The newly weds part 2

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Authors Note: The very overdue continuation of the first Newly Weds, which I started working on about a few weeks ago but only completed last week. I know that the first part did not seem very good but it was my first story after all. Can’t have everything perfect on the first try. I’ve personally seen to it to add more sexy content than before, complete with numerous reedits to try to make it longer and somewhat better. There may be a third part if this one gets some positive reviews, and much more in the future where it may be spilling into threesome territory. Very few plot line here. Wanted to put some variety in my repetiore as I go along. Enjoy!

There were many things that ran through Carl’s mind, a large portion of it being his work at the office. Another part of it laid out plans about what they could do to the house and how he was to go about doing it. However, both highly distracting thoughts were hugely overshadowed by the thoughts of his beautiful high school teacher of a wife, Jessie. That was the kind of distraction that he absolutely did not mind having, no matter where he was or what he was doing, an inspiration of moments that kept him going. Without her, he would not have had the best experiences he would ever have in this lifetime.

However, it was through reflecting on the recent months since their honeymoon that made him feel a suddenly painful surge of regret. Both Jessie and Carl had been spending time with each other, enough to last for as long as he could remember, but in a way that was indescribably different from the kind of life they had before their marriage. A lot of the few times they were able to save some time for each other were times for regular meals, outings to the city, dancing in clubs, sharing wine in the candlelight, all the things any romancing couple would do.

Virtually all except the sex.

After all this while, with so many opportunities botched by fatigue and other similar reasons, they had not found the time or the energy for sex, their drives painfully overridden by the conundrums of reality and responsibility. Their new life together was only just beginning, now that they had a comfortable home, working serious fields of profession, and lots of new other beginnings to explore. He knew that this kind of too-tired-for-sex policy had to stop, before it goes out of control and, worse comes to worse, dampen their relationship. They had their own needs and desires that they have shared with each other for years now and he was beginning to realize just how depraved and ignorant he was.

That talk after dinner last night proved that Jessie realized that she was as depraved and ignorant as he was, and while holding hands with determined smiles on their faces, they had begun making potential battle plans after that moment of mutual sharing. A normal couple would blush, shiver and flush from the kind of talk they exchanged, about when and where, how and why, and so many other ways that made the night very excitable. Carl was glad to have brought it up, as immediately after they were done talking, more like stopped talking half way through the subject of Saturday being their ‘special moment’ day, they were flying in each other arms, madly rushing for each others buttons. That night lasted for quite a while, but their fatigue took their toll and they had to pay for it today by sleeping in until noon.

Now was just after noon, and Carl was up, staring at the ceiling and thinking a string of thoughts. He lied naked on his back with both hands on his chest. Last night was a good one, however short that it seemed now that he had realized how fast time seemed to change. One moment, he was plowing his way into Jessie on the dining table, and the next he was sprawled on the bed after carrying his barely conscious wife to the bedroom, tucked her in and kissed her sweet face goodnight. He had been lying awake in this position for about three minutes but it felt more like a fraction of a second.

He turned his head to his left where the sleeping form of his wife once was, the imprint of her curvaceous shape still on the semi expensive fabric of the bed sheets. It looked like she had woken up first. He did not know exactly where she went before he woke up, but knowing her habit of going straight to the shower after she had risen from her slumber, he knew where she might be. Letting out a sleepy sigh, he attempted to will himself off the bed but could not do so. He had suddenly found himself too distracted by the extra weight pressing against his legs, the tingling sensation of warmth that came from down there, the suspiciously rising tide of bed sheets that neared him very slowly and the rustling of something moving under the covers.

Blinking silently as he very dumbly wondered what kind of animal could sneak into the bedroom while they were asleep, he could feel its claws and something soft and fleshy against his legs, shifting steadily as the mountain of cloth neared his mid section. He flinched when he suddenly felt something wet, warm and slimy touch the tip of his manhood, and squirmed as a numbing wave of pleasure attacked him when he felt the head being enveloped by something just as wet, warm and slimy, complete with a mild vacuum that pulled inside whatever hollow that it was being taken into. He let out a grunt and the muscles in his legs tighten as the attack followed by the gentle lapping of the possibly previous wet, warm and slimy object from within. He could not help but let out another grunt, pulling his upper torso up instinctively, as the object began to twist and turn round and round the head of his hardening cock.

