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I recently moved to this company in Coventry road to assume a new post. After a week, I got to learn that a certain girl had been trying to get a job at this company as well. I also established that they had waited for me to examine her to see if she was suitable for the vacancy.
One day I was informed that the girl had come and wanted to see me for the interview, so I called her in.
As is my custom I stood up to go and open the door when she knocked.
Honestly, I meant to do my job and really test her but when she walked in I suddenly had a hard on. I dont know why my dick has a tendency to greet females before I do. To make matters worse I did not have a brief on. I only had mi boxer shorts and one of mi loose trousers. Much as I tried to hide the prick, it was obvious the girl had noticed this sign of appreciation.
"Take a seat," my command was not very strong. She already had me under a spell.
"Thank you. I see you have three legs!" she said out of the blue. I was speechless. This had never happened to me.
"What, which legs?"
"Im Nadia." She avoided my question.
"I heard you can offer me a job," she proceded, maybe aware that I was already lost on her see thru blouse that reveal pointing nipples
"What do you know?" I quizzed her tracing the voluptious cups of her breasts, allowing nyself the liberty of mi eyes having to linger on her body. She had a perfect body clad in a tight jean skirt that almost reavealed the upper part of her g-string when she set on the sofa in mi office. I thanked for the previlege this sofa afforded me. When she set on it her tight butt protruded to leave the g string very much public consuption for the eyes.
Her eagle eyes peirced me whenever she flashed them at me while the rotund brown coffee lips were a marvel to watch. She possessed a pointed nose and in every aspect represented the dream girls we see on cover magazines. She was a straight line drawn by God.
My dick had had enough and was throbbing like hell. I tried crossing my legs but it did not work.
"I see your other leg must be troubling you," she teased me further.
"Would you like to see it," I made a bold statement.
In a flash she was besides me undoing my zip. My dick popped out of the confines of my boxer shots and she immediately had it in her hands.
"I am good at Quark and can lay pages and write creative headlines," she said as she worked my dick with her right hand.
I was now in cloud nine. I moved my chair slightly to allow her more room to manoevre. I slid my hand between her legs and worked my way up her shirt and began to finger her panty. She was already wet.
"You have a big dick sir and I want it ….." before she could finish there was a knock on the door.
I quickly pushed my chair forward to avoid my dick from being seen.
"Sir there is a call for you down stairs," A lady receptionist at our work place just budged in.
"Okay, I am coming." Well maybe I meant cuming because there was some precum on my dick when I eventually zipped up.
" I guess we wiil have to continue our interview some other time," I said to Nadia and dashed to answer my call.
On the phone was mi long time girl friend she said she was passing through mi office and wanted to make siure I was there. I told her I was going out for a meeting.
I rushed back to the office. I walked in hoping to continue from where I had left. She had gone and left a note>
"I shall be back tomorrow at 7pm be sure to be here."
Naturally I abandoned everything to be in the office the next day.
As usal the phone rang and I was told she was at the door. Again my dick expanded. It throbbed so hard that by the time she walked in I must have already been drooling.
"How is my other leg today?" She didnt even greet me.
"Yu can check for yourself." I surrenderd myself.
I had been sitting on the computer desk and so she moved to my chair. I was expecting her to go straight to my flyers, but she came to my back and whispered, "Let me show yu my computer skills."
"Sure," I agreed. As she reached out for the mouse her breasts pierced my back. The strong scent of her perfume flooded my nostrills. I was in a trance. Her left hand ran over my chest as she worked the mouse with her right. The left hand searched my nipples and she gave it a short tight squeeze. Oh, what a feeling ! Mi dick throbbed faster and I knew I was going to shoot into my brief.
She immediately stopped teasing mi nipple and engaged me in a conversation. She showed me her knowledge of quark which was extraordinary. I must admit some aspects she showed me wher quite new to me.
"So I als use pagemaker and I understand photoshop," she said as she undid my zip.
The chair I was seating on moves and she quickly pulled it jumped onto my dick. It was so swift that I slid into her like a hot knife cutting through butter.
"AH yo cock is too big, Oh it takes good, Oh my God," she cooed as I began to dig deeper into her.
I ploughed harder and she appreciated every thrust. My cock was getting bigger as I delced into her. She had the tightest pussy of all time. My life was made easier because she was so wet. I worked her for what seemd like 10 minutes. I felt mi muscles tensing. I knew I could not stand it any longer. She must have felt it for she quickly jumped off me.
I want to suck yo dick," she begged. I had no say any more so she proceeded. I had never been sucked and my, it tasted good. She knew how to work a dick. She reached for the lower tip of my manhood and began to suck my balls. Man I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling. I was so sure I would cum. My muscles tensed again and the moment she let go I shot straight into her face, my cum blinding her eagle eyes. She blinked in satisfaction. I was already 9 in the evening. I then drove her to her place and said,
"I guess you passed the interview." She gave me a hard kiss on the forehead and disappeared into the night.

story by: Chillaz Chi-town

Tags: fiction job/place-of-work sex story

Author: Chillaz Chi-town

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