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“The New Kid Is Also Gay”
[Chapter 1]

Most of the boys at my school either already have a girlfriend (or boyfriend), aren’t that attractive, or are extremely shy around other guys when they’re naked (as I’ve observed in the locker rooms before and after gym class.) I just wish I could find a good lover to spend the rest of my high school years with. And I found that lover in 17-year-old Kyle Thompson. My name is Jerry Lewis. I am 17 years old as well. And this is the story about how Kyle and I met, and became inseparable bi-sexual lovers for life.

Late September. The known bf/gf connections from last year were hooking up again, along with the gf/gf and bf/bf connections that everyone knew were present. They walked down the hallways holding hands, and you could find them occasionally kissing in the hallways, just as long as there were no teachers around. When a boy/girl couple were kissing, you would just walk right by them completely ignoring them. But whenever you happened across the rare boy/boy or girl/girl make-outs, you couldn’t help but stand there and watch for a little bit. It’s just so hot watching two girls kissing (for a guy). Anyway, I had to stay late in my English class because my teacher wanted to talk to me. I walked quickly down the hallway to the locker room so I could change into my gym uniform and make it to gym actually on time today. My gym teacher told me that she was done with my but always somewhat true excuses, and said that if I were late again I would fail her class, no matter what.

I skidded into the locker room just in time to hear the late bell. After the late bell, there’s another bell that rings about 6 or 7 minutes later, which means that we better be upstairs and ready to start gym class by then. I threw my stuff down on an empty (or so I thought) bench and quickly shuffled through my gym bag and found my shorts, t-shirt, socks and shoes. I threw my flip-flops into an empty locker, and quickly took off my pants and threw them in there as well. That left me in only my t-shirt (which I then took off and tossed into the locker as well) and my underwear. I looked down at my underwear and saw a tiny wet spot where the tip of my penis was and assumed it was just pre-cum. “Must have gotten a little turned on when I walked past Stacey and Kelly making out” I murmured to myself. I spun my head around to look at the clock. 11:54 am. I let out a sigh of relief. “Ok. This means I still have about 6 or 7 minutes to change” I said quietly to myself. “But they can go fast,” a voice behind me said. I quickly turned around and noticed there was someone else on the bench! I could feel my face blushing.

“Oh, I’m so sorry…I didn’t see you there,” were the only words I could get out. Happens all the time.” He said back. I laughed quietly out loud, but mostly to myself at the faint hint of sarcasm I picked up in his response. Then he noticed me staring, or rather sneaking glances at something right next to him on the bench. He looked down in confusion, and then realized I was looking at his either 6 or 6½ inch rod which was just sort of hanging in the air. “Oh, he stammered as he grabbed his shirt to cover it up. “It’s okay,” I said back, all guys here.” But he seemed to be a little embarrassed as he stared uncomfortable towards the ground. “Why haven’t you gotten dressed yet?” I asked him. “It’s because I forgot my he said quietly. “Well, why don’t you just wear your boxers underneath your gym pants? I’m sure Mrs. Cameron won’t mind” I told him. wear any underwear to school today…” He replied, looking even more uncomfortable than before (if that was even possible). “Oh… well then…you would borrow a pair from me,” I suggested as I held up an extra pair of light gray underwear. worry, they’re clean! I swear!” I said as I noticed him looking kind of disgusted at the underwear in my hand. “Ok, thanks…” He finally said. He reached over and took the underwear from my hand. He pulled the shirt from his lap and stood up to put them on. I still couldn’t help from looking at his cock as he stood up, and he was facing me so that made it all the more better. I almost immediately and involuntarily started stroking my own cock through my matching light gray underwear. More pre-cum leaked from the head of my penis and continued to spread slowly and more noticeably through my underwear. He finally looked at me and noticed my hand stroking my cock as I looked at his, now through his underwear. he stammered, “What are you doing??” he asked. I asked. “Your hand… what are you doing??” he asked again. I looked down at my right hand which was stoking my cock, and I hadn’t even noticed! “Oh, I’m sorry!” I exclaimed as I took my hand from my cock. We looked at each other for about 10 seconds, and then proceeded to put on our gym uniforms in silence. When I was ready, I waited for the other kid to finish tying his shoelace. After he was finished, we made our way upstairs together.

“So, I haven’t seen you around school before. Are you new here?” I asked him as we started up the first of about 4 total flights of stairs to reach the gym. “Yeah… This is my first day here…” He said. I said back. “So, what’s your name?” “My name’s Kyle. K-Kyle Thompson.” He informed me. I said again. “My name’s Jerry Lewis. If you need any help about getting around or anything like that, you can ask me.” he said, smiling. By now we were only halfway through the second flight of stairs. he started quietly, “I saw you stroking your cock when I was putting my underwear on… are you by any I almost stopped in my tracks. “……are you?” were the only words I could come up with. He stopped too, and looked me almost sincerely in the eyes. he said so quiet that even I with my superb hearing was just barely able to make it out. “Me too.” I whispered back to him. We smiled at each other for a couple seconds. [More awkward silence]. Then we looked each other deeply in the eyes again and slowly moved our heads closer and closer to each other until our lips met. It was the best, wettest, and hottest kiss I had ever experienced. Kyle’s right arm wrapped around my back, pulling me closer to him while his left hand began stroking his slowly hardening cock through his gym pants. I too began stoking my own rapidly hardening dick through my gym shorts, which now appeared to be at my ankles, along with my underwear. I was now, I realized, rapidly jacking off in front of a boy I had loaned my underwear to, and also met for the first time only a couple minutes ago.