The mountain of bed sheet had stopped moving and was now rustling around in an unusual manner. When Carl saw this, he immediately realized what was going on and let out a chuckle. Slowly opening the covers to peek underneath, the identity of the sexy creature was revealed, a naked brunette haired beauty with her luscious lips wrapped around his now fully erect cock. Her eyes were intently focused upwards to him, and apparently had been waiting for the darkness of the covers to clear. The moment she was discovered, she tried to grin, her brows lighting up to an amused inner laughter that she could not control, causing her to stifle a release of her suction on his member.

Carl smiled widely, “Good morning, /> His lady love of a wife known as Jessie continued to giggle, “Mmm, good morning, handsome.”

She seemed to decide on continuing the assault even when her cover had been blown, lapping the full shaft of his cock like a kid with candy. Carl was very clearly enjoying the sights, sounds and feels like he had always had while she did this to him, and he knew that she loved the attention as much as he did.

Shifting himself so that he was comfortable, with the occasional twitch from the slamming of pleasure from his member, he continued to watch her work her magic, “Had any brunch yet?”
She briefly stopped to respond with a voracious smile, “Just about to /> Carl felt his heart leap, his little brother twitching excitedly, “I’d like some too.”
“Help yourself, sweetie.” Jessie latched her mouth onto his cock, and slowly whirled around, allowing Carl’s arms to help her get into a perfect position for the sexy meal.

Right in front of his face was the glorious sight of the most erotic thing that Carl had always loved to see in close proximity. Jessie’s beautifully luscious pussy was pert and ready, lips invitingly oozing with juices. Her sex was begging for his attention and was more than happy to respond to his warm breath against it by secreting even more love from its depths. As he continued to enjoy the sensations from his crotch, the feeling of a waiting warm hollow lovingly stuck on the head of his cock, Carl clasped his hands on her tight and round ass, tracing his fingers up and down her thighs, the inner side of her legs and then the area closest to the pulsating opening that so teasingly awaited his kiss.

He could hear Jessie let out a pitched breath, all the more that her pussy reacted by releasing more, now so much of it welling up inside her that it began to overflow. Letting a dribble of saliva slide, he slowly snaked his tongue along the lips of his wife’s pussy. This time, Jessie let out a muffled squeal of pleasure, the vibrations causing Carl to twitch his hips upwards slightly, stuffing half an inch into her mouth. The sudden movement caused her to jolt in surprise, a sharp breath escaping through her nose. However, she kept her mouth secure; showing no mind over whatever Carl was doing, voluntary or otherwise, as she loved it either way. Carl snaked his tongue again and again, teasing her clit, following jolt after jolt with increased sharpness, much to his wife’s excitement.

After the fourth time, Jessie had taken upon herself to not wait for another jolt and went ahead to take her prize to its base, lapping furiously as she bobbed her head up and down, beautifully round C cups squishing against his stomach. Carl did not feel like he needed to tease any longer either, and picked up speed, burrowing his face into her patch. Both once again abandoned all sense of reason and control, a carnal base desire taking over the pair of work professionals as they let themselves go, now no longer the cool headed persons that they are but a couple of sex depraved animals who wanted each others taste badly.

The intensity grew within a full minute. Jessie was slamming her face down, twisting and turning her head, bucking her body against her lover as Carl rammed his tongue deep into her secret realm in a heavy, extremely juicy tongue fuck. He made sure to explore every last bit of her depths, reaching as far as his tongue was able, the scent, the taste, and the exhilaration of his wife sucking his cock ravenously, a mixture of factors that ripped through his conscious like a bullet train at high speed. Neither could even find themselves being able to breathe properly, moaning, groaning, and lost to luscious craving to pleasure each other in mutual desire for each other’s being.

Jessie briefly let his meat pop out of her mouth, jacking it strongly with one hand, licked her lips and looked at the throbbing 6 inches she had been dining upon, now glistening in precum and saliva. Without taking her eyes off, she managed to repeat an erotic confession between bated breathes, “God, I love the taste of your cock!” She let herself indulge some more with repeated licks and strokes on his shaft.
Carl responded, equally broken from the world of reality, “Fuck yeah! You like your pussy licked?”
“Oh yeah, baby!” Jessie answered him after popping out again, “Lick my pussy! Lick it nice and good! Yes!”
Carl was happy to oblige. Between moans, he spoke again while rubbing her clit, “Suck my cock, honey! Suck it while I tongue fuck your pussy!”
Jessie turned her head to flash him a wicked grin, still violently jacking him off. “Fuck my love hole with your tongue, baby! Lick up all that juice!”

