Trailer trash teen ch.6

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An hour after she got off the phone with Razor, Tina
was sitting on a lawn chair just outside the front
door to the trailer home smoking a cigarette. She was
agitated: her body was trembling uncontrollably. She
felt like she should probably eat, but had no
appetite. Her mind was racing and she found it
difficult to concentrate on anything.

The sun had set and it was almost eight o' clock.
She'd been fucked by two loan sharks a couple hours
before. She still couldn't believe how fantastic it
had been, how incredibly awesome it had felt! She felt
guilty for doing it, though, and had to struggle to
keep herself from feeling ashamed. Yet she couldn't
ignore the reason she'd done it, try as she might: to
help her dad.

Her dad. That asshole! That fucking alcoholic gambler
who, just four days before, had punched her! She
gently touched her eye, which wasn't nearly as swollen
anymore, as she thought on this.

He's still my dad, she thought to herself sadly. What
else can I do?

Tina hated him in a lot of ways, and always had. She
wanted nothing more than to move away to college, to
leave the trailer park behind and never see her
father's face again. But she couldn't bear the thought
of anything bad happening to him either! He was her
dad and, for all his faults, always would be. It was
all so confusing!

So that was it then. She'd made her decision: she'd
already fucked the two loan sharks, had even enjoyed
it immensely, so that they wouldn't hurt him. But now
she needed to come up with over $300 by Saturday
afternoon as she'd promised, or it could be her ass!
Which was why she was counting down the minutes till
midnight, when Razor would be stopping by to pick her

It was probably a bad idea for a lot of reasons, she
realized. Tonight she was going to officially become a
prostitute. That alone was bad enough. She felt her
empty stomach lurch at the very thought of it! But it
was like events were outside of her control, now: she
had to do it. She had to! There was no choice…

She shook away the voice in the back of her head that
tried futilely to remind her she always had a choice.
That voice had become easier and easier to ignore
these last couple of months. It was as if, deep
inside, Tina always knew exactly what she should and
should not be doing but that she had become an expert
in not only ignoring that part of herself, but in
fighting it, too.

She sighed when she remembered her classes as well.
She had to be up early for school, yet she was going
to prostitute herself at midnight? She had to make it
for class in the morning! She scolded herself for
being stupid enough to agree to starting tonight. She
could have begun the next night, but that would have
meant not going to Michelle's party.

After finishing her cigarette Tina stood, felt dizzy,
then sat down again. She'd smoked too fast. She
breathed in deeply then pulled out another cigarette.

Just as she took her first hit from it, though, she
nearly screamed when Joey appeared.

he said in his usual quiet voice.

"Jesus Joey!" she shouted, coughing out a stream of
smoke, "You scared the shit outta me!"

He nodded in embarrassment. He always seemed
embarrassed, Tina realized.

you doin' out here?" she asked, more gently
this time. It was easy to upset the poor kid, and Tina
hated doing that to him.

He shrugged. "Saw you come out."

your mom?" Tina asked.

Again the 12-year-old boy shrugged. "Work, I guess."

Tina nodded. She took another hit from her smoke and
closed her bathrobe tighter around her body, then
said, "So what do you want?"

"I want to show you something," Joey replied.

Tina was surprised. She hadn't really expected him to
answer, unless he'd wanted sex. But if that's all he'd
wanted, he would have just said so.

"Show me what?" she asked suspiciously.

"In my room," he answered, backing away. "Come on…"

Tina rolled her eyes. What she really wanted to do was
go back inside, go to sleep, and wake up feeling
normal again. Of course, that wouldn't happen: Razor
would arrive in four hours.

But to feel normal, go to school, feel normal again!
It was such an attractive thought. She shook it away.

Tina sighed. She stood up, held her
bathrobe tightly around her naked body, and followed
the boy to the neighboring trailer.

Inside everything was quiet. The TV wasn't on, nor was
the radio. It was disconcerting: the trailer was
usually filled with sounds from both! Tina followed
the young boy to his bedroom in silence, feeling sort
of apprehensive about all this. Joey didn't usually
act so mysterious.

She took a seat on the edge of his bed, the sheets of
which had pictures of WWF wrestlers on them. There
were similar posters on the walls of the small room,
and action figures, too. A typical boy's room, she

He rummaged in his closet then came back with a
shoebox. He placed it next to her on the bed, and
stood before her. A strange smile was on his face.

