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going to eat you up.’ Said the Big Bad Wolf. ‘Eat, eat, eat,’ Said a disgusted Little Red Riding Hood, anyone fuck any Tom giggle a bit is he finished his corny joke. The other five people on the patio laughed aloud at the take off on the Mother Goose Rhyme.
The blond next to him leaned over and whispered to Tom: “I still fuck, maybe /> Tom had been invited to attend a weekend night get together with two other couples in his apartment complex. He had become acquainted with the two couples when he moved into the complex after his divorce eighteen months previously. One couple was all male and the other all female. He like them both they were friendly had helped him get over his divorce and were totally non-threatening. Tonight they had a guest from California, and had invited Tom over to even things out as they put it.
He had been shocked when he met their guest she was a tall sunny California girl, at six feet she towered over Tom’s 5’7”. She was slender with a nice figure and looked like the girls you see on TV playing volleyball on the beaches of California. Tom would have given a weeks pay to see her in a bikini. She had a warm personality and sort of hung on Tom from the moment they were introduced. Hamburgers were grilled and potato salad served all washed down with a lot of beer, even though it was a bit chilly in September for a cook out in Denver.
“Okay guys just one more.” Said Tom. “’Two little kindergarten girls are talking. One asks the other what she thinks of sex. The little girl replies ‘It’s a pain in the ass.’ The first girl is startled and says: ’No silly, your doing it all /> “Boo, hiss.” Said the two couples.
The blond, Alison, leaned over whispering again: “It doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass, it can be quite /> Tom’ s cock jumped.
They were all enjoying themselves and a little drunk, one of the girls went into their apartment and got them all blankets. The three couples then snuggled up to one another in under the blankets, and Tom felt a hand give his thigh a gentle squeeze as Alison moved under the blanket with him.
Now that everyone was comfortable in the chilly September evening air, one of the boys said lets play ‘first time’.
first time?” Asked Tom.
One of the girls, spoke and said: “You tell you first time of having sex with someone of the same sex.”
“Oh I am sure Alison isn’t Said Tom acting as group censor.
look at me honey bun, I have been with girls.” Grinned Alison to a shocked Tom.
Tom wasn’t about to say anything to make Alison angry as he thought for the first tie in eighteen months he might have a chance with her. Things had been slow.
“Okay I guess.” Said Tom.
One of the girls told a tale of her first time with a gym teacher she had a crush on in junior high school. Going into details of the affair, which lasted about a month before the teacher got scared and broke it off.
Then one of the boys told of being seduced and buggered by his favorite uncle, his mother’s younger brother.
“Its you turn, Tom.” Said Alison, with a kind of smirk.
“Well, you all know I’m divorced, you know I don’t have anything to tell.” Said Tom as he tried to weasel out of the corner he had been painted into.
“Tommy baby,” Said one of the gay boys, “your trying to tell us in this day and age someone as young as you are hasn’t had some kind of experience with the same sex, come one, /> “Yeah Tom, fess up.” Said Alison.
“Okay, okay, okay. When I was fourteen, no fifteen, had a couple of mutual masturbation sessions with a friend.”
“Details Tom.” Screamed the group.
“This is a big secret, my parents were away, and we stripped and lay on the bed side by side and kinda felt each other up. We didn’t cum or anything, you know.”
your big secret Tom,” Said one of the girls, “that doesn’t qualify you didn’t cum, you have to have an orgasm or at least someone does.”
“Oh I think Tommy is holding out on us, come clean now Tommy, you have a secret your just dying to tell us.” Said Alison as she leaned over and blew in Tommy’s ear.
Tom couldn’t resist. “Okay, I’ll tell, but if this leaves this porch I will hunt you all down. When I was a freshman in college, one of my professors raped me.”
“Raped you?” Said the group with one voice.
“Yeah I got raped by the math professor. He was an older guy, and stopped by bar where a bunch of us were hanging out, I was kinda drunk and he offered me a ride back to the dorm. When we got there he raped me in his car in the parking lot.”
“Facts man, who struck John, you know details.” Said one of the boys.
“Well we had been talking and there was a quiet time, there in the dark car he unzipped his pants and took his cock out, and pushed my head into his lap. I didn’t know what else to do so I blew him.”
“Hee, hee, hee, you didn’t know what else to do so you blew him. Tommy, that’s terrible.” Said Alison. “Did he cum in your mouth.”
“Ah no, when he got hard he pushed me into the back seat and I guess you could say he fucked me.”
“What then.” Said the one of the girls.