After enjoying each other’s exchange of nasty suggestions, they ended all words, abandoned all form of normal morality, and went back to their vicious tasks. Jessie continued to rock herself back and forth, smashing her pussy into Carl’s face and at the same time taking his cock in and out at high speed. The bed bounced and writhed in protest as the two animals tasted each other without mercy, fueling each other’s rage with their own fury. Neither let their hands go to waste by resting either. Jessie alternated from using her hands to hold onto Carl’s rod or play with his balls, and Carl mauled her ass and occasionally switched to using his fingers to stroke against her enflamed clit. This was one of their favorite positions, one of the many that they missed doing and now having the opportunity, they did everything they could for the both of them to enjoy the moment.

Carl’s efforts were the first to pay off and he felt his brunch suddenly become very restless, grinding into him strongly. He proceeded with his meal with renewed vigor, buzzing and lashing at a controlled quick pace.

Jessie popped his cock from her lips, moaning uncontrollably loudly between breaths as she jacked him, “Ah! Ah! Oh god, Carl! I’m gonna cum! Ah! Keep licking my cunt!”

Her head was shaking all over the place, pausing for a break from her going down on his cock and turning her attention to an inevitable orgasm that Carl seemed to insist on as he did not stop. Then the earth shattered and the ground trembled as her lower torso bucked and convulsed when her lover brought her over the edge, slamming her straight into heavenly bliss in several loud howls into the air. Her muscles tightened and shivered, head tilted and back arched into as far a semicircle as her body allowed. The great amount of warm love juice that flooded from her ravaged, pulsating and tightening pussy seeped out into Carl’s waiting mouth, latched onto the lips, jaws working to coax the liquid in her depths into his orifice. For a few long moments, she kept twitching as she slowly returned to the land of the living, still stroking her lover’s member in her grasp. Morning energy did wonders to keep her form active; having prevented her from collapsing from her position on all fours and now focused on continuing the mission she had set herself upon.

For Carl, it was a most awaited event. He continued to taste his wife’s juices as she settled down, sucking the wondrous nectar and gulping it down wholesomely. It was the fluid of life that he had wanted to taste for a long while now, so fixated on lapping it up that he did not notice Jessie’s look. She had an appreciative devious smile on her face, still grinding into him as she watched him.

“Mmm, lick up my juices… Suck it all out of my cunt… Taste me…” She breathed heavily, before she brought up a future plan a few seconds of wiggling later, “I want you to fuck my face now, honey. Shove your cock deep into my mouth!”

The signal brought Carl into a new high. The prospect was still mind blowing even if they had done it many times before their marriage. Going at each other’s privates orally was one of the things that they really liked doing, and Jessie especially loved having his stick rammed into her mouth. No time wasted at all, Carl unlocked his lips and they rolled over vigorously towards the edge. They twisted and turned on each other until Jessie was lying on her back, head comfortably hanging off the side with legs and arms spread wide open, and Carl standing just by the edge, hovering his twitching prick in front of its intended target. He was still particularly high, and she seemed very intent on relieving the tension she had helped build just a few moments ago, looking up at his cock with the same hunger that drove him crazy.

Hesitation was not a factor for him as he aimed and placed his throbbing member upon her lips, her tongue snaking out to lap up a droplet of precum. Leaning forwards slightly, he slowly allowed his pelvis to follow, sliding the bulging head into her waiting mouth. Jessie let out a long heart stopping purr as inch after inch slipped further and further into the depths, all the way until his balls pressed against her nose. Carl could not control a loud moan as his cock was once again engulfed in a strong vacuum of suction, causing him to lead forward some more, his hands finding their way to massage her tits strongly.

“Oh… Fuck… You like that, babe?” He gasped as he began to move his pelvis slightly, “You like being fucked in the mouth?”
They both knew the answer but Jessie responded with a fevered mm-hmm as she allowed her lover to pull and push in and out of her lips, fastening her head to the stick that was taking her. Her hands gripped onto the bed for support, sometimes sliding around the fabric in ecstatic glee.
He grinned as he watched his cock made a constant rhythmical disappearing act, enjoying the sight of her prone body and the feeling of her warmth over his member, “Want me to slam into your mouth?”
She made another muffled noise in confirmation, the exhilaration beginning to hit her as her tongue lashing grew more frantic. Her hands had moved over to her spread legs, touching and rubbing herself as he went.