"What's in the box?" Tina asked, trying to sound
casual. In fact, she was a bit nervous.

"Look," he replied.

Slowly, she lifted the lid off the box. Inside was a
Penthouse magazine.

Tina sighed in relief. "That's all?" she asked
lightly. "I seen lots of them before, Joey. Where'd
you get it?"

The strange smile hadn't left the boy's face. "Mama's
last boyfriend," he replied. "He left it here when she
kicked him out.

"But look what else he left," Joey said, lifting the
magazine away.

Tina gasped. Underneath the magazine, to Tina's utter
shock, was a gun.

It was as silver-plated pistol with a black hand-grip.
Tina's heart rate, already increased, took another
jump at the sight of it.

she began.

Before she could finish he'd picked it up. A strange
glimmer was in his eyes as he stared at it. It looked
incredibly large in his small hands, Tina thought, and
incredibly scary.

"Isn't it neat?" Joey asked breathlessly. "He tried to
throw it away but I found it… it's mine!"

Tina gulped and her mind raced. What was she supposed
to say?

"Joey… why did you keep it?" she asked, incredibly
nervous at this point.

He looked away from the gun. He seemed confused.
"Why?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

"Guns are… you know… real Tina said

Joey looked hurt. "You don't think it's cool?" he

"No, no! It's cool and all," she said quickly. "But,
uhm… maybe you shouldn't keep it very long? I
mean… something could />
Joey seemed stunned. He lowered the gun. "Nothing will
happen," he said. "I've had it a while and nothing
happened. Why don't you like it?"

Tina shook her head. "No, Joey! I do like it, it's
real cool! But… I mean, is it loaded?"

He looked away from her. Slowly, he placed the gun
back in the shoebox, and put the porno-mag back on top
of it. "No," he said softly. "There aren't even any

Tina sighed with relief.

Joey put the shoebox back in his closet in silence.
When he was done, he was frowning. He looked like he
might even cry.

"What's wrong?" Tina asked.

He shrugged. "I just thought you'd like it."

She rolled her eyes and smiled. "I do like it, Joey!
That's so cool you have a gun… you just have to be
careful, is all!"

"There aren't any bullets," Joey said again.

"Even so," Tina replied.

Joey nodded. "Okay," he said softly.

Tina felt bad for the kid. He'd expected some other
reaction from her, some reaction that would make him
feel "cool" or something. She could tell just by
looking at him that he'd been devastated by her shock.

"Well," Tina said. "You're the only person I know who
has a gun…"

He brightened up.

"Yeah," she nodded. She looked around the small room.
Suddenly, she didn't want to leave. It felt good to
interact with someone again, someone she knew. Joey
always ended up making her feel better, she realized.

"What happened to your eye?" Joey suddenly asked.

She looked away from him. She nearly gave him her
prepared story about falling off her bike, but
hesitated. She felt bad lying to him.

"Did your daddy hit you?" he asked.

She looked up at him. He was staring at her, nearly
expressionless. Finally, she nodded.

"Yeah," she said, softly. "He did. But don't tell no
one, okay?"

Joey nodded. "Mama hits me sometimes, too."

Tina had figured as much. She'd seen him with bruises
on his arms and, a couple times, even on his face.

"Sucks, don't it?" she said.

"Yeah," he replied.

Tina wanted to change the subject. She didn't want to
think about her dad, or start thinking about
everything that was happening again. Suddenly she
asked, "Hey, wanna read that magazine />
Joey's eyes glimmered in excitement. But he didn't say
anything, he just nodded.

"Okay," she said. She smiled and gestured like he
should get it out.

Quickly the 12-year-old boy went back to the closet
and grabbed the magazine. Tina laid down on her
stomach on his small bed and he did likewise alongside
her, and after adjusting themselves so that neither
would fall off, she opened the magazine up.

She was leaning on her elbows to hold her body up, and
Joey was doing the same thing. They stared down at a
picture of a redheaded model leaning back, legs
splayed wide, smiling out at the camera.

"She's cute, huh?" Tina asked.

"I guess," Joey said, embarrassed.

Tina laughed. It was a genuine laugh: she was actually
feeling good! "I know you like her, Joey, the magazine
flipped right to it!"