“Well you know, I guess he shot up my ass, he got dressed and I got dressed and went in the dorm and brushed my teeth real thoroughly “
really cool of you Tom to tell us you deep dark secret. Lets have another beer and a shot on that one.” Said one of he boys as he prepared shooters of a sweet liquor and another beer for the crowd.
Alison leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek: “That was sweet of you to tell us about /> Said Tom.
They were all a little high now, when it got to be ten o’clock, it was decided to break up for the night, and get together for dinner the next night. The boys were going to drive Alison back to the motel, and Tom quickly stepped in and volunteered to do this chore.
The boys toddled off to their apartment with the beer and liquor, the girls gathered up the blankets, and Tom and Alison headed towards the parking lot.
“Would you like to stop by my place for a cup of coffee?” Asked Tom.
“I’d very much like to stop by your place, but no coffee, I’d like another drink.” Responded Alison.
Tom led the tall blond toward his apartment, fumbled with the knob, which was unlocked and opened the door. “Let me get the lights.”
“I don’t need lights lover.” Said Alison as she closed the doors, “Just come here and kiss me.”
Tom found himself right where he wanted to be in an exploring kiss with the big girl. She was strong and hugged him as they explored each other’s mouths. She rubbed against him. Not breaking the kiss she fumbled with Tom’s shirt, then her blouse and all at once her breast were pressed against his bare chest. They stayed locked at the mouth, Tom was rubbing her round ass, and she was squeezing him. Finally they broke for air.
Tom felt Alison’s hands in his crotch, unbuckling his belt lowering his shorts then she began to massage his cock and balls, he was in heaven.
She whispered as her hand caressed him, the only experience you ever had with a man?”
He whispered back.
you ever want to do it again, you know, suck another cock, or get done from behind?”
“That one evening haunts me enough, I dropped out of college shortly after that and got /> “That didn’t work did it, do you have any kids?”
/> “Lets get back to tonight, did you play with yourself while you blew your /> “Good grief no. Why are we talking about this? You’re here I’m here, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen or been this close to.”
“Well I just want you to know that giving someone a blow job is much better if you play with yourself as you suck.”
Replied Tom and he kissed Alison again who responded warmly, he could tell she was lowering her panties, oh boy this is it. ‘Should I go down on her, she is a goddess’ He thought to himself.
Then he felt something strange down below, Alison had his cock stretched out with her hand around it, but there was something else.
The kiss ended, and Alison kissed and bit his neck. that Alison?” Tommy asked.
“Oh you know Tommy, its what you want, where’s your couch?”
“Over there.” Said Tom as he shuffled towards the couch.
get all naked and sit down lover.” Said Alison.
Tom kicked off his shoes and got his trousers and shorts off from around his ankles, without falling down, he was in a hurry. He got his shirt the rest of the way off. Alison had half turned and removed her clothes. Once she was naked, she felt behind her and grabbed Tom’s dick and told him to lead her to the couch.
Once seated she embraced Tom and they kissed again, her hand still working on his sex. When the kiss broke Alison asked: “What were you thinking when you were blowing your /> “It just seemed like the only thing I could do to get out of the car.”
“Full confession now.”
”I was kinda disappointed that he didn’t cum in my mouth, I expected that.”
sweet Tommy honey, now give me your hand.”
Tom did as he was told, and Alison took his hand to her crotch and placed it on her erect cock. that Alison?"
“Oh you know what it is, it’s my cock, and below it are my balls, you knew at some level, I’m a /> /> “Come on now Tom, I’m hanging around with a pair of gay boys and a lesbian couple, you cannot possibly be that /> “What, who?” Asked Tom.
“Oh I met the boys in grammar school before I moved to California with my mother. I have been dressing and living as a girl since I was fourteen. Half my life, no one at work knows my secret, just like no one knew your secret before /> “Ahhh, I don’t know what to say.” Responded Tom.
“You don’t need to say anything honey, kiss my breasts.” She whispered.
Tom confused as he was leaned over and began to suck her tits. “They are nice aren’t they”
Said Tom with a mouth full of nipple.
“Now the other one dear.” Tom switched and now getting into the mood, gave the nipple little loved bites as he sucked. “Oh Tommy, do again.”
Tom spend the next five minutes playing and sucking Alison’s tits as she played with him.
“Kiss my belly honey, put your tongue in my navel.” Alison pushed his head down to her stomach. Tom began to explore her belly with his tongue kissing, licking her. As he licked and sucked her she moved her hands to his face caressing him and massaging his neck and back.
