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Elaine had always been quite inhibited. She was raised by religious parents and it left her with some hangups about sin and guilt about pleasure. She was fine about the act of intercourse and enjoyed it,but when it came to anything a little unusual,she was much less sure.

I had never told Elaine about my fantasies for fear of shocking her. The most persistent and strong idea's I masturbate to, where the thought of other men having Elaine. I dont know why,but the thought of total strangers sliding their cocks into Elaine without precautions, gets me instantly hard and randy. Due to rules on contraception, Elaine has always insisted on the rhythm method which means sex at the time when ovulation is least likely to occur,except ,obviously, when trying to conceive. At fertile times, sexual activity was limited to touching,then with a little coaxing,oral sex.

I wanted a little more excitement and one night brought up the idea of a vibrator. Elaine asked why and I told her it would be good for us and enjoyable. We chatted, I showed her a functional,non threatening one on the web and she said "ok"

A few days later a plain package arrived and I showed it to Elaine, who giggled and went a little red.

It was a Friday and that night I poured some wine,then a little more and we went up to bed. We kissed and cuddled and then I reached for our new toy. I switched on and Elaine acted like a child,flinching and jumping as I touched her knees and lower legs with the buzzing vibrator. I lay beside her and whispered "Just relax darling" Elaine lay quietly as I began to move the vibrator up until I was stroking the inside of her thighs,then her nipples and stomach and at last I was touching between her beautiful, labia,framed by her soft triangle of intimate hair. Elaine moaned softly as I moved the vibrator over her clitoris,which swelled into hard bud.Then she began to move her hips in circles,lifting herself to press against the probing toy. Within minute Elaine was having an intense orgasm,followed by several more,until, after she had gently serviced my needs with her small hand,we slept,snuggled close together.

We used that vibrator regularly for a while, but I was getting this picture of a realistic, penis,like toy running through my mind. Imagining seeing it sliding into Elaine and I sent off for one. I showed Elaine her little present one night after we had been to a party and she was nicely relaxed. Even then I could tell she was shocked when she saw the realistic, latex, toy. It was not a really big one, but had veins bulging from below the life like shaft. I think it brought some of Elaine's hang up's to the surface, almost like it was being unfaithful. She could not fail to realize how keen and excited I was and although she lay stiffly at first,she soon relaxed and enjoyed the experience. I was very, very, excited looking down and watching the latex cock sliding deeply inside Elaine. I came as soon as she touched me squirting jets of hot seed all over her belly.

I often reached for the new toy over the next few months,until Elaine was comfortable and cool about it.but already I had the next model in mind.

I had seen a much bigger toy and whats more it had a function that was doing it for me,"big time" This was a dildo but not just any dildo. It was long, with thick girth and best of all it had a squirt bulb. A plastic container that liquid could be placed in , and with a few squeezes,spurted out in powerful jets from the hole at the tip. Like the real thing,but much more so !!!.

I sent an order and it arrived promptly 2 days later. Elaine was at work and I opened the package. I got hard as I looked at the dildo, just imagining everything I wanted do with it,but I had an idea that it might be a step too far for Elaine. I kept the dildo hidden in my secret cupboard in the garage for several months.

One night we had been to a friends wedding and Elaine has a tendency to get carried away with after the third glass. By the time we got home she was very tipsy and feeling randy. This was my moment. While Elaine was in the bathroom I took the dildo from the cupboard, filled the bulb with warm water and put it on the floor on my side of the bed. Elaine came into the bedroom and flung herself onto me. We cuddled, petted and I used the normal vibrator first. Then when she was fully aroused I reached for the dildo. Even in her drunk state Elaine knew something was different, "Woz that" ? she slurred. I said "Now just be quiet,relax and enjoy it". Elaine did and soon the dildo was nudging between her pussy lips, then, filling her like she had never been filled before. God she went wild, cumming like a train and making lots of noise. It was fantastic, especially when I squeezed the bulb and she felt the warm liquid splashing up inside her. It tipped her over into another strong orgasm.

The next day after she had sobered up, Elaine asked about the previous nights events and more specifically about the dildo. She tried to make out it was a shock and wrong of me not to discuss things with her, but underneath both of us knew it was now part of our sex toy collection, which would be used often. Elaine could not deny her responses to it.

We experimented with the dildo using different liquids and a solution of watered, condensed milk gave the most realistic experience. Elaine loved the feel of the strong jets as I pumped the bulb,and one gloriously memorable night, I placed her hand on the bulb, put my hand over her's and squeezed. Pure excitement.

I still had never mentioned my fantasies about other men because i was 100% certain what the reaction from Elaine would be to that. I wanted a little more fantasy than just my own imagination. I began to chat on-line about my fantasies with other men. It was a turn on itself to chat with total strangers about Elaine and what they would like to do with her. One guy I chatted with lived only 20 miles from us and the fact of his closeness added extra spice to the fantasies. He was about 20 years older than Elaine and his deions of how he would like to fuck her, got me tugging like crazy. When I was aroused like that my normal controls were reduced and I sent pictures of Elaine including some naughty ones taken after some wine. It excited me knowing that a man so close by had private pictures of Elaine.

