiling as I rubbed at where he had pinched me.

“What, you told me to pinch you,” John replied smiling. show Sherrie her bedroom as I have a surprise for her,” he added.

"JOHN," I replied wondering what other surprises he had for us.

John took us both into the house giving Sherrie a quick tour of the place. We ended outside of a closed bedroom door. John squatted down to Sherri’s level.

“This young lady is to be your room,” “I designed it especially for you,” John said to her as he slowly opened the door.

Sherri and I just stood there with their mouths hanging open staring into a bedroom fit for a princess. Her room had a canopy bed made for a princess. The bed had fluffy pillows and bears all over it. A set of empty shelves filled one wall where a sign hung that read “For Sherri’s bears only.”

The room was full of luxury and glitter that sparkled on the walls as the sun filled the room. The dressers were of exquisite design done in pink with gold trim just as a real princess might have. The ceiling had stars and a moon that would glow at night with the lights, turned off John explained. In the far, corner of the room a brand new girl’s ten-speed bike with a big pink ribbon wrapped around it. The ribbon had “For Sherri,” written on it.

Sherri turned to John and with loving tears in her eyes, she threw her arms around his neck as she said, “It is so lovely much more beautiful than what Angel Carrie told me I would have someday,” “Thank you daddy,” as she kissed John on his cheek.

“Your welcome, now let’s go get yours and mommies stuff,” John replied standing.

I stood there staring at John, I looked deeply into his eyes as I said, “John, you shouldn’t have but I know it is hopeless for me to say anything,” as I smiled at him.

We returned to my mom’s house to get our stuff. We did not have much other than clothes. While we packed, I heard John talking to my mom in the living room. He invited her to move in with us. I heard her tell him thanks but she would be happy here with her new male friend. Mom gave John a kiss on his cheek. John asked my mom what was the reason for the kiss.

“For being my daughter’s knight in shiny armor as well as daddy to my sweet special mom said to John.

I thanked my mom for allowing Sherri and I to live with her. We also told her she was welcomed at our new home anytime. We returned to our new home. That night John and I both tucked Sherri into her new bed. We stood there watching and listening to her say her prayer that night.

Sherri asked god to watch over grandma, mommy, herself and her new daddy John. She also thanked god for bringing her new daddy to her. Sherri was just about to say amen when she paused and looked to the heavens above.

“Thank you Angel Carrie for sharing your happy place with us today and you were right I did catch a bigger fish than John, amen,” Sherri said before she climbed into her new bed.

John smiled at me before we both tucked her in and kissed her good night. He walked me into the living room asking if I would like a glass of wine. I told him that would be nice. While John went to get our wine, I looked to the fireplace. I was shocked when I saw that the sign, his medals and all the photos were gone. I waited for him to return with my arms folded in front of me as I stood by the fireplace.

“What happened to the sign, your medals and all the photos of Carrie?” I asked him.

John sat our glasses down as he replied, “I removed them.”

“MISTER you had better just go get them and put them where they belong or else,” I said to him with some anger in my voice.

John did not say or else what, he just went and got the box with them in it. He walked back in with the box in his hands. He looked to me as he sat the box down beside the fireplace.

“Now you put everything back the way it was John,” I said. “I am more than willing to share your heart with Carrie as well as our home,” “I know she would do the same for me,” I added smiling at him.

I sat on the sofa sipping my wine as I watched John return each item to where it belonged. The photo of Carrie alone seemed to be smiling at me as he did. John finished and he came and sat down beside me. He took a big sip from his wine glass then placed his arm over my shoulder.

“Care to tell me about Joe?” John asked looking into my eyes.

I left him see the fear in my eyes for a few seconds before I turned from him. I looked back at John as I rubbed my hand to the side of his face. I did not want to tell him nor was I ready to tell him.

“Some other day John just not today as I want to remember this day as a happy one,” I replied. “Besides when was the last time you changed that bandage on your arm,” I added picking up his bandaged arm, which was dirty with dried blood caked on it.

John locked the house up before walking me to the bedroom. I saw he had gotten us a new bed as well. A huge fucking bed one that would sleep four or five people easily. I asked him where he kept the fresh bandages and he pointed to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and returned with the bandages, a wet washrag, a dry towel, first aid cream and a pair of scissors. I cut the old dirty bandage off however it would not come off the wound itself as I believed he might have ripped some of the stitches open during his outing last night with Joe.

