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The morning came with a cool breeze blowing in from the ocean. Nikki opened her eyes and stretched. To her surprise, she felt refreshed and not hungover which was a bonus. She made her way to the bathroom and flipped on the light. She looked to the vanity countertop. The night before, she had slipped out of her panties and left them next to the sink. She had taken great care in making it look accidental. Seeing they were gone she grinned and shook her head a little, "What a boy." She wondered how much more he'd enjoyed them still being wet from her.

After a hot shower, she went to the dresser for a pair of panties and found that Chase had been than she'd thought. Except for her bras and socks, the drawer was empty. "Wow." She said to herself. Grabbing a pair of small cut-off shorts from another drawer she let out a laugh. Panty less, she slipped into her shorts and slightly turned admiring the absence of any panty lines. "Heh, who needs panties?" Following her bra, she buttoned up a long flowing white linen shirt. She made her way to the living room, finding Chase had gone. He'd left a note saying he’d gotten up early and was going out for a while. He finished the note with a smiley face and to call him later to meet up. She put the note back down on the table, noticing his new shorts were lying on the floor. She picked them up. The hard white round spot on the front made her giggle. "Poor thing."

The breeze was still blowing in from the sea as she walked barefoot in the sand. She followed the beach past the resort's pavilion and beyond the chalets on the other side. She rounded a bend and found herself without a building or person in sight. She continued walking along the water's edge, looking at her feet. With each wave, the water would flow in just over them and then wash back out again. The breeze moved the palm fronds and low lying ferns in a majestic sort of lullaby. It seemed to come in with the waves, blowing her shirt up and then back down. She closed her eyes taking in the feeling of it all. The sound of the waves and the way the water and breeze caressed her. It was soothing and, almost loving in a way. She found it an erotic and throbbing kind of rhythm. -Rushing up onto her before gently falling away. All of it, every tiny morsel of it made her think of Chase. She fell to her knees in the sand. Everything was making her think of him in that way now. Sniffling, she wiped away a few tears, "What am I doing?" Frustrated, her emotions overtook her and she began to sob openly. She swung a fist into an incoming wave as it poured over her thighs. In vain she swung again. Her hands gripped the sand beneath the water’s surface as she wept. “What am I doing…what am I doing…what I am doing…what the hell am I doing…..

Having dragged herself from the water she sat on the beach only feet from it. Staring numbly into the horizon, she was exhausted. Slowly she found her way to her feet and began the long walk back to the resort. She was still numb. She had no solution, no wisdom, no words no clear-cut thought regarding anything. But with each step she seemed to regain more of her composure. She had almost made it back to the chalet when her phone rang, snapping her out of her daze. Opening the door, she answered it.
"Hey, Kiddo. Whatcha doin?"

"Oh I've been out n about here and there. How bout you? …I stopped by the room and you weren't there."

She unbuttoned her shirt and threw it on the bed. "I took a nice peaceful walk down the beach. Hey, we're supposed to meet up with Mimi and Joe later. You still up for that?"

"Yeah of course. I wouldn't miss those two for anything! I just called to let you know I'm at the tiki bar across the street. Oh, and I got you a little somethin too. Look in the bathroom."

"You did?" Nikki walked into the bathroom finding a small Victoria's Secret bag on the counter. "I see a bag on the She took a double-take as she pulled out what was inside. It was the same exact white string bikini Kaylyn had given her! Super sexy. Super tiny. SUPER thin. Kaylyn would love this kid, she thought. but um…..Not a chance in hell."

"Oh….Sorry you don't like />
"It's not that… Honey, I love it… It's just that it's a little on the thin side of appropriate for me to… you know, wear for you…"

"Well that's okay. Just wanted to add to your collection and get you something white. Maybe we can return it tomorrow and find you somethin you like better. …Since I'm a guy, and I picked it out, it probably won't fit anyway." Chase laughed. "You know where to find me?"

"Yeah." She said, pulling on a tank top. "I'll be over there soon. Love you."

Crossing the street Nikki strolled up to the tiki bar. It was a small humble looking place with tin roof and a patio bar. She looked it over but didn't see Chase anywhere outside. Away from the bar there was a large opening in the side of the building where there were conventional tables and chairs and dart boards. She heard the song ‘Farewell Ride’ by Beck. She knew it was one of Chase’s Favorites. She turned corner and went inside.

