You made your bed, now sleep in it.

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(Believe it or not, this story is based on an actual event with a few editorial changes)

Desperate Kaitlyn decides to sell her body for the first ,and hopefully, only time.

Kaitlyn pours her fifth glass of wine and eyes the clock on the wall nervously. The past month has been really rough on her and even though she just recently turned 20, her parents refuse to help her out fiscally anymore. Rent was due and the bills were piling up and she had finally decided a few days before that she would sell herself for the first and only time. She had met who seemed like a normal and older man. Apparently he wasn't getting what he needed from his conservative wife and he agreed to pay her $500 for just a couple hours. Kaitlyn had secretly always been intrigued by prostitution and was really curious about having such an experience, and $500 dollars would end all her for a service that seemed so easy.
However, Kaitlyn was extremely nervous and she had a habit of drowning anxiety in alcohol. So, now sufficiently drunk she sat waiting for a knock on the door. She had been instructed to be completely clean shaved and wearing a dress with white panties and bra. Kaitlyn was extremely small in stature at 5'2", only weighed about 110lbs, and had very small and firm breasts. Looking in the mirror earlier, she felt very doll like in her white dress.
And suddenly there were two hard knocks on the door, and her heart dropped to her stomach. Her throat tightened and immediately her past anxiety turned into fear. Her mind was racing and she instantly thought that perhaps she shouldn't answer the door, or explain to him that she had changed her mind. After a couple more seconds and some rappings at the door, she decided she would meet him and see how things went along…and if she didn't feel comfortable she would apologize and send him away.
She opened the door slowly and the visitor quickly darted in. A tall and fit man stood before her, probably in his mid-40s, and with dark brown hair.

"Well, you are very beautiful and you weren't lying when you said you were 20. I thought perhaps you had sent me an older photo" He said.

It was hard for Kaitlyn to speak, "Uh…oh, yes I'm only 20. Um, would you like to sit down?" She laughed nervously.

"Actually, I'd rather just get right to business. I've been thinking about this all day." He said as he pulled out a roll of duct tape.

"What's that for?" Kaitlyn asked as she eyed the tape.

"For you, of course"

Kaitlyn just stood there silently and in shock…and yet she felt a tingling sensation in her nipples and lower stomach.
"Are you serious? I Kaitlyn muttered

Instead of answering he returned to the door and opened it to reveal another man…probably in his early 40's.

"Be a good girl and follow orders.He said harshly and tied her wrists to gether in front of her. "Now sit down." He commanded as he threw her to the couch.

"No…you guys need to leave! I'll call the cops! LEAVE!"

"Nice work, Alan" The new stranger said, they both completely ignored her plead.

The man named Alan walked back over to her and roughly grabbed her by the tied wrist and dragged her to the adjoining kitchen and hoisted her onto the table.

Kaitlyn started to cry and plead., "What are you going to do to me??"

"We're going to punish you for being a stupid cunt. Trash like you deserves to be used and we're going to do whatever the fuck we want to you, sweetheart. Maybe you'll think twice before you try selling this, " Alan gruffly said as he reached up her dress and roughly grabbed her pussy.

Kaitlyn started frantically crying, trying to plead with the two men.

"Shut up, little girl. You made your bed, now you sleep in it" The stranger said, "Now lay the fuck down and don't move."

Kaitlyn laid down on the table, afraid for her life, but the tears kept coming and she started breathing loudly and heavily.

"SHUT UP." Alan yelled and violently ripped down her panties and shoved them into her mouth.

The stranger started laughing.

Alan commenced to pull her dress up around her waist and roughly spread her legs to each side of the table.

"You have a beautiful little cunt, sweetie." Alan said as he slapped it.
The slap stung, but also a strange sensation warmed her below her hips.

Alan leaned down and began licking her pussy, gently caressing every fold with his tongue before sucking on her clit. Kaitlyn let out a small moan over the tears.
The stranger immediately slapped her face.
"What a slut. She loves it! Can you believe this cat in heat? The stranger said as he slapped her again, harder.

Alan raised his face to let a small laugh escape, and then immediately drove his tongue inside of her. As he was fucking her roughly with his tongue, the stranger started rasing her dress up over her head and finally she was lying on the table naked.
The stranger started to grab and pinch her nipples. Despite the pain, they grew hard and he noticed this.

"What did I say, little girl? You're not suppose to be enjoying this." The stranger whispered into her ear and sharply slapped each of breasts.

The stranger started viciously biting her nipples and Kaitlyn knew there would be marks for quite a few days afterward but she didn't care. After slapping at her breasts a few more times, the stranger moved down to the other end of the table to join Alan. He roughly grabbed her hips and turned her around so she was lying on her stomach with her face shoved onto the cold hard table surface.
One of them slapped her ass extremely hard and she winced with pain and she started to protest.

"For the last time, shut the fuck up." Alan spanked her harder than before.
Kaitlyn closed her eyes and bit her lip.

The stranger spread her ass and began lightly slapping her asshole and pussy, and then began licking both her holes until Alan stopped him.

"It's her turn now." Alan said as he turned Kaitlyn over again and forced her to sit up.
They both unzipped their pants to reveal rock hard cocks. Alan's was long and average in girth while the stranger's was shorter but extremely wide. Kaitlyn just looked at them in disbelief.

"We didn't bring them out for you to look at them, whore" The stranger said as he brutally pinched her left nipple and ripped the panties out of her mouth, "lick them like the little cat in heat you are."

She started to lick both dicks that they put in front of her face while they urged her to go faster.
Finally Alan grabbed the back of her head and jammed his cock in her mouth. Kaitlyn started to gag as he began fucking her mouth carelessly. He finally withdrew it, and the stranger replaced it with his. The tears kept on streaming and after what seemed like an eternity the stranger started to cum all over her chest and shortly afterward Alan's warm jizz was all over her chest and stomach as well. She was left sitting up and trying to catch her breath before the stranger brutally grabbed her neck and slammed her back onto the table.
Alan grabbed the roll of tape and began taping each leg to the opposite legs of the table. Her nipples were rock hard and she could feel moisture leaking out of her hot pussy.

The stranger noticed this as well and immediately smiled,
"You want to get fucked don't you? I don't know if we want to stick our dicks in that filthy little cunt though…who knows where a little whore like you has been?" He laughed as he grabbed a candle stick that had fallen to the floor when Alan had threw her on the table.

Oh, god…
The stranger noted Kaitlyn's wide open eyes and laughed. He brought the candle stick to her traitorously engorged clit and began prodding at it. Kaitlyn closed her eyes in shame at having been caught enjoying this. After getting the end of the candle sufficiently wet from her juices, he pressed it in inside her and began fucking her with it.


Alan looked away for a second to reach into a black sack Kaitlyn has not noticed before and pulled out a polaroid camera. He began taking pictures of the the stranger fucking Kaitlyn with a candle stick and almost immediately Kaitlyn began to unwillingly orgasm. A warm rush of liquid began squirting out of her and coated the candle stick and dripped onto the table…this orgasm would not go unnoticed.

Alan and the stranger both began to laugh but Kaitlyn was failing to see anything humorous about the situation. And as her cum began growing cold around her legs and ass the rush of pleasure began to fade and was replaced with a new waved of her, Alan and the stranger's laughter was far from reassuring and she knew that this night had just begun.

story by: pin-upScripture

Tags: rape threesome humiliation fantasm bdsm prostitution male male/teen female sex story

Author: pin-upScripture

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