Twin sisters and their best friend

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“Ah Mr. Smets, we were thinking no to expect you today.” Mr. Johnson said giving Zack a knowing look.

Zack shut the door behind him and said “Well, you know one can’t skip too many classes otherwise they’ll fall too far behind.”

Mr. Johnson put down the stack of papers he was holding and asked “So you don’t have the assignments from the past few days?”

Zack opened his notebook and took out the homework he had done the night before. “I wasn’t referring to your class specifically, just to classes in general.” He then dropped them in the late basket, next to the door. “Although I wasn’t able to do yesterday’s assignment because, as you know, Taylor wasn’t here either, so I was out of the loop on what it was.”

Zack turned and was about to take his seat when he saw that one of his classmates already occupied it. “Um… is something happening today?”

“Yes, we’re doing another pre quiz with partners. Looking to the class Johnson asked “is there anybody who needs a partner?”

Looking around at her peers, Mary saw that everybody was shaking their heads and she raised her hand. “Zack can join our group, I don’t mind.”

Zack looked and across the room was Mary, raising her hand and speaking. Mary was without a doubt the hottest girl in his grade, she is about 5’4” with light brown hair that came down to the middle of her back. Her figure had an athletic build, she had a small waist and beneath that she had an amazing ass that is round, firm and looked amazing in a pair of skinny jeans as they did now. She had an ample breast size, 34C and she always seemed to be wearing low cut shirts showing off her cleavage. She was the jewel of the schoo-el.

Mary was on the cheerleading squad, participated in leadership and helping out with all the fundraising and outreach programs.

She has only had one boyfriend, a guy who graduated the year before. She has also been seen at parties with only a few different boys but nothing more than that and no rumors that the guy she had shown up with had gotten into her pants.

Zack had suspicions that she had a crush on him or at least was attracted to him. But he always dismissed these thoughts with why would she be interested in me. Looking at her he had to ask himself that again because he saw an eagerness in her eyes.

“Okay, there you go Mr. Smets.” Taking the papers Johnson was handing to him Zack went to the desk that Mary was pulling up next to hers.

Sitting down he always wondered why the school bought these desks. The students were always doing group activities and setting them next to each other would trap one person in their own desk. Just like what Mary had done to herself.

Sitting down, Zack always leaned over the bar on his right to put his notebook under his seat. But doing this now would be kind of a problem.

Not seeing the problem because during the passing, Zack, Anthony and Taylor hopped into Taylor’s car and drove to a nearby run down parking lot and blazed two bowls of some dank bud.

So Zack was pretty ripped when he tried putting his notebook under his seat and met with the resistance of Mary’s legs. The unexpectedness of it caused Zack to drop the book and his hand to go into Mary’s clothed crotch.

“Oh shit!” They both said, albeit with a little difference.

Zack recoiled and drew his hand away while Mary shuddered and grabbed for his hand. Zack was surprised by Mary’s reaction and just sat there staring at her.

Mary met Zack’s questioning gaze and bit her lower lip. Slowly and barely perceptible she nodded.

Since the class as a whole had done poorly on the homework and the last pre quiz they were working intently on this pre quiz. Also given that most of the questions on this one would be on the actual quiz they never noticed the encounter between Zack and Mary.

Zack understood the nod and thought back to all of those times he had asked himself the question and knew now that his first instinct had been correct.
Without knowing it his hand was slowly going back to Mary’s crotch. But Mary grabbed his hand and shook her head and looked around the room.

Somewhat disappointed Zack turned to his paper and wrote his name in the line provided. Then he moved his pencil over the first equation and used it to follow it. When Zack was about to start figuring it out Mary leaned over penciling in the answer. But that wasn’t the only thing she was doing, in the act of leaning over she was pressing her breasts against his arm. Then before moving back she brought her lips to his ear and whispered the answer />
Then she kissed the side of his neck just below his jaw.

Turning to look at Mary, Zack said “thanks babe.” Then he squeezed her leg and she giggled.

Zack guessed that she was going to lean in again and had a plan to get her back for the snuck in kiss.

After continuing on the assignment a bit, Zack looked up at Amanda, Mary’s best friend. He saw her smirking at Mary, he took this as confirmation to the suspected crush.

Amanda looked at him and changed it to a smile. She went back to her own paper.

