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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. />
Tim, the Teenage Part Twenty-Four By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter VII: 9th Grade, Summer 1986 – Summer Camp Counselors Part 1 – Don't You Just Love Surprises (mf)

It had been a very busy morning, saying good bye to Paul, Rita, Jen, and several others who we knew. When they left, we moved our stuff to the cabins we were assigned to administer and checked to make sure all the beds had clean sheets. Joey and I stood at the end of the drive, watching the busses pull in with our wards. As the last bus pulled in, I suddenly felt an extremely familiar and exciting presence. "Suzi," I said as I shivered. "What?" Joey said, seeing the goose bumps on my arms. "Suzi is here!" I said taking off towards her bus. As Joey rushed up beside me in front of the bus door, we stared almost disbelieving at Suzi's catlike smile beaming back at us through the door's window. She had to step back so the bus driver could open the door, but immediately hurled herself out and nearly knocked us both over. "Hi," she said as we recovered our posture. "What do you mean Hi!" Joey said taking her in his arms and swinging her in a circle three times. "You are amazing," I said as I took my turn holding her.

I couldn't repeat Joey's stunt because we were now in the middle of a sea of shorter people. "I know. But you know what? You are too. I felt you reach me. You know where I was?" "No, were?" "London, England." "Shit!" Joey said before slapping his hand over his mouth. "Uhm, you guys didn't hear that," he said to the nine to thirteen year olds. "Dang. Half way around the world. Remind me to tell my mom and father about that." Berry Lutzer walked up and said, "Hey, aren't you guys supposed to be down at the other end?" "Oops. Yeah." Joey said. "Uhm, Tim?" "Yeah, I'll go. Heh. Hey Joey. Looks like you're already down there." "Hey, save it for later. You can't hold that up for long." "I know. But… Yeah you're right. I'm already feeling it." My fake Joey disappeared to Joey's eyes, and I left him with Suzi. We all knew I could manage the entire parking lot if I had to without anyone's help, so there wasn't really any question about who would stay and help Suzi with her stuff.

Kid by kid, I placed my 'listen to Tim, he's your friend, don't let Tim down' commands. When I had finished with Joey's and my two busses of kids, I called off their names and put them in groups according to cabin. I was marching them off the lot in nice straight rows before the any of the others had managed to do their single bus. We headed to the covered picnic tables for lunch, directing the kids to their cabin's table. Two of my five ten year olds had been in my bunch, and the other three showed up a few minutes later. I also was in charge of a cabin of thirteen year olds, who just like us knew the routine of the camp. While all the kids were eating, all the Jr. Counselors (that's what we were called) filtered in and introduced themselves to their wards. All except Joey that is. I had to take care of his nine and twelve year olds at the same time. I finally got a little irritated so I seeked out Joey's and Suzi's minds. Suzi had apparently brought everything but the kitchen sink with her. She had a tent for herself which was almost as big as our cabins. To my delight, there were two five gallon water containers of purple drink, and a queen size air mattress. They had just managed to get everything carried behind the cabin area, and had stopped to cool off. Naturally they didn't cool off very long, and were in each other's arm getting rather hot. I let them have a few minutes, but after it appeared they didn't intend to stop, gave Joey a little reminder he had responsibilities. Once they were heading to the rest of us, I broke off my invasion of their privacy and started to get to know my new cabin mates.

Joey and Suzi finally showed up, and Suzi came over to my table for a bit. "They are all so CUTE!" she said smiling at my group. I caught Mick glancing over at us from his two cabins of eleven year olds, and I excused the two of us so I could show Mick the real McCoy. "Wow. You're prettier than I imagined," Mick said. Suzi gave him a friendly hug thanks, then giggled when I sent her the image Mick had made in his mind of her before. Jerry, then Gina joined us for a few minutes to find out who the new arrival was. I heard one of my kids calling me, so I left Suzi amongst her new found fans. Joey and I had probably made Suzi sound bigger than life. Everyone knew how important she was to Joey and me, and probably felt a little humbled to meet her. Suzi loved it. Joey had come up with an idea and shared it with me. We had his older kids switch with my younger ones, and when Suzi came back, Joey and I sat on either side of her at the same table with our younger kids. During the announcements after lunch, I connected Joey, Suzi, and myself in a partial three way so we could get caught up on recent events. After Suzi had felt my mind touch hers she knew she wanted to see us both as soon as she got back home. Suzi and my mother convinced her parents, and my father set her up with her supplies and transportation. Actually, my father had wanted to send her in a limo, but Suzi wanted it to be a complete surprise and insisted on the bus.