Upon spotting him Nikki stopped. He was sitting at a table with his back to her. Sitting across from him was an attractive young bleach-blonde. She looked as if she’d just stepped off the set of ‘Real World’. She was obviously drunk, not to mention loud. Full of and She was leaning over and putting her hand on Chase's arm with every other word and laughing obnoxiously to anything he said. It seemed she was trying her very best to bounce around and adjust her bra as much as humanly possible.

"Fuckin valley girl." Nikki reached into her purse and started for the table.

Just as the girl touched Chase's arm again he pulled away. />
"I'm sorry!" The girl laughed. "Did that hurt? Did I hurt you?? />
"No, it's not my ar- Ah!" Chase winced.

kiss your arm and make it better?"

He looked at her like she was from another planet. "What?"

Nikki smoothly walked up behind Chase and put her hand on his shoulder. "Sorry sweetie, this boy's already taken."

A sour look came across the girl's face as she looked back at Chase. "I thought you said you were here with your mother…"

"Yeah she– Ah!"

"I AM his mother." Nikki said />
Irritated, the girl rolled her eyes. "Okay, AND??"

Nikki slowly walked to the other side of the table and pulled out an empty chair. She moved it close to the young blonde and sat down "…And I’m still breast feeding."

"Mom, I -AHH!"

"Chase baby, be a doll and go order your dear mother and your friend here…"

The girl said.

"…Of course. Baby, go order your dear mother and your friend, Brittney here a drink." Nikki finished.

Chase stood up. "I'll try but, I don't thin-OWW!-Dammit! …Okay! I'm on it."

"Good boy." Nikki purred, watching him turn for the bar.

"We were just talki-"

"I know." Nikki interrupted, crossing her legs. She took her sunglasses off and leaned back in her chair, looking at her.

The girl shot her an evil squint.

Nikki's eyes remained even. Steady. Expressionless.

The girl rolled her eyes again and looked away, shaking her head.

Nikki leaned forward, behind the girl's ear. She whispered in a slow, unchanging tone. "Listen bitch… If your candy ass isn’t out the door before I get to your plastic surgeon's gonna have A LOT more than little tits to fix."

Scrambling from her seat the girl bolted nearly colliding with Chase as he returned. He turned watching her half-run, half-stumble out of the bar. The few people that were inside began clapping.

Nikki looked up at him. "I'm sorry honey."

"Sorry?? It's perfect! How'd you get rid of her? Chase exclaimed.

Nikki gave him a confused look.

"The drunk chick! She's been a pain in the ass for the last few hours! She came around all loud and kept interrupting us and getting in the way of the game. I finally just sat her down to shut her up. Hell, the bartender cut her off like an hour ago…

"Us..? Game?"

Chase motioned to opposite the corner of the room where three guys stood around a pool table waiving at her.

"..Hi." Nikki said, sheepishly waiving back. She smiled at Chase. "Sorry I zapped ya. You okay?"

Of course I am. Goes away pretty quick. You were great though! I just wish I could've heard what else you said to her…"

Just then the song by Patsy Cline came on.

Nikki quickly stood up. "I have to go! I forgot something in the room. You gonna hang out here for a while yet?"

"Yeah. Actually, the guys in the back there were talking about maybe playing some volleyball too so, I was thinkin I'd join em…"

"Sounds good, sweetie. Have fun. Just remember, we told Joe and Mimi we'd met them at the pavilion Nikki kissed him on the cheek and turned for the door.

As she hurried away, Chase's curiosity got the better of him. "So what did you say to her?”

Nikki turned around, walking backwards. She winked at him. "I told her you had a rare and contagious skin disease."


As soon as she was outside she put her hand over her mouth. She didn't know how to feel about any of it. She was sick to her stomach. Her mind raced. She was coming unglued. Crossing the street in a speed-walk she desperately fumbled for her phone.

"Hey Nix!"

"Kay, I'm going insane."

"Of course you are. Hmm let's see…Great looks, good money, and perfect body, stuck on a tropical island with a gorgeous hot guy. Who wouldn't be unhappy?"

"Seriously, I think I'm going cazy.

"You don't like the resort?"

"Real cute, Kaylyn. You've got one comin for that by the way."

"Chase like the shorts?"

"Okay okay… What's the matter?"

Nikki began to sniffle.

"Oh Nikki baby, what happened? What's wrong?"