Carl headed for the charge. Jessie did not to gag at all, as she had plenty of practice with him for a long time, so he was not worried on going too deep or too fast. He picked up his pace, roughly ramming his cock into her mouth over and over, hearing the nasty noises that the deed made and her constant moaning from the assault on her oral orifice. His movements became rapid, rod slamming all the way to the throat, the incredible feeling causing him to almost lose balance.
He slipped his cock out when he found himself going numb, with Jessie taking a deep breath of ecstasy and only managing to speak after lapping at the thick meat a few times, “Keep fucking my mouth, honey… Fuck my mouth till you /> Carl again let the desire take over, shoving his cock deep inside her mouth once again.

It only took a couple of minutes of wild mouth fucking. He was making the effort with all his might while his wife was doing her best to pleasure him physically and visually, rubbing her pussy and wiggling around seductively. With such displays and feelings put together, he finally felt the pressure begin to build and he was bucking into her like a bronco, grunting with each thrust. The volcano was rising in tension, threatening to erupt at any moment, tectonic plates of physical capability raising the temperature notch after notch. He held on as long as he could, the muffled moans of his wife driving him into delirious excitement. When the peak was reached, and with a single hard thrust, he released a bestial groan and the torrent of white hot sticky cum blasted into Jessie’s well serviced opening. As his enflamed cock kept shooting more and more, she let out a multitude of pleasured whimpers with each deposit of juice onto her tongue, throat and inner areas of her mouth, lapping at the thick liquid as it made its dramatic exit.

Carl rocked a few more times before slowly pulling out, watching as she shifted herself to comfortably around and enjoying the taste of his load, lips closed and tongue wringing around to collect the jizz into a pool. She looked up at him and seductively parted her lips, opened her mouth wide and let him see the large volume of snowy, sticky substance sloshing about within. After a moment of erotic perusal, she closed up, audibly gulped and opened again to let him see that everything had magically disappeared. She then let out an ecstatic giggle.

“That was a lot of cum.” She said before snaking her tongue out to lap at his cock head.
“Just the right amount for you, baby?” Her lover asked, still massaging her tits.
“Oh She answered, popping the shrinking head in and out of her mouth multiple times, milking him some more.

Both now particularly happy with their sexual appetizers, they went by to prepare themselves for the more rational form of brunch, one that was homemade by Jessie herself. She was a good cook, and immediately after their shower together and changing in each other’s company, both of which they each other clean themselves and change, she was in the kitchen and out of it with steaming hot plates of food. Carl was just about done cleaning last night’s mess when the food was on, and they enjoyed a nice proper meal together, with very wide smiles on their faces. Even after the episode in the bedroom, they could not put themselves down from looking at each other in the eye and beyond. Their drives had flown through the roof, only controlled by regaining just a manageable amount of control.

“Well now,” Carl started as they finished talking about their plans for the day, “What about what we talked about last night?”
Jessie placed both arms on the table, staring at him longingly, “You mean our ‘special moment /> “Yep. That’s that one.”
She seemed to be thinking back. From the look on her face, she seemed to remember a lot of the dining table romping while she was at it, “We were trying to decide what we were going to do on that day, since it’s our day off.”
Carl was thinking about that also, “Last I remembered, we left off with the suggestion that we take turns leading on certain times of the day.”
“Hmm, I prefer you doing whatever you want to me.” She grinned.
“I was just thinking the other way round.” He grinned back at her.
“Then let’s settle for this. We dedicate that day to do whatever we want to each other, anywhere, She paused to lean closer, “… Any hole, any /> “… Agreed,” He slowly nodded, leaning forward to kiss her… which led to another kiss… and another… and another, before he found the will to break free with a nuzzle of cheeks.
“Go easy on me, honey.” She said jokingly of which they both laughed at, heavily implying the opposite.