While we were telling her of our own adventures, we all felt the strange sensation I received from one of my thirteen year olds. It had made Joey a little queasy, but excited Suzi and lessly myself. Since there was no objection, I killed the three way and examined the boy privately. Eric Roberts was not your average thirteen year old. He was an early bloomer, having already a full crop of pubic hair at his crotch. The sensations which I had picked up on were his lusty thoughts about the kid sitting next to him, Randy Myers. Eric and Randy were more than best friends. Eric's thoughts were centered on the recent weeks where he had persuaded Randy to let him suck his dick. Randy hadn't returned the favor, but he was very willing to let Eric have his way with his dick. Randy had even jerked Eric off several times without being prompted by Eric. I found Randy to be similar to Joey and myself in some respects. He was just fooling around until the real thing came along with a girl. But Eric had no interests in girls. He hadn't actually made the connection that he was gay yet, but I immediately did.

The sad part about the situation was, Eric loved Randy, but Randy could never see Eric anything more than a friend. And Randy had already eyed some of the girls, hoping one of them would be interested in him. I muttered to myself. I had to link up to the other two and explain my comment, showing them the time bomb that was due to go off probably within the next few days. I quickly scanned the rest of my wards, checking for any other hidden surprises. Apart from one of my nine year olds worried about all sorts of silly fears, I didn't find anything. We had our first fight when everyone was getting up to take their things to their cabins. Scooter had the same age of kids as I had, finding himself in a bit awkward position having to give orders to kids only a year younger than he was. So it wasn't just luck that the two kids fighting were from his group. Most people wouldn't realize right away how much this age difference mattered. Scooter was in his mind still a Jr. High student, even though he technically was a freshman. All the other Jr. Counselors were High School students of at least one year. The thirteen year olds literally saw Scooter as one of them, despite the fact that Scooter had gone to camp with the high school students the year before.

Scooter was unsuccessfully trying to break it up before Jarvus and another adult counselor stepped in. No one but Scooter was blaming him for failing to control them. I wanted to help Scooter, but I had learned to wait until they came to me for help instead of butting in and offering it. A lot of times they would work it out on their own. Johnny Bensite, the kid who had conjured up imaginary dangers to fear, picked the bunk above mine. He was climbing down the ladder when he slipped and fell flat on his back. He wasn't really hurt, but he had the wind knocked out of him and was crying as he gasped for his breath. My heart went out to him, and I found myself holding him against my chest, rubbing his back while making hushing sounds. I gave him a hug when he had finished sobbing, and he returned it probably out of habit. He was the first of those five boys I felt something more for than just the responsibility for them. Little did I know in two weeks I would be crying my eyes out after saying good bye to my five little brothers. Officially, Suzi was a trespasser at the camp. She hadn't paid for anything, and her presence would be a constant distraction to Joey and myself. While Joey and I were busy with settling in with our wards, Suzi was at the office talking to Smitzer and Jarvus about how she could fit in. It surprisingly hadn't taken much to make the two head counselors accept the idea of Suzi being around. I had simply added the knowledge to their minds that Suzi had been expected.