Mary leaned back over pressing her awesome melons against his arm writing in another answer. Before she could do anything else Zack leaned in and kissed her jaw and took her earlobe into his mouth and nibbled on it. At this she let out a squeal and pulled away giggling.

Some of the kids turned to them, but with nothing really to see just turned back to their own assignments.

Amanda threw a glance towards the two but kept on working. Since these three were the smartest in the class they really didn’t need to work in a group and they were soon finished with the pre quiz.

Being three of the first five to finish, a deal that Johnson struck with the class, before Zack arrived, was applied to them. They had a choice of being able to use their phones, ipods and other media devices for the rest of the class, getting the key to the movie cupboard and the portable DVD player, or “going to the library.” The last meaning that they would be able to leave. This being significant because this was their last class today. All three chose the third option.

They packed up their stuff and before they opened the door Johnson said “remember, you’re not coming from my class.”

All nodding they left the room. Walking down the hallway Mary grabbed Zack’s hand and asked “what are you doing today? If you don’t have any plans I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with us.” Pointing to herself and then to Amanda.

“You should, it’s going to be fun. At lunch I bought a dub five of some sticky icky.” Amanda said this pulling out her phone and showed some pictures to Zack of the bud she bought. “Seriously, I flicked a nug at the window and it stuck there for a few seconds and started rolling down.”

“Damn, look at those orange hairs, they’re almost red. Have you guys smoked any yet?”

Mary answered “no, we didn’t have a pipe and it would be impossible for us” indicating her and Amanda. “To roll it with anything but a blunt wrap. Do you have a pipe or can you roll this?”

“Um… yeah I do, it’s a mini zong.” Showing the approximate size with his hands. “I’ll have to grab it from Taylor’s car, out in the front. Where are you parked?” Looking between them not knowing who it would be driving.

It was Mary who answered saying “I’m parked in the back but we can grab the car and meet you in the front. I don’t want you to get caught with that here at school.”

The trio reached the junction of going to the back and front parking lots. Stopping there Zack said “it’s okay I have a pouch that holds it. But that would save me the trouble of walking around the school.” Zack couldn’t walk through the school because although it’s hidden, the pouch reeks of bong resin.

As Zack was turning around, Mary grabbed his hand and pulled him into a kiss.

Released from the kiss Zack told her “see you in a bit, babe.” When she turned to walk away, Zack gave her a light tap on her ass. Mary looked back shaking her finger at him and Zack saw her start to blush.

Amanda saw this and said “ooh you two can’t wait to be alone.” Amanda wrapped her arm around Mary’s shoulder as they walked away.

Zack turned around and before he was out of earshot her heard Mary say worry you’ll probably be there too.” Zack stopped and just stared at them. The two girls turned and saw him looking back at them and they began to giggle.

As they were walking away Zack was watching their hips sway. Then Zack realized that he never really looked at Amanda sexually until now. But now he noticed that she had a very nice ass and her tits were a little smaller than Mary’s if not the same size. Her well toned legs looked amazing being shown off in a pair of white shorts.

She had always been under his radar because she was a goody two shoes. An innocent girl that had no interest in a guy whose reputation with drugs had been know since the sixth grade.

But how wrong was I, he thought because Amanda was the one with the dealer.

Zack exited the front of the school and walked the sixty yards to the open area where Taylor had parked his car. On his way there he sent a text to Taylor letting him know he was going to use Taylor’s emergency key to get in and grab his mini zong.

Taylor usually found himself locked out of his car by forgetting his keys someplace. So he had an emergency key taped to the inside of his front bumper.

Peeling off one side of the tape and opening the case Zack grabbed the key unlocked the door and put it back in it’s place before he forgot to do so.

As he was opening the glove compartment he heard a car pull up behind the one he was currently in. Zack looked in the rearview to make sure it was Mary and Amanda before he even touched the pouch.

The car had pulled up far enough to where he couldn’t see who it was but discounted police because it was jetta. Leaning out the open door he saw that it was Mary and Amanda in the front seats. The girls waved at Zack and he waved back. Zack then took his pouch and unzipped it, he grabbed his bag out of it and took out small nug and placed it in the cup holder and put a napkin over it. Then he put his weed away and switched cars. Not before he locked Taylor’s car though.

Hopping in the backseat Mary asked him “what were you doing in there?”

“I was leaving a little nug for Anthony and Taylor, I was going to smoke with them on the way home letting it trail off.

“Oh were you going to hang out with them?”