After the pleasant conversation, Jessie got herself busy with the dishes, and Carl went along to the study upstairs, where he got himself busy with number crunching at his desk. The serious part of the day was about to begin for the both of them, the normal goings on that would constitute any other day when the woman would play her part of a temporary housewife since school was out for the week and the man would play his part as the main bread maker of their union. Sitting down on the metal chair by the large table that took up the corner of the room, he stretched his arms in mid-whistle, picked up his papers from a stack, grabbed his calculator and started work The afternoon rumble was still fresh in his mind. He had not gone down on his wife like that in a long time and he savored every moment from the memory, multi-tasking the balance sheet in his hands and the resonance of Jessie’s moaning in his head. Somehow, he could put them into two sides of his brain, no matter how distracting the recollection of his happy time with her was. It was in some way driving him forward, the light that shone from the image of her smiling face, in heat or no, causing him to be able to do much of the work without even using the calculator.

It was only when he was about to write down a final digit when the penetration of a rogue thought skewered his head in a discrete hit and run, and everything broke down into a foggy mist. Carl was just about to get the last set of numbers on this month’s papers for the company and he suddenly found himself facing a tremendous mental lag that bogged down on him. Putting down his pencil, papers and calculator, he stared at the paperwork, the feeling of specialist concentration evaporating into nothingness. Never before had such a thing ever happened, and it seemed particularly frustrating for him to be unable to move on. He mentally searched for the source of the problem and impulsively came to blame the barrier between distraction and work that ruined his but last he thought, that barrier did not appear to have broken.

It bugged him so much that he let out a long drawn out sigh and stepped up to the window to clear his thoughts with the scenery. By far, that did not seem to work. He took a stroll down out the door and down the staircase to walk around the house. That too did not seem to work. He did manage to pick up that something was missing though, that a lingering feeling of depravation was still around somewhere that needed his attention. Attempting to trace it back to where it may have began; he walked slowly to the living room, where he spotted Jessie sitting with legs up on a chair, dressed in a casual yellow tube top and her favorite pair of hot pants, reading a magazine.

She looked up at him and being the great face reader that she was, knew that he had a problem, “You alright, hun?”
Just having some trouble working.” He admitted, having no intention of hiding anything from her. He circled the chair she was in from the back so that he was on her left.
Following his movements with her gaze, she looked at him worriedly and reaching a hand out to touch his side, up?”
“Feels like there’s something missing and it’s overloading my head. Don’t know what it is. I could get the numbers right when-” He broke off when he felt something brush against his leg.

Looking down, he noticed that Jessie was lovingly stroking his thigh in a half embrace of his lower torso, her cute face hovering a small distance away from his pelvic area. It was no doubt that she was thinking about what he was thinking now, but she said nothing. All she did was look up at him with those deep beautiful eyes and already he felt something weld up inside him, as well as down there.

Slowly, the invisible light that radiated from her cleared his head and he related the problem as directly as he was able, “It feels like something very related to a simple thing that became complicatedly confusing after I filled my mind with work.”
She nodded as she kept her proximity to him, “Go on.”
The confusion was clearing, “I think that it’s got something to do with brunch.”
“Sounds like it’s got something to do with the both of us then.”
The talk became simpler with a straightforward nod. “Yep. That sounds about right.”
She got the discrete idea immediately, seemingly more than delighted to oblige and agree by loosening his belt. With a wink as she pulled down her husband’s pants to his knees revealing his underwear beneath, she smiled at him, “Another round… to relieve ourselves of our phantom /> “Lead on, mon chere.” Carl grinned.

The both of them showed every interest in moving into round two, clearly making it known that they were not completely satisfied with their previous performance. Giggling like a little girl on a sugar rush, Jessie wasted no more time to pull Carl’s boxers down to spring the half erect cock that had fucked her face just a couple of hours earlier, and so many other times before in the past. She seized the shaft in her grasp and began to stroke it up and down to wake it up to speed, staring up at her lover’s eyes that looked back at her in anticipation. Spreading the oozing precum all over his shaft, she jacked him with variable tempo, sometimes slow and other times a little faster. Several times she squeezed it and jacked out a droplet of precum from the slit, dipped in her head to lick the head and let a long thread of the juice string away from her tongue. On the fourth moment, she wrapped her lips around halfway down the head, sucked hard and popped it out of her mouth as she pulled back out. She then switched to licking the slit, up and down the shaft to relish in the taste. She kept jacking him in controlled paces as she took a lot of pleasure from the moans Carl was letting out. Halfway through, she was rewarded with getting him hard as a rock once more, throbbing and twitching excitedly from the stimulation that she was tenderly giving it. From the way she was doing it, he could see that she was skillfully saving the pleasure of an orgasm for a later time.