Once that was done, they both came to the conclusion that having an extra Jr. Counselor would work out great. While Suzi kept Joey's and my younger crowd entertained, our older boys helped us set up Suzi's tent and equipment. It was difficult to curb their curiosity about the two big bottles of purple liquid. And if Suzi's trunk hadn't made such a loud squeak when one of the boys opened it, I'm certain they would have found all sorts of interesting things inside. "Shit, Suzi. What did you do? Empty the toy box before you left?" Joey asked pulling out three different types of vibrators. "Actually, the twins helped me pack. Tim, you need to have a long talk with them. They think everyone here is going to want to have sex. They insisted I pack those things to give out to all the girls so they could have something while they waited for you guys to get to them. It's a good thing I didn't know there were this many people here. I would have had to bring another trunk!" "Heh," Joey said with five vibrators stuck down his shorts. Jason, one of Joey's older kids came in, catching a glance of Joey before Joey could turn around.

"Uhm… The extension cord doesn't reach to hook up the lights. Rob thinks the only way we can do it is by moving the tent over." "Awe man!" I moaned. "We just got everything set up in here," Suzi added. "Yeah," Joey said while bending over the trunk to slip the vibrators in it. He forgot about the penis shaped one he had in his back pocket until the extra pressure against the stretched material reminded him. He stood up real fast and hit his head on the trunks lid. "Shit," Joey said holding his head while tossing the dildo into the trunk and slamming it shut. Jason had a shy little grin, more confused than anything else. "Don't mind him. He just watches the playboy channel too much," I said to Jason. "Come on Joey, let’s see if we can figure out anything." As it turned out, we did have to move the tent over three feet. We had to stop for dinner before everything was set up again. Afterwards, we took everybody on a hike and showed Suzi the tree.

By the time we got back to camp, Joey volunteered to take our younger ones to the showers. In reality, Joey had taken the lesser of two evils. By taking the younger ones, he left me with the responsibility of making sure the older ones took their showers. Because they were old enough not to really need someone to monitor their showering, it was only required for someone to do so the first night. It was a stupid rule, but a twelve year old had got scalded before my time, so they kept the rule even though it couldn't happen any more. I wondered if that was the reason we always ran out of hot water. When it was my group's turn, all the boys were a bit hesitant about stripping in front of everyone else. Eric especially was nervous because he had a hard on in anticipation of what he would see. "Shit, guys," I said slipping my own shorts off. "You're going to be seeing each other naked every night for two weeks. We're all guys, and you're all gonna end up lookin' pretty much like this in two years. So what if some of you are a little bit bigger or have some hair. That stuff doesn't count. What counts is what you do with it."

Most of the guys started stripping, but a few were still holding out. "All right. Here," I said stroking mine. When my hardon took hold, I said, "Now stop screwing around and get going. I popped the first boner, so if anyone else does and gets made fun of, they will have to make fun of me to my face. Shit guys. We all get boners. What's the big deal?" After everyone recovered from their staring fit, I was rewarded by having to wait for someone to finish before I could shower myself. I kept a close eye on Eric and Randy. Or I should say a close mind's eye. After Randy noticed Eric's boner, his got hard too. They were making jokes with each other, and I noticed Hank next to them finding their jokes amusing too. And as much as he tried, he couldn't help but get a woody himself. I found myself to be the center of Eric's attention for a minute or two. He studied my backside, and I even purposely turned to the side and gave my softening dick a few quick jerks without letting on I knew he was watching. He quickly returned his eyes to his own business, and fairly soon I found myself alone in the showers. I slipped my fresh shorts on and headed out the door. Halfway back to the cabin, I felt something amiss. I stopped and reached around with my mind, finding Eric and Randy had taken cover nearby for a quick blow. They were concerned that I had stopped, but Eric went back to his sucking after I moved on without glancing towards them. They were in their cabin by the time I checked it. I told them I had gotten them out of the flower basket activity, and instead we would be going to the beach the next afternoon. I won their popularity contest that night.

The next morning I came slowly out of my sleep to the sounds of whispers. When I opened my eyes, I found my beloved pecker again standing straight out of my boxers, waiting for my attentions. I heard a giggle and found all five boys very amused by my condition. I wasn't about to corrupt them with my ways, so I just said softly, "Down boy," and made my dick go soft immediately. I stuffed him in his proper place then got up and slipped on my shorts without showing a sign anything unusual had happened. Johnny made a surprise attack from above, landing on my back and clinging on my shoulders. I fell backwards onto my bunk, quickly overpowering him and started the tickling. Two more monkeys climbed on my back with a shout. I found myself over powered a moment later when the other two joined in. I was tickled silly and gasping for air by the time they were finished. "You realize," I said once I had my breath back, "this means war. But right now, I'm hungry, so let's go eat." I checked on the other cabin and had to wake them up.

