The phone call that changed it all

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She called me up, like she had a 100 times before, asking me to hangout. I could tell that something was wrong, most likely trouble with her latest beau. I knew right away I was in for a long night and decided to stop and pick up a bottle of wine. Better make that two.

As she let me in, my eyes couldn’t help but to shift down to her ass. Round and firm, it was made even more incredible by the tight shorts she was wearing. I watched those glorious globes swing to and fro as she made her way towards the living room; free of their hypnotic swing as she turned the corner.

The night progressed as expected. Things hadn’t worked out with yet another guy and I was the one that was left to pick up the pieces. She started with venting about how he did this, or didn’t do that, and all the things he said, or didn’t say. All followed up with how lucky she was to have me as a friend. Yea…

Next was the flirtatious teasing. Little comments or actions: a word here, a touch there, the way she placed the strawberry to her lips before devouring it. These all combined to set my heart racing; I could feel my pulse thumbing in my other places. Surly she knew how I felt about her. Did she not see how this tortured my soul to its very core?

As usual, as with every one of her breakups, the night led to us sitting on the couch watching her favorite film, ‘Love Actually.’ Oh, how I have grown to despise this movie, but also to love it because of the closeness it bring to us. Love doesn’t work like the movies make it out to be. If it did, she would be mine and I wouldn’t have been sitting there helping to mend a broken heart while mine tore more and more.

We settled in for the movie, her curled up with her head on my shoulder. I watched her more than the movie, though I doubt she noticed. And then came on the dreaded scene. This scene always ripped at my heart; I actually sympathized with the character and his pain. Only this time, something extraordinary happened.

Just as the scene ended, she looked up and into my eyes. I’m almost certain she could see the pain they contained. Without warning, she leaned up and kissed me. I was shocked! This was no friendly kiss; her lips lingered longer and longer. I was in heaven, feeling her soft lush lips on mine for the first time.

Finally I snapped out of it and began to kiss her back. After what felt like an eternity, she pulled away. We sat staring into each other’s eyes. I believe Meat Loaf said it best, “You took the words right out of my mouth. It must have been while you were kissing me.”

Again she leaned in, but when our lips met this time, there was much more passion. Her lips parted, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I quickly followed suit and our tongues began fighting for dominance of the other’s mouth. They danced back and forth and I could feel her sucking on my tongue.

As we kissed, I placed one hand behind her head. I wrapped my other arm around her and pulled her into my lap. Her t-shirt did nothing to hide her excitement. Her nipples could clearly be seen pushing up against the material. I pulled her close to me. Her pert, firm breasts pressed tightly against my chest.

She broke the kiss once again, only momentarily to adjust her position. Now straddling my lap, she dove in once again. She ran her fingers through my hair, grabbing it roughly and pulling me even tighter to her. In this new position, surly she could feel my hardness straining to be released. She slowly began to grind into me, while hands roamed her body. They slipped under the back of her shirt and began to stroke her smooth skin before working their way down to her ass.

I reach in and took a firm mound in each hand. I began squeezing them, all while pulling her into me, grinding into her. I broke the kiss, my lips traveling to her ear. I began to nibble, lick, and kiss my way down her neck heading towards her chest. When I reached the tops of her breasts, I hesitated. After everything, would she stop me? Only one way to find out.

As I kissed my way further down, she stopped me. Afraid I had gone too far, I was relieved when she reached down and removed her top. There before me, in all their glory, were the most beautiful breasts I’d ever seen. Like a kid in a candy shop, I was giddy. I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer and continued my conquest of those ravenous mountains. I kissed my way down her right breast before reaching its peak. I flicked my tongue across her nipple before taking it between my lips. I heard an audible gasp that turned into a moan as I alternated between sucking, licking, and nibbling on her nipple.

While I worked on one breast, I couldn’t leave the other one out. I squeezed her mound with my other hand, marveling in the soft, firm feeling. I ran my fingers across her taught nipple before grasping it. I tweaked her nipple with my fingers, eliciting an even louder moan, followed by her rasping,

For the next several minutes I alternated between breasts, continuing my assault on her majestic flesh. Occasionally, I would reach back and grab her ass once more, pulling her tight against my hardened cock. She continued to grow more and more vocal throughout my manipulation of her body; “YES, YES! FUCK! MORE! MORE!”

My lips began to move north, working across her neck, up to her earlobe, before finding a resting place on her lips. My hands continued to explore her body; one alternating between her breasts and her ass, one ventured south seeking out a treasure greater than any known throughout the world. As my hand made its way down the front of her shorts, I could feel her moan, into my lips.

As my fingers made their decent, I found that she was not completely shaven. There was still a small strip, an arrow of sorts, pointing the way. I ran my fingers across this strip a couple of times before continuing further down. Her clit stood out with no restrictions and sent sparks rocketing through her body when I made contact. She broke our kiss and, shakily, moaned out, “OH FUCK YES!”

I took that as a sign of approval and quickly unfastened her shorts so that I could better continue my exploration. As my fingers slid across her lips, feeling their wetness, she began to work on my ear and neck. She attacked with such ferocity that I knew she was going to leave some prizes for all the world to see.