“No it was going to be just that, they have plans with some girls they met at Dante’s party last weekend.”

Amanda said “now you have some plans with girls of your own.”

Then Mary whispered to Amanda “maybe one more if he plays his cards right.”

Zack just sat there confused not knowing who she was talking about.

After a while of Zack’s silence Mary asked “you have a bag?”

“yeah my guy says its from British Columbia and its one of the dankest buds I have ever smoked.”

“Wow that must mean a lot coming from you. Didn’t you used to sell weed?”

“I still do but I’m thinking of switching fields.”

“What do you mean?” Mary asked briefly turning to look at Zack. “Thinking about moving to a larger market?”

“No, I make a decent profit from selling weed but the prices are more or less based on the weight. So if you have some dank shit you can’t really say I want twenty a gram, you know?”

Amanda said “yeah it just makes you look like a noob or a greedy />
“So what are you going to sell, meth?”

Mary said this as a joke but Zack could hear the concern in her voice and immediately said “no, no I won’t sell anything I myself won’t do. So I am going to get into the coke business. Its not so that I can have easier access to the stuff. Its that coke is a drug you can up the price because if it’s some good shit.”

Mary and Amanda exchanged glances and both asked done coke before?” They thought that Zack was strictly a herbal guy with alcohol on the side. But never any preion or synthetic drugs.

“Yeah coke is awesome, snorting a couple lines or smoking a chewy bowl.”

“Are you addicted to it?” Amanda turned in her seat to look at Zack.

“Not at all, I mean I go on a binge for about two days max, but then hold off for about two months.”

At the conclusion of the conversation about coke, selling it and the high from it, they arrived at Mary’s house.

Zack got out grabbed his pouch and was halfway up the path to Mary’s house when he sensed that the girls were no where near him. He turned back and saw them giggling and shoving each other. When the girls saw him looking they turned to the open trunk and began to rummage around, apparently having a hard time finding their bags.

Zack didn’t pay much attention to them searching because he was riveted to their asses that were sticking out proudly, slightly waving as they moved things around in the trunk. Then there was a beep and Mary without moving from her position reached back to grab her phone. But it looked more like she was grabbing her own ass, she placed her hand on her behind and slowly began to rub above her back pocket.

After doing this for a bit Mary grabbed her phone and still behind her put it between her legs sliding up between her cheeks. She did this a couple more times before standing up and answering the text that she had received.

Zack didn’t know he had gotten hard until he tore his eyes off of Mary’s ass. He was about to try to hide it when he thought that this is what they had been fishing for, so he left it in plain view.

Zack knowing that things would escalate quickly if he kept staring, turned and went the rest of the way to the house and leaned against the doorway. He stood there for two minutes while waiting for the girls to catch up with him. The whole time he couldn’t stop thinking about what Mary had done, so as they came up to him he wasn’t surprised that they were looking at his raging boner. Mary unlocked the door and they went inside. Mary and Amanda led the way to the back, they kept looking at Zack making sure that they were always a few steps ahead.

Zack noticed this and guessed at what they were expecting and made sure that every time they looked back that he was looking at one of their asses.

Alternating between the two amazing round mounds and the way the two were waving back and forth served to make him even harder.

When they turned a corner Zack was thinking about what he had let slip about him being able to stay hard after ejaculating when he had smoked some pot.

The two stopped in front of him and Zack quickly made a decision to bump into them. When he did he laid his hands on both of their asses and gave a little squeeze. The two girls turned and gave him a smirk and put their arms around him and led him out the back of the house. Crossing the backyard they entered the pool house beyond.

They entered a rec room with a pool table, a Mrs. Pacman and Mortal Kombat arcade game, a huge tv mounted on the wall with PS3, Xbox, and a Wii hooked up to it, a Yamaha drum set, a few Gibson guitars, a Fender Jazz bass and some couches set along the parallel wall next to them.

Mary went to the back of the room and opened the windows part way. Amanda grabbed an air purifier fan from a closet and set it up on a table opposite from Mary.

Zack sat down on one of the chairs set in a circle around a table set with an ashtray and some scraping tools. He unzipped his pouch and pulled out his mini zong and a water bottle he kept with it. From his pocket he pulled out his weed and proceeded to fill one of the bowl pieces with his bud.

Mary and Amanda sat down on the chairs on either side of him. Amanda grabbed the other bowl piece and asked “is this for my weed?” Holding it she noticed that this was bigger than what you would see with a mini. “This is a big bowl piece for your bong.”