"I don't know. It's />
"Go />
"..Well it's like everything you were saying at Pink's is unfolding and happening right in front of me. ..Like it's all true."

"What is? Your cherry's grown back?"

Nikki laughed a little, wiping her eyes dry. "No…You know, the other stuff about sons and their mothers."

"Oh I see…"

"It's like something changed while he was away and now that he's come back, things are the same but different. We're a different us. He looks at me in a different way that's for sure. Like I’m not just 'mom' anymore if you get my drift. "

"So are you thinkin he wants you?"

Nikki let out a nervous laugh. "Um, yeah I'd say I'm pretty convinced."

"How so?"

"Well eh, he took a picture of me when I was asleep on the plane and the next day I saw him looking at it and eh…"

"…And he was jacking off to it with a pair of my panties.

"Really?? Wow, Nikki. ..That's hot! Did he…finish in em?"

"Oh he finished alright."

"Let's just say, he's a real />
"A lot eh?"

"Big time. Kay, I still can't believe how much it was. It was all over the place! Like a quart of it! I didn't think that was even possible!"

"Mmm… I've heard of super mega loads like that before. Never seen it myself though. Some guys are just blessed with the gift of sperm I guess. Sounds yummy." Kaylyn giggled. "Did ya bust him?"

"No, he didn't see me and he doesn't know I was there so I just left it at that. But then last night we shared a cab with another couple and I had to sit on his lap. Kay, he got hard right there beneath me! I mean, really hard. Right between my legs."

"How'd that treat ya?"

"Aside from being extremely awkward, it was lovely."

"I bet it was. I see what you mean though. -when you say things are the same but different. You just referred to yourself and Chase as a />
Nikki opened the door to the chalet and closed it behind her. "I did?"

"You did."

"Well I guess that's kinda the problem. I can't stop thinking about him in those ways… But I still feel like his mother too! I still see him as my son. ..My son that I’m just head over heels for." Nikki started sniffling again. "Now, everything maternal is getting tied into it and making it even worse. My hormones are just raging! Oh, and did I tell you I'm fricken leaking?"

"I'm lactating! Producing milk! I mean, what the hell? Kay, Help!"

"But, how??"

"It just sorta happened! I'm freakin out here!"

"When did THAT start??"

"I don't know, they started feeling sore and stuff on Sunday when I met Chase at the airport. I guess it was Monday when I started producing though."

"But how much? Just a one-time thing or…"

"No, they're in FULL mommy-mode. I can hardly fit in />
"Wow." Kaylyn said slowly. "Is it all the time?"

"No, but once a day at least. They flow like a river if I'm really turned on though."

"Well yeah, I suppose they would…"

"What really sucks is, it seems like I'm turned on more and more. It's like I'm in heat or something. I'm ready to pull my hair out!

"Have you tried to get off?"

"Like crazy. It's not helping!"

"Well I guess you could always find some beach bum surfer guy to take it out on…"

"Oh c’mon Kay, get real! For one, you know I don't go for randoms. And for two, even if I did, it's the worst possible time in my cycle anyway. If I go anywhere near a penis this week I'm in BIG />
"Insta-preg eh?"

"Bummer. I hate that week. I suppose using just a condom is still a little too risky…"

"Totally. It doesn't matter anyway. There's no way I'm hookin up with some stranger off the beach."

"..It's pretty narrowed down then isn't it…"

"What is?"

"You already know what you want…Just admit it."

"What's that's supposed to mean??"

"You know exactly what I mean. If you want it so bad then just go get it."

"You mean Chase? Honestly! I'm really startin to think you're messed up in the head! I'm his fucking mother, Kaylyn. He's my own fucking son! What the hell is wrong with you??"

"Look Nicole, you're the one who called ME remember? I'm just tryin to help. And I'm not messed up in the head. You're just pissy cuz you know it's the truth and you're afraid there's something 'wrong' with YOU. It's the whole reason you called me in the first place. Life's a bitch, Nikki. It doesn't mean you gotta be one too…"

"I know, I'm sorry. I know you're trying to help. I'm just so confused and frustrated. I don't know what's happening to me. Just seeing the type of hunger in his eyes when he looks at me… It feels like he's burning right into to me. Like he's making love to every inch of me with just a look. …And there I am soaking it in and gushing from head to toe about it! It scares the hell outta me, Kay! I'm terrified that I’m turning into the worst, most horrible mother in the world! I don't know how to fix it! I mean, what would you do if you were me? If you were in my shoes wouldn't you be just a little freaked out?"