“There it is Tommy honey, it’s okay, you can suck it, it’s been a long time for you and its about time you did what you really want to do, go down on a cock and suck it till it explodes in your mouth. Kiss my balls lick them, then take my hard cock in your mouth and make love to me.” Alison gently pushed him into her crotch.
Tom took a deep breath and relaxed, it seemed so natural: ‘This is what I want to do, this is where I belong.’ He thought as he licked and sucked Alison’s balls, then he took her cock into his mouth and began to suck it, bobbing his head up and down.
“OH Tom, you are good, your mouth is warm and wet, suck it honey. Play with yourself, you won’t be able to tell if you are blowing me or /> Doing as he was instructed Tom fondled himself as sucked Alison’s cock.
“It’s okay to suck my cock Tom, I’m a girl, your not gay, your just sucking a really long clit. Oh, oh, oh, hold still honey here it comes.” Alison gently held his head in place as she tossed her cookies in Tom’s mouth. “Mmmm, ahhh, mmm, one more honey, here it comes. don’t get scared now.” Alison gave several violent thrusts into Tom’s mouth and shot again.
Said Alison as she leaned back and relaxed, she continued to caress Tom’s face and head, as he was reluctant to leave her love nest. Alison put her feet on the edge of the couch and spread he legs wide apart. “Lick me again Tommy, but this time a little lower, a girl likes her little love hole kissed.”
Tom moved down to Alison’s rectum and began to lick it. He was surprised how much he wanted to do this.
it honey now stick you tongue in me, uh yes, oh yes, that’s it, deeper, harder, uh yes. Now come up here to and kiss me and put that cock right in there where it /> Tom did not need a second invitation. He slid up Alison’s long body and directed his cock into her, she grabbed him and guided him into her and kissed him as her ass went into overdrive and Tom was off on the ride of his life. Her rectum gripped him tightly as her ass milked him, and in no time he felt himself ready to cum.
”Oh god, Alison this is it, ah, ah, ah.” He grunted.
“Tommy sweetie shot it, shot it in me, fuck me, fuck me.” Alison’s hands grabbed Tom’s ass and she dug her fingernails scratching and clawing at him to pump harder and harder. “Harder Tommy, harder, deeper, oh yes, oh yes, honey do me, do me, do me.”
He shot, once, twice, three times, then dropped on to Alison exhausted.
Alison wrapped her legs around his ass, keeping him in the saddle; he could feel her dick pressing into his belly. “Mmm, lover, that was fine, mmm, mmm, mmm.” Cooed Alison as she gave him little kisses all over his face and shoulders.
Tom softened and his dick pulled out of Alison. They continued to lie there in each other’s arms as they regained their breath.
“Oh it was really good for you Tommy, I can feel your cum leaking out of my ass, that is so sexy honey.” Alison kissed him and unlocked her legs. Then sitting up she drew the smaller Tom on to her lap. She kissed him, then leaned down and took his nipples in her mouth and sucked and bit them. He shivered and his dick started to quiver with renewed life. Moving her hand down Alison played with his soft dick and squeezed his balls, then she spread his legs and began to play with his rectum, one finger in she began a sensual massage of his prostate, and his cock sprung to life.
“Oh Tommy likes that, go Tommy, go.” Alison continued to finger fuck him till he was hard again. “Tommy you think you have had orgasm up till this point, I’m going to do you and you’ll think you’re cock is shooting lava.”
“Oh Alison, do it, I’m so ready for you.”
what your friends told me, you were looking for something and I was it.”
“Yes, yes, you are the most wonderful woman I have ever met.”
“Thank you Tommy, I really try to be the girl boys dream about, now straddle me and I will make you shoot so hard your will think the top of your head is coming off.”
Tommy got up and kneeled with his legs on either side of Alison and gently sat down. Alison still with a finger in his ass directed him towards her cock. She removed her finger and moved her cock head to his opening. “Sit down on it Tommy.” She commanded as she worked the head back and forth, with a good deal of effort she got the head in. “You know Tommy, if you got fucked more often this would be a lot easier.”
“Gee, oww, it hurts.”
“Only for a little while dear, I’m in now, work with me honey, push out.”
Tommy pushed out, and when he did Alison pushed up, driving in deeper.
“Ow, ouch, oh, that hurts Alison, I don’t know if I can do this.”
“Hush now baby, it only hurts the first time, now push and take the rest of me in you.”
“Oh god, it’s tearing me up inside, I /> “Its in all the way now just relax dear, put your weight on it, get it in you solid.”
“Owww, ohhh, owwww.” Finally Tom was sitting with the cock completely buried in his ass and all his weight on Alison’s stomach.