Thinking of this made me sweat a little and I began jacking off even faster. I panicked as I knew I was near cumming. I didn’t want any on my or Kyle’s uniform, so I pointed my cock away from us, on the previous stair we had just been standing on not too long ago. I could no longer hold it in. I moaned through our kiss (which had at some point turned into a French kiss) as a load of semen came spurting out of my cock and made a faint sound as it landed on the metal stair. I then noticed that Kyle’s pants and underwear had also come down and he too was rapidly jacking off. I saw his cock twitch and I knew he was close to cumming. I wanted so badly to taste his cum, so I reluctantly pulled away from his lips and took about half of his rod into my mouth, massaging the head of it with my tongue, still running my hand up and down my own shaft. Kyle’s head flew back and he moaned rather loudly as he cummed inside my mouth and down my throat. His cum was so delicious; it was a little on the tangy side, but also sweet at the same time, like those Sour Patch Kids gummies. I moaned again, still with his cock half submerged into my mouth. I took my mouth off of his cock and came back up to his mouth and we almost immediately started Frenching again. He saw my cock twitch soon after, (as I was still rapidly jacking off, hoping to bring my next orgasm soon), and he quickly pulled away from my lips and welcomed the head of my cock into them instead. I moaned even louder this time as he began massaging the head of my cock with his tongue as I had done with his. I moaned again and closed my eyes, welcoming my second orgasm as I cummed in his mouth. He seemed a little nervous at first, as he slightly withdrew his mouth from my cock when I cummed, so some of it landed on his chin and neck. He stood up again and we both stared even more deeply and sincerely then the first two times into each other’s eyes. So there we both stood, in the middle of a flight of stairs, gym uniform shorts and matching light-gray underwear at our ankles, staring into each others eyes as we both began slowly jacked off. Before Kyle could say anything, tongue was already all over his chin and neck, lopping up the cum that had missed his mouth.

Then we stared into each other’s eyes again. I slowly bent down; my eyes still glued to his, and pulled up my underwear and pants. Kyle did the same, our eyes not leaving the other for a single second. Then we were standing up, both underwear and shorts where they belonged, and we started passionately Frenching again, his arms wrapped around mine and my arms wrapped around his. We were so into our kiss that we didn’t see (or even hear) one of my friends, (currently JUST friends, but previous brief lovers) Jason Smith, coming down the stairs. “Oh, so that’s why you’re so late.” He said from the top of the stairs, as he just noticed us making out. We both stopped almost immediately and looked at Jason with wide, surprised, “deer caught in the headlights” eyes. “Found yourself a new lover already, huh?” He continued. “Well, you better get up here fast, Jer” (Jason started calling me “Jer” when we were together last year, and I called him because we loved each other so passionately at the time that calling each other by our full names didn’t seem right). “I could see Mrs. Cameron getting that look in her eyes; like the one she gets when she finds out that Emerson (Emerson is Mrs. Cameron’s 6-year-old son) has done something really bad.” “Oh yeah, we better get going!” I said, still looking at Jason. I then looked over at Kyle, who was doing something with his face that told me he wanted to be introduced. “Oh yeah, Jay, this is Kyle. Kyle, this is Jason, but I call him Jay all the time.” I said. “Hey, Kyle” Jason said. “Hi Jason…” Kyle said. Kyle and I looked each other in the eyes again and involuntarily started to French again. “Aw, come on Jer!” Jay said, “Quit Frenching your new lover and let’s get to gym before the bell rings and Mrs. Cameron fails you.” Kyle and I reluctantly pulled away from each other and decided to continue up the remaining 2½ flights of stairs hand in hand, following closely behind Jason. “So Jer, how was Ky’s cum?” Jay asked me as we neared the 3rd flight. “Sweet, but also a little on the tangy side.” I replied. “Whoa, really?” Jay asked. “Yeah, it’s amazing.” I replied again. “Well then, I might just have to get a taste of it for myself, hopefully sometime very soon…” Jay said slyly as he looked at Kyle. “I hope it’s soon too,” Kyle said as we reached the top of the 4th and final flight of stairs. Jay opened the door to the gym and walked in, Kyle and I following even more closely behind him, still hand in hand. We walked in to the gym, looked at each other again, quickly kissed, then our hands separated and hung at our sides. Then we joined the rest of our class who were stretching in the middle of the gym. By now, Kyle had broken off from the pack to talk to Mrs. Cameron, him being new and all. I sighed as I looked down at his gym shorts, and I could swear I saw his cock hardening underneath the underwear and pants. I sighed again, and hoped that we would have another encounter like we did on the stairs sometime soon. Sometime…very soon and of course with Jay.

story by: bunny_chik22

Tags: school cum swallowing true story gay boy / boy sex story

Author: bunny_chik22

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