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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. I thought I’d try a different look and sentence structure for this chapter, please let me know how you guys like it. />
Tim, the Teenage Part Fourteen By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter V: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 – The North Mansion Part 1 – Mother, Father, and My Lovers. (mc, oral mf & ff)

The black limo pulled into our driveway, filling the entire drive. Even before the vehicle had been taken out of gear, I had my suitcase waiting by the trunk. I had a feeling that this was a different vehicle than the last one I had ridden in, but there were no exterior markings to indicate this. A different driver got out, came around to the right side passenger door and opened it for my father. I nearly dropped my suitcase. Not only was my father clothed, but he was all decked out in a black and white tux. I did drop my suitcase when my mother came out. I had never seen her so dressed up, so beautiful, so… sexy. I swallowed hard when she walked over in her black and white sparkling blouse, with matching skirt, accenting her curves while still being conservative enough not to appear, as Suzi would say, slutty. Her legs were perfect, and her smile was genuinely warm. And she had that smile pointed at my father, which was even more shocking.

I followed my suitcase to the ground when the pair nearly ripped each others clothes off while they kissed. The squawking sound I made when my back end hit the ground was probably the only thing that has stopped them from raping each other on the spot. They straightened out each other's clothes while my mother wiped off the lipstick she had smeared all over his mouth, giggling like a school girl as my father said things which were beyond my range of hearing. The driver helped me up, then opened the trunk and put my suitcase in. I had packed enough for five days even though it was only for the weekend.

When my father asked where my mother's suitcase was, she held up her small matching purse saying, "Right here."

I stared at my suitcase as the driver shut the trunk, realizing how stupid I had been. I wouldn't be needing any clothes once I got there. Even my mother knew that. My father called me over, and for a moment I felt like the three of us were a family. When that reality hit me, I shuttered internally. In another life, I might have simply accepted letting my grandmother suck me off whenever I got a hangnail or something, just to make me feel better.

"Grandma, would you blow me? I'll even hold your teeth for you." Shutter, shutter.

I had a strange duality when it came to my father. Yes, he was my father, in some ways I respected him, and I suppose I cared for him slightly. But I also despised everything he stood for. I knew everything I would be enjoying this weekend, everything I had been excited about for the past week-and-a-half was his gift to me for being his son. But it also was an attempt to corrupt me with his way of life. A life I so desperately wanted to hate, but knew I already loved. But I actually didn't mind a little corruption as long as my friends were with me. They were my insurance, my protection from allowing the corruption to take my soul. Perhaps this notion was a bit naive, but as it turned out, they indeed were my saviors, and I theirs. Not that my father didn't try his hardest to corrupt us all anyway. And for a little while, he succeeded, especially with Joey.

As we climbed into the limo, I saw it was indeed a different one. There was no bed, just incredible plush velvety seats that I imagined folded out to become a bed if needed. There was plenty of room for Joey and Suzi when we picked them up on the way to my father's north mansion. Joey's house of course was just down the street. In fact, the limo had past it to get to our house. As we pulled into Joey's driveway, Joey was already standing right were the door would be, making it appear as if we had pulled up to him. Joey signaled for me to roll the window down before opening the door.

When I had done so, he said, "Welcome to Joey's. May I take you order please?"

The driver put Joey's suit case in the trunk next to mine. While Joey's parents checked out the limo and chatted with my mom and father, Joey motioned me out and we went to the rear out of ear shot.

"I saw your suitcase in the trunk," Joey said. "That was good thinking. I mean, I had to pack like I was going to need clothes and stuff. But when my dad saw the limo coming back down the street, he said something about wondering how much room the trunk had. I nearly shit when I realized you wouldn't be taking any clothes with you, and the trunk would be empty. So when did you start seeing into the future too?"

My face went red, but luckily Joey's dad called saying it was time to leave. I climbed in, and watched Joey's mom hug and kiss him, followed by his dad. He squawked when his dad gave him a peck on the cheek, and turned all red about it. He got in, and they all said their good-byes again through the window.

