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I never put much thought into sex. The idea was of course, always there, and I considered it frequently. But I simply dismissed those naughty fantasies as my teen-aged hormones run wild. That all changed though. It wasn’t just my hormones who wanted it now.

The room was dim and warm; the atmosphere tense and anxious. Faint afternoon light seeped softly through the shut blinds hanging from the window, casting odd shadows around the room which would have been creepy, were it not seemingly romantic. I was clutching the firm black remote, controlling the knobs with care and pressing the buttons with ease. But my skills were no match for his. Almost silently his character crept behind me, only giving warning by appearing as a small dot on my radar. I tensed up, and tried to turn, but it was too late.

He had won, of course, but not by much. But I wasn’t fooled, he was surely faking it. He had committed suicide several times, and it did not go unnoticed. I appreciated the effort though, not all guys would try and take it easy on their less skilled girlfriends.

“Good game.” He said, grinning. I could see the score from the TV reflected in his pupils and my eyes narrowed. I gave him a playful jab with my elbow.
“Hey, don’t be an ass; just say thanks.” He added after rubbing his side where I jabbed him with exaggerated motions.
“I know you let me off easy. No retard just throws a grenade, runs toward it, and stands there, waiting for it to blow up.”
He managed a tragic expression which was easily killed by the theatrical manner he placed his hand on his chest. “I can’t believe you’d accuse me of such a thing!” He said, his voice suddenly sounding much like the queen of England.

I giggled and leaned into his shoulder, letting the stress of the game leave me, dropping the controller to the floor. He dropped his own controller to the floor and removed his arm from his side and placed it along my back and around my shoulders; pulling me closer to him.

Suddenly, everything seemed less playful than it had moments before. His embrace felt less friendly and more serious, more… sexual. I trained my eyes on him now, finding he had been watching my reaction to his sudden closeness with care. The room around me seemed to disappear for a moment, the light of the TV fading into the background. His eyes looked me over once before he moved again. He removed the glasses on his face and set them on his bedside table before turning to me again.

Did he not want to see me? Certainly he would have made it more subtle if he didn’t wish to look at me, he would surely try to spare my feelings. Fleetingly, I remembered him telling me he was short-sighted; he could see what was close to him very clearly.

I knew I’d be pretty close to him.

We kissed until it was dark; time for me to leave. There was school the next day after all. “Goodnight, Victoria,” He’d whispered in my ear before I stood to leave.

The next day at school, he wore contacts. It was of no importance, except that one remark from one of his more dirty friends caught my attention.

“Gee Blaine, contacts? You’re not supposed to wear those during wet He’d said, glancing from him to me repeatedly.

Blaine’s hold on my waist seemed to tighten momentarily before he responded. He chuckled icily, but hardly smiled. I probably had a look of shock on my face; my jaw certainly was hanging. He was so obvious about it! He said it easily as though the thought wouldn’t plague me for days. Maybe he thought it wouldn’t; but it certainly did.

I was hyper-aware of all the sex related conversations that day, people talking of penis size being related to foot size, their sex life, even what position is best. I wasn’t sure how I ever managed to tune all of that nonsense out. But now, all of it was at the forefront of my mind; and I could only help but notice how Blaine’s feet were the biggest I’d ever seen.

I managed to shake the slightly pleasuring thought away for the time being.

I took the pill. I wanted him, I wanted to be safe, and I did not want to force him to use protection.

“I’m sorry about… the contact incident.” Blaine said, gently stroking my hands with his thumb.
I shook my head lightly before I spoke, “It’s okay, really… I… I was wondering if we could talk about that.” I said sheepishly, tapping my fingers nervously on my lap.
His brow furrowed for a moment before he nodded.
I cleared my throat, bracing myself for what I was to say next.
“Do you want to have sex?” I flinched at my own words. They sounded blunt, as if calling him out on his foul. I by no means wanted him to feel any more uncomfortable than necessary at the question.

His eyebrows arched, and he stared at me, aghast. “I… well… I – yes. Yes I do want to have sex.” He said steadily, still watching me closely. I smiled gently.
I whispered, wrapping my arms around him and falling backwards a little bit; leading him above me.
His face still carried the expression of mingled shock and confusion. “Wait, what? But – I don’t have protection. I – I might not be able to…” He trailed on. I placed a single finger over his lips.
“I’m on the pill.”