I took two fingers to the edge of the bandage and I yanked it fast from his arm. John yelled that it hurt as I did so. I cowered from him thinking he was going to hit me for hurting him. I was thinking he was like Joe when I should have known better. John asked me if I was OK.

“Yes John, I am just not used to being treated kindly,” I said to him as I cleaned his wound.

I got into my purse and removed a paper bag. I tossed the dirty bloody bandage into the bag as well as the bloody washrag and towel. John looked at me strangely, as I did. I was used to carrying a paper bag to throw my own bloody stuff into when I was with Joe. I applied some first aid cream to his wound. I gently rubbed it on the entry wound as well as the exit wound. I wrapped his arm in fresh bandages as John watched me.

“You seem to know your way around first aid Kay,” John said to me.

My eyes filled with tears as I replied, “I had years of practice on myself,” before I ran into the bathroom.

It was as if I had my own type of flashback before running into the bathroom. I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. Snap out of it Kay I told myself. It’s the first night in your new home lets not ruin it.

I went to the small walk in closet in the bathroom where I removed a small bag. I looked through it until I found a red nylon body stocking. I did my hair nicely as well as put my face on which any women reading my story will know what I mean. I added bright red lipstick to my lips as well.

I opened the bathroom door and saw John looking at me from the bed. From the smile on his face, I would say he liked the outfit I had chosen. I stood in the doorway posing with my arms stretched out over my head with my hands on the door frame.

I posed sideways giving him a view of my 40 c tits and that ass he is always rubbing or grabbing. John reached over and turned some music onto the radio. I danced my way over to him shaking my ass at him. At the foot of the bed, I pulled the sheet from his body looking to his semi hard cock.

I rubbed at my tits as I watched his cock grow harder as I tease him. I placed my hands to my head as I shook my tits to the music smiling at him. I turned and bent over showing him my ass and that the bodysuit was crotch less. I reached back with my hands exposing more of my ass and my hairy pussy to John from behind.

I turned back to him to see his cock was hard and throbbing. I climbed onto the bed as I seductively crawled up to him. I made sure my hanging tits swung and swayed as I did.

I wrapped my hand around his cock as I said, “Looks like your ready for some fun big boy.”

I spun myself around so my pussy was sitting right in John’s face. I pulled at his cock a couple of times before taking it into my mouth. I started sucking on his cock as I felt his hand pulling my butt toward his face as he licked at my pussy with his tongue.

My pussy was throbbing as I sucked at his cock. I took all of his cock deep into my mouth then slowly ran my tongue against his cock as I moved my head up his cock. I was bobbing my head on his cock as I felt his hands pulling my butt cheeks apart with them. I felt my asshole winking at him as he did.

John slipped his tongue from my pussy up to my asshole. He ran it around my asshole a couple of times before he started to lick at it with his tongue. John took his tongue and he stabbed it at my asshole. His tongue slipped up into my asshole as I pulled my mouth from his cock.

“If you keep tonguing my butt you are going to have to fuck me in my ass,” I cooed to him pulling on my cock. “It will cost you extra,” I added as I stopped pulling at his cock realizing what I had just said to him.

“What did you say?” John asked me removing his tongue from my asshole.

I replied as I placed his cock back into my mouth and swallowed it all deep into my mouth.

I did everything I could thing of with my mouth to John’s cock. I was hoping to take his mind from what I had just said to him. It must have worked because I felt his tongue snaking back into my asshole as he slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy as well.

John tongued my asshole and toyed with my pussy for a long time. He brought me to three or four wet orgasms. Each time my juices splashed against his face. I removed my mouth from his cock as I crawled down the bed between his legs. I looked back to him on my hands and knees.

“Take me from behind John,” I seductively said to him as I laid my head down onto the bed.

John teased me with his cock when he got behind me. I pumped my pussy back toward his cock trying to take it into my wet pussy. John finally slipped it into my pussy as I backed my pussy onto his cock. John kept pushing his cock in as I kept backing up to it.

“AHhhh yes,” I yelled out as I felt his cock bottom out in my pussy. I looked back to John as I added; “Fuck me John, fuck me hard and deep,” before I laid my head to the bed once more.

John hands went to my hips and I was expecting him to fuck me slow and steady as he always had before. John pulled his cock out until just the head of his dick was in my pussy. He gave it a few short strokes then slammed his cock up into my pussy from behind.