We stopped by Suzi's tent behind our cabins, only having to wait a minute before she popped out. Our good morning kiss probably woke the older guys the rest of the way. Suzi parted our company when we passed Joey's cabin. They joined us five minutes later and we ate together talking about the day ahead. Scooter showed up with his younger group, looking rather tired. He brightened up quite a bit when Gina gave him a good morning hug, but lost that when his other cabin arrived. His thirteen year olds were giving him a hard time. Not really doing anything viscous, just being normal thirteen year olds without adult supervision. My cabin had tried pretty much the same thing, most of it was harmless, and I only needed to say something on a few instances. But because they weren't listening to Scooter about the important things, Scooter was making everything they did a violation of his authority. I would probably feel the same way.

After lunch at the lake's beach, Joey gave me a pleasant gift by offering to watch our young kids while Suzi and I had fun in the water. Suzi and I horse played with some of the other kids for about twenty minutes before we found a quiet spot to ourselves. We were standing next to each other with our hands across the others backs, when she looked in my eyes. We felt ourselves drawn to each other, ending up in a loving kiss that lasted several minutes. When we broke our lips apart, she laid her head on my shoulder while we ran our hands over each other's backs. I gazed out to where the others were swimming, feeling very content. "I'm so happy I came," Suzi said. "When you found me in London, I was really feeling down. I don't want to ever be away from you guys for that long again." "Yeah. Even though Joey and I had each other for company, last week we both kept telling each other how much we missed you. You know, even though we messed around with other girls and stuff, I always felt there was something important missing. I didn't figure it out it was you until Joey mentioned how much he wished you were here."

We stood there for a long time, holding and talking, and eventually our lips met again. Our love for each other having been verbally confirmed, Suzi increased her tongue movements, and began moving her hands down my back, then sliding her hands between my shorts and my ass cheeks. Pushing me with her hands and pressing her crotch against mine, she began to grind them together. Once she tired of this stimulating activity, her hands reached up and pulled my short down to free my cock. We broke our kiss and rested our foreheads together while I slipped her bikini bottom down also. The water was up to our chests, so we didn't worry about someone seeing us. But before we went any further, I told her I would be right back and dived under water. I used a decent size rock to weigh down my shorts and her bikini bottom.

When I came back up, I stopped off at her crotch and blew bubbles across it. "That tickled," Suzi said before we pressed our lips back together. My prick laid across her entrance while we wiggled against each other, working its head down closer and closer to its magic portal. When it stopped its descent, Suzi bounced up, slipping it into her hot envelope. I moaned from the intense sensation caused by the cool water and her hot flesh within. We started a slow fuck, both closing our eyes and breathing through both our open mouths and noses. We were oblivious to the outside world, centering our senses on our two bodies and the incredible new sensations of fucking in the cool water. Our passion grew slowly and steadily, losing the concept of time passing. Our quickening pumping became increasingly difficult to maintain, finding the water not wanting to get out of the way quick enough.

After we nearly lost our balance, we slowed down to a stop, panting into each other's faces. The world around us faded back to our senses. We stood there a moment longer before I pulled out, and we both moved over to shallower water so we could sink down to our knees to rest. A vibe hit me, finding a practical joke being played on us. "Would you believe someone had the balls to swim underwater and grabbed our swim gear while we were doing that?" I said to Suzi. "What? Who?" "One of my older guys named Eric. Seems he was spying on us the whole time. I must be slipping not to have picked up on him earlier." Suzi looked around, then grinned at me and said, "Well, since nobody else knows, why don't finish what we started, then hunt the turkey down?" "Sounds good to me. But let’s swim down the shore a bit more so we can slip into the trees without anyone seeing. I really don't want the younger kids seeing anything. Their minds are so… clean. And I don't want to have to tinker with them."