“Yeah the one that came with it was a bit small for groups so I ordered some new ones.”

Zack looked at Mary, she was fidgeting in her seat. “Do you want to hit it first?” He inserted the piece into the bong and held it out to Mary.

Mary looked up from the floor and said “yes, yeah sure.” She took the bong from Zack and took a hit. Then she passed to Amanda, “damn this is some good shit! It isn’t harsh at all.”

“Yeah my guy knows the one who grew this, its some hydroponics. He really knows how to engineer his plants.”

Amanda was exhaling her hit and nodded “yeah he does, smooth as butta!”

They finished Zack’s bowl and put in Amanda’s bowl. They passed that around and when it was gone and when they had finished coughing Mary said “lets play some pool.”

“Yeah lets play.” Amanda got up and grabbed Zack’s hand pulling him up also. “What are the teams?”

Zack looked at Mary, who was giving Amanda a pleading look. “I’ll be on Mary’s team against you Amanda.” Pulling his hand from Amanda’s Zack went over to Mary and wrapped his arm around Mary’s waist.

Amanda gave them a little pout then said “okay then, I’ll still be able to beat you guys.” She turned around and began browsing the pool cues, keeping her back to them.

Mary grabbed Zack’s hand and held it at her waist while she twisted in front of him and brought her lips to his. Zack was surprised at first but then began kissing her back. Mary pushed her tongue into his mouth and slid it back and forth over and under his tongue.

Zack was about to do his signature move of sucking in her bottom lip and nibbling on it when Amanda’s shout brought them back to reality.

“Hey if you guys would stop tongue fucking we could move on to playing the game.”

Mary gave Zack another quick kiss and grabbed the sticks that Amanda had lain on the table for them and handed the longer one to Zack.

Amanda came over to their side of the table and bent over looking for the balls, sticking her ass out to Zack. He reached out and grabbed a handful of her ass and kneaded it. Amanda jumped a little but remained how she was.

Zack turned and saw Mary come up and position her stick to poke Amanda’s ass. She looked at him and silently giggled, shrugging her shoulders and scrunching up her nose. She poked Amanda and Amanda jumped up at this, then turned around. “Oh I think things are… oh it was you Mary.”

Then she turned back and grabbed the balls and rack and began setting up the game. Amanda got to break since she was alone and the game was on. Zack was the first to sink a ball and claimed the stripes for him and Mary.

The game was going well for Zack and Mary because Zack is a good shot and his uncle taught him the geometrics of the game.

Whenever either of the girls made a shot they celebrated by throwing themselves against Zack. At first it was only hugs then Mary hopped up and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He stumbled back at the suddenness of this and Mary was about to get down but Zack grabbed her ass with both hands and held her there. Mary kissed him again but kept it short then unwrapped herself from Zack.

When Amanda made her next shot she walked up to Zack and brought one leg up on Zack’s side and thrust her chest into him. He grabbed her thigh, squeezed it and slid his hand down her to her ass. Amanda kissed Zack and sucked his tongue into her mouth and slid her tongue under his and pushed it up. Zack got around this and pulled away.

Amanda with her eyes still closed leaned forward trying to follow Zack. Then she opened her eyes when she figured the kiss was over and asked wrong?” With a worried look in her eyes she glanced at Mary.
“When are we going to do this? You two have kept up this seduction since we left school and if I don’t relieve it” pointing down to his erection. “I think I’m going to get blue balls.” Fast like lightening Mary came up behind Zack and undid his belt and pants and pulled them down to his ankles.

Amanda stepped back and looked down at his unleashed cock. “Oh and without another word she stripped off her clothes and dropped to her knees. Mary came around on her knees and was also stripped of her clothing.

Amanda grabbed his shaft and stroked it while she flicked her tongue on the underside of the head of his penis. A few seconds of this passed and she handed it to Mary. Mary slipped her lips around his head and swirled her tongue around once then the reverse way. With her hand she stroked and twisted her hand up and down his shaft.

After swapping a few times they both nodded and licked up and down his length and when they reached his head they twirled their tongues around his head and each other.

Then Amanda took him back in her mouth and deep throated his cock and gagged around his dick. Feeling this almost made Zack blow his load. Then she pulled off and Mary deep throated him, even though the feeling wasn’t any less intense he was able to control himself.