“You know I like to play with my food sometimes.” She jokingly said with a laugh.
“Still a naughty girl I see.” He responded as he chuckled. make me come down there.”
“Oh? Watcha gonna do, big boy?”
“Give what naughty girls like you deserve, of course.”

He rounded the chair so that he was standing half naked in front of her. Eyeing him in renewed ecstatic notion, she leaned back into the cushions of the chair, squirming her body playfully before him. He knelt down and leaned over to kiss her on the stomach. She squirmed some more, purring as he rounded his kissing up and down her torso, teasingly brushing his face against her covered breasts. As he reached his hands over to touch her thighs, slowly spreading them to give him some room, he leaned closer to her face to plant a long passionate kiss, complete with tongue rolling and bated breathing.

She took charge in stripping his T-shirt, breaking their passion briefly to allow it to slip off him. His own hands reached behind her to undo the lace of her top, loosening them and slipping them off her. Both were now naked from the waist up and Carl took the kissing down to suckle on the erect nipples of her luscious C cups.

As Carl left Jessie’s lips and eyes half closed from elation, she managed a whisper that followed another purr, “Oh… Yes… Suck my tits nice and hard, />
Her right hand had reached over her head to clutch onto the cushion she rested on, the other grasped on her hubbie’s head as he mauled her C cups with tongue, mouth and a free hand, taking it in and pulling it free with strong suction. After some moments of enjoying her familiar yet still delicious breasts, he moved on to unbutton, unzip and slip her hot pants straight off of her, along with her incredibly stained panties. He attacked her then exposed pussy once more, causing her to writhe and quake, spreading her legs further apart and leaning her head back from the pleasure. Burrowing his face into her snatch, he lashed, tongued and played with her love hole and clit, varying his direction up, down and around to lick every inch he could reach. Wiggling and writhing still from the delight of having her pussy eaten once more, Jessie’s hand pressed his head harder against her, gripping his hair and her mouth parting widely to produce shivering whines into the air of the living room.

Both were deep into the world they had created just for the both of them. When Carl was satisfied with lapping his wife’s lotus patch, he left it from reaching the peak and looked up at her with a much greater intent in his eyes. Jessie looked back down at him, caressing his face and awaited the next most anticipated part of the agenda.

“… I wanna fuck your pussy now, baby.” He said to her as he began to rise to his feet.
With a low elated purr, she responded by sinking deeper into the chair until her body was at vertical position, spreading her legs wider and calling out to him. She reminded him of her craving need. “Mmm, go for it, honey… Fuck my pussy… Shove your rock hard cock deep inside my cunt!”

Carl positioned himself, still kneeling, stroking his cock to bring himself to bear with Jessie’s extremely wet sex, her pussy lips virtually breathing with excitement as the head neared her entrance. Both of them watched fixedly as the head of his cock made touchdown and rejoiced with simultaneous moans as Carl slowly slipped his member into her depths. Inch upon inch inserted into her slit, a sloppy wet sound emitted as his cock went deeper and deeper until the base hit her pelvic area. It had only been last night since he had felt the pleasure of being inside his wife’s pussy but he reveled in it. Her fuck hole was as tight as he could remember before and lingered with the feeling of warmth by beginning to pull in and out slowly, hands finding their way to her open thighs to push them wider apart. Jessie was not hiding the enjoyment she was feeling from having his cock inside so deep, her body briefly stiffened and twitched from the admission of the long, hot and hard object within her cunt that was beginning a slow, controlled fuck.

Jessie’s attention switch from watching to feeling as the unbelievable bliss of feeling her lover’s cock moving inside her was launching her to a great height, her head tilting back and forth with eyes lightly closed. Purring moans escaped from her mouth as she allowed him to take her in her pussy. For once their union was not as wild and crazy as the other times, but it was slowly turning as they felt their sense of control start to wane, the beast bubbling up to the surface to override their conscious selves once more. Carl tilted her legs and hips towards the left, closing them tightly together, changing the angle of control and a new wave of heaven blasted them both. Jessie’s moans were getting louder and louder, sounding more desperate with each that she let loose. Her legs shivered and trembled as they dangled in the air from each pace increasing thrust.