Once we were on our way, I said in a low voice like his dad's, "Oh, Joey.. I'll miss you!" and gave him a real kiss. That really made him turn red with my mom and father sitting right there. My mother whispered something to my father, and his eyes moved to Joey's legs and grinned.

Joey's body blush deepened even more, and then he said, "God, I HATE being fair skinned and blond!"

"Oh don't be, Joey. With your blond hair and blue eyes, girls are probably following you around everywhere," my mother said.

"No they're not, mom. With Suzi around, the other girls don't dare." I said grinning.

"What do you mean?" Joey said, seeking revenge.

"Everyone at school thinks Suzi is with you. I don't think Suzi scares them away, so it must be you."

"Ha ha." I said, letting him have his minor victory.

Suzi's house was a good fifteen minutes from Joey's and mine. We were talking about nothing in particular, when my mother and father began to shock me again.

"So, how is your mother? Is she well?" my mother asked.

"Oh, she's fine. Getting on a bit, but she can still suck a golf ball through a garden hose, if you know what I mean," my father said, laughing at his own joke. Then he continued. "And what about your father? Is he still on that little island? I nearly had it bombed while you were under my household, fearing he would find out and take you away. But they made me set you free before the planes were ready and…"

"MOM! You said Grandpa died before I was born! Is he really still alive?" I said exasperated.

"Whoops. Sorry Samantha. I didn't realize.."

"That's okay. I was going to tell him anyway." Then she turned to me and said, "Yes, he's alive, but he doesn't know about you. After I discovered my powers, I accidentally triggered his own. I'm afraid he is a little confused…"

"A little? He thinks he’s God All Mighty, Samantha. That is not just a little confused. That's plain loony."

"Well, at least he had enough sense to go and get an island in the middle of the Pacific to play God, unlike your father…"

"I suppose you're right. Pop certainly did bring that on himself. It was a pity he had all his slaves kill themselves when he did. Some of them I remember taking their virginities from them. Pop didn't leave many of those around when I was growing up. He always said.."

"Uhm, excuse me?" I interrupted. "Do I have any other living relatives that I should know about? What happened to my other Grandma? And do I have any uncles or aunts?"

"My mother truly died before you were born, and that's what made my father loose touch with reality. As far as uncles and aunts… Well, there's my brother George, and Charles' brother Larry, and what was your other brother's name? The one that tried to take over that country with the army of women?"

"No no. That was Larry. You're thinking of Spud. You know, here Spud! Good boy. And then of course there are your three sisters that pretend their witches. I must say, they know how to throw a good party. All my sister does is go around collecting human testicles. But she has quite a collection. I'm sure

"What about brothers or sisters," Joey said quietly, yet very amused.

"Yeah! What about brothers or sisters? Oh God! Three weeks ago, my only living relative was my mother. Then I meet my father, then my golf ball sucking grandmother. Now I have a family tree longer than my arm. And they're all power mad perverts, or grown men who think they're a dog!" I groaned, covering up my face with my hands.

My mother and father burst out laughing, followed by Joey. My mother had tears in her eyes, and Joey had fallen on the floor from laughing so hard.

"WHAT IS SO FUNNY?" I screamed.

Joey sputtered between his giggles, "They… were…. JoKINg!"

I said covering up my face again and sinking down in my seat, almost to where my butt was about to fall off.

As if on cue, I felt the car stop. I looked up, and there was Suzi's face, right were Joey's had been when we pulled up at his house.

"Great. Now I'm really gonna get picked on." I muttered, reaching for the door. I got out and greeted Suzi. Then I poked my head into the cab and said, "I think it would be safer if I rode in the trunk next to my suitcase full of five pairs of clothes. Just honk the horn when we get there, okay?" I had my head out ear shot before they could reply, and all I heard a moment later was the second explosion of laughter.

"What was that all about," I heard Suzi ask the occupants of the limo after they calmed down.

