What he's thinking – ch 1

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Entry One: — me [Karen], mind reading, Jerry, Hilda

Have you ever wanted to know what a guy's thinking when he's looking at your fanny? Or is it obvious enough anyway? I'm clairvoyant. I'm only about average in looks, but at times I know exactly how a guy wants to see me as well as he does. I'm pretty enough and have a good figure. If I choose to I can make myself look like the fantasy he would like to see me as.

Does it surprise you that my main use of mind reading is for satisfying my own voyeur tendencies? Should I be out interrogating prisoners? Frankly, I'm not interested in conflicts, either between nations or cops and robbers. I don't owe them anything and have no reason to not just enjoy myself. But knowing what people are thinking about you isn't always fun. I usually want to know, especially if a guy is lusting for me. But if he isn't, and should be, than I guess I'd have been happier not knowing. The best thing is that I know the guy I'm flirting with or fucking is thinking nice things about me. It's easy for me to detect a mean streak long before getting involved with a guy.

What's as much fun as reading people's thoughts about me and no risk to my own ego, is reading a guy's thoughts about another girl. And reading her thoughts as well.

Hilda, our secretary, has the type of figure I wish I had. I guess I'd like to be taller than her five-two, but otherwise she's nearly perfect. At twenty five, I'm hardly old, but though only six years my junior, she seems like a younger generation. Most of it is probably the difference between a professional woman and a receptionist. There are guys here I'd love to fuck who won't address me by my first name because I have more status then they do. But I don't resent Hilda. Instead I enjoy seeing the thoughts going through the male heads around her. Bees and honey. I probably enjoy peeking around inside her head as much as theirs.

She's had two affairs here. But if the guys had any inkling how insecure and eager she actually is, every one of them would already be inside her pants. I know she wouldn't say no to any of them if approached nicely. Not even Harold who fears he'd be impotent with her. Hilda's such a darling she feels sorry for him. One time I caught her thinking that he was older than her father and that he probably needed what she could offer more than any of the younger guys. Harold is a nice old man. But I'd make no better a sex partner for him than Hilda would, because he's a tech and I'm sort of his boss. He doesn't see me as too young, just impossibly higher up the status ladder. He doesn't even get an erection when I wiggle my fanny at him!

This morning I watched an erotic encounter Hilda had with Jerry, my boss. Jerry's married but plays around. I've thought of seducing him, but it's less complicated doing it with someone you don't report to. Hilda doesn't work for Jerry, but as a member of management he could easily be accused of harassment if he gave into his fantasies. I know Hilda would never complain, even if he raped her. At least she doesn't think she would. It's one of her favorite fantasies. Not just a generic rape, though she also has that desire. She specifically imagines Jerry cornering her in a closet, pinning her against the wall, and suddenly filling her vagina with his manhood. In her dream, she only mildly resists, and afterwards blackmails him. The payment she demands is that he do it again on a regular basis! Even in her fantasy it's not really rape. In practice, if they ever do get together, he'll ask and she'll willingly comply. Or maybe someday she'll get the courage to ask him.

Hilda wears clothes that are a bit risque. But no one seems to mind. Even the older women just smile and think of her as a child playing around. I know if I tried showing off a fancy bra under a translucent blouse, or the shape of my nipples, indicating no bra, under a tight stretchy knit, I'd get frowns from the same women. As a professional, I'm senior to most of these women, so I'm fair game for their back biting. Even the tight clothing and short skirts I often wear give them fuel for gossip. But at twenty five and with a good figure, I'm not about to start wearing loose tailored suits. In fact, I could care less about dressing appropiate to my position. I like making money and having a private office. But each promotion only seems to put me farther apart from the younger crowd that I'd like to stay a part of. I don't ever want to become a manager. I have to admit, however, that with her looks, age, and personality, the teenage teaser clothes look better on Hilda then on me when I wear stuff like that outside of work.

