Vacation at the cabin

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After a stressful couple of months, I am finally able to get some time off. With perfect timing, my friend Betty mentions one day that her brother owns a cabin deep in the woods and it is fairly close to a very isolated lake. She is thinking of going to spend a week but she does not want to go alone and is wondering if I would like to join her? I do not really know Betty very well only about 6 months but she seems like a nice woman and you really do need to get away so you agree. The day finally arrives and Betty picks me up in her car for the 2-hour drive. After throwing my bags in the trunk, I settle in to the passenger seat, sit back and shut me eyes reveling in the moment of luxurious no hassle week ahead of me. After a while, I realize I had dozed off and peeking out the corner of my eye, I realize what a beautiful woman Betty is. Very Large tits with obviously no bra under her t-shirt and very tanned and shapely legs that were revealed by her short shorts. Funny she would want to spend a week out in the woods away from people I think. She looks like she would be more of a partier, oh well. After another hour on the road and some small chitchat, We pull on to a long winding narrow path and are soon at the cabin. Unfortunately, we did not get the early start i wanted so it is already getting late and Betty says she will get the cabin ready, i just look around and relax. After a walk to the lake and a few minutes of just sitting and relaxing, I head back to the cabin. Getting closer I hear groans coming from inside. Peaking in a window, i see my new friend with a huge dildo hammering it into her pussy as she obviously by the sounds enjoys the feeling of being stuffed. I feel a little out of place so I wait a while and then make a lot of noise as I come towards the door. by the time I enter the cabin there is no sign of anything other then a cabin all lit up, cleaned up and a nice meal cooking on the stove.

After a simple meal, Betty and I go sit out on the front step and watch the sunset through the trees with a glass of wine. As it is getting dark there is a small chill in the air so i retreat in to the cabin and light a fire in the fireplace. Betty then shows up with a bottle of tequila. Even after a couple shots, the conversation is very limited and very generic, more about work then anything. However, feeling the effects of the tequila you both decide to call it a night. The cabin has one bedroom loft and for the first time I wonder about sleeping arrangements. As if reading my mind Betty says that we will take turns sleeping in the bed and that I can have it the first night while she sleeps on the couch. Sounds good to me and I climb the stairs to the loft and simply shed my clothes and climb in to bed in just my panties. From the bed, I can see in to the main room of the cabin though and much to my surprise, Betty lays her sleeping bag on the couch and strips completely naked before walking over and shutting off the lights and climbing in to her sleeping bag. I realize that I have been staring at her as she undressed and feeling almost embarrassed I roll over and shut my eyes and quickly fall to sleep. Some time during the night, I awake and again hear the unmistakable moans of pleasure coming from downstairs. As quietly as possible I roll over and by the light of the moon, coming through the windows I can see Betty again working the big dildo in and out of her pussy. Only now do I realize how big the dildo is. It must be 18 inches long and as big around as her wrist. as I watch the mini porn show and then realize that my hand has drifted to my very hot and wet pussy and I quickly fall in to rhythm with betty driving 2 fingers in to my hot cunt in pace with her driving over half of the monster dildo up her shaved pussy. I can hear her moans increase and not wanting her to finish before me I grab a nipple with my free hand and drive 3 fingers deep in my pussy as my thumb finds my clit. I’m thinking I must have drawn blood biting my lip trying to remain quiet as with impeccable timing Betty and I appear to cum at the same time. Again I shut my eyes and drift off to sleep with a smile on my face with thoughts of how I can get a better look at this dildo in my head.

I wake in the morning and go down to a breakfast of strawberry pancakes. I spend most of the morning doing a little reading and visiting with Betty. Nothing out of the ordinary except Betty is wearing a pair of shorts that are the shortest I have ever seen and the thinnest halter-top ever. She was wearing so little that even though I had on just your swimsuit top on a pair of boxers i felt overdressed. However, it was an enjoyable morning although Betty may have wondered why I had such a grin on my face whenever i looked at her. After changing in to our swimsuits bottoms, I feel almost relief that Betty is wearing a suit that actually covers everything, barely. Nevertheless, to the lake we go and with the sun directly above we both agree it is time to take a dip in the lake to cool off. The water feels great, buoyed by our confidence and driven by 2 pitchers of margaritas I go along with Betty, and remove my suit for a little skinny-dipping. Betty’s accidental brushes against my body was making you feel kind of turned on. Out of the water, we both go and back to sunbathing but now in the nude. I suddenly hear the sound of a vehicle coming on the only road around. Between the alcohol and the sheer panic, of being caught naked, I cannot find my suit. Finally, I remember it down on the dock. I run to get it and by the time I put it on and get back to Betty there is a man talking to her. Betty introduces him as her brother tom, the owner of the cabin. He is not a large man but when he tells you to go to the cabin, his voice carries enough authority that you quickly comply. In the cabin, you can hear him giving Betty a good tongue lashing , she should have known he was coming to the cabin that week and he very well might have visitors coming as well. Peeking out a window, I can see Betty standing there naked with her head down as her brother gives her hell. Suddenly he leans in and says something , Betty nods her head yes and bends over in front of him with her hands on her knees. Holy crap, I cannot believe it as tom proceeds to smack Betty on her ass. Repeatedly many times and hard until you can even see from the cabin how red her ass is. He finally stops the spanking and Betty walks straight to the cabin. I quickly ask her if you need to pack to leave and she tells me no, it will be ok. However, the glazed over look of her eyes still has me nervous. Without saying a word, Betty grabs a bag and goes to the bathroom. I figure it will be to get dressed but shortly I can hear the unmistakable hum of a vibrator. My confusion is broke by tom carrying in his stuff. He stares at me and says if you behave, you may stay. But at all times remember, you are his guest in his cabin. his calm assuredness is overpowering