Zack expected Mary to pull off and hand it back to Amanda so he started turning towards her but Mary grabbed his hips and kept him facing her. She began to bob a little and shook her head. Zack moaned low and long, finally getting some proper head. “Oh yes, that fells so good Mary.” He placed his hand on her head and ran his fingers through her hair.

Amanda not wanting to be forgotten, stood up and started making out with Zack. He brought up one hand and started massaging her breast, squeezing then rolling and pinching her nipple, then moved to the other.

Mary was at his head swirling her tongue around and curled her tongue and used the bottom of it to stroke the underside of his head. Then she took him down her throat again.

Zack pulled away from Amanda and said “oh Mary I’m about to cum.” Then he went back to kiss Amanda but she had dropped back down next to Mary. Mary pulled back and used her lips to massage the tip of his penis. Zack started shooting his cum to the back of Mary’s throat and she swallowed every bit she got. The she pulled off his cock and he said />
But Amanda’s mouth immediately enveloped his cock. Zack emptied the last of his cum into Amanda mouth while she sucked every last bit of it.

“Oh ho ho, you are two very talented young woman. Even without the high I know without a doubt you would have been able to keep me hard. I mean just your bodies alone are enough.”

They both smiled and giggled, then Mary looked at Amanda and asked “who gets him first?”

“Well you hogged him so I think I should.”

“Yeah but I liked him longer than you have.”

“Only because you two were randomly put in a class.”

“Okay, okay ladies, since you can’t decide, how about a string />
that?” They both asked in unison.

“People us it to decide who will break” pointing to the pool table. “So it kinda applies here also. What you do is stand on this end.” Zack stepped up to the short length side. “And you hit the cue ball, bounce it off the far side and try to get it as close to this side as you can.”

Mary grabbed her pool cue and placed the cue ball in front of her. “Does it matter where?”

“No just as long as you both strike it from the same spot.”

Mary bent over which put her ass right in front of Zack’s cock. Amanda grabbed his cock and slid it up along her slit to her asshole. This caused Mary to hit the cue ball into the side bumper.

“Whoa, Amanda!” He grabbed her hand and pushed it away. interference. Mary? Reload and fire again.”

Mary grabbed the cue ball and placed it back in front of her.

“I was Not wanting Amanda to start another argument he cut her off with a kiss and put the tip of his middle finger in her already wet hole and moved it back and forth.

Mary was able to do it this time and got the ball just past the first sight on this side. Amanda went and made it inches past Mary’s.

Seeing this she cheered and hopped onto the edge of the table and beckoned him over with her forefinger “come over her, I’ve been waiting a long time to feel that inside of me.”

Zack took a step forward and looked at Mary and saw a disappointed look on her face and her eyes downcast. He grabbed her hand and brought her along with him. Then he leaned over to her ear and whispered “I’m better with my tongue anyways and I would love to taste you first.” He kissed along her cheek ‘til he was in front of her and saw her beaming at him.

The he grabbed Amanda’s hand with his other and took them to the sofa. Zack laid down on and Amanda got on top of him and grabbed his cock and slid it up and down her slit, getting it wet with her juices.

Zack got a hold of Mary by her hips and pulled her towards his face. He leaned over and licked from her belly down to her clit. He flicked his tongue over it and made circles around it.

and Mary straddled his face, she kept her pussy inches from his mouth. Zack brought his head up and sucked on her clit effectively pulling her down. When his head rested on the sofa he moved his tongue along her slit drinking up her sweet nectar. Damn she tastes so good, he thought as he shoved his tongue as far as it would go.

He moved his tongue up and down, back and forth and in and out. Then he did a little raspberry and sucked in.

“OH SHIT! What are you doing? It feels so good.”

Zack did it again and felt Mary twitch.

Amanda was teasing them both just putting the head of his cock in and pulling it out. But when she heard Mary she slammed herself down on his cock. Fully sheathed inside of her Zack moaned into Mary’s pussy. Amanda slowly lifted herself up and slammed back down, then she grinded her crotch against his.

Felling his dick deep inside her and while she did this he moaned again. The vibrations this caused in Mary’s pussy sent her over the edge, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oooh FUCK!” She tightened her legs around his head and her juices flowed into his mouth. Zack drank it up, every last bit and licking it up on her outer lips.

