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For the next few weeks, me and Lanie did about the same thing almost every other night. I would finger her, she would jack me off, and then we would make-out for a while. Life was going pretty good for me, and I was sure Lanie was just as happy as I was. But, in mid June Lanie said she was going to visit her grandparents in Denver, and wasn’t going to come back to Albuquerque for two weeks.

At first, everything was fine, she would send me a few pictures of herself topless, and I would happily pleasure myself to her generous gift. But even with pictures of Lanie, my regular masturbation habit was just not enough for me. I wanted the real thing, I wanted a girl I could feel, not just gawk at. That’s when I met Fay….

Fay’s family had moved in next- door, and had invited everyone to a stereotypical neighborhood At first, I really didn’t want to go, assuming that no one my age would be there, but seeing that I had no real excuse not to go, combined with my parent’s persuasive lecturing, I wound up going to the party.

The party was pretty bland for me, the adults stood and talked about the weather and other boring and pedantic topics, while the kids swam in the pool, splashing and screaming in the water. I, of course, was the only teenager there, and found myself having to awkwardly shadow my dad and step-mom, shaking hands and happily greeting adults who would crack an awkward and childish joke before shaking my hand and asking the usual questions adults asked kids, “What school do you go to?” “How old are you?”, and so on and so forth.

Eventually, I ended up sitting on one of the white plastic lawn chairs the new family had placed around the pool, and watched the small kids splash and swim in the clear pool water. That’s when Fay came over and sat next to me.

At first, I didn’t say anything, and in fact, I didn’t even know who she was. But one thing I did do, was check her out. She was wearing a sky-blue, two-piece bikini, and she was wearing the hell out of it! She had a beautiful body, tanned, slender, ample breasts, firm ass, and the most beautiful brown hair I had ever seen. I really couldn’t keep my eyes off of her, and just like that, I felt my dick began to stiffen and rub up against my swimsuit.

“Are you, Miles?” She asked me after a few minutes had passed in awkward silence.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to say. But after a moment of contemplation, all my nervous hormone driven brain could squeeze out was a shaky, />
“Cool, I’m Fay, I just moved in with my parents. My dad said you live />
“I-uh-I do”, I said, stuttering a little, crossing my legs to hide my erection, I was blushing like crazy at this point, and I was sure Fay had seen my erection.

“So what grade are you going into?” She asked, laughing at my awkwardness.

“I’m going be in ninth, so I’ll be a freshman”, I answered, trying my hardest to force my dick to forget about the beautiful girl in-front of me.

“I’m going to be a sophomore, so I’m just a year ahead of you! Hey are you />
“Me? No, I’m fine”, I said, luckily for me, however, being put on the spot seemed to clear up my erection, and I adjusted myself before continuing the conversation, “If you’re bored of this place we can go back to my house and hang out?”

Fay smiled and nodded, “Yeah, you’re the only person our age at this party, don’t any other teens live in this />
I said, though I was not really sure whether or not anyone did, “Just us”

Fay met me at my house about twenty minutes later. She had changed out of her bikini, and was now wearing tight shorts with an equally tight white tank-top, which gave me a perfect view of her body, and might I say, it was one hell of a view.

We talked for a while, and eventually we got on the subject of sex. She was surprisingly a virgin, but said that she had done everything but with some guy back in Arizona before moving here.

“What about you, Miles? You said you had a girlfriend right?”

“I do, but I haven’t had sex with her”

“have you ever had sex before? Like, before your />
A rush of blood went to my head, and I began to sweat. I knew telling Fay about Selena wouldn’t mean anything, but I didn’t want her to think I was some kind of I sadly was.

“Is there a different girl?” She asked, leaning forward to look me in the eyes.

Something about Fay’s eyes made me feel nervous. I didn’t quite know what it was, but her gaze made me feel compelled to tell her the truth.

“Well, I kind of cheated on my girlfriend… with this one girl…her name’s Selena…”, I said shamefully.

Fay smiled, “I don’t blame you, Miles”, she looked around the room, then reached into her shorts and pulled a condom from her pocket, “And I won’t blame you if you want to do it right now”

I laughed at first, I assumed it was a joke, you find that?” I asked.

“It’s my older brother’s, I took it from his room”, she whispered, “Now do you want to or not?”

“Oh, you’re serious. Well-I-I really do, Fay. But I don’t know if I-”

But before I could finish my sentence, the beautiful Fay sprung at me and kissed me, pushing me on my back as she wrapped her arms around my chest. Fay kissed me with more passion than I had ever experienced before and was really getting into it. At first Fay caught me off guard, and I just laid there letting her do her thing, but after a few seconds, when my brain fully processed what was happening, I started to get into it, and moved my hands to grasp her breasts over her tank-top.

Fay smiled a lustful smile, and pulled her tank-top off, letting it land on the ground. Fay wasn’t wearing a bra, and I about lost it when I saw those tits. They were round and soft, and warm to the touch, and for a few minutes or so, I sat on the carpet, making-out with Fay while I squeezed and fondled her tits.

go all the way, Miles. I won’t tell if you she said, pulling away from me and standing on her knees.

I nodded in agreement, and quickly removed all of my clothes and laid back down on the carpet. Fay did the same, and opened the condom, rolling the rubber over my already rock-hard dick. I had never had a condom on before, and it felt slimy, but either way, I laid back on the floor, my head resting on my hands while the beautiful brunette, Fay, slipped on the condom and in a position, got on-top of my dick, using her legs to push it in and out of her pussy.

“For a virgin you seem to know how to fuck”, I said.

“I’m not that ignorant”, she answered, laughing a little bit as she did.

Fay started off slow, but began to pick up speed, bobbing up and down on my cock while rubbing her clitoris with one hand and balancing herself with the other.

“H-how long do you usually last”, she asked, a little out of breath from all of her work.

“Four I said, a little embarrassed.

Fay just smiled her angelic smile and kept going up and down on my dick, her tight B-cup tits bouncing up and down in the air with her tanned body.

I was loving the whole experience. Fay’s pussy was wet, and even through the condom, I could feel her juices running down my dick. Her twat was also warm and tight, and it felt like heaven every time she would bob up and down, stroking my shaft with her twat. Sadly, things weren’t going to last much longer, and after about another minute, I felt my balls retract, and my heart rate increase, and suddenly, I felt my cum preparing to launch.

getting close”, I warned her.

Fay quickly shifted positions, falling to the side, and then grabbing a hold of may waist to make me lay above her. I used my hands for balance while I sucked on her nipples, licking each one with my tongue until they were completely erect. I humped her like a madman, moving my hips and record speed, racing to get to the big O.

Fay rubbed her clit while I fucked her, breathing heavily and looking down at me while I sucked her nipples.

“OH oH ooOO OH OH Fay moaned, shaking her body, she moved her shoulders, and spread her legs apart before finally returning to a relaxed position, “…oh />
I moaned loudly, clenching my teeth as I felt my seed shoot out and into my condom, I came only seconds after Fay, and fell on my back, exhausted.

Fay stood up and walked into the bathroom, bring back a towel and a trashcan. Reaching down, she gingerly removed my condom, throwing it in the trash before cleaning my dick off with the towel and putting her clothes back on.

pretty good, Miles. And in case you didn’t figure it out, I’m not a virgin”

“As in you weren’t, our you />
didn’t you notice that there wasn’t any blood?”

“Oh”, I said, feeling a little childish, “Yeah that’s true”

so cute”, Fay replied, bending down to kiss me on the forehead, “I’ll see you tomorrow,

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