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We had agreed to meet up for a drink, and you were late. It had been years since I’d seen you and I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how I wanted this to go. I didn’t want to end up sleeping with you again, I just wanted to see you, to catch up. I wanted to reassure myself that you were okay, doing fine. I couldn’t work out why I cared, but I did.
The piano bar you had suggested was really dark and quiet. There were only a couple of other customers in the place, down the far end of the bar. I’d been sitting, waiting for 10 minutes already and I was nervous. I pulled at the hem of the dress I’d worn, wondering again why I’d worn something so short and tight when I wasn’t planning on going home with you. I’d promised myself that.
The barman had given me a funny look when I’d gone up and ordered a drink. Sort of a leer with a wink. I noticed that he kept on looking over, probably wondering why I was drinking by myself. I felt self-conscious and pulled the little bolero jacket over my cleavage, cursing myself again for wearing something so revealing. What was I trying to prove? That I could still turn you on? What for? I didn’t plan on anything happening. I’d already decided. Just a friendly kiss on the cheek, a half hug, just like any other old friends meeting. We’d smile, have a drink or two, a bit of a chuckle over what we’ve done with our lives. After a bit, I’d say that I was tired, had to get back, that we’d catch up again some time. I’d give you another friendly little peck, and I’d leave with a confident smile.
So why was my stomach fluttering, why did I feel so warm? I finished my drink and saw my lipstick on the glass. Shit. That’d be right. You’d finally show up and there I’d be, looking a mess. I picked up my bag and looked around for the loos. There, past the bar down the other side, a darkened hallway and a set of stairs. I went down the stairs and past a couple of closed doors to the lit doorway down the end. The ladies’ was small, a toilet, basin, and mirror, just the standard set up. I went for a quick wee and took extra care dabbing myself dry. Why am I worried about loo paper fluff? Nobody’s going to see it. I wished I’d worn granny knickers and an old bra, just so I wouldn’t be tempted. But the black lace made me feel sexy, and the seam of my bra had been rubbing across my nipples for the past hour. I was annoyed at myself and quickly washed my hands and glared at my reflection in the mirror. No! Fuck it! I wouldn’t fix my lipstick or fuss with my hair. I’d go back upstairs and if you weren’t there well bad luck! I’d just go. I’m not going to hang around waiting for you.
I grabbed up my bag and pushed open the door. My head was down and I wasn’t looking as I started along the hallway back towards the bar.
Over the clicking of my heels on the floorboards, I registered another sound just as I drew level with one of the doors. As I looked up and saw the gaping darkness, I felt myself grabbed by the front of my jacket and pulled roughly inside before being spun around and pushed up against the wall. The door swung shut as I felt a strong body press up against my back and my bag dropped to the floor as both of my hands were pulled up over my head, then held against the wall. It was pitch black and I could see nothing, but I could feel a warn breath at my neck, and heard a low masculine voice in my ear.
/> My heart was thudding loudly in my ears, but I stayed silent, trying to catch my breath. I twisted slightly, my hips still flat against the wall, but I drew one shoulder back and turned my head towards the voice. As I moved, the hands holding my arms moved too. One strong hand captured both my wrists and pinned them together, while the other slipped down to the front of my bodice and pulled down sharply, exposing my breast to the cool air. I gasped as rough fingers found my nipple and pinched gently, and I felt my knees buckle slightly, but I was held in place by the hard body pressed against mine. A moment later my wrists were released as that hand slid down my arms to the back of my head, tugging out the comb and letting my hair fall around my shoulders. It lingered there for a moment, almost caressing, then suddenly grabbed the hair roughly and yanked back my head. The other hand let go of my nipple and reached up between my breasts to circle my throat, and the voice made a low growl. The hard hips ground against me and I could feel the shape of a cock through the thin material of my dress, pressing between my cheeks. I felt a flood of warmth deep inside me and I shivered.
The hand in my hair released its grip and moved down, following the curve of my body, until it reached the hem of my dress then slid up underneath, pausing momentarily at the top of my stockings, then continuing up the back of my bare thigh. Probing fingers slid forward along the silk of my G-string and rubbed my lips through the material as the other hand wandered back down, cupping my breast, and flicking over my nipple.
My G-string was suddenly pulled to one side and those fingers were against my bare flesh, pushing against the slit between my lips until it yielded and I felt one finger slip smoothly into me, sliding in and out and spreading my wetness over my folds. The pressure holding me against the wall eased off for just a second, but before I could move away I was pushed into the wall once more, this time with a hard cock firmly between my legs. I could feel the soft velvety head between my lips before it pulled back, the smooth shaft sliding easily along my wetness, then pushed forward once more.