Mary fell forward “oh My GOD! Thanks for that />
After she fell off Zack only concentrated on fucking Amanda and he started to thrust his hips up matching Amanda’s up and down rhythm. Amanda then circled her hips as she moved, surprising Zack by the pleasure this caused and he just held still.

“Holy shit, that feels great,” he reached up and grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples.

Amanda, “oh yeah, Yeah I’m about to cum.”

Zack brought his hips up to meet Amanda’s downward motion.

“Oh shit here I cum!” Amanda’s pussy clamped down on his cock and started leaking her juices around his cock. Zack wet his thumb with some of this and put it on her clit rubbing it fast.

Her voice reached a high pitched tone as her orgasm reached new heights. “Yes, yes, oh fuck yes don’t stop rubbing my clit.” Amanda fell forward and kissed Zack, her tongue fighting with his.

Some moments of making out passed and Amanda pulled away saying “I’m sorry I cant stay on this, it being inside of me is just prolonging my orgasm. I think I might pass out from sheer ecstasy.”

Amanda pulled his cock out from her vagina and fell to the floor. Mary quick as a flash hopped on his cock facing away from Zack. She slowly eased it into herself, enjoying every inch that penetrated her lovely folds.

“God damn you’re tight! Slow, slow I think I might blow before I get to pleasure you.”

“Fuck! Baby I might go with you, you’re filling me up so much.”

When she reached his base she held there allowing him the time he wanted. “Okay go.” Emphasizing his point, he grabbed her hips and lifted her up.

Zack may have gotten the rest that he needed to bring himself back under control but Mary was on the verge of an orgasm the whole time. Feeling his cock slide out of her she slammed back down onto him releasing her orgasm. “ Oh, oh, oh Fuck yes. I love your cock.”

As her orgasm rushed through her Mary grinded herself on his cock. Feeling her muscles work on his dick, Zack twitched it.

“Oh Fuck, yes do that again, please, please.” Zack twitched it again and Mary closed her eyes tight and scrunched her face. She was breathing heavily and she was moving her hands through her hair as a second orgasm tingled every nerve in her body.

Zack was still twitching his cock inside of her when she fell back. “Please I need you to stop its too good. You’re gonna start a third orgasm, just sit still and I’ll be ready in a bit.”

Zack held himself still and gradually felt her muscles relax around his cock.

“Hold on.” Mary got up and turned around and kissed Zack. It was a kiss filled with passion as she tried to convey how grateful she was. Mary broke the kiss and told him, “ that was the first time I had multiple orgasms without my vibrator.”

They heard a slight snore and looked down, they both saw Amanda had fallen asleep with her hand resting on her pussy.

“That always happens, I pleasure a woman and she passes out.”

“I’m still awake.”

With that she guided his cock back into her pussy.

“Oh yes.” They both said this as Zack’s head entered and slid further in.

“Fuck, I don’t know how but it’s like your dick was made to go in my pussy.”

“I know, this” starting to pump in and out. “Feels so right.”

Mary matched his slow rhythm and began to rock her hips back and forth. Zack loved the way this made her breasts jiggle. Zack then started to thrust into her harder and Mary met each thrust with enthusiasm.

Mary leaned her head back and let out a moan. “Harder, harder, YES!”

Zack brought his head forward and sucked her tit into his mouth trying to fit as much as he could into his mouth. While he flicked his tongue across her nipple “oh yes suck on my tit, yes, I love that. Oh my god.”

He brought one hand up to her other breast and rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger. With his other hand he began to massage her ass. He pulled away from her breasts long enough to say “I’m about to cum, babe.”

“I’m gonna cum with you baby, I’m her panting and moaning prevented her from saying more.

Mary alternated between moving up and down and grinding. As she was doing the latter Zack started pumping his seed into Mary’s pussy.

“OH SHIT, its so warm.” Then Mary began writhing on top of Zack, her pussy clamped down on his cock and milked every drop he could give.

When they both had settled down, Mary kissed him and said an amazing lover!” She kissed him again and laid her head on his shoulder, gently and slowly falling asleep. Zack brushed the damp hair from her face and kissed her cheek and rested his hands on her head and ass.

Mary was about to fall asleep when she heard the door open. She looked up and saw her twin sister, Kylie step into the room.

Kylie walked up to the pool table and looked around the room. She was rolling the eight ball under her hand when she said “you text me, inviting me to a four way and here you guys are. Passed out on the floor and falling asleep in each other’s arms.”

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