My hands gripped at the bed sheet as his cock plowed deep into my pussy. I bit into the sheets with my mouth open to muffle my scream as the head of his cock roughly bottomed out deep in my pussy. John started to fuck the hell out of me from behind. His cock plowed my pussy deep and hard almost as if he was hate fucking me. My pussy sucking at his cock as his balls slammed into my clit.

“AHhhhhh JOHN,” I moaned out as my pussy contracted then convulsed around his cock as mufti-orgasms raced through my body.

As my orgasms slowed so did, John's fucking of me from behind. It was as if he was but teasing me now with his cock. He slowly pulled it all the way out then slowly slipped it back deep into my pussy. I raised my head from the bed as I pumped my butt and pussy back toward him trying to get him to fuck me harder.

I finally looked over my shoulder to him as I yelled out, “Fuck me harder John and pull my hair.”

John lightly ran his hands through my hair as he built to a steady fuck of my pussy. I wanted rough sex, however it felt good as he teased my hair with his hand, I moaned lightly as I pulled away from his cock.

I once again looked toward him as I said, “Fuck me up my ass John,” as I place my head to the bed and reached back with both hands pulling my butt cheeks apart winking my asshole at him.

John slipped the head of his cock into my asshole as my hands gripped at the sheets. I was a little surprised when it hurt as he entered my ass. It could have been I was just out of practice or it was because his cock was at the borderline of taking up my ass.

John slowly and gently slipped more of his cock into my asshole. It started to feel better as he did. He finally got it all worked into my ass and he just left it there. When I was ready, I started to ease my asshole back and forth on his cock.

“AHHhh John, fuck my ass with that big cock,” I moaned out to him.

John slowly fucked my ass as his hand reached under me playing with my clit. It was not a hurting or hateful fuck of my ass. It was a loving, gentle fuck which any woman would have enjoyed. John fucked my asshole for almost fifteen minutes bringing me too many orgasms as he toyed with my clit.

“AHHhh Kay,” John moaned out as he buried his cock into my asshole as his cock pumped cum into it.

I slipped from in front of him and spun around placing my arms around his neck as I said, “Next time MISTER fuck my ass like you mean it,” before I kissed him then slipped from the bed.

I had to squeeze my butt cheeks together to stop cum leaking from my ass onto the floor as I went into the bathroom. I sat down onto the toilet as my butt burped cum from it. I wiped then cleaned my bottom up with a washrag. I grabbed a clean washrag wetting it and returned to clean John’s cock for him. I even kissed and took his cock into my mouth to show him that it was clean.

I returned to the bathroom rinsing out the washrags as well as to remove my outfit. I returned to John in just my birthday suit climbing into his arms, John kissed at my ear as he held me whispering into my ear, “I love you.”

“I love you too John,” I replied in a somewhat broken voice.

I waited until John thought I was asleep and he was asleep before I climbed out of the bed. I slipped my robe on as I went to check on Sherri. I figured she might be having trouble sleeping in her new bed. I opened her door and peeked inside.

She was on her side with her newest bear cuddled up tightly in her arm. I walked to beside her and watched her eyes moving under her closed eyelids. I hoped she was having a nice dream and not a nightmare as I kissed her forehead. A smile came to her face telling me it was a nice dream she was having.

I returned into our bedroom slipping silently back into bed. I sat up in the bed looking at this man who lies next to me. Here lies a brave, trusting, loyal man. A man who is not afraid to do what is just and right. John was a skilled lover, a skilled fighter, as well as a protector of women and small children. This man was truly my knight in shiny armor. I gently kiss his lips as I hope his armor did not tarnish when he learns of my tainted past.

I closed my eyes as I felt his arm wrapping around me. He pulled me into his body cuddling me tightly. I wanted to roll over and wake him to tell him the truth but I could not for fear of what I may see in his eyes.

I hung my head once more to my chest in the study as John finishes typing. I felt his fingers on my chin as he lifts my head from my chest for the first time in many sittings with him in his study. He stares at me with a look in his eyes.

“Why didn’t you just come out and tell me the truth back then?” John asked me.

“Because truth hurts John; so when you ask for it, make sure that you can handle it,” I replied.

John smiles at me as he replied, “The truth hurts but it doesn't kill. The lie pleases but it doesn't heal one‘s heart; Kay.”

Sorry this chapter was a little late in coming out as we had a small crisis in our household, which will unfold in later chapters. As always, please let us know if you are enjoying our story and leave your comments.

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