After a very uneasy couple of hours in the cabin, I finally get a chance to talk with Betty. I mention that maybe we should just go home and leave the cabin to her brother. You do not quite understand she tells me . My brother is expecting a very important and high profile client to show up. Then she looks me in the eye and says she is going to tell me something and I can never tell anyone. She was supposed to be there as entertainment for the client. However, she was to be there alone. OMG I think. What the fuck do I do now? Betty tells me that i can stay but keep a low profile and do as she says. After giving this a little thought, I figure what the hell I’ll see what happens. The rest of the day goes by surprisingly smooth and then at about 6:00 another car pulls in to the drive. It comes to a stop and out steps a professional football player. A very large but in shape black man you slip to a corner of the cabin, as the minute the man walks in to the cabin he yells-ok tom. Where’s this little do anything fucking whore? Right on cue Betty walks out of the bathroom completely naked, walks up to the man and says i am your slut. Do with me as you please. There are no limits. He orders her on her knees to suck him and she quickly complies. I am watching her stiffen his big black cock with her mouth and then realize tom is beside me . Looks fun he says he then grabs my hair, pulls me close and whispers in my ear, you will do to me exactly everything Betty does to him this week. I cannot believe how hot and horny this order made me as I drop to my knees and pull out tom's cock.

I cannot believe how natural it felt to do as tom told me. However, at the same time I had never felt so sluttish. However, he did have a nice cock. It felt good to have a nice hard cock in my mouth. It had been too long without sex. Out the corner of my eye, I could see Betty swallowing the other guy's cock. Not knowing how we got to where we were I figured what the fuck with that it was like a competition that Betty soon noticed. We are now both sucking cock, as if it might be the last cocks we ever see in our life. I cup tom's balls, give them a gentle squeeze, and bring him over the top. Instead of Cumming in my mouth, he pushes me back and shoots his load all over my tits. At this time, the black man does the same to Betty. We are then lead to the middle of the room and told to clean each other up. Again new territory for me but Betty looks deep in my eyes and says just do as they say. Truth is I loved how it felt to have Betty lick and suck cum of my tits so it was only right to return the favor. As soon as we were finished we put our suits on again and the men went outside down to the lake. With another chance to talk to Betty, she tells me how wonderful I was in doing as Tom told me to. That will go a long way toward making the week better. I look in her eyes and ask just how far this is going to go this week. Her reply sends shivers up my back and a wetness between my legs grows. She says if you are willing, just as she told Craig, there are no limits.

The two men return from the lake and take Betty to the corner where they are talking to her too quite for me to hear. Betty then comes over to me and directly asks me again if I am ready to leave? She says if I choose to stay, just like her, I will be at their command. I cannot believe it, when I immediately say yes. However, the heat from my pussy left me no choice. With my answer, she takes me to the middle of the room and slowly undresses me again readily do the same to her. Even though I try to control myself, I am totally overcome with an orgasm, as i have never had before. Betty looks down at me and smiles. She then rolls on top of me staying with her face planted in my pussy. Only then do I realize Craig is behind her with what from this distance looks to be the largest black cock in the world. Shoving her pussy down on my face, she spreads her legs and Craig slams his cock in with one swift thrust right up to his balls in her cunt. He slams his cock in to her for a while, then pulls out, and makes it very clear to me that I am supposed to suck him. Oh lord yes, I am totally caught up in the moment and can think of nothing I would rather do than suck Betty’s pussy juice off his cock. I cannot believe how good the taste is but he soon pulls his cock from my mouth and slams it back in Betty. Fucking Betty and then having me suck him goes on for what seems like an hour before Craig finally let out a howl and pumps his load deep into betty’s cunt. He pulls out and I expected him to want me to suck him clean. I am wrong for it is Betty’s pussy that he tells me to suck clean. I do exactly that with complete abandon. It is the sweetest thing I have ever tasted in my life.