“Unh! Oh, God, Carl!” She gasped in exhilaration. “Keep fucking me, honey! Unh!”
Carl leaned forward closer to her face, never stopping his thrusts. “You like that, baby?”
“Oh yes! Ah! It feels so fucking good!”

Spurred on by her reaction, he hooked his arms under her knees and snaked them over to grab strongly onto her hips. With an easy lift of her taught body, she was now semi-suspended in an upright position, leg spread apart and cunt being serviced by the thrusting of his cock. As she moved, her eyes flitted open to stare into his, her own arms rounding behind his neck to hang on for dear life, gasping in heavy breaths as she began to buck back into his cock in rhythm. Their combined actions caused his cock to go deeper and deeper with each thrust, his balls slapping onto her pelvis audibly. She held on, moaning like her life depended on it, twice she let her lips fly into Carl’s in deep passionate kisses.

Jessie was breathing so heavily, she could barely speak, “Oh fuck… So good… Oh!” She paused her speech to feel him pound into her some more, before turning to grin at him between breaths, “Take me from behind, Carl! Fuck my pussy from behind!”

He concurred by nearly tossing her back onto the chair, pulling out completely and she worked quickly to turn herself around, bend as far down as she could go over the side and supported herself with her hands, pulling her legs apart. She gave him the signal with a seductive wiggle and he immediately continued the attack. Getting himself up onto the chair, he brought his cock to her pussy lips once more, placing his hands on her hips, and this time shoved it deep and hard. She let out a pleasured whimper from the forceful entry and twisted her neck to watch him start to move in rhythm again. A whole new form of pleasure assaulted them both in seeing and feeling what transpired, causing her to jump and squirm with each passing few seconds of him slamming into her over and over. With a swift shift of the throttle, Carl began to take aim, feeling it time for him to take her further into heaven. The head of his cock began to hit a special point within her.

”Oh god!” She almost screamed as she seemed to loose complete control of herself, “Oh yeah! Oh Geez! Don’t stop! Don’t Stop! Fuck me!”

Carl made sure that he had no intention of stopping and went faster. His wife was wildly bouncing back at him, keeping the angle just right him to hit her G-spot again and again. Her moans turned into exasperated whimpers. Her fingers dug tightly into the fabric of the chair and her form of tight from the powerful surges that threatened to overwhelm her. She was so delirious from ecstasy that she did not seem to know where to put her head except hanging in the air above the armrest.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck! Fuck! Cumming! Oh Fuck! Ah! I’m gonna cum!” She almost screamed as her body began to tighten even further, until she suddenly released a long loud cry.

Her form violently trembled as large amounts of her love juices expelled out her twitching pussy, coating his meat that was responsible for canon balling her over the edge. Her torso and neck arched sharply and hands gripped even harder into the chair. Carl did not stop, however, and let her have even more, slamming again and again, her body continuing to twitch over and over, her mouth letting go several more cries into the living room air. After a short while of bucking into her, Carl slowed down into a shorter pace, allowing the trembling Jessie to crumple half way back onto the chair. Her mouth was still wide open, a whimper escaping with each twitch and turn she could manage from her multi-orgasm. She took a while to recover, her eyes flitting up to look at her lover’s who and a weak smile flashed on her face. She purred at the man who had just given her the most intense orgasms she had had in a long time. Carl leaned forward, half carrying her half limp form into his arms and they locked once again into a fevered kiss. His cock popped out of her pussy for a brief moment, still hard and enflamed from its workout.

Jessie breathed, “That felt so freaking good… You made me cum so /> “All the best for the only woman in my life.” Carl whispered back and planted another kiss.
Breaking from their half a minute long kiss so that she could recover, she said to him, “Ready for your reward?” She said to him as she wobbled to her feet and used her arms to swivel him around to plop him into the hotseat.

He allowed himself to flop deep into the chair, looking up at her as she wriggled her body seductively, dropping to her knees and immediately sucking his hard rod into her mouth hard. She bobbed up and down for a few moments, groaning once to cause him to shiver from the convulsions on his member, seeming to taste the juices that were both his and hers. She popped his cock out, satisfied that it was still rock solid. Clambering slowly onto the chair, she positioned herself in a kneeling position before him, sitting on his stomach as she grinned. Carl instinctively leaned forward to take one of her tits into his mouth, sucking vigorously, causing her to give out a light giggle. He suddenly found himself being gently pushed back to rest on the cushions once more.