When Jerry walked up to her desk she stood up as she always does. This still means she has to look up at everybody, even me. Most people think she does it because she doesn't have to look up as much. It took me a while to decide that she's trying to show off her legs. Not just trying, either. Hilda wants everyone to like her, even me. Maybe not everyone. She could care less about the same older women who are so tolerant of her. She looks down on any woman who doesn't try to look sexually attractive. If such a female has potential she's a prude. If she's just old or ugly than Hilda thinks she's pathetic. Hilda apparently places me higher in her ratings of females than most of my male coworkers. She's always seen me as an equal competitor, possibly a friend, and could care less where I fit in the professional pecking order.

I knew Hilda wanted to be my friend. I just didn't know if I'd enjoy mentally snooping on her nearly as much. Usually, it makes me feel a little guilty. So I was friendly with her, and she liked me. But she didn't quite feel she could be intimate with me. Yet someday there'd be some crisis, and being the closest thing here she has to a female friend she'd come crying on my shoulder, and I'd be stuck. This mind reading thing makes it hard to keep friends. And it hurts when I lose one.

This morning, when Jerry walked up to her desk, Hilda got up and stepped away from it, giving him a good view of her whole figure. In three inch heels, she's about five-five and looks all legs. Well, not all legs. The rest of her certainly gets noticed as well. Jerry was trying not to look too obvious while looking. Although he wasn't looking at me I could see what he was thinking.

This is what Jerry was thinking. Apparently he'd been thoroughly enjoying the upper view before she got up from her desk. And today Hilda was wearing a see-through with a fancy bra underneath. It sort of pushed her up, while baring most of her glands above the nipples. The bra was lacy, with a pattern covering her nipples. It looked like elsewhere you might be seeing her skin through the transparent lace. But it could also be a nude colored lining behind the lace. In which case the object was still to make it look like her tits were fully exposed, not just on top. And knowing that a girl wants to look naked is as much a turn on for most males as seeing her actually naked. I readily admitted to myself that her breasts looked very sexy. Hilda has a beautiful baby face with luxurious long blonde hair.

Now, standing up, he just had to give the rest of her the attention her waist, fanny and legs demanded. Of course, Jerry had seen all this before. Hilda never wears anything remotely conservative. Jerry didn't mind giving her crotch some attention. He'd just wanted to savor her tits for a while longer.

Hilda's sexiness is so automatic she's not even aware of most of it. When I ask her something, she stands up. It's just habit. Besides she doesn't even know she doing it to show off her legs. When she's walking anywhere and there's someone behind her that cute little ass of hers puts on it's own display. Even when it's me behind her. I don't think she cares. There might be someone else with me. Or maybe she wouldn't mind having me as a lover. I know she's had girl-girl relationships. In fact, I know too much about her to ever be honest with her. I also know she prefers men. However, I've seen her walk by when she didn't see me. And that fanny of hers takes on a different mode when there's no reason to make any special effort. Her regular walk is quite pretty, just not as sexy.

Jerry had some documents he wanted copied. Normally, he'd have just done it himself. It wasn't a big job, hardly worth bothering someone else about. Nor was this something Hilda was supposed to do. But she welcomed small tasks to keep busy. She welcomed almost any task that gave her an excuse to get up and walk around. The copier was about a hundred feet down the hall, and he watched her walk to it. He was still watching when she bent over to fill the paper tray. Hilda was putting on her usual show but was also consciously aware of his attention and enjoying ever second of it. Her skirt wasn't unusually short, but she made sure it rode up enough to show a bit of her panties. At the rate these two were going, she'd finish the task with him still there gawking at her. Though this acknowledgment of his purpose would have pleased her, Jerry himself didn't want to be so blatant.

"Stand still and pretend you're talking with me" I said, after walking past him and turning around, so that while looking at me he was still looking at her. "She wants you to look anyway, so go ahead."

Jerry and I have this unusual relationship. One time when I caught him looking down my blouse, after intentionally presenting him with the temptation, I laid several things on the line. The first thing was that I loved it when he did it. Second was that showing him my bra was my way of sublimating my desire to go to bed with him.