As I lick Craig’s cum from Betty’s pussy, it is apparent how much she loves it. You can sense she is getting close to an orgasm and with complete abandon; I drive my tongue as deep as it will go up her cunt. with that she bucks wildly and lets out a loud moan as she drenches my face with her cum. I find yourself pleasantly pleased with myself, this being the first time i have made a woman cum with my mouth. i also realize both men are applauding my efforts. This makes me blush but also makes me very horny. I look at the men and ask if they are going to just sit there? Or if one of them is going to fill my hot cunt with cock? Tom immediately jumps to his feet and comes over to me . In a very stern voice, he tells me shut the fuck up and not to speak or ask questions. With that, he rolls me on to my stomach and proceeds to spank my ass. Gently at first but then a little harder and harder until finally it makes a loud smack every time he hits me. I new my ass had to be bright red by now but for some reason instead of pain, I find this very erotic and can feel my pussy dripping. Tom eventually stops what he is doing and comes around to the front of me . And says, so you want some cock? Well try this, and he shoves his cock all the way down my throat. i somehow keep from gagging on it and figure if that is how he wants to play I can go along with this. With every ounce of my experience I work at sucking his cock and proceed to hold his cock all the way in your mouth and suck on it like a Hoover. I reach up, cup tom’s balls in my hand, and drive my mouth down on his hard cock until my nose is buried tight against his stomach. with great pride I feel the cum boiling out of his cock down my throat, knowing that this was almost record time to make a guy cum. seeing this craig jumps up and says i got to have some of that cocksucking man. He comes over, pushes tom away, and stuffs his semi erect cock in my face. Even though tom has a nice sized cock it is not as large as Craig but feeling a challenge I stuff his dick in to my mouth and swallow it down to his pubic hairs. I feel his cock growing but refuse to back off and suck it for all its worth. As I feel his cock twitching, I reach up, and cup Craig’s balls. I continue to suck hard on his dick as I milk his balls and I am rewarded with another load of hot cum shot down my throat. The men seem to be very satisfied with this little development and talk happily, as they go to the fridge and get a couple beers. Tom then tells Betty to go get her bag.

Betty comes back with her bag as her brother tom had told her. i remember the huge dildo she had played with herself with the first night and wondering if that is what is in store for me. Tom walks over to Betty and whispers in her ear. She reply’s with a yes sir. She looks me in the eye and says for me to relax and enjoy. Now my mind is racing as Betty reaches in the bag and pulls out a bottle of oil. Do as you are told and just shut your eyes and enjoy whatever may be in store. Soon I feel the oil being rubbed over ymy entire body. Everywhere she rubs it On my back, on my tits between my toes in the crack of my ass, i then feel her place the bottle in my hand and tells me, now do her. I comply and make sure to do as thorough a job as she did to me . I Leave nothing without a fine covering of oil and to make sure I do as good or better job I even make sure to rub a little in her pussy and just the tip of my finger goes up Betty’s ass. After we both are completely covered, I look to tom for direction. He is ready for this as he is standing there with the huge dildo from before. However, to my amazement he has two of them. He hands one to each of us and without a word spoken, we both lay on the floor on our sides in a 69 position. Slowly we both slide the monster fake cocks in each other’s pussy. i cannot believe how good it feels and blast to an immediate intense orgasm the second that Betty licks my clit. Seeing the reaction Craig laughs, says something about me being ready and comes around behind me . Betty pulls the dildo out and his large hard black pole quickly replaces it. Fuck, it feels good as he rams his cock deep in my cunt. Again, I cum hard when Betty licks my clit I feel like I might explode any minute. However, I am not to enjoy his black cock for long as he pulls out and Betty again slides the dildo back in. I would prefer the real cock but by now I realize I can not to talk. Nevertheless, the black cock I do indeed get as Craig begins to work it back up your pussy. Right beside the huge dildo holy fuck you think you are going to split. The next thing you know tom is standing over you feeding his cock toward your mouth. You greedily suck on it as Betty and Craig are working on filling your hot wet cunt to the breaking point. Just when you think, you can take no more, in unison they both plow in to your pussy. With the dildo and Craig’s cock both buried in your pussy, you have trouble remembering to suck tom's cock. He reminds you of this with a stern order to suck him and suck him good. Deep throat me you slut he says. So you do. a cock up to the balls in your mouth along with your cunt stuffed and you about blow your mind as betty again licks your clit. someone, you don't know or care is also tweaking your nipples. this is truly fucking heaven you think.

story by: lincoln1003

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Author: lincoln1003

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