Wanting you (part 4)

"Oh felt so wonderful. I cannot believe how much and how hard I just from me as I slide down next to you. Pulling your lips to me, we kiss long, deep ,hard. My juices ever so slightly on your lips, as your juices still remain on mine. Tongues to stimulate each other more and more.

Laying back, you slide on top of me. Straddling me. Allowing me to savour my pleasures even deeper as I watch your nakedness on me. My cock has not even remotely thought of this I know you like. Reaching down, with one hand you take my hard dick in it, and with your other, spread your pussy lips open for me. I watch you starting to rub my cock against your very wet. We can see your juices causing my cock to glisten as it slips so easily between your pussy lips. mmmmmmmmmmmm I can feel you pressing me harder against your clit, it is so stiff………so hard. Damn I want to suck you, lick you, tease you, please you, eat you so much more. BUT, there is something else that we need to do it soon.

Reaching down, grabbing my cock, I press it to your pussy. This looks so soft pussy wrapping fully around my cock, I push harder against you. And your pussy opens for me. My head eases its way past the entrance, the lips are so soft. You stop. My cock pulsates hard inside you. I know you can feel the girth of my cock pussy is so tight. "I want you."

Rolling you above cock still teasing the entrance of your slip in another the warmth, the wettness, the tightness of you. Another inch slips in……….. I don't know how I can contain myself this way. I want to make love with want to enjoy sex with I want to fuck you. Which one happens? I'm not sure yet. Pulling all the way back to just inside you, I look into your eyes, "I want you so much," I whisper. As you mouth the same to me…………I drive my cock into your wet folds. No stops this time………I want…..I need…. to feel you completely.

I cannot believe the wettness, the warmth, the wonderful tightness of your pussy. It completely envelopes me. My cock seems to grow harder and harder with each deep stroke. Raising up as I slide in and out of you, I can see you are ever wetter now. My cock is so covered with your juices, it is dripping with each stroke. "You need to feel this," I tell you as I guide your hand down to our sex. Gripping my cock, I can see your disbelief with your wettness. Your pussy wrapped around me, and your fingers stroking me separately, are causing my to stroke deeper into you. "I'm going to soon." Your fingers slip off me and find their way to our mouths………. mmmmm you are so sweet. I could spend hours between your you. But you know that. And you know that I will be doing just that again………. so very soon. Sucking your juices from your fingers, our tongues find each others again. I start sucking your tongue deeper into my mouth……….. matching my cock stroking in and out of you. It feels so incredible. Deeply fucking your sucking your tongue with the same deep strokes. My cock is so hard.

I can feel your pussy so close aren't you?" I ask….."God yes" you sigh. My strokes are getting stronger, harder, faster, deeper. Reaching down, wrapping my hands under you, pulling you tighter to me. My cock swelling even can't hold back any want to fill you up so much." Your fingers pulling, squezzing your hard nipples. Your mouth devouring your fingers still coated with our juices. "Fuck me now!" is what I'm told to do. My strokes……SO FUCKING HARD……….. "Cumming is all I can muster. My cock fights to reach the deepest region of your pussy tightens so much………… sucking me somehow deeper into explode. I feel your pussy seems to contract with each stream of cum I fill you with. I hear a deep moan from you………. your legs wrapped around me, pulling me so hard against you.

We are on top of you………..my cock slightly still inside you. I feel my juices mixing with yours. I've wanted this for so long. And now it's here. Rolling off of slight laugh escapes, and all I can say as I look at you is, "Wanna do it again?"


story by: Icederby

Tags: consensual sex fantasy gothic sex story

Author: Icederby

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