I waited for the driver to open the trunk to put Suzi's suitcase in, and then asked him to wait a moment before he shut it. I opened my suit case, and took out four little boxes. I also slipped my coin and another object into my pocket. I wanted my coin just in case I needed some sympathy. Suzi could really get you if she was in the mood. And I imagined I was an easy target right then.

I felt Suzi's hand slip around the back of my waist, and she said, "What's that you’ve got?"

"Oh, just something I made. Where's your mom and dad? Joey's almost climbed in and came with us."

"Oh, they're around somewhere. Limos aren't a big thing with them. Here they come…"

"You know, I think this is the first time I've actually seen your house from the outside, or with my own eyes. Oh, shit. I'm not supposed to really even know your mom and dad except the few times they dropped you off or something. I feel like I've known them for, what, fourteen years?" I said, feeling the butterflies in my stomach grow. I wanted to pull Joey out and tell them he's her date, not me. But I was the one who had invited her, and invited Joey. And they certainly didn't know anything about our three way love triangle.

Before we could say hey, Suzi's dad exclaimed, "Charles! I didn't know you were Tim's father! Well I'll be. Hows…"

Suzi and I looked at each other in yet another shock to add to my score board. We moved closer to listen.

"and that Greek goblet was an absolute hit. It fetched over ten grand! You wouldn't believe the how many people bid on that one."

"Really? Well, I have another twelve in storage. The one I donated to you was a last moment kind of thing. I suppose I let my superstitions get the better of me. I couldn't stand having thirteen of the silly things. You can't actually drink out of them without one of those rubies popping off. Perhaps next quarter I can donate the remaining twelve. Never hurts to get those tax deductions where ever you can."

"Well that would be splendid. If they get as much as the last one did, I imagine they would name the new library after you. The Charles Grodmen Library of Medical Research. Sound's pretty good, if you ask me.."

"Now stop it Frank," Suzi's mother said. "Can't you see they want to get going? It's been nice seeing you again Charles. And you Samantha. You two make a charming couple. Now I can see where Tim gets all his looks."

"I think I will ride in the trunk," I said loud enough for everyone to hear and turned around like I meant it.

Suzi grabbed hold of the back of my shirt and said, "You don't need to ride in the trunk." She pulled me past the back door, and opened the passenger side front door and said, "Here. You can ride with the driver."

After the standard farewells, we were on our way to my father's place. I passed out my little gifts, and waited.

"Ewww, Timmy! It's gorgeous!" Suzi exclaimed.

my father said.

"It is very beautiful. Thank you dear," my mother said.

"Yeah, Tim. It's neat. I don't recognize it either. Did you feel it out yourself?"

"Yep. And they're all different. See if you can guess what yours is, Joey."

"You felt all four of them? Wow! How did you do it?"

"Come on, Joey. I can feel the symbols out just as well as you can. You can just fit the shapes to them faster, that's all. Now come on. Everyone guess what they are."

"I don't understand," my father said frowning at his metal with red glass symbol. Each symbol was palm size, had a different color of glass, and resembled each other, but obviously were not the same. "Have you figured out what the symbols mean?"

Joey and I filled him in on what we had found out and had been doing. My father was very impressed.

"So, everyone has to figure out what their symbol means. I'll give you a hint. They each represent the person I gave them to."

"I know what mine is," my mother said.

"What?" Joey asked.

"I don't want to give it away," she wisely answered.

My father was staring intensely at his. Then suddenly he did an almost double take. He said, "Good Lord! I know what this symbol means!" His face was almost giddy with his realization. "It's stands for Father!"

"Yeah, that's what I thought at first. But it actually means a little more than just father. But wait until Joey figures his out. I know he will."

"Well, I won't," Suzi said a little crossly. "It's obvious your mom's is mother, but what's mine. Sister?" Then in a much softer voice,

"Actually you almost have it. Come on Joey. I know you can figure this one out."