I glided my middle finger across her slit several times; going all the way to the bottom and back up to her clit where I would circle a couple of times before going back down. After a few passes, I finally slipped my finger into her, causing her to purr into my neck. I could immediately feel the heat her tunnel was generating. Slowly at first, I quickly picked up the speed at which my finger delved into pussy. While my digit worked its magic on the inside, by thumb worked its on, on the outside by rubbing her clit.

Faster and faster, her climax approached. When she peaked, she exploded with shivers and bit down on my shoulder as if to find some way of holding onto reality. She clamped her thighs down with such fury I thought she meant to snap off my wrist. She continued to convulse for several seconds, all the while biting down and moaning into my shoulder, before finally releasing me from her grasp.

She smiled at me with a wickedly satisfying grin before standing up and removing the last of her garments. She got down between my legs, smiled, and said “Your turn.” As she reached for the button on my jeans, I feared that, in all my excitement, I would explode just from her touch alone. Thankfully, as she undid my pants and released my manhood, I didn’t.

She grasped my cock in her hands and began to slowly stroke me up and down. A groan escaped me as I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. This was a moment I had waited for, for a long time and it felt like there was nothing that could feel better. Pleasantly, I was proven wrong as I felt her lips ever so lightly kiss the head of my dick. My eyes snapped open, just as I felt her flick her tongue under the base of my head. She continued to stroke me as she ran her lips and tongue over and around the tip of my cock.

Finally, she slipped her lips over the tip and proceeded to engulf my cock. I savagely grasped the cushions of the couch as a moan roared from my throat. It took all of my might not to release when she began to slowly suck me between her lips. The speed of her sucking and bobbing increased, as did the manipulation of her tongue; I didn’t know a human could create such suction. Sweat was pouring down my face as I fought to hold on. When I realized I was losing the battle, I warned her that I was about to cum. To my surprise, she only picked up her pace. That was all it took and I exploded. She never slowed down, taking all I had to offer before finally releasing me from her mouth after it appeared I had stopped. To my utter amazement, cumming in her mouth didn’t even faze her. And before I knew it, my seed had disappeared.

The astonished look on her face when she realized I was still hard was priceless. She commented that most men she had been with needed a breather before they could get it back up and asked if it was normal for me. I told her, “Not always, but it helps if the right person is present.” There was that wicked grin again.

She proceeded to sit down on the couch, leaned back, and spread her legs. She locked her eyes on mine and said two simple Me!” She didn’t have to ask me twice, but first, I had other plans. I got between her legs and slid my cock across her pussy while leaning in for a kiss. I teased her with my manhood while I began to work my lips down her neck. I continued further and further south, sucking and licking her nipples before continuing down, down, down until I reached her glistening lips.

I couldn’t wait to taste her and wasted no time delving into her sweet nectar. I began by planting little butterfly kisses cross her mound and upper thighs before resting my lips squarely on her clit. I pulled it in between my lips and began to roll it around. I flicked the tip with my tongue. I could feel the shivers rippling through her body as she repeatedly yell, “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK! YES!” From there, I ran my tongue up and down her slit savoring her sweet, tart taste.

I slipped her legs up over my shoulders and used my thumbs to open her lips up wider. I latched my lips onto her pussy and began to ram my tongue into her tunnel. Her legs clamped down on my head obstructing my hearing, but I could hear her moaning. I alternated between plunging in my tongue and sucking out her juices, all while my fingers teased her clit. Though I knew it was cruel, I took this opportunity to exact a little revenge by teasing just to the edge before backing off. I could hear her torment in her moans and groans. Finally taking pity on her, I took her over the edge in what felt like an earth shattering orgasm. I continued to drink from her well the whole time, which seemed to only prolong her experience.

Once she finally came down, I relinquished my hold on her pussy. It was at that point she growled at me, “Now get up here and FUCK ME!” I got between her legs and began to easy my cock into her pussy. “OH FUCK THAT,” she yelled as wrapped her legs around my waist, forcefully plunging me into her hot, wet box. I don’t know if it was the love that I felt for her or some other factor, but I can honestly say being inside her felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

I began with slow steady strokes, only for her to immediately yell out, Excuse me for trying to savor the moment. I cranked up my speed and ferocity at a steady pace. Bringing her to yet another orgasm, I could feel the velvety soft walls of her pussy squeezing and contracting around my cock. I continued to ram into her, bringing out muffled, noted with the occasional, The feeling of her pussy was euphoric and I knew I was quickly growing close to orgasm. It seemed like she too was growing close and I had to hope that I could hold on long enough to bring her to bliss once more. Closer and closer I got. The strain of holding back was beginning to cause my cock to ache. Just when I thought I could hold out no longer, she roared as she was overtaken. Her walls clamped down, causing my own release. Blast after blast shot into her as her legs pulled me as far as I could go. Her nails dug into my back, tearing at my flesh before we both collapsed from exhaustion.

As I started to soften, I pulled out and crashed back onto the couch. She snuggled up next to me, her head on my chest. I awoke the next morning alone, only to find a note on the counter.
It read:

Thanks for last night. You truly are a great friend. I’m off to work. Just remember to lock up before you leave.

story by: something_stupid

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Author: something_stupid

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