We found a small clearing further down the shore and hopped out of the water in a flash. We barely reached the clearing before Suzi grabbed me and pulled me down. "Damn, Suz. If you wanted to fuck this bad, why didn't you mfff," I said before her lips attacked mine. Suzi was on top of me, sliding her wet crotch down. My dick pressed against her crack until she impaled her cunt with my rod. She quickly built our fires back up to their earlier state, and as I started to feel the world around us fade away again, I quickly recovered enough wits to scan the area around us. Sure enough, I found four minds watching us from the shore. I linked up with Suzi and shared this with her. Suzi's moan startled the boys, and I was startled myself finding their presence had aroused her greatly. I checked to see who they were, and as I expected, Eric and Randy were among them. The two others were from Scooter's group.

Suzi started to hump wildly, bring my attention back to the matters at hand. When she sat up and moved her legs so her shins were on the ground, I groaned from the change in sensations. When she began raising her body up and down, we both heard the gasps from the shore. Suzi's moan ended in a screech as we both came two pumps later. She fell back forward on top of me and put her crotch in overdrive. My dick spurted its contents powerfully with the extra stimulation she had provided. We both gave a final groan before Suzi collapsed on top of me. I was very much aware of how Suzi's legs were spread far apart, giving the boy's an unobstructed view of not only her ass hole, but the base of my dick disappearing into her hot pussy. Suzi and I pretended to be asleep while they whispered and came to a decision. When they finally swam away, they left their calling card. Our swim wear was sitting on the shore waiting for us.

After we laid there enjoying our post orgasm bliss, I checked with Joey. He was getting a little frustrated with our extended absence. But he kept kicking himself for feeling that way. I informed him of the show we had provided the four, and he got a kick out of Suzi's new found fetish. And Joey wasn't the least bit upset with our lovemaking, just tired of baby sitting alone. Suzi and I dressed and began swimming back. Suzi spotted Eric, and flashed me a wicked smile before diving under the water to stalk her prey. I had just climbed on shore when I heard a shriek from the water. Suzi appeared a few minutes later wearing Eric's swim trunks. "What happened to your bikini bottoms?" Joey asked with a sparkling look in his eyes. "I traded," was all Suzi said before tossing the bottle of lotion to Joey and laying down beside him.

Needless to say, Eric didn't come on shore until he absolutely had to. His red face matched the red bikini nicely. I was quite surprised to see it covered everything while he dashed to his towel. But Eric gave us another little shock while we left the beach. He walked up to Suzi, wrapped in his towel, handing her bikini bottom to her without a word. He didn't even flinch like Joey and I did when Suzi slipped his shorts off and handed them to him in exchange. But he did give us a grin when he dropped his towel and pulled his own shorts over his hard on. The four of us walked back together, Suzi and Eric doing most of the talking. Joey and Suzi broke the seal on the drink and spent an hour together that night, with no uninvited guests that time.

For the next couple of days, we all formed a routine. Every morning I awoke and immediately had to defend myself from the five boy's attacks. I surprised them all when I pulled out my water gun the third morning, getting everyone a shot in the face at least once before I was overwhelmed. I loved every minute of it, and didn't mind the fact that they always ended up tickling me until I couldn't talk. Besides, I was planning my revenge for all my defeats, and I wanted to wait until it started to get old. Suzi was always waiting for us at breakfast, and always gave Joey and me a good morning kiss. Penny always seemed to be glaring at us while we did that, but only I took any notice, and even got used to it after a few days.

The time between breakfast and lunch was always reserved for the more physically exerting activities since it was the coolest time of the day. Joey, Suzi, and I usually were assigned to different groups for that part of the day. After lunch until around three, the activities were less physical, but were usually fun. The Jr. Counselors were allowed to choose what activity they would supervise. During that time of the day, we got to know a lot of the other kids at the camp, and the three of us were usually together. From three until dinner, all of the groups worked on crafts of some kind, staying in the shade to stay cool. We were given the freedom to pick were to work, and we always worked with the kids from our cabins.