"Jerry. You're my boss, and you're married. I know you fool around a little, and if you weren't my boss I wouldn't mind being one of your girlfriends. And if you weren't married we could pretend it was something more than just sex. But until I find myself working for someone else, we'll have to contend ourselves with just looking. Don't be disappointed. We could reorganize anytime. Anyway, you don't need another lover on the side, and peeking at my panties could spice up the afternoons for both of us."

As I said this, I pulled up my skirt. I was wearing transparent panties so it was really my pubes I showed him. Since then I've flirted with him incessantly. It's fun because with our understanding, I can't go too far. With other guys, I could find myself either in bed when that hadn't been my intention, or being accused of being a cock tease. In fact, my activities with Jerry if they'd been one sided, could be called sexual harassment. But Jerry enjoys looking as much as I enjoy showing. I've met his wife several times, and somehow she knows I'm not one of his lovers. Maybe she doesn't really know, but I know she thinks she knows because of my special ability. Since I'm an attractive woman who's constantly around her husband and not screwing him, she sees me as an ally. Maybe in fact, my little displays do curb some of his interest in extracurricular sex with other women. I know without using my special ability, that he loves the entertainment I give him. But not being his lover, I have no reason to mind him giving Hilda the same type of attention.

"You know she's practically jail bait for you. If you're really hard up, I'll go to bed with you. As a favor. But if you're not desperate, I think you should stick to your regular girlfriends or your wife. By the way, if you show any more interest in her, she's going to proposition you. Better slow down a little if you don't want to find yourself in that position. But I certainly understand your desire to enjoy the view. She practically has me wetting my pants. And I prefer men!"

"Is my interest that obvious?"

"To me it is. Probably to anyone else who can see the bulge in your pants. Anyway, there isn't a guy working here who can avoid looking at that sexy fanny when she walks by. I see all the erections, while you guys are too busy looking at her to notice each other."

He was cool enough to avoid looking down at his crotch. He could feel his erection, and knew that looking at it would accomplish nothing. We'd passed the point in our relationship where he'd have any reason to hide it from me. In fact, when I was giving him a show I practically demanded he show it to me as a reward for my efforts. Yet we both knew that I wasn't the least bit jealous that this sign of interest was due to Hilda not me. In fact, I was probably the only person inside the building, maybe even anywhere, with whom he could safely discuss his erotic interest in a girl half his age. He thought of himself as a hopeless suitor, being married and much older. I could have told him that she lusted for him in spite of his age. But, of course, that was one think I didn't tell him.

"What color are her panties?"

"Come on, she just flashed them at you, didn't she?"

"Was that />
Jerry had this idea that, being a woman, I knew what other women were thinking. I don't know how many times I've told him I could tell what he's thinking. Usually, if we're alone, he looks down at his crotch, which always gives both of us a laugh. I'm always telling people that someone's thoughts are obvious, and people assume I mean it in the usual sense. Jerry's belief in my ability to know other woman was a bit too close to the truth. However, I was careful not to react negatively. I simply answered his question.

"Pretty much. It's so natural for her that she can't help it. But she knows she just showed you her panties. She even knows exactly how much she showed you. I'd guess it was between two and three inches. With bikinis that low cut, much more and she'd be showing you the waist band. Hip huggers like those stop about eight inches below her real waist. When she stands up and pulls her skirt back down, you can see the outline quite clearly. Of course you've already had the opportunity. You know that whenever a girl wears a tight white skirt she knows she's telling everybody what she has underneath. Showing off the outline of your panties is even considered a style today. I've seen tights advertised that have seams where you'd wear a thong. Seen through your dress or slacks people think that's what you're wearing. Letting people know or think you wear thong underwear is the new in thing, like going braless a few years ago. Hilda knows we can all see the outline of her bikinis. It's not as suggestive, I suppose, as her mammary display. But every little bit helps. Her fanny display and chest display only compliment each other."

"Much the same as having two pretty and sexy women in the area is more fun than having just either one of you."