Joey had shut his eyes, running the symbol around in his head. I hadn't expected him to take this long. "I keep coming up with something that doesn't make sense," he said, opening his eyes.

"Huh? Why doesn't it make sense?" I asked.

"I keep getting 'female

"Opps. I wondered if I got them mixed up when you opened it. Sorry. Maybe you and Suzi should switch."

My mom and father laughed again, and even Suzi giggled. My ears were burning, but Joey wasn't even paying attention. He had both Suzi's and his in his hands, turning them around and around.

"Go ahead, Joey. I know you want to collide them."

"I don't think I need to. They fit like…. this?" He had fit the two symbols together, the strange juts and dents locking into each other.

"Yeah. I couldn't get them exact so they fit kinda loose. I barely got them done in time for today."

My mom and father were trying to see how theirs fit together, and they finally got it right.

"Can I see, Joey?" Suzi asked.

Joey passed the interlocked symbols to her. Suzi took them apart, then reassembled them. She was looking at them closely, then suddenly saw the part of my hidden markings.

"Can I see yours too? I think they all go together," she said to my mom who was studying theirs.

My mom passed the interlocked symbols over, while Joey exclaimed, "Wow, Tim. You mean you got more than two symbols to fit together?"

"Yeah. But you won't be able to get these to fit together like that Suzi. You have to break yours and Joey's apart, and you're missing one piece."

I dug out the piece I made for myself, and handed it to Suzi.

"So, this one means, what. Self love?" Suzi giggled.

"Nope. And I'm not gonna tell ya yet."

Suzi fiddled with it for several minutes. She connected mine to my parents almost right away in a sort of T figure.

Just as she was about to get it, Suzi handed it over to Joey and said, "Here, you do it."

Joey turned their pieces around and finally fit them like legs that didn't touch anything but my centerpiece. The assembled figure looked like the combination of a T and an upside down Y. They were too loose to stay together, but there was no mistaking they had fit correctly. So Joey carefully placed the assembled figure in the center of the floor so everyone could look at it.

"I'm really impressed, Tim. I could have never figured that out. How did you do it?" Joey said.

"Actually, it wasn't that hard. You see, mom's piece really means parental female mate, and similarly dads. Mine is the product of my mom's and dad's mating. Your's and Suzi's are my male and female lovers. It's kinda confusing at first, but it does kinda make sense if you do this…"

I took the female lover and my symbol, still connected to each other, and placed them upside down over the mother and father. They were identical.

"The male lover and mine are actually the same piece. And the male mate is just a mirror copy of the male lover. Same thing with the female lover and the female mate. And the female lover is supposed to fit in the same spot as mine in the middle with the male and another female lover switching spots. Pretty neat, huh?"

We talked about my symbol gifts the rest of the trip. The North mansion was almost an hour from Suzi's house, so by the time we got there, I was feeling pretty good about myself. My mother and father didn't get out of the limo when we arrived. They were going out for dinner, dancing, and we all knew of course, sex.

But as I got out of the limo, my father called out. "Tim, while I'm gone, you're the Master of my household. Your mother and I won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, so you may do whatever you wish with my staff and house. If you like, tell Sherman to take you for the grand tour. I wouldn't bother going to the South Wing since it is just a copy of the North, with some small differences. Now go on. The twins are waiting."

"Thanks, Dad! This will be cool!" I said. I ran up the steps as the limo pulled away, catching up with Joey and Suzi. "Hey! We got the place to ourselves! I'm the Master of the house until tomorrow. What do you guys want to do first?"

As approached the two large doors, they began to open. Sherman and twelve other servants were waiting for us. One of them was holding the twin's leashes, whose collars and leashes were white. Joey and I got real excited from the concept of being Lords of all those naked and half naked people, Suzi less so.

"Hey Sherman. What's up?" Joey said being friendly.

"Honored to be of service to you, sir. I trust you had a pleasant trip?"

"Yeah, it was pretty good, thanks to Tim."

I was more interested in saying hey to the twins, but I saw there was a certain protocol expected to be performed.