“My turn, big She said melodiously to him as she squirmed on top of him. “Sit back, relax and />
Raising herself slightly, she used a hand to hold onto his erect cock and positioned her well used pussy over it. She slowly lowered herself down, the rod easily impaling her straight to the base, and began a leisurely grind, eyes up to watch Carl’s reaction to her play. He was looking straight back at her, slumped back on the chair and enjoying the full view of his wife taking charge of the next position.

She purred as she rubbed her lower torso against his pelvic area, the cock inside her dancing with her movements. “Your cock feels so hot inside my She paused to circle her waist several times, watching her husband moan from the feeling of his member rubbing against the walls of her vagina. “… So hard and /> “Oh Carl let out a gasp as the amazing sensations caused him to stiffen. He kept watching as he breathed heavily.

She purred again, reaching her hands to rub his body downwards. Then she began to change her pattern from circling to a slow ride, her upper body straightening upright so that he could watch her impale herself on his cock over and over again. A devious smile crept to her lips as she let out a naughty giggle before burrowing herself deep into him, circling a few times before going back to riding. Carl was ecstatic, his muscles were bunching from the sight and feeling. He had the mind to simply grab her hips and start pounding her, but he managed to control himself, continuing to let his wife take the lead. That he did not mind, however, as she was doing a fantastic job getting him higher and higher, eagerly awaiting for her to increase the pace. The thought of Jessie driving herself into him like this was mind blowing.

His anticipation showed on his face and Jessie was spurred on, knocking herself deeper and deeper until a distinct slapping noise began to sound along with the pressure of the cushions beneath them. All the way from the head to the base of cock, she kept her heavy pace, leaning back and supporting herself with hands on his thighs as she started on the new direction. The juices were on free flow, their entire bodies gleaming with sweat and their privates covered in their lubricating fluids. Carl was now very audibly enjoying himself and Jessie kept on smiling at him as she gradually increased her speed, as well as the pressure from her pussy wrapped around his cock.

He spilled his hands over to grip hard on the armrests as he gasped some more, “Unh! Good lord! Your cunt’s so freaking tight!”
She giggled again, “Yeah baby! Tight and wet just for you, honey!”

The ride became intense. She was now slamming herself into him at high speed, head tilted down with lips parted seductively, watching as her husband was flying sky high in pleasure. So high that he was practically writhing in his seat, and the pressure in his depths began to sky rocket at a gradual paced speed. The eagerly anticipated event had arrived to the delight of them both.

“I’m cumming!” Carl grunted as his muscled tightened much harder.
In response, Jessie kept ramming deeper and harder while breathing in bated breath, “Cum into my pussy, Carl! Spurt your hot sticky sperm into me!”

With a gigantic heave and a spur of exertion, Carl unleashed his orgasm with a long moan, hands reaching out to hold onto Jessie’s hips as warm semen began streaming out of him in massive loads. Each pump was accompanied by a jolt of a muscle, shoving his cock deep inside as he deposited his jizz inside his wife’s love hole. She held on tight, moaning open mouthed along with him as she felt the flood of his cum filling her up to the brim. Even as he slumped back into the cushions, she let his cock stay inside her, which was still seeping out whatever juices it had left into her. She milked it by squirming and pumping up and down lightly. At the same, she was feeling the heat of his huge load within her pussy in ecstasy, basking in the erotic exhilaration that consumed them.

After a short moment, she leaned forward to plop herself onto his chest, still pumping him blissfully. His hands wrapped around her as they looked into each others eyes with much satisfaction and intimate expressions on their faces, the afterglow connecting with another passionate kiss. They laid one on top of the other for what seemed like a long time, another moment they shared that would be remembered in their still new life as a young married couple.

With a drained whisper, Jessie suddenly called out to him, /> “Yes, honey?” He whispered back.
A three worded expression left her mouth, signifying the strong bond they have as husband and wife, “I love /> He cuddled her tightly, “Hmm, I love you />
The rest of the afternoon passed, with the both of them once again feeling exceptionally good for the rest of the day. Tomorrow and the day after was one more of which they were to spend their lives well with each other, at a new height of their union.

story by: Robopoop

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Author: Robopoop

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