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Derek was the quarterback for his high school football team. He had recieved many scholarship offers and he could go to any college of his choice. He was the pride of the town and all the girls in school wanted him. He was the top athlete in the state, but he wasn't exactly the top in his class in GPA. He was struggling in all of his subjects, mainly history. History was his favorite class this year though because of the new teacher, Ms. Howell. She was two years removed from college and had just recieved a job as the new history teacher. She had gorgeous golden blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back, which led down to her full, perfectly curved ass. Then came her long, smooth legs that drove her students wild. She had deep blue eyes that penetrated yours when you stared into them and made any man melt. Her lips were full and juicy with glistening red lipstick generously applied. Her tits were big and a beautiful sight when walking through the halls in the morning.She gave Derek a huge boner the first time he saw her. He had wanted to fuck her since the moment she walked into that classroom and he daydreamed about her frequently.

"Derek! Derek wake up! That's the third time you've fallen asleep this week. I want to talk to you after school today," Ms. Howell yelled as Derek awoke with a start. "I was awake," Derek said in protest, "I was just resting my eyes." "Well you won't be resting your eyes in detention today," Ms. Howell replied. "DETENTION!? I can't serve detention today! I've got football practice." "Then I guess you'll have to miss it today." "But I can't! We've got a game tommorrow!" "You should have thought about that before you fell asleep." "But I-I-I-" DING DING DING! The bell rang and everyone rushed out of the classroom. "What a bitch," Derek thought to himself as he walked to Chemistry.

After school was out he started to skip detention and walked to practice, then he decided for some reason to go to detention. He didn't kmow why he wanted to go, but something told him to go. He thought that was his concience.

He walked to Ms. Howell's classroom and opened the door. "Come here Derek. We need to talk," Ms. Howell said. "I'm sorry Ms. Howell. I didn't mean to fall asl-" "No. let's not talk about that. That is in the past," Ms. Howell interupted. "Then what do you want to talk about?" Derek asked. "Let's talk about you. Do you have a date for the prom?" "No," Derek said a little uneasilly. "Wow! I would have thought you would have a date right away. Have you ever had sex?" "What the fuck? Why did she just ask me that?" Derek thought tohimself that was completely out of left feild. He got butterflies in his stomach and a big knot in his throat. Not only that, but he felt his cock start to harden as he stammered, "Yeah." He didn't know what to think or feel. "Ow! My back. I always get knots in my back. Could you rub it a little for me please?" Ms. Howell asked in an unusual voice. It wasn't her normal lecture type voice, but it sounded very sensual. Derek went around her desk to her chair and started to firmly rub her shoulders. "Ohh yeah. That's it. Mmmmmm, you have such strong hands," Ms. Howell moaned. Derek's cock began to grow and become stiff. Ms. Howell reached up and grabbed the back of Derek's neck. She pulled him to her and thier lips met. Ms. Howell gently caressed his tongue with her own, then he did the same. The touch of her hot wet lips sent shivers down his spine and to his now fully erect dick. As they released after about a minute of this, Ms. Howell grabbed Derek's left hand and moved it towards her tit. "That's it. Touch me Derek," she said in a gentle voice. Derek slowly started to touch and gently squeeze the tit over the red sweater she was wearing. He felt her nipple begin to harden and they began to passionately kiss again. He then began to slowly work his right hand to the other hardened nipple and started to rub it.

Ms. Howell then spun around in her seat slowly and started to rub his cock on the outside of his pants. She slowly unbuttoned them and unzipped them. Derek bent down and kissed her while she took off his boxers to expose his 7 inch rod with small beads of sweat beginning to form on it. "Oooo, your'e so big!' She exclaimed. She very slowly began to move ger right hand up and down his shaft. "Yeah big boy. You like that?" She asked. All he could do was nod. He was still in disbelief that his wildest fantasy was becoming very real. She opened her mouth and started to move the tip of her tongue all over his cock, teasing him. Then she went for it all as she swallowed his whole dick in her mouth and began to suck it. This was the best feeling he had ever had and he had to concentrate on not cumming before the real action went down. She was slobbering all over his dick and hot saliva was dripping from her chin as she rose to her feet and kissed him. Derek reached under her sweater and began to caress her tits again. She took the sweater off exposing the red lingere bra she had on. He kissed her neck and worked his tongue to her cleavage. He reached around her and removed her bra exposing those warm soft tits he had dreamt about for what seemed to be forever. He sucked on her nipple and grabbed her other breast with his free hand as she groaned with pleasure. He then unzipped her skirt to expose a thong matching the bra. He let go of her tits and grabbed two handfulls of hot ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. "Yeah, that's right. Now smack my ass big boy. I've been a bad girl," she demanded. He obeyed and gave two quick spanks to her right ass cheek. She slowly fell onto her desk and took Derek with her. They were both lying on top of the desk with Derek on top as he reached down and took off the thong. He stuck two fingers in her warm juicy cunt and went in and out as she moaned. "Fuck me Derek. I want you in me right now." He leaned over her and slowly inserted his cock into her wet pussy. He looked deep into her eyes as he slowly fucked her. Their chests were together and Derek loved the feeling of her hard nipples on his body. They kissed passionately as he started to fuck her a little harder and a little faster. "Oh yeah baby. Fuck me harder, harder, harder!" Screamed Ms. Howell. Derek was now fucking her as hard as possible and sweat was streaming down his face. Her legs were in the air and Derek felt her pussy contract. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "Oh YEAH! FUCK! OH SHIT! I"M CUMING! AH! OH! OH!" She let out a loud scream as her raging orgasm hit her. She pulled Derek out of her and stood him up against the desk. She started kissing him, then moved down his body until she was on her knees. She began furiously sucking his cock and Derek felt a wave rush over him. His knees trembled, his heart raced. She was trying to suck the cum from him. She started to work his cock with her hands, pumping it hard. "I want you to cum all over my face so I can lick it off. I want to taste you hot cum on my lips." Derek couldn't hold back any longer as he released a huge wad of cum right into her face. She licked it off then went back to suck the rest off of his cock.

As they got dressed, Derek was still having trouble believing what had just happened.
"That was the best I've ever had!" Said Ms. Howell. "Me too," Derek said. "It's just too bad it's over." "Well, it doesn't have to be. I hold private tutoring sessions on tuesdays and thursdays. We could work on those grades of yours. And you can bring a girlfreind if you want." "Okay, I'll see you tuesday then," Derek said happily as he walked out of the room. "Oh, sorry you missed practice Derek," she called. "I didn't MISS it at all Ms. Howell. Not at all."

story by: Brett

Tags: fiction school male/female hardcore sex story

Author: Brett

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