"I only looked at it a couple times!" he said,

Tina giggled and turned the page. Together the two
looked at page after page of beautiful women,
sometimes with men, sometimes with each other.
Occasionally Tina would make a comment, but mostly she
just pointed at things she liked, and Joey would nod.

When they got to the letters section Tina asked, "You
read these?"

He shook his head. "No, not yet," he said.

"Okay," she smiled. "I'll read them to you. Okay?"

Joey nodded.

She cleared her throat and began reading. It was
boring at first, until she got to the sex part…

"I gasped when she touched me there," she read aloud,
changing her voice so that it sounded more sexy. "I'd
never had another woman touch my pussy before… But I
liked it, so I didn't resist. Soon, she was fingering
me, right in the middle of the movie theatre, my
boyfriend totally unaware of what this strange woman
was doing to me!"

Tina found herself getting turned on as she read, and
she knew that Joey was, too. Her voice grew even more
husky when she got to the rawer deions:

"His cock pounded in and out of me like a jackhammer,
slamming in and out of my pussy over and over as I
sucked on Roger's cock. Suddenly he came and my mouth
filled with his sperm, just as I exploded in
Tina stopped reading. She looked over at Joey, who was
staring at her face.

She stared back, smiling slightly. He was so cute: his
shaggy hair unkempt about his head, his large child-
like eyes wide open and innocent. She thought about
the boys in the woods and how nasty that had ended up,
and about Razor, who was trying to turn her into a

Joey would never do that. He'd never make her feel
bad. In the end he was the only person she could trust
to be there for him, sexually and otherwise…

She read another line from the magazine: "Even after I
came he kept hammering into me, and I stared up at his
wife whose eyes were locked on where her husband's
cock entered my body…"

Tina stopped again. Joey was still staring at her.
Finally she looked at him and asked, "You want to fuck

He nodded.

She closed the magazine and sat up. "Okay, get naked
first," she instructed him.

As he undressed Tina took off her bathrobe. Her heart
was racing in excitement. It wasn't entirely sexual
excitement: she'd been fucked silly just a couple of
hours before and even reading those letters to Joey
hadn't been enough to get her to her usual arousal
point. Instead it was mostly a good excitement. This
felt right! It was nice, it was safe.

It was totally different from what she'd done
earlier… and would do again in four short hours, but
right now, the feelings of doubt and shame weren't
there. This felt right, it felt natural.

When Joey was naked he stood at the edge of the bed,
staring at her naked body. She smiled at him. Slowly
she cupped her small breasts in her hands and asked,
"You really like these, don't you?"

He blushed, then nodded quickly.

"What about this?" she asked, turning toward him and
spreading her legs apart. She put her hand on her
lightly fuzzed pussy and winked.

Slowly she began to rub herself down there as the 12-
year-old watched intently. "What do you like better?"
she asked, lowering her voice to sound sexy.

He shrugged. "I dunno… both, I guess…"

She continued to rub at her pussy, then abruptly began
fingering herself as soon as she got wet. She kept her
large young eyes locked on his, which were locked on
her pussy.

She laid back on the bed, relaxing at her own touch.
Softly she whispered, "I want you to lick it…"

He'd never done that to her before, and she wondered
if he'd know what she meant. A moment passed while she
continued wondering, then suddenly she felt his tongue
tentatively touch right where her finger was inserted.

She moaned softly and removed her finger. "Go on,
Joey, lick me a little…," she urged.

The 12-year-old boy complied. Tina's body tingled as
he licked at her hole. He certainly was no expert, but
he became eager very quickly. She encouraged him with
moans of desire as her body finally became truly

She let him continue for another minute or so, then
said, "Okay, okay, Joey," and leaned back up. She
looked down between her legs and saw Joey staring up
at her, face glistening with her juices, a look of
confusion on his cute boyish face.

"Get up here," she instructed as she slid off the bed.

He scrambled up and Tina saw his small boy-cock
hardened between his legs. She waited for him to lie
back on the bed as she stared at his young body.

He's so incredibly cute, she thought.

Her own body tingling now with desire, Tina crawled up
over him on the bed. She was a few inches taller than
him so she scooted her body down, then pressed her
body onto his.

She slowly began to kiss him on the lips. She'd never
kissed him before, and he didn't know how to respond.

"Touch me," she whispered to him.

She felt his hand tentatively touch her waist

She continued kissing him, tasting her own wetness on
his lips. She pressed her tongue against him until he
opened his mouth and allowed it to slip inside.