Scooter continued to have troubles with his crew. It got so bad that Mick had to step in during the craft times to keep control. Suzi inquired why I hadn't done something, and I told her my reasons. She didn't agree entirely, so I promised if things didn't straighten out in the next couple of days, I would talk with Scooter about it. By dinner time, everyone was pretty tired of having to do something, so it was up to the Jr. Counselors to decide what to do. Most of the time, everyone went to the lake to swim or take the paddle boats out. Thursday evening, I found out Scooter wasn't going to come to me because he didn't want to impose. It was pretty obvious he wasn't going to work anything out on his own either, so he and I took a walk along the shoreline. "And because I can't leave them alone for any period of time, Gina and I haven't done anything but hug in the mornings at breakfast. I'm sick of it."

"Well, I can try to help, but you're gonna have to lay off them a bit too. They just want to have fun like we do. So what if some of it is against the rules. We've done lots of stuff even worse. Course, we never put hot pepper in a counselor's shorts before." "Yeah, and last night they tried to put itching powder in my jock strap. Good thing I checked… Hey, why don't you just make them all nine years old again? I can handle nine year olds." "Nope. I'm not going to ruin their time like that. No, we have to figure out something that would make them respect you. Something cool." "Hmmm. But what?" "We'll think of something."

We were walking through some brush between clearings along the lake. Scooter spotted a quarter and rushed ahead to get it, then suddenly froze in his tracks. I watched his face drain of color, staring off to his left immediately in front of him. That's when I heard the rattle. "Shit," I said under my breath. I reached out with my mind and felt the presence that was only a foot away from Scooter. I couldn't understand its primitive thoughts enough to control it, but I knew it was preparing to strike. I didn't take time to think, just locked onto the snakes motions with my mind, reached my hand out and grabbed its tail. I used the snakes own impulses to judge it's turn as I yanked with all might, whipping it away from both Scooter and me. Scooter was shaking harder than I was when we finally stopped our mad running.

"Damn," Scooter breathed, "I nearly fainted when I saw it. And I can't believe you did that. You sure have balls." "It wasn't as dangerous to me as you think. Hey. You think rescuing those guys from a snake would give you their respect?" "Well, you got mine. But I'm not sure I could even fake something with a real snake. Even if you were driving it." "It wouldn't be real. It would be an illusion. Suzi brought something that would keep me my head from exploding, so I'm willing to try it."

We made plans, and agreed to do it the next day. I got up early Friday morning, and snuck out without waking the mob squad. Suzi was already getting dressed when I scratched at her tent flap. After helping me pour two large glasses of drink, she left to watch my cabin for me. I was feeling the affects of the drink as I walked towards Scooter's cabin. I saw him stomp out of his and fling the door open to the other, and I hurried up to see what was going on. I heard shouts and a wave of fear from the cabin, then almost got hit by the tan belt that Scooter tossed out. When the belt landed and started to buck wildly, I jumped a couple feet into the air and ran three cabins down. I was just getting my nerve back when Scooter came out and saw me peering around the cabin I had taken refuge behind. He smiled and jogged over to me.

"Shit, Tim. That was great! It was totally real like. Why didn't you tell me you were gonna use a copperhead instead of a rattler?" My wide eyes and shocked expression confused him until I pointed over at the still twitching but apparently dead snake. Scooter stared at it with his mouth wide open while the boys from the cabin he had left cautiously approached the snake to get a better look. "Get back!" Scooter suddenly said stepping towards them. They scurried back to the cabin's entrance as Scooter went and grabbed a stick. I probed the snake mentally before Scooter did with his stick. It's 'neck' was broken. Scooter had twisted the snake's head nearly three- fourths the way around, just like we had planned and practiced. Scooter picked up the snake by its head and held out his prize to the others, inviting them to check it out. Later that day, they helped him make eight snake skin bracelets. They bonded with Scooter, and they became close friends. We all wore the bracelets the rest of the summer, signifying the bond. I still have mine, somewhere.

story by: batnut515

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Author: batnut515

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