My back arched as I instinctively moved my hips with each thrust, tilting my pelvis until the head was hitting my clitoris and I could feel the tension building inside of me. I kept my arms pressed against the wall, and I could feel myself pushing back with each movement, those strong hands on my hips now, pulling me towards them, and just as I felt myself begin to come, I was entered with a sharp upward thrust, tipping me over the edge, and I came, wave after wave as the cock continued to drive into me, my pussy throbbing, my knees giving way, my whole body held up by pistoning hips as they pounded into me.
I was weak, my forehead against the wall, my whole body trembling, when I was unexpectedly pulled backwards, startled, then pushed to the floor. A heavy weight was on my chest and I felt muscular thighs pin my arms to my sides. The weight shifted and now that velvety head was pressing against my mouth, pushing my lips open and forcing its way inside. I raised my chin to try to take it all as it pushed against the back of my throat, then withdrew just a little, only to plunge in again, making me gag and cough, but it didn’t pull out, just started smoothly pumping, fucking my mouth as it had fucked my pussy. I caught the rhythm and started to suck that cock, twirling my tongue around the head as it pulled back, and using the back of my tongue to tighten around it as it hit the back of my throat. Strong legs were squeezing me tightly and I felt the urgency increase with the speed, faster and faster until I could barely breathe, then a final thrust, and I felt that cock pulsing, throbbing, shooting thick cum straight down the back of my throat, filling my mouth as I struggled to swallow, choking, feeling it spill out the sides of my mouth, onto my cheeks, as I lay there trapped beneath that shuddering body.
I could hear the rough breathing above me gradually slow, and the now flaccid cock was pulled from my mouth, the body weight moved off of me, and I could sense movement near me as I wiped my face with my hand, still fighting to catch my own breath. Yet only a moment later, I was pulled halfway up onto my knees, then pushed forward, bent over, a long narrow padded surface under my chest and stomach, my wrists quickly bound with straps, and pulled forward, above my head. My face was lying on cold vinyl, and I could smell sweat. The cool air on my exposed backside was replaced with two warm hands pushing my dress further up my back, rubbing, massaging my arse cheeks, running down the sides of my hips, down my thighs, then around and up between my legs. My knees were pushed apart by firm hands, and I gasped as I felt a hot tongue probe my pussy, a warm mouth explore my lips, licking and sucking, flicking down to tease my clitoris, then slide right up and circle my arsehole, then back down again, latching onto my pussy and sucking for just a moment, before moving up again, probing my arse this time, a strong tongue pushing and lapping.
Just as I gave into the sensation of the hot tongue at my arse, I felt cold hard metal at my pussy lips, twisting, turning, pushing in. I tried to pull away, but my hips were against the bench, and a strong hand pressed down into the small of my back, the tongue at my arsehole replaced by a thumb, rubbing and pushing as the metal rod was slowly slipping into me. As the rod was pushed in, then slowly pulled back, the thumb at my arse pushed a bit harder, the tip just squeezing in, then easing off, slick with my own juices and saliva, then pushing in again, a bit further this time, then backing off. I tried to relax my muscles, and felt the thumb again, up to the knuckle this time, as the rod in my pussy was pushed in and twisted, and I felt heat building up inside me again.
I tried to muffle my groan of pleasure against the vinyl, but the hand that was pushing the rod into my pussy dropped it, and grabbed my chin, tilting back my head, making me moan out loud just as the cock slid back into me from behind, hips banging into my arse cheeks, balls slapping my pussy lips. Again I could feel an orgasm building, growing stronger and stronger with each thrust, almost there, when that cock pulled out and aimed higher, pushing that velvet head into my arsehole. I cried out in shock and the hand at my face quickly covered my mouth, stifling my scream. Fingers pushed into my mouth, between my teeth, and as I bit down in retaliation, I felt that cock slam deep inside of me, burying itself to the hilt in my arse, as the other hand snaked around to rub my clit, and I cried out again, this time as I came, my hips bucking, my pussy throbbing, and my arse clenching hard around that cock. Just a few more strokes and I felt the body behind me tense and jerk, I could feel the cock pulsing inside of me, slowing down, and gently pulling out, as someone lay their head in between my shoulders, smooth chest on my back.
After just a few moments, they got up and left. I stayed like that for a little while, lying face down on the sweaty bench, my knees on the floor, as I felt warm cum slowly ooze from my arsehole, and drip down my pussy lips. I soon found that my wrists were loosely bound, I only had to unloop the straps, and I was free. I got up, let myself out, and went back into the bathroom. I cleaned myself up, redid my lipstick, and fixed my hair.
I went back up the stairs to the bar, and there you are, sitting at my table, a drink in front of you, grinning at me as I walk towards you. As I get closer you stand to greet me, and I lean forward to kiss you on your cheek. I can smell musk. My musk.

story by: waitingforyou

Tags: fiction blowjob anal bondage and restriction non-consensual sex sex story written by women

Author: waitingforyou

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