He hesitated for an elongated moment where we looked straight into each other’s eyes. He slowly seemed to come to a decision, and let sweet gravity pull us downwards onto the sheets. My heart began to race

Our lips met and kissed fiercely while I tugged playfully at his shirt and belt buckle. He finally succumbed to the shirt pulling, and released his kiss to remove it. A row of abs were visible in the dim light, and my heart began to beat faster still. I pulled off my own shirt, leaving me in only shorts and a bra. Blaine leaned back over and kissed me again, holding me close and tracing the lines of my body at the same time. His arms created a cage around me as he struggled with the clasp on my bra. Then the piece of clothing that had covered me so faithfully lay limp and useless across my chest. I bit my lip before I nodded, hardly daring to breath.

Blaine pulled the fabric away slowly, and set it where our shirts lay in a heap on the floor, turning back to marvel at my breasts. He pressed his nose against mine as he began to massage the small lines that the bra had left on my skin, making me much more comfortable, and yet more uncomfortable at the same time.

Slowly we both removed our pants; leaving us in our underwear. We both kneeled across from each other on the bed, staring at each other, holding each other.
“You first.” I managed to whisper, pulling lightly at the side of his boxers. He obliged, removing the boxers, leaving his already hard shaft out in the open. I felt myself swallow in slight fear and excitement. He had to be at least eight inches.
My hand twitched, and I looked up at him. “Do you want me I began to question. But he cut me off and shook his head.
“You don’t have to, really.” He said, seeming to have heard the uncertainty and slight unwillingness in my voice.
I felt myself growing wet for him in my panties even through my unease, and he was beginning to pull them off for me. I shed them off the rest of the way, revealing my newly-waxen pussy which was starting to drip slowly down my thigh. I bit my lip, embarrassed at how easily aroused I was – forgetting that his cock was already rock hard for me.

His hands traced slowly down my waist, one stopping there to hold me in place, the other continuing down to my pussy. I took a shuddering breath and felt my legs start to tremble. For something that was my idea in the first place, it was certainly falling out of my control quickly.
“Is this okay?” He asked, now uncertain as well. “I’m not hurting you am I?”
I smiled slightly at this and leaned in closer to him, trying to relax a bit more. “No, not at all I – I’m I stuttered, falling silent when I couldn’t find the words to express my fear and uncertainty.

Blaine nodded and whispered into my ear, “I know… I’ll take it slow okay?” He began to lean me back again, off of my knees. I let my legs fall open, knowing he’d just spread them apart himself in a moment anyway. I felt eerily empty knowing that his cock was about to fill me up. But instead of lowering his member to me, he traced his hand back down – rubbing my lips gently with his finger and pressing with more force on my clit. I felt my hips tremble slightly at the feel of someone else’s hands on my pussy; especially Blaine.

He tried to kiss me at the same time as pleasure me, but merely resulted in leaning his lips limp against my own. I too was too interested in his exploring of my cunt that I could hardly kiss him back; especially so because my mouth kept opening to moan or squeal. Then a terrifying train of thought crossed my mind and struggled to concentrate enough to get words out of my mouth.

I rested one of my palms that were clutching his back on his chest, signaling him to stop and listen for a moment. “I – I might bleed.” I said shyly, biting my lip.
“You mean you’re on your –“
“No, no!” I reassured him quickly, forgetting that he would probably immediately jump to that conclusion. “I mean that I’m,” I paused, biting my lip and looking away, “A virgin. I – I don’t know if well… fit. Not without me – err – /> “I’ll be gentle, I /> “But what if that’s not enough, I might still – I don’t – I don’t want to gross you out or –“
Now he cut me off, shushing me gently. “I don’t care.” He said, grinning slightly. “Please, just relax. You’re tensing up.”
I whispered, barely audible to even my own ears. I let my shoulders fall to the sheets as he continued to stroke my pussy.

He started to press down around my opening, letting his finger slide through my wet slit. He let it venture and wiggle with ease, fitting with no problem into my cunt. I moaned as he began to finger me slowly, managing to rub my clit at the same time. He slowly tried to insert two of his fingers, finding that it wasn’t nearly as easy as one. I felt my walls starting to burn as he pushed them all the way in, and couldn’t help the whimper of pain and pleasure that escaped my lips when he began to pull in and out.