Reaching down she caressed his stomach above his cock. “I’m right there now Tommy, my cock is right there, feel it honey, put your hand on your stomach and you can feel my cock all ready to fuck you into heaven.” Alison took his hand and he felt his stomach and swore he could feel her cock head.
Alison began to gently move her hips, Tom bit his lip, when with her right hand she milked his balls and with her left she masturbated him.
just take it easy for now Tommy, just sit still and let my cock work on you.” She increased the pace a bit. “Is it getting better?’
“A bit, your hands are driving me wild.”
“Relax and let it happen, this is the first time some one has made love to you, the way you want to be loved. I can feel your cock so hard it may burst, your balls are drawn up ready to unload. Squeeze my cock with you love muscle, squeeze it hard.”
‘This has been such an evening and oh my god, the feeling it is starting. Alison harder, faster, oh jeese, mmmmmmmmm, oh god, my nuts feel like they are going to explode.” Tom reached back and grabbed Alison’s ass and pulled her into him as hard as he could. “Yeeeeow, it hurts, it hurts so good, damn, I’m cuming, oh fuck, oh shit, my dick is on fire, this can’t be happening. Fuck me Alison hard stick that big cock in, I want to bleed. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Tom shot all over Alison’s stomach jets of cum fell on her she continued to pump his cock until it softened.
“Come to mommy lover.” Whispered Alison as she stretched her arms out and pulled Tom down on to her. “Now ride it Tommy, ride that cock, fuck it with your sweet little ass do it honey, do it.” Alison locked her mouth on his and his ass went to work on the cock, she met his stroke pistoning her cock into him. They broke the kiss; Alison started biting his shoulders and lips, leaving a trail of bite marks. Both were breathing hard and covered in sweat.
“Alison I’m cuming again, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, here it is, /> Hearing this Alison drove in and held Tom close as his dick leaked cum between their two bodies. When he relaxed, Alison rolled him onto his back, and commenced to pound him for her own orgasm.
“Take Tommy, take it, take it, I’m cumming now, I going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, spread those legs, let me get in you all the /> Alison shot up Tommy’s ass, and collapsed on top of him.
They lay in the together for about five minutes, sweaty, glued together at the stomach.
“Is it always like this Alison?” Tom finally asked.
“No, you had a lot of pent up desire to let go of.”
“That was incredible, I didn’t know sex could be that good.”
“You aren’t going to turn into a slut puppy now and start picking up sailors to blow are you.”
“No, I don’t want a new life style, I want you, a woman with a big clit. You are the prettiest woman I have ever seen, but I am repeating myself, already said that once. Tonight was /> “It usually is when you have your coming out and realize what you need and want.”
“Right now I want you, you hair, your breasts, your kisses, and your cock in me.”
go to far there, or you won’t be able to walk for a week. You’re not use to having your ass done and your legs spread to accept the hard fucking you want. You took it from behind the first time, that’s really easy.”
“Can we do it like that some time; I want to see what its like to be made love to, rather than just fucked.”
“Oh of course we can honey, I’ll take you from behind whenever you want, I’ll ride you like a pony.”
“Will you.” Said an eager Tom.
“Not tonight though dear.”
“I want to blow you Alison, let me eat you again before you have to go.”
“It’s kinda messy right now, are you sure?"
“I can handle messy, cum in my mouth again please.”
“Mmmm, how sweet you are.” Said Alison as she kissed him and then moved so Tom could eat her cock again. “There it is dear, take your time, don’t be anxious it is going to take a while after the way your ass pumped it out.”
Tom moved down and licked her balls, then he kissed and licked the shaft before taking it in his mouth.
Alison reversed herself on the couch so she had access to Tom’s cock. “Lets do a 69 lover, you eat me and I’ll eat you.”
They made love to each other’s cocks in this fashion not rushing but savoring the experience. Tom found Alison could, while he was soft take his entire cock into her mouth, then swallow the head so his cock was in her throat. It took him a while but soon the two were locked together, in this way. Alison wrapped her arms around his ass hugging him to her mouth; Tom did the same, and all you could hear were the gently sounds of two people in love sucking each other off.
Alison was right, kissing, sucking, throating, it took them a half hour to finally cum. Tom didn’t care he would have sucked her cock all night long if need be; for he now knew what he wanted in life, Alison, and her cock.

The next morning they awoke in the same position, each with their face buried in the others groin reeking of cum, sweat and sex. After a quick shower, Alison took Tom from behind, and rode him like a pony. Tom found there was a difference between being fucked and being made love to. They are now an item.

story by: Fred

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Author: Fred

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