"Sherman, do we already have rooms ready? Or do we get to choose?"

"The Master selected the one he believed you would enjoy the most, but you may choose to use any of the rooms you wish."

"Hmm. Okay. Well, I guess we can hop on the beds later. So, I take it those robes are for us?" I indicated to the three attendants holding robes.

"Yes Master. The attendants will remove your clothes for you. The Master arranged some entertainment for you in the North Study. You may wish to go there when you are properly attired. Food and servants are already waiting for your arrival."

"Okay, that sounds cool," I said, as my attendant and another nude woman began removing my clothes. I grabbed my coin, and looked around for someone who took my fancy. I settled on a twenty year old brunette, and called her over to me. "What is your name?"

"Fanny, Master," she said in a thick accent I didn't recognize.

"Fanny, I want you to stay with me at all times. I want you to carry my coin for me. Do you understand?"

"Oh, Yes Master. I will carry my Master's coin for him everywhere he goes. Thank you, Master," she said totally overjoyed.

"Oh, brother," Suzi said.

Once we were in our robes, I was handed the twin's leashes and they lead the way. My eyes became hypnotized by the twins’ butts. They were absolutely amazing. My dick was standing straight out of the robe. I was considering skipping the entertainment, and just get on with the sex when I realized Joey couldn't see.

"Joy, could Joey walk you? I want him to see something." The response was immediately yes. "Here Joey," I said as I passed him the leash. After Honey began leading the way again, I heard Joey gasp.

"Nice view, eh, Joey?"

"Yeah, man…"

"It's even better with two of them side by side. They always walk in step."

"Joy, you got the sexiest ass I've ever seen."

"Thanks, fellas. You really know how to make a girl feel wanted," Suzi teased.

"Well, if you wouldn't keep walking behind or beside us…" Joey said.

"Then I wouldn't see your two butts."

We reached the study, and I grinned again as Joey and Suzi gasped at the number of pillows and the size of the mattresses in the room. As Honey lead us to the center positions, our 'seats' walked up to us.

"Oh, uhm. Well, okay." I said to them. Joey and Suzi remained silent as they watched. "Hello, Sandra. How are you?"

"I'm very happy, Master. I'm so glad you remember me."

"Of course I remember you. Could you help me with my robe? I know you want to feel my heartbeat."

"YES, Master. Thank you Master." Sandra replied as she removed my robe. I settled back into Sandra's chests, I found myself feeling very much at home. I almost gave out a yip when I felt some very familiar lips on my dick.

"Oh, Honey. That feels wonderful," I sighed. Then I realized Joey and Suzi were still staring at me, not following my example.

"Come on you two. Live it up. You knew that this stuff goes on here. That's what makes it so neat."

"Yeah, but we didn't think you would be so… comfortable with it," Joey said.

"I wasn't at first. But Sandra here loves feeling my heartbeat against her chest, and no one made her that way. Honey and Joy have been doing this all their lives. It is their most loving expression they know."

Joey's dick was at full mast, and didn't have to take anymore convincing. Suzi, however, refused her 'seat'. And she didn't have someone to lay in between her legs.

"Sandra? Do you know if there are any males who like to feel heartbeats against their chests?"

"Yes Master. My husband also loves for people to lay against his chest. He doesn't get to very often. He gets so sad sometimes.." I picked his name out of her head, then sent the instructions out. In less than a minute, a smooth chested man walked in.

"Master, you sent for me?" he said kneeling.

"Suzi, this guy hasn't had someone lay against him in over six months. Please?"

"Please, my Lady. I beg of you. Allow me to feel your heartbeat through my chest."

Suzi sighed. "Okay, but if he gets a hardon, I'll make you suck him off, Timmy."

I heard Joey moan. "Man Tim. I don't think I could hold off much longer.."

"Hey Suz. You want to place any bets on how long it takes for Joey to blow?"

"This is a trick, isn't it. Oh well. Joey, how close are you?"