His smile when he looked at me made it perfectly clear I was the other woman. Well, after all the flashing I'd done, and all the resulting erections, we both knew without saying anything that he considered me attractive. I could hear behind me that Hilda had finished, and was walking toward us. I turned to look at her. If a person's feeling a strong emotion like lust, I can read them even if we're both looking in opposite directions. But if the persons looking at me or thinking about me I can do better. I do better still if I'm looking at them, like I was now doing with Hilda. She wasn't quite looking at me, more at Jerry. But even without full eye contact I could read her thoughts perfectly. With full eye contact I can always read surface thoughts perfectly even if the person is trying to hide them. Hilda wasn't trying to hide anything, mental or physical.

As soon as she decided she couldn't successfully tempt Jerry, she began striving even harder to do so. Her posture became so good that to Jerry it looked like her tits were about to poke right through everything. No minimizer bras for that female! As much as I liked looking at Hilda's chest when she was in the mood to flaunt herself, it was even more erotic to look in Jerry's eyes and see his mental image of her.

Jerry was having so much trouble controlling himself that he was almost curt with her when she handed him the papers. As he turned away, the look on her face was distressed.

She hardly was aware of me looking at her, until I said something.

"Hilda, I think I need to go to the ladies room. Perhaps you'd like to accompany me?"

She immediately recognized the ancient formulae for "lets go talk about men". She followed me, more curious about what I'd say than hurt by Jerry's cold response. I'd just told myself earlier that I didn't want to become intimate with this delectable example of sweet femininity, and here I was about to give her advice. Or maybe just guidance. Either way, I'd opened myself to the relationship she wanted even more than hopping in bed with Jerry.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is for him to control himself around you? The reason he left so suddenly was that he was about to cream in his pants!"

For some reason she found this delightfully funny, and for a while couldn't stop giggling. I admit, I laughed along with her, in spite of the fact that I knew Jerry had ejaculated and was now in his office trying to clean himself off. It had caused him a degree of distress.

"Hilda. He loves looking at you, especially when you do things like bend over showing him your panties. But he's afraid of having an affair with you. He's even afraid of discussing it. And all this time he thinks you'd reject him anyhow. If you want to have an affair with him you could easily seduce him. But it won't make him happy. And if he's not happy, you won't be either. You're not the type to get pleasure only for yourself out of a relationship. Actually, the happiest you could make him is by just doing what you do now, if he just had some way of being sure it wasn't going any farther."

"But he's having affairs with other women, isn't he?"

"Yes. And no, I'm not one of them. I don't actually know who they are, but I know they're older than me and all married. Women Martha doesn't have to be worried about. With you he's afraid he'd start thinking silly things, like leaving her. And that would be silly because they love each other. He just needs more variety than one woman can give a man. But from us, all he needs or wants is a little tease show. And that's what you want to give him, isn't it?"

"I guess so. I never thought about it that way. I think I enjoy showing off to my boyfriends even more than having sex with them. But usually I'd feel guilty flirting with a guy if I wasn't prepared to go all the way. I never flirted with a married man before coming here. I guess that makes the situation a lot />
"Well, the best thing to do with Jerry is enjoy the showing off without bothering with the sex. Best for his sake, and you'll get the most enjoyment out of it as well."

"Karen, are you busy tonight?"

This was what I knew would happen. Actually, I kind of liked the idea of being friends with Hilda. It was just the probable eventual breakup I wasn't looking forward to. One thing that helped prolong some friendships was being very honest about myself, except for telling about my special ability. This always encourages the other girl to open up as well. And surprisingly, it often works with men as well. If Hilda volunteered information about herself, it would be less likely that I'd accidentally reveal information I wasn't supposed to have. In my experience, women love to be able to bare all to a friend or lover, exposing and opening up their mind and soul as much or even more than their bodies. Maybe the two go together. The few prudish women I've known were also very closed mouth about their feelings. I agreed to have supper with Hilda and make an evening of it.

story by: Cathy

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Author: Cathy

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