Joey's hands were roaming her body more boldly, now.
She felt them grip her round butt as she made out with
him. This was Joey's first kiss, she realized. That
excited her even more!

It felt so good to kiss someone again. She hadn't
kissed anyone since… well, it'd been a while! She'd
forgotten the joys of making out, kissing, exploring
someone else's mouth with her tongue.

Reluctantly, she broke the kiss and pushed herself up
from his body. She brushed her blonde hair away from
her face as she stared down at his, and said, "You

He nodded. He wasn't smiling, nor frowning, but his
eyes told her that he was more than ready!

She scooted her body up to position herself, then
straddled his waist between her legs. She reached back
under her body until she found his small penis. It
jumped in her tiny hand as she gripped it lovingly and
stroked it a couple of times.

She looked down between their bodies at it and, with
some difficulty, positioned her pussy just above it.
Slowly she began to lower herself down until the head
of his small dick began to press against her hole,
then finally enter it.

She sighed at the sensation, and let go of the cock.
She placed her hands on the mattress and slowly
pressed her pussy down until his dick was fully inside

"How does that feel?" she asked, voice slightly

Joey gulped.

They'd never fucked with her on top before: this was a
night of firsts for the two! She began to rhythmically
slide her pussy up and down on his cock, enjoying the
feeling of it inside her.

There was no way she'd get off like this, though, she
thought. His dick felt good inside, sure, but she felt
disappointedly empty compared to the sizeable cocks
she'd had a few hours before. Still, she ground her
hips downward upon his dick, pressing his boyish penis
into the walls of her vagina. She yelped at the
feeling and began to rock forward and back, panting
with pleasure and excitement as she tried to get
herself off.

She heard Joey's breath began to speed up and he
started making little spastic sounds of pleasure. She
continued rocking and grinding upon his dick, then,
and felt a small spark of energy ripple between her
legs. She dug her fingers into the boy's shoulders as
she gently, softly climaxed.

My first orgasm directly from him, her racing mind
thought. Just then, quite suddenly, she felt him cum
inside her body.

Tina continued rocking her body forward and back on
him until his cock had gone limp and slid out from

She rolled off of him, then, and laid next to his
frozen body. He wasn't moving a muscle, only staring
upward at the ceiling trying to catch his breath.

she whispered into his ear. She cuddled up
next to him and draped her arm over his body as she

A few moments of silence passed. Tina felt good:
although she hadn't cum, she felt satisfied. She held
her body against Joey's, and felt she could fall
asleep just like that.

"Tina?" he asked, breaking the silence. His voice was
soft and anxious.

"Mmm hmm?" she responded.

"I– I love you," he said.

Tina froze. Her mood shifted dramatically at his
words. She leaned up on the bed and crawled off of it.

"Tina?" he asked, leaning up.

"What?" she asked shortly as she quickly pulled on her

She looked over at the boy. His eyes were wide and
pleading. He asked, "Don't you love me too?"

Her heart melted at his words. She froze, then
finished tying her bathrobe close. She sighed heavily
then took a seat on the edge of the bed next to him.

"Of course I do," she responded. She meant it.

"Then what's wrong?" he asked her.

She sighed. "Joey," she began, "You don't really love

He seemed hurt by his words, and he certainly didn't
believe them. "I do!" he insisted. "I want to marry
you someday!"

Tina laughed at that, but it wasn't a malicious laugh.
She said, "Joey, trust me, you really don't want to
marry me!"

"Why not?" he asked.

Tina looked away from him. She took a deep breath then
said, "You deserve someone better than me.

"I'm no good, Joey."

The boy stared at her in confusion. She looked into
his sad eyes for a moment, then she smiled to break
the tension. "It's okay," she said lightly. "You're
gonna meet someone great someday, I promise."

"When I'm older, I'm going to marry you," he insisted,

She stood up, then leaned over and kissed him lightly
on his forehead. she said. "But trust me, you
don't want to. Good night!"

She headed toward his bedroom door. Just as she
reached it he blurted out, "You are good!"

She glanced back at him. With eyes full of sadness she
shook her head. "Maybe… but only at one thing."

She blew him a kiss, then went back home without
another word.


story by: Punky Girl

Tags: fiction sex story teen female/boy

Author: Punky Girl

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