"Well if I were you, and Chase was my son I think I'd feel the same way at first but, I'd probably work through it pretty quickly. I see the whole issue a lot differently than you though…I think I’d maybe kind of embrace it…"

"But Kay, why?"

"I guess I just don't see it as being a big tragic type of thing! Maybe kind of a happy one if it was a tragedy at all… Nikki, you and Chase have something so many people only dream of. You've been each other's better halves for so long that to me, it was only a matter of time before you kind of took a step toward one another. It just makes sense. Look, Chase worships the ground you walk on and you're the only woman he's ever loved. You're also the most gorgeous woman he's probably ever set eyes on, or ever will for that matter. And now, he's come back from going out into the world, finding no one can stack up.

I mean honestly, do you have any clue at all how you make other women look when they stand next to you? Can you blame the poor kid? Besides, I know for a fact that he's the only man you've ever loved also. Knowing you, he's probably the only one you ever will…Nikki you're not becoming a bad mother. In fact, I don't think it would make you a 'horrible mother' at all. It might sound crazy but for me, I think It would feel like I was being a better mother not a worse one…"

"Soooo… What are you saying?"

"We'll you asked what I would do… I think you know what I would do."

"Seriously though? Like for real?? …You can't be serious."

"I'm dead serious!"

"OH Cmon!"

"You asked!" Kaylyn laughed. "..Honestly! I totally would. Mama Kay would take care of />
"You're not helping."

"All I said is what I would do. I didn't say it was something YOU should do."

"So what I do then?"

"I say do what you wanna do. What that is, is up to you. Maybe nothing at all."

"Um yeah, I'm leaning towards nothing at all… At least you made me laugh anyway… I'm too stressed out to think straight right now.”

“Your call.”

Nikki poured a miniature bottle of rum into a cup. “So is there anything I’m missing out on up there?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Not too much aside from Ang and her brother."


Kaylyn laughed. "Yeah! I was talkin with Jennifer the other day. She says she's starting to about some things. Evidently, her husband has been spending a lot of time at his little sister's apartment />
"No way! Ang?" Nikki was shocked.

"Yup! No lie! Apparently, she’s been inviting him over almost every night since, oh about the end of last week! Hee!"

"I never would've thought Ang would. Oh my god. “Nikki laughed.

"I know, right? That's not all. Jennifer said that every time he goes over there, Angie’s boyfriend, Brian leaves the apartment right after Danny gets there. Then he comes back right before Danny leaves. I guess Brian told Jennifer he leaves because he wants to give them some time'. "

"You mean her boyfriend's in on it?"

"Totally!! He has to be! I guess he even volunteers to pick him up for her. Now THAT'S Good boy!" Kaylyn laughed. surprise me anyway. He seems laid back enough. Heck, maybe he's the one that told her she should do it. Whatever the case, it’s all green lights for her to give her big brother a little

"She certainly didn't sit around deliberating… But I suppose after getting what Kim sent her, I doubt it took much persuading." Nikki giggled.

"I know!" Kaylyn laughed "She was SO worked up! Good for her though! She's a little giver! …Uh oh I gotta run. The Brit just gave me the stink eye cuz I’m supposed to be on my way to the airport right now. Good luck dealing with your little situation down there… And Nikki listen, try to relax a little okay? At least try to enjoy the rest of your vacation. Love ya, Sexy mama! Hee!"

"Thanks hun, Love you too."

Nikki put her phone in her back pocket and leaned against the bathroom door frame. She looked up, seeing herself in the mirror. She stepped into the bathroom studying herself in the reflection. Her eyes fell to the vanity and the white bikini top that was spread out on the countertop. Bringing her hands to her hips, she sighed heavily. She stood there thinking. After several minutes of grinding her teeth and swaying her hips from one side to the other, she reached for her phone.

"Chase, I'm goin out for a while. How about I pick you up another pair of those shorts?"

"That'd be great, thanks! I love em."

"Good! I'll leave em in the room for ya. Do you wanna just meet up at the pavilion then?"

"Sounds good! I'll need to stop back at the room later for a shower anyway."

"Perfect! See ya then!"

story by: TheHollow

Tags: fiction incest sex story

Author: TheHollow

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