"I'm close! I'm not gonna last much longer. Thirty seconds maybe?"

"Suz, I'll be your servant at lunch for a month if Joey blows within five minutes?" I was actually asking Joy the question. The answer was an easy "no problem" kind of reply.

"Oh, okay," Suzi said brightly.

"Not that I will, but if I lose?"

"You let me get someone to do that to you."

"Deal. It's a win win situation. Okay, Joey go ahead. Anytime you’re ready."

"Yeah, I'm gonna cum any time now," Joey said, squirming.

I sat there, feeling Honey's loving lips and tongue keep me at the state of pleasant arousal.

After about two minutes, Suzi was starting to get a little nervous. "Joey, I thought you were about to cum?"

"I am, Oh my God. I am so CLOSE. UUUhhhhh. I'm right there.. really."

"So, Suz. Which would you rather have? A male tongue or a female tongue. Or would you prefer one of those zoo animals?"

"Come on Joey. Think of something that turns you on. Think of their ass when they were walking. Remember?"

"Yeah. Asses. Yeah. Walking. Yeah. Almost. Yeah. There.. Almost."

"Here's an idea. I'll up the stakes. How about I serve you for two months, if you will let three people worship your body. How about that."

"You think you're gonna win. But it's still a deal. I have a few tricks up my own sleeve. Joey. Remember when you and I were talking about how much fun it would be to have Tim lick every inch of our bodies? Remember?"

"Yeah, Almost.. Yeah….. Asses … Yeah…. Fruity tooties….. Yeah…. Yeahh…."

"Shit," was all Suzi said.

"So, should I have them do a line up? or do you want me to pick them out?"

"You do it." Suzi said darkly.

"Yeah…. Almost……. Yeah….." came from somewhere on the other side of Suzi.

"Times up, Master. You win," Sandra said, squeezing me."

"Okay, Joy, ease Joey down a little bit. He'll just have to wait for when Suzi is ready."


"Ok, Suz. I hope you like these guys," I said as two men and one woman walks in.

"I'm in trouble…" Suzi said, her eyes watch the first man's dick harden as he walked.

"I hope you don't mind them sucking on each other's tongues first."

"Yep. I'm really in trouble. "

"Yeah…. Trouble…… Suck…….. Yeah….."

Suzi watched as the two muscle bound men began to kiss, their dicks plainly in view. She almost didn't notice the woman getting in between her legs. I watched, fascinated by the woman's ginger licks and lip movements. It was totally different that anything I had done to Suzi. Suzi was soon limp, eyes shut, with a dick in each hand, while the men stood over her, still kissing. As the eight other men that I ordered walked in, they took their positions all around Suzi.


"Would you like me to give you a tongue bath?"

"Hmmmm? A what?" she said.

"You know. A tongue bath. Lick every square inch of your horny, hot, sexy body. Would you like that?"

"Hmmmm? Yes.. That would be nice."

I signaled, and then let the twins know I was ready also. I linked myself to Suzi and Joey, not letting them know of the link until the orgasms began. I felt the expert lips on our dicks bring our cum to a roaring boil, then held us there. I almost couldn't send the order out to start the cumming, but I did. As twelve penises began to spurt their loads, the three of us were sharing our orgasms. Cum was pouring on to Suzi, oozing all over her. Her orgasm nearly doubled in intensity, and my pleasure almost red lined. As Joey's and my orgasms ended, we were very much aware of the men's orgasms still continuing.

By the time they had finished, Suzi was covered completely. She was twitching from her multiple orgasms, but not as much as when the men began lapping up the sea of cum on her body. Suzi was moaning and groaning, even screaming a few times. Her words were gibberish, sometimes cusses. Even when she had used up all her energy, she was still making strange noises while the men continued to lick and lap. I let them continue like that even when the cum was gone for almost a half hour. I think Suzi had enjoyed it since she never objected to having a chest to lay against again. And she always did enjoy a good licking.

story by: batnut515

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Author: batnut515

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