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Mike is a 6ft 2 big built man, strong, muscular, dark haired, stubbly face and played football (soccer) a few times a week. He was 29 when I first saw him but I never made any move on him until i was 18, at this time he was 33. He had the perfect arse for a man, firm (probably off all the football he plays) his athletic strong arms always carrying large heavy objects when he was working in garage. Mike was the kind of guy you would take hime to your mother, sweet, smart, funny, kind. My mother always spoke to him and still does sometimes. He is the perfect man, the perfect gentleman. For 4 years, every night I lay on my bed thinking about how I'd love to feel his body on top of mine and how it would feel to have his warm embrace on my always cold skin. We never spoke, he barely knew i was even alive.
However now I was 18 years old, he now 33, I knew something could happen and neither of us would get into trouble. It was April 2011, I plucked up the courage and added him on a very popular social network site. He accepted within minutes, we started chatting. Nothing seedy just about family life, the local neighbourhood gossip and general chit chat. We exchanged mobile numbers, talked day and night for a week. Nothing dirty, all pure innocent texts. I dreamed every night what it would be like to share a bed with him, have his arms wrapped around me while I slept. I never dreamed of what would happen the following thursday. Mike invited me to go over his house, he lived alone in a 3 story, 4 bedrooms, game room with a pool table. I jumped at the chance like a desperate little girl wanting more ice cream. That thursday came, I prepared myself. I knew I had sexual intentions but I wasn't sure about him. I wasn't going to leave it for chance. Hours before I was expected to turn up at the man that made my underwear wet every morning I saw him on the way to school since I was a young teenage girl. Preparing myself for the night ahead, I turned the shower on, I always have it as hot as my cold skin can take it, the steam quickly filled the room, I could barely see my hand infront of my face. I stripped off, out of my vest top and shorts (it was a very hot spring this year) when naked I grabbed a new razor from the cupboard. I sat down in the shower and quickly lathered myself up with my older brothers shaving foam. Which didnt take long, as I am 5ft 6 young lady, toned thighs but not very skinny, just enough to grab on to. My tanned body now covered in thick white shaving foam i started from my ankles, shaving every inch making sure there was not a single hair on either of my legs. I gradually worked my way to my pussy. I spread my legs further and started to work away the stubble that had formed there over the last week. When I was finished I was so smooth and soft. I couldn't keep my fingers off it. I started to become wet at the thought of Mike knowing that I had shaved my pussy just for him to enjoy. I licked my fingers, everyone always say how good I taste and I know they are right. I do taste good. Sweet like all the fruit juice that I drink. I put my fingers back to my pussy and started rubbing furiously on my clit. My pussy was so wet now, within minutes I was moaning as the hot water was not falling down onto my tummy. I climaxed with an almighty groan and my juice flowed out of me now mixed in wtih the hot soapy water running from the rest of my body. I quickly finished my shower using shower gels that smells of flowers and washing my long dirty blonde hair with Katie Price Shampoo & Conditioner which makes my hair smell of strawberries. Within a few hours, I had a face of make up, My hair was blow dryed and straightened, I even baught some new sexy undies for the occaision, black lace bra with frenchies. I stood infront of the mirror with them on building up my confidence, knowing that as soon as Mike saw me in these he wouldn't be able to keep his rough workers hands off me. I slipped on my new dress, which had little flowers on and my sandels. I looked innocent, girly but my thoughts and intentions were not.
Within minutes of being at his house, we were chatting, laughing and he invited me to play pool upstairs, for the first time in my life I was shy around a man. Mike flirted with me for hours, and I knew that as I bent over the pool table he either checked out my arse or looked down my dress. Well thats what I wanted him to do, everytime he winked at me my pants were getting wetter from the juices flowing out of my barely legal tight little pussy. We made silly little bets that I couldn't beat him and little jokes about how I cheated when he left the room for more drinks. We drank and played until midnight when I finally beat him we stopped. He asked me to pick out a film from his large collection of the back wall in his game room. I did the typical girl thing and choice a scary film; Hannibal was my choice (I know guys its not exactly scary but I don't like anything with blood, violence or gore). He gave me the choice; watch it on his 60inch tv in his bedroom or his 50inch tv downstairs in the living room. I chose the bedroom, what a silly question.