As I chatted with the guy on-line, I told him about the sex toys we used and about the squirting dildo. I got a big surge of butterflies in my stomach when he came back and said that if he couldn't have Elaine for real, he would love to make the dildo experience more realistic than putting condensed milk in the bulb.

In that moment I knew instantly I wanted it. I wanted a man I had never met to have the most intimate contact imaginable with Elaine and I was willing to play a part in arranging it. I chatted more with the guy and he was just as eager as I was. He sent me a picture of himself . Overweight, balding, thick glasses and a leering sort of expression on his face. The type of guy Elaine would move away from on a bus. Strangely that aroused me even more than I was already.

I arranged to meet the guy in a parking area a halfway between his place and ours. It was weird and perversely exciting sitting next to a man in a car talking in such sexual detail about Elaine. He was scruffy and needed deodorant badly. He had heavy eyes with a shifty look and licked his loose lips frequently as we chatted about Elaine and our plan. I handed him a picture of her from when she had posed naked for me and his eyes drank in her body. He asked if there was any way I could video Elaine as I used the dildo and I said "Maybe" He then asked me to go back to my car for a while and then after 5 minutes, got out and walked over to my car. He handed me a plastic container which felt warm and winked at me ,before walking back and driving off. I put the container-in my shirt ,close to my body to keep it warm and drove home.

Elaine was working and whenI got home I got my compact camera out. It has a video function and by placing tape over the red recording light I could get footage easily without Elaine being aware of it. I could hardly wait for her to come home and 30 minutes later she arrived. I was impatient not to waste any time,but also did not want to rush .her and spoil things. Feeling relaxed at the end of the working week,luckily she was also feeling randy. We ate drank wine and sort of did our usual flirting and she went up to change in the bathroom. I went to the bedroom, set the camera recording, took the container from inside my shirt and carefully opened the lid. The strangers sperm half filling the container was white/gray and looked as though it had just been freshly produced. I carefully opened the build and making sure not to spill, I poured the warm semen into the bulb and sealed it. I undressed and got into bed. The camera was between two books a few feet away with just the tiny lens opening visible, capturing our bed in close up. As a last thought I got a couple of even sized books from the bedside cabinet and put them under the bed legs at the bottom,so that the end of the bed was slightly but not noticeably raised. Everything was ready.

Elaine came into the bedroom wearing her dressing gown. She took it off and she had her lovely white baby doll nightie on with the shear white panties. I was already rock hard and so tense with excitement I could hardly breathe. I knew she would be OK about the dildo because it was was past the "safe time" and too risky for Elaine to let full intercourse happen. We kissed,cuddled, petted, and I pulled Elaine's nightie up past her waist. I untied the strings each side of her panties and took them off her. The camera was less than 4 feet away and I knew when the guy watched the video,he would be getting a clear view of Elaine's pussy. I somehow kept a lid on my impatience till the right moment,then I reached and got hold of the dildo. I gently moved Elaine's legs wider apart and kissed her as I began to stroke the tip of the dildo between her pussy lips. As usual she was arching her back and moaning softly as I slid the dildo over her clitoris. I did everything just as normal,no faster than usual, though I wanted to speed things up. Then I altered the angle and nudged the tip, so it just penetrated Elaine's pussy. She was moving her hips in circles and bit by bit the dildo worked deeper inside her. I let her fuck it with her own movements. I knew the tip would be sliding against Elaine's cervix, stimulating her and then she had a strong orgasm and I knew her arousal would have made her dilate open. I held back until her next orgasm was building and was leaning into her body,kissing her neck,my mouth near her ear. I whispered "Are you ready" ? Elaine was thrusting up against the dildo, pushing it deeper. She was giving little high pitched cries and panting. She suddenly said " Squirt it. Go on SQUIRT IT NOW " !!! I squeezed the bulb as hard as I could and then again and again. I said "Is that good. Can you feel it" ? Elaine was tipping into another intense orgasm, fingers gripping and tugging the bottom sheet and almost bouncing up and down. She was almost shouting "YES,YES YES YES, as the strangers seed splashed deep inside her pussy.

Afterwards I cuddled up to Elaine and she went to sleep. I held her not wanting to wake her, so she would lay stil. I knew that the raised end of the bed would make sure all of the guys sperm would stay inside her all night.

The next day Elaine got up showered, dressed, kissed me and went off shopping with her friend. I switched the pc on and uploaded the video off the camera. Considering that there was no special lighting, the video was incredibly crisp and clear. I could not help masturbating as I watched. I immediately logged onto messenger and the guy was online with his webcam on. I uploaded the video and pressed "send". Within seconds he was viewing the video and giving comments "Oh yea thats good. Thats it slide it in. Go on gal work it good. MMMM yea she wants it. That's it honey take it all". I asked him if he had time to meet that day and he wasr really eager. I knew Elaine was going out to eat with her friend and would be home late evening. I wanted to meet the guy get the goods and be in bed with Elaine in the shortest possible time,so his seed was delivered fresh to her vagina.

story by: naile

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Author: naile

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