“Oh god, I’m sorry… you’re just so – tight!” He said, taking his fingers out slowly. I released a rattling breath and tried to calm myself.
“I – do you – do you think it’ll fit?” I said softly gesturing towards his shaft that hadn’t softened a bit. He thought for a moment.
“Yes, but… I think it might hurt you. Especially if it hurts for me to finger you with /> “Okay, let’s give this a shot.” I said determinedly, staring him in the face.
Blaine looked uneasy for a moment, then said with more intensity than myself, “Promise me that if I hurt you, you’ll tell me to stop. Please, I really don’t want this to suck for you.”

I nodded solemnly then traced my hands along his spine, hugging my arms around him to pull his body closer.
“Here, just let me…” He took hold of his shaft, which didn’t bend in the slightest, only swayed with the motion of his hands, and pressed it up against my pussy lips. He guided his head along my slit, rubbing my juices with his own pre-cum until he assumed it wet enough for him to attempt to go any further.
If my heart was racing before, it was nothing on how it was pumping now.

He put a gentle pressure on his cock, letting its head slide swiftly inside of my opening. I felt my breath catch in my throat, and my legs tense up around his waist. I wrapped my arms lightly around him in my desperate need of something to hold. He hesitated for a moment at my reaction before continuing, slipping another inch of his shaft into me. My arms tightened slightly around him, and I pressed my teeth into my bottom lip to keep from squealing.

I slinked in another inch, and this time I was unable to keep from moaning a strange and painful high-pitch moan. He brought his hand to my cheek, his fingertips still wet from pleasuring me.
“Are you okay?”
I simply nodded, soldiering on.

The fourth inch crept in, hard as a diamond.
I shrieked and succumbed to the lust that was boiling within me; bringing my hands up to the back of Blain’s head and pushing his lips onto mine, kissing him fiercely. I could feel him struggling to stay above me instead of just letting his cock slide all the way inside me and resting on top of my body. I kissed fiercely until I felt him start to shake in his resistance. Breaking his willpower would hurt me more than it would him.
“Victoria – I think if I – I think if I go any further you’ll bleed. You’re getting really tight at the end.”
I contemplated this for a moment, wondering how bad it would hurt. “Then make me bleed.” I whispered with insane passion. “Take me.”

He looked worried, but obliged. He pulled out, a bit, trying to loosen my walls, sliding swiftly in and out for a couple of moments. For a second, I realized that he was… fucking me. I felt moans escape my lips over and over, and when the pain came, it came as a surprise. A knife hidden in a box of marshmallows.

I felt my white hot heat begin to flow onto Blaine, and felt the scream of a moment’s agony leave my lips. I remembered fleetingly that my parents were gone to dinner until 9. Luckily.

Blaine’s reassuring arms gripped me and hugged me close, but managed to sink the remaining length of his cock deep inside me. The pain was only a hum in the background now, though, the pleasure was suddenly overwhelming. Blaine, of course, didn’t know that yet.
“Oh SHIT, I – oh fuck, Vicky I’m so sorry. We have to stop, oh god.” He swore, pulling his member out of my cunt, covered in a thin film of blood.
“No! No please, fuck me. Please. The pain is gone, fuck me Blaine.”
He shook his head, obviously not believing my pleas. “No, you – you screamed like bloody fucking murder, and you’re /> because you took me, you took me Blaine.” I whispered, reaching my hand down to lead his cock into my pussy. “Now fuck me.” I said into his ear. “Cum in me.”

His resistance crumbled and he let his head venture back in, sliding inches through with ease. I moaned with each thrust, screaming as I neared my orgasm. His cock shoved in and out of my soaking cunt, showing no mercy now that I felt no more pain. I heard the slap of his balls against my skin with each blow, felt the squelch of my pussy with every push. I was dripping all over him and my thighs now, moaning louder with growing intensity.
“CUM, PLEASE. I’M CUMMING. CUM WITH ME. PLEASE. FUCK!” I screeched, my nails piercing his back as I felt his sweet release of precious juices coming in time with the walls of my cunt closing in. His warm seed filled me up until it began to run out onto my lips and down onto my legs. He held still inside of me, the ghost of his last grunt still echoing in the room. He seemed to still be trying to force all the cum he could inside of me while my orgasm happily milked his icicle-hard cock of all of its offering.

Finally, the flow of his juices stopped; leaving both of us a soaking mess. We laid entangled for what seemed like forever, panting like running dogs.

Our lips met once more with one final kiss as the door burst open.

My eyes flickered to the alarmed faces of my parents to the red glow of my alarm clock.


story by: loofa

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: loofa

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