I sat on the king size bed like the innocent young lady he thought I was, I knew what his intentions were but did he know mine? We watched about 10 minutes of the film until he turned so quickly to me and kissed my little pouty lips. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and he grabbed the back of my head; he was being so rough and I wasn't used to that. The other hand on the front of my little dress pulling it towards him. Most girls would panic in this situation but I wanted it so much and him being rough made the juice flow from my tight pussy more. My tongue met his, we played around which each others tongues for a little while until his hand started wondering down my dress, feeling my smooth tanned toned bare legs. The rough skin of his hand was making my legs tingle even more than my pussy. As we kissed and his hand was wondering above my knees towards the middle of my thighs, my hands were wrapped around his neck. I couldn't believe this, I had dreamed about this moment since I was 14 years old and it was finally happening. I started to part my legs slowly, inviting his hand up further between my thighs. Mike let his hand follow my invitation, his rough finger tips by this time were centimeters from my soaked through black lace frenchies. By this time I was lay flat on my back, him laying on his side leaning over my small body under his hard muscles. His lips making his way down my neck as his fingers were rubbed against my shaven pussy which was under the lace his fingers touched. His mouth met my chest, he moved his hand to release my 34D cup breasts over the top of lace bra I chose out just for him. His lips met my hard perked nipples.
Sucking on my perked little nipples like there was no tomorrow, the sensation nearly tipped me over the edge. My hands were grabbing on to the belt of his jeans, I wanted him more than ever. The touch of his lips on my small breasts was sending me over the top and I could feel that his fingers were now soaking wet from my juicy pussy that he had been teasing for about 10 minutes now. After biting and sucking on both of my nipples, they were red raw, one of the bite marks was bleeding a little he moved up so his face was near mine. Looking into my eyes as his hand moved my frenchies out of the way for his big fingers. "Wow you're so wet" he said quietly to me as his fingers lightly grazed over my now swollen clit and over to the entrance. I lay there feeling one of his big fingers push into my tight pussy. I gasped into his mouth as we kissed passionately. Unexpectantly it was met by a second fingers. My legs were spreading wide trying to commidate the big fingers in my tight hole. He slowly worked his fingers in and out of me then picked up the pase to fast and hard, whilst his thumb grazed over my little swollen clit. I could hear the sound of the large fingers pushing and pulling out of my soaking wet pussy. It was all too much and I started to cum whilst kissing him, our tongues frantically playing with each other in each others mouths. My body stiffened as my legs raised off the bed I was nearly screaming but his mouth muffled the noise.
Panting after the blind blowing orgasm I wanted for so long, Mike removed my dress, I was laying there on his big bed a he kneed over me in my little black frenchies and D cup breasts hanging over my bra. I quickly took my bra off and threw it over the over side of the room. His head moved down, I knew what he was about to do. He kissed along the top of the black wet lace, then rolled them down and over my feet. Mike stripped off to just his tight perfectly white boxer shorts, getting in between of my spread legs, he slowly placed his lips onto my thighs and kissed up til he reached my pussy. He started lapping at it fiercely, sucking on my clit. Quickly I started to moan, grasping the headboard and my legs now wrapped around his head. I felt like never letting go, my head felt like it was going to explode I was screaming the place down, I pushed his head further into my pussy as his tongue stiffened and was now inside of me. Flinging my arms back towards the head board to hold on my fist crashed into the wall. Wow, the pain on my hand was making the pleasure between my thighs even better. Within seconds I was screaming the name of the amazing man who was making juice gush out of my tight little young pussy, moaning so loudly that the neighbours actually banged on the wall. He drank every little bit of juice that flowed out of me.
My eyes were still closed but I could feel his breath against my skin as he slowly moved up my body. I lay there panting underneath him as I smiled, he kissed my lips, his mouth and chin was covered in my sweet juice, I kissed it off him saying "mmmm" so he knew I enjoyed everything about the evening. He turned me on my side, kissing my neck and back and cuddled tightly into me. I could feel his big hard buldge pressing into me. I wanted Mike even more.

Want more? Sorry if it wasn't perfect, its the first story I've posted online.

story by: kitty101

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Author: kitty101

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